Exposure (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You okay?
- Hey. Hey.
Is everything okay?
What's-- what's up? What's--
Where are you going?
I'm just going.
Dude, can you hold onto my waist
and not my tit?
Dude, you're fucking trash!
- What?
Why is he here?
I told him where we were staying.
- What's he doing?
- I don't know.
Why are you filming him?
- He's hanging out with--
- Is he waiting for you?
He's hanging out
with his little buddies.
- I feel bad.
- Well, stop filming him then!
So you're going in
with your man-friend?
- What about--
- And?
What about Angus?
I don't care right now. He's angry at me.
Man of habit.
Well, you'll be happy to know that I'm
already failing to pull together
what could be the most elevating moment
of my career.
My hostility is seeping into my art.
I'm fucking it all up.
Why would that make me happy?
Or what is the commentary on masculinity
from Jacs Gould's point of view?
I hate men.
- You don't hate men. No.
- I do.
- I hate men.
- No.
- I hate men!
- You don't hate me.
I mean unless you do.
That kitchen cupboard
got me pretty well in the back.
- Stop. Stop.
Promise I'll never do anything like that
ever, ever, ever again.
- Gosh.
- It's okay.
I shouldn't-- I also apologise
for the unsolicited kiss.
I was wrong.
No, don't be. It's okay. I was just
a little caught off guard.
- It was nice actually.
Oh my God.
- Look at you, you freak.
- Oh.
- Yeah, boy's first party shirt.
Did Kel take this?
Uh. No. No, I did.
When? I have like zero recollection.
I look kind of hot.
- For a change.
It was-- it was that weekend.
Do you regret it?
I'm glad Kel never knew.
Is this the modern-day binoculars?
Are you a pro?
Professional photographer,
amateur pervert.
- Well, you gotta start somewhere.
You wouldn't happen to be free
on Saturday to shoot my mate's wedding?
- Um.
- Their guy's come down sick.
Apart from being
horribly bitter and single,
weddings are a waking nightmare
to my creative soul.
Hmm. I can relate.
Oh well, worth a shot.
- Good luck with your perving.
What do you do?
- You look surprised.
Oh, well, I mean, no offence.
Um, you just look more like a board shaper
that went to France once.
- Are you local?
- Proud extradite.
Oh! What banishment crime did you commit?
You know, having a fucking brain.
Tickets on yourself.
I have a friend actually, um,
a mate does weddings.
Why don't you give me your name
and I'll get them to DM you?
Yeah, great.
Mick Davids.
Have him reach out.
Will do.
Shame it won't be you.
- Mum?
Do you like him?
Yeah, I mean, I-- I barely know him.
Does he treat you with respect?
He's lovely.
Makes me laugh a lot.
Well, if he's rude to you
- you get him.
Well, maybe you can give him
the benefit of the doubt for now.
Nah, I'm more of a
guilty till proven innocent
kind of person.
Good luck with that.
I'm excited you're going to a wedding.
The bride is really sweet.
I met her the other day.
She's only 27, but she's so together.
She's got her own veterinary clinic.
She's a very impressive young woman.
You know that people say that about me?
I didn't say they didn't.
- I'm not comparing you.
- You look good.
What you gonna do ♪
When you say to a man ♪
He has lost control? ♪
Take a look at him now ♪
He has lost his soul ♪
He's brave enough as I can be ♪
I should tell him so ♪
The weight of the world
Is on his shoulders ♪
What you going to do ♪
With all those lonely nights ♪
Lying by yourself? ♪
Won't you put up a fight? ♪
- Come on.
- How about have a dance with your mother?
- I'm working.
- Oh, come on, loosen up.
- Mum, I'm sober.
- Loosen up. Come on.
- Fucking hell.
Lots of
nice-looking young men here today.
Hmm. True. So you and Barry,
not exclusive?
- For you, you idiot.
I don't-- I don't know.
What are you
What's your ideal man for me, then?
Someone with a job?
Well, you know what? I actually think
I wouldn't mind that myself.
- Yeah.
I don't know. Someone kind and caring.
Does that exist?
Yes, of course it exists.
It does.
Look at Barry.
- Well, you know.
- Hey--
- What the fuck? You okay?
- Fuck it! I got a sister, mate.
- Oi! Oi! Calm down. What the fuck!
- Baby.
- Come on, come on, sweetheart.
- Stand up.
- Oh, we'll get you some ice, hey?
- Yeah, it'll do nice.
I'm not having you go back out there.
- We'll get-- we'll get your stuff.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
It's-- it's not a problem
if you change your mind, Jacko.
I'll-- I'll just come back.
- I'll bring the car around.
- Thanks, Barry.
He's trying.
- I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault.
I forget what you're going through
with Kel.
I didn't understand the photograph.
- It was just
- Okay.
It was confronting.
You have every right to be curious.
You're very creative.
Are you high?
- What did Barry give you?
- No.
Aren't I allowed to say something nice
about my daughter?
Yeah, no. You're supposed to say
nice things quite regularly.
Okay, no need to stay out
too late tonight.
And keep the ice on it.
and valet attendant?
I'm sure you shouldn't be driving, hey?
- You going to dump me in the bush?
No, I'm just trying to prevent
an innocent family having a head-on.
Are you okay?
I'll bill you for the nose job.
So, on a scale of one to ten,
how scummy do you feel?
What do you want to hear?
No, I mean, like, remorse leaves
a level of redeemability, right?
True. But I was hit first.
What does it feel like?
To be a cunt?
To beat the crap out of somebody.
I mean, it's fucking good.
I've only dreamed about it.
Fuck me.
- What a day.
- No. Water.
- I'm all out of water.
Why don't you tell me something
that if you were on a date,
- they would flip a table and leave?
- What is this?
- It's a game.
- Sounds like an interrogation to me.
- No, it's fun.
- Okay. You first.
I threw my head into a toilet roll holder
and bust my eyebrow open
to get a guy's attention.
- Pathetic, right?
- No, it makes me want to give you a hug.
Uh, I fucked an ex's sister
to get back at her after she called me
a "belligerent man-child".
Hmm. Kind of just
doubled down on it, right?
Yeah, I realised that in hindsight.
Um, which ex?
- It was a couple of years ago.
- Mm-hmm.
Has to be in the last six months.
Yeah. Yeah, it's bad.
You might actually flip the table.
I hit my partner.
That's the worst, for sure.
This was the recent ex?
What was her name?
Does it matter?
- Where is she now?
- I don't want to talk about it.
Why are you being so cagey?
I'm not being cagey.
That's how I talk about things
that make me feel shit
when I'm trying to have a nice time.
Are you gonna go now?
- "Good girl".
- Fuck off. We're not doing that.
Why don't you take a picture of me?
Take a picture of me.
Okay. Well, give me something to
work with.
Let's see.
Do you like what you see?
Why do you have a photo of my friend
on your phone?
What did you do to her?
What-- what are you playing at?
Well, you fucking beat her. What else?
Whoa! What the fuck is going on here?
I fuckin' know who you are.
Who the fuck are you talking about?
- What did you do to her?
- Who?
Kel, my friend. My fucking friend Kel.
I don't know who the fuck Kel is.
I-- I-- I don't even--
I don't even know who the fuck you are.
- Why are you in my fucking house?
- Kel is on your phone.
Yeah, amongst hundreds of others.
- What the fuck?
- It's from a fucking group chat.
Who sent it?
- Who sent it? Show me!
- I don't fucking know. One of the boys.
This cunt.
You send these to each other?
If she's worth it.
Fucking degenerate.
- You know what?
I think you should leave.
This isn't one of your fucking dreams.
Fuck off.
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