Evil (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

O Is for Ovaphobia

My sister's grafted to my body, here.

DAVID: It's called RSM Fertility.

We think there was an attempt
to corrupt its fertilized eggs.

One of my daughters was conceived
with the help of that clinic.

Something changed Eric,
and it wants to kill us.

- Mathilda.

- They said I started a fire in her room,
but I didn't; I swear
I would never hurt her.

So what is this business proposition?
I've been invited
to a party of influencers.

It's the Canal Party in the Hamptons.

- I want you to go with me.

- Why?
Because you're an influencer.

To our mutual hate.


- I don't know what else to say.

- BEN: You don't remember anything?
No, no, no, I-I remember everything.

I just remember it all being ordinary.

How did you find out about
this fertility clinic?
Um, through my general
practitioner, Dr.

Is Dr.
Ruin still your doctor?
- No.
He-he died few years ago.

- How did he die?
Uh, there's no conspiracy there.

Um, he had a stroke.
He wasn't young.

BEN: And who was your doctor at RSM?
Um, Dr.
Murray Berridge.

Was there anything unusual about him?
He had a stutter.
Um, look, I-I really don't know
what else to say.

It was an upper East Side
fertility clinic.

Um, I didn't get the sense
that I was being manipulated,
or that the doctors were being
anything but professional.

And Lexis?
My daughter?
- Yeah.

- What's the question?
Is she all right? Is she
Okay, look.

We're getting serious about
this fertility clinic, right?
A fertility clinic that
might be responsible
for fostering psychopathic children.

Is the question whether or not
Lexis is showing signs
of being a psychopath?
I am asking if your experience
at this fertility clinic was in any way
- out of the ordinary.

- Not to my knowledge, Ben.



Uh, this is what I suggest.

- We talk to Mathilda's mom
- KRISTEN: Mm-hmm.

and we find out whether she had
a different experience at RSM.

- Sound good?
- Yeah.
That sounds great.

- Sure.

- Yeah.

Oh, my God.

Vanessa, what happened?
She was angry.
I-I didn't think
she'd go this far, but she
just started going crazy.

- Who?
- Maggie!
She hated that I was going out.

She hated that I was ignoring her.

- She just started throwing things around.

- Vanessa
Shut up, Ben, I know what
you're going to say.

Look, I-I'm here for you.

- She's real.
She's here.

- I know.
I know.

I've accepted that.
Listen, um, one of my coworkers
has connections, and
Okay, let me just get some referrals
from some therapists from her
that might help
- I'm not crazy.

- I know.

I know, I-I don't think you are.

But let me make a call.

No, I will.

This has gone too far.


Vanessa, look, wherever you go,
whoever you see,
I-I'll go with you.
I'll take you there,
and I'll, and I'll be there
when it's over.

Thank you.

I love you.

I, uh
think I love you, too.

(LAUGHS) You think?
I'm sorry.
Um It's who I am.

I-I have to think it
before I believe it.


Were you able to visit Mathilda yet?
Not yet.

They say she burned down
her foster parents' home,
but I just think it's a mistake.

Tammy, we wanted to ask you
about your experience with RSM.

Yeah, the, uh, fertility clinic.

We were wondering,
was there anything unusual about
your interactions with them?
What do you mean?
Well, did you worry about
how they treated you?

I mean, there was only one thing
that was a bit rude.

They sent me this termination
letter that I'd stopped paying
for my eggs to be stored.

I didn't know I'd stopped.

It was just weird, like
paying rent for human life.

KRISTEN: When did
this come? This letter?
About four years ago.

Did you get one, too?
I don't know.
I-I-I mean,
I don't remember.

Tammy, was there anything
about Mathilda as a baby
that was different?
She was great.
Very healthy.

Except her teeth.

What was wrong with her teeth?
She had she had
a few operations to mold them.

They were coming in very sharp.

Um, the dentist said she had
these protruding canine teeth.

Did uh, did I say something?
packaging on all whitener strips says
ten minutes, but I do 45.

And you can do anything
while you're wearing them,
like exercise, shop online
- LAURA: Come on, Lex, I gotta go!
- I'm not done yet.

- You're been in there for hours.

Stop exaggerating.

- I'm telling Mom!
- Now, don't expect them
to turn white overnight, but eventually
you want is a smile like this.

Lexis, you okay in there?
Oh, my God, can I just get
one minute to myself, please?!
MALINDAZ: Okay, this is
what I call the eyeball test.

When you're talking to a best friend,
ask them "How do I look?"
And they'll be like, "You look great".

But pay attention
to where their eyes go.

If they go to your nose,
that's your problem area.

If they go to your mouth,
it's your smile.

- This one or this one?
- We need a bigger house!
- You look better in stripes.

- You look better in pattern.

- It's just a party.

- Then what are you so worried about?
I just want
to wear what's right.

- But your face is
- How do I look?
My turn.

- Do a catwalk!
- Do a catwalk.

- Yes!
Okay, you look good,
but your hair is a mess.

All right, all right, can we
turn it all down a notch?
There's a little too much
daughter energy
going on right now.

I thought you liked daughter energy.

- I thought so, too.

- You wanted to have sons.
I knew it.

Not all of you.
Just two of you.

- We know you like us.
We all know it.

- It's obviously the younger one.

- Yeah, exactly.
She wanted us.

Hello, I'm right here.

You know that, right, Lynn?
Hey, you don't want pizza.

We're going to have dinner later.

Why? Do you think I'm fat?
I just don't want you
to ruin your appetite.

- How do I look?
- How do you look?
How do I look?
You look beautiful.

You just told me.


KRISTEN: Um, I checked
the statements for,
uh, the storage fees
for my eggs, 12 of them,
and I haven't paid anything
in the last six years.

So you're calling for a status update?
KRISTEN: Uh, sure, yeah.

One moment.

The accounting I have says
you're all up to date,
and you're on the yearly,
not the monthly plan.

Right, but I, but I haven't
paid anything.

Oh, I see the discrepancy now.

There's another name on your account.

- Oh, is it Andy? Andy Bouchard?
- No.

What's the other name on my account?
Unfortunately, I can't disclose
that information over the phone.

But it's my account, my information.

- My eggs.

- I understand your frustration, Ms.
but it's company policy
to protect family heritages.

- But it's my family.

- Again, I sympathize.

But that is our policy.

Please call back if you have
any other questions.

When you said you were
gonna call for help,
- I thought you meant therapy.

- This is therapy.

No, therapists don't usually have signs
that say "psychic readings".

Whose phone is locked?
- Are you Miss Marie?
- I am.

Isn't it illegal to unlock
people's phones?
Are you the police?
You're the psychic.
You can't tell me?
- I called about my sister issue.

- Oh, yes.

Over here.

Miss Marie, could you give us a minute?
But please hurry.
I'm booked solid.

Ben, this woman is going to help me
get rid of my sister,
so could you please lighten up?
Look, let's make an agreement.

If she doesn't help you,
then you let me make a call.

- To who?
- To my friend who's a therapist.

You know, psychology.

If she doesn't help me,
we'll go to your friend.


Please take off your shoes.

Let us hold hands.

Should we close our eyes?
No, keep them open.

It's important to see things
the way they really are.

Now, Vanessa, think carefully.

Do you want a life separate and apart
from your sister Maggie?
I just can't live
like this anymore.

Maggie, if you are with us,
let us know; give us a sign.

Maggie, is it really you?
Are you really here?
If it's one knock, does that mean "yes"?
Good, because spirits are always honest.

- Shh!
- Maggie,
we have skeptics here.

What do you say to them?
Maggie is here.

She's there.

Talk to her.

You've got to stop.

I want to live my own life.

I want to be happy.

Please let me be happy.

Maggie, you have heard your sister.

She wants to live a normal life
apart from you.

Maggie, stop acting out.

I'm not asking you, I am telling you:
leave her!
Don't you love your sister?
Do you want her to be
lonely and miserable?
Because all her unhappiness is
because of you.

If you loved her, you'd leave!
Her sister is no longer attached.

That'll be $350.

I'm sorry.
It looks as if this
information is confidential.

The information on who is
paying for the storage
of my eggs is confidential?
Well, technically,
they aren't your eggs,
- they are abandoned eggs.

- But I didn't abandon them.

We never received your payment.

Because you never contacted me
- for any payment.

- I am so sorry, ma'am.

All right, let let me speak
- to your manager, please.

- Certainly.

The manager's going to be worse than me.

- This place is awful.

H How do I get what I'm after?
Cara Autry.

Who's that?
She's who's been paying for the storage
of your 12 eggs.

- No idea.

- Does she work here?
Not anymore.
She left five years ago.

Why would she be paying
for the storage of my eggs?
I don't know.

- Okay.
Thank you.

- Well, the world's coming to an end.

Excuse me?
The world.
It's in its last days.

We have to be kind to each other.

Hey, Ben, what's up?
- How'd you know it was me?
- Seriously, dude?
Only you'd change your name to "God".

- What do you need?
So, um, I want you to talk to Vanessa
about her situation.

- You know, the phantom sister.

- Okay.

Yeah, I can do that, but I can
only talk to her as a friend.

I can't offer any
psychological direction.

I-I just think that she's hesitant about
seeing a psychiatrist,
and I think she needs one
Hello, Ben.

Uh, Kristen, can I call you back?
Are you making me jealous
by talking to another woman?
All right, that was my friend, Kristen,
the one I was telling you about.

She's a psychologist, she
Yes, tell me more.

- Uh-huh.

- Okay.

Uh, well, I thought that
maybe the three of us
could have lunch together sometime?
If you want a threesome, Ben,
all you have to do is ask.

Okay, Vanessa, I don't
know what's going on,
- but you're just a little heightened.

- And you're being a lot heightened.

- Ooh
Let's get tattoos today.

(CHUCKLING): Vanessa,
are you on something?
There's a tattoo shop on Plymouth.

You don't need an appointment.

Okay, all right.

Uh, let's talk about
this lunch with Kristen?
- Oh, God.

- Hey, come on, you promised
if the psychic thing didn't work out
What makes you think it didn't work?
What are you saying?
- That your sister is
- Gone.
Why do you think the sex was so good?
I couldn't let loose before
because she was always watching.

Now I'm free.

Uh, that's the wrong arm.

You said it was on your right side.

What do you think that means, Ben?
I'll give you three guesses.

SARAH: Sorry.
If I stop, she wakes up.

(WHISPERING): Thank you
for meeting with us.

Like I said, this isn't
a Church-related issue.

- How is Olive doing?
- Good.

She has no memory of it.

And-and our lawyer thinks that
our legal issues will go away soon.

That's good.
I'm-I'm glad for you.

You were a patient at RSM?

Is that where you conceived
I did IVF there, too.

My second youngest.

- Oh.

- How was your experience at RSM?
Um Normal.

They were pretty professional.

It was all the stuff that came
after he was born
after Eric was born that was hard.

And Olive? Did you conceive
her there, too?
I'm sorry to ask you
a personal question.

Um, not at RSM.

The doctor we liked left there.

How did you know that?
KRISTEN: I've been checking
up on my stored eggs,
and it turned out that
she's been paying for their storage.

SARAH: Well, she's a very kind woman.

Can we get Dr.
Autry's office number?

- Three.

- Three?
No, five! Go try on the next one.

Why? I like this one.

Because I picked it out,
and it's too much.

- No, it's not.

- She looks good.
I like it.

Oh, wow.
It's great.

- Yes.
Let's get it.

- Thank you.

- Okay, what do you think?
- Wow!
- Oh, I love that.

- Okay, so,
not bad, right? So, scores?
Ten out of ten.

- To infinity and beyond.

And in the morning when she wakes up ♪
Lights a cigarette, puts makeup on ♪
- To cover up her blues ♪
People take one look and they think ♪
- They know what she's about ♪
But they don't have a clue ♪
She's got a pistol in her purse ♪
All too artfully she flirts ♪
With death on a daily basis ♪
Seduce you with a smile ♪
Make you go the extra mile ♪
To please her and appease her ♪
She's a lady about town ♪
And she knows her way around ♪
- Did we find a dress?
- I think we did.
Did you?
Maybe another time.

Really? I liked what you were wearing.

No, it was too expensive.

Maybe some other time.

Okay, well, what are you
going to wear to your party?
I don't know, I'll figure it out.

Come on, guys, let's go.

- Vamoose, go, go, go.

I'm not done yet.

- Can you show me what you picked out?
- One second.

How does it look?
That's a really nice color.

But they don't have a clue ♪
- I've never seen that picture.

- It's new.

Ca-Can you show me?
Did you take this in an app?
Show me.
How does it work?
LEXIS: It makes you look
whatever way you want.

Make my smile bigger,
or my skin smoother.

But your skin is smooth.

Well, it makes it even smoother.

Has Lexis said anything
about being unhappy
with the way she looks?
Would you let me know if she does?
I think she's having
some body-image issues.

She'll get over it.
You got
over your body-image issues.

- You mean my feet?
- No, your cheeks.

You hated your cheeks.

- I did not.

- Yes, you did.

You thought they made you look big.

You used to go to bed every night
and lean encyclopedias against
your cheeks to flatten them.

- I did
- (CHUCKLING): Yes, you did.

Oh, my gosh, I think you might be right.

That's weird.

Yeah, but body-image issues go away.

You're looking in
the mirror and you're seeing
something that is not true.

She's not fat.
So if Lexis
sees herself as fat,
she'll eventually see herself
as she really is.



My God, you look divine.

(QUIETLY): Leland, you son of a bitch.

You didn't tell me it was a white party.

You look perfect.

You're the belle of the ball.

- Let me have this.
- No.

Who would paint over
the smile on the Mona Lisa?
Now, come on, I'm going to
introduce you to a few people.

I'm going home.

Is that is that Pete Townsend?
I can make that introduction.

Leland, everyone is staring at me.

Sheryl, they stared at Cinderella.

No, they did not.
What am I doing here?
Hey, cool look.

Okay, maybe I can stay
a few more minutes.

Now, don't gloat.

You still should've told me.

Life is best when
it's surprising and terrifying.

Now I am going to introduce you
to the most powerful
person at this party.

Edward, I'd like you to meet that friend
I talked about.

Hello, Sheryl.

- Hello, Edward.

I have heard so much about you.

- I'll let the two of you talk.

So, uh, what do you do, Mr ?
I am an influencer.

Ah, yes, I heard.

It's a very 21st-century
occupation, isn't it?
It means absolutely nothing,
- and everything at the same time.

Well, I work freelance, helping
companies that are struggling.

- I help leaders focus.

- On?
On things that matter.

You're a fortune cookie of insight.

(CHUCKLES) Well, tell me,
Sheryl, what exactly do you do?
I run the rackets on the west side.

(LAUGHS) Really?
And how are
the rackets on the west side?
They're rackety.
We could use
some of your influence.

- Well, I would be happy to offer it.

- Really?
- Come on, influence me.

- Yeah?
Ooh, you've got something odd
in your pupil there, Edward.

- Oh, yes, yes.
That is a coloboma.

- Oh.

- It's a birth defect.
Do you mind it?
- No.

It makes you unique.

I want your contact information, Sheryl.

Oh, are We're done?
For the moment.

Oh, you have some influencing to do?
But, uh, then I want
to discuss your racketeering.

Oh, I wouldn't wait too long, Edward.

Influencers are a dime a dozen.

I could find someone else very quickly.

Oh, I'm sure.

Thank you.

(LAUGHING): Oh, God!
Are you pimping me out, Leland?
Which way do you want me to answer that?
Don't you want life to be exciting?
- Cucumber water?
- No, I'm fine, thank you.

So how can I help you, Mrs.
Are you the Dr.
from RSM Fertility?
- I am.
Are you a referral?
- Of a sort.

I was a patient at RSM 11 years ago.

Really? "Kristen Bouchard".

I don't remember you.

That's odd, considering that
you've been paying
for the storage of my eggs
for the last six years.

- Have I?
- You have.

Bouchard, I have helped
nearly 5,000 women
achieve the miracle of motherhood.

It's the thing I am most
proud of in my entire life.

However, there is a downside.

Each year, thousands of eggs
are abandoned.

They sit frozen
in the center's nitrogen tanks.

I did not abandon my eggs.

I never received a notice to pay.

Well, maybe "abandon" is
too harsh a word.

Well, for me, an egg isn't just a cell.

It is a potential child.

And my religious convictions
will not allow me
to destroy an unborn child.

And that is why I often continue
to pay for storage.

I do not care about
your religion, Doctor.

Or your dedication.

What I care about is my privacy,
and my control over my body.

And I also care about bringing you up
on malpractice charges.

Nurse Jenny, would you mind
excusing us for a moment?
Let me explain a few things
to you, Mrs.

- You come in here threatening me
- What?
You say you're going
to destroy my business
because I think you're too old
for another baby.

- Wha Excuse me?! What?!
- And then you use a trumped-up charge
about abandoned eggs
you say you didn't have
enough money to store.

Oh, my God! You're a liar.

I did none of the sort.

Ma'am, I am a well-respected doctor,
and you are a psychologist
who was fired from her only job
at the Queens D.

So you're just going
to lie your way through this?
I have no idea
what you're talking about.

You come in here lying about eggs
that you asked me to pay out of
the goodness of my heart
- to keep stored.

- I will be calling the medical board.

Brian, I have a patient in here
who's physically threatened me.

I need you to escort her out.

Oh, you say good-bye
to your business, bitch.

We'll see about that.

Take a look out there.

Who has the more full waiting room?
I need you to delay
my appointments for a few hours.

So how long do you think we wait?
Mm, ten seconds.

Hmm? Why?
- Here we go.

- All right.

Guess who?

She went to Leland's apartment.

- Really?
- Makes sense.

Evil is organizing.

So what's our next move?
Confront her.
Find out what he's up to.

And record her.
She's a liar.

We're on it.

Lexi, are you in there?
Doing homework.

It's your thigh gap.

That's how you know
if you need to slim down.

If your thighs are brushing, you'll hear
this telltale "whoosh-whoosh"
sound when you're walking.

Go ahead, try it out.

It may sound like a small animal
making, like, a sound.

It's time to take charge of them
thighs, girl.
- Lexi?
You all right?
Just doing homework.

Hmm, you don't have a fever.

All right.
I love you.

So, if you do have that deadly
whoosh-whoosh, this is my solve.

Plastic wrap! (LAUGHS)
You just have to wrap
your thighs with plastic wrap,
real tight.

Okay, wrap them, like,
three or four times.



- What?
- What did you say?
You said Maggie?
No, I didn't.

Maybe I was dreaming.

Are you dreaming about my sister?
No, I don't think so Vanessa.


Go to sleep.

I'll hum to you.

How can I help
the three of you?
- Kristen Bouchard.

- And friends.

Uh, we'd like to speak with Dr.

Tell her I'd like to continue
our conversation from yesterday.

Unfortunately, she just
called in this morning.

She won't be coming in today.

She decided to take
an extended vacation.

- Really?
- She asked Dr.
Logan to take her appointments.

Do you want me to set up one for you?
Did she call or did someone
call in for her?
I don't think I can say.

Uh, would an appointment
next Thursday work?
No, that's okay, thank you.

Is this about Leland?
I don't know.
I'm gonna find out.

It'll all work out.

Ah, Sheryl.

Tomorrow, do not call until 4:00.

- Hello.

- Hello.

Influencing? Ah, yes.

The smallest man is always the biggest.

Never forget.

Good to know.
It's in the vault.

What'd he want?
- The smallest man?
- Mm-hmm.

He wanted to solve
his troubles with murder.

- I suggested not.

- Well, that was big of you.

I don't like murder.

No, no.

Drink this.

What is it?

- Ah.


- Yep, yep.
That is a drink
I asked the bartender to make.

I, uh, came in with my own concoction.

Wait, do you have time,
with your influencing?

Always make time for alcohol.

So, what are we doing?
You said 8:00, and here I am.
It's 8:00.

- Leland didn't tell you?
- Tell me what?
We're meeting up with him later.

We're meeting up with Leland? Why?
It's a surprise.

Oh, my God, no.
No, no, no.
We're not doing
something sexual tonight.

Tell me Please tell me we're not
- No.


This is much more civilized.

But you're not gonna tell me, are you?

Life is better with twists.



- Mm.
Feels so good.
Are you getting tired?
- Just feeling good.

- Mm.

LELAND: Hey, you two want another drink?
I If I have another drink
- I'm gonna fall asleep.

I'm good, too.

LELAND: Well, I'm making
chocolate-covered strawberries,
so get comfortable.

(QUIETLY): Hey, do you do
everything with Leland?
Just a few things.

Such as?

Ah, this mystery here?
- Ah.
- Right, right.

- Um
when do you think you can tell me
what this mystery is?
- Now, probably.

- Okay.

Then shoot.

If you tried to stand
right now, could you?
- If you tried to stand, could you?
- To stand, could I?
Right now.

Oh, um
What's going on?
Try to scream for me.

- What?
- Try to scream.

Wh Wha
what are you doing?
None of this is dangerous.

- None of this is invasive.

- What?
- Wh-Wh
- No, don't worry.

We are on your side, Sheryl.

You're gonna feel a little pinch.

Ten more minutes.

- Maggie?
- Yeah?
- Is this a game?
- Is what a game?
This whole lady-or-the-tiger
thing we got going.

No idea what you're talking about.

- Wh
- Going to get a drink.

You better be ready to go
again when I come back.

Well, you miss me already?
Yeah, sorry, the train was late,
but I'll be there in 15.

Very funny.
Come on, get in here.

- I'm ready to go again.

- What?
Did you say something?
Who is that?
Who-who's this?
Is that my sister?
N S Okay, ser-seriously, I
Wh-Who is this?
Is that my sister? Let me talk to her.

Hey, sis.
Yeah, it's me.

Ben and I made a bit
of a mess in your bedroom.

I can send you photos.

She sounded pissed.

- H Vanessa, hello?
- Mmm.

VANESSA: I'm away
from my phone right now

I know you're Vanessa.

I can be anybody
you want me to be, lover.

I'm out of here.

Oh, come on.

Don't let her spoil our fun.

- We're good.

- EDWARD: Help, yeah?
- Yeah.

Now, it's okay.

We are not here to hurt you.

It's okay, Doctor.

is so no one will see it.

You might feel a little sting.



- Hello.

- Hello.

My name is Kristen Bouchard,
and this is a court order requiring RSM
to immediately return my 12 eggs
in your storage facilities
to my possession.
Please read.

You'll find that
if you do not return them to me today,
you will be subject to fines
of $10,000 for every infraction.

Do you have a facility
to transfer the materials?
I do.
It's listed
at the bottom of the page
right there.

One correction.
We are
storing 11 of your eggs.

No, 12.

We only have listed 11.

All right, well, here's documentation.

I stored 12 eggs.

I don't know what to say, ma'am.

- we only have 11 listed.

- Since when?
Since always.
We've always had only 11.

What did you do with the 12th?
Oh, hello.
Wait, I-I think I know you.

Yes, you're-you're Kristen's
priest friend.

Right? Yeah, this is Edward.

Well, hello, Father.

Any priest friend of Sheryl's
- is a priest friend of mine.

Uh, we were heading out to play tennis.

Do you want to join us?
I was, um, looking for Leland.

Oh, he's not in right now.

We were just dropping something off.

Well, actually, I was looking
for one of his guests.

Uh Dr.

I don't know that person.
Do you?
Oh, Leland has all kinds of
friends, but I think that's his
- fertility clinic friend.

- Mm-hmm.

She dropped by last night,
then she headed off.

I mean, I-I can leave a message for him.

I'll just, uh, come back.

Father, it's so good to meet
a dedicated religious person.

There's just so few of you left.

Lexi, I need to get something.

I think we should talk.

What? I'm just paying attention
to the way I look.

And I think we should talk.

This is what Malindaz
looks like in real life.

- What?
- Oh, no.
That was the wrong photo.

- That's her?
- Mm-hmm.

And this is what good lighting
and Photoshop do for her.



Influencers pretend
to be easily beautiful,
but they're using every
social media trick in the book
to intimidate other women
to try to follow their lead.

But no matter what you do,
no one can look like that in real life.

WOMAN: At its most basic level,
body positivity is the idea
that all bodies are good bodies.

The point is, Lexi, you're beautiful.

And that's not just
your mom saying that.

That's just a fact.

You have to be objective about yourself.

Everybody's got flaws,
but flaws are really
what make you unique and distinct.

Embrace it.

I love you.

Body positive.

Body positive.

I'm unique.

It's George.

Quiz time.

What's the very scariest thing
that you've ever encountered?
- Well, next time we learn the answer.

It's the I.

We need your advice.

The IRS has requested the church
for an opinion on the
new ministry of Satan.

- Are you texting?
- No, it's just how she takes notes.

And poor Kristen's own
dance with the devil
is hitting critical mass.

While David has his hands full
with Leland's final exorcism.

- I'm worried what effect
- this last one will have on poor Leland.

Things definitely aren't getting better.

Hope to see you next time.

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