Evil (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

The Angel of Warning

Come on.
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Where are the blueprints?
Yes. EMS teams to the west door.
Over here!
- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
- Pick up the pace!
You're looking at live footage
from Tenth and Howard in Bushwick.
Mute it!
Put it on closed captioning.
We got family coming in.
Police officers outside.
I'm Father David Acosta, St. Joseph's.
- Where's your collar?
- I got called out of bed.
Check in over there.
Are there any survivors?
I think you want the
police sign-up outside.
No, I'm a sp-spiritual counselor.
Oh. Phil Nowell, senior pastor,
Grace Community Baptist. Sorry.
- Father Acosta, St. Joseph's.
- Nice to meet you.
- Do you have a collar?
- No. I just got a call.
I might have an extra one out in
the car, but it's not Catholic.
First time?
- Yes.
- A word of advice.
Don't give answers. Give comfort.
- Reverend, over here?
- Yeah.
Rabbi Bockman.
Father Acosta.
The, uh, EMS over there he'll motion
- when they need one of us.
- Got it.
- Any survivors?
- None yet.
Those people there
they're from the building next door.
You should find a collar.
People think you're a cop.
Hello. I'm Father Acosta.
May I pray with you?
Did you have any loved
ones in the building?
I'm sorry. I can't hear.
I was in the building.
You were?
Does anyone know that?
Have you seen a medic?
We need a medic over here!
I was in my kitchen.
There was a very loud cracking sound.
Everything just started falling.
Dishes, pictures.
It happened very fast.
Just dust.
And darkness.
And then she was there.
She was just
suddenly there,
in my apartment.
She told me to follow her.
How could she see?
I'm-I'm sorry,
wh-what's your name?
Kelly Bennington.
Kelly. Um
what floor were you on?
They're looking for other survivors.
On the 11th.
She led me down the
stairs, out on the street.
It was all just collapsing around us,
but she knew how to get through.
She got out with you?
I don't know.
I don't see her here.
How could she see? That's
what I don't understand.
Wh-What was her name?
This other woman.
I don't know.
She was wearing a white gown.
A bright gown.
And in her arms,
she was carrying a lamb.
If she hadn't led me out,
I wouldn't have made it.
Kelly, um, l-let me get you a nurse.
I need to find her.
Stay right here.
I'll be right back.
Here. Um
take my coat.
I have someone in shock.
I need a nurse over here.
Father, just pray with them. We're busy.
She says she's a survivor.
From the building.
Got it.
She says she's from the 11th floor.
- Kelly Bennington.
- From the 11th?
We got a survivor from the 11th.
Me, too.
Excuse me?
I heard what she said.
The lady on the 11th.
I was on the sixth.
A woman took my arm.
You were in the building?
There was a rattle,
like an earthquake.
And I knew to get in the doorway.
But there was a lady there,
in the hallway.
And she waved for me to come to her.
And we just started walking.
And the drywall was flaking off.
And a girder came down.
And she just stepped over
it like it wasn't even there.
What's your name?
She was in a white dress.
And carrying a-a lamb
or a sheep.
I know.
It's crazy, but
You're a priest, right?
Father Acosta.
I don't go to church.
I don't go to anything.
But this lady, she didn't care.
And she took me by
the arm and led me out.
And I could feel this
rush of wind from behind me
as the building collapsed.
And I just stood there.
Where did the lady go?
I don't know.
I turned to her and she left.
She wasn't there.
I think she was there to save me.
Over 43 residents are
still unaccounted for
after a gas leak resulted
in one of the worst building
collapses in Bushwick's history.
According to the official report,
there were four survivors.
I talked to three of 'em.
And they saw the same thing?
A lady with a lamb.
Did they talk to each other?
Could they have influenced each other?
I think the first two did, but
the third was nowhere near them.
Are we investigating this?
The Vatican's Causis Sanctorum
has been looking into the
beatification of Sister Mary Grimani,
a Sicilian nun who died in 1950.
She was credited with curing a
parishioner's spinal stenosis.
They've always lacked a second miracle.
I think you should investigate
whether this is her.
You want us to investigate
if a dead Sicilian nun
came to Brooklyn to save people?
This is her picture.
She was called the Sister of the Lambs.
She tended to a local flock.
She said Jesus told her to.
The Vatican would be very happy
if that's who these survivors saw.
Okay. We'll talk to them.
You're defending Sister Andrea today?
I am.
I know she's a friend, but
I-I don't think it's a good idea.
- Why?
- The archdiocese is intent on retiring her.
A-all right, look, at
the very least, please
don't embarrass the archdiocese.
They have great plans for you.
Don't give them a reason
to change their mind.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Holy Father,
please grant this
ecclesiastical tribunal
a clarity of purpose and
a generosity of spirit.
May the angel of peace watch over us
and lead us at last by
God's grace to the Kingdom.
Good to see you, Father.
Thank you.
Father Katagas,
will you begin?
Thank you for returning, Doctor.
Could you summarize your findings
on Sister Andrea's mental health?
Yes. The sister
is a woman of
higher than midline intelligence.
She has a higher than midline
sense of responsibility.
She does show overt signs of
oppositional defiant disorder
and adult onset conduct disorder,
as they relate to authority
figures at the Church.
- Especially male leaders.
- And in the course of your examination,
did the sister claim to witness demons?
- She did.
- Often?
Yes. Several times a day.
And did Sister Andrea
claim to witness a demon
consorting with the cardinal?
No equivocation on her part?
She stated it clearly and directly?
She saw a demon
speaking with the cardinal of New York?
- That is correct.
- Thank you, Doctor.
That will be all.
I-I just have a few
questions for the doctor.
Oh. Sorry.
I really only have one
question for you, Doctor.
Tell us about the time you saw a demon.
Do you want me to repeat the question?
this isn't a courtroom.
Let the doctor answer.
My apologies.
Go ahead.
I still don't know what I saw.
- Why don't you describe what you saw?
- I'm not sure how this matters.
It matters if the psychiatrist
offering his judgment
about demons is seeing demons himself.
Let it go.
What do you mean?
Don't ask him anymore.
Why not?
Because he's telling the truth about me.
And I don't want to hurt
him with what he saw.
Sister, this is the
only way to defend you.
If we want to win, we have
to take the case to them.
I don't want this defense.
Don't ask him anymore.
We withdraw our question at this time.
- Understood.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
Sheryl? I found some new
photos of the building collapse.
Great. Drop them online
and make up a science report
about the land settling in Bushwick.
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
I'm the man who signs your checks.
She is.
- What's happened to Taylor?
- Hmm.
Good question. I think
she might be in the hospital
with a nut allergy.
What are you up to, Sheryl?
I just don't like having your spy
looking over my shoulder, okay?
- Too bad. I'm your boss.
- Actually, Leland,
I believe the Manager is my boss.
And Makob is up $45 right now, so
We'll see.
What's he doing?
He's going to the Manager.
- Should I be worried?
- Yes.
Unbutton your top button.
Hello. Sheryl Luria for the Manager.
- Do you have an appointment?
- I'm supposed to be
in the meeting with Leland right now,
so can you just ?
Would you hold on a second?
Okay, mm-hmm, I-I'll tell her, yes.
He's not available right now.
When will he be available?
In August.
Thank you, Kelly.
- How are you doing?
- Well.
Weirdly very well after what happened.
Would you mind telling us
what happened, what you saw?
I don't mind.
But people think I'm a bit insane.
I saw a lady with a lamb
leading me out of the building.
And who else did you talk to about this?
You. That's it.
Oh, well, you said that some
people thought you were insane.
- So who else?
- Oh, uh,
my parents and the doctor
at the emergency center.
Ah, okay. But none of
the other survivors?
And how well do you remember
what this lady looked like?
Well enough. It was very bright,
so I didn't see all of her features.
Can you draw her?
- I'm not a great artist.
- That's all right.
We're just comparing impressions.
There was a bright light behind her,
so I don't know how
well I can draw her face.
Matthew, across the
street from your building,
there was a food truck: Halal.
- Did you ever have lunch there?
- No.
But you passed by it. You remember it?
Yeah, I guess. Why?
Well, printed on its
side in large letters
was the lunch special lamb.
You're kidding.
Well, we were just wondering if there's
any chance that maybe
you could've been influenced by that.
You're wondering if
I saw the word "lamb,"
and then imagined an angel
carrying a lamb who saved me?
What's wrong?
Nothing. It's good.
It's almost identical to what
two of the other survivors drew.
Did this, uh, person speak to you?
This angel? Not then.
Is there any chance that ?
What do you mean "not then"?
I was staying with my best friend Lois
in her apartment on the 6th,
and I was up late with insomnia.
And around 1:00 a.m. my cell phone rang.
It startled me.
I reached for it. I said, "Hello?"
And there was nothing but silence.
But just as I was about to hang up,
I heard a woman whisper,
like she was on an old phone
or had a bad connection.
Very distant.
I couldn't hear what she said,
so I asked, "Excuse me?"
I thought it was my
roommate checking up on me.
But then I heard the woman say
very clearly, "Get out now."
And I asked, "Get out of what?"
But there was just
another second of silence,
and then she said something
in a language that I
couldn't understand,
and then she hung up, and that was it.
There's a chance it's
impending doom syndrome.
- The voice that said, "Get out now"?
- Yeah.
Our subconscious can be
attuned to things around us
that our conscious brain is
too distracted to perceive.
Maybe she was picking up
on the building creaking
in the days before the collapse.
And she imagined the phone call?
Watch out.
Damn it.
Simon says move!
- Shh!
- Listen!
Who's Simon?
Oh, my God!
It's gonna come through the
ceiling, through the ceiling!
Whoa, whoa, what's coming
through the ceiling?
The train!
Why would the train
come through the ceiling?
Derailments happen all the time.
Yeah. And the ground is still
settling. Haven't you heard?
And the new construction.
The chances of our house
collapsing are high.
Very high.
Okay, this is a house,
not a pillow fort.
Where'd you get all this?
Okay, no doomscrolling before breakfast.
Jesus, sorry!
Well, that's new. Hi. You guys ready?
- For the end of the world.
- Okay, perfect.
- We leave in two, so hurry up.
- Okay.
- What's that?
- Oh, that's shortbread biscuits.
- It's a bribe for my boss, the Manager.
- Oh, right.
- How's that going?
- Medium.
It's office politics, you know? Murder.
- Hmm.
- How's it going with you?
You seem a little bit out of it.
Yeah, I'm-I'm not sleeping well.
I keep having the sense that
something bad is going to happen,
and I think the girls
- are picking up on it.
- Like what?
Last night I could have sworn
I heard someone say, "Watch out."
Oh, so that's back.
- What?
- You don't remember?
Oh, my God.
Honey, when you were
little, there was this period
when you would come running to my room.
It scared the shit out of me.
You told me that you woke
up because you heard someone
telling you to, "Get out. Get out."
It was when your father
and I were divorcing.
I don't know, maybe this is about Andy.
Take my advice, you're
better off without him.
I love you.
All right, bus is leaving. Let's go.
Bye, Mommy.
We'll call you if the school caves.
- Yeah, have a nice day.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Father Barnaby, you've
studied demonology
within the modern Church, haven't you?
I'm the chief professor of theology
at the University of Notre Dame.
- And is there anything blasphemous about seeing a demon?
- No.
Second Corinthians explicitly states
that a demon can take
any desired appearance.
But there is a certain,
how shall we say,
theological hubris in these
claims of the sister's.
When you heard that the
sister claimed to see a demon
speaking to our cardinal,
what was your reaction?
That it was blasphemy.
Do you need a moment, David?
Father, have you ever had any
spiritual visions of your own?
I must say no, I have not.
Never been in the presence of, say,
- the Lord Jesus Christ?
- Never.
If Sister Andrea, for example,
had a vision of Christ
the physical Christ
on a lake near her childhood home,
would you consider
that a sign of hubris?
I would have to say yes, I would.
Father, your personal
conversion story
the incident that
brought you to the Lord
would you care to share that with us?
The significance of that isn't
You had a vision of
Jesus walking on a lake
near your childhood home, didn't you?
You might talk to your witness.
He has some issues with you.
I just saw her outside my apartment.
I started toward the elevator,
and she pulled me the other way.
I would have been dead
if I took the elevator.
Hello, Adina.
I'm, uh, Father Acosta.
Oh, good, a priest.
Are you gonna tell me who this woman is?
I don't know.
- Good drawing.
- I draw for textbooks.
Can I show you a photo, Adina?
The Church thinks there's a chance
that a nun from Sicily
could be the woman you saw.
- Who's this?
- Sister Mary Grimani.
Okay. That's not her.
How can you be so sure?
She's not Black.
- The woman you saw was Black?
- Yes.
No one else described her that way.
Why didn't the other
survivors see her as Black?
We don't know they
didn't. We never asked.
Well, wouldn't they offer it?
I mean, it's noticeable, right, if
An angel is Black?
Well, don't take this the wrong way,
but the survivor who drew
this image is Black, right?
I'm just saying, in view of the times,
it's possible she was
making a political statement.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm not declaring that with any certainty.
- Well, thank you for that.
- I'm just thinking
we should check with
the other survivors.
If this miracle was performed
by someone who is Black,
would the Causis Sanctorum
want us to stop investigating?
Look, there's nothing political here.
The Vatican's interest
is in Sister Mary Grimani.
They're not interested
in a Black miracle.
That's not what I'm saying.
- Then what are you saying?
- I'm just
Are you checking with other survivors?
Yes, we are. We're trying
a few different therapies
to prompt more accurate
and independent memories.
What therapies?
Non-dominant hand therapy
and hypnotic therapy.
- Good.
- Great.
- Keep me informed.
- Will do.
So, what do you think?
I think angels and saints
are thought of as white
because Renaissance iconography
has been force-fed to us for centuries.
Oh, you mean the people
in power wanted God
to look exactly like them.
- Wow, I'm shocked.
- Look.
St. Monica, mother of Augustine.
She was African, from Numidia.
Her skin would have
been as dark as mine,
but look at how she's portrayed.
You have to look far and wide
to find an accurate painting.
It's not just
It's not just what?
You just said, "It's not just "
I don't know.
Okay, let's just call the
survivors back in tomorrow
and ask them if they saw a Black angel.
- Hmm?
- Good.
He's getting ready to
impose ten percent tariffs
on an additional $200 billion
Not available.
Not even for his favorite
shortbread biscuits?
Every executive comes in
with those. Try better.
- What's that?
- Makob.
A commitment to transfer
400 coins into your account.
Worth, at the current rate, $10,000.
500 coins.
Only if you let me in now.
You have ten minutes.
He has a call from Bridgeway.
He's worried about his
weight. Tell him he looks good.
I'm on the phone. What is it?
Uh, hi, I'm-I'm Sheryl.
Um, I work in cryptocurrency
and with the trolls in I.T. and, um
Oh! Oh, God.
I'm the one responsible
for the rise in Makob, sir,
not Leland, and, um,
I think you should promote
me to head up misinformation.
Hang on, I got someone here.
Who is it? What do you want?
Who are you?
Why the fuck are you in here?
Sir, um, I, uh,
I have your, uh um, your, uh,
uh, your shortbread, uh,
- bi-bi-biscuits here.
- What?!
I ordered Sweetgreen.
Okay, let me see what you got.
I think that's my 20 minutes. Fuck that.
Oh, yeah.
These are the good kind.
So, what do you want?
I got the figures on building collapses.
It's good trend-ability.
I just came from the Manager's office.
Really? He let you in?
Have you, um, ever seen him?
At the sports club.
- He's into racquetball.
- Ah.
Are we, uh, we talking
about the same person?
I think so.
- Yeah.
- Hey, you!
I want you in my
office tomorrow at noon.
Don't fuck up!
Wow. What did you do?
What-what does he look like to you?
- The Manager?
- Yeah.
Ah, some people say Liam Neeson.
- Oh.
- But I think he's more like
that guy from The Good Place.
What's his name?
- Ted Danson.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Why? Who does he look like to you?
How many eyes does he have?
- How many eyes?
- Uh-huh.
- Two.
- Two. Just just two?
Okay. Okay.
Yeah, just-just wondered.
I don't understand the problem, David.
All my visions, every single one,
I saw the angels as white,
- I see the devils as Black.
- And so?
But if I'm influenced
by the religious art
of Michelangelo and Fra Angelico,
then they're not visions!
They're just a function of my mind.
David, you're creating a
problem when there isn't one.
These visions are real.
- But are they?
- They are.
Angels are white.
Don't you turn this
into a political issue.
Oh, please.
Don't you talk that
way to me, too, Sister.
What way? This isn't a race issue.
This is a religious one.
Then why did I have a vision tonight,
and the angel I saw
as white is now Black?
Now you're talking like a
newspaper editorial, David.
You say that because you're white.
I say that because I
believe in God's revelation.
And so do you.
Sister, I've followed these
visions for the last five years
because I thought they were real.
Now I'm not sure.
What are you doing down there?
The Triangle of Life. The train!
I'm sorry, Mom, it was me.
I was having a nightmare about Dad.
- Yeah, me, too.
- And he was getting chased by a polar bear.
He was, like, walking on the
ice and then he was drowning.
Hold on, first of all,
there's no frozen water
where your dad is. Okay?
And also no polar bears.
Okay, why don't we do this?
It's the afternoon there.
Let's, let's try and
give your dad a call,
see if we can catch him.
Andy? Andy, are you there?
- Hey.
- Dad, are you okay?
Hi, how are you doing?
It's not ba Can you hear me okay?
Dad, don't go climbing today.
We're fine. We're at base camp.
I don't think
- you should go climbing.
- I had a really bad dream
I think we Maybe tonight
- Dad, hello?
- Dad!
- Are you okay?
- Andy, are you still there?
- Something's wrong, Mom.
- No, everything's fine.
There's just no 5G at South Base.
Oh, my God!
Okay, grab your shoes.
Come on.
Grab your shoes and a jacket. Let's go.
I don't know about you,
but I am sick and tired of that train
thinking that it can scare me!
Do it.
You are stronger than the world.
You are stronger than
anything that can threaten you.
Do you understand?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Here.
- What's that?
It's a back scratcher. Scratch my back.
Right there in the middle.
Oh. Harder.
Left, left, left! Other left.
Oh. Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good, good, good, good.
- Yeah.
- Uh, sir,
um, I know Leland is trying
to take credit for Makob,
and I just, I just wanted you to know
where the, the real work
was coming from, so
Okay, all right, all right,
all right, that's enough.
You're promoted.
I want you taking over misinformation.
Thank you, sir.
I like what you're doing
with this building collapse.
Not just ground settling.
Make it about construction codes
and-and gas releases.
Okay, yes. Got it. Got it.
And I want you here at noon tomorrow
- with this shortbread.
- Certainly, sir.
- Good. Now get the hell out of here.
- Yeah.
So, you've been in with the Manager?
How do you know?
I recognize that look on your face.
What happened?
- He promoted me.
- Hmm.
And regrets.
What does he look like to you?
- The Manager?
- Yeah.
Just like he does to you.
He looks like a monster to me.
How many eyes?
- Welcome to the team.
- Am I
Am I having some kind
of psychotic breakdown?
Oh, absolutely.
- What's going on?
- Shh.
He's working on Jessica.
You know, the survivor who was
staying at her friend's place?
So, she insists that
the angel was white.
Has he hypnotized the others yet?
We haven't gotten agreements
from the other ones yet.
But there's something else.
- What?
- Something you should hear.
All right, you're doing great. I just
I just want to go back to, uh,
something that you said earlier.
- You remember the call.
- Yes.
And what time did the call come in?
Around 1:10 a.m.
And what did you hear
the woman on the line say?
"Get out now."
Good. And then you heard
her say something else?
- Yes.
- What was it?
She said she had a message.
A message for David.
You said
she spoke in a foreign language
you didn't understand.
I was wrong.
I didn't know anybody named David,
so it didn't make sense to me.
What was the message?
"Don't trust her."
Is that it?
No. She said,
"Don't trust your sister."
So, you don't have a sister?
You don't think this is about ?
Sister Andrea?
This is crazy.
I mean, she gets a call
about you from the lamb-lady
prior to the building's collapse,
and she doesn't know that you're
gonna be involved in the aftermath?
- I know.
- I mean, this is
more than the subconscious warning her.
Yeah, it's beyond
impending doom syndrome.
Then what is it?
About Sister Andrea?
What's going on?
Turns out, when something
is that convenient,
it is not prophecy.
What are we talking about?
She wasn't in the building.
Yeah. We did a little online hunting,
and turns out that she was
subletting at another building
and then she slipped
in with the survivors.
It's a type of Munchausen syndrome,
wanting to be the victim of a disaster.
Why the warning about me?
Let's find out.
Thank you for coming in, Jessica.
Of course, yeah.
- Just a few last things.
- Anything to help.
How are the other survivors?
How long did you know Lois?
Lois? Not long. Just through law school.
Hmm. And it was her apartment?
Yes. We were up late
studying, and I had a
bit too much to drink,
so she let me stay the night.
You know what's odd?
We have no record
of you being in law school with Lois.
Well, I was.
What we do have
is a record of you working as a temp.
Yes. Oddly, I can be in law school
and work as a temp at the same time.
Why are you being so hostile?
Last year you were working
as an office assistant
at a psychiatrist's office.
421 East Drayden Street, Suite 3C.
Working for a psychiatrist
named Leland Townsend.
Have you ever noticed
people are getting meaner?
They yell at each other more.
They hit each other on airplanes.
There are more violent crimes.
I mean, you must have noticed.
It's all over the news.
Do you know what it means,
all this anger and hate?
It means your team is losing.
That doom you feel.
It's justified.
So, she was
lying about seeing this
woman with the lamb.
About being saved by her.
Yes, but the others were not.
I'm afraid this casts doubt
on all of the accounts.
That doesn't make any sense.
Whoa, whoa, I'm
definitely not team angel,
but just because one person is lying
doesn't make them all suspicious.
The Causis Sanctorum
has been very clear in its decision.
Why is the Church
afraid of a Black angel?
I think it's time we moved on.
You already have your next assessment.
Candice Berganza.
15-year-old girl. Demonic
possession and infestation.
She's been eating glass,
and her bedroom has been
making demonic noises.
Well, that sounds much safer.
We have made our decision.
We ask that Sister Andrea leave
- till we have discussed it.
- Father,
I'd like to be clear
why these charges are being
brought against Sister Andrea.
- That gentleman.
- Father, that may be
the original accusation.
But Sister Andrea has
proved herself undependable.
I see demons, too.
- Excuse me?
- I see demons, too.
In fact, I see one right now.
David, don't. We need you here.
I see a demon right now.
There. Sitting next to Leland Townsend.
David, come on. Stop
holding this grudge.
if Sister Andrea is a
liability to this parish,
then I am, too.
Everything she's seen,
I have seen.
You've seen demons
consorting with the cardinal?
Father, you understand
this is blasphemy?
I understand that all
of us struggle with evil.
To see the cardinal consorting,
then struggling with a demon
is not blasphemy.
- It is human.
- But that is not what Sister Andrea saw.
- She did not see him struggle.
- Because
she only saw the beginning and
not the end of the encounter.
- David.
- Please, Sister.
Let the men handle this.
Father, if you're forcing
Sister Andrea to resign,
you must force me to resign, too.
So just resign.
You must force to resign
one of only three Black priests
ordained by the Catholic
Church this year.
Oh, wow.
Thank you, David.
Leland didn't look happy.
No, he didn't.
Now I need you to go confess.
You lied.
You never saw a demon with the cardinal.
I'll go tomorrow.
No, tonight.
And one other thing, David.
- I have to apologize.
- For?
You confided in me your
racial concerns, and
I dismissed them.
- It's
- No.
There are certain things
I'm not a good judge of.
I don't see the world the way you do.
And it's wrong to think
there's only one way.
I have doubts.
I know.
I'm not sure my visions
are really from God.
They are.
Even if they've changed?
God changed them.
I wish I had your certainty.
Your doubt
makes your faith stronger.
Now go confess.
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