F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Four Flowers

I was going to ask you to give it back to Gorya.
She dropped it when she met me.
I must've left my phone on the bus.
What did you say?
What did you just say?
Thyme! Stop!
Because you're still the same.
And I hate this kind of person.
Let's just stay like this for a while.
The higher something rises to the top,
when it crashes,
(I wish you find new love that's better than me.)
the more dangerous it will get.
Hey, did you find Gorya?
Look at her.
I made one comment on her IG.
She sent me a bouquet.
What a stupid girl!
So easy.
You're having fun, huh?
Excuse me?
You're having fun fooling someone, huh?
Answer me!
Shit! What the hell?
Let's go. What's up with that guy?
- Thyme! Thyme, stop!
- No filming. No filming.
Easy or you'll kill him.
Do you want a piece of this?
Shit, don't say it.
Nobody can stop him when he gets this way.
Thyme! Stop, Thyme!
What the hell are you doing?
Kavin, MJ.
I made up my mind.
There will only be three in F4.
What do you mean?
Ren is out of F4.
Thyme, slow down.
Let's be civil and talk about it.
We are all friends here.
I don't have such a shitty friend.
You two, stop hanging out with him.
Hey, Thyme.
What? Are you going against me too?
I'm tired.
I don't want to deal with this anymore.
Thyme, let's talk.
Is there anything left to talk about?
Ren, what did you do?
Go and talk to him now.
Everyone just does whatever he wants.
Thyme! Stop!
Thyme, just stop!
Let's talk it out.
You're mad at me about the phone.
I know I was wrong for lying to you.
But the only person you should be mad at is me.
No need to take it out on other people,
not to mention Ren.
You've gone too far,
blowing up at people who got nothing to do with this.
What did Ren do to get kicked out of F4?
Stop letting your emotions take over.
Damn it! Stop! Not another word! Stop!
Want to protect him, huh?
Want to protect him, huh?
Sure, I won't kick him out of F4.
But tell me you hate him.
Tell me that you hate him.
Say it. Say that you hate him.
Say it! Say it! Say it! Say it!
For God's sake!
You will never choose me anyway.
This is a very serious situation for our school.
His parent threatened to sue the school.
We've been aiding him all this time
but there's nothing we can do this time.
I fully understand the severity of the situation.
We will compensate the school for everything.
Please do not worry.
I'm not worried about those things.
The most damaging things are the clips.
Some students were recording what was going on.
There may not be a lot, but it's started to be shared.
If the clips blow up, we have to protect ourselves.
Hope you can comprehend that, Ms. Tia.
This clip Has it been deleted?
We will start by contacting the other party requesting a mediation.
If they won't settle, Madam has greenlighted to force them through their business.
Yes, sir.
About all the clips, have every IT person clean it up.
Yes, sir.
But don't forget to keep the evidence for possible litigation.
Yes, sir.
Director, please don't worry.
Madam has learned about the entire situation.
I can assure you that
everything will be alright.
We've learned the CCTV system of the school is out of order.
The Parama Group has resolved to double our donation to fix this issue.
I hope you won't have any concerns
about whatever Madam wants to do.
Not at all.
Nothing to worry about.
Please excuse me.
Mr. Pruek
Luckily, Madam has arrived back today.
Is she back?
Where is she?
Master, please come out and have a bite.
Master Thyme.
Master, please open the door.
I told you leave me alone!
You created a huge mess this time,
despite knowing that whatever you do
cannot be leaked on the internet.
You caused quite a commotion for me.
Have you ever worried about me?
Of course.
The company has to absorb hundreds of millions baht worth of damages
at the hands of my only son. It's impossible not to worry.
Are you worried about the company or me?
I thought you've already had your share of letting me down.
But you keep on disappointing me.
The cause of this whole thing is this girl, right?
What are you going to do?
You have no right to ask me.
I haven't done anything because I thought you were having fun,
you had it under control.
But what's this? You go nuts because of a girl.
Stop this nonsense and go back to your old self.
Don't make me do to you
what I did to your sister.
I can't believe it.
That huge thing happened the other day
but it's very quiet now.
Look, all the evidence is gone.
And the internet is all about F4 breakup.
"#F4breakup It will be only F3 from now then? Sad"
The only people sadder than people on the internet are
you two!
You sell flowers not tissue.
No need to be that sad.
I'm not sad.
Hey, are you still trying to win Tesla back?
But he wouldn't reply. He read my texts and ghosted me.
I told you. Stop blaming yourself.
Your thing with Thyme is so much bigger.
Gosh! Stop it, both of you.
Listen to me, Kaning.
It's your first broken heart. You don't have the energy to do anything.
I get that.
And you, Gorya.
What you told me, after giving it much thought,
there's no way it's your fault.
It's Thyme's problem.
Try to relax and chill.
Things will work themselves out, OK?
How about we close the shop early today?
You should go home and lick your heart wound.
- But
- No but.
Has any customer come by since this morning?
We're going out of business and I'm not stressing out.
Let's close early.
Is the shop closed?
So you've got free time now.
Thyme, I'm tired of begging you.
But please sort it out with Ren.
Think about it.
Ren has been friends with us for how many years.
Are you listening to me?
You try.
you haven't seen this, have you?
(Dominique - Mira go public with their relationship.)
I could understand Ren.
(Dominique - Mira go public with their relationship.)
If it were you, you'd be confused too.
The hell?
Shit, that's my dad's.
Stop ignoring us.
How hard can it be to sort things out with Ren?
We are tired of talking to you.
Then mind your own business. Your meddling is annoying.
What did you say?
Thyme, that was harsh.
See them out.
And don't let any more outsiders into my room.
Let's talk about this, Thyme.
Don't waste your time talking to him.
We are outsiders to him anyway.
Take it easy, Kavin.
You should stop.
You can stay if you want but I'm out.
What? What about your friend?
To hell with him. Maybe it's time to break up.
Are you serious?
Are you going to let F4 fall apart?
What would you do?
OK, I'll talk to Thyme.
You talk to Ren.
- Well
- Or are you going to talk to Thyme?
Fine, I'll talk to Ren.
But if it doesn't work out,
we go our separate ways.
What is this?
Soy milk.
What about this?
Soy ice cream.
Do you like this kind of stuff?
No, I'm allergic to soy.
So why would you buy all this?
I thought you like soy.
I saw that time
Oh, you still remember that.
I do.
You got a stain on your.. lip.
No need to go into detail.
So why did you suddenly take me out to eat this stuff?
Suddenly I thought you must've been stressed out.
So I wanted to take you out to do something fun to ease the stress.
Is this something fun?
I'm all tensed up.
You look stressed too,
about Mira and the fight with Thyme.
You shouldn't be worried about someone else.
Point taken.
Well, that's fine.
Now that we're out,
I'll show you around.
You can trust me when it comes to something fun.
Let's go.
Let me be your comfort in loneliness
Let me take away your sadness
Let you know there's someone right here
In the wind
Cuz I'm too scared to say it
Not easy to express my feelings
But what can I do when everything
That is you makes me love only you
Let me be your comfort in loneliness
Let me take away your sadness
Let you know there's someone right here
In the wind
Cuz I'm too scared to say it
Not easy to express my feelings
But what can I do when everything
That is you makes me love only you
In the wind
What? Those two went on a date?
Hey, have you been able to reach Ren?
Not yet.
I looked for him at the flower shop
and found out that he took Gorya out on a date.
What was he thinking?
I don't know.
But Gorya is to blame too for easily switching sides.
Gorya is not easy.
What would you call her? Loyal?
Don't mess with Kaning just yet.
Talk to Ren.
Talk to Ren? I don't think we can get anywhere.
This is it. This is enough. I need to take a break from this.
OK, I get you. Take a break.
Let me talk to Kaning.
Kaning, do you have any idea
where Ren and Gorya went?
I do.
Can you please take my friend there to take a break?
Feed him food and water. He's quite low maintenance.
I just said I didn't want to see him.
I'm begging you, Kavin.
If you see Ren, deal with him.
It's been a long time since I got to chill on my day out.
What about when you went out with Thyme?
It was nothing like a date. It's more like a day trip from hell.
When I go out with him, trouble always finds us.
Can you believe Thyme almost punched a mascot handing out flyers?
At the zoo, he beat up Kaning's boyfriend.
He also fought with birds.
What kind of person is he
picking a fight with everyone?
Let's not talk about him.
But you seem happy when you talk about Thyme.
No. How can I be happy?
It's a lot better hanging out like this.
Is it really better?
Is this
really better?
Let me ask you something.
If you had to choose between Thyme and me,
who would you choose?
I'm thirsty.
I'm going to buy something to drink.
Stop, Gorya.
What's wrong?
Here's your phone.
Thank you.
Kaning is calling.
Excuse me.
Hi, what's up?
Are you coming to see me?
See you soon.
Gorya and Ren are coming to see us here.
You can just wait.
That's it?
(I'm at EmQuartier. If you could come out to meet.)
Having a fight with your boyfriend?
Of course not.
You keep looking at your phone
because he doesn't reply to you, huh?
You don't have to tell me
but you should brace yourself.
When a guy does this,
it usually means he's found someone new.
I do it too.
No, Tesla isn't that kind of person.
You said you weren't having a fight.
But my boyfriend isn't a player like you.
You've always been naïve.
(Have you been waiting long, honey?)
(Really long. Someone has to be punished.)
(What's the matter?)
(I thought I saw someone who looks familiar but)
(No, I don't know her. Let's go.)
I'm going to the restroom.
I'll say it again. You're too naïve.
Are you here to taunt me?
I'm here to console you.
What are you doing?
Stop messing around.
Delete the photos now.
- No way.
- Stop messing around.
- No.
- Stop it. Hand over your phone.
This looks more like you.
It's boring when you cry.
Some girls cry pretty.
But tears
are not for someone like you.
Dry your tears and get back to being a fighter.
Don't you know how to console people the normal way?
Alright, let's go.
I think Gorya and Ren should be here now.
I mean your thing.
It's not fun if it just ends this way.
It's strange how Kaning would like to see me out of the blue,
not to mention she's here with Kavin.
I suspect MJ was behind this.
Kaning has to get caught up in this mess.
She already has a lot on her mind.
(This is the bag I want.)
That's Tesla, Kaning's boyfriend.
(The price is so damn)
(It wouldn't bother me at all.)
(But I'm getting tired.)
(Honey, let me go in and have a look just for a sec.)
(I promise you I have a reward waiting for you tonight.)
(Doesn't that sound good?)
(Alright, let me take you inside.)
How can he do this?
(I want this one.)
Mr. Kavin, hello.
How many bags would you like today?
Let me have a look around first.
Kavin That's Kavin from F4.
Do you like that one?
Please ring this one up for me.
Of course.
You have great taste.
If you have free time,
please come with me and help me pick more bags.
Are you insane?
I'm not going to allow that.
- She's not
- With great pleasure.
This is nuts. You're nuts.
I'm not letting her go.
You should let her make that decision.
She's not an object.
You're asking for it.
Want to choose? Fine, you choose.
But if you choose him, I'll come after you.
Wow, you think I'm afraid of you?
You get jealous because of this small thing?
If you don't trust me, we should just break up now.
A stingy guy with a foul mouth like you?
No one wants that for a boyfriend.
Get out. Get the hell away from me.
You're just a gold digger.
What are you looking at?
A girl who is your girlfriend must be very lucky.
I don't know about that.
You have to ask her.
Thank you very much for helping me choose a bag
for my girlfriend.
Here you go.
Have you waited long
Do you two know each other?
I think he looks familiar but no, I don't know him.
Let's get out of here.
All F4 guys are into low-class women, I see.
I knew one. What's the name?
Oh, Thyme.
He's into a poor lowly girl, the kind I nail and bail.
But he's too much into her.
When I mentioned his girl, he blew up and came at me.
Your money can buy everything, except your taste.
What's wrong with a girl like me?
Good that you're here.
A poor low-life girl like you
goes hand in hand with a violent guy.
My boyfriend turned to violence
because of an asshole like you.
So what if I'm poor?
You have no right to look down on me
or look down on Thyme.
You know why?
Being stable in your relationship like Thyme can
is not something you can do.
Someone like Thyme is worth a lot more than what you said.
Do not say anything to insult Thyme ever gain.
Got it?
Stop it! What's going on here?
Thyme, I know you can hear me.
Think carefully,
Ren has been our friend for over 10 years.
Are you going to let it end just like that?
Thyme, I know you're listening
Damn you! What the hell is wrong with you?
I've had it up to here.
Don't you care about us at all?
Answer me!
Are we worth nothing to you?
Where are you going?
Hey! Where are you going? Tell me.
Ren asked me to meet at the school.
Great. I have a bone to pick with him.
Thyme! Thyme!
Hello, Kavin.
Come right away. Something's up.
(Thyme: Why didn't you pick up the phone?)
Thyme, cool it.
We are all friends here. Don't be a hothead.
Why did you call me here?
I have something I want to talk to you about.
I've been trying to talk to you but you've been avoiding me.
And now you want to talk?
Why? That serious, huh?
I want to talk to you about
If it's about Gorya, no need.
I no longer have an interest in that girl.
I've been thinking for a while
being with her is nothing but trouble.
I had to lose a friend. It's not worth it.
Are you serious?
Ren, I am.
The part where I kicked you out of F4
That's history.
You can come back.
Just an ordinary girl.
I don't care.
You can have her.
She's all yours.
I'm happy that you're considerate of me.
But you can't just hand her over
when Gorya was never yours.
She was never into you.
You've known all along that Gorya likes me.
I asked her today how she felt about me.
She insisted that she still felt the same.
She asked me to be her boyfriend.
Ren, stop it!
I think she's cute
but to be in a relationship with her
I don't think so.
I'll just keep leading her on
for my entertainment.
That'd be enough to make her happy.
She just wants a rich guy as her boyfriend.
Shut up!
Why? Gorya is mine.
I can do whatever I want.
Shut up!
This is nothing.
Thyme, cool it down!
Thyme! Thyme!
Mind your own business!
I have to mind your business because of you guys.
Why are you fighting?
Mind your own business!
You never care about F4 anyway.
How could you say that I never care?
Thyme, you bastard!
Thyme, I'm sorry for getting you all wrong.
I now know that you punched Kaning's girlfriend because of me.
But I never understood where you're coming from.
I was wrong for not trusting you.
I'm really sorry, Thyme.
Hello, Tia. Is something wrong?
What? What's that?
Admit it, Thyme.
You're just a kid who's possessive of his toys.
I told you I've never thought of Gorya that way.
Get it straight, Ren.
Which way do you think then?
You said you didn't care about her.
But you're just all talk.
Fine, I'm all talk.
I care about her.
Gorya is very important to me.
I love her.
Stop insulting her.
That's all it took for you to admit it.
I lied to you.
Everything I said was a lie.
Bastard, what the hell?
If I hadn't done that,
would you have admitted to me
that you're in love with Gorya?
What if I'm in love with her? What's the point?
The point is Gorya loves you very much.
You know,
I went out with her today.
She couldn't stop talking about you.
Now that you know,
are you still backing out?
How did it feel
fighting it out with us?
It sucked.
You're on the right track, Thyme.
Don't go back to how you were.
But if you choose the wrong path again,
I won't back down for you for the second time.
Now it's your turn.
Why didn't you use your head?
- Stop!
- What have you done?
Wait, wait!
You guys too.
We've sorted it out. We're all good.
Are you sure?
Now it's just you two who haven't sorted it out.
Do it now.
Sort what out?
Your feelings.
You know
how you feel about Thyme.
You shouted out loud and proud at the mall that he's your boyfriend.
My boyfriend turned to violence
because of an asshole like you.
I was just
It was a slip of the tongue.
- Did you call me your boyfriend?
- No.
Did you call me your boyfriend?
Did you? Did you?
You called me your boyfriend, didn't you?
Don't try to cover my mouth.
Admit it now.
I said 'boyband'.
You said boyfriend. It can't be 'boyband'.
You called me
You called me
You punched me hard.
You started it.
Ren, stop being so indie.
Let's go.
Anyway, you went extreme today.
How did you come up with this ploy to mess with Thyme's head?
You can't be silent this time.
Nothing much.
I just wanted to
beat up Thyme.
What for?
I haven't got back at him
for tearing apart my doll.
When we were in kindergarten?
Are you insane?
This is so you.
Let's get out of here.
Did you have fun today?
Less trouble than when I went out with you.
It's true.
I'm sorry.
I know now that you punched Kaning's boyfriend
to defend my honor.
Sorry for getting you wrong.
Sometimes I thought I had figured you out
when in fact I'd never really tried to understand you.
Before I knew it, things had escalated.
You must've been very angry and frustrated.
I'm very sorry.
- What are you doing? It hurts, Thyme!
- I'm getting back at you.
And stop talking.
How can I stay mad at you?
You're the only one I love.
But it's not that surprising.
I was a horrible person.
Well, get up.
Where are we going?
Just follow me.
Come on.
What's going on?
Just follow me.
Come here.
Where are we going?
What are you doing?
There it is.
You know,
all my life, people have been telling me
I'm the heir of the Paramaanantras.
I was born greater
and more special than anyone.
In reality, I'd never been confident.
I was afraid I'd lose the power.
I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted.
The more I feared,
the more I tried to build my power.
It's all about proving myself.
I thought if I could rule the school,
I could rule the Parama Group.
Honestly, I
I saw people's lives as a fun game
until I met you, Gorya.
You're the only one who's not afraid to stand up to me.
You made me rethink
if what I'd done was the right thing.
When I relive that part,
I hate myself so much.
I hate Thyme who's drunk with power.
I hate Thyme who uses only violence to solve problems.
You know,
you make me want to change.
You make me want to prove that
I deserve you.
I want you to accept me,
not Paramaanantra.
I've made a decision,
from now on
I will not use violence.
No one will ever get a red card from F4.
It's official.
Great. I'm happy for you.
From this day on,
no one should have a reason to come here
(No entree.)
What's that
This reads 'entrée'.
- Give it to me.
- What?
It's 'entry'.
Gorya, no. Don't fix it.
What if people wouldn't understand?
They wouldn't understand your entrée.
Do I have to knee you so you'll get it?
Give it back.
(Thyme: Are you home, girlfriend?)
(I told you it's a slip. I'm not your girlfriend.)
(Whatever I count it this time.)
Sorry for not telling you that I'd be home late.
What are you doing here?
I'm just worried about Gorya.
She hasn't been around much lately.
I found out about everything.
How could you do this to Gorya's family?
I just went to negotiate.
I think your family is in trouble.
Do I have to be all dressed up?
If it's beyond your reach, you leave it alone.
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