Evil (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

The Demon of the Road

- Sister Andrea.
I'm Father Rodrigo Katagas.
I'm from the Congregatio
pro Doctrina Fidei.
Although, if you recognize the accent,
I'm actually from Brooklyn.
12 miles from here.
This is Father Bailey,
Jonathan Tooley from
the Apostolate for Family Consecration,
and Father Stefano, who
will be taking notes.
Sister, we've received
several complaints
of your mental and physical decline,
and we're here to
request that you retire.
Now, there is a silent
retreat in Upstate New York
that we feel would be
a perfect fit for you.
What we need from you
is to sign this document
acknowledging your retirement.
Do you have any questions?
We just need your signature right there.
Sister, I want to make clear,
this is an administrative
decision to protect the Church.
Really? You said it was
a request, I said no.
Then I misspoke. It is not a request.
Who has complained about my
mental and physical decline?
We've promised to keep
identities confidential.
But a guest of the
parish recently received
second-degree burns
from tea you spilled.
And you've recently
been observed talking
and arguing with persons unseen.
- Now I want you to know
- Father,
it is my right as a member
of the National Coalition
of American Nuns to
insist on an investigation
before any forcedretirement.
Do you see demons, Sister?
Is there a demon in this room now?
LELAND: Where?
You know where.
I ask to be judged by a
three-person priestly council.
Only then may I be forced to retire.
Is that her right?
It is.
She's also allowed a psychological
analysis of her condition.
- I can do that.
- No.
It has to be administered
by an outside psychiatrist.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
WOMAN: Forgive me,
Father, for I have sinned.
It's been one month
since my last confession.
These are my sins.
Actually, I just have one sin.
I'm here under false pretenses.
I knew you would be the
priest hearing confessions.
- Why does it matter?
- I have written
and called the parish ten
times in the last two weeks,
and they say the assessors are too busy
to look into my case.
- This isn't really the appropriate
- Father.
Do you know the parable
of the persistent woman?
Even the corrupt judge
eventually gave her justice
because she kept coming and coming
and made herself an irritant.
Well, I may not be holy or good, Father,
but I am persistent.
I'm listening.
Okay, when? Sure.
Yeah, I just need a minute to
get my stuff together, yeah.
Okay, see you soon. Bye.
- More demon hunting, Mom?
- Yes.
I just need to sharpen a
stake and buy some garlic.
Mom, Mrs. Kandering thinks
that we're lying about your job.
Okay, who's Mrs. Kandering
and what are we telling her?
She's the health teacher.
Everybody had to share
what their parents did.
So I said that Dad
was a mountain climber
and you were a demon hunter.
Okay, maybe let's just say
that Dad's a business owner
and I'm a psychologist.
Why do you want to be boring, Mom?
No, not boring.
Just normal.
- But normal is boring.
- You don't want us to be boring.
- Mom!
- Who is it?
It's the guy from YouTube.
Wait, he followed us home from
the grocery store. Come on.
She'll be here in a sec.
Upstairs right now.
- Hit him, Mom. Hit him.
- What do you want?
I want an apology.
You need to get off my porch
or I'm calling the police.
- First an apology.
- LILA: Kick his ass!
You caught me unaware last time,
so let's see how you do
when we're both ready.
Oh, my God, how old are you?
You know, you have a punchable face.
- Yeah, you should kick his ass.
- You're such an asshole.
Okay, girls, let's
go upstairs right now.
Oh, my God!
- Are you kidding me?
- Should just slam the door.
You want me gone, apologize.
- Did she do it?
- Shh!
What? What happened?
Mom apologized.
Oh, babe, I can deal with this.
You go do your homework.
Why can boys do whatever
they want, but girls can't?
- I don't think that's true.
- It is.
That guy just said whatever he wanted
and did whatever he wanted.
Well, I was kind of
wrong to hit him before.
I don't think you were.
BEN: What's the deal? No folder?
DAVID: Doing it as a favor.
Oh. Is that what we do now?
- When needed.
- Father.
- Hi. Thanks for coming.
- Hi, Jacqueline.
This is, uh, the other
assessors, uh, Kristen and Ben.
Sorry, we're in the JFK flight path.
You said the issue
was with your husband?
Yes, just back here.
He came back from a
long haul on March 8th,
and he just wasn't the same.
In what way?
I woke up in the middle of the night,
and he was facing a wall, whispering,
"Go away. Stop following me."
BEN: Oh, sleepwalking.
- No. He never has before.
Jason, the people from
the Church are here.
He's-he's in the truck?
- He sleeps there now.
- Why?
He's worried about hurting me.
Hurt you how?
When I tried to wake him, he hit me.
Hey, babe. I was just getting up.
I'll get you something to eat.
Can you talk to these
people for a minute?
Want to come out, Jason?
I'd rather not.
Want us to come in, then?
Is there room?
Look, it's got nothing
to do with religion.
I just
When you're a long-haul
driver, you have good nights
and you have bad nights.
So I'm taking a month off to recuperate.
Recuperate from
I was on I-95, it's a route
I'd never taken before.
It was at night, and I
saw something following me,
trying to pass.
Something dark, flying low,
going about 50 miles an hour.
Like a drone?
Well, that's what I thought at
first, but it didn't make noise
like a drone and it
didn't move like a drone.
I pulled over, but it
just stayed behind me.
I couldn't see what it
was, but it wouldn't pass.
So I kept going, and that's
when I saw someone sitting there.
I don't know. A man. A shadow, really.
Whenever I looked right
at him, he was gone.
- Were you tired? Sleepy?
- No.
I kept driving, but that's
when I must have blacked out,
because I don't remember
the next eight hours.
- What do you mean?
- I ended up at Victoriaville,
near Montreal, and I have
no idea how I got there.
I drove 500 miles, and
I have no memory of it.
- This was on March 8th?
- Yeah.
Did you stop for food?
No. Just drove straight through.
Hmm. Then what's the Double Q?
I don't know.
The receipt here says March 8th.
You don't remember this?
- No.
- Someone wrote on it.
"Be careful. Get home safe. Traci."
You don't remember her?
So, what do you guys think?
Hmm, it sounds like it's a drone.
DAVID: Look.
BEN: Hmm.
I don't know, I think it's
just a circuitry diagram,
probably from the
truck's battery warmer.
KRISTEN: Well, why is it on a sticker?
When they change out the circuitry,
that's how they update it.
No, I think it's a bit different.
- DAVID: No, it's not.
- KRISTEN: What does it mean?
Why is there a sigil on
the fender of a truck?
- Okay, you know what worries me?
- What?
Everywhere we look now we
see sigils, sigils, sigils,
because that's what we want to see.
I think it's just a circuitry diagram.
DAVID: Well, let's find out.
Like we're going somewhere ♪
So, are you reporters or something?
No. Why?
Because you don't look like truckers.
We had a reporter through
here about the accidents.
What accidents?
Oh, just drivers getting
tired and running off the road.
Traci, do you know, um,
a driver named Jason Moss?
No. Who's that?
Well, you wrote on his receipt,
"Be careful. Get home safe."
Oh, I write that to everyone.
We get a lot of truckers through here,
dazed and a bit zombiesque.
All you do is shove coffee
down their throats and
warn them to take a nap
before they hit the road.
You can pay the cashier.
Thank you.
- You know what I think, guys?
- What?
I think it's Third Man syndrome.
- What's that?
- Happens a lot with alpinists.
They push past the level of exhaustion,
and then they start to feel
like there's a third person
walking beside them. It's
not possession. It's just
the mind creating its own camaraderie.
No, it's real.
- What's real?
- This stretch of road.
The Ghost Highway,
between exits 13A and 33A.
- Truckers hate it.
- DAVID: Why?
People see things, hear things.
Drivers go around it these days.
I get off at 12A,
drive the mountain road,
connect back up at 34.
I wouldn't go anywhere
near exit 13A if I were you.
BEN: Just sounds like
a legend for truckers,
like a Bermuda Triangle for truckers.
Yeah. Superstition leading to anxiety.
Magical thinking.
Well, we're still two exits away
from 13A, so we'll find out soon enough.
Just choose a playlist.
Wait. I'm looking.
For my mom's favorite song.
Imagine me and you ♪
"Happy Together" is
your mom's favorite song?
So, we bought this used car,
and there was a CD stuck in it,
so no matter where we
went, this song played.
So happy together ♪
- Here we go!
I can't see me ♪
Lovin' nobody but you ♪
For all my life ♪
When you're with me, baby ♪
The skies'll be blue ♪
- For all my life ♪
- One more exit.
You seem better, Ben. We were
worried about you last week.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, well, uh,
my sister, she
[SNIFFS] took me to some
science club, and they
solved some things for me.
What things?
The angel from the video last year.
You know, the-the girl that
was dead for 177 minutes.
- Yeah?
- BEN: So,
they showed me that it's an app.
You can break into somebody's
Bluetooth transmission
and give them a guardian angel
in their photos.
- Really?
- [LAUGHS]: Yeah.
I can send a guardian
angel to your phone.
For all my life ♪
You wanted it to be real.
You and me, no matter
how they toss ♪
- No. I just
What was that?
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Come out.
The demon will rise.
MAN 2: You don't need to take any
- We should record it.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
MAN 3: They come to
our cities, they take
our jobs.
- Turn it down.
Can't. It's just-just playing.
- Look.
MAN 4: Defund that and
defund this and defund that.
- MAN 5: Looking out.
I see it.
short slide to hell, Ben,
and that's where they all belong.
- Ben?
BEN: It's just a drone.
It's the electrical system.
you need to pull over right now.
It's right behind us.
- Steering wheel's frozen.
- What?
It's gone.
Someone's fucking with us.
KRISTEN: Where are you going?
I'm gonna go check
the electrical system.
A car doesn't just shut down like that.
No, no, no, no, no.
Ben, that's literally
the start of a hundred horror movies.
I'll be right back.
DAVID: What?
- Holy fuck!
- BEN: Pop the hood.
Pop the hood.
I think the battery cable is loose.
- Shine the light right here.
Can we make this fast, please?
Yeah, sh-shine the,
shine the light closer.
K-Keep the light on it.
Yeah, above the
Yeah, yeah, right there.
When the cable is loose,
it makes the radio auto-tune
- and everything fritz.
- Ben, let's talk in the car.
So, the GPS depends on radio waves,
and something out here
is disrupting them.
That's why the radio frequency
keeps going in and out.
Okay, great. Can we just go?
What was that?
- I don't know.
Something's trying to scare us.


Good afternoon. I have
been asked by the archdiocese
to offer my professional opinion
on whether you are showing
signs of early onset dementia,
possibly as a result of Lewy body.
Do you understand? Do
you know what that is?
A protein that builds in the brain
that can result in hallucinations.
I understand you asked
for me to consult.
May I ask why?
You've seen a demon.
Mm, no. You know, I
don't know what I saw.
You saw a demon.
Do you have problems with
short-term memory, Sister?
Are these hallucinations visual,
auditory, or tactile?
They are not hallucinations.
Understood. Are your visions
visual, auditory, or tactile?
- They are all three.
- Could they be misperceptions?
Could you be mis-seeing
things around you?
How often do you see these demons?
Once a week, once a month?
Once an hour.
Are you seeing demons now?
When did you first see
first have a vision?
When I was 15.
I was playing the piano,
the heavenly chords.
E, C, D, G, B ♪
With the right ♪
A, F, G, C, E ♪
With the left. ♪
And a presence materialized.
A demon?
No. St. Bernadette,
holding a vase with roses.
And every time I hit
the chords, she appeared,
and then she would fade with the notes.
That's when I gave myself to Christ.
That was the day.
PETE: Harder! Don't just stand there.
What are you doing?
Where's my "Hello, Mom"?
- DAUGHTERS: Hello, Mom!
They found a new game
online. Bumblebee something.
- Thank you for picking them up.
- Yeah, no problem.
How's the, uh, how's
the new room coming?
Oh, it is slow. How's work?
It is, uh [EXHALES] challenging.
I'm proud of you, Mom, for
starting a new career like that.
Aw, thank you.
Call me if you need anything.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Uh, actually, Mom.
- Um
- SHERYL: Mm-hmm?
How did you encourage me
to be independent?
- How did I encourage you?
- Yeah.
I don't know. You said
you wanted to climb,
so I took you to climb. [CHUCKLES]
And you weren't worried
about safety or ?
W-Well, I had a feeling
that whatever I wanted,
you would do the opposite,
so I never told you what I wanted.
And what about boys?
Oh, now, that's the thing
I'm the most proud of
because you broke a lot of hearts
but never had your heart broken.
And how did you make that happen?
Set an example.
A boy doesn't show up on
time, you break up with him.
A boy doesn't return a
call in a half an hour,
guess what happens, out of here.
Don't let a boy define
you. You define them.
Did the girls say anything about
this man coming to the house?
No. What happened?
Oh, nothing.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Say hi to Andy for me.
- I will.
That was on the radio?
Self-tuning, and I
couldn't turn it down.
Well, it is creepy.
Good. Well, thanks.
I'm glad I had you over.
Shortwave radio frequencies
use the atmosphere
like a bounce board to deflect
radio waves to the ground.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's a way of getting
over obstacles like trees and mountains.
Okay, so you're saying
that it's a collision
of shortwave frequencies?
That's my guess.
Okay, what about this?
a short slide to hell,
Ben, and that's where they all belong.
How would it know my name?
You're guessing it knows your name.
We believe in empiricism, right?
Yeah. I mean, I do.
I don't know what you believe in.
I believe in reality, and reality
- is sometimes coincidental.
Okay, so you're just saying
it's just a coincidence
- that this voice knew my name?
- Yes.
Or ?
Go ahead.
Are there shortwave radio freaks
who can turn a cell phone
into a broadcasting phone?
- Keep talking.
- They would have
heard my name being spoken in the car.
You're saying someone hacked
the near-field communication
- feature on your phone?
- Yeah.
And listened in.
They would have to be very close.
- How close?
- 30, 40 yards.
There's a way to reverse-hack.
I know. I'm gonna need
to borrow some equipment.
Father, it's Jacqueline Moss.
I'm so sorry to call
late, but Jason's gone.
Uh Uh, what do you mean gone?
He took off in his truck.
He didn't say anything.
Then, about ten minutes
ago, he called me.
He was terrified.
He said he hit something in the road,
but there was nothing there.
He thinks I'm right, he's possessed.
Then the phone went dead, and I
can't get him back.
Did you call the police?
No. The police will write him up,
and it'd get back to his boss.
Father, please help me.

Leave a message after the beep.
Jason, uh, it's David, Father David.
Your wife is worried. I'm
driving down 95 looking



Father, you okay?
I've never seen anything like
I-It was a saint.
Or an angel.
Man or woman?
In a blue robe.
Was she carrying anything?
A sword.
A long sword.
But you've seen visions
of angels before?
No. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Not like this.
Not so real.
Did she say anything?
This is good, David.
It didn't feel good.
Felt terrifying.
I told you, once you took your orders,
demons become more dangerous.
When they bite you, they rip flesh.
The same is true of the holy.
Angels and saints can protect you.
You think this was sent to protect me?
You said the demon
disappeared when she arrived.
God has blessed you.
this makes me
I am not a holy person.
I fail all the time.
The past few weeks,
I've had temptations of the flesh.
And you're resisting them.
That's why God is helping you.
But is He?
"Is He?"
What are you asking?
How do you know it's
God that's helping you
and not someone
or something else?
Or just your mind?
Aren't we all trapped in our minds?
- Who is it?
Yes, one moment, please.
What was that about?
A psychiatric session.
It's complicated.
Andy, are you there?
[BREAKING UP]: Hey, babe. How are you?
- Fine.
- are you? girls?
Oh, you keep breaking up.
Getting ready to head out this morning.
In fact, I have to rush.
- Okay.
- How are the girls?
Um, yeah. Good, I guess.
That guy from the-the grocery store?
You know, the one I hit?
He came to the house wanting an apology,
and the girls were egging
me on to hit him again.
Okay. What did you do?
Well, I semi-apologized,
and then he left.
But I'm just not sure what's right.
Andy, did you hear that?
I did. I don't know what to say.
Well, there's this theory
about puberty.
Um, girls start off really
strong and independent,
and then right around 13, 14 years old,
they start deferring to boys,
and then they lose their spark.
And I just want to
fight that. But I also
don't want to lose control like before.
So, what do you think?
Kristen, I'm sorry, they're calling me.
Let's talk about this
later. On Thursday.
Look, it's over, bitch.
Got a lot of friends,
and they all bad ♪
Can you believe I used to be shy?
I would never dance in front of people.
But then I saw that interview.
You know the one I'm talking about.
Oprah and Beyoncé.
[MOANS] Goddess times two.
And Beyoncé was saying
whenever she needed to overcome her fear
and feel powerful,
she would become Sasha Fierce.
Sasha Fierce would take
over, and then she could do
all the things she really wanted to do.
Now, that's a badass goddess move.
Since you at the bottom,
that's why you're mad. ♪
PETE: Mrs. Bouchard, can we talk?
Yeah, I'll be right down!
What do you need, Mr. Pete?
Pete's fine, ma'am.
I was just talking
with my demolition team,
and we'll need your second check
before starting in on the second phase.
Everything costs a bit
more than we expected,
so if you could get
me the second check
I'm afraid so, ma'am.
Is your husband here?
Well, I talked to him a few weeks ago,
and we agreed the second
check was necessary
before the plumbing work, so
I'm sorry.
Well, I understand why you're sorry.
But you're not getting
your second check.
And you did not talk to my husband.
[CHUCKLES] I did, ma'am.
And if I don't get my check,
I can't do the work.
Oh. Well, that's unfortunate.
Have a nice day.
Wait, ma'am.
I already poured the concrete,
and I've put in the work,
- and you need to pay me for it.
- No, all I need to do
- is look for a new contractor.
- Wait.
Then I'll tear down the work I've done.
Could you repeat that
in about one minute?
- What?
- Girls, we're back here!
I didn't quite hear what you said.
Could you repeat it?
I said if you're not
paying me my second check,
I'll rip down the work I've done.
Then I'll help you.
Hey, don't do that. Don't
You're only hurting yourself.
Where is your husband?
My husband's in the Himalayas.
And I'm not hurting
myself, I'm hurting you,
'cause I haven't paid for
this and it's fun to destroy
something I haven't paid for.
Stop! Okay, wait.
We'll talk about delivery
of the second check.
After the plumbing, like we agreed.
It wasn't after.
Okay, okay, after the plumbing.
Just put that down, okay?
Lynn, I need you to watch
your sisters tonight.
Mama's gonna hunt a demon
on the Ghost Highway.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So this has a range of
about a quarter of a mile,
so we'll have to get close to the source
and then just keep it in range.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're dressed tough.
I am tough.
Well, let's get this
stuff down to the car.
I'll drive.
DAVID: Anything yet?
No, but we're not in the zone.
KRISTEN: Coming up.
- Radio on or off?
- Uh, let's keep it off.
See if our hacker turns it on.
- MAN: If we don't stop them,
the America we know and
love will cease to exist.
They want to burn the flag.
They want to tear down our monuments
- Got it.
- What?
18.9 hertz. The ghost frequency.
Is that really what it's called?
Yeah, 18.9 hertz is the infrasound.
It's below human hearing,
but it can cause
anxiety, fear, paranoia,
in some cases delusions.
- Hallucinations?
- Sure, yeah.
18.9 causes the lens in
the eyeball to vibrate
in resonance with the sound waves,
causing optical illusions.
Horror movies, they use it all the time
just to freak audiences out.
Where is it coming from?
- Do you have a direction?
- Getting warmer.
KRISTEN: Okay, it's behind us.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: They want
to take away your freedoms.
Okay, slow down, but don't
hit your brake lights.
MAN: Go ahead and try to
take my firearm, I dare
BEN: Slower.
MAN 2: I bind you with chains of iron.
MAN 3: Wakes us from
the demon of destruction!
There. 50 yards back.
Okay, slower, slower.
WOMAN [QUIETLY]: In your heart,
splitting your heart open.
MAN 4: I saw the beast
rise up out of the sea
- It's turning.
- It's making a U-turn.
Okay, hold on.
You okay?
Are you kidding me? I'm perfect.
Okay, I'm still getting something.
- It's still broadcasting.
There, straight ahead.
DEMONIC VOICE: Scream for your mommy!
It's veering off.
Where to?
It's got to be around here somewhere
'cause it's still broadcasting.
- Skid marks.
What do you guys think?
Well, it's got to be
around here somewhere
because I'm still getting static.
BEN: He's laying low.
I can still hear the
transmission static.
He knows we're onto him.
KRISTEN: Holy fuck.
It's warm.
- So what do you want to do?
- Call the cops.
KRISTEN: I don't think
that's a circuitry diagram.
Uh, Kristen, what are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?! Hey!
Fuckers, that's my stuff. Stop!
Nope. Not until you stop
scaring truckers on I-95.
Then just tell me to
stop and I-I'll stop.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait!
People were talking online
about the Ghost Highway.
- That's all.
- Oh, my God.
It's fucking clout-chasing.
Really? Does nobody have
any real motives anymore?
No one does anything for sex or money.
It's just clout-chasing?!
You know, I could just buy new equipment
- and transmit again.
- KRISTEN: Great.
DAVID: Good. She'll be back.
Father, this is a confidential matter.
- If you don't mind waiting outside
- I'd rather stay. Father.
KATAGAS: We're discussing
very sensitive matters.
Yes, and I'd rather
he stay, too, Father.
We received a report from
the psychiatrist Dr. Boggs,
- and he agrees
- DAVID: What is this?
Excuse me.
What is this meeting?
What is the designation
of this gathering?
The Council of Heretical Practices.
I see.
Does the Church believe
that it's heretical
when a nun sees an angel or a demon?
Then why are we here?
- Dr. Kurt Boggs?
- Uh, yes, sir Father.
You interviewed Sister
Andrea on two occasions?
And she admitted to seeing
and talking to demons?
And did she also admit to seeing a demon
whispering to the cardinal?
Yes, uh, at a recent midnight mass
she s-saw a demon consulting with him.
KATAGAS: Thank you, Doctor. You can go.
Yes, Sister?
This council takes it as axiomatic
that witnessing His Eminence
consorting with a demon is heretical.
Then I ask for an
ecclesiastical tribunal
of the first instance to defend her.
You'll need a priest to defend her.
Good thing I am one.
VICTOR: David?
- Mr. LeConte.
- Good to see you.
I-I didn't ask you to
go through my drawers.
And the Vatican didn't ask
you to copy their documents.
Is that why you're here?
- To take them back?
- No.
You're a friend of the Vatican now.
That comes with certain
privileges and responsibilities.
So, here.
You can have the honors.
What honors?
Eliminating a demonic family.
Go ahead.
What are you talking about?
The drone operator
of your Ghost Highway,
that was Russ Owlman,
successor to this sigil.
Principiculus Demoniacarum
The guy in the pickup truck?
Well, not one of the
greater demonic houses,
but still, a win is a win.
We didn't eliminate him.
We destroyed his equipment, that's all.
No. He shot himself in
the head after you left.
How do you know?
We followed you.
Go ahead.
Now is the time to get outraged.
We have been following
you ever since you let
that medical student
cannibalize his cadaver.
This house would have been vanquished
if you had stopped him.
Instead, it continues on.
But here.
Cross off this sigil.
Your drone guy is gone.
He didn't shoot himself in the head.
You killed him.
David, we're not killers.
- I don't believe you.
- That is your right.
But you saw that he had
a gun in his truck, right?
All we did was dispose of the body
before a successor
could cannibalize him,
and now his house is gone.
Over the centuries, we have eliminated
this house and this house.
All of these,
and one more.
What happens when you stop
all the demonic houses?
Peace on earth.
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