F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Glass Mask

I'm Hana. I've just moved here today from the US.
Can't you forgive my friend?
Are you dating Thyme?
From now on
I'll cancel the red card.
Do you think your mother will approve?
Your dad took out a loan from this flier.
You just have a drink or two with guests.
You please them.
What's up with this Gorya girl?
So shameless.
This is horrible. How would Thyme feel
This is horrible. How would Thyme feel
What have you done?
I haven't done anything.
No? So what is it here?
None of it is true. I've been framed.
Believe me.
Believe you?
Is this photoshopped? You didn't know better?
What is your excuse?
Piles of evidence here. Do you think I'm that stupid?
I used to think that you'd have more integrity.
But that's not true. You're just an easy girl
who's ready to get down with anyone anywhere.
You weren't going to listen anyway.
If you believed this crap from the get-go,
why would you even ask?
Nobody cares if this is true or not.
True or not?
Is it you in this picture?
Is it?
It's me.
(There it is. She denied it before.)
I knew that you're low but didn't think you could be so shameless.
Do you have any conscience?
Leave and never come back. Go!
Come back and you'll get what's coming for it.
Leave. Go!
I've seen the post.
This has gone way too far.
I'm so stressed out. I don't understand
how they got these pictures
and why they released them just now.
Have you come up with anything?
Not at all. It's strange.
There's an easy way to make money.
It seems like someone is messing with me.
What are you thinking?
All I know is someone is thinking we're stupid.
That's true.
But you know what to do next, right?
Help me, Kaning.
I think I'm switching to Team Gorya.
Me too.
I need to find out who this person is.
I must find out who is behind all this.
Hold on, what are you doing here?
Hanging out.
That's nuts. Who would believe that?
I told you we should've changed.
That's not going to cut it either.
No entry if you're not a member.
Go home.
Please excuse these girls.
Kavin, you haven't been around lately.
It's been a while. I miss you, Bell.
See you inside.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm here to help Gorya look into those pictures.
I'm a member of this club. Here to have a good time.
This is not a place for kids. Go home.
I'm not a kid. I was born only 2 years after.
That means you're younger anyway, chipmunk.
Stop calling me chipmunk.
If you have a lot of free time on your hand, find other things to do.
What do you want us to do?
I don't know. Find something to eat?
We're not hungry.
Gorya, did you hear that?
Yes, it's yours, right?
It's yours.
Thyme, I've been looking all over for you.
Why didn't you pick up the phone?
Still feeling down?
Do you really believe Gorya's photos are real?
Thyme, you can't run from problems forever.
Everyone, my friend is miserable right now.
I'd like everyone to join us in having fun.
Order whatever you want to eat or drink.
My treat.
Why are you so distracted today?
Another thing is catching my attention.
Do you think there's CCTV here?
Of course. To keep things in order.
But it's confidential anyway.
This place is very exclusive, you know.
If this is a very exclusive bar,
how did this photo get out?
It's right here.
I don't know about that.
If you disturb our employees too much, I must ask you to leave.
I just have a few questions.
Our bar is closed now.
If you want to continue talking, please go to the back.
There's no need to make this a big deal.
We can just talk here.
Consider this a warning.
Your friend is very handsome, but he seems so grouchy.
Is he like this all the time?
Not this bad. When he gets to this level,
no one could stop him.
Request backup.
Request back up.
Back up right now
What's going on? It's pretty loud out there.
Nothing, boss. A man started a fight.
But I sent our men down to handle it.
What's his name?
Kavin, I think.
Hmm? What?
I've heard about you a long time, Master Kavin.
I never thought your skills would be so versatile.
Do not judge a book by its cover.
Let me cut to the chase.
You know that my friend is in trouble because of this.
I'm sorry. I had no idea.
I don't think the bar has anything to do with it.
In that case, can I talk to the top person of this place?
Sitting right in front of you.
Although I'm not strictly in this business,
people like us know all businesses have the front side and back side.
Please tell me who's backing you.
Well, let me tell you one last time.
You know that if my family takes any action,
the person who backs you won't be that comfortable.
Don't look at just the outside.
This is not about customer privacy or how the photos got out.
This is about how we are being challenged,
and I want to know by whom.
Step away. I know him.
You think you can just get rid of us?
Don't make me repeat it. Get out!
Thyme, don't worry about this nonsense.
If no one here understands you, you can talk to me.
Yes, I'm asking Gorya to tutor me.
You don't need to worry. I'll take good care of her.
Here's water. If you want anything, let me know.
Smells so good. My sweet daughter is a cook today.
Well, I am a good host to my friend.
Stop teasing me, Dad.
OK, I'm going to bed now.
Gorya, if there's anything Kaning or I can do for you, let us know.
Thank you.
Thank you too.
No problem. Let me help you for a change.
If I let you be on your own, you'd get stuck in your head.
What? No.
OK, OK. Let's eat.
This is good.
Hey, earlier tonight,
I was so annoyed by Kavin.
(I can't get him to wake up. What should I do?)
He's fronting all cool.
There it is. I just said it.
What are you looking at?
I just saw Thyme.
So what's the story between you and him?
Everywhere you go there he is.
I'm mad that he didn't listen to me.
But you know, the moment I looked into his eyes,
it hurt.
Don't give it any more thoughts.
It's been a long day for you.
Let's eat. I have more if you want.
Thank you.
Without you, I wouldn't make it.
What the hell are you doing?
Why can't I?
What you did to Thyme was more severe.
Jane, stop.
Thyme canceled the red card.
Are you going to just stand there?
Gorya is shameless. She's a disgrace. She's ruining F4.
Are you just going to let her walk away?
If you don't dare, I'll ask Thyme for permission.
(Thyme, can you bring back the red card that's been canceled?)
Thyme gave us the greenlight.
(Do it.)
Let me go. Let me go.
Keep watch. I'm going to go hard on her today.
Let me go!
- She's been on my nerves.
- Let go!
- She's been on my nerves.
(Gorya got the red card again!!!)
(No kidding. Are you serious?)
(Thyme, can you bring back the red card that's been canceled?)
(Do it.)
(Give her hell.)
(Let's get back at her for Thyme.)
Let's have a look. What's in there?
It's a car key. Do you have a car?
Weird. You normally take the bus.
What's the name?
No! That's my friend's motorcycle.
Poor her. Do I care?
Let go of me!
(Gorya brought a motorbike to school.)
(Find it quick.)
Stop it! Stop!
(I saw her on it just now.)
(Found it.)
(There's only one that's old.)
(Poverty stinks literally.)
(The bike is as rotten as she is.)
(Get her to the stadium.)
Stop it. What are you doing?
(This should be good.)
(Go hard, guys.)
Stop it.
Is this a motorcycle? I thought it's a piece of junk.
True. We're doing you a favor by disposing of it.
This is not funny. Will you stop playing?
Now it's broken.
It is truly a piece of junk.
Does it really work?
Can you stop?
Is this how you want to play?
Hey, about this thing I looked into last night, I got something.
Tell me.
That lounge belongs to Kritsana Malakarn.
Does the name sound familiar?
He's in the financial sector, right?
Does he control businesses in that area too?
I wonder that too.
What about Thyme?
He's getting out of control.
He met a girl last night and disappeared.
But don't you worry. I texted him. He said,
"Don't worry. I'm home."
What girl?
Right, I haven't told you.
Do you remember Hana, Gorya's friend?
When she's outside the school, she's so sexy.
Have you checked her record?
Hana - Vidalha Malakarn.
What's her relation to Kritsana?
His daughter.
I knew it. This is not a coincidence.
Hold on, do you still have the yearbook?
Do you remember when we're in primary school,
there's a student whose surname is Malakarn.
Here she is.
Kornkanok Malakarn.
She's 2 years younger than us.
Get up.
I got it now, Kavin. I remember her.
Call Thyme now.
You're awake, Thyme.
How did I get here?
You passed out last night.
I just wanted to take you to a place where I could take care of you.
What time is it?
Thyme, please relax.
Have something to eat first.
Thyme, I've ordered room service.
It should come within 10 minutes.
Please rest and stop thinking about that girl.
Be with me, and I'll make you happy.
I don't want it.
Where's my phone?
Thyme, please listen.
I do whatever I want.
Where's my cellphone?
No. I won't let you go anywhere.
Who do you think you are ordering me around?
You took me to this place and wouldn't let me leave.
What's wrong with you?
Why have you never opened your heart to me?
How is Gorya better than me?
A stupid girl like that doesn't deserve you.
I, on the other hand, am your girl.
No one could understand you more than me.
What are you talking about? What do you understand?
You don't know to get to where I am today
how much effort I've had to put in.
(Thyme Akira Paramaanantra)
Since the first day I met you, I've been trying.
I've studied you more than anyone.
I know every little facet of your life.
There's no other woman in the world who could work as hard.
Who are you really?
I don't understand.
You talk like you've known me a long time.
Didn't you just transfer to my school this semester?
No, we met a long time ago.
You may not remember who I was.
But you know what? The first thing I know about you
is that you hate an ugly girl.
I was just a primary school kid who always admired you.
Who's that ugly girl? Your girlfriend?
An ugly girl like you should stay away. I can't look at you.
Where are you going, Thyme?
It hurt me badly.
I knew that I wasn't pretty then. I looked horrible.
So I told myself to use that pain
to push myself further.
And I will win you over.
I did everything to get to you.
I studied your history
to know everything about you.
I knew what you liked and didn't like.
After I got to a certain age,
I tried to change everything about myself.
I changed my history, wiped the slate clean
and became a girl you may like.
Finally, I was confident that I could get your attention.
But everything went wrong ever since I met Gorya,
a girl I feigned a friendship with just to blend in.
But then she took all of your attention from me.
It's the beginning of everything that went wrong.
So I planned to destroy her.
It's funny how easy it is to take down a poor person.
Oh, well.
Even with everything I did,
you can't get over her.
What is this?
What is wrong with you, Hana?
What did you do it for?
For you.
I love you so damn much. I just want your love.
My love?
You should hate me.
I do.
I hate you.
I hate you very much.
But you know what?
Since that day, I haven't been able to get you off my mind.
I feel both love and hate for you. Can't you understand?
I want your love.
You think I'm pathetic, huh?
You think I've gone insane.
A guy like you would never understand.
No, I think I could understand.
It may not be the same.
But that feeling of dislike and love,
I get that too.
I didn't know what it was at first.
But I am sure now that no matter how much pain I feel
or whatever people say,
in the end, deep down,
I believe in her.
In the end, the girl I choose
is Gorya.
What does it mean?
I don't know what you want, Hana.
But what I want to tell you is
that no matter how hard you try,
how much you improve yourself,
you can never be Gorya.
No one can be Gorya.
Gorya is Gorya.
This is some crazy shit.
No logic whatsoever.
But it's good.
It means if she's out of the picture,
this will end, right?
What are you doing?
What are you doing to Gorya?
Don't come any closer.
Stop it, Hana. Give me my phone.
If you don't choose me,
I'll destroy her life right now.
Stop it, Hana. Give me my phone.
You stop. Give in already.
Just say it, Thyme.
Say it. You choose me, not Gorya.
Say it.
That will be a lie, Hana.
Fine, if this is what you want
This face will no longer be necessary.
Let's end it here.
I'll tell everyone you hurt a helpless girl.
Everyone will condemn you.
The rest will crumble like a house of cards.
If I can't be happy
Hana, stop.
No one else can.
Don't, Hana!
Hana, I'm sorry.
But the person you should love the most is yourself, OK?
(Found it.)
(Is this the one?)
(There's only one that's old.)
Tend to her.
Are you all right, miss?
Stop it!
Stay still.
Are they going too far?
Where's the tough act now?
Just stop it already.
What are you doing?
This is too much.
I'll tell security.
You know you told me to do this, right?
Are you sure you want to stop us?
Let's burn it.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Are you all insane?
Do you want more?
You're the one who makes F4 mad.
And you did a shitty thing.
You still have the nerve to fight us?
Of course.
Even though no one else in the world believes me,
I'll never give up.
Come here. Come here.
Damn it!
Get out, all of you. Go!
I'm sorry for allowing this to happen.
I'm sorry I got here late.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I believe you now, Gorya. I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Are you sure no one saw me?
Yes, we checked. Aunt Yu has gone to bed.
Aunt Yu can never know about this.
Did Master Thyme just say thanks?
We probably misheard.
Yeah, we misheard.
Sorry for this.
A girl can't enter my room at night.
You can stay here, right?
We can't turn on the lights.
Find something else that can shine some light.
What about this one?
Are you one of those who like to buy nonsense things and clutter the house?
I have impulse control issues.
If I want something, I must have it right away.
In the end, it all goes to waste.
If I can work on my impulse
and think about what really is important,
things could be better.
Are you still thinking about Hana?
I can't believe it even now how Hana can be so mean.
I'm not the best judge of character.
Let me dress your wound.
You have a wound.
Let me dress yours.
I'll dress your wound. No big deal.
No, I
Let me do it for you
as my apology.
I'll do it myself.
I'll do it.
You're too harsh. Be soft.
Suck it up.
I'm putting my most 'deligate' touch ever.
About today Thank you for coming to help me.
I have to apologize.
You shouldn't have gotten in trouble because of my past.
It's fine. How many times have you said sorry to me today?
That's my business.
All done.
What happened with Hana is good for us.
I've had my doubts
a girl with cuts and bruises all over,
got dirt on her body,
her hair all messy,
her looks quite average
- Are you criticizing me?
- How is it possible for her
to make me fall in love this hard?
But I get it now.
What are you babbling about?
I think I know my heart.
I take issues with a lot of things and am quite unstable.
If you are far from me, that's an issue.
You have to be near me all the time.
In short, you have to be
I don't want to go back
Stuck in my own world
All alone with no one
Can I stay would you please
You and me together
That's all that matters
Can I stay would you please
In the world with you here
You've made my life so complete
Master Thyme has gone out.
Miss Gorya, please take a shower and wear this.
Mr. Thyme asked me to prepare it for you.
Thank you.
Oh, and one more thing.
Master Thyme had someone buy one to replace the one that broke yesterday.
But all he could remember was the color red.
He didn't know the model.
So these are the options.
We must apologize. These are all we could find.
He's consistent.
So did you pick the motorcycle?
You go big again. I don't want it.
Take it. It's your friend's.
Why do you have issues with such a small thing?
For me, this is not a small thing.
Where did you go so early?
To clear things up from yesterday.
Although it wasn't me,
the damage is real.
I'm a responsible guy so I'm helping.
Are you helping or pressuring the director?
Don't worry.
We've deleted all the files in the CCTV.
Thank you, director.
I have to deal with those who hurt you.
You're not doing anything serious, are you?
I just
I'm sorry.
Asked MJ to do some adjustments to the 'latitude'.
It's done. No problem.
Leave it to me.
You pick the bike and come to school.
If you can't pick one, take them all.
Hold on, Kavin wants to talk to you.
Gorya, there's something you might want to know.
It's about Hana.
I know about your resignation.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
I have nothing to say to you.
But I do.
I have nothing to say to you.
But I do.
What you did was terrible.
I don't think I can forgive you.
But I just want to say that,
during the time we're friends,
I never felt you're faking with me.
I believe that those feelings were real.
I won't let you resign without saying goodbye.
Hana, good luck.
Hey, honestly,
I don't have the energy to fight with you.
We're not here to fight.
We just want to
We just want to a
Are you here to mess with Gorya again?
No, Thyme, we're not
I'm sick of protecting Gorya from you.
Speaking of which, I'm going to announce it.
Everyone, listen up.
No one will ever have any problems with Gorya.
If anyone has a problem with my girlfriend,
you have a problem with me.
Got it?
You wench, you witch, you poisonous snake.
That was close.
Stop thinking things in your head is true.
People here will misunderstand.
Things in my head?
Yesterday, I asked you to be my girlfriend, and you said yes.
Don't you remember?
How about
we go steady.
If you don't reply, it means you're dating me.
There it is. You said yes.
You didn't just say yes.
Did you do stuff to me?
Do what? You
I'm not saying it.
Did you do something?
It's not like that. You did.
You did. I'm not saying anything anymore. I'm leaving.
- That hurts.
- Did you do something to me?
Will they make it?
I think they'll fight every day.
More trouble, huh?
I've been gone a while. The school is as chaotic as before.
I didn't come back too late, did I?
He's really changed.
So what now?
I don't know. He's not the same.
Damn it!
I wish I could go back to the way I was.
Certain things really need to be talked through.
Clear it up before it's too late.
What's the matter?
I thought everything would be better.
Things are messier than before.
We're going on a date, the F4 kind of date.
What are you frustrated about? I didn't come late.
I'm not frustrated.
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