F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Paper Plane

Ren, what the hell are you doing?
I gave this girl a red card.
Why do you keep helping her?
If you flew from France at 5 a.m.,
what time would you arrive in Thailand?
You got your answer wrong yesterday.
You know Mira?
I'd like to be like her.
Have you heard a saying that goes "good shoes will take to good places,"?
Stop, Potjanee.
Let go of me.
No, not until you hear me out about yesterday.
A devilish man like you will charm me into submission.
Get out of my life.
She talks a big game, but she'll end up with him.
They have a big fight. How can they end up together?
Well, if you want a classic trope, it's fall and kiss.
Like it's an accidental fall.
There's nothing accidental about it.
You can see on their faces that they're in love. See?
The fall is just an excuse.
What are the chances of someone falling on top of someone
and their mouths touching?
There's no way.
Speaking of which.
The golden moment. The golden moment.
There you go.
See, dear? You can see on their faces that it's intentional.
It's intentional.
It's intentional.
It's not intentional.
She's into it way too much.
It's intentional.
That girl intended to kiss me.
He seems to enjoy the yogurt way too much.
I agree.
It's all over your mouth. You're a messy eater, Thyme.
He's lost all his cool.
It's been a while, Thyme. Haven't you lost that rush?
Oh, I forgot. That was Thyme's first kiss.
It totally wasn't. Nonsense.
If it wasn't, where was your first kiss?
Yeah where?
It's none of your business. You don't need to know.
Don't mind that. Let's talk about what's important.
Now I know what kind of person Gorya is.
What kind of person is she?
She's a hypocrite.
She says she doesn't like something, but she does.
She doesn't use expensive things and takes the bus.
But she wants me to approach her.
This kind of person is easy to handle.
She's in the palm of my hand.
It's good that you know what Gorya is like.
But do you know how you're going to talk to Ren?
You've been at odds for too long.
I'm sick of it.
Aren't you going to apologize to him?
He should be apologizing to me. Why should I apologize to him?
Tell him if he doesn't apologize, don't expect us to talk in this lifetime.
(Guys, it seems like #F4 are having a fight.)
(That's what I heard too.)
(Only three of them are together today.)
(Sources say Ren and Thyme like the same girl #F4breakingup)
(Hot topic of gossip at the school #F4breakingup)
Ren, have you seen this? Your fans are saying you're fighting.
That was a few days ago.
It's been a while. I haven't seen you back with your crew.
You fight like children.
Are you waiting for Thyme to make the first move?
You know that Thyme doesn't do that.
As children, I was always the one who went to him to make up.
We've grown . He should have figured it out.
So if you guys didn't talk again for the rest of your life,
would you be OK with that?
I'd be OK.
Have you given any thoughts on what you'll do after graduation?
You think about a future too?
If it's your future, I'm interested.
Interested how?
You have everything.
You can do everything,
business, modeling, advertising.
Whatever you choose, I'm ready to watch and support you.
What if all the options I have are not something I want?
What if everything I have is not the future I want?
What do you mean?
I have something important to tell you.
Are you still upset about that?
Ren must've known the kiss was an accident.
I wasn't thinking about Ren.
How many years have we been friends?
No, that kiss was one thing.
I'm just worried about him.
I've never seen them fight like this before.
And I was in the middle of it.
If you're worried about him, talk to him.
There's no point being all upset in your head.
This can be your chance to clear the air about the kiss.
What can I do? I'm not that close to him.
Find another topic as an opener and then come to this subject.
Find something to talk like
the handkerchief.
He gave you his handkerchief, didn't he?
Use this opportunity to return his handkerchief.
You'll have something to talk to Ren about.
What are you playing?
What? Are you still afraid of us?
We're not Thyme. We don't bite.
We're just passing through.
What about you? Sulking at the fire escape for hours.
Did you see that?
I can show you. Standing still like a mannequin.
Did you come to see Ren?
He's ditching school today.
I just saw Mira posting about him coming over to her house.
You can check it out. He should still be there.
But are you sure you'll go?
Be careful. You may see some glaring images.
I just want to return something to him.
Did I make a right decision to come here?
Ren, hear me out.
Ren, listen.
You can always visit me if I'm over there.
You know it's not the same.
How is it not the same? Be reasonable, Ren.
Reasonable? You're about to give up everything you've built
and live a life without a care to anyone. Is this reasonable?
It's not that I don't care.
But what I choose will be beneficial to lots of people.
You can do it from here too.
There are many ways.
Ren, I've made up mind to live in France and follow my dream.
It's very important to me.
Otherwise, I wouldn't leave home to live as an ordinary girl.
I've found the future I want.
I know that the world I've experienced is not it.
Please understand me, Ren.
But the world you're about to leave behind has me in it.
You've made a decision to leave everything,
including my future with you.
Big news in Thailand's business scene today.
Mira - Renita Asavarattanakul, a model and socialite from a famous family,
made a sudden decision to leave the comfort of her home in Thailand.
Find out more in this interview clip.
I'm going to France this time to follow my dream.
To be a human rights lawyer?
My family opposed it. They wanted to me study business law.
But I thought it through and asked myself,
"How can I be happy when people in Thailand and across the world
do not receive justice as human beings?"
That's why I want to support and push forward this agenda.
In the end, my family has come to an understanding.
Yes, I plan to stay there for a long period.
She's a real-life fallen angel.
From a perfect life
Hey, I don't get Mira.
What is she thinking?
But I think it's so awesome
for her to do such a brave thing.
I think I should arrange another congratulations bouquet
to congratulate Gorya.
Congratulate me on what?
Don't you think it's a good opportunity now that Mira's gone?
Ren, who's your crush, will be available.
How did you draw that conclusion?
If you don't believe me, it's your business.
But if you don't act soon, someone will snatch that fine hunk.
I'm sure the eyes of all the girls at the school are sparkling right now.
Such a rare opportunity doesn't come often.
(Been waiting for so long, Ren.)
(I know I can't replace Mira. But I can be Ren's new love.)
(Ren is single? All the girls, get in line.)
A good opportunity?
What are you doing here?
Taking the bus to school. Haven't you tried it?
Don't be a wisecracker.
Why aren't you driving in your own car?
Why are you taking the bus?
Are you insane?
Who's insane?
I just wanted to try new things.
This bus happened to pass by so I got on.
Why? Can't I do a simple thing?
A simple thing?
Where's everyone else on the bus?
This bus is usually very crowded.
It's usually crowded.
Fine, I bought it.
Why, I've got money so I can spend it however I want it.
If I want to live like a secluse, it's my business.
Good thing I'm in a good mood.
I won't mind if you catch a ride with me.
You can tag along
Recluse not secluse!
Why do you have to go so big?
It's nonsense.
For someone to wait for a bus to come,
do you know how long they have to wait?
What's with you?
I can do whatever I want. So what if I bought it?
Go closer to the bus in front.
What? Other people can take another bus.
Why are you so selfish? I can't stand it any longer.
What's with you?
Step back.
I gave you luxurious things and you turned them down.
I give you simpler things and you won't take. What is it going to be?
Not like this. A rich guy like you doesn't get it.
Please pull over.
Do not pull over.
We don't pull over between stops anyway.
Pull over at the next stop then.
Do not.
Why are you so stubborn?
Step back!
They said they wouldn't pull over. Stop ringing the bell.
What's happening?
What kind of driver are you?
Someone cut us off, sir.
Open the door now.
Gorya, where are you going?
Gorya, stop it. Gorya, stop.
What the hell?
No way!
Why didn't you tell me you're coming?
If I'd told you, I wouldn't have got a chance
to take special care of my beloved brother.
You call kicking me in the chest 'taking care'?
You, ask yourself what kind of sick game you're playing.
Look, this cute girl is shivering in fear.
Don't worry. I'll give you a lift.
Tia, why are you messing
Shut up!
Wait here.
Let's go. You can trust me.
It's OK.
Don't worry. You can trust me.
Think of this as my apology. OK?
You are Gorya, right?
Pleasure to meet you.
Here's my name card.
You can contact me with anything.
I've never seen my brother chasing after a girl before.
Hang in there.
Please take Miss Gorya to school.
I think we should talk.
Please, miss.
Gorya, whose car is this?
Tia's. She's Thyme's sister.
That Tia.
That's nice.
There's nothing nice about it.
It's total chaos. All because of Thyme.
Let's go. People are watching.
Hana, come on.
Thyme, it's not that I don't know what you've been doing.
But it's not right. You know that, right?
Yeah, I know.
I believe that deep down you're not a bad person.
But you can be a better person.
'A better person'.
As a Paramaanatra, have we ever cared about that word?
So why didn't you tell me you're back?
I told you. I'm here to look after you.
How about the truth?
I've got an urgent task.
Mom asked me to come back to sort it out.
Something big is coming to Paramaanantra.
That big, huh?
Mom is moving to Phase Two.
From this moment onwards,
Parama Group wil be transforming to welcome the new era.
This, will be a greater than any of our previous projects.
And starting this quarter,
we'll be expanding ourterritory to across Asia,
with Singapore being the first.
We will do whatever it takes.
And we will not cease
until we have achieve every milestone.
And when that day comes,
we shall celebrate our success together.
Thank you.
Everything is undergoing a great change.
Things won't be the same.
You too. It's time for you to grow up.
The days when you're just playing for fun are winding down.
I know.
I know that my teenage days are running out.
For a life that seems so familiar
comes a day that will change everything.
I know that we have to grow up and step into a new world.
Let's go somewhere quiet and find something fun to do.
In the end, you have to face it
and accept it.
It may take some time, but don't you worry.
I'll make it.
You may have grown up a bit.
Is it because of Gorya?
I'm not giving up on you.
Guys, come and play.
What are you waiting for?
Hey, come on. Come on.
Glakao, a person can hope, right?
Of course.
I'm not giving up on you.
I wish to see Ren tomorrow.
What am I hoping for?
I heard you came here every day.
What's up?
Are you OK? About Mira
When I was young,
I was very weak.
So weak I couldn't do crazy things like the other three.
But when I knew Mira, she asked me to play with them.
She took care of me.
She made sure everything was adjusted to suit me.
So I'm very close to her.
So close that whatever she does or speaks,
I understand them all.
And I know one of her bad habits is that
if she makes up her mind about something,
there's nothing you can say to change it.
I've always known
that this day would come.
I've been fooling myself all this time.
I've pictured having Mira by my side forever.
But it's time to move on.
It's over. There's nothing I can do.
Are you sure?
That's life.
Don't you think it's a good opportunity now that Mira's gone?
Ren will be available.
What's wrong?
You look like you won't ever see Mira again.
Oh, she said she wanted to see you.
She has a gift for you.
Do you want to see her?
(I don't want you to go.)
(Don't want you to leave but good luck.)
Here's your delivery.
Thanks, Ren.
I'll go see your mother.
Ren has told you I've got something for you, hasn't he?
Wait a moment.
Did you cut your hair?
Yes. It's my way of telling myself there's no going back.
It doesn't look funny, right?
I think these suit you very well. Here you are.
I can't.
I won't wear them when I'm there.
I'd rather leave them with a person who could use them.
And it's my wish for you to go to good places.
You remember that, right?
Good shoes will take you to good places.
Let me grab a bag for you.
If you flew from France at 5 a.m.,
what time would you arrive in Thailand?
Don't you think it's a good opportunity now that Mira's gone?
Ren, who's your crush, will be available.
A person can hope, right?
Of course.
Such a rare opportunity doesn't come often.
It's over. It's time to move on.
There's nothing I can do.
What's that?
Mira, I know it may sound stupid, but I have to tell you.
Please don't go to France.
Wait, Gorya.
Why are you stopping me?
Because I don't want you to go.
None of us wants you to go,
especially Ren.
I know that you have a dream.
But being here doesn't limit you from reaching that dream.
I'm sorry,
but I've made up my mind.
But deep down,
you don't want to leave Ren, do you?
You know, since the first I met Ren,
he'd been waiting for you to come back.
And when I see these pictures
I've never seen him smile like this to anyone beside you.
The smile is yours.
If you're gone, what would he do?
Please, I'm begging you, please don't go.
I know it's too much to ask and so selfish.
But I don't want Ren's smile to disappear.
Gorya, you know what?
I love that smile on Ren's face too.
But what I'm about to do
will make a lot of people smile.
I know my decision will hurt many people,
including Ren.
But I believe he's strong enough.
The important thing is a lot of people
are waiting for me to make them smile.
You understand me, don't you?
I'm sorry and I thank you.
I made the decision because of you.
I saw your strength.
You made me believe
that I can live such an awesome life too.
Look, while other girls are happy about Ren,
you're the only one who stops me.
And I know I can see how much you like Ren.
You are so special, Gorya.
Keep this strength with you.
Don't avert your eyes from a problem.
As I said, you will one day make a difference.
Did I ask you to kneel in front of Mira and beg?
Did you think about how she'd feel about that?
Did you want her to think I forced you
to talk to her and keep her here?
Did you want her to think that?
You know, what you're doing is putting your nose where it doesn't belong.
Think about others' feelings for a change.
Don't just think about yours.
What about you?
How about your own feelings?
What are you saying?
I know that it's not my business
and I only care about my feelings.
But you? Have you asked yourself what you want to do,
instead of telling yourself there's nothing you can do?
What can I do?
You can't, or are you just avoiding a problem?
Mira she's awesome.
For what she believes in, she fights with all her might.
But look at you.
You keep saying that's how the world works.
You tell yourself to get over it,
but you haven't done anything to fight for it.
Because I know there's nothing I can do.
You haven't been able to change anything.
Although I've fought but cannot make a change,
I'm relieved that at least I've done something.
Because it matters to me, Ren.
If you really like her, deal with it.
At least, you'll know you've tried,
not just saying you can't fix it
when you haven't done anything at all.
- Good luck.
- I'll see you later.
See you.
Thank you for coming to see me off. You had to wake up early.
No problem, Mira.
It's good we come here.
This place is full of beautiful ladies.
Better view than a sunrise.
We'll visit you sometime. Good luck.
You too. I'll be watching you.
Thank you, Gorya, for coming here.
Where's Ren?
I don't think he's coming.
Tell him I say goodbye.
Don't forget what we talked about.
Don't avert your eyes from a problem.
Give it the best fight, Gorya.
I'll see you.
Safe travels.
See you.
See you, guys.
What were you doing? It's too late now.
Aren't you going to do something?
Who said I didn't do anything?
I'll follow Mira to France.
I won't avoid a problem as I've always done.
Which way it's going to end up, I'll give it a try.
Because of you, I've gathered my strength to fight.
This is what I like most about you.
Thank you.
How can you do this?
Are you really going to leave me?
Didn't you think to tell us about something this big?
Did you ever think to consult with us?
We used to be together every day.
Are you really going to leave us?
It won't be F4 anymore.
Take care, guys.
Damn it!
Ren, I haven't even apologized to you.
You don't need to.
If anyone bullies you, I'll deal with them.
There. There.
Is Thyme crying?
There. There. Don't cry.
I'm not crying.
There. There.
I'm not someone you can play with.
There. There.
Are you messing with me?
Am I a joke to you?
Ren, good luck, pal.
Come on, guys, or you'll miss him. Let's see him off.
Good luck.
Ren, Ren, good luck, pal.
I don't think he can hear me. Help.
It hasn't been that long since I knew you guys.
But a short time can be an important moment.
Although there're pains, fear, and doubts,
all that makes us grow,
even just a little but it's so clear in my mind.
Going forward, obstacles may come my way.
But, as Mira said, I won't avert my eyes from them.
For anything, if you look deep down into it,
you may find something good.
Finally, you may be able to make a change someday.
Are you hungry? Hungry, huh?
Come on, Dango, have a bite.
Doesn't it smell good?
You're eating a lot, Dango.
Eat a lot and you'll be fluffy.
If you like it, I'll buy more to feed you.
Your fur will be shiny, and you'll be chubby.
Dango, Dango, Dango.
Have you seen the news?
From today on, Mom and I will spend a lot of time in Singapore.
We'll be very busy.
(Singapore to partner with Paramaanatra.)
So what?
It means you can do whatever you want.
If you want to pursue Gorya, go for it.
So you don't want any advice from me, huh?
You can take care of yourself, huh?
Some advice would be nice.
Some advice would be nice.
What's that?
Give me some advice.
Ouch, that hurts.
That's all I need, you stubborn child.
It wouldn't be easy with Gorya.
She's not someone whom Mom would appreciate.
But if you're sure about her, you have my full support.
Where's the advice?
It's so easy.
From what I've seen, she doesn't like beating around the bush.
Therefore, skip the step.
Whoa, skip to what step?
Cool it.
I mean ask her out on a date.
Don't text, don't call. It's a waste of time.
Ask her out.
Will it work?
Being an adult means you're ready to take on any problem.
You're grown up. You're not a child anymore.
Don't let me down, OK?
I'm not a child anymore.
Gorya, how have you been?
What did you do over the weekend?
Over the weekend, I went to see Mira off at the airport.
Huh? Are you that close to Mira and F4?
No, I'm not that close to them.
I'm close to you and always on your side.
Jane, look at these F4 dolls. So premium.
True, and they smell so good,
not like the smell of a liar around here.
What are you looking at?
Don't forget we haven't settled a score with you.
You won't have a prince like Ren to protect you anymore.
The rest of them are bad to the bone.
You'll see. It won't be long until Thyme gives you a big payback.
Jane, do you have anything to say to Gorya?
Yes, it's coming to you.
Miss Thitara Jundee, are you watching?
I have an announcement for you.
Damn it!
This Saturday, come and see me at the clock tower
near the Ferris wheel at Asiatique at 1 p.m.
That's all. Enough. Cut.
What is this?
Did Thyme just ask you out on a date?
That's crazy.
That was just no, no, no.
He's just finding a way to bully me.
How can it be a date? It's certainly not a date.
Gorya. Gorya.
Are you sure you're free today?
Yes. I don't have any plans today.
Thank you for coming with me.
I told you I didn't want you to come here alone.
My phone is broken again so I want to find a place to fix it.
Shall we go?
Let's roll.
I'm hungry.
You just got here, and you're already hungry.
Looks yummy.
Here you go. We can wear them together.
That's nuts.
Or this one.
We're not interested to go into the entertainment business at this time.
We talked about it, and we agreed that.
Acting is a profession that requires a lot of commitment.
And we're not that good-looking.
So we'll focus on our family businesses.
Everywhere we turn, all we see is F4. So annoying.
The more I see them, the more I dislike them.
Didn't you say he's handsome?
No way. When did I say that?
How about the love life of Thyme - Akira Paramaanantra?
How popular is this handsome billionaire?
The man himself said he never had this kind of experience
but wouldn't close himself off from someone special.
Hmm really?
Let's hear the interview.
This Saturday, come and see me at the clock tower
near the Ferris wheel at Asiatique at 1 p.m.
I don't think any girl can stand me.
I'm fine. I'm OK.
I mean does this blouse look OK?
Where did you mind go?
I may get a bit hungry.
Fine, let's get something to eat.
What should we eat?
I have a lot of flaws.
I'm not a guy who chases after someone.
I don't like to pamper someone.
Others usually pamper me.
I got it for you.
Thank you.
Why does it have to rain today?
That's right. I haven't got my phone fixed yet.
I have another flaw.
I'm hotheaded. I don't like to wait for anyone.
If you want to be with me, you have to be the one who waits.
Something like that.
If you want to be with me, you have to put up with me.
Hey, sorry but I need to go.
It's just the way I am.
But maybe if the girl is important,
she might change me forever.
Is this a date with F4 that everyone dreams of?
It's nothing like I expected.
Are you going to be serious with Gorya?
Someone who keeps finding a way to earn extra money
and the only son of the Parama Group.
Do you think your mom would be OK with it?
If we don't pay the interest,
they'll come to our house to collect.
Our lives are not the same as your life.
Let's not force it.
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