F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Broken Door

I'll follow Mira to France.
Because of you, I've gathered my strength to fight.
What are you doing here?
I've never seen my brother chasing after a girl before.
This Saturday, come and see me at the clock tower
near the Ferris wheel at Asiatique at 1 p.m.
Hey, sorry but I need to go.
I'm not a guy who chases after someone.
If the girl is important,
she might change me forever.
Damn it!
Have you lost your mind?
Is it now 1 p.m. where you're from?
I've been waiting for you, and I'd never waited for anyone.
I'm wet like a 'piglet' in a pond.
Who asked you to wait anyway?
You're the one who set it up without asking me.
There are shades for you to hide from the rain, but you didn't go.
- Are you stupid?
- You're stupid.
I called, but you didn't pick up? What was I supposed to do?
- You called me stupid?
- What if you couldn't find me?
What are you doing?
Who's stupid now?
How's standing in the rain acting cool working for you?
You'll get sick.
I won't.
Here. Dry yourself.
And here, my treat.
What is it?
You haven't tried it?
Normally, the kind of tea that my family drinks is Earl Grey or Darjeeling.
So high class.
I'm taking it back. If you don't, I'll drink it myself.
I'll drink it.
Oh, what about your towel?
Never mind.
It's windy today. It'll dry soon.
Why are you so frustrating?
What? I apologized for making you wet.
So? It's not enough.
I haven't been out and about yet.
Out and about? Who said I'd go out with you?
Who said you wouldn't come? Did you?
I called and you didn't pick up. I texted and you didn't reply.
Is this going to be a waste of my time?
I've been waiting for you all wet
Fine, my treat today, OK?
Your treat, huh?
This is your treat.
I'll handle the rest.
Got it? Come on.
Why are you standing there looking dumb? Follow me.
You're calling me dumb?
Over there.
It's closed.
It's only temporarily closed. They will open soon.
Let's go see a boat.
Haven't you seen one?
Hey, let's take a picture.
Take a picture for me.
You can't take it out. Argh!
Hey, you!
- Hey.
- Thyme.
- Enough.
- Come on.
Get a new one.
Are you giving this out for free?
What? What is this?
Hug me instead.
- Hug me. Hug.
- Thyme, come here.
What are you doing?
Why are you picking a fight with him?
He's opportunistic.
Come on.
Bear-faced jerk!
Stop being so problematic.
You're gullible.
Don't settle just to get free stuff.
Is this worth it?
'Lovebird promotion to watch the sunset'
'Especially for couples'
This makes sense.
Dial it down a bit.
- Hello.
- Can I use the lovebird promotion to watch the sunset?
- Of course.
- Wait.
You and your girl can go and wait at the entrance to the Ferris wheel.
Huh? Ferris wheel?
What's wrong? Why do you look so pale?
Let's go. Let's watch the sunset.
I'm bored. Let's go somewhere else.
I could understand though. The Ferris wheel is so high.
A child who has a fear of heights like Baby Thyme wouldn't dare.
What a shame
Did you just dare me?
Watch me. I, Akira Paramaanantra, do not have any fear
I can't take it anymore!
Don't be mad.
I was just teasing you a bit.
Can I get you anything? Water? Inhaler?
I'm hungry.
I'm treating you to dinner to say I'm sorry, OK?
We can eat and go home soon.
Hey, let's go to this restaurant.
Hey, wait.
Too much. No, no, no.
- Let's talk first.
- What?
- Come here first.
- Let's just eat.
Can we go somewhere else? That restaurant is expensive.
That's your excuse? I'm starving.
It's not an excuse. It's really expensive.
Tom Yam Kung costs 500 baht.
500 baht would buy my whole family a decent meal.
If you don't want to buy, I'm buying.
Thyme, no.
I can't open it.
Help! Can you hear me?
We're stuck here. Help! Is anyone there?
Argh! It's broken again.
Call someone and get help.
My battery is flat.
Help! Is anyone there?
Help us, we're stuck here.
Help us.
Thyme, help me yell out.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
What's wrong?
I have a headache.
Shit, you're burning up. You're sick.
Did I hurt you? I'm sorry.
I have a pill left. Take it.
Leave me alone. I'll be fine.
You won't be fine. You're burning up.
Do you want to get sick and die?
I'm not taking it. I only take prescribed drugs.
What if my condition is 'aggregated'? Can you be responsible for that?
It's 'aggravated'. Don't be a baby, Thyme.
- Leave me alone.
- Stay still.
Stay still.
Open your mouth. Come on.
You really are burning up.
Let me give you a sponge bath.
Take off your jacket.
How come I end up here taking care of you?
You said 500 baht can buy a meal for your whole family. Is that true?
It is.
I can't imagine your family's living situation.
It's uncomfortable.
It's very chaotic.
When all of us are together, we talk all over each other.
Speaking of home, it must be mayhem over there.
Their daughter is missing.
What about you?
No one would say a word.
No matter what I do or how many days I'm missing,
no one would say anything.
Oh, there's Tia.
But that one is all about kicking me.
Typical siblings dynamic.
You have a sibling?
A younger brother.
Glakao is a rascal. He's a wisecracker.
Lately, he's been having a growth spurt.
Before I know it, he's gotten taller than me.
I always lose in a fight.
You lose in a fight?
You could fight me. Who could you lose to?
It means that my brother is better than you.
I think I need to test that. How good could he be?
Hey, don't hurt my brother.
I'm kidding.
I'm sorry.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Why do you hurt people with the red card?
Whether you mean it or not,
what you guys do is quite severe.
You know I still get bullied these days.
From now on
I'll cancel the red card.
Really? You're going to cancel the red card?
You mean it? You mean it, right, Thyme?
Let's do a pinky swear. Pinky swear, Thyme.
Thyme, you're canceling the red card.
I don't want caviar.
Hey, I'm not doing anything.
What are you kids doing?
I can open the door myself.
The date was kind of exhausting.
You call that a date?
It doesn't count when you forced my hand.
Hey, you went on a date with F4.
Anyone would want this.
That was the much-coveted date with F4?
It's not at all what I expected.
What kind of date with F4 did you expect?
Go on. Go home. Go.
Go home.
I've gotten to know a lot more of you today.
Let's go out again.
What? Come on.
- No.
- Yes.
You go home now.
- Yes or no?
- No.
If it's a no, I won't return this.
Keep it. Go on. I'm sick of you. Go now.
I'll come and pick you up. Bye.
See you.
I won't.
Have you talked to Gorya?
What should we do?
Can we get someone to help? It's a big deal.
What should we do?
Please hear me out. I
Where did you go so early this morning?
What's going on, Mom?
I might as well tell you about it.
What? Huh?
Your dad took out a loan from this flier.
This loan shark flier is usually left on a bicycle.
He was caught because Glakao found the flier,
but it's too late.
Recently, the loan shark went to your dad's workplace to collect.
He said if we didn't pay the interest, he'd come to our house.
Why did you have to take out the loan?
We've paid the rent and tuition fees.
Your grandfather is sick.
He borrowed some money from me.
I'll get the money in two weeks.
But they changed the date of payment.
It's extortion.
How could you trust loan sharks?
You know they're mafias.
They're easy to talk to.
All right, we got the loan. Nothing we can do about that.
I'll help out.
How much do you owe them?
35,000 baht.
Because of you, I've gathered my strength to fight.
This is what I like most about you.
Boss, this is the girl, Gorya.
Oh, Gorya.
You want to talk about the loan?
Yes. I've gathered around 2,000 baht.
May I pay this much for now?
I'll pay more at the end of the month.
If you want to pay,
there's an easy way to make money.
You're insane. No way.
Are you making me a hooker?
What are you shouting out for?
This is a bargirl.
You just have a drink or two with guests.
You please them.
If they like, they'll buy more drinks from you.
And you'll earn more money.
If you don't like it, don't do it. I don't mind.
But the money is good, so I want to recommend it.
Oh, there are rules:
don't touch, don't grope, don't sexually harass.
(No sexual harassment)
don't touch, don't grope, don't sexually harass.
No sexual harassment?
Of course not.
I forgot to tell you.
You must change.
What's wrong? You don't look like you're enjoying yourself.
What's your name?
such a cute name.
We'll have fun today.
No harassing, no groping.
There are rules.
If you try to do anything, you'll pay.
Tough girl. I like. I like a lot.
I'll buy drinks from you all night long.
Girl, let's have fun.
Clink our glasses.
Oh, my.
Want something to eat with that drink?
Is this what a guy likes?
You talk like you've never had a boyfriend.
Let me tell you something.
A girl like you should understand a guy more.
A guy may be hard to understand,
but it can be done.
I don't want to have a boyfriend.
Not relevant. Whether you have a boyfriend,
at least have compassion for a guy who tries to win your heart.
Don't you want to know him more?
How about this? Let me teach you something.
Do you want to know what a guy likes?
Buddy, show her.
Sure thing.
(No harassment)
You know now what a guy wants.
Are you ready? La la la. Come on.
Counting one, two, three.
You like something like this, huh?
Like this?
What are you looking at?
Tell your boss I quit. I'll find some other way to make money.
Step away.
Yaya, what's the hurry?
Wrong move.
What should I do next?
What is this clip?
Gorya, is it you in this clip?
Are you the girl in this clip?
(Guys, is this Gorya?)
I thought
But this clip is not what you think.
Are you dating Thyme?
Speak now. What have you done?
Nothing. It's just
It's just that Gorya and I are dating.
Does anyone have a problem?
Are you nuts? What date
And I've canceled Gorya's red card.
Cancel means cancel. Got it?
It means, going forward, Gorya is off-limits. OK?
As promised.
But the date
Wow, the date. This is big.
Let's take this conversation to the canteen.
So we can have a long talk. Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Let go. I can walk on my own.
Walk faster.
You see.
Walk faster.
(Is Thyme and Gorya really dating?)
(They're holding hands.)
(Gorya? I don't believe it.)
(F4 canceled the red card.)
(They're holding hands.)
(My Thyme No)
(What the hell is this?)
Let's talk up here.
It'll be a mess if we go out now.
You caused quite a commotion here, Thyme.
A commotion all right.
Like I don't have enough headaches at home.
Where are you going?
You're already here. Just sit with us for a while.
Are you still afraid of us?
No more, please.
By the way, what's your name?
My name is Hana.
Vidalha Malakarn.
Your surname sounds familiar.
So Gorya and Thyme
Very good. Let's get to the point.
What's the story here?
Are you guys cool?
No? Tell my friends the truth.
You forced my hand. It doesn't count.
Fine, it doesn't count.
So you forced her.
Understand what?
To be frank, you like Ren, don't you?
But you went out with Thyme.
I don't want my friends to fight.
I can't believe these words coming from the Father of Multi-Dating.
What are you worried about?
Are you afraid Thyme getting in a fistfight with Ren?
We're grown-ups.
We wouldn't be fighting like we were kids fighting over a doll.
Because we're grown-ups.
This is a person, not a doll.
What doll?
Stop it. Don't get sidetracked.
That day I forced her to go out, and she went with me.
What she feels is her business.
Stop pressuring her with your questions.
Look, she's getting uncomfortable.
Please pay her some respect.
Shit, pay respect.
Our friend is grown.
Miracles do exist.
Are you being sarcastic?
All right, I'm sorry. I'm just worried about my friends.
If you don't cross the line, then it's all good.
No way we cross the line
Did you catch a cold from me?
You forced me to take the medicine. Why didn't you do that also?
I didn't think I'd catch it.
How could you not catch it? Are you dumb?
You spent the night with me. How could you not?
That sentence is ambiguous.
This now has my full attention.
Hold on, MJ. It's not what you think.
You don't need to be shy, honestly.
We don't find this stuff unusual.
There's nothing going on.
Thyme, help me explain it.
Help you? Just tell it straightforwardly.
Stop speaking in a roundabout way.
What can I say?
Anyone, just tell the story.
We both got wet in the rain.
Just that? What about the fire escape?
Fire escape!
Shut up. Not another word.
Shut up? You asked me to help you. So I gave it to them straight.
There's no point 'hitting about the bush'.
That's not how the saying goes, I think.
You can believe whatever you want.
Come on, Hana. Let's go to class.
Where are you going? Finish the story.
- I'm going to class.
- Finish the story.
- Bye.
- I'm telling the truth.
Gorya, what's the story between you and Thyme?
There's no story here. Nothing really.
People misunderstand.
But it must be better than when you got the red card.
I'm happy for you.
Actually, you prefer this anyway, right?
Don't forget to take the medicine.
Just leave me alone.
- Let's go.
- You won't get better if you don't. Hey.
Leave me alone. Just take care of yourself.
You're a maniac.
Let's get serious here.
Are you serious about Gorya?
If you're just playing around, we're fine.
But if you're serious about her, your life will be very complicated.
Your family will disapprove.
So what?
When you run into trouble, we fix it for you.
We're not stopping you. We're just saying
don't be hasty, don't jump headfirst. That's all.
Look here.
Someone who keeps finding a way to earn extra money
and the only son of the Parama Group.
Do you think your mother will approve?
You know Tia was forced into a marriage by your mother.
If your mother knew you'd pursue Gorya, your life would be a mess.
If I didn't try, how would I know?
Will we ever be able to stop our friend?
What are you thinking?
Get some rest. Take care of your health first.
There aren't a lot of customers at the shop anyway.
Thank you, Uncle Ga.
If you don't feel better tomorrow, get more rest.
Don't strain yourself.
I know you need cash now.
(Apply now.)
(Clothing store employee.)
By the way, how was your date?
What date?
Don't dodge the subject.
I need to go. Hello?
It blacks out again.
Warm water for sponge bath is here.
Do you have a towel?
Find it somewhere there.
Found it.
No, you can't use this one.
Why? Who gave it to you?
Someone important?
Is it the curly hair guy in this clip?
It's been shared widely.
Fine. Let me take your cellphone.
I'll ask dad to look at it.
See you.
Here it is. Done.
Now you take out the battery.
It's out, see?
Now you check to see if it's broken.
Wow, you're fixing the phone for me.
I just want to help.
Are you feeling well now? You're finding more jobs.
Is there anything I can do?
No way. Just stick with your day job.
There it goes.
I just want to be a cool dad
that protects his kid.
Whose dad is this? So cool.
See? Take a picture.
Who is it? Is it the debt collector?
Gorya, go and check it out.
Go and see.
Check for me.
There he goes.
Tell them I'm not home.
The door was open.
What are you doing here? Go home.
Hey, who are you, boy?
Good evening, I'm Gorya's schoolmate.
Who are your parents?
What are you doing at a girl's house this late at night?
It's not appropriate.
Who are you?
I'm Thyme. Akira Paramaanantra.
Everyone in the business sector must know him.
Akira Paramaanantra.
That's right.
Besides ranking at the top of the list of wealthiest families in Thailand,
Paramaanantra's fortune puts the family towards the top end
of the world's richest families too.
Yes, that's me.
Mr. Thyme, would you prefer coffee, tea, or me?
Hot tea, please.
- Glakao.
- Yes, sir.
We only have iced tea.
Get it out and we'll microwave it.
Hurry up. Hurry. Hurry.
My dear family.
Excuse me.
Can't you see that we
are open 24 hours.
You're Kaning, right?
How do you know I'm here?
That isn't hard.
Are you free, chipmunk? Let's have a meal.
Here we go.
Come on.
We're eating the 499 set. The biggest one.
May I have some, please?
See? I told you.
500 baht for the whole family.
Mr. Thyme, please have some.
I'll add some more for you.
Dip it in the sauce.
Careful it's hot.
It's delicious.
Let's eat.
Dear, turn on the TV, please.
So what are you doing here?
Let's eat first.
Tell me now.
That's my pork.
You steal another piece of pork.
Mom, look at him. He took my pork.
Thyme, did you see it? He took my pork.
Why are you fighting? There's lots of pork.
- Give it back.
- Get a new piece.
Here's a new piece that's bigger.
A lot of pieces floating here. Give that one to your brother.
Mom! He's taunting me.
I'll help you. I'll punish him.
Start from the top to the bottom.
The tastes will blend nicely.
These are made by the top chef. It's so hard to find elsewhere.
Thank you.
Don't be tense.
If not at Kavin's house, you can't find it anywhere else.
So delicious.
So what do you want to talk about?
Chipmunk, do you know the dessert costs almost 4,000 baht.
What are you saying?
To be frank, I don't know how serious Gorya is about Thyme.
But I think my friend is getting too serious.
Yes. So we want to give you a warning.
Stop here if possible.
Our lives are not like yours.
Everything is already planned.
For us, these expensive desserts may come easily
in exchange for something we can never have.
This is the last piece of pork.
We'll play a game called 'Magic Pork'.
Thyme, for this game, you must tell your saddest story
to justify why you deserve this last piece.
This piece is magic pork. It'll cure everything.
Who will start?
Go on.
I have to study and work at the same time.
I have to get good grades or I'll lose my scholarship.
I'm responsible for my personal expenses.
And my family is in debt right now.
There she goes. Taking a dig at me.
For me, I have to wear my school uniform repeatedly.
The buttons are crumbling.
I always wear hand-me-downs at home that I got from Dad or Sis.
I never have anything good to wear.
That's it?
It's a clear win for me.
Wait, Thyme hasn't gone yet.
Can I play too?
Of course. Do you have a sad story?
No. My life is good.
This is just a piece of pork.
But playing this game makes it the pork magic.
At home, there's no game playing.
No one talks at the dining table.
No laughter.
We were taught to be quiet during meals as children.
Only business talks are allowed.
It's strange
how the food is abundant at my house,
made from top ingredients,
but I've never had such special pork.
Well, I have no sad story. I don't need that pork.
Mr. Thyme, please have it.
Put it down.
Let him have it.
Well, let me handle it.
What are you doing,
Everybody gets one?
Each gets a piece.
Oh really? Let me see.
Magic pork.
Wish everyone happiness and good health after eating this.
At the end, that piece of pork was divided into 5 little pieces.
We could hardly taste anything.
But at least it represents how we don't belittle anyone's problem.
It shows that everyone needs some kind of cure for our hearts.
In summary, you want me to stop my friend
because you're worried your friend may get in trouble.
We're just making a suggestion.
If you don't want your friend to get hurt, take care of her.
If Gorya doesn't feel anything for Thyme, it's fine by me.
But if she does, don't force it. She'll get hurt for nothing.
It's true, Kaning.
Our lives are predestined, especially Thyme's.
Chipmunk, I think you could understand.
You can't always follow your heart.
Can I have your number?
Of course.
If there's anything we can help you with, let me know.
There's nothing F4 can't do.
This dessert costs 4,000, right?
Mmm why?
I get all the things you said.
But the way you went behind her back is frustrating.
I'd never do anything behind Gorya's back.
More importantly, you told me to have faith in my friend.
Whichever way Gorya chooses, I'm sure that it is the best path.
You should try to have faith in your friend.
If there's nothing else, please excuse me.
I can find my way back.
(You received 4,000 baht at 9.08 p.m.)
Just as stubborn. That's why they're friends.
More like naïve.
(The outstanding balance is 12 baht.)
Kaning, you did it without thinking it through.
Your family collects a lot of old appliances.
My TV isn't a box like yours.
My dad likes vintage stuff.
Oh, so why did you come here?
I bought some medicine for you.
Magic pork wouldn't cure your illness.
Don't disrespect the magic pork.
Magic pork, huh? Didn't cure you.
Take the medicine.
I was trying to figure out what you're doing here.
Thought you'd come to fight my brother.
That's right. I forgot. Why didn't I?
Hold it.
What are you doing?
I'm putting a cooling patch on your forehead.
I can do that myself.
I'll do it.
Give it to me.
Stay still.
- My forehead. I can do it myself.
- Stay still.
I'll tell you a story about Ren.
When we're kids, I took an old doll from Ren.
It's the doll he loved so much
to the point that he couldn't fall asleep without holding it.
When I saw how much he loved it, I wanted it more.
Give it back. It's mine.
No way.
Give me back my doll.
Give me back my doll.
After a tug of war, the doll was torn apart.
Instead of apologizing to him, I said it's his fault.
I told my friends not to play with him.
Guys, do not play with Ren.
I was such a jerk.
After that, Ren wouldn't yell at me or anything.
He treated it like nothing happened.
He came back to play with us.
When in fact the doll was his most beloved toy.
When we grew up, I learned that I was such a jerk.
Why are you telling me this?
I don't know. I just want to.
Ren is a good person.
It's no surprise
everyone falls in love with him.
If it's stuck in your head, apologize to him.
No, it'll ruin my image.
The way you are spoiled brat.
Did you just push me?
Who's a spoiled brat now?
Is this how it's going to be?
Spoiled brat.
Don't think I'll surrender just because you're sick.
- Want to fight me?
- Come at me.
It's ruined.
Your house is full of surprises.
It's good. I've gotten to know a lot more of you.
All too well.
Go home now.
Go on.
Don't you need to fix this?
I can have someone come and fix it.
This is more than enough.
Go on.
I'm going. Bye. See you at the school.
Go on.
I'm going.
If life is about opening doors to find new things,
my door opening has a lot to offer.
From a life full of darkness, I can now see more light
bit by bit.
(Gorya is quite cute, actually.)
(I think they look cute together.)
It seems like I'm getting back to a normal happy life,
Madam, your suitcase is ready.
As usual, please make sure everything here is all in order.
In fact, I found this towel hidden in Thyme's closet.
I checked and found out that he told every maid not to throw it away,
and not to tell me.
Put it back to where it was.
Have someone monitor Thyme closely.
Especially at the school.
(Where are you, Gorya? Reply now!)
(Aren't you going to eat? Stop loafing 'idolly'. Hurry now. Stop meddling)
What are you looking at?
You've been behaving so well.
But the tail comes out anyway, Gorya.
Someone is messing with me.
Do you really believe the photos are real?
All I know is someone is thinking we're stupid.
I think I'm switching to Team Gorya.
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