Evil (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

U Is for U.F.O.

It started as a light.

A strong, bright light.

I thought it'd blind me.

It made me think of my mom
who used to talk
about how angels appeared to Ezekiel.

Burning coals of fire.

It hovered in midair,
about 500 feet at my two o'clock.

And then it
- moved.

- How fast?
High G, rapid velocity, acceleration.

My F-16 Falcon reaches speeds of Mach 2.

This was faster.

Five times as fast.

It flew straight at me, so fast
it appeared to go through me.

And I was suddenly
I was very calm.

All the fears I had they were gone.

I felt peaceful.

And you're thinking this was,
um, an angel?
- No.

- What is that a UFO?
- Unmanned Aircraft System.

- When did this happen?
February 18, 1633 Eastern time.

And why couldn't this object
be another aircraft
or a drone or some other technology?
It flew at Mach ten,
ten times the speed of sound.

And there was no sonic boom.

I can't say what it is I saw for sure,
but seeing it made me feel closer to God
than I've ever felt before.

She's a pilot?
A decorated fighter pilot.

She came to us not knowing
whether she saw an angel
or something else.

The Church is aware
of its reputation for being
somewhat slow to investigate
these kinds of issues.

Is the Church really gonna consider
the existence of aliens?
The Church is keeping an open mind.

There's nothing
in God's essential nature
that prevents Him from
creating life where He sees fit.

These are other unproven
accounts of similar encounters
by other parishioners,
going back to the 1980s.

So you want us to assess
the pilot's credibility?

Hey, so I was checking out UFO websites
to see if there were
any similar sightings
on February 18 at 4:33 p.

- And?
- Well, there was.

Someone with the handle
at Syracuse University.

He was alone on campus,
saw a burst of light in the sky
and some kind of craft.

That's interesting.

A Syracuse professor would lend
the captain credibility.

Can you get in touch with him?
Yup, I already e-mailed him.

I'm seeing him tomorrow on campus.

9:00 a.
, Engineering Quad.

Do you want to meet me there?
Uh, no, I'm meeting
with Cassie's commander
to check out her account.

Where are you now?
- When?
- Home.

- I got to go.

- How bad?
Okay, I'll-I'll call you back.



A warning first.

Um this is ill-advised.

I see Kristen individually.

Uh, there's a potential
for a conflict of interest.

We're not looking for long-term, Kurt.

We just need some advice.

But if we do need long-term,
you could maybe help refer us?
As long as we know
the limitations of this.

Uh, we do.

How can I help?
Uh, so I've been away for a few months,
uh, working on our business in Colorado,
and when I got home,
I noticed
Kristen had changed.

- In what way?
- Uh, shortness of temper,
anger, um, and issues of self-harm.

What kind of self-harm?
I told you those were accidental burns.

- Then why do they keep happening?
- They don't.

- It was just once.

- Wait.

What are we talking about here?
We're talking about burns on her skin.

From the stove.

Accidental burns on my stomach.

And what issues of anger?
She beat up a man at the supermarket.

That makes it sound
- more dramatic than it was.

- It's online, Kristen.

- You knocked him out.

- He hit his head on the counter.

What do you mean, online?
Someone had an iPhone
and they recorded it.

Yeah, but it doesn't show
what happened before.

This guy cut in front of me,
called me a bitch.

- So you hit him?
- I confronted him.

You knocked him out with
a bag of frozen French fries.

Okay, um, let me stop you both there.

Kristen, y-your turn.

I don't deny that I've changed.

Six months ago if this man
had cut in front of me,
I would've said, "Excuse me,
There's a line here".

And when he called me a bitch,
I would've felt bad,
gone home, simmered
about it for 48 hours,
thinking about how
I could've handled
the situation differently.

And I would've developed
a suburban ulcer.

Instead, I stepped up.

Now when I've been wronged,
I blame the person who wronged me,
and not myself.

- So you believe this is a good thing?
- Yes.

It's empowerment.
It's how
I want my daughters to feel.

- Ugh.

- So,
- without any judgement
- Mm-hmm.

why do you think
you've changed, Kristen?
My work.

- With the Church?
- Yeah.

Why is that?
It challenges me,
puts me in a proactive position
to face down threats.

And this, uh, video online
where'd you see it?
Where? It's on YouTube.

And have your daughters seen it?
- What?
- Well, you said
you wanted your daughters
to be more proactive.

Have they seen this video?
Oh, my God.
It's over, bitch.

- Oh, my God.

- Is that really Mom?
Can't you tell?
There's your dad, right there.

- Whoa.
- Wow.

- She's really going for it.

"Super-Mom takes out Line-Cutter".

- No.
That's what it says? Yeah.

- Super-Mom to the rescue.

- So that's what that guy did? He cut in line?
- Yeah.

- How'd you find that, Grandma?
- It's trending right now.

- Oh, wow!
- Wait.
Is Mom famous?
Is our family famous?
- Play it again.
Play it again.

- That's super cool.

You know what I find
interesting is why didn't
- your dad say anything?
- Maybe he did, after the camera
- shut off or something.

- He probably did.
- Yeah.
Yeah, sure.

Oh, my God!
- - Oh!
- Mom!
- I want to be just like her, too.

- Oh.

Move out of the way, Laura.

No, then I won't be able to see.

I will smack you in the face, then.

On February 18, the 177th
Fighter Wing scrambled three
F-16s out of the Atlantic City
Air National Guard Base
to investigate a UAP sighting
picked up on our radar.

So there were two other pilots?

Can you tell me what they saw?
At 4:28 p.
, the civilian
corporation CongoRun
launched an informational
broadband satellite in the area.

But Captain Sampson saw this craft
come at her and through her.

That is what she has stated.

- But you disagree?
- I don't disagree.

The facts do, and that is why
the captain has been grounded.

Thank you, Colonel.

You're welcome.

We're always here to help the Church.

Colonel, do you believe in UFOs?
Do I? No, not officially.

Civilian aircraft and invention
has outpaced our ability to keep up.

So when I hear about a UAP,
my first thought is,
civilians are crowding
the sky with other crafts.

They're not from outer space.

They're from garages
in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Ben Shakir.

I sent you the email about the
You're Ben? I thought you'd be older.



So, on February 18, what did you see?
I'm sorry.
First, what's your name?
Uh, I saw an aircraft
accelerate straight
- into the atmosphere at Mach five or greater.

- Mm-hmm.

- Mm-hmm.

- It went from a standing position
to an accelerated vertical
climb in a second.

You know the g-force would crush
any living creature inside?
Unless it developed technology
to counter the effects
of the inertial forces.

You think it was a technology
not of this earth?
I believe I saw something alien.

But I also felt it.

- What do you mean?
- It came down
towards me, and the light
went through me.

And it gave you a feeling?
This happened to you, too?
No, just another person we
interviewed, an Air Force pilot.

It left me feeling good, happy.

- Joyful?
- Sure.

But full disclosure I had
smoked a ton of weed that night,
so maybe I was just really stoned.

So you didn't think she was
Her colonel said a launching
broadband satellite
from CongoRun Corp is what she saw.

I spoke to someone who confirmed
Captain Sampson's sighting.

- Who?
- A young woman named Asha.

She saw and felt the same thing.

And why is that not significant?
Well, we discussed it, and
the young lady is 17 years old
and was smoking marijuana.

Oh, I got it.

We'll move on.

Please, God.

Where are you?
I don't get this.

It wasn't supposed to be this.

I don't even understand it.

Leland, I know you want me
to ask you "what?"
but whatever you're gonna
say here is a joke,
so just go home.

I don't have time for this!
Please help me.

Make it go away!
I was wearing your stupid rosary
around my neck as a joke.

Then when I went to bed, it
it attacked me.

Some kind of a
winged thing.

Like a
vampire or a monster.

It was
it was trying to pull me apart.

I screamed at it to stop,
but it
I'm gonna need you to go.

Y-You're my spiritual advisor.

David, advise me.

Get the hell out of here.

Are you so worried about being conned
that you will ignore a cry for help?
Yeah, yeah, okay.

It's me, Ben.

I need you to look at
the hack in Leland's apartment.

- Do you have it recorded?
- Yeah, over here.

All right, what time?
I don't know.
Um, earlier tonight.

He came to my room
around 2:00 a.
, so
try a half hour before that.

- There.

- Mm.

- What are we looking for?
- A vision.

His or yours?
Do you think that looks like
he's having a vision to you?
Or a nightmare.

he knows we're recording him.

Why else would he have
a laptop on the couch with him?
Did he believe you?
That I had a vision? Not at first.

But you were convincing?
Of course.

And were you convincing
partly because it was true?
What do you mean, "true"?
Well, the enemy is subtle.

You're pretending to need an exorcism,
but in the process, are you
secretly wanting an exorcism?
That's the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.

What is that?
- A report.

- To?
The Manager.

Listen to me.

This is a con.
It always was a con.

I'm following the plan exactly,
so don't you dare
question my dedication.

Not your dedication.
Your will.

My will is perfect.

I'm not seeing the blood to prove it.

Oh, you want blood?
I want to see you again in a few days.

And Leland, next session,
please remember to bring in
your dream journal.

Look, I know what I saw.

It was a UFO.

I just don't tell anybody that anymore.

And why is that?
Because I'm sick
of people looking at me
like I'm an unstable woman.

It's over, bitch!
I'll go.

No, we both will.

- Okay, family meeting.

- What did we do this time?
You watched the video on YouTube?
It was really cool.

You kicked ass.

- Don't say "ass".

- Laura.

- But you did.

- Um, look,
your father and I talked, and
I've been under a lot of stress.

But I have not helped by being away.

W-We do not approve of what I did.

But Mom, people on the
Internet want to be like you.

They shouldn't.
I overreacted.

- Okay.
So that's it?
- No.

We also want to talk
about how all this works.

- How we work as a family.

- Yeah.

- What did we do?
- Nothing.
This is about us.

You know, we-we both have jobs.

We need to keep those jobs.

And we expect you
to hold it together here.

So I'm going back to Colorado
just one more time
to shut down the trekking business.

- Why?
- Because I want to be home more.

- I want to be with you guys.

- So this is the plan.

Dad's gonna go away for one more
month, shut down the business.

- Starting when?
- In a week.

- Is Grandma gonna watch us?
- Yeah.

But just for for-for a little bit.

But I think Lynn can be more in charge.


No, decision made.

- Sit down.

- Take a seat.

And also I think we should eat
together more at dinner.

- Are we becoming Mormons?
- People don't do that.

No, we're becoming a family
that eats together at dinner.

Only Mormons do that, Dad.

I got it.
I got it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- No.
You all stay! I'll go!
- You made her angry.

You tipped her over the edge.

You tipped her over the edge.

I think we made a mistake.

I know.
I think we did, too.

Okay, what was yours?
Discounting Captain Sampson.

I checked those other UFO
accounts the parish discounted.

They're all from women,
all written off as hysterical.

And I think that we should check
if there really was
a CongoRun satellite launch.

I already did that.

My neighbor works for them.

There was no satellite launch.

There were three birds
up there that day.

Sampson, Ruffins
and myself.
We didn't see anything.

Captain Terrence, Ruffins, David Acosta.

Hey, guys.

They were flying at the same
time as Captain Sampson.

I thought
the Air Force wanted to keep
their names confidential.

We told Colonel Tremé the
satellite launch didn't happen,
so she wanted us to see that
Captain Sampson overreacted.

Is there any possibility
that Captain Sampson
saw something that you didn't?
No, not to our knowledge.

- Captain?
- Yes?
Do you agree?

All right, well, thank you very
much for your time, officers.

Uh, I have one procedural
question for you, Captain.

- Yes, sir.

- No.

Not you.
Captain Ruffins.

This is my email.

If there's anything, even a small thing,
I would love to hear it.

There's nothing, sir.

My father was in the Air Force.

He was a mechanic, so I understand.

You think he knows something?
I think he was particularly quiet.

What's up?
I think there's something
wrong with my laptop.

Can you take a look at it?
It's at my two o'clock.

- So, you're seeing this, too?
- Roger that.

What the hell is that thing?
Get your own dinner! It's my time!


Sheryl, one sec.

It's not about sex.

It's about blood.

Leland, we're not getting
- back together.

- I'm not here for that.
I know.

Actually, I need a little of your blood.

- Not a lot.

- Why?
- I'm being attacked.

- Oh, my God.

You are so predictable.

I'm telling you the truth.
I need you.

I'll think about it.

Now go away and
handle your own problems.


So this is from the other pilot?
The silent one?
Yeah, I guess.

Show it again.

Did you send this to Bishop Marx?
Yup, last night.

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

They told us to wait here
in case they had questions.

Captain Sampson, I'm Father Katagas
from the Pontificia
Accademia delle Scienze.

Although if you recognize the accent,
I'm actually from Brooklyn,
12 miles from here.

Captain, please have a seat.


What's happening?
A meeting.

It's my understanding
that this is what you saw
on February 18?
That is correct, Father.

And you expressed
to our assessors that you felt
a sensation when this object apparently
flew through you, is that correct?
- Yes, Father.

- Good.

And did you feel a tingling
sensation in your feet
when this object flew through you?
- No.

- Okay.

And did you feel a tingling
sensation in your fingers?
- No.

- But you say you felt joy and peace?
Yes, Father.

And did these feelings stay with you?
They did.

Did they stay with you in any
way that could be quantified?
We have medical exams
before we fly and afterwards.

My blood pressure
after the flight was low,
and my hypertension was gone.

And that continues to this day?
Yes, Father.

Did you smell anything when
this craft flew through you?
I'm not sure.
I might have.

You see that device, Captain?
It will offer you 12 odors,
one after the other.

I want you tell me when
the odor you smell is the one
that most closely matches the
object that flew through you.

Yes, Father.

This has happened before?
News to me.

Ready, Captain? When you
smell something similar,
close your fist, okay?
First smell.

Your Eminence, has there been
other identical sightings?

The Church is taking UFOs seriously?
The Church takes every
scientific advancement seriously.

Well, then, we need
to be brought in on this.

That's why you three are here.

No, you were gonna leave us
in the hallway, Your Eminence.

The Church doesn't want to
publicize its interest in this.

The Vatican, you may have
noticed, tends to be private.

You're sure, Captain?
Yes, Father.

Is that the right one?
Father Katagas wants
to meet with you three.

I want to talk
to this young woman, Asha,
who you say saw the same thing.

- Why?
- Because it will help the Vatican's investigation.

Has the Vatican had other
reports of UFO sightings?
David, we don't need to
The Vatican has had hundreds
of thousands of reports.

We look at the most serious.

Does the Vatican believe in alien life?
The Vatican believes in what exists.

And if it does exist,
does it change the question
of original sin.

- How so?
- If there are other beings,
could they be free of original sin?
Would they not even be
aware of what it was?
Or are we missionaries,
asked to share the gospel as we did
with the indigenous people
in the New World?
- Look at how well that turned out.

- Yes.

It's an easy perch to occupy,
with your ability
to buy what you want, eat what you want.

Please, give your property back
to the indigenous people.

It's an easy thing to do.

Give your deed to someone
who lived here originally.

- Look into Landback.

I-I I got to go.

You can get me in touch
with this young woman Asha?
and Mrs.
thank you for coming in.

No problem.

- Uh, what's happened?
- Laura.

She was showing a video
to her classmates of a woman
getting in a fight, and
she said it was her mother
sticking up for herself.

Dean, her teacher,
confiscated the phone,
and told Laura not to lie,
that the woman in the video
was obviously a criminal.

Laura called Mrs.
Dean a liar,
and that's why we're here now.

Laura was telling the truth.

- Mm.

- That is me in-in that video.

- Oh.

- So,
uh, what do you need from us?
Well, to be exact,
Laura didn't just call Mrs.
Dean a liar.

She used the "F" word.

Is that my computer?

You took it apart?
There was something in it.

Something planted.

How did that ?
I don't know.
Did someone
tamper with your laptop?
- Leland was here.

- That's what I was thinking, too.

You know, we hacked his computer.

He may have hacked you back.

Should I dump it, get a new computer?
I have a better idea.

Act like you're working,
working, working.

Okay, now you forgot something.

Go to your bookshelf.

All right, you're looking
for it.
You can't find it.

No action too specific.

Okay, step off.
Step off.

Good, good, good.

How much more of this?
Um, we need about ten minutes,
and then I can loop it.

Have you ever thought,
if Leland did this to my computer,
what makes us think
that Leland's hack
hasn't been looped, too?

can you squeeze me in?
No, it's gotten worse.

It's affecting my family,
my girls.
Okay, great.

I'll see you soon.

Excuse the melodrama, Mrs.

My driver only knows one way
to get me anywhere.

I'm Edgar Loudermilk.

Could you ask your driver to move?
- I'm-I'm heading out.

- I only need one minute, Kristen.

I'm no longer with the D.
You should talk to them.

Oh, 18 more seconds.

Excuse me?
Oh, he's early.

Can you hear me well enough?
The jet video you received
of a supposed UFO.

It is not alien technology.

It's not even supernatural.

It is Russian drone technology.

We've known about it for some time,
but we've been avoiding
any public acknowledgment.

We want the Russians to believe
they've been undetected
in order to discover what they're doing.

In other words, ma'am,
you and your fellow assessors
have stumbled upon a secret
operation to uncover
confidential foreign technology.

Your government is asking you
to kindly stand down
in further investigating this flight.

Do you understand?
I'm not sure.

I understand.

Here's my card.

Call me if you or your team
have any further questions.

And with that, thank you for listening.

- Are you serious?
- That's what he said.

- Word for word.

- And you believe it?
I don't want to believe him, but, um
Occam's razor.
and most direct explanation.

I'll, uh
I'll talk to the bishop.

I'm disappointed.

I kind of wanted it to be true.

I know.
Me, too.

- Are you coming?
- Um,
not yet.
So, what's up?
- Can we talk for a minute?
- Sure.

We haven't talked in a while.

- We've been busy.

- Yeah.

So, you're, uh
you're a month away from ordination.

How is that?
- Weird.

- Hmm.

Any doubts?
Oh, yeah.

I was gonna go to my therapist's office,
and then I realized I knew
exactly what he was gonna say.

I could game it all out in my head.

And I just I-I didn't
want to hear it.

What was he gonna say?
That I should look
for the underlying cause
of my free-floating anger
and hostility and anxiety,
and find a positive way to channel it.

I, um, stumbled into being nosey.

No, I came to you.

So, why are you angry?
Because I hate people.

You hate people?

I really do.

I love my daughters, I like you,
I tolerate Ben.

But I look at everyone in my day,
every single person,
and I realize that they're awful.

And I don't want to hear that
people are essentially good,
or that they want to do good,
because I don't think they do.

Why are you becoming a priest?
Now there's a segue.

My mom had me baptized.

My dad thought it was idiotic.

His life was art and sex.

Her life was prayer and Mass.

I was drawn more to my dad's life.

I followed it up until, uh,
I guess five years ago?
That's when I found, uh,
science didn't really
explain life to me.

It was like having an instruction manual
on how to put together a bike, but
after the bike was together,
it didn't explain the bike.

Science is best used as science,
not as philosophy or religion.

That's when I was drawn back to my mom.

She seemed to understand.

What? Understand what?
People do bad.

People are bad.

They-they try not to reveal it
because Americans are
obsessed with purity.

They can't even let on
that something is wrong.

And there's only one solution.



People apologizing.

And that's it?

It's harder than it looks.

Americans do not like to apologize.

They worry it shows weakness.

So you think I should
I don't know what's
hurting you, Kristen.

I know you're sad.

I know you're hurt.

But I can't tell you exactly what to do.

I don't think I helped.

I don't know.

Don't be a priest.

I'll miss you.

I'll still be here.

I'm sorry.

Not being myself.

Be patient with me?
- Hey, 'sup, old man?
- 'Sup?
Uh, Asha, this is,
uh, David and Kristen.

Have you two met?
- Uh-huh.

- Yeah, just now.

Uh, we'll be right back.

Excuse us.

Thank you for bringing in
the two eyewitnesses.

You got our report, right?
It turns out it was Russian technology.

Yes, I saw your report,
and so did this gentleman,
Victor LeConte.

- He's from Rome.

- Hello.




- Hello.

- Kristen
Was this the man who
approached you yesterday?
- Yes.

- And did he tell you his name?
- He did.
Um, it's Edgar
- Loudermilk.

Yes, he's with United States
Homeland Security.

49 years old, Episcopalian.

His wife is Jewish.

Only goes to services
Christmas and Easter.

What's going on?
Loudermilk was not telling the truth
about this craft being
Russian technology.

How do you know?
Ben, I work with intelligence
services around the world:
America, France,
the Eastern Bloc, Russia.

I cross-reference that
information, and come up
with a more certain analysis
than one country can on its own.

You're Vatican secret service.

I am a friend of the Vatican,
That's all.

It's called "The Entity", right?
I've heard other people call it that.

I haven't.

I have asked Cassie and
Asha to accompany us
to Rome for further evaluation,
and they've agreed.

We would also like to extend
that invitation to you.

Us? The three of us?
- Correct.

- All expenses paid?
I'll need you to sign these
statements of confidentiality.

RSM Fertility?
You wanted me to see that, right?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Let's handle one thing
at a time, shall we, David?
here we are.

Here we are together again.

Any more visions of angels?
No, actually.
Thank you for asking.

Are you a Christian now?
Praise Jesus.

That was a joke.


What are you doing?
- Uh, you asked for blood.

- Ah.

You went to a supermarket
and bought some pig's blood.

- No.
Human blood.

- Really?
- Whose?
- Yours.

Let's see who the Manager
listens to now
the one eaten or the one eating.

What happened?
I don't understand.

We-we called Captain Sampson and Asha,
and they said it's been called off.

I am going back to Rome.

No reason to stay.

- What about the investigation?
- They both admitted
- they were lying.

- No, they're lying now.

- You have the video.

- Yes, but
I needed the eyewitness accounts.

Is The Entity going after RSM Fertility?

And I would drop it, too, David.

What do you want me to say?
I lied.
Simple as that.

You did not.
Is this Homeland Security?
Did they threaten you?
Or Helen? Did she say something?
I am flying again.

That's all that matters to me.


What did they offer you?
Why'd you change your story?
I'm going next year.

- Pretty good, huh?
- Come on.
You're a smart girl.

You could have gotten there on your own.

Are you kidding?
Good luck.

You know you're gonna have
to give that thing back, right?

Yeah, yeah, tomorrow.

Tonight we have an important
experiment to conduct.

- Here.

- Hey, so I saw a UFO once.

- You didn't.
Come on.
What scent?
- Yes, I did!
- Roses.

- Very good.
Very good.

I was, um
I was climbing.

I was halfway up Lost Arrow in Yosemite.

- Mm-hmm.

- I was sleeping in a portaledge.

And I saw I saw this thing
just shoot right past me.

- Mm.

- Right at eye level.

And I didn't tell anyone about it,
because I didn't think
they would believe me.

Did it have a smell?
- Strawberries?
- No, your UFO.


But you know what? I've changed.

I would tell everyone about
it now, seeing that UFO.

That's what this job turned me into.

Turned me into a blabbermouth.

No, just honest.

Cotton candy?
That is the smell of their UFO.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

The world is strange.

- Mm.

- That's all I know.

Oh, I'll drink to that.


I'm gonna go after RSM Fertility.

I'm sick of waiting on the Church.

You want to help?

Why not?
Oh, thank you.

Go ahead.
One pint only.

I don't need it anymore.

I decided to go in another direction.

- Okay.

- Wait, wait, wait.
I made dinner.

And I want to talk to you
about something.

It's a business proposition.
Come on in.

- I have a knife in my purse.

- I have a knife in my apron.

We'll keep each other on our toes.


Pretty presumptuous of you.

I knew you'd be curious.


Here we go.

Do you like goat curry?
So what's the business proposition?
Opening a B&B together?
That would be fun.

Yeah, wouldn't it?
- Be right out.

- Okay.

Face it with a grin ♪
Smilers never lose
and frowners never win ♪
So let the sun shine in ♪
Face it with a grin ♪
Oh, yeah.

- I hope you like it spicy.

- Fine with me.

- I just don't like cilantro.

- Ugh.
Hate it.

Go ahead and open some wine.

Red or white?
Oh, I'm thinking red.

Feels fitting.

'Cause I'll never wear a frown ♪
Maybe if we keep on smiling ♪
He'll get tired of hanging 'round ♪
And voila.

Face it with a grin ♪
Open up your heart
and let the sun shine in.

Yeah, it's me.

I tell you these things, and I'm
not really sure you're listening.

Well, you damn well
better listen to this one.

I'm worried about Kristen.

She and I got very close.

Well, until she shove
those scissors into my back.

She's being hit right where she lives.

It's about her kids.

Especially Lexis.

Is she all right?
- Is she ?
- Demonic?
That girl's looking at a lot problems.

Could Kristen's own evil be the cause?
And Ben's a worry too.

His girlfriend Vanessa.

I didn't think she'd go this far, but
- Who?
- Maggie.

Or should I say her sister?
She's real.

And Sheryl.

Just how deep is this hell hole
she's digging for herself?
Things are all getting
much worse for everyone.

I'm definitely feeling it.

Consider yourself warned.

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