F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Second Impact

What the hell is wrong with this school?
These shoes your mom spent her savings to buy you these.
I'll never give up, not to you.
Thyme has been attacked! Thyme has been attacked!
Record this.
Can we?
Sure we can. Just hit record.
Students, what are you doing?
(Gorya has gone insane.)
(How dare she! She should be arrested. This is assault.)
(She deserves what's coming for her that's 10 times worse.)
(Lower your confidence and have respect for F4, Gorya.)
(You're done, Gorya.)
(Serves her right!)
(Getting expelled is a punishment too small for what she did.)
(Poor Thyme. How could she!)
(How are F4 doing now? They must be very upset.)
Hello, Kavin.
It's been a long time. Have you missed us?
Of course. I wish 8 p.m. comes soon so I can see you.
Who do you want to see?
Both of you.
I want to take care of both of you.
Or I can bring my friend along.
I'm here with Ren.
Ren, say hi to the girls. They want to see us.
Hello, Ren.
Ren! You do this again. Again.
You're taking this too lightly.
The clip of Thyme being kicked has been shared widely.
(Thyme getting kicked.)
The clip only shows Thyme being kicked,
not when he's messing with her.
In the end, people will attack that stupid girl, Gorya.
Look carefully.
(Gorya is freaking awesome. She did what I wanted to do for so long.)
Though not many, people are starting to resist us.
You know how a resistance movement starts from a small thing like this.
So? Thyme can manage this anyway.
That's what I'm worried about.
Look, I haven't been able to contact him.
I have no idea how Thyme is going to handle this.
Ren, what do you think?
How do you say "how are you?" in French?
(I'm going to be late for school today.)
What? Let go!
(I'm going to be late for school today.)
(I've got something to take care of.)
Please wait here a moment.
Excuse me
Like it?
Hey you,
why did you take me here and do this?
Would it hurt you to smile? You're ruining my dress.
It costs me 5 million baht to work on you.
5 million?!?
Spa, makeup, hair styling, and the dress – that's 1 million.
The diamond bracelet, ring, and necklace are worth 4 million.
5 million in total.
Oh, there's this too. So it's 10 million.
With the makeover, it wouldn't be right to take the bus to school.
How do you know I take the bus to school?
I know way more than that.
Did you put a tail on me? What do you want?
I want your apology.
You must record a clip of you apologizing to me
for having the nerve to openly announce your defiance against me.
Tell everyone you made a mistake standing up against F4.
And you'll get all these things.
Don't take too long to think. These are nice things
that you may never be able to afford in this lifetime.
Take it. If you don't accept it now,
I don't know what those kids at the school will do to you.
Record the clip and you'll get a happy ending.
I don't get it.
If you want me to apologize,
you don't need to give me all these things.
I have compassion.
You actually feel guilty deep down.
That's why you give me all this stuff
and try to negotiate.
You're not making sense.
But instead of apologizing to me, you do this?
You're not fixing the problem the right way.
I'm not fixing the problem the right way?
Are you crazy? I'm just trying to do a quid.
Quid p
How does the saying in Thai go?
- Quid pro
- Quo.
Are you stupid or stupid?
I'm not that fluent in Thai.
Just record the clip and take these things. Why are you making it hard?
I don't want them. You can have them back.
No, record the clip.
Take them back.
I don't want these things.
And remember no matter how much money you spend,
you can never buy me.
If I had these beautiful things but no integrity,
I'd rather take the bus and be proud of myself.
I will never like these things.
Remember this and take them back.
What the hell are you saying? You're not making sense.
These are nice things so take them. Why are you making it so hard?
Don't lie and say you don't like them.
Record the clip now! Stop!
Let go!
Take the key!
Gorya, where are you going? Take these things.
Gorya! Stop right now!
Do not follow me.
Where am I going?
What is this place?
Too big.
What kind of house is this? So complicated.
Where is my bag?
Where are you going?
Let go of me!
How much would it cost for you to apologize to me?
15 million? 20 million?
Stop being a lunatic, you jerk.
- What did you just call me?
- Jerk.
- Call me P'Thyme.
- Why would I call you that? You're acting like a jerk.
I wouldn't call you that. Let go!
What are you two doing?
Handle it.
Please follow me this way.
Let go of me!
I told you I can walk out of here on my own.
Can't they just kick me out politely?
People in this house have bad manners.
Did I make a bad choice standing up against these people?
Dry grass maybe.
(Rotten grass.)
(No integrity but wants a rich husband.)
Who wrote all this? I feel bad for the person being bullied.
But if she can't take it
(Just quit school.)
How can you do this?
How can I teach with this writing on the board?
Go and take a seat. Go.
Time to split.
How come the chair is fallen over?
Pick it up.
(That weed girl from class B created a scene with F4 because she wanted a guy. The end!)
(True. Someone said her father sold his kidney to pay for his daughter's tuition fee because he wanted a rich son-in-law.)
(I heard she's rotten. She's been with more than 10 guys.)
(They said she had an abortion because she didn't know who the father was.)
- (Guys, is she in this chat group?)
- (So?)
(Why don't we just ask her?)
(How many times have you had an abortion?)
May I go to the restroom?
I'm feeling sick. I must have morning sickness.
Jerks! Fake news.
So? What if I've been with 10 guys and got pregnant?
It's my business. It's a modern age.
What kind of person shouting out this stuff from the rooftop?
You're strange.
Oh well. Even someone like Thyme got kicked by you.
I was caught in the moment.
P'Ren, I haven't thanked you for the other day at the storage room.
Thank you.
Let me ask you something.
If you flew from France at 5 a.m.,
what time would you arrive in Thailand?
You have to work out the time difference.
I don't have my phone with me.
Never mind.
Why did you ask?
I just wanted to know.
How did Gorya end up hanging out with Ren?
They look pretty close.
Thailand time is 6 hours ahead of France.
It takes 11 hours to get here.
If you leave France at 5 a.m.,
you'll arrive in Thailand at
What are you doing?
Just working out the time.
Ren asked me a question.
That guy who helped you the other day.
So? Is he not F4?
He is but
I don't think he's like the others.
I don't know
The way he thinks is different.
Be careful but I trust your senses.
Maybe he may end up being the prince
who gives a kiss to a common girl.
- What kiss?
- Who gives a kiss to a common girl.
I'm not you and that Tesla guy.
I heard you've kissed.
What are you talking about?
What are you guys are talking about? A kiss?
Guys, you can't joke about this stuff.
I mind that.
The first kiss
is very crucial for you girls.
You mind about kisses, Uncle Ga?
Of course. It may sound old-fashioned.
But the first kiss is so important.
Because there can only be one.
And the first time you kiss will change your whole world.
It will be so satisfying. It will
Have you had your first kiss?
Not yet.
Wait. How did we get into this topic?
How about that red card thing of yours? Has it been sorted?
It's not but
is that your friend?
You know,
I used to wonder when there's bullying at the school,
why no one dares to help the victim.
But when it happened to me, that's when I understood.
You stepped in and helped me.
But when it's my time I froze.
It took guts to kick Thyme like that.
A weak person like me can't even support you.
You must be mad at me, Gorya.
Are you hungry, Hana?
Do you remember the other day you said
you wanted us to stay quiet until graduation?
I agree.
It's good you didn't help me.
Otherwise, you'd be in a lot of trouble.
Your caring about me is enough to make me happy.
Thank you.
The red card thing
It's best for me to fight alone.
You can support me quietly.
That's more than enough.
I'll sign up for anonymous accounts to protect you online, Gorya.
How about 100 accounts?
How about 101 accounts?
She can have you arrested.
She can file a report but I can make it go away.
Crap, too difficult. I'm done.
Are you frustrated with the game or Gorya?
Why would I be frustrated?
Someone like me doesn't need to care about that chick.
If you didn't, why would you kidnap her?
But she's weird. She doesn't like expensive stuff.
And she even yelled at you.
No. I think it's something he said that rubbed her the wrong way.
You think so low of me, MJ.
When I do something, I've got fitness.
You think so low of me, MJ.
When I do something, I've got fitness.
But you should be careful.
If your sister found out you kidnapped someone, you'd be in trouble, right?
I agree with him, Thyme.
Seriously, isn't it time to cancel the red card?
I insist that you've gone too far this time.
You know that, right?
You know that if you let it keep going like this,
this thing will blow out of proportion.
Trust me, it's not too late to turn back now.
Where are you going?
To see Ren. You guys are annoying.
Do you know where he is?
Just leave me be.
Even if he finds Ren, Ren wouldn't give a damn.
True. There's only one thing that Ren cares about now.
Please hold this for me for a sec. I'll be back.
What are you doing here?
You again.
10 p.m.
France is 6 hours apart from Thailand.
If you leave France at 5 a.m., you'll get here at 10 p.m.
You actually worked that out.
Do you know Mira?
I admire her very much.
She's one of the reasons I go to this school.
She's beautiful. She's talented. She's perfect all around.
I'd like to be like her.
Did you just drink milk?
Oh, soy milk.
I just drank it a second ago.
Did you think I was about to kiss you?
But the first kiss is so important.
Because there can only be one.
Don't lie.
I should go. My friend is waiting.
See you.
Let's go.
Where were you, Gorya? The mosquitoes were eating me alive.
She's that girl.
(Hana: Let's sneak out and have lunch together.)
(Gorya: OK.)
(The new red card has been given.)
I want to know what a beautiful girl would look like with no hair.
Hana, are you OK?
Why are you doing this? Hana has nothing to do with it.
Your enemy is me. You take it out on me.
Best friends have each other's back.
Let's give it to them.
I will let your friend go if you shave your own hair.
Or you can give in.
Best friend! Best friend! Best friend!
You are just a spoiled rich brat.
You got your answer wrong yesterday.
It's 9 p.m.
They adjusted the time.
France and Thailand are only 5 hours apart this month.
I'm almost late because of you.
I'm sorry.
Everyone, it's over.
Let's go.
After a big wave came crashing, the sea is now calm
because of Ren.
I don't know why he helped me.
But without him, the sea may have been more treacherous.
I just hope that
there will be no second wave.
But I never would've thought,
(Don't give up. #TeamGorya)
the wind would change its direction.
(I want a friend like her. #TeamGorya.)
We're sorry.
I misunderstood you earlier.
I thought you wanted to shine.
But I could see yesterday that you wanted to help your friend.
You know, the whole school thinks you're a hero.
For all the time we bullied you,
we did it because we didn't want any trouble with F4.
But you showed us that we could make a change.
Can you please forgive us?
So we can be friends now.
Now we will rise against F4 together.
Why don't we create anonymous accounts to expose F4?
We already have some.
I want to follow them all.
It's good that you have them. Show me.
Great minds think alike.
Are you free tomorrow? Want to party with us?
What kind of party?
A party to welcome back Mira. You know her, right?
She's coming back from France tomorrow.
But I've never been to such a party before.
I don't think I have a dress for it.
That's fine.
It's a small party. You can wear any regular clothes.
Please. Come with us, both of you.
Or you can invite anyone to join.
Please. May I add you on Line so I can text you the time and place.
Go. This is Mira's party.
You adore her, don't you?
The situation at school has improved.
This is your chance to make new friends.
Hana said she couldn't come.
If I go, I'll surely see F4.
That's OK. You have your friends and Ren.
What does Ren have to do with anything?
If anyone can join, I can accompany you.
But you really should go.
Fine, I'll go.
How long have you been eavesdropping?
Since we learned you'd been invited to the party.
Isn't this a big event?
It surely is. That's not even a question.
Oh, my. I need to find you a beautiful dress.
Let me dig through the closet.
Come on, I need a minute to go through the closet.
Easy, dear.
Come on.
What's the fuss about?
Stop. I'll find you a dress.
Glakao, did you find what I asked you to?
Sure thing, Boss.
How to look sweet and expensive with makeup.
It should be a soft peach tone.
This one and this one.
Your body smell is also important.
Good smell can make you feel confident in every situation.
Do we have such an item?
Of course we do. Here it is.
As for the dress, here it is.
Mom, may I take a picture and post it on IG?
Don't take a picture.
Our daughter is going to a party, not a traditional musical performance.
What are you talking about?
You wore this to see a dramatic performance with me.
It's got to be this one. You mix and match.
Here it is. Mix and match.
Beautiful and expensive.
These are different patterns.
That's how a rich girl dresses.
The top can be one pattern, the bottom can be an aminal print.
Stop it. You don't have to go so big.
My friends said it's a small party. I can wear my regular clothes.
Don't think you're going to a small event.
This could be your only chance.
The rich guy thing again.
Why would you say that, Glakao?
You had it coming.
Dear, we don't need to care about rich guys.
But I just want to say that every time you go to a party,
there's a chance to meet the nice prince of your dreams.
Isn't it better to dress nice and look nice?
Isn't it better to dress nice and look nice?
Come on, I'll find you a dress.
A new dress. Glakao, come here.
Help me pick what a teenager wears.
A teenager may wear anything for a blouse.
But the skirt has to be tiger print.
The prince of my dreams?
What are you smiling about?
What? Nothing
I was laughing at Dad.
Which dress would you pick?
Show me more dresses.
Let me make it up to you.
How about I buy you a dinner tonight?
I can speak Thai.
In that case, come out with us tonight.
Our treat.
Yes, the place is nearby.
So what's it going to be?
Are you coming?
When is she coming? I've been waiting a long time.
Can we yell at someone?
Thyme, you've scared the chicks away.
Why are you so frustrated?
Still mad at Ren?
I'm not mad.
Look at him. Lonesome.
Not as bad as this one. Much more lonesome.
I missed you so bad.
I missed you too.
It's been a long time. Have you gotten cuter?
Don't tease me.
Why are you late?
The flight was a bit delayed. Don't be mad.
I really missed you.
And I missed all you rascals.
Give me a hug.
I missed you so much. It's been a while.
Did you start any trouble while I was gone?
Ren's good at stopping it.
Don't care about these two.
Let's focus on you.
Did you make any guy fall in love over there?
She's so beautiful. That's not even a question.
Stop it. You should be the one telling me if you have a girlfriend.
You do.
You do.
I've figured out these two.
What about you? Do you have a girlfriend?
You've been keeping to yourself and drawing.
Why don't you go out and meet people?
Like you modeling?
Sometimes meeting too many people can be a bad thing.
Someone's jealous.
I may meet a lot of people
but no one knows me like you do.
You haven't answered me.
Has someone pursued you?
Come here, I've got something to tell you.
Get this.
I'm not telling you.
I missed you.
Wow, so extravagant.
Do people actually live in it? I thought this only happens in a TV show.
That's an overstatement.
So big. How many people live here?
Will we see Mira?
Does this feel a bit strange?
Here she comes.
Gorya, say hi to everyone in your most exquisite dress.
I will post the clip. What should be the caption?
What should it be?
I will post the clip. What should be the caption?
What should it be?
How about this?
Said she'd fight F4, but end up following them around.
# LiarSpotted.
Did you trick me into wearing something plain?
So you've been playing me all this time.
We are friends. Why would I pick on you?
(Whoever roots for Gorya, put your hands up. #TeamGorya)
Do you get off doing something like this?
Let's go, Gorya.
There's no use fighting with people like them.
Come on.
We haven't even finished our convo and you're running toward F4?
Keep your cool.
People can see right through you.
How did it turn out this way?
She's holding a plate.
Did she think you're a waitress?
How sad.
Let me ask you something.
Why do you have to be so mean?
Here it is. She's playing a victim as usual.
Don't think we're not onto you.
When you announced your stance against F4,
you created anonymous accounts to get people on your side.
Sorry. We have all of your fake accounts.
Don't worry, Gorya.
I can spin the narrative and no one will support you anymore.
What do you want?
I want you to know your place.
You and we are in different classes.
Don't think I can't see right through you.
You make it look like you fight for something.
But in fact you just want Ren's attention.
We saw you making a move on Ren.
Seriously, there's no use.
He's got someone who's far more deserving.
Look over there.
See for yourself.
Why does it have to be red heels?
People say Ren's going out with Mira.
Do you think you can match her?
Your world and ours are different.
You can't change that.
Know your place, waitress.
Oops, sorry. We didn't mean to.
Take this. You've got stain all over.
Thank you.
What's happening?
That was an accident.
I haven't seen you in a while. You're even more beautiful.
I appreciate you coming to my party.
Let's celebrate together.
Let's get out of here.
Ren, please help!
I'm sorry.
Why did you help me?
Are you Gorya?
Ren talks to me a lot about you.
For all the time we've known each other,
Ren has never talked to me about any girl before.
He may feel something for you.
No. How can he feel anything for me?
Isn't he your boyfriend?
Me and Ren? Where did you hear that from?
It's what people say.
And I'm not right for him.
Gorya, I know you may never trust people like us.
But don't you say you're not right for anything
in terms of financial status or heritage.
No one should feel they're not right for anyone because of it,
especially you.
Please let me come upstairs.
You can't.
But my friend is upstairs.
If Ms. Mira doesn't allow it, I cannot let you go.
Please understand.
Please let me go up just for a second.
I can't.
Excuse me, this is my sister.
Let me handle it.
- Come on.
- Where are we going?
- Let's talk outside.
- Let go of me.
I need to see Gorya.
Let go of me.
Are you planning to mess up the party, chipmunk?
Are you Kavin?
My name is Kaning, not chipmunk.
I don't want to see Gorya in this kind of place.
Calm down. We're looking after her.
Looking after?
You mean pretend like nothing happens as you always do.
Look, when a problem occurs, you can erase it just like that.
People support you in everything you do.
Look at Gorya. Is there anyone standing beside her?
In the end, no one is on her side.
You all are alike.
So you don't trust us.
Is there anything that we can trust people like F4 on?
How about this? You don't need to trust us.
At least, have faith in your friend.
Your friend is cool, isn't she?
I've seen a clip of you fighting Thyme.
I think it's so cool.
What are you doing?
(So damn awesome.)
I've known Thyme for a long time.
I haven't had the guts to do anything like that.
I should say
even though I have the guts, I can't do anything.
You know something?
A good life can lack freedom
like a bird in a beautiful cage.
Since I met you, I feel like doing something crazy.
You may be able to change what I haven't been able to.
So I want to see that face that flashed up when you fought Thyme again.
How about these shoes?
Please no. Shoes this expensive are not right for me.
I told you, there's no such thing as "not right for".
Picking out shoes is very important.
Have you heard a saying that goes "good shoes will take to good places,"?
These shoes will take you to a good place that may be hidden
until you find it.
My dad said something like that.
Are you ready to go to a good place?
No need to be shy.
Go downstairs.
This looks right for you.
You mean this dress? I think
I mean your facial expression.
Take them back. I will never like these things.
Are you ready to go to a good place?
Ren, what the hell are you doing?
I gave this girl a red card.
Why do you keep helping her?
What do you want, Ren?
Come on, Thyme. Come on.
Gorya is so sweet. Don't you like her?
It's none of your business. Stay out of it.
Take it easy.
If you have a problem, clear it with me.
Mira has nothing to do with it.
Clear it with you, Ren. Sure.
Clear it with you.
Oh my god!
You just kissed me.
Is this Thyme's first kiss?
Chipmunk, your friend is cooler than I thought.
I think Ren knows that kiss was an accident.
Are you OK?
I know now what Gorya is like.
What are you doing here?
What is he thinking?
I think everything is undergoing a big change.
I think things will not be the same.
Ren, I have something important to tell you.
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