F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

The Time Machine

You're that rider from the other day.
How come you're here?
I'm a student here.
My name is Talay.
People line up to buy such an expensive thing.
You don't need to try to understand rich people.
If I have to leave my family's business in someone's hand,
I want that someone to be Thyme.
I may have already loved him.
Go back to your world.
I really think that if you can love her,
things should be easier.
Thailand's weather It rains whenever it wants.
Off-season rain? I hate this gloomy vibe.
It is depressing.
No. It's because we have no orders.
Graduation ceremonies are coming.
If universities cancel the whole thing because of floods,
our shop will be doomed.
With that said,
let's get back to work.
When this time of year comes, you can feel it.
A year has almost passed.
That's why
you should hurry and do what you want to do.
Teenage years are short.
Don't waste your time hesitating. OK?
I know.
But honestly, Uncle Ga,
something is very difficult to decide on.
For a certain thing, if we make just a tiny mistake,
Find him.
It may result in a big consequence.
If that happened, it'd be devastating.
That's true.
But hear me out, Kaning.
No matter if you make a right or wrong decision,
until we see the result with our eyes,
No one knows how's it going to end.
What brings you here?
What happened?
Sorry to disturb you.
I don't have anyone else to talk to.
So Thyme came to see me at my place.
Thyme, what are you doing here so late?
Were you in the rain?
I have to talk to you about something.
What? Did you miss me?
Whoa, don't take it too seriously.
Just kidding.
Be my girlfriend.
Funny, I'm not falling for it.
I'm serious.
Be my girlfriend.
Is this some kind of joke?
You shouldn't joke about this.
I'm serious.
I will love you.
(No, Thyme ;-;)
(Yeah. Congrats)
(Yeah. Happy for you.)
(You two are cute together. Sobbing)
(I'm jealous.)
(Perfect couple.)
(Great news as I'm rooting for you.)
(Heart-broken people, show yourself here.)
At first, I thought he was joking.
But when I looked him in the eye,
I knew he meant it.
That crazy guy
When he said he would love me,
I went blank in my
Thank you, Gorya.
I'm glad. I'm so glad.
When the billionaire engagement gets serious
for Thyme - Akira Paramaanantra
and Lita - Lalita Empicca.
Previously, rumor has it that they got engaged for business gains.
But both recently changed their status
to 'being in a relationship' with each other.
- Many analysts agree that it's a result of the contract they signed
- There's no room for any rumor now.
with the MPC Group run by the Empiccas.
This times perfectly with Pakorn's recent passing,
which makes the Parama Group expand considerably.
This is not just about two celebs getting together.
This is a situation we should keep a close eye on
to see how it will impact the country as a whole.
I told you it's a rule here.
But I'm not going in.
- But really you can't, Miss Lita.
- I just want to put this in front of his room.
Clumsy girl.
Your door is very easy to open.
Didn't someone tell you I wanted to be left alone?
They did.
Aunt Yu told me, everyone did.
They told me that girls are not allowed here,
especially at night.
I just got something for you, and for everyone.
Since I'm already here, let me stay for a while.
Please. Please.
Do whatever you want.
I'll seek permission from Madam Roselyn for this special occasion.
All this. Please give it to everyone.
I don't know if they'll like it.
Have you seen the news about us?
It looks like a very big deal.
What's funny is people are wondering about the prom
and whether you'll ask me to go.
People even vote that I might be your school's prom queen.
So funny.
I want to go to your school prom. Shall we go together?
I'm not going. You can go if you want.
Are you insane? This is your school prom.
If you don't go, how can I go?
Let's go together. I want to go.
Let's go together. I want to go.
You can't skip it. I want to go.
What's your problem?
What are you doing?
- Seriously?
- I'm showing you that you can't treat me like dirt.
- What?
- I'm your fiancée
and your girlfriend.
You monkey! What's your problem?
You said you'd try to love me.
I know I bring chaos.
And I know I have to learn a lot of things about your family.
But I'm doing my best.
Would you reciprocate my effort?
I want to go to the prom with you
as your girlfriend.
Is that too much to ask?
Sure, we can go.
- What are you doing?
- You are the best, Young Master Thyme.
I'm not a kid.
That hurts.
Let me go.
Let's go to school.
- I can drop you off.
- What now?
Don't be naughty.
Don't you have exams today?
You'll be late.
How do you know I have exams today?
I asked MJ.
You can't leave early like the last time.
Well, if I stay until morning, what will you do?
Lita! What are you doing here?
MJ, tutor me about Thyme.
I want to know what he likes, what he eats, where he goes.
Tell me everything.
First, I don't want to get involved in your business.
If you want to know, ask Thyme yourself.
Second, I'm in the middle of something important.
Between a crazy kid like you and the girls?
An easy choice for me.
Let's go.
What about our baby that I'm carrying?
What the hell are you talking about?
You irresponsible jerk!
If you don't have mercy on me,
have mercy on other girls.
Stop jerking people around.
Wait. It's not what you think.
I see you're free now.
I'm very proud of my friend MJ here. You
You need to shut up.
As if you could handle that girl.
That time we went out with her,
wasn't it you who was panting beside me?
At least I'm not Lita's coach like you.
Think about Gorya.
You said you're Team Gorya, didn't you?
I still am Team Gorya.
What's going on with Thyme and Gorya anyway?
They were flirting,
and suddenly they stopped seeing each other.
Ren, have you talked to Thyme lately?
I'm confused as well.
He didn't say anything.
But no one could force Thyme to do anything.
Does Thyme really like Lita for real?
Who could switch from girl to girl like that?
I bet you're talking to a new girl now.
No. I'm talking to Kaning.
She's asking me about this stuff.
What's up, chipmunk?
And then he leaves.
I'll be right back.
And so does he.
Story of my life.
Are you thinking about Thyme?
No, I'm not.
Everyone is baffled. You guys suddenly broke up.
How can we break up?
We weren't a couple in the first place.
Why the long face?
If you leave things this way,
nothing good will come out of it.
Excuse me.
- Hello, Sis. Hello.
- Gorya, dear.
Today Mom and Dad harvested a lot of durians.
Let me show you this.
Here you go.
Mon Thong durian, your favorite.
Gorya, can you see the pile behind us?
I'll ship all these fruits to you.
You're working hard. You must take care of yourself.
Eat your fruits so you won't get sick.
My turn.
Gorya, are you lonely being on your own?
Once we've sorted out this financial knot,
we will be together again as a family.
Gla! Don't play with it.
This is for sale. You can't.
Just a little bit.
This is premium
I didn't know your family did farming.
My relative's.
Screw it! Whatever happens, happens!
I should spend some time on self-care.
P'Ren, if you have some free time,
please help me study.
Exams are coming up.
I should use this time to study.
Of course.
This is a list of books that are likely to be on exams.
If you aren't, don't act like you're fine.
Thyme was able to move on. I can too.
Thyme is not the kind of person who can move on easily,
especially when it comes to you.
When will Thyme get here?
Call him if you want to find out.
No. I don't want to catch him while he's with Lita.
There he is. Thyme!
What the heck!
He skipped to some advanced stuff.
So sweet.
What were you doing?
Just giving you a kiss to wish you well on your exams.
Couples do that.
No. You're a girl.
It doesn't look 'pamper' when you do that.
Pamper? You mean 'proper'?
That's it.
Don't do that to me again. Got it?
No. Next time,
I will do more than that.
Go now or you'll be late.
I'll come and pick you up this evening,
- shy guy.
- Don't touch me.
See ya.
Oh, I haven't seen you all day.
Turns out you're here pretending to study.
She probably wanted to find a quiet place.
The whole school is talking about prom.
That must've been painful to hear.
Let's talk about this instead.
People saw Thyme kissing Lita in front of the school.
Don't talk about this in front of Gorya.
Poor her.
She almost made it as an in-law to the Paramaanantra family.
Before she knows it, she's now in the doghouse.
Sorry. The shelf doesn't seem that strong.
What's your problem?
If I had to fix my nose, you'd have to pay.
By the way, you don't look familiar.
What? I can't hear you.
Sorry, I wasn't going to do anything
but I couldn't help it.
Are you here to study?
Old exams. I asked the teacher for it.
We should help each other out if we can.
Hey, are there any waiting-in-line jobs available?
I'm looking for more work.
None currently.
Exams are coming up.
Why are you looking for work?
I want to help out my family.
There's a job that pays more than waiting in line.
Yeah? What is it?
Be my wife.
I mean, be a rider's wife.
Haven't you heard of it?
Someone who takes calls, helps carry stuff, talks to clients.
I've never heard of this.
But it sounds interesting.
And would you do it?
If you do, you can start tomorrow.
OK. Deal.
I may have joked, but I mean it for real.
That hurts.
You said some creepy thing.
I wasn't kidding. It's for real.
It's work.
As a wife.
Rider's wife.
They kissed!
What did you do?
What could I do?
Lita is beautiful and nice.
Her boyfriend is a very lucky guy.
Are you really OK with this?
I am, Uncle Ga.
Lita is my friend.
Seeing her happy makes me happy.
I have to go.
See you.
Let's go.
Gorya is so mature.
It would be nice if I had half her courage.
You can do it.
F4 will take their last exams tomorrow.
What? Gorya said her last exams are the day after tomorrow.
The seniors will finish first.
I did some digging. Aren't I good?
I'm like F4's number one fan now.
Hey, as I mentioned,
if there's anything you want to do, now is the time.
Can we take a picture with you, please?
Despite today being our last day as students,
all of F4 are not here.
Don't feel down.
There's still prom tomorrow.
It's not the same.
That's Kaning.
What are you doing here?
I just want to congratulate you all on your graduation.
Thank you.
Are you here to profess your love to someone?
There's the 'flower of love' in that bouquet.
That's not the case. Don't tease me, MJ.
What about the others?
Thyme is staying at home.
He said he's too lazy to come.
He who is above all the rules.
And Kavin is preparing for his speech inside
as a valedictorian.
Isn't it cool?
You don't need to be the best student here.
But you need to have an uncle who's the education minister
to be a valedictorian.
Do you want to come inside?
The ceremony is starting soon.
Can I? Thank you.
Wait, isn't Gorya here?
Gorya is out delivering stuff with Talay.
She works with him.
Don't you know him?
He goes to this school as well.
Is there a student here who works as a delivery guy?
I know tomorrow is the last day of exams.
But find some happiness along the way. OK?
If I don't study now, when will I?
And when will I have the time to find happiness?
Everybody can find it.
Take care of yourself.
Eat something so you won't get hungry.
And stay slim.
This is great.
Look around.
It's beautiful.
Some expensive condos don't give you this chill vibe.
Happiness isn't hard to find.
It's up to you.
You're right.
If you still don't believe me,
I'll show you how easily happiness can be found.
I'll take you on a work-and-travel trip.
As we are transitioning into adulthood,
have you ever contemplated on
how your life in this school has been?
Many dwell on bad things.
Many want to go back to fix the past.
It's not uncommon.
We are good at remembering our mistakes.
What are you doing?
Everybody hurts in their own way.
In the end, we all have to move past it.
No one can get on a time machine
and go back to fix the past.
I wish everyone remembers the past
and looks to the future.
I firmly believe that teenage life is about making mistakes and growth.
Don't keep looking back
and forget to look at a beautiful thing in front of you.
But keep your pain and learn from it.
From today on, I want you all to believe.
A forward path is awaiting us,
no matter in which way.
(Under the moonlight)
(Where are you tonight? )
(Is the moon here compared to there just as bright? )
I wish everyone strength.
(Is the moon here compared to there just as bright? )
and the ability to appreciate life.
It may not be perfect
but that's life.
(Cause I still think of you)
Believe me,
a better future is waiting for us to run toward it.
I wish everyone enjoys their new journey.
I wish you all good luck in your chosen path.
This is the last order. Let's go.
What's wrong?
Did you not have fun during my work-and-travel tour?
No. I was just thinking
Can you really forget the past?
- No.
- Hmm?
Nothing. Let's go.
(All I can do is think of you)
Can you wait here for a while?
I'm going to get some groceries at the supermarket.
You can ask your maid to get it later. Let's go back.
It's something important. I want to make it myself.
Wait here.
Don't run away.
Just hurry.
You're the sweetest!
Be right back. Stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
Must be this way.
I'll get some cash from the machine.
Can I leave this with you?
You can place the order. I'll catch up soon.
Here's the order.
OK. A moment, please.
Hello, what would you like to order?
What are you doing here?
What are you wearing?
Have you got the food, Gorya?
Who is this?
Excuse me, please cancel our order.
- Let's go.
- Hold on. Let's talk it out.
What's wrong with you?
- Who's he? Why is he hanging out with you?
- What's your problem?
- Can we please be civil?
- Mind your own business.
Who he is has nothing to do with you.
You and I are nothing to each other.
Stop causing trouble.
Let's go Talay.
I'm so sorry. Are you alright?
You know Thyme is following you.
Go get security guards.
I'll talk to him.
What is it, Thyme?
Who are you?
Why are you hanging out with Gorya?
You told me to mind my own business.
And now you're getting all up in my
Who do you think you are?
You think you're the man?
Excuse me, they're about to fight.
Please come and help.
Come at me.
Please don't hurt me.
- Stop!
- What are you doing? Get up! Get up!
What are you trying to pull?
Are you insane?
He's insane.
He was trying
Don't you feel any sense of right and wrong?
You believe him?
Of course.
You have a new guy.
You stopped talking to your ex a few days ago
and now hanging out with a new guy. How do you call this?
Get out.
From today on, don't ever come near me again.
You'll be sorry.
While many are growing,
I sometimes feel like I'm regressing.
Don't know what will happen after this.
What's certain is my life will no longer involve F4.
And the last day of exams is here.
(School break is here.)
(I'll take a long nap. See you in the next semester.)
The day many are waiting for.
The day on which everyone's life will change
and won't look back
Are you ready?
because a bright future is waiting for them,
except me
whose life goes back to the way it was.
It might even be worse.
Have you called Thyme?
I did but his phone is off.
Is he coming with us?
He's going with Lita, I guess.
- Thanks.
- But you and Kaning what's the story?
What? Nothing's going on.
Really. Don't imagine things.
Finally, you're here.
Shall we go?
I want to pick your brains on something.
Gorya got the red card again?
How's that possible?
Thyme said there'd be no more red card.
Yeah. But this is how he is.
He loves hard and he hates hard.
Don't you think it's strange?
Is this Talay that everyone's talking about?
Why do you show this to us?
You know, right?
There's an anti-F4 group.
We've heard about it for a while now.
But nobody does anything.
What are you saying, Ren?
Take a look.
Do you think these guys look familiar?
Hey, look carefully.
These rousing texts in our group are from the same person.
(One for the road.)
(The CCTV at the canteen has been blocked.)
(Too bad.)
What is going on?
Don't come any closer. Back away!
This could be the last time. Let's bring it.
Catch her.
That hurts.
can you look into this guy Talay?
Talay, what are you doing?
I'm hiding you.
Can't you see?
The whole school has gone mad.
These people
I think this is because Thyme got angry with you yesterday.
So he gave you the red card
and got people all riled up.
What's wrong?
Thyme really gave me the red card?
Feelings can change.
But don't worry.
No matter what happens, I'll protect you.
But you'll get caught up in this.
I'm not afraid.
Trust me.
We checked and he doesn't have trouble at school.
What about his family?
We checked. No problem on that front either.
What about business? Does he have problems with the Parama Group?
We checked. He doesn't have problems with the Paramaanantras.
Is Talay
I trust you.
Gorya, go.
I'll hold them here.
No. Whatever happens, we go through it together.
I told you I'd protect you.
- But
- Go. Hurry.
Don't! Don't hurt me!
Do you really think you can escape?
- Let go of me!
- Where are you going?
Let go of me!
What's wrong, Ren?
(Screwdriver: Keep her alive.)
(No entry)
Let me go!
Where is Talay?
My friend has nothing to do with this.
Don't hurt him.
Don't worry about others.
Just focus on surviving.
Where are you going? Come here.
I think this is going way too far.
Let's call someone for help.
Stop that.
What are we going to do?
We were going to help
but these guys stopped us.
But Thyme gave the red card
If anything serious happens to Gorya,
I won't forgive you.
Ren, where did you run off to?
Gorya got the red card.
What? Red card?
Who did this?
They said it's Thyme's order.
Thyme's order?
Hey, check the CCTV of the whole school.
I'll take Gorya to the hospital.
Step away.
(Screwdriver: Team A did an excellent job.)
(Screwdriver: Team B, be on stand by.)
There's nothing.
How did Gorya get the red card?
Hold on.
Do you think that cleaning lady is a bit off?
Step back.
What are you doing?
They hacked the CCTV system.
Do they think they can fool me?
Dare to challenge me, huh?
Hello, Ren.
I know who gave Gorya the red card.
Most importantly, they edited the CCTV footage.
Who was it?
Hello, are you listening?
The person who gave Gorya the red card
was Talay.
He planned everything.
Get out of there now
As discussed,
let's move to the next plan.
(Screwdriver: It's time.)
Try this. It's yummy.
I'm not hungry.
What about this?
Would you try it?
It may not be as delicious as what you usually eat.
But I gave it my best.
What are you doing?
Can you wait here for a while?
I'm going to get some groceries at the supermarket.
You can ask your maid to get it later. Let's go back.
It's something important.
I want to make it myself.
Did you
The person who made those cookies for you
must be very important.
I won't ask who it was.
But can you make some room in your heart for me?
No matter how long it takes,
I will keep on trying
until you can love me.
Now it's time for some dance.
May I please ask everyone to the floor?
Let's go.
Come to the floor.
Before the dance starts,
let me capture this beautiful moment by dimming the light.
Everybody, please take out your phone and turn on your flashlight.
Come on, guys.
Let's do it.
People in the back, move toward the front, please.
Turn it on, people over the left. Please turn it on.
Keep the flashlight on.
A moment, please. Come on.
Hold it up. Hold it up.
Very beautiful.
OK, one, two, three.
Hold it up. Very beautiful.
Raise your hand up high.
OK, thank you.
What's wrong?
(If you want Gorya to stay alive, come here.)
(Come alone.)
(Screwdriver: It's time to punish F4.)
It must be around this time last year.
I was bored of school, bored of my life.
And I happened to find this place.
At this place, you can play for fun.
So your team lacks a member.
And you also play to win.
Hey, you.
Can you play basketball?
When you take the win for your team, you become a hero.
So I got along quickly with the people here.
That's awesome.
Now that we've won,
let's order some KFC to celebrate.
My name is Aum.
You can call me Natnada for short.
Wasn't that funny? It was a joke.
I'm MJ.
What does MJ mean?
Why do you have long hair?
Aren't you in school anymore?
Hey, that's cool.
A lot of people here don't go to school either.
KFC is here.
KFC is here!
Come on. It's hot off the grill.
Open it.
Dig in.
MJ, join us.
If you want to save money on food, come here and win like today.
You'll go to Gorya no matter what, huh?
How can I leave Gorya with them?
Listen to me carefully.
Talay has some kind of connection with Phupha.
Remember Phupha?
For me, he's just an idiot.
Let the whole thing end the way it's supposed to.
End the way it's supposed to?
Ultimately, the ending is always the same, Gorya.
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