Exposure (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Explore the power of the mind.
The power of the mind ♪
The power of the mind ♪
Climax ♪
- Hey, baby.
Can we go?
Yeah. Yeah, let's go.
Wait. Hey, this place is sweet.
- Kel's master of interiors.
- Oh, yeah?
Beer, Kel?
- No.
- Sure.
- Yeah?
Oh, your floor's wet.
The washing machine's bust.
For such a simple series,
you've really captured something.
They hurt.
Tonight's winner is awarded
the highly sought-after opportunity
of hosting a solo exhibition here
next month.
With a unanimous decision, that winner,
with her transcendent portrait series,
is Jacs Gould.
Um, guess that basically,
I try to take photos
that feel kind of, um, unfabricated,
um, or as, you know,
kind of authentic as possible.
Yeah, I guess we're all here
patting each other on the back.
I guess you're patting me
on the back. Sorry. Uh
- Um
Bad winner. Sorry.
Thank you, everybody.
Enjoy the rest of the night.
Sorry. What the fuck? As if that hurt!
Are you serious?
Are you a fuckin' baby?
Yeah, fuck. Uh
This isn't my vibe.
You can keep the jumper on.
- I was stoned, man.
- I didn't remember anything.
- Wrecked.
I felt old-man-in-gutter.
I do not even remember
what happened.
Jess was so happy to
bend it over, smashing it
and you were watching.
I took a walk down memory lane ♪
Where everything looked quite the same ♪
People smiled, people waved ♪
They told me about the road they paved ♪
As I walked down memory lane ♪
As I walked down memory lane ♪
People smiled ♪
I'm in the kitchen, just
making a mess.
Nice dress.
- Thanks.
- You look amazing.
Are you going to
wear that?
Do you want to help yourself
to anything from my wardrobe?
- That brown dress--
- I don't like the brown dress.
- Do you want me to do your makeup?
- For my best friend's funeral?
I made Kel's favourite, my veggie lasagna.
Is that weird?
No, that's lovely.
How many Bintang shirts
do you reckon we're gonna buy?
- Look upon our
Bali-Sleeping Beauty here.
- I'm awake.
- Fuck!
- Sleeping Beauty, wake up!
- Yeah.
- Oh!
Here's the kind of moves
that pull the boys!
- Whoa!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I won.
- Won?
- Yeah.
- What?
- My photography award.
That's fantastic!
- Did it come with some prize money?
Grand total of zero.
What did you win?
Great. Not more.
I hope that you find yourself
a very rich husband.
Oh my God. And you wonder why
I only come at Christmas.
Hey. No.
Not today.
I hope it's not weird to say that
I've been following your art online.
No, that's
That's lovely.
Yeah, no, it's cool, you know?
Someone around here had the ambition
to become something more
than a fuckin' plumber.
Speaking from experience, or?
Well, you're making
a fuck-tonne more money than I am.
Wouldn't wallow too much.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I guess me and the future
misso can have three kids
instead of two.
- Exactly.
I'll take your family portraits
if you like.
Oh, will you? Free of charge?
Uh, they returned these, Val.
Did you want to keep her earrings?
No, you have 'em, Val.
I was wondering what
your last moment with Kel was,
because I'm not really
over the moon with mine,
and I thought maybe I could borrow it.
Well I called her
to tell she needed
to get her car rego done.
All yours if you want it.
Just wish I'd see her again.
Had been months. God.
Didn't you see her
the week before it happened?
No, last time I saw Kel
was three months ago.
You have to stop. Just stop.
We can't play back
those final moments, okay?
She's gone.
We had Kel for 27 years.
What a blessing.
I I need a
How was it?
- Sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
It's okay.
Crying's good. It's like, um
an aphrodisiac.
No, it's not.
- Not? What?
- Do you mean analgesic?
- Oh, fuck. Yes.
- I fuckin' do.
Oh, shit. I saw you won.
Feels kind of meaningless now.
No, no, no. You worked so hard on that.
And what are you going to do
for the solo exhibition?
Any suggestions?
I mean,
I could take my top off.
- Not with those A-cups.
Missed you.
You been seeing Kel much?
Uh. Yeah, a bit.
Just the odd swim.
It's weird.
She told me that she was
coming up here visiting Val.
I think she was seeing some guy.
No, I-- What makes you think that?
Val hadn't seen her at all.
And there were a whole bunch
of calls from someone
she'd saved as Do Not Message
the night she died.
And did it say anything else?
No. She'd deleted their text history.
You know,
it can't have been anything serious then.
It was serious enough that she was,
like, staying over at his house.
Do you think he was at the funeral?
- She didn't mention anything?
- Uh. No.
I've missed you too.
You see Kel down here recently?
- Hmm.
Yeah, I saw her down
at Back Beach a couple of times.
- Hmm.
- Just her and her father.
Was she with anyone?
Some guy.
I don't know. Some surf head.
What did he look like?
Like dark hair.
Fucking manly.
Not as manly as me, but.
- Are you good?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Get this fuckin' shit off.
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