Evil (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

S is for Silence

Last year, Father Thomas
died of natural causes.

A week ago, monks heard
humming coming from his tomb.

The monastery opened the crypt
and found him like this.

The Vatican wants
to consider Father Thomas
for sainthood,
but they need two things first.

DNA evidence that this
is true incorruptibility.

No decay.
And evidence
- of a second miracle.

- So you need us to go get it.


I don't think the miracle is real.

The stigmata?
- Why?
- Her hands.

She uses the wheelbarrow all day.

This is what happened
when I did it for five minutes.

- Hmm.

- What about the incorruptibility?
- The body?
- I'll go back tonight
and, uh, collect calcification
from the crypt.

There may be something in the clay
that preserved the body naturally.

Winston wrote me the story
about the cabinet
in Father Thomas's cell.

What cabinet?
This large locked cabinet
in Thomas's cell.

It was discovered on this spot
a hundred years ago,
and the monastery was built
around it to keep it safe.

To keep it from opening.

What do you mean, "keep it"?
Monks like Thomas have been
watching it since the '30s
to keep the cabinet closed.

Why? What's in it?
A demon that wants to destroy the world.

That's why the silence.
The legend goes
that if even one word is spoken
within the monastery walls,
the demon will be out.

And if he's out,
he can never be recaptured.

Sounds like a story to scare new monks.

But doesn't anybody ever say anything,
like, or just scream out
something in their dreams?
They put gags in their mouth
when they sleep.

- You're kidding.

- No.

And they expect us
to do the same tonight.

They want us to put gags in our mouth?

And they're very serious about it.

You can't say a word in there
or you will release a demon.



- This is not about a demon, okay?
- She needs a doctor.

One of the monks is a doctor.

They also have an exorcist here.

They think this is the work
of the Devil.

Yeah, they need to stop playing around.

They're not playing around.

We need to defer to them.

- Not if it kills Fenna.

- Who's Fenna?
The nun! Oh, my God, this place
is so fucking anti-women!
Shh! Kristen.

Listen, we're on their turf.

We need to let them take care of
this spiritually and medically.

I'm getting my phone.

I'm calling a doctor.

- Kristen!
- Hey, listen, something is going on here.

There was scraping inside the cabinet,
and it's the same inside the coffin.

What? What is it?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.

- I think it's the botfly.

- Excuse me?
The botfly.
They're prevalent
- in Upstate New York.

- What are you talking about?
Okay, I think that's what
the humming was in the crypt.

I think that's what came out
of either Thomas's coffin
or the Devil's cabinet.

Wh-What we just saw with Fenna?
- Coming out of her stomach?
- Yeah.

It's called cutaneous larva migrans.

The botfly burrows under
the skin to leave its eggs.

- It's like something out of Alien.

- Yeah.

Sometimes real life
is worse than movies.

But it's not the Devil
and it's not diabolical.

What the monks heard,
the humming in the crypt,
it's the botfly.

And when they brought up
Thomas's coffin,
they brought the botflies up with them.

- What about the sigil brand?
- It's not a brand.
It's not a sigil.

When the larvae burrows
under the skin,
it leaves a circular or
spiral pattern like what we saw.

- Wow.

- So, what do we do?
Okay, so, when the exorcist
- blessed the infected spot with ointment?
- Mm-hmm.

That is how they suggest to get
the botfly to the surface.

You cover all the air holes
because that's the way
the botfly breathes.

And then the botfly erupts
to the surface to escape.

Don't take this the wrong way, Ben,
but I wish there were some things
- you couldn't explain.

- There are.

I can't explain these people.

I can't explain why they would spend
their whole lives in silence.

That is insane to me.

Not in silence.

- They're talking to God.

- Okay, sure.

But just the thought that you would
spend your whole life
without ever talking,
without having sex,
without watching a movie
or talking on the phone
or telling a stupid story, it's
That's terrifying.

Is it tempting for you?
I tried to silence my mind
for ten minutes,
and it almost drove me crazy.

But then I look at them,
and they seem
at peace.


I'm tempted.

Hi, it's George.

Next time, there's
this helmet you put on.

It's supposed to let you see God.

I don't like the sound of that at all.


Looks like our friends are encountering
something very different.

Oh, and there's kindly Sister Andrea.

Did I say kindly?
- Your ass is mine.

- Your move.

Has my friend Leland
finally met his match?
- Yo.

- Absolutely.

Until next time.

Sweet dreams.

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