Evil (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

C is for Cop





I need to see hands out the window now!
I want this window down, and
I need to see hands right now!
Hands up right now!
Do not move!
Do not move!

LOUIE WOLFF: This was a tragic accident.

Officer Turley fired four shots,
killing the driver instantly.

It was at 10:30 at night,
the lighting on the street
was nonexistent,
and the driver, Ms.
reached for an object
that resembled a firearm
on the passenger seat.

Tragically, it was a cell phone.

Do you have have any questions?
I've asked my team to hold
their questions and comments
until we've had a chance
to speak afterwards.

Okay, well, complicating
matters, of course,
is that Officer Turley is white,
and the victim was African American.

But I I just want to be clear.

There are no previous
use-of-force complaints
against Officer Turley.

Up until this moment,
he'd never fired his gun.

Uh, so I'm here from the police union.

Uh, we've supplied Officer
Turley with a lawyer,
he will appear before the
grand jury later this week,
and most certainly will be
put on trial within the year.

Uh, the lawyer believes
that the-the best defense
would be for Officer Turley
to plead temporary insanity.

He did actually see a gun.

And now you're probably
wondering why I'm here.

Why go to the Church
instead of a state-sanctioned
for an evaluation?
Well, one of the reasons
is Officer Turley's faith.

He's Catholic.

The other is Officer Turley's
sincere belief that there was a, uh
a demonic intrusion
into the events of that night.

He believes that he was
momentarily possessed
when he saw a gun.

I understand that this seems
like a convenient excuse.

Okay, but I would ask
you to be objective
and consider the facts carefully.

Thank you, Louie.

Do you want me
- to explain myself?
- Yes, that would be good.

- I took this meeting as a favor.

- Well, great.

We took the meeting.
Favor fulfilled.

- What's next?
- MARX: Wait.

- We need to discuss this.

- What "this"? A racist cop
killed a Black mother, and now he wants
the Catholic Church to give him a
- Twinkie defense?
- Yeah.

- I want you to meet with him.

- The racist cop?
- You don't know if he's a racist.

- Oh.

We have to learn to withhold judgment.

David, as a man of God,
you must withhold ju
Where are you going?
To withhold judgment.



So-so do you want me to start or ?
Yeah, why don't you start?

I know you, don't I?
- Do you?
- Yeah.

Oh, I know.
Holy Conception.

- My girls go there.

- Oh, right.

You're in the carpool.

- Dahlia and, uh
- Becky.

You're the one with
the four girls, right?
The the funny ones?
- Yeah.

- I'm sorry.
I mean,
it's a good good funny.

- Anyway, um
- Yeah, sorry.
Look, now, I-I I know
it must sound like
I'm-I'm trying to take
advantage of my religion
to-to stay out of jail,
but I just really want to understand
what happened to me.

Because I saw a gun.

I know it's not a gun now.

But I saw one.
was reaching for it.

My training required that
I fire.
All I can say is
I just wish I could take
those 15 seconds back.

I went to her funeral, and, uh
and I watched her family.

Watching them, watching her boys
You knew she was African American
- when you approached the car?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, dispatch told me.

- Would you have
behaved differently if it were
Kristen you had pulled over?
- If I knew it was Kristen?
- No.

If you knew the driver
was Kristen's race,
would you have fired?
I don't know.

Thank you for your honesty.

But I do know,
if I saw Kristen reach
for a gun to shoot me,
I would do what I did.

I'd order her to stop, and
I would fire if she didn't.

That's my training.

I saw a gun.

LEXIS: Hey, Grandma!
What did I say about that word?
Hey, Rad G, it's on!

This was a polygrapher not
sympathetic to the police.

And all Officer Turley's
answers were determined
to be consistent with his seeing a gun.

Does it matter?
Does it matter that
he thinks it was a gun?
That doesn't mean he's possessed.

Just means he expected there to be a gun
- due to the driver's race.

- Is it not also possible
that Satan uses racism as a
form of diabolical oppression?


- Cheers.

- Cheers.


Hey, I wanted to ask you something
about someone you know.

Yeah, I know.
Jim Turley.

He told me he made a mistake.

Do you know what he's arguing?
Yeah, that he was possessed
when he saw the gun.

And you think that makes sense?
Well, I don't believe in
demons, but I do know
that cops see guns in
everyday objects all the time.

In everyday objects of Black people?
Oh, come on.

Not everything is about race.

This is about street sense
a cop making a snap decision
that can save a life.

Like with me.

We, uh, got a call.

This was before I was in Homicide.


We heard a dad had a gun
to his two-year-old's head,
threatening to kill her.

Oh, we go to the apartment,
we hear screaming,
we burst through, and I see a man
with his baby in his arms,
raising a rifle at me.

So I raised my gun.
It was him or me.

And then I heard my partner
screaming at me to stop.

The guy was using a mop
to clear out spiderwebs.

And I saw it as a rifle.

I swear to this day, it was a rifle.

And I was a split second
from blowing him away.

So, what do I do with that?
The next time if I
hesitate, I get killed,
or the guy kills his infant?
So you tell me.

We're talking about a
split-second decision.


And, yes, I know that race
enters this, but only because
70% of my arrests up until that
point were African American.

I'm not saying there aren't bad cops.

There are.

But Officer Jim is one of the good ones.

And so am I.

At least I think I am.

So, now I have a question for you.


That was a bad joke.

It's about the LeRoux case.

Wife, Emily, has an alibi.

I heard.

But her new boyfriend doesn't.

Del Ruben.
Did Emily ever
mention him to you?

Well, the new thinking is
that Emily had her boyfriend kill LeRoux
to give her an alibi.

- Really?
- Yeah, it's elaborate.

But the boyfriend's
got a criminal record.

So, it seems like good
old Emily has a type.

Yeah, we're hoping to charge them both.

So if you hear from Emily,
let us know, okay?
Yeah, of course.

Hey, do you want me to call you an Uber?
No, I'm good.
Take care.

I'll see you later.

MAN: A polygraph test measures pulse,
blood pressure, respiration
and skin conductivity.

These physiological
reactions are recorded
via the instruments
attached to the subject.

A polygraph test subject
can trick the mechanics
by controlling their breathing
and blood pressure.

Some criminals, for example,
exhibit a relaxed demeanor
under interrogation,
making it difficult to detect lying.

With practice, a person can
control their blood pressure
with the use of a blood
pressure cuff at home.

: Breathing techniques
ABBEY: Ben, sweetie.


- You've fallen asleep
in your chair again, hon.

How is that? Cozy?

I recorded you last
You're not real.

Answer all my questions
with a no, please.

You dropped out of college
because you were offered a prestigious
laboratory job at U of M, correct?
I don't believe in this, so
this has no power over me.

- [YELLS.]

- Oh.

Did that hurt, Ben? Did it
have power over you?

What is Cas-3, Ben?
This is not real!
If it weren't real, it wouldn't hurt.

Come on.

You were so proud of it at the time.

I was not.


That was a lie, Ben.

You thought your gene-editing
was going to change the world.

It was.
It was gonna end
childhood diseases.

Should I show you a
picture of those babies?
- I had nothing to do with that!
- Then why quit?
Why give up on it all?
You'd be fucking rich by now.




TURLEY: I need to see hands
out the window now!
So this is the bodycam footage?
- I want this window down.

- Yes.

- And I need to see hands.

- Officer Turley's.

Right now! Police!
Well, it's just gonna
show a cell phone, right?
Police! Do not move!
Do not move!
KRISTEN: Yeah, so
that doesn't help much.


- What?
One second.


The tattoo.

What is it?
DAVID: A sigil.

Police! Do not move! Do not
So, now we think Officer
Turley's possessed
and not just racist?
I'm not proud of that sentence.

Yeah, it is weird to give
him what he wants:
a defense for his grand jury.

Oh, this might be bigger than that.

KRISTEN: What's this?
Clips from my iPhone.

OFFICER 1: License and
registration, please?
Stay in your car.
I just
need to check this.

What? These are all pull-overs?
Yeah, I have an iPhone app
that records police stops.

Step out of your vehicle, please, sir.

BEN: Right, I have a friend
who suggested I get that.

You just say "I'm being pulled over",
and it starts recording.

How many pull-overs are there?
- Five.

- Over how long?
A year.

Oh, my God.
Do you
know how many times
I've been pulled over in ten years?
Hold on.

Hold on.
Let me guess.

Mm zero.

That makes me so angry.

You're so sweet, Kristen.

DAVID: There.

- That isn't Officer Turley?
- No.

KRISTEN: So what are we thinking?
It's a gang within the police?
Well, that's the question now, isn't it?

- Everything all right?
- Yeah.
I-I just
I've got to go.


Is it always this loud?
No, it's only the freight trains.

They come by three times a day.

What is all that?
Oh, it's a it's a doll.

- It looks like an altar.

- What?
It looks like an altar!
Oh, yeah, the candles.

Yeah, I-I like the smell of candles.

Ah, baby!
Oh, my God.
I didn't know it was you.

Did your mom just say the police?
- Guilty.
I will let you talk.


It was really nice to talk to you.

You, too.

So it's about LeRoux again.

- Something new?
- No.
Well, yeah.

Uh, Emily's boyfriend
turns out he has an alibi.

The guy was taking a poetry
seminar at Columbia.

Who would have thought?
I guess people with criminal
records can be poets, too.


- Oh, that's better.

So it made me remember that, uh,
LeRoux was intimidating you, too.

And I thought I should at least
start covering my bases.

What bases?
When LeRoux was killed, where were you?
Were you here?
- Oh.

- Where you were.

Here, at home? Um
I came home from an exorcism
I love it.
My friend and her exorcisms.

: And, um
I came home to be with my daughters.

Were they awake, asleep?
- Uh Lexis was awake.

- Great.

So I can ask her later maybe
if, uh, she remembered you coming in.

I'm guessing she's in school?
I think so, yeah.

Okay, one last thing.

LeRoux was killed with a serrated blade.

So, just got to check
this off my to-do list.

Do you mind if I look at your knives?
Oh, of course.



Ah, great.

None of these are serrated.

We're all done here.

Um, actually, I wanted
to ask you something.

Oh, sure.
Did I kill LeRoux?
do you know what this is?
This tattoo?

It's a cop superstition.
wearing two pairs of socks.

Some cops do it so they don't get shot.

Do you know where it comes from?
No idea.
There are all
these ancient traditions.

- Check on "Thee Rant".

- Thee?
- What-What's that?
- It's a cop thread on 4chan.

My guess is the cops
there can tell you more.


- Uh-oh.
Better go
before, uh
- See ya.

- Bye.



What did I do?
What? Oh, my gosh.

Am I really that threatening
when I come in to just
talk to my daughter?
No, but did I do something wrong?
Actually, um,
I need your help.

Do you remember my friend Mira?

So, um, she and her partner want
to ask you a couple
of questions about
where I was a couple of months ago.

Do you remember that guy,
that, um the killer
who came here to threaten you?
- LeRoux.

- Right, so,
they want to know if I was here, too.

Yeah, that's easy.
You were.

And I know
that I sent you to bed,
and then, later, I came
upstairs to tuck you in.

Is that what you want me to say?
I-I'm just making
sure that that's
that's what happened.

I guess that could have happened.

You don't remember me coming
upstairs, tucking you in
about 30 minutes later?
No, I do.

I guess that makes sense to me.


Thanks, Lex.

Here's the thing, Mom.

Ben had put in that alarm system,
and you couldn't have left
because it would've set
off the alarm, right?

Yeah, that's-that's a good point.

How's homework?
- Good.

- Good.

Are you seeing anything?
BEN: No, just a lot of complaints
about overtime, the new patrol cars.

Nothing about tattoos?
No, I think I just found out
why you don't get pulled over as much.

- Oh, yeah?
- "When you become a cop,
you get good at street sense
intuitively knowing the good
guys from the bad guys.

You go easier on the good
and harder on the bad.

That is just justice".

You all right?
You seem down.

I was just gonna say the same about you.

I didn't get much sleep.

You still having night terrors?
Is lucid dreaming not working?
Oh, I set my alarm at night.

And then I wake up.

Then I go back to sleep night terror.

Okay, here.

The key is a repetitive
pattern during the day.

- I already tried that.

- No, no, no.

You got to set your alarm
to vibrate, not to sound.

Sound's gonna wake you
up during the night.


Do it every hour on
the hour during the day.

Every time you feel your
alarm, you're gonna look
at your blue string, and ask yourself,
- "Am I dreaming?"
- Mm-hmm.

And then none of the books say this,
but night terrors usually come
around 4:00 a.
or so
- Ah, during the deepest REM.

- Right.

So you're gonna set your alarm
to 4:10, and 4:10 only.

- Mm-hmm.

- Then place it under your pillow
so you'll feel it, but you're
not gonna wake up.


Then look at your wrist in your dream.

The blue string's not gonna be there
- so you'll know you're sleeping.

- Mm.

Then you can lucid dream
and kill the night terror.

Kill it?

I kept a weapon next to my bed.

I knew it was there in my
dream, so I could use it.


You're a font.

Yeah, I should write a book.

Hey, look.
It's the sigil.

"To all those Protectors out there"
"Wear your colors with pride,
and together we will ride".

- Meaning?
- DAVID: We think The Protectors
is the name of a gang within the NYPD.

There are similar gangs that
were discovered in the LAPD.

And we think Officer Turley
is one of their members.

MARX: That wasn't your objective.

It was to assess whether
Officer Turley was
diabolically possessed.

Yes, and if he's a member
of The Protectors,
then the answer is possibly yes.

So this miracle in Upstate New York
Your Eminence, we have a case.

We're not finished yet.
pushed us to pursue this.

MARX: You had a case.

You're trying to turn it
into something bigger involving
racism and your sigil map.

You asked if Officer
Turley was possessed
when he killed an
African American driver.

That's a question we
are trying to answer.

- By going after all the cops?
- KRISTEN: No, no.

By going after a gang of cops
within the NYPD called The Protectors.

MARX: The Protectors are not a gang.

It's what the cops call themselves
on Justice Served.

Excuse me?
The TV show.
You're making
it all sound sinister.

It's not.
It's just a TV show,
like-like Law & Order.

So, now let's turn to
our next case, please.

And if the show is
the source of the evil?
- What are you talking about?
- The cops are influenced
by the show enough to copy their sigil.

So why isn't the show
the source of evil?
I have no idea what to do with that.

That's why you have us.

Okay, what's wrong, Lex?
Come on.

Tell me, or I'll kill you.

: Come on.

I don't want to lie, but
I think Mom wants me to.

No, she doesn't.

Yes, she does.

About what?
About where Mom was.

Where was she?
I don't think I should say any more.


So, here's what I say.

Mom doesn't want you to lie.

She wants you to tell the truth.

Even if it hurts her?
Truth isn't gonna hurt
your mom.
Only lying will.

You think so?
I know so.

Here, follow me.

Where are you going?
: Just follow me.


What is that?
It's Eddie.


: Eddie, my Eddie,
I offer this sacrifice
in the name of Lexis.

She is in doubt.

Bring her clarity, not calamity.

Grandma, what are you doing?
This is Eddie.

When you need something,
you bring him a sacrifice,
and he will grant it to you.

Come on over here.

Oh, come on.
He's not gonna bite you.

: Come on.

Okay, stay there.

: Eddie, my Eddie,
help Lexis to understand.

Help her to know when
to do the right thing.

And to always tell the truth
even if it hurts.

Lexis, look.


Oh, come on.

Honey, come on!
Eddie, my Eddie.




Hands out the window now!
Felt good to me.



- Hey.

- Oh.

Oh, you're still trying
to lose the gut, I see.

You're still looking like
an extra in Kill Bill.

Third week of keto.
Nothing but
caveman fat and protein, baby.

What's with the, uh
the Mod Squad here?
Yeah, this-this is Kristen,
David and Ben.

- Howdy.

- Hi.

Yeah, we're actually
investigating something
for the Church, and we could
use your help, Mr.

For Louie, I can give you
a hot minute.
Walk with me.

So you guys, uh, fans of Justice Served?
We've been watching a lot lately.

- Yeah?
- Really compelling.

Compelling? Is that all you got?
It's the number one
cop show in the world.

Well, we've seen Sorry.

seen several seasons,
and we found this symbol.

That's not a symbol.
That's a sigil.

What did I say?
We noticed some of the
cops watching your show
started using the sigil, too.

Yeah, I know.

So, where does this sigil come from?
Oh, that's old.
I got that
from, uh, one of my mentors.

He used it on Dragnet back in the '50s.

- Oh, yeah?

So you got it from Dragnet?
Well, we all did.
You see that on CHiPs.

It's on, uh, Starsky and
Every cop show
- for the last 40 years.

- Right.

It's kind of like our rabbit's foot,
our, uh, Wilhelm Scream.

This is craft services.
can grab anything you want.

Carr, we're dealing
with a case of a cop
shooting an unarmed driver and
then claiming they saw a gun.

Oh, you're talking about Jim
Turley, right? It's awful.

We give him some moonlighting
work during our night shoots.

He's a nice guy.

- Why are those two so grim?
- They care.

They care? And we don't?
You and me we got to stick together.

Do you think your show
My shows.
I have five.

Do you think they have any influence
on the police or how they behave?
Ah, I love these questions.

Keep 'em coming.

Entertainment is the real issue, right?
It has nothing to do with the behavior.

Yeah, but the lead character
on your show, Cliff Locke
he's a cop who doesn't
play by the rules.

- But he gets the job done.

- DAVID: Even though
he abuses suspects, badgers witnesses?
So if a kid plays a video game
and shoots up a school, you
blame the video game, right?
Kids don't get a badge or a gun.

Ah, come on.
My shows help
people know good from bad.

Cliff Locke he's a hero.

He's not an antihero.

He's not Tony Soprano or Vic Mackey,
but a real hero, who is aspirational.

- Mr.

- Cliff Locke makes cops
want to be better cops.

That's why the NAACP and
the AFL-CIO gave us plaques.

That is why there was a 30%
increase in POC applications
to the NYPD right
after our first season.

And I've increased diversity by 30%
across all of my shows.

I even pitched a show last year,
three POCs in Park Slope,
for crying out loud,
and they passed on it.

You see, I'm not the problem.

The problem, I'm afraid to say,
is what the, uh, public really wants.

You see, you can go out there
and scream "Black Lives Matter",
and a whole bunch of
people will be with you.

Go and write a drama
about people screaming
"Black Lives Matter",
you see how fast people switch you off.

Listen, I got to get back to work.

It was very nice meeting you.
Good luck.

Hey, Mick.

BEN: He's a megalomaniac.

But I hate to say
it he's not wrong.

So, should we end this case?
I'll talk to His Eminence.







: You are back in the game.






Hey, Ben.


- I've missed you.


- Shh.

Don't speak.

I know you have trouble
expressing your feelings.

So, Cas-3.

Why turn your back on genetics
if you did nothing wrong?
Why become some stupid contractor?
Look how CRISPR advanced without you.


: You
are back in the game.


What do you think you're doing?

I don't like video games.

Too bad.
I do, and I'm
really good at them.

Two against one.

Well, this is unfair.

I was always here.




Is everything all right?
Uh, I just wanted to, uh
talk for a minute.

I don't know.

Forgiveness maybe.

I know.
So, you're one month away
from being a priest, right?
Yeah, unless something goes wrong, yeah.

- What could go wrong?
- Oh, nothing.

I'm just braced.

God could hate me.

I could hate God.

- Is that possible?
- Which one?
- Either.

- I don't think so.

I'm always surprised by life.

Um, you're the closest
to someone who I respect
who believes in God
um, the real God.
Uh, uh, well, the-the
supernatural God.

Thank you.

And so, what I
What I need to know is
what do you do when you
don't believe in God,
and you're looking for forgiveness?
Not from one person, but
for something you did?
- What did you do?
- Nothing.

It's a question.
It's just
It's a hypothetical.

I did a job in my past
that I'm not proud of.

when Julia and I were
doing the 12 steps,
they said if we were
looking for forgiveness,
we could ask it of anything
bigger than ourselves.

A tree, um, a forest,
the post office.

- What does that do?
- It acknowledges
that something is bigger than yourself.

It allows you to say the
actual words "I'm sorry",
you know, to the world,
not just in your mind.

You have to say, to, um
verbalize it, you know?
To a tree or the post office?
Or the ocean.

I mean, you're not treating
those things as God.

You're just looking for something
larger than yourself.

That sounds insane.


But forgiveness is looking
for "peace that passeth understanding".

Anything logical, like
going to a therapist
or getting a pill,
is not going to give you true peace.

People intuitively know
that the limits of the empirical are
the empirical.

Are you nuts?
Yeah, I am.


- Hey.

- I'm sorry.
Will you forgive me?

No, it's not whatever.

Please forgive me.

Say "I forgive you".

I forgive you.

Get some help.


WOLFF: Thank you
for all your great work,
and so sorry to put you out,
but, well, everything's great now.

Turns out the grand jury
cleared Officer Turley.

- You're kidding.

- WOLFF: No.

He's back on the force,
so, as you can see,
there's no need for a defense.

He wanted me to thank you for him.

And, Your Eminence, the
union's gonna be sending
some volunteers to you
over the next few Sundays.

So was that The Protectors
protecting one of their own?

I don't know what you're talking about.

The grand jury's independent.

And Jim made an honest mistake.

But I do have a thought
for you, Mr.

I would stop questioning Mick Carr.

He's a good man, and he's
been good to the union.

- Is that a threat?
- Oh, no, no, no.

We'd never threaten a seminarian.

We respect the Church.

But we want you to respect us.

MARX: Last year, Father Thomas
died of natural causes.

A week ago, monks heard
humming coming from his tomb.

The monastery opened the crypt
and found him like this.

The Vatican wants to consider
Father Thomas for sainthood,
but they need two things first.

DNA evidence to make sure
this is true incorruptibility,
no decay.

And evidence of a second miracle.

- So you need us to go get it?
- Yes.

And here's the difficulty.

Sacred Trinity
is a silent monastery.

No talking, not a word, for the
whole weekend you're there.

That ended the way it
was going to, didn't it?
Grand juries never prosecute cops.

Onto the next.


Oh, come on.
What did I do?

Hello, Officer.
I-I honestly
don't know what I did.

No, don't worry about it, Mr.

Just making sure you're
getting home safe.

- Excuse me?
- World can be so dangerous.

Just want to make sure
nothing happens to you.

Have a good evening.

: Man.

where are you?
- Third and Lamb.

- I think
we're being intimidated by the police.

Yes, we are.

You need to call Kristen.
I can't.

I'm on it.


KRISTEN: Hey, Ben, what's up?
BEN: Uh, anything going on there?
Uh, well, I'm packing
for our silent retreat.

Not sure what to bring.

Probably not a swimsuit, right?
David and I are getting
some intimidation from the police.

Some stop-and-frisk stuff.

I think it's from our
questioning Mick Carr.

- Why?
- Well,
I think a lot of cops are
moonlighting for him,
and I think they're protective.

Nothing going on there?
Uh, no, nothing.

- Okay.
I'd watch out.

- Okay.

Well, you be careful out there.

Yeah, same to you.




Hey, it's me.

No, I'm-I'm fine.

I mean, I don't know.
There's somebody in my
yard trying to scare us.

I-I-I hate doing this,
but would you be able ?
Oh, that'd be great.

Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.





Go away! I have a gun!

I will shoot you!


You're not scaring me.


You can't scare me.

MAN: Hi, Kristen.


Long time no see.


It's good to see you.

You're not real.

You're a manifestation of my guilt.

Well, that would make a lot of sense,
if you felt guilty,
but you and I both know that you don't.

This is about the medication
Boggs prescribed.

I'm still seeing hallucinations.

You're not real.

Once you take a life, there's
nothing like it, Kristen.

At first, you're a little nervous,
maybe even a little clumsy.

And then it just all comes together.

- You shut up! [GROANS.]


That moment when
they take their last breath
it's incredible.

- I would lean in and listen.


And I would look into their eyes,
just like you and me now.

And they and I would both know
that I was the last person
they were ever gonna see.

And at that moment,
it's like I'm their God.


- And that was you to me.

You were my God.

You deserved to die.

Your victims did not!
ANYA: Freeze! Police! Drop your weapon!
I said, drop it!
- Mira.


What what are you doing?
Who were you talking to?
I-I thought I
I heard someone in-in the yard.

We came as fast as we could.
You okay?
I-I-I just
I thought I saw someone
back back there.

What's this?
It's my ax from, uh from climbing.

ANYA: Yeah, I see that.

It's serrated.

I-It is.

ANYA: And your daughter
she wasn't sure if you tucked her in.

You questioned her?
ANYA: We did.
Your mother let us.

MIRA: She's a good girl, Lexis.

: She is.

I'm guilty, Mira.


Anya, can you give us a minute?

- It's true.

- Kristen,
I need you not to say anything.

LeRoux was a piece of crap.

A serial killer.

He was threatening your family.

And you, you're a good person.

You're a nice, suburban mom
with four sweet kids in Catholic school.

You drive a station wagon, and
you have a friend who's a cop.

Don't say anything.

What happened to LeRoux was justice.

We told our superiors, guy
had hundreds of enemies.

We'll probably never
know who killed him.

Some people deserve to die.

Cops know that better than anyone.

You should put
that somewhere safe.


I'll say we saw a Black man back here.

You came out and scared him off.






: It's George.


Upcoming on "Evil"
We're supposed to be completely silent.

There're these monks.
They say, if even one word
is spoken aloud,
horrible things will happen.



Screw that, right?

Now, you may think that
Evil is leaving you.

But don't you believe it.

I'm not going anywhere.

In a few weeks, there's
so much more Evil coming.

- You really wanna know?
- GIRLS: Yeah.

There's creepy dolls,
blood transfusions,

- bloodbaths.

sacks of potatoes.

Excuse me.


- Oh my God.

Demonic computer chips and witch wounds.

Satanism, goo.

Knives, sigils, temptation,
UFOs, masks, weird sex.

Evil influences.

- Kristen off the chain.


Were you sleeping with my mom?
David and a break Ben, really scared.




That's a bit melodramatic.


Until then, keep looking
for me in your dreams.


I'll be right there with you.


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