F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Present Perfect

Here you go. Have you waited long
You're on the right track, Thyme.
But if you choose the wrong path again,
I won't back down for you for the second time.
I've made a decision
from now on
no one will ever get a red card from F4.
It's official.
Sorry for not telling you that I'd be home late.
Ms. Roselyn, this is Gorya, my
I know who she is.
Gorya, this is Ms. Roselyn.
I know who she is, Dad.
What brings you here?
How can you all live like this?
The house is so small.
And it smells so stale and moldy.
Don't you feel uncom
I think
you should get to the point.
What is it that you want?
You must want a better life, right?
That's why you're trying to land my son.
I do want my son to stop associating himself with this sort of thing.
So I'm here to ask you briefly.
How much would it take for you to leave my son alone?
Is this the way it works for your family?
You solve every problem with money.
One million.
If you accept, the money will be in your account tomorrow.
Let me set things straight right here.
I've never wanted to land Thyme.
We're not a couple.
But no matter what,
money can't buy a relationship.
Five million?
It's not about how much money.
That kind of money is worth more than this house.
Ego alone doesn't make your stomach full.
I think we're going nowhere with this conversation.
Fifteen million.
That's enough to buy a nice new place.
I said this can't be bought with money.
What's your problem?
All of a sudden, you come into my house
and throw money at my daughter like she can be bought.
You think others are lowly and you're an angel from high above
that's why you can't see people as equals?
Between the two of us, is there any part that's equal?
That does it!
See? You see yourself so grand.
But in the end, you and I poop out smelly shit just the same.
Fish sauce?
It fits right in this rotten house.
So? It's better than your rotten heart.
The dreadful smell of fish sauce
got nothing on your vile obnoxious heart.
Whoa! That cuts deep.
Get out. Our home doesn't welcome people like you.
Most importantly, you should get it through your skull
that although I'm poor,
I'm proud to have a good daughter who has dignity.
My daughter will never take your rotten money. Know that!
It's a pity.
I came to offer you money today
because I think your family is in trouble.
Oh well.
I guess we shall see how far your stupid dignity will take you.
And know this. Equality is just another beautiful word.
For someone like you,
no matter how hard you try,
you will never be worthy of Thyme.
Wow, dear. That was awesome!
- Sharp words
- I'm about to pass out. Dear, inhaler now!
Sit down, dear.
Here's an inhaler for you.
Let me have that.
Thanks, Mom. You're a badass.
What about when she said
how our family was in trouble?
What's that about?
Why are you all packed?
I was waiting for you to come home to tell you.
Gorya, listen carefully.
My company has gone out of business
and I'm left stranded.
Our household
has no income.
Here we go. It's time to celebrate, guys.
I've been waiting for this moment for so long. We will go all out today.
Why do you have to make such a big deal out of it?
This is an official F4 reunion.
What are you two waiting for? Clink the glasses.
Let's clink it this way.
Yeah, that's how it's done.
Finally, peace and quiet have been restored to our lives.
And now it's time for me to pursue Gorya for real.
There goes our peace.
Hasn't it been for real all this time, Mr. Thyme?
Of course.
But I have to go next level this time.
I got Ren's blessing.
Everything is ready.
And now Gorya wants me to pursue her harder.
Look. All of you, take a look.
See? You know what this is?
Take a look. Come closer.
These are all the texts that Gorya hasn't responded at all.
You know what this means?
She ghosts me because she wants to see me in person so bad.
He excels
in his imagination.
No need to praise me.
It's not hard to figure out.
Gorya, why didn't you just tell me you wanted to see me?
No problem.
Hey, we will graduate soon.
And your birthday is coming up.
Let's put your focus on what's important here.
How am I focusing on the wrong thing?
We're graduating so I have to close the deal before that.
How am I wrong, right, Ren?
Go for it.
There it is! I knew it!
You're the only one who truly understands me.
You will see after today
I will move forward to pursue Gorya for real.
Come on. Cheers!
(Part-time job)
Come and help me with my homework.
Sure. Which one?
This one.
This? It's about
(Doorbell not working: Must fix!)
Is Gorya here?
No, she's not.
Please pass this to her.
Please be gentle with the door.
Hello, Uncle Ga.
(Call mee back now! - Thyme)
Argh! What's up with her?
Hello, Kavin.
I have a favor to ask.
It's urgent!
(Maytee O Garden)
Why does it have to be me?
You carry things too heavy for your size.
Thank you.
No need to thank me.
Of course I help you.
You're my girlfriend.
What girlfriend?
When we saw your ex the last time.
Don't you remember?
My heart is broken. I'm so sad.
Stop it, Kavin.
No more teasing me.
What were you doing carrying all this stuff?
Uncle Ga recently got a whole lot of flowers.
He's thinking of making garlands for extra income
and sell it here.
It's not easy to make beautiful garlands.
Want me to teach you?
Can you?
It's actually nice.
Although I'm not your boyfriend,
I get to be your teacher.
Are you going to flirt every 10 seconds?
Enough playing.
By the way, what are you doing here?
I'm just worried about Gorya.
She hasn't been around lately.
Thyme is getting cranky.
Gorya is around.
She's been taking on more jobs.
She has serious financial problems.
Her folks have gone back to their hometown.
What's going on?
Her dad's company was shut down.
He lost his job.
Luckily, her mom has an orchard in the province.
So her mom and dad decided to move back there permanently.
Take care of yourselves.
Don't worry, Dad. I'll take care of him.
Glakao said he might move there too during his school break
and will leave Gorya here on her own.
But you don't have to worry.
Gorya's got a lot of fight in her
because of your friend's mom.
My friend's mom?
What does she have to do with anything?
You do know, right?
She went to see Gorya at her house
and offered her money in exchange for her leaving Thyme alone.
You didn't know?
What is the name of the company where Gorya's dad worked?
Mr. Thyme!
Hold on.
I found out about the whole thing.
How could you have done that to Gorya's family?
I just went to negotiate.
How could that be a negotiation?
It's a threat.
All I did was offering a way that could benefit both parties.
How was that a threat?
I looked into it.
Sanchai Jundee's company had to close down
because two major investors pulled out.
All orders from overseas disappeared.
Everything can be traced to the Parama Group.
You made them suffer financial ruin and then offered them money.
That's no way to negotiate.
You've learned how to be smart.
I will never back down
But be smart in the right place.
You'll be a man in a few days.
But you've been obsessed with your stupid puppy love.
That girl will only be a dead weight for the Parama Group.
Start thinking about your future.
You're not going to fix anything, are you?
Sure, I'll help her out myself.
Oh? How?
Are you going to donate your money to her?
How can someone like you help anyone?
Even though I can't help, I'll try.
it's first-time farmers calling.
Do we look cool or what?
Do we, huh?
Very cool.
How has life over there been treating you? Any difficulties?
The signal is terrible.
Don't worry about us.
Worry about yourself.
I know that thieves are being active in our neighborhood.
How did you find out?
How could we not?
Your brother was very visible.
(Citizens file charges after over 10 houses have been burgled.)
People living in Kaset-Nawamin area have filed charges
after over ten houses have been burgled.
The police haven't been able to catch the burglars.
I tried to keep it quiet.
The economy isn't good.
The gov very
When the economy slows down, burglary increases.
You need to take care of yourself.
If this happens again, you need to tell us.
- Don't keep quiet.
- I know. I know.
It's nothing. You don't need to worry.
The police are excellent. They will catch the burglars soon.
Mom! Mom!
Can you hear me?
What's your problem?
What's yours?
You can't sneak up on people like that.
What are you doing here anyway?
I'm just coming home.
- Home?
- Yeah.
Don't be a wisecracker. Your home isn't here.
People like me, when we get bored, we find a new place to hang out.
A new place to hang out?
But there are no condos or hotels around here.
There's just
(For sale, please call Phuchong.)
That's right.
There's no condo for me to buy around here.
So I bought a house.
Nice to meet you, neighbor.
If you have anything to say, just say it.
Mother, I've never asked you for anything.
But can you please allow Thyme freedom in his love life?
You fly back to Singapore tomorrow
and sort out everything before the end of the month.
Mother, I'm serious.
You forced me into a loveless marriage once.
And I let you.
Because of the word 'family'.
Can't I ask for my brother's happiness in return?
Are you saying you're not happy having everything you have today?
The beautiful love in your dream is fleeting happiness.
I will never put our family at risk for this nonsense.
Unless you have anything else, get out.
And remember this.
Everything that I plan must be perfect.
I think you've gone too far this time.
For perfection,
there's no such thing as going too far.
But you've gone too far!
You've spent millions to buy a house.
Are you nuts?
Well this house is
beautiful, isn't it?
It's a vacation home.
- Vacation home?
- Yes.
Vacation home?
Look at it, it's nothing like the mansion where you live.
You can never live in this place.
Vacation home?
What else could I do? You went missing.
I know that only you and your brother live here,
and there are thieves.
Don't you know how much I care?
I know that you like to fix things yourself and don't involve others.
But if anything happened to you and I wasn't there to help,
the guilt would plague me for the rest of my life.
Please Gorya, let me take care of you.
It can be from a distance.
I promise I won't 'outvade' your privacy.
If you think you can live here, then do it.
But are you sure,
before you can take care of others,
that you can take care of yourself?
This is Thyme.
If I set my mind on something,
there's nothing I can't do.
Gorya! Help!
What's happening?
What is this?
What are you doing?
I just want to do my laundry.
But I don't know what's wrong. Can you take a look?
Stop! Stop!
You didn't connect the pipe, did you?
Did I have to?
Pour it in the cap.
Then pour it here.
Close the lid.
And push 'start'.
- Are you listening?
- I am. I am.
It smells great. Hold on.
Push the button, close the lid, and pour it in.
- What?
- No. Pour, close, and push.
Pour, close and push.
Pour, close, and push.
Gorya! Help!
Thyme! What's happening?
Gorya, catch it. I don't know what that is.
Can you see? It's walking away.
Why are you standing there? Help me catch it.
It's got six legs.
Did you get it?
Thyme, it's gone.
- Where did it go?
- Right here!
Stop! Stop!
Gorya! Help!
What is it this time?
Gorya, how did it burn a hole in my shirt?
How can I wear it? I can't.
Gorya! Help!
Gorya, this is bad.
Hurry, it's bad.
Come and help.
I'm exhausted!
I can't anymore, Kaning.
My family situation is a lot of work already.
Now I have to raise a giant baby too.
Come on.
He's just moved in so there's a lot of things to do.
Take it easy.
I'm tired.
I'm jealous of everyone.
Why does everyone seem chill and happy, except me?
We don't have what they have.
Keep going. You can do it.
So what are you going to do next?
I don't know.
Work hard, study hard. That's all I can do.
But if you talk about Thyme,
I can tell you I'm so sick of him.
I see him four times a day. I just can't.
Don't tell me
you hate him already.
I don't. I know he means well.
Try to keep your distance. It might help.
I have to go. Bye. Fight on.
Thyme's birthday is within a few days.
I think the party will be grand this year.
I so want to be invited.
I saw the Thyme extravaganza at the school.
Tons of shares on social media.
Isn't it a bit too big and odd?
Like Mother tries to blow up something.
She always goes big. Don't mind her. It's annoying.
If she goes big, you have to be prepared,
especially with Gorya.
I don't even know if she's going to be there.
She has to be there.
Don't worry.
I sent her a gorgeous dress.
I guarantee you she will shine amid the crowd.
I can't do anything to stop you, can I?
Don't worry.
You two have my full support.
I know about your moving next door to Gorya.
You did great. Keep going.
I have to go. Bye.
What's the big deal?
It's just another birthday. Why does it have to be so big?
It's not surprising.
This is an important event for the Paramaanatras.
All the high-level people will be there.
And you're about to graduate.
Your mom probably wants you to be involved in the business.
But I got a strange feeling about it this time.
Never mind.
Why did you bring us here anyway?
It's a housewarming party for my new place.
I want you to experience a new kind of party.
Change of scenery, you know.
How about the truth?
I'm here to take care of Gorya.
I can't bother her every second.
If I run into trouble here, you'll have to help me. OK?
But where's the party? Food?
We're starving here.
Yeah, we are starving.
OK. Wait a minute.
Stop whining.
I'll cook.
You guys find something to do.
Wow, Thyme is cooking.
Oh my.
There's no food.
There's no entertainment.
It's a true luxury home.
Stop whining. Here you go. All done.
It looks better than I thought.
Of course. I can make something yummy on my first try.
Let's start.
Stop! Stop!
Alright, this is what I told you about.
Watching TV while eating instant noodles.
The lifestyle that you've never experienced before.
This will never work.
Shit, she has to scream and slap?
The male lead is so stupid.
The female lead, slap her.
That's right. That's the way to do it. Very gratifying.
Again! Again!
(Wear this dress to Thyme's birthday party. I want to see you shine. - Tia.)
Wow, Sis. So premium.
You will look so beautiful in it.
Why do you look like that?
I just thought everyone's acting all chaotic.
Our family situation alone is chaotic enough.
You don't want to go to Thyme's birthday party.
Why would I? It's a waste of time.
Also, if I go, I don't know
what else I'll have to endure.
Come on, you can work on the problem step by step.
All the chaos will slowly resolve.
You start to sound more and more like Kaning.
Thank you.
Gorya! Help!
The TV just went black. Fix it for me.
What is this? Get out.
I'll fix it later.
But the drama is just about to get good.
I know. I'll look into it later. Get out.
Things don't seem to get less chaotic at all.
Things look to be even more chaotic.
Wow, 600 baht.
But it says here that it costs 300.
Why did the price just go up?
The stain is so big. Very hard to remove.
I need to use a special cleaning agent.
See the stain? Very hard to remove.
Can you please give me a discount?
I don't have enough money.
You have an expensive dress
and you're saying you don't have enough money?
Are you charging based on the price of the dress?
If you don't want to let me clean it, you can do it yourself.
Here it is.
It's strange.
I picked up a dress with a similar stain.
The owner charged 300 baht.
Why did the rate increase?
Maybe the stain was smaller?
It's the same size.
Let me call the owner.
That's OK.
300 it is.
Thank you.
If something demands more than what you can offer,
better to leave it alone.
I think I should stop complaining
and switch to plastic flowers instead.
This won't be a problem anymore.
Look, all things here wilt.
The flowers wilt. The person wilts.
That's true. What's wrong?
I just suddenly wonder
about the word 'be worthy of'.
What does it really mean?
Is this about Thyme's birthday party?
A lot of things really.
For me, Gorya, it's about how you view this word,
not anyone else.
How about this?
What do you think is the most valuable birthday gift I've ever received?
Here it is. The keyring you made for me a few years ago.
I love it so much.
You still keep it?
For me, it's the pink wig that looks like cotton candy.
You guys got it for me last year.
You know, I haven't worn it, not even once.
Too self-conscious.
That's right. Don't stress over it.
If you want to get Thyme a gift, put your care into it.
The more care you put, the more clearly he will see.
The more you care, the more visible?
You know what?
Since Thyme moved next door,
I can see how hard he tries to change.
See you.
- See you.
- See you.
I can see that what's he doing has been hard for him.
It seems like both of us bite off more than we can chew.
There. There.
Uncle Ga!
So? You've been biting off more than you can chew your whole life.
These things take time.
Who knows? Thyme may make magic happen for you to see.
Let's wait and see.
Make it straight.
It is straight. See?
Hold it.
Gorya, have some breakfast.
You need your strength. I'll make it for you.
What is it?
Your breakfast.
What are you drawing?
Here you go.
It's you.
Am I good or what?
Better than I thought.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How is it good? It's not good at all.
Take this to school.
Let's go to school.
Let's go.
Can I ask you something?
Do you like cookies?
Who would eat cookies in the morning?
Not right now. I mean in general do you enjoy eating cookies?
I eat everything.
(We've cut the dough into teddy bears.)
(We will take the bears into the oven for 5 minutes at 175 degrees.)
This is so comfy.
I've been sleeping on a hard bed. My back hurts.
(Complimentary by Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul)
This chair is superb.
Of course it is. It costs hundreds of thousands.
I'm thankful that my family donated this to the director.
We can use it when we have some free time.
Makes sense. Things we donate are ours.
Anyway, is it a good idea to trick Gorya?
How can someone like me live in that house?
I can tolerate a hard bed but what about clothes?
Who washes it? Who dries it?
I stressed about it for days.
But I've got a plan now.
It's not difficult.
I just wait for Gorya to go to sleep
and I bring all my clothes to be washed at home.
I take them all back in the morning.
Easy-peasy. No problem.
You said you were concerned about thieves.
Ren, it's not rocket science.
I just place my security team in the neighborhood.
You need to focus on what's important here.
I need to win some points from Gorya.
And my clever plan will win major points from her.
Most importantly, she's so stupid.
She can't figure out my plan.
How stupid?
As stupid as a
Have you ever died at the hands of a fool, smart guy?
- Gorya!
- You call me stupid?
Stop! Hear me out!
Am I stupid?
Stop it!
Where are you going? Come back.
You asked for it. Get it.
What are you doing?
You're the rider from the other day.
How is it that you're here?
I'm a student here.
What a small world!
Thank you for the other day.
But how come I never saw you here?
It's not surprising.
I just got a scholarship here and I don't like rich people.
I try to keep to myself.
I don't stand out like someone here, Miss Gorya.
You know my name.
My name is Talay.
What is this?
You don't like F4 that much?
I hate them. They're so spoiled.
They think they're so clever.
But it's too bad we can't do anything to them.
True. This is as good as it gets.
Speaking about it makes me angry.
Why don't we do some more?
Come on.
Just go with it. This is not enough damage, right?
Come on.
Should I?
You suck!
You're an idiot!
Are you looking at me?
Eat this. You spoiled self-indulgent brat!
What are you doing?
Wait! Stop!
Thanks for giving me a ride.
No problem.
You said you're looking for more jobs.
I can help with that. I've got quite a few.
Thank you very much, Talay.
You've been a great help.
If we don't help each other, who will?
True. No one at the school gets me.
Those rich kids? No way.
For someone like you,
no matter how hard you try,
you will never be worthy of Thyme.
Carry the gift table to the front.
And do it carefully.
I'm returning this dress to Tia.
She's not here. She's overseas.
Do you want to leave her a message?
Please tell her that I can't wear this dress.
It's a pity.
It's nothing.
Do you want me to inform Ms. Tia that you won't be attending?
Please excuse me.
What are you doing here?
Thyme left something on my yacht so I'm returning it.
Your yacht?
It's so F4.
Do you have free time?
Let's go for a walk.
It's a shame about that dress.
I want to see you wear it.
It won't work, Ren.
But you've never tried it.
You're right.
But it's not right for me.
No one should think something isn't right for them.
Wasn't that what Mira said?
I'm beginning to have doubts about it.
I believe
that you will make it.
I believe in you.
I believe in Thyme.
All of it.
- Put it all?
- Yes.
This looks delicious.
Am I good or what?
You praise yourself again.
I made this myself. Who else should I praise?
You've come home late. The food is getting cold.
You're exaggerating, Thyme.
We finished it just now.
What are you doing?
Thyme wanted to cook
so he dragged me to the market for groceries.
And we went in blind in our cooking.
Look at the kitchen and our clothes. It's a mess.
I will clean it up.
(Who wants to be a millionaire?)
Sorry, I borrowed this one from your family.
Let me see what's on the table?
I told him it's misspelled.
It looks yummy.
Let's eat.
OK, I'll get some water.
Go on.
Which one is delicious?
They all are delicious.
There are fried vegetables,
omelet, and clear soup.
Let me start with fried vegetables.
Let me join.
Did you make these yourselves?
Of course.
The food you made was quite good.
No doubt.
I can't give you even small praise.
Are you staying here? You look chill.
Don't you have to go back to prep for the birthday party?
I want to stay here a while longer.
That kind of party is not even a bit interesting.
I don't care about it.
Wow, you're a grown man.
You're P'Thyme now. You don't care about your birthday.
I don't care about that nonsense party.
But birthdays are important to me.
Go inside.
Why are you in a hurry to chase me away?
I'm not but it's getting late.
Just a bit longer.
Oh, I have something to talk to you about.
Can I bring my laundry home once a week?
It's so hard to wash.
Fine. It's up to you.
If you can't do it, don't force it.
So we can go inside now, right?
Hey, Gorya.
What else?
- What?
- You held me back twice.
What about the clock?
What's so funny?
I told you it's important to me.
Will you count it down for me?
Are you ready to become a year older?
Happy birthday.
Can you say happy birthday to yourself?
Sure I can.
We can go.
My birthday party
if you don't want to come, it's fine.
I'll be there.
I'll bring you a gift.
But if you don't like it,
don't complain to me.
Here I am.
- Did you get everything?
- Yes.
Flour and then eggs.
We are making cookies for Mr. Thyme.
Here we go.
They look good.
Are these Thyme's faces?
I can see that.
I must say I have to hand it to you.
After all those things I said,
you show up here like nothing happened.
Don't you think
this is more embarrassing than accepting the money I offered?
I'm here to celebrate Thyme's important day.
What's embarrassing about that?
No hidden agenda?
There is, in fact.
I wanted to see you and tell you
that no matter how many insults you throw at me,
I know that I'm worth more than that.
Just a stranger telling me I'm worthless
It doesn't make me feel small.
I'm sorry if that disappoints you.
But my relationship,
my choice.
That was so cool.
Too bad I didn't capture it on VDO.
No adults have ever done what you just did.
You're a badass, Gorya.
Have you seen Thyme?
Go see him.
No, I'm just bringing him a gift. I'm leaving soon.
No need to rush out.
You're a star tonight.
How am I a star?
(Here he comes.)
Be careful.
Do you have to be all dressed up?
If you want to say I look handsome, just say it.
look cute yourself.
Happy birthday, officially.
Thank you.
Where's my gift?
Where's my gift?
There's no gift. Who said anything about a gift?
Good evening.
The Paramaanatra family welcomes everyone
who honors us with their presence at Thyme's birthday party.
And I am pleased to meet special guests
every one of them.
But this year is even more special.
There is a special family who comes to our event for the first time.
They are the Empiccas.
You all know that the EPC Group is well renowned in the business scene.
And I
Catch her.
Catch her.
And I'm ready to support new blood in the scene.
For a closer stronger relationship between our two families,
I am very pleased to inform everyone here that
this girl is Lita - Lalita Empicca.
And she is to be engaged to Thyme.
If Thyme's mom wants to just get rid of Gorya,
she doesn't need to reveal his fiancée so soon.
Don't you think it's too strange and too soon?
Thyme? I do not like him at all.
But what's your relationship with Thyme?
What about Mr. Thyme and Miss Lita?
Because of the timing,
everything will be set in motion by itself.
I know it well.
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