F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

The Incident of 1%

The cause of this whole thing is this girl, right?
For someone like you, no matter how hard you try,
you will never be worthy of Thyme.
I'm sorry.
But my relationship,
my choice.
Are these Thyme's faces?
I can see that.
Happy birthday, officially.
You look cute today.
Don't make me do to you
what I did to your sister.
I think you've gone too far this time.
There's no such thing as going too far.
(I'm bored. Just boring people here.)
(No friends. It's not like I have friends anyway. Hahaha.)
(It's decided. I'll make a run for it.)
There's something I want to tell you.
I'm happy to be your friend.
Oh, sorry!
It's fine.
But it's ruined.
I am very pleased to inform everyone here that
this girl is Lita - Lalita Empicca.
And she is to be engaged to Thyme.
(Thyme has a fiancée?)
- (Empicca and Parama?!?)
- (They're perfect for each other.)
Mother! What did you just say?
You think I'll let it happen?
Are you doing to me what you did to Tia?
What? Let go of me! Let go!
Let go of me!
Let go!
Leave me alone!
Grab him!
Let's go.
That's not
What kind of sick game are you playing?
What are you doing?
Why is this happening to me?
Get out. Get out of the car.
Are you going to start a fight?
What are you doing?
Get your legs out of the car.
Let go of me!
Let go!
Convenient for you, huh?
You dragged me here. You have to bring me back.
How else am I going to find my way back?
Cabs are easy to find around here.
Can't you go back on your own?
Take it. Take everything.
Don't treat me like dirt.
Take responsibility. Take me home now!
What's your problem? Get off!
Take me home now!
What's your problem? Get off!
Get off!
Get off!
What's wrong?
Don't tell me
It's your sensitive spot?
Of course not.
- No?
- No.
Let me touch it again.
No! No more touching!
Leave my ear alone!
Come back. Come and take me back home.
Stop! Stop!
I apologize for Lita.
She's been naughty since she's a kid.
She's not prim and proper.
There's no need for apologies.
She is lively.
Thyme likes this kind of girl.
Lita is just right for Thyme.
Ms. Roselyn, a few questions, please.
How long has this engagement been planned?
The two families have only recently started talking about the engagement.
We agree that they are a perfect match.
Lita is a sweet girl. Of course Thyme likes her.
Nothing to worry, Gorya.
You know Thyme well.
Don't waver because of his mother's plan.
People could see this as an arranged marriage.
Of course not. We live in the modern world now.
(Fiancée of Paramaanantra's heir revealed.)
We adults have no part in their affairs.
The wedding? It's all up to them.
He's about to graduate.
Or they can wait until they finish university and take it from there.
(The guy's family does real estate. The girl's MPC Group does construction.)
Their logo can be seen at major construction sites or the sky train.
You can say it's an auspicious occasion.
But for me, it's a business move to join hands.
One side does real estate.
The other is one of the country's largest construction groups.
What surprises me is the Empiccas who suddenly made this move
Hey, you. Have you heard?
They say Thyme will reveal his 'true' love.
Are you worried about how the 'fake' one will feel?
Let me ask her.
Gorya, how are you feeling? Lost an appetite?
You must have felt shaken.
Look at the picture.
You looked pretty lost there.
What's the matter, sore loser?
It's not cute.
Look at this picture. Funny, huh?
This could be a meme.
What are you shouting about?
Sorry, P'
Oh, it's you.
Yeah, who did you think I was?
No one.
What are you doing here?
The janitor secretly hired me
to look after this building.
Don't tell anyone.
Another good thing is that
this gives me a chance to find out how F4 live.
Why do you need to find out?
Do they read this kind of thing?
Not usually.
What are you looking at?
How did you get in here?
I have to go.
Hold on! Stop! Come here.
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm not.
What do want to say to me? I'm in a hurry.
I just want to straighten things out about last night.
It's your fault.
Why didn't you extend your arm so I could grab it?
Just extend the arm and I could grab it.
Why did you let me grab someone else?
It's so basic. Apologize to me now and I won't be mad.
Judging from his posture, he was definitely kicked in the balls.
What did you do to Gorya this time?
Talk later.
Guard, I just saw her run this way.
Yes, let's go.
Have you seen a strange girl running this way?
She went over there.
Thanks for your help.
No problem.
But actually
you didn't need to sneak in.
You could just tell them you're Thyme's fiancée.
No way.
It's going to be a million times more complicated.
And I'm not here for Thyme.
I'm here to see you.
Last night.
I ruined your dress.
I'm so sorry. I couldn't find your exact dress.
So I got this instead.
Try it on and see if you like it.
No. My dress was just
Please take it.
You know, this one is a rare item.
If you didn't place a direct order,
you'd have to send someone to wait in a long line.
Please take it.
If you don't take it, I'll just leave it right here.
Anyone can come and grab it.
No? In that case, I'll leave it here.
Finders Keepers.
Please take it.
Don't worry. You will look so cute in it.
By the way, I'm Lita.
I'm Gorya.
I'm glad to see you.
I have to go.
I have to go to an event with that jerk.
(Akira-Lita: first outing as a couple)
Sis, come and eat. The drama has just started.
I can't possibly stay here any longer,
not after what your mother said.
But what my mother said means nothing.
Thought you were at an event with your fiancée.
I escaped.
A lot of egg menus on the table.
I need to replenish my body. Someone kicked me.
You started it.
I didn't.
I went back to get you but you didn't wait.
And you kicked me in the nuts.
Quiet down, please. I want to hear the TV.
Please listen.
- I
- I thought you wanted to go with her, your fiancée.
That's my mom's doing and you know it.
I don't know that monkey girl.
Who would force an engagement on their son these days anyway?
But you and she
Are already engaged.
There's no point.
I can't change the rules.
The person who walks away must be me.
- No!
- Change the channel!
Let's look at gold.
The price of gold today takes quite a dip at 1,729.44.
A 1.91% decrease.
Crude oil prices also fall by 2.5%.
Are we not going to talk?
I was so stressed out last night.
I couldn't sleep.
I cut myself with scissors.
I was sad.
I went back to the party and someone didn't wait for me.
I didn't get my birthday present.
Someone was going to marry me and you didn't care.
There was no present.
I threw it all away.
All I have is this.
Your present. Take it.
So what's on the refrigerator?
My present? My present, right?
Where is it?
Just this. I made it. Don't know if it's edible.
Did you make it?
Must be inedible.
Give it back then.
It's mine. Even if it's inedible, it's mine.
No, it's mine.
You said you can't eat it.
So? It's mine anyway.
The stocks plummet to a record low.
That coincides with a rumor yesterday
which worried many investors
about Billionaire Pakorn's health issues.
As you know, Pakorn is Thailand's number one businessman,
the owner of the TN empire.
- What is it?
which connects to several major businesses in the country.
Of course the news about his condition
affects the lives of many Thais.
I have to go.
I'll eat it.
See you.
Honestly, Ren.
You said you got a strange feeling about Thyme's mom.
I don't get it.
But I do.
If Thyme's mom wants to just get rid of Gorya,
she doesn't need to reveal his fiancée so soon.
Don't you think it's too strange and too soon?
Have you found anything?
This smells fishy.
There are no stars tonight.
You've just arrived. Aren't you going to get some rest first?
This is a crucial moment,
not just in Thailand,
but also here in Singapore.
What about Mr. Thyme and Miss Lita?
I have no concerns.
Because of the timing,
everything will be set in motion by itself.
I know it well.
(TN stock plummets, so does Pakorn's condition)
Ren. Ren.
Ren, wake up. I have something big to tell you.
Get up. Get up.
Gorya made cookies in the shape of my face.
Admire the magnificence.
It may not look as good as the real me.
But seeing how hard she worked on it I
Ren, spit it out.
Ren, spit out my cookie. I'm going to eat every single piece.
Spit it out.
Spit it out now.
You came to see me so early in the morning
just to show me the cookies?
I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd stop by.
So you heard.
which worried many investors
about Billionaire Pakorn's health issues.
So what are you going to do?
I'll be very busy.
I'll go back and stay at my place for a while.
About Lita.
That girl is a pain.
But don't worry.
I have a way to handle her.
(TN stock plummets, so does Pakorn's condition)
What are you reading?
I'm just amazed how these newspapers are still around.
Do people still read it?
Some people do but not our kind of people.
What kind of people then?
This helps.
How come you're such a mess?
Thyme asked us to help him deal with Lita.
Yes. So we planned to use our coolness to deal with her.
But it's a mess.
Do you have a map? It will help me describe.
Why would we have a map?
Found it.
This is so Uncle Ga.
That girl told us she didn't like to go to simple places.
So the first place we went to
is an amusement park.
We went on a roller-coaster 3 times.
Pirate ship rides 5 times.
A haunted house.
She tricked us to get on a water ride.
But when we got there, she bailed.
We thought she was tired.
She said she wanted street food.
From the park, we went to Yaowarat.
But that's not all. She wanted to go to the flower market.
We took her to the flower market and ended up here.
She's so hyper.
Did Lita go home?
Not possible. I'm still full of energy.
Metro guys are so boring.
They're no good.
Gorya, let's go out. Find something fun to do.
I have to work.
Does it mean that if someone buys all the flowers here,
you won't have anything left to do and can go out with me?
This one is cute. I'll have this one.
This one too.
And this one.
Excuse me, I'll have this one too.
I got a lot of things.
Want me to help carry some?
No, thanks.
Here you go. My treat.
No, I can't take it.
I know you want this bag.
Please take it.
Otherwise I'll just leave it here.
I'll leave it here as well.
Don't do this, Lita.
Am I making you uncomfortable?
I've never had a close friend before.
Don't know how to make friends.
Please don't be mad. Please.
I'm not mad.
It's just that these things are too much.
The dress that you gave me the last time
I almost couldn't put it into my closet.
The zip almost broke.
OK, from now on I won't do this kind of thing anymore.
By the way, you said the zip of the closet almost broke.
What does your closet look like?
Wow, a zippered closet.
I've never seen one before.
This is cool.
What is this?
A dollhouse?
This is to trap cockroaches.
Trap cockroaches?
But it's dirty. Don't play with it.
Your house is full of good stuff.
Can I come here often? Please?
Sure if you want to.
Really? No take back, OK?
How nice.
You know, in my whole life,
I've never experienced anything like this.
My parents arrange everything,
friends and social life included.
Everything is boring.
Sometimes I wish I could be an ordinary girl.
You can. We can be friends.
Thank you.
But that's the thing.
In the end, no matter how hard I try to fight a certain thing,
I can't change it.
There's more to it.
Like the engagement?
Are you OK with that?
How can I be OK with it?
That Thyme? I don't even know him.
By the way, what's your relationship with Thyme?
Thyme and I are friends.
So it means the guy on the rooftop
is your boyfriend?
Who? Talay?
Gentle, Thyme.
Be careful on the bus next time.
You've sprained your ankle.
Why are you here?
I'm here because I'm Gorya's friend.
What about you? What are you doing here?
You're also a friend, aren't you?
Sure. So what?
Gorya, you're kind to be friends with a foul-mouthed donkey.
You're also kind to be friends with a monkey.
So what, donkey?
So what, monkey?
Fight her.
(TN stock plummets, so does Pakorn's condition)
Alright, the last bouquet of Miss Lita's order.
My back hurts.
Speak like an old man.
Thank you very much.
Without you, I would've been in a tough spot.
No problem. I had a free day anyway.
My pleasure.
I should go.
On second thought, I'm starving.
Do you have anything to eat before I go?
Let me check.
Here's some yogurt to calm your stomach.
Thank you.
So this is the kind of food you eat. No wonder you're so small.
You tease me about being small again.
I'm not teasing you.
I'm praising you for being in shape.
It's good that you take good care of yourself.
What are you laughing at?
Can I take back what I just said?
How did you get yogurt on your nose, chipmunk?
Lita was really something, huh?
I never thought she'd buy every flower in the shop.
True. Thyme's mom was such a conniver
having Thyme engaged to Lita.
For me, I think it's strange that Thyme's mom did that.
Lita doesn't seem like the kind of girl she likes.
No, the Empiccas are the perfect fit for the Paramaanantras.
Most importantly, haven't you noticed
Lita has a lot of things in common with Gorya?
Thyme's mom is smarter than you think.
Even we don't know how to deal with her.
I'm beginning to worry about Gorya.
Let me call her.
What's up, Gorya?
Why the long face?
What's going on?
Something's going on.
No, you can't stay here. Get out.
We're not. Leave us alone.
I'm going to stay here.
Very hard to deal with.
This is a cab. Have you been on one?
This is a good day to try it.
Text me when you get home.
It was so fun last night.
I'll come and play with you again.
Get home safe.
You haven't won any argument with her. Feeling down, huh?
How's Lita?
She's sweet.
She's down-to-earth and very nice.
I'm glad to be her friend.
But I do prefer this kind of life?
What do you mean?
Hey, what are you doing?
I may be gone for a while.
I've got something I need to do. It's
very hard to explain.
All I ask is, no matter what happens,
please wait for me, Gorya.
Be patient.
Almost a year that I've known Thyme,
I sometimes thought I knew all about his world
until I realized that,
it's just
(Billionaire Pakorn dies.)
the tip of the iceberg.
Yes, Mom.
Breaking news that shocks Thailand's business scene.
Billionaire Pakorn of the TN Group,
the wealthiest man in Thailand, has passed away.
do you have lots of flowers for garlands?
I think a big order is coming in.
Yes, all done.
I've handled it.
Yes, please don't worry, madam.
Mr. Thyme has returned.
Following the sad news of Pakorn's passing yesterday morning,
the TN Group will face a great challenge
Have you ever noticed?
Sometimes you watch the news that you don't understand
what it's about.
(Breaking news! Billionaire Pakorn dies at his home at 5:23 AM.)
(Billionaire Parkorn has died!)
have you seen the news?
Yes, mom.
He dies at 83.
They won't allow me to bet on 83 on the lotto. I'm so bummed.
Oh, did Glakoa
All you know is that it should be important.
But you don't feel any connection to it.
But you know,
that piece of news may not seem important to you,
and only matters to only 1% of the population.
But that 1% group may have a significant impact on you even if you don't realize it.
This doesn't feel like a funeral.
Come on, let me help.
For craftwork like this one, people can tell if you're distracted.
I'm sorry.
Do your best work.
Pay attention to every detail.
Do you have any idea who the guests are?
If anyone here is impressed with your work,
it will definitely be good for your business.
On a day like this, do we still have to think about business?
You do especially on a day like this.
A funeral may be a ceremony to remember a deceased person.
But with Pakorn's death, change is coming.
This game of how this country is run is about to change,
especially for real estate people like Thyme.
The Parama Group is hosting today's ceremony along with the MPC Group.
This is the information of the key figures who are coming today.
Understand, Gorya?
You must learn how to look at the big picture.
Although it may be so unfamiliar at first,
you need to be able to understand it.
The fact that the stock took a dive by 7.47%
doesn't signal good news for either the TN Group or the Thai economy.
Many agree that the next Thailand's GDP estimate will see a decrease.
You may be standing where you can see everything,
hear everything,
but it doesn't help you understand anything at all.
And it makes you feel even more like
you're in a completely different world from them.
Thyme is here.
I kept thinking Thyme would never understand my world.
Standing here,
I realize I don't understand Thyme's world.
I can't even imagine a single sentence those people are saying.
I never knew the iceberg would be this huge.
Excuse me, may I just leave my glass with you?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
I'll be right back.
How do you know each other?
We're quite close. Known each other for a long time.
Excuse me, Lita looks rather unwell.
Allow me to accompany her to get some rest.
Go ahead.
- Please take care of Lita for me.
- Yes.
Have a seat.
What's up, My Lady?
Are you unwell? Get some rest if you need to.
It's been a long time since I last wore high heels, Your Grace.
So my damn feet hurt.
Want to see?
The smell is pretty ripe.
Dad, I think we should go see Ren's father.
Allow me to help.
You've never been to this type of ceremony, have you?
Everybody seems to know everybody.
Rich people in Thailand account for only 1%.
It's no surprise they know each other.
So it's a surprise that I know you guys.
It's like we're in different worlds.
Have you talked to Thyme?
No way. He seems very busy.
You're really something else.
Your friends started it.
Here. Use this.
Someone will come and get you soon.
This fits you.
Thank you, fiancé.
All good. Let's get back to doing our duties.
Hey, can we talk?
Ren, do you think
anything can be done about this engagement?
The duties you're talking about I'm not OK with it.
You're not going to agree to this engagement, are you?
Can you do something about it?
I don't know if I can.
But there must be a way.
We're not in love, Lita.
They can do business all they want.
It's got nothing to do with us.
For me, this concerns many people.
But I get it. The circumstance now is worrisome.
What do you think?
seem to believe in love.
Is love so grand?
Of course.
It is very grand to me.
I too believe that everything will get better.
If you don't believe in love, it's your business.
But for me, love matters the most.
And I won't let anyone get hurt because of it.
Thyme is so stubborn.
He will find a way.
What's worrisome isn't Thyme's feelings.
I'm worried about Lita's feelings.
How does Lita really feel about Thyme?
I don't get it.
What are you looking at?
You're still here. I thought you'd left.
No, my family went with Thyme's family.
I guess they're afraid I'd cause a scene
so they left me out of it.
So I've been walking around.
Other pavilions have lots of good stuff.
There's plenty of food.
And look.
I won a lot of money.
Whoa! How did you win?
There she is. She definitely hid some cards.
Gorya, run!
Stop! Stop! Stop now!
I thought we wouldn't have made it.
You're awesome.
I can't do anything in this dress.
Hey, let me give you this.
For all the running.
Thank you.
By the way, what were you doing?
I just wanted to understand you guys a bit more.
So I read up on Pakorn.
But it's full of words like
index, technocrat, etc.
Oh, are you worried about me?
It's no surprise you didn't understand.
I don't get it either.
don't you want to understand?
It's about to affect your whole life.
I may not understand
but knowing it's important is enough.
My dad used to say
one day he would leave the business
world and get into politics
and make it better.
But he also would say
politics are not for anyone.
It may be about influence and connection.
That's why you have to be engaged to Thyme?
It may be hard to understand.
But if I can support him in any way, I'd love to.
I want to see things improve too.
But it's your life.
May I ask you something, Gorya?
For you, is love so important?
Yes, it is.
I can't imagine how I can live with someone I don't love.
It's our whole life, Lita.
No matter for what reason,
nobody should be forced to marry someone they don't love.
You know
my family has been telling me to study Thyme for a while now.
But I was hesitant.
Yes, mom?
I never liked the way he carried himself.
I thought he was just another guy my family introduced me to.
Let go!
Or a hundred times worse.
But once I've gotten to know him,
I know Thyme is kind to others.
He has a childish side.
I don't know why I was so hesitant.
It is very grand to me.
Love matters the most.
But now I know that I just wanted to be sure.
It's like what you said.
Love matters.
In the end,
if I have to leave my family's business in someone's hand
before my dad gets into politics,
I now know
that I want that someone to be Thyme.
Because I believe that one day I will love Thyme.
Or maybe
I have already loved him.
What's up, Talay?
Are you free?
Keen to earn extra cash while studying?
Hey, let me ask you something.
How many jobs do you actually have?
Waiting in line is an easy job.
But I asked you here because I needed your help
in case I have to go to the bathroom. I'll cut you in.
Do you want something to eat?
Wow, you've come prepared.
Of course. Which flavor would you like?
This one.
It's funny.
People line up to buy such an expensive thing.
You don't need to try to understand rich people.
But if we don't, how can we live together?
Why not?
We live like this.
Don't you want to try at all?
In the end,
the conclusion is always the same, Gorya.
What can't be done, can't be done.
No matter how hard we try to understand them,
the lesson for us is that
this is how the world works.
So don't force it.
Trust me.
What are you doing here?
I thought I wouldn't make it.
Make it to what?
To see Glakao off.
Here, I got a big set.
I didn't bring a lot today because I just escaped from home.
Despite that, I guarantee it will be delicious.
Why did you have to escape?
I've been very busy with work.
Mother has recently hired guards to keep an eye on me.
If she knew I was here, she'd have the guards drag me back home.
But don't worry.
Even if you're not here, Glakao,
Gorya can protect me.
OK, that makes me feel better.
How's this? From Chef Thyme.
Looks so yummy.
Of course it is. Dig in.
Gorya, let's eat.
So yummy.
Is this Korean style?
Go slow, Gorya. It's hot.
I miss the magic pork.
I've been having meals with many people lately.
We eat while talking business. So boring.
Today I have to eat at Lita's house.
When will this end?
You and Lita look great together.
What's up with you? Why the sarcasm?
I wasn't being sarcastic.
You and Lita are right for each other,
in terms of business, lineage.
You're in the same social circle.
On top of everything,
Lita is really cute.
Let's talk outside.
Let's have it out right now. What's the matter?
Why did you say that?
Was I wrong?
With Lita, you don't have to struggle.
What is this, Gorya?
Are you still hung up on that girl?
I told you I would handle it.
Just be patient.
If we can get through this, it's smooth sailing from here.
Smooth sailing?
Are you sure about what you just said?
I get the part where you told me to be patient.
But you know,
the more patient I've been,
the more I see
how big your world is.
The two of us have been fighting the tide.
Can't we just admit
that even though we get through this,
it will not be the end?
How long will I have to stay and be patient?
I'm exhausted, Thyme.
I'm exhausted.
I just want to stay in my world.
And you should be with someone who's right for you.
We can be together, Gorya.
We're always together.
What is this 'your world, my world' thing?
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes to the reality
and how different we are.
What do you want me to do?
I'm trying here, Gorya.
But with Lita,
you don't need to try at all.
I really think
that if you can love her,
things should be easier.
Really, Gorya?
Do you mean what you said?
Did you feel anything when you said that?
What about everything I've done, Gorya?
Say it.
What about everything I've done?
Don't you see how hard I've tried?
Answer me.
I can't.
I can't do this, Thyme.
Did you tell my family, Gorya?
Go back to your world.
What have you done?
What about all these things I've done, Gorya? Answer me!
What are you doing?
Let me go!
Let go of me!
Realizing that the world is full of icebergs
can be painful.
But seeing just the tip of it might be a good thing.
Because there's probably nothing people like us can do.
What's wrong?
Don't you want to go?
You can say it.
Just that it's too bad.
Thyme can't be here.
If he was here,
he would be excited about everything here.
It'd be very funny.
Sorry, sis.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying not to think about him.
Safe travels.
The stock index today closed
In the end, we need to get on with our lives.
We just need to face the fact,
move forward
Miss Lita, someone's here to see you waiting in the living room.
Who is it?
And let the world keep on spinning,
spinning the way it's supposed to.
When this time comes, you can feel it
that a year almost passes.
I wish everyone enjoys their new journey.
I wish you all good luck in your chosen path.
Screw it! Whatever happens, happens!
I want to go to your school prom.
Shall we go together?
Do whatever you want.
The day on which everyone's life will change,
except me.
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