Evil Things (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Agatha & The Honeymoon

1 [ CHILD GIGGLING ] JOHN: What the hell is that? KAREN: John? Help me! He was I was wondering if I was still dreaming.
What I was seeing wasn't alive.
What did you do? [ GASPS ] It was like I was reliving a nightmare I just had.
Some things you never get out of your head.
John! Hail Satan.
[ TWIGS CRACK ] JOHN: Do we know you? [ SCREAMING ] MOLLY: Even now, I still can't believe the things that happened in that house, the things that I saw, the things that I'll have to live with for the rest of my life.
[ SCREAMING ] Hey, everyone.
Molly here.
No makeup tutorials today.
A lot of you have been asking me to do more videos about dating and single life and stuff like that.
My online channel was sort of a way for me to feel like I was something more than just a career bartender.
That's what this video is going to be about.
So It was a cool community.
I mean, for some reason, tens of thousands of people wanted to watch me do my makeup or make a Cobb salad, even though the truth is I wasn't really good at either.
The bar was a dive.
It was mostly filled with the divorced and over-60 crowd.
So it was always refreshing when someone my age came in.
How you doing? Good, and yourself? Good.
I like this place.
Oh, do you? Yeah.
Why? [ LAUGHS ] I mean, it's got character.
We don't have bars like this in L.
You mean the bars in L.
Don't smell like failure and onions? Mm, most of our bars smell like desperation and rejection.
[ LAUGHS ] How about taking a shot with me? I can't drink on the job.
But I do it all the time.
What do you want? Dealer's choice.
MAN: Excuse me.
How about whiskey? Sure.
Here's to bars with character.
[ LAUGHS ] [ CHUCKLES ] I was almost 30, and my life hadn't turned out the way I had imagined when I took out $100,000 in college loans.
- Hey, Molly.
I need you to come into the bar.
Dave, I'm off today.
I just closed down the bar last night.
You nearly did close down the entire bar last night because you apparently decided to not charge anyone for a single drink after 11:00.
I love you like a sister, but this isn't the first time.
I'm sorry.
Just come in.
If you're going to fire me, you can do it over the phone.
[ PHONE CLICKS ] Well, my friends, a recent turn of events has resulted in me having a lot more time for all of you and a lot less time that I will be serving stale beer.
I got fired.
Good news is I met a really cool, handsome, funny guy named Chris.
Bad news is he is on a flight back to L.
where he lives, so technically, there is no good news.
And that's how I ended up in that house.
I was flat broke with massive debt, so I just started applying to every single job I could find online, even the jobs I wasn't qualified for, like, you know, live-in caretaker.
BETTY: There's seven bedrooms.
Most of them are full of junk, so there's no need for you to go into them.
Your bedroom is upstairs.
The formal dining room is over here, but I usually take my meals upstairs in my bedroom when I'm watching TV.
She seemed totally healthy So I didn't know why she needed a caretaker.
So, this is my new room in my new home.
Pretty gothic, right? [ CHUCKLES ] [ HOUSE CREAKING ] This house is, like, 200 years old, so there are so many weird noises.
[ CLATTERS ] This is going to be strange, but I'm excited.
Molly? Okay.
That's my new boss.
I got to go.
It was a huge change, I mean, living in the suburbs in an old mansion versus being right in the city and bartending? But it seemed like a good way to get out of my horrible financial situation Free rent and a solid salary.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
Okay, so, for your weekly menu, do you write a new one each week? Nope.
So you eat the same thing every Monday, every Tuesday? Yep.
I am a creature of habit.
You know what you like.
All right.
Well, I'll be in my room if you need anything.
Oh, don't go.
Watch some TV with me.
I remember thinking "Just great.
" It was pretty clear Betty hired me just because she needed the company.
I guess I kind of understood why.
The house was huge and dark, and it had this weird, lonely feeling to it.
[ QUIET CHILD GIGGLING ] For some reason, there were no lights in this one room, but I had noticed a flashlight in the kitchen earlier.
I had seen doll collections before, but never like this one.
I figured it was one of the dolls that made the giggling sounds I heard.
I thought I'd introduce you guys to my new roommates.
This one is Betty.
She's pretty hot, as you can see.
We are going to be spending a lot of time together, which I am very excited about.
But seriously, is this not the creepiest thing you've ever seen? I mean, there's an entire room of these gnarly dolls, and it's right across from my bedroom, so that's good.
Anyway, this is my first night in this house, and That candle was not lit before So who the hell did it? Right across from my bedroom, so that's good.
Anyway, this is my first night in this house, and MOLLY: I thought I'd introduce you guys to my new roommates.
This is my first night in this house.
my bedroom, so that's good.
Anyway, this is my first night in this house, and It was kind of hard to tell, but I had convinced myself that Betty must have come in my room because who else would it have been? BETTY: Hmm.
Gill Smith died.
Someone you know or knew? I was very good friends with his sister.
She's dead, too, long time ago.
Sorry to hear that.
How did you sleep? Great, actually.
You like your room? I do.
It's very comfortable.
Then you won't have to snoop around in the other rooms.
I guess I won't.
I was going to bring up the candle thing, but after getting a slap on the wrist We're out of hot dogs.
I decided to keep my mouth shut.
The doll definitely wasn't there when I got in the shower.
I thought it was a pretty messed-up way for Betty to let me know she knew I had taken it.
But the way it was leaning against the inside of the door, I couldn't figure out how Betty had left the doll and closed the door behind her.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] Still, I knew I should put the doll back.
So in honor of the big party weekend that I will be missing, I'm doing sort of a going-out look with a sexy, smoky eye.
Now you're probably wondering, "Why is Molly missing the biggest party weekend of the year?" [ ELECTRIC CRACKLING ] I was wondering the same thing myself until I got my first paycheck, and then I remembered Betty! Are you okay? BETTY: I was until you woke me up.
Good times.
It's pretty boring here.
I mean, the pay is good, but [ GASPS ] [ HOUSE CLATTERING ] [ HOUSE STOPS ] [ FRIGHTENED BREATHING ] [ CLATTER ] I knew there was nothing in my room, so how could there be fresh claw marks on the inside of the door? It's like they just appeared.
MOLLY: Have you ever had any animals or bats or anything come into the house at night? Oh, I suppose we've had one or two bats here over the last 60 years.
I think one of them might've come into my room last night.
I can promise you.
I didn't get bit.
Bats spread rabies.
Once you have a symptom, it's too late, 100% mortality.
Can I put my shirt back on? Mm-hmm.
Let me see your feet.
I slept with socks on.
It's not a good way to go.
Well, I would know if I got bit.
Would you? What if I told you that my cousin, James, received an organ donor from a man who died of an overdose? At least that's what they thought, until James himself died of rabies.
This place was officially becoming too weird for me.
They went back and looked at the donor, and they found a tiny bite on his foot.
He didn't even know he had bats in the attic.
Bit him while he was asleep.
All five people he gave organs to died.
It's a horrible death, nothing to be cavalier about.
I'm calling the exterminator immediately.
Well, I didn't actually see a bat.
I thought you said you saw one.
Something clawed my door last night, inside my room.
Betty? I had no idea why Betty was so upset when I mentioned the claw marks.
All I knew was that I couldn't stay working there much longer.
[ SIGHS ] That's it.
I'd rather sleep in my car than spend another [BLEEP] night in that house.
[ CHILD GIGGLING ] [ GASPS ] BETTY: You like your room? MOLLY: I do.
Then you won't have to snoop around in the other rooms.
Something clawed my door last night.
Betty? [ TYPING ] [ SIGHS ] That's it.
[ CHILD GIGGLING ] [ GASPS ] [ SCREAMS ] You probably can't understand this unless it's happened to you, but I could just tell.
What I was seeing wasn't exactly alive.
PRODUCER: Why didn't you just leave? I almost ran out the door and just kept going, but I guess I needed some answers, maybe just to prove to myself that I wasn't crazy.
Agatha was older than me, two years older, to be exact.
In those days, things weren't diagnosed the way they are now.
People didn't send their children to psychologists.
She was mentally ill? She liked fire.
Everyone in her family was asleep in their bedrooms except Agatha.
She had snuck into their parents' bedroom and lit a fire and then did something unthinkable.
[ SCREAMING ] Everyone died? Yes.
Betty managed to get out of her room when she heard her parents screaming.
She was the only one that survived.
Agatha died in the fire that she started.
Why did she do it? There was no answer.
Maybe, when I went in the room and messed with the dolls, it somehow woke up Agatha's spirit, a spirit Betty hadn't seen in a long time.
But Betty stayed in that house because, I guess, she didn't want to leave her family behind again.
Luckily, I was able to get my old apartment back, and I got another job waiting tables and just tried to move on with my life.
But there are some things you never get over, some things you never fully get out of your head, especially at night.
It's the worst at night.
[ SLOW JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS ] [ SIGHS ] [ SIGHS CONTENTEDLY ] So, is it over? I think so.
John and I rented this famous old manor for our wedding.
So That happened.
So it did.
[ LAUGHS ] All the guests were leaving in the morning, so we were going to stay a couple more days just to relax and decompress.
I guess I'm going to take a bath.
This dress is pretty itchy.
Well, yes, I do, but maybe give me a second? KAREN: I guess I'm going to take a bath.
Well, yes, I do.
John! Karen? John, just call the ambulance! What is it? What? Look at my face.
What's wrong, babe? What the hell just happened? There were, like, blisters on my face, like, five seconds ago.
Maybe it was the lights playing tricks on your eyes.
[ SOBS ] Yeah.
Okay? KAREN: I thought the stress of the wedding must have finally caught up to me.
Maybe it was the 10 glasses of champagne? It could have been that.
There's nothing there, okay? You're still beautiful.
But still, champagne or not, I'd never hallucinated like that before.
I couldn't quit thinking about it.
John! John, just call the ambulance! I just couldn't shake this creepy feeling I had.
[ SPIGOT SQUEAKS ] [ MID-TEMPO ROCK MUSIC PLAYS ] For the next couple of days, we really didn't have plans.
Seriously, we just were going to drink wine and take naps.
still faces [ FLIES BUZZING ] Oh! Ahh! KAREN: Hey.
So, it is 2:00 P.
and I am having myself a glass of What's wrong? A swarm of flies just flew out of our wedding cake.
The cake was less than 24 hours old.
It didn't make any sense, and John said the flies just seemed to disappear.
That's disgusting.
It might be full of maggots.
I hate maggots.
Everyone hates maggots.
You ever meet somebody who's just been like, "You know, I'm really loving all these maggots"? Okay.
Enough maggot talk.
So what do we do now? I think we're supposed to have a lot of sex or something.
That's what you think? Mm-hmm.
[ EXHALES ] So, where you want to go? I thought we could just go down there and see where it takes us.
You know there are bears out there, right? There are no bears here.
Are there? Yeah, lots of them.
All right.
You know what to do if you see a bear, right? You just have to make sure you can run faster than your husband.
See you! [ SCOFFS ] We've earned all the wine and cheese we want to eat tonight.
What couple runs eight miles on their honeymoon? Well, now that we got the one run out the way What the hell is that? Wait.
That wasn't there when we left, right? It was, like, a circle of these dead blackbirds.
They're definitely dead.
And they weren't there when we left an hour earlier.
What that where I dropped my granola? That stuff you were eating? Yeah.
How are you feeling? You okay? Yeah.
I mean, I just ran eight miles.
If you start feeling weird at all, just let me know.
They probably got into some rat poison or something around the property.
I'm sure that's what it was.
Come on.
It had been an odd couple of days My face on our wedding night, the swarm of flies, the dead birds.
But at that point, there was nothing about those incidents that seemed at all like they were related other than that they were weird.
Huh? Did we leave the door open? I don't know.
We definitely closed it.
You think somebody came in? I don't know.
You go check? Yeah.
Do we know you? Hey! John.
What are you doing in here? Look.
You need to leave before I have to call the [ YELLS ] KAREN: The swarm of flies, the dead birds, it had been an odd couple of days.
KAREN: John! Did we leave the door open? Hey! John.
What are you doing in here? Look.
You need to leave before I have to call the [ GROANING ] [ BREATHING HEAVILY, SLOWING ] For a second, I was wondering if I was still dreaming.
John? But I was definitely awake this time.
John! I was already terrified after the nightmare.
John? Ah! There was blood, a lot of it.
John! It was like I was reliving the nightmare I just had.
John? He was just standing there, staring, with his back to me.
John? [ PANTING ] John! Oh, my god! What did you do? [ GROANING ] I'll get the ambulance, okay? Ah.
Ah! Ah! He carved some sort of weird shape into his arm, like a symbol.
And when we got to the emergency room, he said he didn't remember how it got there And that was the end of our honeymoon.
The ER doctor pulled me aside and told me not to leave him alone.
He never said the word suicide, but I knew what he meant.
You're doing it again.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
At the time, I thought I was just drunk or sleepwalking.
I'm not too sure.
I'm fine.
I swear.
KAREN: Even though John was downplaying it, I kept thinking about the dream I had right before I found him and how he was holding a knife just like the one I'd seen the woman stab him with.
Ah! Well, do you need anything? No.
I'm okay.
JOHN: You know, it just sucked.
And I felt bad for Karen because we had to end our honeymoon early.
You okay? Yeah.
I think he's just a little shell-shocked.
I bet.
Some honeymoon.
I called my friend Amy and asked her to come by just in case I needed some help.
So, let me get this straight.
First it was blisters all over your face, but then they just went away.
And then it was a swarm of bees? No.
And then it was dead birds.
And then it was blood.
If frogs start falling from the sky, we'll know what's going on.
What? Well, you know, like the 10 plagues or whatever.
In the Bible, it's how we know that end times are near or Satan is coming.
Oh, my god! What did you do? Ah! Ah! If frogs start falling from the sky, - we'll know what's going on.
- Wait.
What? Well, you know, like the 10 plagues or whatever.
In the Bible, it's how we know that end times are near or Satan is coming or something.
Anyway, did you hear that Christina and Michael broke up? Yeah.
That's crazy, right? Crazy.
KAREN: John and I both grew up catholic, and even though we're not the most religious people, I don't know.
What Amy said was enough to make me want to talk to someone.
RAINEY: Sorry to ask you this, but were either of you using drugs on your honeymoon? No.
I mean, we had some wine and beer, but nothing unusual.
Did you get a picture of the blisters on your face? John, do you remember any of what you did the night where you cut yourself? Nothing.
I mean, I remember sitting by the fire.
Then the next thing I know, Karen is shaking me outside on the lawn.
And the symbol on your arm, do you recognize it? It sort of looks like an "N.
" It looks very similar to the Hebrew character achat.
I don't know what that is.
It's the number one.
Blood was the first of the 10 plagues.
Father rainey also told us that flies, dead animals, and boils were some of the other plagues, just like Amy thought.
I'm sorry.
I just don't really know what to make of all this.
I've heard stories of demonic attachment, and I assume, since you've called me, you haven't gone through any rituals or experimented with satanism.
Satanism? Definitely not.
Have you brought any artifacts into your home? No.
I mean, not that can I think of.
I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what the priest was talking about.
I was sure neither one of us had any artifacts.
I couldn't really make sense of all of it.
[ BREATHING QUICKENS ] Have you brought any artifacts into your home? [ BREATHING SLOWS ] And that's when I remembered.
I had brought an artifact into the house.
I bought my wedding dress at a vintage boutique.
And there it was, "Ave Satana.
" John! The boils, the swarm of flies What the hell is that? the dead birds What did you do? blood.
Yeah, I guess you could maybe call it a coincidence, but like father Rainey said RAINEY: Hail Satan.
they were all biblical.
What do we do? I'll get rid of it for you.
He said it may have been worn in a satanic wedding ceremony.
It seemed like someone sewed the lining over the inscription so they could sell it at the vintage shop.
It's not uncommon.
In fact, about 20 years ago, a couple of towns over He said there had been an incident where this woman who was a member of a cult had a wedding, and as part of the ceremony, she murdered her groom in front of the cult followers.
I compel this object to the fire of destruction Then the bride hanged herself still wearing the wedding dress.
banish the being and the vile spirit that I have no way of knowing if it's true.
From whence it has come.
But our priest believed that I was married in that same dress as that woman.
synced by dom.