Evil Things (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

The Ring & Time Capsule

1 [ MUSIC BOX PLAYS LULLABY ] [ CHILD GIGGLING ] What's this? This is private property.
[ GUN COCKS ] I have a hard time believing it even happened.
CHILD: Aah! [ FLAME WHOOSHES, CRACKLES ] I knew the box was something I was never meant to find.
- Kayla? - Somebody in there? [ GASP ] [ CUP SHATTERS ] I figured there had to be some kind of logical explanation.
- Dad! - I still don't really know what I saw.
[ SINISTER MUSIC CLIMBS ] [ GLASS BREAKS ] Sheriff's department! - [GASP] - [WHISPERING] He killed her.
[ LULLABY REWINDING ] - [GASP] - Hey, who's out there?! He's scary.
So, tell me why you wanted to tell your story.
Well, I never used to believe in this sort of thing.
But now I do.
There are just some things that can't be explained.
I know because it happened to me and I think it saved my life and my daughter's life.
[ PIERCING, EERIE MUSIC PLAYS ] [ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] [ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] And that one? That sort of looks like cassiopeia.
That looks like a W.
[ BREATHY CHUCKLE ] Cassiopeia was a queen who bragged about her daughter's beauty, which, I totally relate.
- [GIGGLE] - [BREATHY CHUCKLE] But they were punished.
Her daughter, Andromeda, was tied to a rock in the ocean and left behind to be devoured.
[SHUSHED TONE] By sea monsters.
Like an octopus, or more like a squid? [ ALERT CHIMES ] Ross is here.
Can I finish the story tomorrow? We'll be downstairs, if you need anything, okay? [ SMOOCHING ] [HUSHED] I love you.
[ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] At the time, I'd been divorced for almost 6 years.
I really struggled after the split.
Kind of a nervous breakdown.
I remember pulling myself together and learning to survive by just focusing all my energy on my daughter, Kayla.
[ WATER FLOWING ] And then Ross came along.
You wanna go for a swim? Um, no.
[ BOTH CHUCKLE ] Me neither.
[ ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYS ] We'd been seeing each other for almost 2 years and we had a lot of fun together.
So I love you.
I love you, too.
- Oh.
- I know.
I know you said you weren't sure if you wanted to get married again and that we've been through all this before, but I just Ross, I wasn't - Look, just let me finish.
- Expecting Just because we've both been divorced before doesn't mean that we can't give it another try.
'Cause I can't see myself with anyone else but you for the rest of my life.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Will you marry me? [LAUGHS] Up until that moment, I never really wanted to get married again.
But it all just came together.
He even found this beautiful, vintage ring.
Totally my taste.
I remember thinking, "Maybe I am finally ready to move on from the past.
" Sure.
Why not? [ LAUGHTER ] That's not exactly the fairytale answer I was looking for, but.
[ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] [GASP] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] The bird literally fell out of the sky, into the pool, dead, just like that.
And that was only the beginning.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] WOMAN: Beautiful sunny day today and you can expect much more of the same over the next few days.
You might want to do some of those outdoor activities.
- [HUMS] - You've been saving up for.
I was really looking forward to starting this part of my life with Ross.
But I wasn't sure how Kayla would respond.
MAN: To fight heart disease.
I thought I would make her her favorite breakfast and break the news to her then.
Kayla, I'm making blueberry pancakes! Yeah.
It was a bribe.
Said even though the journey is over, the battle against [ CLICK ] Kayla? Kayla! [ DOOR CREAKS, CRAYON SCRAPES ] [ KAYLA HUMMING ] Sweetie, breakfast is ready.
[ CONTINUES HUMMING ] What's this? [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] It was a drawing of a girl in a bathtub.
She was dead and bleeding, or something.
Breakfast is ready.
Why don't you Are you and Ross married now? No.
How How did you? You have a pretty ring on your finger.
[ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] When did you see the ring? I figured she must've been watching us by the pool after I put her to bed.
How about we take a break from drawing for a little bit? Let's go get some food.
But that picture.
She'd never drawn anything like that.
And there were more just like it, all morbid [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] All of them of a dead girl, drowning.
I don't know if the girl in the picture was supposed to be her Me.
[ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC CLIMBS ] I had planned to talk to her teacher about it in the morning.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] [ OWL HOOTING ] After I had a couple glasses of wine that night, I fell asleep on the couch.
Kayla, I'm making blueberry pancakes! You have a pretty ring on your finger.
[HUMMING] I remember having the strangest dreams.
- What's this? - Are you and Ross married now? [ECHOING] Married now.
Married now.
Kayla? [ECHOING] Kayla.
Kayla! [ECHOING] Kayla.
[ WATER POURING ] I woke up to the sound of water running upstairs, so I went to check it out.
[ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] [ GASP ] Was it the wine? Or the drawings I'd just been looking at? I figured there had to be some kind of logical explanation.
But that was before everything else happened.
[ BIRDS TWEETING ] [ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] But before I even had a chance to ask Kayla about it, or talk to her teacher [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] [ GASPING ] I had a little issue.
[ CRYING ] It was so painful, I was afraid to even drive.
[ SINISTER MUSIC CLIMBS ] So I called 911.
[ GASP ] Yeah, there's some discomfort involved in that part.
Discomfort? [ CRANKING ] Don't you have a power tool you can use? Ow! Well, no, because we don't like to cut people's fingers off.
[ GASPING ] [ CRANKING ] [ CLINK ] Ah! Ahh! Oh, thank you.
Do about five or six of these every year.
Too much salt.
[ FLOORBOARD CREAKS ] Makes the hand swell up.
- Oh.
- Yeah, well, I've got some paperwork for you to fill out, so I'm just gonna go grab it, okay? Okay.
[ METAL CLINKS ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] KAYLA: What are you doing? I'm gonna get in trouble.
I couldn't imagine who Kayla could be talking to.
She was definitely alone.
[ CREAKING ] Sorry, mommy.
[ SLAM ] [ LOCK CLICKS ] [ MUSIC BOX PLAYS LULLABY ] [ MUSIC BOX PLAYS LULLABY ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Will you marry me? You have a pretty ring on your finger.
Are you and Ross married now? What's this? [ GASP ] [ SINISTER MUSIC INTENSIFIES ] [ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] Sorry, mommy.
[ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] The same number was written maybe 100 times, all over her wall.
Kayla! I didn't do it! Maybe she was just lashing out over the engagement.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] I thought maybe it would help if Ross talked to her.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] [ SIGH ] You and your mom are not gonna have to make huge changes, okay? I-I'm gonna do my best to try to become part of your lives.
Like you have You're gonna have the same house, have your same room.
It's gonna be fun.
I-I don't feel very good.
Can I go to bed? [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] Okay.
[ CHAIR SCRAPES ] She'll get there.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] We just gotta be consistent.
You know what? You're right.
We've just gotta tell her what she can and can't expect.
I had a rule not to let Ross spend the night, you know, for Kayla.
You should stay over tonight.
Yeah? That sounds good to me.
But now that we're engaged, I figured it was time.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] I was hoping she would adapt to the new situation.
[ BREATHY CHUCKLE ] Mo-o-o-o-m! Stay here.
I'll get her.
Kayla? [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Kayla? Kayla! [ MOANING ] [ MOANING CONTINUES ] What's wrong, honey? What are you doing in here? Did you have a bad dream? [SHAKILY] She's scary.
Who? Sarah.
She's angry.
Who's Sarah? Well, I don't think I like this Sarah character very much.
She wants you to give the ring back.
How about we go back to sleep now, okay? No.
She says you have to listen.
Let's just go get some sleep.
Come on.
Come on.
I didn't know what to do.
I'll stay with you for a little bit.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] Kayla had always loved Ross.
Now, she's making up stories to Break us up.
Didn't make any sense.
My finger swelled up, so I had to cut it off.
So you want me to reset the stone in a new band? I-I guess so.
That's such a shame.
I was really happy with the way this one turned out.
What do you mean, how it turned out? Isn't this a vintage ring? I fabricate them here at the shop.
I just design them in the vintage style.
I know Ross told me that ring was an antique, but the jeweler was saying that he made that ring.
And it gets even crazier.
He said he designed that ring for Ross 5 years ago, before I even met him.
I started to think that I'd been lying to myself for a while [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] KAYLA: Sarah.
[GASP] about the crazy things I thought were just my imagination.
KAYLA: Angry.
[ PIERCING, EERIE NOTE PLAYS ] Are you and Ross married now? [ECHOING] Married now? JEANETTE: How could Kayla even know about the ring? And the writing on the wall.
It wasn't me.
Sorry, mom.
How could Kayla even reach that high? [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Sarah.
[ECHOING] She wants you to give the ring back.
I know I must've sounded crazy, but I needed to talk about it.
Is she asleep? Probably not.
She's terrified of that imaginary friend.
That's just a phase.
[KEYBOARDING] So I brought it up to Ross.
What if Kayla isn't imagining things? - [SCOFF] - I mean, the bathtub, the writing on the wall? I mean, it went all the way up to the ceiling.
Even if Kayla stood on a chair, she couldn't have gotten up that high.
I-I'm just gonna I'm just gonna pretend like you're not saying what I think you're saying.
We don't know everything about how the world works.
I mean, maybe um, actually, we do.
It's called science.
At the time, I couldn't say I blamed him.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] [EXHALE] [ GASP ] [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] [WHISPERING] What? Sarah wants me to tell you something.
He killed her.
You're gonna have the same room.
It's gonna be fun.
She wants you to give the ring back.
[ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] What if Kayla isn't imagining things? It wasn't me.
Sarah wants me to tell you something.
[ECHOING] Something.
He killed her.
So what exactly do you do when your 9-year-old tells you your fiancé is a murderer? I put her to bed.
Let's go to sleep, okay? But then Sarah.
What? She says that's his password.
But I knew I had to be sure even if it was just to prove to my daughter that her imaginary friend was wrong, so I could put this whole thing to rest.
KAYLA: Sarah.
[ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] I remember a chill just running down my spine.
The thing is his computer looked pretty normal.
Pictures, work stuff.
And then I thought, if Kayla knew the password, maybe the numbers on the wall meant something, too.
[ EERIE MUSIC CLIMBS ] [ EERIE CHORD STRIKES ] There were no bills in the bills folder.
It was bankruptcy documents, bank loan applications.
He was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
[ EERIE MUSIC CLIMBS ] But that wasn't all.
The bank loan applications were all signed by me.
Ross had forged my signature on all of them.
[ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] I snuck upstairs, grabbed Kayla, and went to a hotel for the night.
And trust me.
I wish that was the end of it.
I went to file a police report.
What'd he tell you about his ex-wife? Just that he had one.
Relationship went sour and they got divorced.
That's one way to put it.
You sure you wanna see this? [ EERIE MUSIC CLIMBS ] KAYLA: Sarah.
Give the ring back.
You have to listen.
He killed her.
That's Sarah.
That's how they got "divorced.
" [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Her name is Sarah? He said her name was Liz.
Sounds like he's said a lot of things that weren't true in his life.
He was never charged.
He did make off with over 2 million bucks in life insurance afterwards.
Still, to this day, I have a hard time believing it even happened.
The documents you turned over.
The things that Kayla and I were seeing and hearing, there's no explanation for it.
Ross was never charged with Sarah's murder.
They couldn't prove it wasn't a suicide.
But after I filed a report on him for forging my signature, he was arrested and ended up spending 4 years in jail for bank fraud.
That was 5 years ago.
My friends think I'm crazy for telling this story, but I want people to know that he's out there.
[ BIRDS CHIRPING ] CONNOR: I grew up in a tiny, podunk town upstate.
I don't even wanna really say where 'cause I don't wanna catch hell from people I grew up with.
It was one of those small towns where bad things happen and No one really wants to talk about it.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] I was a boy at the time, maybe 12 years old, still a couple of years away from caring about girls.
My entire world pretty much revolved around baseball cards and cars.
I remember, that day, I decided to build a little racetrack.
I feel like every little boy's dream is to find some lost treasure buried in the ground.
Dad! Well, you found it.
Go ahead.
Open it.
[ LID THUDDING ] Baseball cards.
I think it's a toy box.
These are from the 1950s! I don't think this is a toy box, buddy.
I think this is a time capsule.
Holy crap.
This is a Jackie Robinson rookie card.
[ SCOFF ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] [ EERIE MUSIC CLIMBS ] [ SLAM ] [ LOCK CLICKS ] [ MUSIC BOX PLAYS LULLABY ] [ MUSIC BOX PLAYS LULLABY ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] I feel like every little boy's dream is to find some lost treasure buried in the ground.
Dad! [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] You found it.
Go ahead.
I think this is a time capsule.
[ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] GREG: The empty bullet shell was a little different than the other stuff in the box, but I didn't think it was that weird.
I mean, I shot guns as a kid with my dad.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] It's cool stuff, huh? What do you say, you wanna go show mom? [ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] [ WOMAN'S VOICE ON TV ] So the plant is fixing to go on another outage.
We start up next week.
What? Great.
[SCOFF] See you in a couple of weeks.
Look, we're barely making mortgage as it is.
The ot's coming at a good time.
Greg, I'm doing four nights a week at the diner.
Who's gonna watch Connor if you're pulling doubles? I don't need anyone to watch me.
I'm old enough to stay home alone.
Connor, your mother and I are talking.
Maybe we can just get a sitter on the nights you work.
The girl across the street, maybe? I don't know.
I don't need a sitter.
It just seems like an unnecessary cycle.
You work more, so we need a sitter, and a sitter costs money, so then you work more, and I just want to Can I go to Sean's? Finish your supper.
I don't like hearing you guys argue.
Hey, buddy, we're not arguing.
We're just having a discussion.
That's what being an adult is.
Sometimes, you gotta figure some things out, talk it through.
We're gonna have to get you a babysitter, just someone to be here when we're away, okay? I honestly trusted Connor more than any babysitter that'd be looking after him, but the thought of leaving him home alone at night just didn't feel right.
Can I go now? Cut through the woods.
- I know.
- I don't want you crossing any streets.
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ DOOR CLOSES ] [ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] [ DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE ] Whenever my parents argued, I'd go over my friend Sean's house, about a block away? It was just a short stretch of trees between our houses.
Aah! [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] If you didn't live in the neighborhood, there was no reason for you to be there, and I had never seen that guy before.
Hello! Somebody out there? Connor was not the type of kid who ever acted scared, by strangers or anything like that, so, when he was spooked, you know, it concerned me.
This is private property! Do you understand me? Well, at the time, I just figured it was some teenager cutting through our yard or something, not that big of a deal.
[ WARBLE ] You listening to the game? New York just went up by two in the top of the ninth.
[ WARBLE ] Yes! [EXCLAIMING INDISTINCTLY] [ CLICKING ] Sean and I had a secret code to get each other's attention once it was past our bedtime.
It was three clicks on and off.
[ SINISTER MUSIC CLIMBS ] It was one of the baseball cards I'd found, just sticking out of the dirt, like somebody put it there on purpose.
[ CLICK ] I was a 12-year-old baseball nut and it was an old card that looked really valuable.
There was no way I was leaving it out there.
Aah! [ EERIE MUSIC CLIMBS ] [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] Jackie Robinson rookie card.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] [ HISS ] [ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] Dad! [ PANTING ] We lived in a real small town, you know, and, um A boy around Connor's age had gone missing a few years before.
The thought crossed my mind.
Could this have something to do with that? So I did something a little crazy.
[ COCKS RIFLE ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Yeah, well, I sure would appreciate if you came by and checked things out, make sure there's no prowlers or whatever.
[ SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ] Look, my kid doesn't make things up, Eddie, and I saw boot prints.
I'll take a look.
All right.
Thank you.
[ BEEP ] [ CLACK ] Look, for right now, I don't want him, or you, going anywhere near the backwoods.
We've known Eddie since the second grade.
He's the sheriff now, but at the time, he was a deputy.
You gotta be kidding me.
They were right here.
What the hell? You said they were clear as day.
They were! Mm-hmm.
- Don't "mm-hmm" me, Ed.
- Look, I think you're just still a little jumpy 'cause of what happened to the Thompson boy.
I am jumpy.
The whole town is jumpy.
Look, the boot prints were right here.
Whoever is was maybe wiped them away last night.
Who knows? Mm hmm.
Well, you want a beer? Nah, I'm on duty.
Thanks for coming out.
All right.
You need anything else, give me a holler.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] [ LAUGHING ] CONNOR: Couple of days went by and nothing happened.
[ LAUGHING ] But my parents told my babysitter not to let me out after dark.
[ SIGH ] I was miserable.
[ LAUGHING ] Yeah.
Maybe afterwards.
I'm just about I'm gonna be done soon.
[ CLICKING ] [ CLICK ] [ THUD ] [HISSING] Aaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaah! [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] I tried to tell my dad what I'd seen, but he ran out of the house with his gun before I could even explain.
Even though I still don't really know what I saw.
[ BRANCHES CRUNCHING ] Hey, who's out there?! I was determined to find this guy, so I followed the trees out of our neighborhood and deeper into the woods.
Journey of life, we must try There was a little makeshift shack back there.
I have no idea how I'd never seen it before.
But there was music coming from it, so I assumed I had found him.
Hey! Somebody in there?! I've already called the police! 'Cause in the end, all that matters is the ride [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Hey! And the other is unknown Have no fear to take the one that looks less traveled That's the one that [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC CLIMBS ] [ SLAM ] [ LOCK CLICKS ] [ MUSIC BOX PLAYS LULLABY ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] Aah! Dad! This is private property! I don't want him, or you, going near the backwoods.
[ BRANCHES CRUNCHING ] Hey, who's out there?! Somebody in there?! [ OMINOUS CHORD STRIKES ] And the other is unknown Have no fear to take the one that looks less traveled That's the one that was meant to take you home [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] All the sadness GREG: He'd obviously been living there.
I'm glad I didn't find him.
'Cause I might've done something I'd regret later.
I went back to the house, calmed down, and called Eddie.
[ COCKS RIFLE ] [ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] When I found this, there was a candle lit, and I left the door open.
He's gotta be in there.
Mm hmm.
Why don't you go ahead and unload that for me? No chance, Ed.
[ COCKING GUN ] Sheriff's department! Slowly open the door and come out with your hands up! [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS ] Is anyone in there?! All right.
You stay back.
[ DOOR CREAKING ] I thought you said someone was living here.
GREG: I can only tell you what I saw.
15 minutes later, it looked like 30 years had gone by.
Just empty cans, rotted sheets, and rat [BLEEP].
I can't explain it.
[ BIRDS CHIRPING ] [ VOICE ON TV ] The next morning, we were all a little spooked.
[ POUNDING ON DOOR ] - [SCOFF] - [SIGH] I'll get it.
MAN: 3-month vacation.
Harriet banks said she and her husband plan to donate [ BIRDS CHIRPING ] Hey.
You're not gonna believe this.
What? Prime suspect in an abduction case back in '57.
Little boy.
[ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] GREG: Turns out, it wasn't just the Thompson boy who'd gone missing in our town.
This case was from almost 40 years before that.
That kid? Lived right here, right at this address.
The house was different back then, though.
The bad guy, well, he lured the little boy back into the woods.
And, uh, we both know how that ends.
They never found the kid's body, but they did find his blood all over that shed.
But the kid's dad found the guy.
The same shed that I found? Judging by the notes in the file, yeah.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] Kid's dad shot him through the back of the head with a .
[ GASP ] You said .
38? Yeah.
Thinking about it now, I think I lost some of my innocence after hearing them.
I knew the box wasn't the treasure I thought it was.
It was something I was never meant to find.
It's messed up, I know, man, but, I thought it would help.
Thanks, Ed.
GREG: I understand what that father did.
I think every parent does.
[ CRICKETS CHIRPING ] MAN: It says July 12th.
[ LAUGHTER ] [ SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS ] WOMAN: Seriously? I was just peeling back the wallpaper in the guest bedroom.
- Yeah? - It's written there, too.
[ LAUGHTER ] And then I realized that the time capsule wasn't a time capsule at all.
[ MELANCHOLY TUNE PLAYS ] They never found the boy's body, so they couldn't have a funeral.
That metal box was a memorial.
His baseball cards, his records, all that boy's favorite things.
And one thing that was important to his dad.
We buried the box exactly where Connor found it.
[ THUD ]