Evil (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

B Is for Brain

GIRLS: I don't think that
I could choose just one ♪
- Where did all these smart girls come from? ♪
Go away! I'm taking a bath!
LAURA: Dad's ten minutes away!
I know, and I'll be out!
Just go blow up balloons.

GIRLS: On the floor, in the car ♪
On a seat in a bar ♪
Wherever I go,
that's where they are.

Swift, anything to say
to all the young women?
haven't always been there for me,
but music always has.

- Me, next! I want to next!
It hurts young brains.

You can't do it.

- Your brain is just as young as mine, Lila.

- No.

I am a mature woman.

What are you guys doing?
You had one task balloons.
Come on.

(HIGH-PITCHED VOICES): - We're trying our best.

- We have an hour left, okay?
- Oh, what was that?
Kristen! (WHISTLES)
He's here!

- No!
- Hey! What, what ?
- We need ten minutes!
- Family? Well, then I'll huff,
- and I'll puff.

- Oh, girls, he just wants to see you.

- Come on.

He just wants to see you, he
just wants to see you, come on.

Get the banner.

Oh, I'm sorry I've been away so long.

We've been fine.

- Oh, my God!
You look beautiful.

I've been outside more.

Oh, my God! Daughters!
- Come here! Come here, oh.

- LYNN: Tell us how much you've missed us.

- ANDY: Okay.

Here we go.

need around here is discipline.

- Discipline.


I need sex.

Oh, yeah?
Well, we'd better get down to it, then.


No, no, no, no, no, lights on.

- I want to see what I'm doing.


- Oh, what's wrong?
- No, it's nothing.
I, um
I leaned against the stove.

I-I burned myself.

- What? Where?
- On my stomach.

- Ow.
Let me see.

- No, no, no, it's really nothing.

Hey, hey, let me see.

What the heck? What?
The stove did that?
I was making pancakes.

I'll be right back.

- It's been a long, long time.

- Yeah.

Have you forgotten how to do it?
- I may need a few lessons.

I put my hand here, I think?
- Ah, do it a little lower.

- Oh.

- Oh! (MOANS)
- Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Do that again.

Kris, I don't want to hurt you.

I said, do it again.

I don't think that's a good idea.

- Hey, hey, shh! Hey!
The girls will hear us.

No, no, no, hey.

I still want to.
I just we could
just take it down a notch.

What are we ?
- What is this?
- Here, gags.

Why, are we kidnapping people now?
Here, this, too.

- I bought them for us.

ANDY: Huh.



ANDY: Oh, wow.

Just wow.


It's called the M-LTS,
which stands for

It's a new neurological study
at the University of Cornell.

Oh, the Magnetic Temporoparietal
Lobe Stimulator.

Yes, I guess.

It's, uh, the-the brain mapping
that they're doing there.

- Oh, right, the God Helmet?
- Actually, that's trademarked.

So we've been asked not to call it that.

- What is it?
- Using magnetic fields
to probe regions of the brain.

The Vatican's Pontificia Accademia
delle Scienze has asked us
to investigate it.

- Why?
- It induces
spiritual visions in subjects.

Supposedly ten percent of the subjects
convert to Christianity.

The Holy See wants an analysis
to see if these results are
legitimate and
warrant further examination.

Or whether this should be
dismissed as a hoax.

- What kind of hoax?
- I don't know.

But that's where you three come in.

Just write up a report.

This one should be easy.

The Low-Intensity Magnetic
Temporoparietal Lobe Stimulator.

What are you researching?
Beta-amyloid plaque
and tau proteins in the brain.

Oh, for neurodegenerative disease.

You're with the Vatican?
No, I'm with them.

So you're mapping the brain?
Uh, yes.
It's not a study
of the neurological basis for religion.

That's just an artifact
of stimulating the plenary gland
and the parietal cortex.

How many people have had
spiritual experiences
- while wearing it?
- Around 30%.

The Vatican people
said you wanted
to interview some of them?
We do.

I was walking down a road in the snow.

And I felt someone walking beside me.

So I looked toward it,
but there was no one there.

And I felt a hand on my shoulder.

A man's hand.

And I heard a whisper.

"You're going the wrong way.

Turn around".

I don't know.

But I felt something
I never felt before.


And I hate using that word
it sounds so religious-y.

Is that a word?
I put it on and immediately I was
in this white sphere thing.

And I was floating past
the planets and the sun.

And one person was walking towards me.

He offered his hand and he said
he was Keith Moon.

The drummer?
I don't know why.

But he was in Heaven and he said,
"I didn't run over my chauffeur".

- DAVID: And
- that was it?
- Yep.

And everything changed after that.

I didn't feel so depressed anymore.

It was, um

No words can describe it was
So, what do you think?
I think they're a lot more persuasive
than I thought they'd be.

And their visions stayed with them.

I mean, they're still talking
about joy and God.

Why are we here?
What do you mean?
Well, what does
the Church want from this?
My guess is, they're
studying the varieties
of religious experiences.

Or are they trying to convert
people using technology?
I doubt that.

Spirituality is more than just
a triggering of a few synapses.

But these people were changed.

That woman
her vision changed her life.

No, getting treatment for her
depression saved her life.

So you're saying her vision
had nothing to do with it?
No, I'm saying
her vision was collateral.

The helmet stimulated her frontal lobe
and alleviated her depression
on a physiological level.

Or the vision came first and
the physiological effect second.

Mm, Doctor?
How else do we describe
the miracle of coming out
of depression, except
with religious language?
Our vocabulary
for the sublime is entirely
informed by spirituality.

I'm ready.

The next session.
Who's up first?
The archdiocese said
you wanted to be subjects.

Well, I'm ready.

Nice of the bishop
to mention that to us.

- If you don't want to do it
- BEN: No.

I do.

Ben, are you serious?
I want to see God.

Who wouldn't want to see God?
Let's do it.

So, what is this, a Faraday cage?
- It's my modification.

- Oh.

It shields out EMF emissions.

- You sure you want to go through with this, Ben?
- Are you kidding me?
A chance to see God and Keith Moon?
Come on, how could I
pass that up, right?
- How's the fit?
- Good.

It's not supposed to be too heavy,
- or you'll be too aware of it.

- Uh-huh.


Here we go.

Count back from 40, please.

39 38
37 36
35 34
How long does it take?
Just a few seconds.

- Will you know when or if he has a vision?
- Maybe.

- From his, uh, EEG.

It mimics REM sleep.


Something wrong?

- What's wrong?
- I don't know.

We may just have one electrode loose.

- Let me adjust.

- Ben, are you okay?

Just having a nice sleep.

So no visions of Hell?
No, not yet, but
LIYANA: But what?
But I'm in my head.

And that's why I'm seeing you.

You're seeing me now
because you rejected
everything I was for.

Are you kidding me, Mom?
- You wanted me to be a scientist.

- No.

I wanted you to understand science.

But not reject Allah.

I didn't reject Allah.

Allah rejected me.

I don't want to talk about this.

Why are you here?
Take my hand?
What a son.
Stop being so contrary.

Take my hand.

Where are we now?
In Vijapur, where you were born.


Oh, I haven't been here
since I was six years old.

It looks poor.

When did you become so contentious?
You're right.

Let me hear your prayers.

See, was that so hard?
Are you in Heaven, Mom?
I think I'm supposed to see God here.

Yes, Heaven.

- But you can't see God.

- Why not?
- Because you don't believe.

- Okay, if I saw, I might believe.

No, you won't.

I know you you're stubborn.

- I always said that.

- You made me stubborn.

Who's that?
One of the prostitutes
from the neighborhood.

BEN: Oh, yeah.

They came out at 10:00.

Do you remember what I said to you?

No, yeah.
The feet?
That's right.

Look down at her feet.

It's a ghost.

Mom-Mom, Mom.

What is what is it, Mom?
- What is that?
- I can't help you.

Mom, what do you mean?
Hey, give yourself a few seconds.

- You okay?
- DAVID: What happened?
- What'd you see?
- I couldn't get away from
I couldn't get away
You couldn't get away from what?
Could be a vestigial reaction
from being stuck in that basement.

I thought the helmet only
provoked positive reactions.

For the most significant sampling, yes.

As we've, uh,
expanded our data collection,
we're starting to see
some participants experience
counter-positive reactions.

- Like what?
- Grief, sadness,
darkness, uh, meaninglessness.

So some see Heaven.

Others see Hell?
It's not a word that I would use.


We should talk.

I'm here.

Go ahead.

You recognize that?
A hand?
That you splashed
with your "holy water".

That's right.

During your "exorcism".

But it wasn't holy water.

It was ammonia.


Yeah, "huh".

Ammonia like this.

Here, let me show you.

Put out your hand.


How come I've never heard of you?
Because I'm a nun.

Do you know what's black
and white and red all over?
(LAUGHING): A decapitated nun.

Your move.

Well, now that we've established
that your little
holy water magic trick was just ammonia
and that God has
no power on this Earth
And that Jesus could
never really survive
his fall from the parapet.

Perhaps we should discuss your future.

My future?
I don't think you have
anything to offer there.

Oh, you might be surprised.

God gives you His reward in Heaven.

But on this Earth
your ass is mine.

You know where to find me.

Oh, my spiritual advisor, how are you?
What are you doing here?
I've been having the most
enlightening conversation.

I think the Church is
too hard on its nuns.

I think they're sexy.

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

I-I saw Leland.

We were talking.

He talks quite a bit.

- Did he hurt you?
- No.

But we have to talk.

Father, I need you to leave.

We need to work harder
on your meditations.

Our enemy has become more aggressive.

We need to prepare.

What are you talking about?
Mom loved you.

Yeah, but she was
disappointed in me, wasn't she?
She was disappointed
in everyone who wasn't her.

She always had unrealistic
expectations for us
But when I dropped
out of college, she
Ben, what is this about?
Nothing, she I just
had a dream about her
You're always the one
telling me to ignore my dreams.

Can I go to sleep now?
She was disappointed that
I ignored Shahada, right?
Ben, let it go.

When she died
did she say anything?
- I'm not doing this.
Good night.

- Karima
So, last night?
Yeah, you dirty rat.

Can I say, Kris, you've changed.

In what way?
Come on, the masks, the gags,
the, um, the burns.

I mean, what is going on?
Don't you remember
when we were climbing,
the things we used to say?
We're never gonna turn into
some boring suburban couple?
- Yeah.

- So I haven't changed.

I just changed back.

Hey, could we get another cashier here?!
- There's a line!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Kris, it's okay.

- No, Andy.

This is who we were.

We didn't give a fuck.

Yeah, sure, but we can't go
through life that way.

Sure, we can.
I can.

So I was putting the masks
back in the closet,
and, uh, I found a shoebox
- MAN: Yeah.
I'm getting
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, buddy?
- Line's back there.

- Uh, I just got a couple of things.

No, you don't.
You got more than us.

Guys, can we just not sweat this, okay?
I'm here.
Slow your roll.

(SCOFFS) He wants us to slow our roll?
Excuse me.

You get to the back
of the line right now.

Or what?
Seriously, what? What are you gonna do?

Show me your car, I'll show you mine.

Okay, it's you know what, tiger?
Let it go, let it go,
let it go, hey, hey.

It's okay.
Karma will get him.

Yeah, that's right.

Think I forgot something anyway.


Oh, my God, it's over, bitch!
We won't need a bag.

Thank you.
WOMAN: It was just black.

When you put the helmet on me,
that's all I saw.

I don't know if it was for an hour
or for five minutes, but
I didn't think it was working on me.

And then I felt something.

A mouth.

Like an animal.

It clamped down on my hand, and
I screamed out.

I thought maybe it was something
on the chair that cut into me, but
then it started dragging me.

And I
Do you need a minute?
Mm-mm, no.

It dropped me into a pool of tar.

And when I looked up, I saw this
massive thing with wings.

About ten stories tall.

And it was covered with
naked people
stuck to it, screaming.

There are no physical consequences.

And any psychological aftereffects?
These are the, uh,
post-experiment evaluations.

Feel free to go through them.

The subjects occasionally
experience residual nightmares,
but, uh, otherwise they're fine.

Even who we just interviewed?

So, do either of you want to go?
- Or are you done?
- Yeah, I'll go.

Kristen, we just spoke
to someone who saw Hell.

Then it's a good thing
I don't believe in it.

This is a simple conductive
adhesive for the electrodes.


Uh wait.

What's wrong?
For some reason
it's not registering you.

Because I don't have a soul?
Let me go first, Kristen.

I thought you weren't going
to do this at all.

I-I changed my mind.

- I'm fine, David.

- No, I-I want to.


47 46
Maybe David shouldn't do this.

No, it's just a neurological experiment.

He'll be fine.

42 41
39 38
37 36

(WHISPERS): Don't.


Kristen Bouchard.

I take it you got my gift basket.

I told you to stay away.

But you didn't mean it.

You love attention from men,
especially with all these months alone.

I told you to stay away,
or I would kill you.

You come into my house to threaten me?
No, the threat was already made.

I'm here to deliver on it.

Well, I'm sure the police will
be thrilled to hear about this.

CAL: Hold on, you're okay, David.

Hold on.

You're okay, David.

- Let me just detach this.

- What was that?
What was that? What the hell ?
BEN: What happened, what happened?
What-what did you see?
What did you see, David?

Me? Doing what?
Killing LeRoux.

Was that Heaven or Hell?
You took an ax, you went to his house
and you killed him.

Wow, that seems unlikely.

That's what I saw.

I got to go.

I, uh, I have an, uh
an appointment.

He knew.

He saw me do it.

- Thi-This is your priest friend?
- Yes.

So, we're testing
this brain-mapping device,
and he saw me go to LeRoux's house
- and kill him.

- Well,
he obviously sensed your guilt
and intuited the rest.

No, the details were too specific.

He knew about the ice ax,
LeRoux's house.

But he knows you-you were a climber,
so an ice ax makes sense,
and he probably
saw LeRoux's house on the news.


(SIGHS) I think you should
consider going to him
and telling him the truth about LeRoux.

What? Why?
Well, not for religious reasons
but for pragmatic ones.

The placebo effect of confessing,
of coming clean to someone
you consider an authority
moral authority will alleviate
your psychosomatic symptoms.

Does that make sense?
I think it does.

DAVID: I'll be right there.

I thought I tied that.

Oh, hey, Kristen, come on in.

You can help me with this.

DAVID: Kristen!
Are you all right?
What happened?
DAVID: You were screaming.

I was?
Uh, wh-when-when did I put this on?
When did you go?
Go where?
Uh, your session
with-with the, with the helmet
- wh-when did you do it?
- I haven't.

We were thinking tomorrow.

Didn't I start to put this on,
and then y-you said
you wanted to go first?
- No.

- Is that what you saw
David putting the helmet on?

And I saw him having a vision, too.

What vision?
Well, nothing.
I mean,
I-I-I-I, I don't remember,
but we talked afterwards,
after the vision,
and then I had an emergency
therapy session,
and then I went to your room
and Leland was there
None of that happened?
No, you've you haven't left.

You-You've been here.

You okay?
Yeah, I I got to go.

I, uh, I-I did this once before.

What do you mean?
Uh, we're testing
a brain-mapping device,
and I saw myself sitting across from you
in an emergency session.

- (CHUCKLES): Really?
- Yeah.

How'd that go?
Well, I told you that my friend David
saw me hurting LeRoux.

He saw you?
In my vision, in the session.

Yeah, that's your,
your guilt coming out.

That's what you said in my vision, too.

Did I have any advice in your vision?
Yes, you told me that
I should go to David
and confess to him
for the placebo effect
of alleviating my guilt.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, that's not my advice,
but I think it's interesting
that that's what you think
my advice would be.

You might have to unpack that for me.

I feel like I'm in a house
of mirrors here.

You speak of David
quite often in our sessions.

Yeah, well, we work together.
Well, your husband is back
from nearly two months away,
you haven't mentioned him once.

Reflect on what you want
your life to be.

In this moment.

If it's your husband, it's your husband.

If it's David, it's David.

Why is it a guy at all?
Yeah, you're right.

Um, could be what they represent.

Your husband:
the responsibilities of home.

David: the freedom of work.

There's another option.

David's becoming a priest,
so therefore
it's unobtainable attraction.

True or it's a challenge.

How so?
He doesn't become a priest,
then he's not unobtainable.

Hey, I need a moment.


Can I come in?

This is nice.

Kristen asked me to stay here.

Hey, did I say anything?
It was in the "huh".
It was
a very expressive "huh".

Okay, how about you and I
pretend we're complete strangers
and we don't have any history,
without any baggage?
- Can we do that?
- Sure.

You start.

(SIGHS): Okay.

Um so, listen, Kristen has changed.

In what way?
In every way.

She beat up someone for cutting
in line at a supermarket.

(LAUGHS) Really?
Sheryl, that's not a good thing.

She's more aggressive,
she's more dismissive, she's more
she's more angry.

Maybe she should be.

You know I go away because
that is our business, right?
And if our business goes under,
then we can't pay for the mortgage here.

You were only supposed to be gone
- for a few weeks.

- Right,
and then the world economy changed.

- Right, yeah.

- Right?
Because climbing is a luxury item,
- and we had ten people drop out.

- Uh-huh, uh-huh.

I didn't go away for my own pleasure.

Yeah, there are reasons for everything,
but I am back here because
Kristen is overwhelmed.

She's working, she's being a mom,
and you're wondering why she's changed.

Because she's had to adapt.

- Okay, so this is my fault?
- Yeah.

You thought I'd say differently, right?
But I won't.

Yes, it's your fault.

No, that's that's not right.

- Sheryl?
- Huh?
Are you okay?

This is a simple conductive
adhesive for the electrodes.

- You're sure about this?
- I think it's important
for all of us to give
a thorough assessment.

You know, I've been getting
a lot of requests
from the Mormons to try it.

They think it's a direct line to God.

Well, if it's good enough
for the Mormons

Count back from
50 49
48 47
46 45
So what do you think?
I'm an atheist, I saw my dead mother.

You're an agnostic,
you saw David have a vision.

David is a believer.

What does he see?
I don't know.

28 27 26
25 24 23
Three two

Should I start over again?
Did you get anything?
Not a thing.

Okay, I'm coming in to detach you.

Well, that's appropriate.

We get visions,
the visionary gets nothing.

I made a mistake.

We were investigating a technology
that supposedly gives
nonbelievers a glimpse of God.

It magnetically prods
certain areas of the brain.

I tried it.

I wanted to see whether it could
challenge my ideas of visions.

And ?
I saw nothing.

Not God or Hell.

Because your visions are not coming
from regions of your brain.

They're coming from God.

Now I can't see anything.

I've tried for hours meditating.

Nothing's coming.

Technology can rewire the brain.

My guess is that you've lost
everything you've gained.

Now start over.

And you'd better do it quickly
because Mr.
Townsend is coming after us
and we need your abilities to
know how to protect ourselves.

And, David,
don't use technology
to rewire your brain again.

It's not a toy.

what are your findings?
After much deliberation,
we do not recommend the
technology for further research
at the Vatican.

- Why?
- Yeah,
- wh-why?
- At the minimum
the device reduces spirituality
to the stimulation of synapses.

It can also rewire the brain's
receptivity to the work
of the Holy Spirit.

Last, a significant percentage
of the participants
are seeing visions of Hell.

And is that a bad thing?
Excuse me?
Fear of Hell can lead people to God.

Is their faith less legitimate?
But is that the kind of faith
we want to promote?
Who are we to judge what brings
someone into the fold?
It sounds like the helmet's
ability to help people
directly envision
the realities of our faith
could be an asset for the Church.

But the harm could undoubtedly
outweigh any potential benefits.

What's the evidence of this harm?
- Well, you
- KRISTEN: None.

There's no concrete evidence
to support that claim.

Furthermore, the helmet
offers the unique ability
to help people suffering
from neurological conditions,
such as depression.

That's a miracle in itself
religious or not
and if people want to attribute
those qualities to God,
then, hey, lucky you.

BEN: I-I saw my dead mom,
and my experience may not classify
as, uh, harm in the empirical
sense, but it felt real
and I've been having trouble
sleeping ever since.

KRISTEN: Yeah, but that's from
your preexisting night terrors.

I mean, we can't condemn the technology
- for any preexisting
- Okay.

The question is a simple one.

Should this technology be sent on
to the Pontificia Accademia
delle Scienze
for further examination?
- No.
- Yeah, absolutely.

- Maybe.

Okay, this is helpful, thank you.

Leave your research with me,
and I'll make a decision.

Please, God
- ANDY: Babe, can we talk?

So here's my suggestion.

We sell the climbing business,
and I take a job at REI.

You quit your job
at the Catholic Church,
and, uh, we just focus more on home.

We move Sheryl out of the garage,
you take it back as an office.

You always wanted to, uh, write
that book on criminal defense.

You've got a job offer from REI?
No, I mean, not yet.

Uh, but I know people who work there.

On the sales floor?
No, in the corporate offices.

I'm talking about a nine-to-five job.

This is something
I should've done ten years ago.

Why would I quit my job?

You have changed.

And I think it's directly connected
to the burden of carrying this family
and this job.

There is something in it
that is making you

It's making me tougher.

It's making me more self-sufficient.

You beat up a man at the supermarket.

We're wearing animal masks
to have sex now.

Okay, this is what I suggest.

You try to get a job at REI,
and when you do, fine,
then we'll sell the business
and then we can talk,
but this job my job
is not the problem.

It supplies our health care.

It's our lifesaver.

That's mine.

Well, I didn't know what they
were until Laura saw them
Laura saw them?
She came into the room
when I was looking.

And she said that they were
maps to kill people.

Mm, no, they're not,
they're not.
Then what are they?
It-It's just it's from therapy.

It's a way to deal with anger.

When people piss me off,
I draw where they live.

It's-it's meaningless, it-it's nothing.

Your children don't know that.

I need to talk to Laura.

Not now, not tomorrow.

- She's okay.

She's fine.

I explained to her that
parents don't mean things.

They pretend.

It's okay.

We'll be okay.

We'll be good.


Hi, George again.

I've got a question for you.

Do you truly believe in
supernatural phenomenon?

Seeing it make me feel closer to God.

I guess some people will believe
in all sorts of crazy things.

- (SOBBING): Make it go away.

- It attacked me.

Finally, something real.

And family.
Always such a respite.

Lynn could be more in charge.

- ALL: No.

(LOUDLY): All right,
you all stay.
I'll go.

Looks like next time is loaded
with all sorts of disturbing
close encounters.

Oh, yeah.

Until then, pleasant dreams.

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