Exposure (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Oh God, I'm fucked!
Fuck bitches get money.
Fuckin' Kris Kringle, mate.
What the fuck are you doing?
I am I am halfway
Excuse me.
Jacs, right?
- Um.
- I knew Kel.
Bronson. Sorry,
I saw you and thought I'd--
Here, sit, come join me.
- How are you going?
- Uh.
- Yeah.
Were you at the funeral?
No, I couldn't make it, sadly.
Where'd you, um, know Kel from?
- Oh, the dating app?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You, um
You hook up?
No, um
I got the impression she was still
hung up on someone else.
I think I was her attempt at a rebound.
- Right.
- Hmm.
You know who?
I don't.
You didn't know?
So weird seeing you.
- I remember Kel mentioning you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
What, like her batshit friend from Sydney?
No, the most passionate person she knew.
I write for an online publication
and I really dig your work.
We could write a piece on it.
- Uh, no.
- No?
- Nah.
- Okay.
Not for me.
You don't mind me asking
She did it in the bathtub, right?
That's what the word going around is.
What's Kel doing here?
Is she posing?
Because I know your whole thing is
capturing in-the-moment shots, right?
Why'd you take it?
Because I'm an exploitative cunt.
Hey, there's no judgement here.
It's pretty fucking wild, to be honest.
I mean, a better question would be,
why bother keeping it a secret?
You'd be lauded.
You're gonna have to
explain that one to me.
Female trauma's front and centre
at the moment, right?
I think that'd be received really well.
So what, you're you're feeling left out?
Because, you know, men are
the main cause of female trauma.
Men are victims too.
- Yeah, mostly of other men.
- Oh, okay.
So that just discounts the legitimacy
of male trauma then?
Of course it fucking doesn't.
But maybe if you left us the fuck alone,
- female trauma wouldn't be on trend
- Oh!
- for fuck's sake.
- No, no, no. Shh.
I'm just saying gender absolves you.
That's all I'm saying.
Ah. Oh, I see. I understand now.
Where did you read that?
- Your, uh, cancel culture forum?
- Okay.
- I'd love to look it up.
- We see my point now.
Why don't you kill yourself,
take a photo,
- and then we'll see what happens?
- Okay.
Great. Let me know.
What, you're offended?
Freedom of speech
is just so stifled these days.
No, I just have a meeting
I need to rush back to.
But why don't we continue this
back at mine tonight, huh?
Nice glass of red.
Don't have your number.
Yeah, that was a joke.
Fuck me.
Got some integrity holes in your feminism.
- Where are we going?
Do you know where we're going?
- Oh, can you smell me?
- You stink.
The minute we see a tambourine,
we're fuckin' out of here.
- Yeah, we're gone.
- The boys.
- We're the boys.
- We're the holy
I don't think six beers
and a cigarette
really counts as breakfast, babe.
Do it. Do the dance.
Do the dance. Do the dance.
She's born for this dance.
We're just making some breakfast,
hon. There's plenty.
This is Barry.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I-- I heard that you won a-- a big,
brilliant award recently.
Your mum won't stop talking about it.
Uh, what was the photograph?
Um, my mate, Kel.
Very sorry.
Barry's a bit of a photographer.
Oh, hardly.
I-- I take my drone up to the headland.
Hey, you might be able to help me
with some of the settings, actually.
You okay?
What do you want me to say?
- Fair enough.
Do you want to take
a plate of food with you?
You need to fuel yourself
on something other than beer.
Come back, come back
C'mon, c'mon, go on ♪
- Look ♪
It's just a flesh wound, darling ♪
Come back, come back
C'mon, c'mon ♪
Rock the baby.
A throne in an empty desert ♪
- Who's that?
Who's that?
Some idiot.
- There she is.
Sniper on the roof ♪
Attempt to spoil the atmosphere ♪
So, um, well, what else
has been happening?
Other than work.
What, you mean other than
my rapidly diminishing friendship circle
- and cesspool dating life?
Yeah, uh, the latter.
I'm simply single.
- As ever.
Um, you?
Uh, nup, no, no one.
- No!
- No! Stop!
What is this?
Is it true?
So pardon my French ♪
As no air leaks from each lung ♪
Knocked a wisdom tooth loose ♪
Amazed that you noticed ♪
Come back, come back
C'mon, c'mon, go on ♪
Look ♪
Come back, come back
C'mon, c'mon, go on ♪
I-- I absolutely understand
if you despise me
for the rest of my life.
Why would I want to do that?
Really, really regret it.
Val, I'm so sorry.
I get it.
It's a beautiful photo.
It's all a matter of perspective,
isn't it?
I look at your beautiful photo
and all I can see
is my little girl at peace.
That's incredibly generous of you.
Can I come over this week? I could--
We could watch a movie or, um
I pictured a rainbow ♪
You held it in your hands ♪
I had flashes ♪
But you saw the plan ♪
I wandered out in the world for years ♪
While you just stayed in your room ♪
I saw the crescent ♪
What the fuck
you doing in here?
Put those away. Get out of there now.
Do you think Val will be okay?
She just buried her child.
- Let me get you. Yeah.
- Eh, fuck that.
- No now do it like moody though.
- Moody?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't be obvious though.
- Oi!
It's that guy from the other night.
Get your tits out!
- Both!
- Both!
Don't be stingy!
- Is he like low key following us?
- That's enough.
Who, like, sits like that?
Just, like, looks like
a Christian camp counsellor.
Great view.
- Great view? It's the best view.
- What about that view?
- That view.
Uh, I just finished my master's.
In what?
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
- What, primary or secondary?
Uh, secondary.
- That's great.
- Thank you.
- What about you?
- I dropped out.
- Of?
- Fine arts.
No fuck off.
- Bali
- What does the tat say?
- Bali.
- Bali!
Does that say slay?
- Which one?
- Your tattoo on your neck?
- Uh. No, it says glory.
- Glory.
I tried to fill it up with water
- and put it on your head, but it didn't--
- Don't.
- There you go.
- Yeah.
How's twat hat going?
He's good. And
What's your fucking problem with him?
Bye, then.
Oh my God.
Let's go.
- Yeah, I'm just
- Hey.
I was surprised you came.
Why, did you want to invite me
or something?
I'll see you later.
So Kel was your winning muse, huh?
Were you aware of any change in her?
- Whatsoever?
I mean that lighting, Jacs.
You really managed to make it
a moment of such profound beauty.
Hey, you all right?
I didn't know everyone was so invested
in the arts.
What did you think of the photo?
- Um
- Because you fucked off real quick.
Yeah, I just
- You know
- Think I'm a cunt too.
I think everyone's forgetting
she left you to find her.
- Sorry.
- Sorry?
Why are you sorry?
- I mean, it makes sense, I've never been
- good enough for you anyway.
- I-- Well--
- It's all good.
- No, it's-- it's not that, Jacs.
Fucking what?
What the fuck.
Open the fucking door I’m
literally pissing myself
Hurry up,
you’ve been in there forever!
No, fuck off!
Are you gonna come in?
Take a seat.
Can I take some photos?
What, my place?
Yeah. Maybe of you?
Right, like a Nat Geo series?
A few hookups?
Men in their natural environment
kind of thing.
Something like that.
All right.
- Just, like, act natural. Sort of
- Hmm.
Sort of thing? Like this, or
- Hmm.
- How's that?
- Yeah, let's see.
Oh yeah,
this is gonna be a good one.
- What brings you to town?
- Funeral.
Yeah, my best friend.
She was really depressed.
You wanna talk about it, or
She had this really sweet perfume.
I know, but like
mixed in with the BO
that was trapped in her clothes.
Yeah, I guess it's like
not a smell any more.
It's just a thought.
And she would say the cuntiest stuff
so fucking beautifully.
And she had a neck tattoo.
She got it when we were 16.
I was too scared.
But she didn't give a fuck
what anyone thought.
She was amazing.
What, you didn't know?
Why were you saved as Do Not Message?
I-- I don't know.
- What were you sorry for in the message?
- I don't know.
- Don't lie. Don't lie to me.
- I don't know what the fuck
- you're talking about.
- You fucking called her.
Why were you calling her
the night she died?
I didn't know she died until
right now.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, I couldn't
I really liked her.
Fuck, I'm-- I'm-- I'm sorry.
- Oh my God.
- God.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, I didn't
- Oh fuck.
What's it like, being ghosted
by a natural ghost?
Oh, you know.
Sort of feel like I'll be traumatised
the rest of my fucking life.
I had this idea that you'd, um, hurt her.
I'm sorry.
Last night I dreamt that she was on fire
and that I lit it.
My mum was sick.
Kept having this dream
where she and my dad were fucking
and I was filming it.
That's very Greek horror of you.
Slow down and dance with me ♪
Yeah, slow ♪
Skip a beat and move with my body ♪
Yeah, slow ♪
Come on and dance with me ♪
- Yeah, slow ♪
- Slow down and dance with me ♪
Skip a beat and move with my body ♪
- Yeah, slow ♪
- Slow down and dance with me ♪
Skip a beat and move with my body ♪
Skip a beat and move with my body ♪
Skip a beat and move with my body ♪
Slow ♪
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