F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Footprint of Meteor

Life is funny.
For someone who thinks of himself as grand
like he's got all the stars in the palm of his hand
But when he meets you,
his small world
becomes larger and more beautiful.
We've learned to feel pain,
and have grown because of it.
Most importantly,
you show me how to love.
It's funny.
My whole world has changed because of one small girl – you.
Hi. I'm Hana.
I've just moved here today from the US.
What's wrong?
Nothing. My name is Gorya.
Why are you doing your homework alone?
I'm on an athletic scholarship here.
I have to pay more attention to class than anyone else.
Also, I don't really know how to talk to anyone else here.
Do you see those 3 girls?
They like to talk about expensive bags that they just bought
or which country will they go to this summer?
For an international school like this one,
only rich kids go here.
There are not a lot of students on scholarships like me.
I'm fine if you want to leave and talk to someone else.
I know I'm quite boring.
Want a bite? I made this myself.
I want to be your friend, Gorya.
And those girls seem kind of mean.
By the way, do you have any tips for a new student like me?
I do.
You don't know anything about this school, do you?
Not really. I only know what the teacher told me.
Have you ever been bullied at your old school?
Or have you bullied someone else?
If you want to survive this school,
you need to be on your guard first and foremost.
The bullying here is severe.
In this age? At a school like this?
Because it's a school like this one.
The better, safer the school seems,
the more special it is.
At this school, there's a game.
(A new red card has been sent!)
(Let's go.)
(You don't want to miss this.)
The game is judged by the most influential group in the school.
Whoever runs into trouble with them will receive a red card in their locker,
which means that anyone can do whatever they want with this person.
(It's party time.)
(I want to beat up someone.)
They know that they can't do anything serious in front of the camera.
(Don't forget the first rule.)
They have to be as subtle as possible.
(Everything must look like an accident.)
Without evidence,
(The second rule: It never happens.)
Give it back!
How is this possible?
What about the teachers? Can't they do anything?
The teachers? No one dares.
Not even the director.
In the end, the victim is forced to go to an old stadium.
(The last stop is at the abandoned building.)
(The best part.)
(I've been ready for a long time.)
It's the only place without CCTV.
Everyone knows no phones or recordings of any kind are allowed.
Without evidence, they can do anything
in front of those 4 guys,
who are the most influential people in this school.
They are known as
Phupha Komolpetch of Class 6/1.
A top student with a clean record.
Never had any trouble.
You're a teacher's pet.
It's a shame that all that will be ruined
just because you planned to expose what happened in this school.
do you think I'm an idiot?
This red card game is wrong.
No matter how hard you try to cover it up, you can't escape the truth.
Remember this, Thyme.
This evidence will not be lost.
You must have backed it up then.
It will never be lost.
So how has it just been wiped out?
How can you do that, Thyme?
Phupha, for us,
nothing has ever been hard.
Yes, Master.
It's been taken care of.
That's all.
It's too bad.
But you're finished.
You're not done, huh?
I give it three.
Two is enough.
Time it.
What the hell is wrong with you all?
Why would you let F4 force us to play this game?
Open your eyes.
If we work together,
we can stop this game.
You think you're someone?
Can't you see?
Do you think I ordered them to bully you?
Everyone wants to do this.
What are you saying?
Look at the world these days.
It's stuffing.
Those who stand out are in the eyes of the public.
A minor mistake can cost dearly.
That's why they want a release.
They want an outlet.
They want to do what they can't
like those anonymous accounts.
We F4 don't do anything.
We just allow
allow them to have anonymous accounts in real life.
Good luck.
Make sure he gets out alive.
To be honest,
I am disappointed by the world.
The world where everyone is drawn by a shiny shell
ignoring a real problem inside.
Is this a good world?
Is this a world that we want to live in?
What the hell is wrong with this school?
It looks good on the outside but is rotting on the inside.
All the problems are swept under the rug.
Are these quality students? They are jackasses. Jackasses!
Especially F4. They think they're so cool.
All they're good for is bullying and hurting others.
They only care about optics.
The world has gone crazy.
That feels better.
(Maytee O Garden)
stop brooding.
That hurts, Kaning
She's brooding all right.
Is your sugar low?
Want to add more sugar to freshen up?
Tell us what's wrong.
It's the red card again. Uncle Ga.
F4 did it themselves this time.
That poor boy was hurt.
Come here. Have a bite.
Feeling better now?
You know, since you've moved to Kocher,
you look like this every day.
I'm not fine with it.
Get used to it already.
You got crumbs all over your mouth.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I can get used to this horrible stuff.
You can vent your frustration with us.
Seriously, no matter how many times I've heard about the red card,
I can never bring myself to believe it's true.
This F4 that you're talking about
Are they the same F4 that everyone else is talking about?
I look them up and all I see are good things.
People love them.
Hundreds of thousands of people follow them.
The first one,
Thyme – Akira Paramaanantra,
the handsome heir of the Parama Group,
the no.1 real estate company of Thailand.
He's the only son of Roselyn Paramaanantra.
With his cool swag and tons of money,
girls can't help but fall for him.
He's good at sports and school. He's perfect.
He must've bought his way to good grades.
He spends his days playing, not going to classes.
He may be good at sports. He's cruel.
I'm sorry.
I want to know how he spends his day,
how drunk with power he must be
to cover up his crap for this long.
OK, next.
They say any girl who likes to party would know him:
MJ – Methas Jarustiwa and his cool bad-boy look.
His family is one of the largest owners
of entertainment venues and event spaces.
You may bump into him at any well-known posh place.
Not just posh places.
His family does a lot of shady businesses.
He's got men following him around. He's a mafia.
I'm not giving up.
This one. Kavin Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul,
the heir of one of the oldest families in the country.
His family members are high-level government officials,
doing business in Thai goods export.
It seems like he has good taste. He looks expensive.
He looks like a royal.
Stop right there.
This one is a major playboy.
Girls at the school agree he's a player.
I'll be right there.
Sorry, I got to go.
The last one. Ren – Renrawin Aira,
the heir of the no.1 health center in Thailand.
He seems like a handsome, quiet, cold, and mysterious guy.
He looks the most indie of all.
He posts only drawings and scenery. Look.
What about this one?
He seems a bit different from the other F4.
What is this?
We've found the unicorn.
Whatever. The fact that they form a group
and they don't stop one another is wrong.
F4 may seem good, wealthy, and perfect.
But they're the source of all bullying at the school.
Isn't it funny?
You only need to have enough money
to donate to the school to rule it.
It's true.
A bad guy, even if he's handsome
isn't worth my time.
Look, they say F4 comes from Flower Four
as each of them is handsome like 4 different flowers.
There's a fine line between cool and cheesy.
Let's come back to your story, Gorya.
What are you going to do?
stop thinking of doing anything crazy.
I know how you are.
When either Kaning or the shop runs into trouble,
you come and save the day, which is cool.
But not this one.
Influence is more dangerous than you think.
An adult like me knows it all too well.
Believe me.
If no one can ever make a difference,
a nobody like us can't either.
Trust me on this.
If this can't be fixed,
I can just quit.
Today is Gorya's 222nd day in Kocher High School.
I pull out all the stops to celebrate it.
Eat as much as you want.
Your dad wanted to treat us all.
Wait, Gorya.
Why are your shoes so worn out?
How long have they been in this condition?
Don't your friends tease you when you wear them to school?
They are still wearable so I'll keep wearing them.
We should be frugal. We don't come from money.
What? We don't come from money?
We do have money. That's why I bought roast duck.
Don't talk crazy, Dad. How is it possible? Roast duck?
Roast duck rib with rice. All for 19 baht.
Excellent, Dad. You do know how to spend money.
All of you are suffering because of me going to that school.
Who's suffering? We are proud.
A small family like ours can send our daughter to a top school.
The lady next door is shocked.
- We are so proud.
- Very much.
True. I'm not a good student or a good athlete.
I can't be on a scholarship like you.
You're the one thing that I can show off to my friend.
Don't you worry about the expenses.
Books, clothes, or miscellaneous costs may be expensive.
But your mom and I intend to find money to support it.
Why that face?
Problems at school?
A little bit.
Hang in there.
I know your school is nothing like home.
And you worry about the family expenses.
But being at the top school is an entrance to high society
and investing in your future.
We all are willing to sacrifice for you to have a better life.
Most importantly,
attending a top school gives you a chance
to meet and fall in love with a handsome rich guy.
Such a chance is rare.
So close.
I'll stop sulking.
- Let's eat.
- Go.
One, two, three.
Let's dive in.
There's meat here.
Am I that naive?
I honestly thought going to this school would be nothing but beautiful.
You may already know that only a few scholarships are offered at this school,
and that most students who go here are wealthy.
But don't worry you won't belong to the school.
Don't hold on to any statuses,
financial or social.
I believe that the most important thing is we all have the right to dream.
This is our time.
If you believe in yourself and follow your dream,
a bright future awaits you.
Good Luck.
At that time, Mira was a perfect lady in my eyes.
She's the reason I decided to enroll here.
In reality,
it's not at all like what I imagined.
What let me down the most is myself.
Before I know it, I've become one of them too.
Are you watching Mira's clip?
She's the coolest, don't you think?
You know her too?
How can I not?
Mira is my idol.
I decided to go to this school because of her.
Same here.
Is anything bothering you?
You look upset.
Are you thinking about yesterday?
I'm feeling bad too.
That kind of bullying is awful.
I must thank you for warning me.
Otherwise, I may have helped him and got myself in trouble.
Thank you, friend.
How about this?
Let's focus on schoolwork.
Stay quiet and safe until graduation.
Stay quiet and safe for a bright future, like what Mira said.
I have to go. See you.
Is this your way of approaching a guy?
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.
I'll have your shoes cleaned or buy you a new pair.
Buy a new pair?
Do you know what these are?
These are tailor-made in Paris.
Can you buy these?
go easy on her. She's cute.
Thyme, I want to make it up to you.
I'll do whatever it takes just as long as you forgive me.
Whatever it takes?
What would that be?
She can clean your shoes now.
Or lick them.
I wouldn't mind though.
Lick it.
If you do it,
I may forgive you.
Lick it. Lick it. Lick it.
What are you doing?
- Answer me.
- I think it's too much.
What did you just say?
I said, I think it's too much.
You can see my friend didn't mean to.
Can't you forgive her?
Please spare her.
You dare order me around?
I'm not
Sure. Sure.
I forgive your friend,
as per your order.
You misunderstood. I didn't
You're lucky to have such a good friend.
Over many months that I've put my head down in this school
Hundreds of days I keep telling myself to stay quiet until graduation.
But in the end,
I've stepped into the biggest problem of this school.
The problem I hate the most.
But I can't escape it.
(It's started!)
(She's the first girl.)
(How long can she last?)
(She's not going to survive.)
(She's running.)
(Where's she going?)
She can't escape no matter where she goes.
I'm having a headache. May I go to the infirmary?
Thank you.
(Where is she?)
(Someone said she's at the infirmary.)
I'm feeling sick. I've got a terrible headache.
What are you doing?
Nothing. We're just a bit sick.
Get some rest then. Stop playing around.
Come on. We're not playing.
Nothing like that.
Everything's in the locker.
Here she comes.
What the hell?
I don't have problems with you. Why do you listen to those jerks?
are you OK?
You're not being bullied, are you?
Don't worry about me. I can get through this.
I didn't mean to.
Poor her.
I can smell something.
Not sure if it's the musty water or a rotten social pariah.
Must be the latter.
They have all gone crazy.
You know,
this place used to be quiet
until your recent visits.
Aren't you going to dry yourself off?
What are you doing? Let me go.
Ren, have you seen a girl who's soaked?
There's only me here.
Don't you believe me?
Of course we do.
If you want to find a hiding place until after school,
here is pretty quiet as long as you don't shout.
This sucks!
I thought I was going to do something fun at the last stop.
What should we do?
I think we should go home.
Screw it.
Who is it?
(Where could she go?)
(I've been looking all over.)
- Let me go!
- Quiet!
Are you going to quit?
I'll make sure you don't dare to show your face here again.
Smile, Gorya.
Look beautiful, Gorya.
Say cheese.
Are you having fun?
That's enough.
But Thyme
I said, that's enough.
I searched for a new quiet place to take a nap
and here you are yet again.
If you're feeling OK, go home.
You want me to leave now?
This game is over when I quit school.
Those guys said they'd make me quit today.
I can't escape.
If they're gone,
then it's fine, right?
What is this?
And you're safe now, right?
Maybe we should just let her be.
Gorya, when you're ready, come out and talk to me.
Gorya, what's wrong? Why is your door locked?
(This is infuriating. How could they do this?)
(You don't want me to call you for real?)
(Sorry. I need to be alone right now.)
Can you hear us, dear?
Can you hear us?
Gorya, are you all right?
The door is old.
Yes, Dad.
Very old. Very old door. Too bad.
All the men, leave now.
We women will talk.
Come on. Go now.
- What, Mom?
- Come on. Go now.
Let me handle this.
Hi, dear.
What's wrong? What's bothering you?
Problem at school.
What kind of problem, can you tell me?
I'm tired.
I want to go to a regular school.
You don't sound like my daughter.
My daughter is tough.
Gorya, you've been strong.
You've been tough.
Any problems or obstacles, big or small,
you've overcome it all.
The future is in your hand.
Hang in there.
Be strong.
And you will get through this one too.
Make it your mantra. It's your chance.
Handsome rich guys.
Handsome rich guys.
This is really important to you, huh?
Gorya, I was joking. Don't take it seriously.
But you take this rich thing seriously.
For me, being wealthy can't buy you everything.
It can't buy you everything.
But it's better than what we are now, trust me.
you just want to have a rich kid, huh?
If being rich means ending up like those people,
I'd rather be poor.
don't you want to join me and have some fun?
Are you still reading the news about Ren?
Of course. What's gotten to him?
It's been shared by lots of people.
He made quite a mess.
The whole school must be flooded.
How much does he have to pay for the damage?
I don't know. Just a few millions, I guess.
pay attention to me for a change.
Want a bite?
Are you going to feed me?
I'm so sorry. Sorry.
No, please don't. I'm sorry.
Is your brain good for anything other than just sitting there?
If not this, she wouldn't quit.
Didn't you tell me to do it?
Did I ever teach you to do such a stupid thing?
Please don't. You'll kill him.
There are other ways. Why didn't you do those?
Take it easy.
Look at them. What they did was pathetic.
And what's up with Ren?
It's none of his business.
Why would he help her?
Ren, huh?
He messed the school up because of this.
you've gone too far, Thyme.
You've never given a red card to any girl.
She's just a little girl.
You know that you've gone too far this time, right?
Right, Kavin?
Mr. Thyme,
Madame has arrived back from Singapore.
Please get ready.
When it comes to your enemy,
there's no such thing as going too far, pal.
You were all quiet, Kavin.
Didn't care to help me there?
There's no use talking to him.
Even though I agree with you,
have you seen anyone who can stop him?
You know all too well that the Parama family is more special than others.
I'll stay here for 3 days this time.
Yupin, please make sure everything in the house is in order.
Yes, ma'am.
What are you doing?
Just reading the news.
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
I'll take care of it right away.
Find someone new in time for tomorrow morning.
Yes, ma'am.
I heard you had problems at school again.
It's quite frequent lately.
Not a big deal. I can manage.
Frequent problems mean there're internal waves.
I don't care what kind of game you create for fun at school.
But remember the Paramaanantras have always run a tight ship.
If you can't rule a school
you won't be able to control anything when you grow up.
Do you know what is the worst thing for people on top?
The higher you are, the colder it gets that sort of thing?
Sure, but that's not it.
It's the pressure.
When you're on higher ground, the atmospheric pressure is thin.
That's when you really feel the internal pressure.
Do you know what that means?
You think you're so cool driving like that?
You got famous parents or something?
It means the higher you are,
the more uncomfortable you feel inside.
It's life.
The more prestigious the family you're born into,
the more perfect you have to be.
When you're perfect,
you feel squeezed in.
As time passes by,
that person keeps getting more and more distorted.
Isn't that sad?
When you're sitting on top,
no one from a lower class can change you.
Are you talking about yourself?
No. My family doesn't teach me to be that way.
My family teaches me to appreciate beautiful things.
Geez, very smooth.
Let's get on with our drinking.
Give me the tape.
Where do you want it?
Make sure there's no bubble.
Here it is.
Beautiful. Moving on to this bit.
What are you doing?
Nothing. We're not doing anything.
I was just helping Dad.
Since you're here, have a seat.
What is this? Did you get me a present?
A present, yes. But I didn't get it.
Your mom did.
These shoes
your mom spent her savings to buy you these.
She was going to give them to you earlier,
but then things happened.
Try them on.
This side. There's a tag.
Listen to me, Gorya.
She's known all along that you're uncomfortable at the new school.
But you know, your mom believes in horoscopes.
She said you faced this trouble because you're wearing old shoes.
Bad shoes take you to bad places.
The funny thing is your mom complained to me
we could barely afford a pair of nice shoes.
How can people like us go to any good places?
In this country at this time,
financial status is everything.
But I think we don't need to be wealthy.
If we could do a bit better and you're happy,
that'd be enough.
Hang in there a bit longer.
Your mom and I can only give you this much right now.
But I believe that this thing about the school giving you a hard time
these shoes will take you to a good place that may be hidden
until you find it.
Keep calm and walk on?
I'll walk on.
Oh, there she is.
Mom, don't hide anymore. Come here.
How long have you been standing there?
Let me put your name on it so you won't lose it.
What is that? Why didn't you write my name?
Are those falling stars?
Not falling stars. It's grass flowers.
You didn't get it. Look again.
Here they are.
He's got skills.
Let's take a selfie.
Sure thing.
Selfie with the shoes.
Where are the shoes?
How do we do this?
Although going to this school makes my life more complicated and difficult,
my family's support will sustain me
and get me through this school as a regular kid until I graduate.
What are you doing?
(We need to close this job today.)
(Can't let Gorya go so easily. The game isn't over.)
(She's coming.)
(What a silly girl.)
Give it back.
(Take her to the last stop.)
(Go, go, go.)
(She's sure going to quit today!)
Stop. I'm telling you, stop!
Give it back.
Stop. I'm telling you, stop!
I'm bored.
What are you playing at?
Isn't this trash?
Why are you playing with it?
Trash needs to be disposed of and placed correctly.
You get it now, right?
Things that are not placed correctly need to be disposed of.
It's an eyesore.
Are you going to wear that trash
What are you doing?
What you want to see is me giving up, right?
That's enough.
From now on,
I'll fight whatever you do.
I'll never give up, not to you.
Though not many, people are starting to resist us.
We want to apologize to you.
There's only one thing Ren cares about these days.
I think he's different.
Let's get out of here.
I've seen a clip of you fighting Thyme.
You may be able to change what I haven't been able to.
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