F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Phupha Komolpetch, a top student with a clean record.
All that will be ruined
just because you planned to expose what happened in this school.
I'm a student here.
But how come I never saw you here?
I just got a scholarship here and I don't like rich people.
Trust me.
You told me to mind my own business.
And now you're getting all up in my business
The person who gave Gorya the red card was Talay.
(Screwdriver: The fish has taken the bait.)
What are you doing?
You all go to this school.
Why are you doing this?
Answer me.
They won't answer you
because I told them not to.
But I can answer.
I gave you a fake red card
because I wanted Thyme to know
how it felt
when someone important was beaten up.
Too bad, someone interrupted.
So we had a change of plan.
- you
- I'm sorry.
Everything was blown out of proportion.
Sorry for tying you up like this.
Thank you for trusting me all this time.
Everything will end soon.
What do you want?
What's up, Kavin?
Finally, we've reached you.
Gorya is in trouble.
I know.
Talay texted me.
So you know about everything?
Yeah. Where are you guys?
We're with Ren. He was attacked.
Where are you?
I'm on my way to Talay.
Huh? Stop right now.
Why would you go to Talay?
You know it's a trap.
How can I leave Gorya with him?
You'll go to Gorya no matter what, huh?
Listen carefully.
Talk to MJ.
Thyme, I got intel.
These people are anti-F4.
They come together because we posted them the red card.
And Talay?
I could barely get any info on him.
But I'm certain that he's the cause of this whole thing.
Another thing I could find is
Talay must have some kind of connection with Phupha.
Remember Phupha?
If you remember,
there's a senior who got the red card before you.
His name is Phupha.
He tried to expose F4 about the red card.
In the end, he got it himself.
I'm doing all this
to avenge him.
What is he to you?
He's not even a relative or anything.
Come to think of it,
for me,
he's just an idiot.
Give it.
Give it to us.
Just give it up.
Come on.
If you'd just handed over the money, you could have walked out unscathed.
Let's go.
Stop it!
That was close.
You know how dangerous that could be?
What's with you?
They are thieves.
But you should not do that.
Were you trying to stab me?
Why are you even here, four-eyes?
What's with you?
Looking for trouble, huh?
Huh? Looking for trouble?
What an idiot!
What are you doing?
Did you call the police?
Wait a sec. You'll get your money back.
Whoa! What's that?
From the screwdriver?
I guess but that's OK.
Nothing a simple wound dressing couldn't fix.
What's up?
Want to make it up to me?
Let's be friends then, OK?
What do you say, boy?
My name is not 'Boy'. It's Talay.
Whoa! Really?
My name is Phupha. Yours is Talay.
What a coincidence!
Phupha is the son of a steel factory owner in the area.
I don't know if it's because we're close in age or whatever the reason,
but we became best friends in the end.
His family was kind.
He taught an orphan like me everything.
He gave me knowledge.
He found odd jobs for me to earn some money.
He took care of me like his own brother.
I just need it for a sec.
For me, Phupha makes silly decisions.
He doesn't think things through.
But I respect him from the bottom of my heart.
And I was confident
that someone like him
has a bright future ahead of him.
Funny, huh? In the end,
he doesn't get even a normal future,
let alone a bright one.
As you know, in this country,
if you're influential enough,
you can crush someone's life just like that.
And the person who did that to Phupha
was F4.
You're saying that you're not even a student of the school.
That's right. I hacked the school's database
and faked my way in.
How was that possible?
It's not that hard
if you're well prepared
and fueled by vengeance.
The IT tech stuff I happen to be good at it.
Who knows?
It might be fate that everything links to it.
How did you get the virus?
How would I know?
But this puts us in a tough spot.
All the key documents including bookkeeping are all in there.
That sounds difficult.
It is.
No one in our factory can fix it.
So now it's up to you.
I know that you're the best at this stuff.
I leave it in your hands, brother.
If you can fix it,
I'll be your servant for a month.
You make good coffee.
You don't have to be my servant.
Just make a cup for me every day.
This is 3-in-1 instant coffee. Anyone can make it taste good.
You've fixed it!
Glad my talking you up with Dad is not a waste.
What are these files?
Let me see.
Talay! Why did you have to show that?
Phupha! Did you download porn?
You never told me you're this good at hacking.
That's good though because I was looking for help.
Download every file in there.
You've worked here for a long time.
Why are you trying to swindle the owner?
Just keep doing your work in silence.
Once you're done, I'll cut you in.
Yeah, I'm handing it.
What are you doing?
Do you think we're stupid?
Never mind. We can pick it up from here.
You, see this through.
And you, orphan. If you're gone,
no one will care.
Talay, I'm here to save you.
Stop it right now.
Stop hurting Talay.
Are you here alone?
Because of you, this is getting out of hand.
Stop hurting Talay.
Master, don't try to be a hero.
So you're the owner's son. So what?
You on your own could accomplish nothing.
Who said I'm on my own?
Man, the police are coming.
Are you going to destroy the evidence and run?
I've blacklisted all of you.
Even if you run, you can't hide.
I can't let bad men like you get away.
Hey, you're talking too much.
You shut up right now.
Don't! Don't catch me. Let me go.
Are you OK?
Why did you have to provoke him?
I didn't know he had a knife.
Oh no, you are bleeding.
I have to stop the bleeding.
Hold on, what are you doing?
I'm stopping the bleeding.
With duct tape? Are you insane?
There must be a limit to your idiocy.
That's all we have. Just use it.
No, don't.
What are you doing?
Don't. It hurts.
He tried to close the wound with duct tape?
Were you mad, Phupha?
He was.
It hurt so bad when the doctor removed it.
It was in the moment. Didn't have much time to think.
It's good that you're safe.
I really thought you were going to die.
It's very fortunate that you're OK.
Since everything has settled down,
I have another important thing to tell you, Talay.
We talked and agreed
that your talent in computing is dangerous.
I've been thinking.
I can't let you go on like this.
Next semester I'm sending you to go to Kocher with Phupha.
The tuition fee is astronomical.
I can afford it.
I thought you're going to punish me for helping them.
What are you talking about?
We know that you were forced to do it.
If you hadn't sent that text, I wouldn't have known about any of it.
listen to me.
I know I'm impulsive.
I often find myself in the middle of dangerous situations.
Having a smart guy like you by my side
gives me comfort.
I'm proud
to have you as a brother.
Having you by my side
is like having a protection talisman. Isn't that cool?
How is that cool?
It's so cool.
Speaking of a talisman,
sign this for me.
What is this?
It's a memento from our mission.
Who collects this stuff anyway?
I do.
Who would face such an awesome experience so often?
Just sign it.
Come on.
About going to Kocher what do you say?
I'm proud
to be your brother.
I could just eat you up.
Give me a hug.
My wounds!
What did you say?
You're a proud brother?
To our knowledge, Phupha had a fight with other students
at the old stadium where any entry was prohibited.
From the reporting I received, the fight wasn't that violent.
But it seems like
there was an accident.
The person who found him said Phupha drowned in the pool.
That may be the reason why he's in such a serious condition.
On behalf of the school, please accept our condolences.
Nonetheless, there's nothing we can do about this.
On another note, when Phupha was found,
he clutched this in his hand.
In any case, I wish his treatment goes well.
After that, everything went quiet.
Please. Help me. Please.
The school took no responsibility.
No lawyer would take the case.
His dad spent every penny on his treatment.
In the end, his dad was in debt
and had to shut down the factory.
Isn't that disgusting? We know that it's F4.
But no matter how sure we are,
there's no evidence.
So I used Phupha's information
to fake my way into the school.
Unfortunately, it looked like I came too late.
Everything was wrapped up like nothing had happened.
All the files were deleted. No red card was given anymore.
But even without evidence,
it doesn't mean no one hates F4.
(I hate F4 so damn much.)
it doesn't mean no one hates F4.
(Screwdriver: It's time to gather.)
Bit by bit, I started gathering people who hated F4.
It's not easy
but I finally found a group of like-minded people.
The people who know that this is the only way
to punish F4 for all the things they'd done.
And that day has arrived.
But you know what?
The one who got away was you, Gorya.
You used to be against them.
You should have been the one who stood up to fight.
Look at you now.
You've forgiven them.
You've got close to them.
I don't know how Thyme duped you.
But enough already, Gorya.
You should have known better
how evil F4 was.
Can't you see? It's not too late to change your mind.
Bring back that rage.
And come to our side.
I can't anymore! Let me go!
Why, Gorya?
After all this talk I just gave, you still don't get it?
I get it.
I get everything that you said.
It's no surprise that you want to get back at F4.
Regardless, this is not the right way.
I can never condone this behavior.
You can never condone this behavior?
Then tell me which other way there is.
Stop with your rose-colored glasses, Gorya.
With these guys who have all the power in their hands,
there's no cure for them.
They are evil by nature.
There's no way they can change.
You've said they cannot change.
But is that true, Talay?
Who do you think you are?
You think you're the man?
Go ahead.
Go for it.
Punch me.
Too afraid?
Come on, punch me.
Go for it. Come on.
You want it, huh?
Ouch! Please don't hurt me.
What are you doing?
What are you trying to pull? Get up! Get up!
I'm so mad at myself.
If I'd looked closer, you would never have fooled me.
I should have known better
that Thyme would never bring back the red card.
And you, for your revenge,
you were willing to frame Thyme.
You made Thyme look bad in everyone's view to justify your action.
I can never condone what you did.
So what?
In the end, what they had done can't just go away.
They have to pay for everything they had ever done.
They have to pay to you vigilantes?
Are you sure?
I don't know what to do.
But it's not this, Talay.
Trust me.
It's not too late for you to change your mind.
If we brainstorm,
we may find a solution to this.
Don't fix your issue this way
How can I change my mind at this point?
This is nonsense.
the ending is always the same, Gorya.
Let Gorya go. You have no right to do this.
Don't worry, P'Thyme.
I'm not going to hurt Gorya.
Unlike you.
You destroy people's lives.
What do you want?
The hurt we've all felt.
Got nothing to say?
At this point, are you not going to admit
that you're responsible for this red card game.
The card that greenlights everyone in the school to hurt the victim.
You use your family's wealth and influence to cover up everything
so no one is held responsible.
Can you admit
that the person who allows students to hurt each other is you?
Yes, it's me.
The red card. The bullying.
It all comes from me.
That wasn't so hard.
Stop it!
Stop it right now!
Is this what you want?
That's right.
Seeing Mr. Akira on the floor
makes me so happy.
You're the man, aren't you?
Come on, hotshot.
Stop it!
Talay, tell them to stop.
Tell them to stop right now.
You should stop talking, Gorya.
As soon as Thyme got here,
you're no longer of use.
What you can do now is watch it together.
How's that, Gorya? Isn't it such a beautiful sight?
Is this really what you want?
Of course it is.
Don't you get it? Oh, how long have I wanted to see this
It's beautiful.
Unfortunately, this cannot be on social media.
Enough. This is so not you.
Stop fooling yourself.
I'm not fooling anyone now, Gorya.
I was fooling you earlier.
The Talay you saw was a fake.
All fake.
That's not true. You're not a bad person.
If you were, Phupha wouldn't love you.
From what you told me, I could feel that he trusted you.
Because he knows
that deep down you're a good person.
I can feel it myself. No matter how bad you're behaving,
you're a kind person at heart.
Deep down you don't want to do all this, do you?
Therefore, right now
You talk too much. It's annoying.
What should we do next?
Should we take care of her next so she'll shut up?
Ouch! What?
When did I tell you to do that?
You don't understand nothing.
Don't want to do this? Good person?
Let me ask you this.
When do you think I'm the happiest?
It's right now.
Talay, stop!
This is gratifying.
Now you can shut up.
You can never understand me.
Why are you so quiet, Thyme?
Aren't you going to say something?
You can stop.
What a wimp!
Is this all it takes to break you?
You can stop.
If you don't want to do it, just don't.
Is this
the face of a happy person?
Shut up!
Talay, stop. Are you going to kill him?
Don't worry.
I won't die easily.
Thyme, why aren't you defending yourself?
Fight him back.
Silly girl,
if I fight back, I'll lose.
Shut up! Just shut up!
Not another word!
That's enough
or Thyme will die.
Die, huh?
That's it.
If you die, I may feel better.
Talay, don't! Don't!
Don't! Don't!
Talay, you can stop.
You can stop now.
Gorya hasn't woken up yet.
Yes. Mmm.
Kavin, Gorya is awake. I have to go.
Hey, was I out?
Yes. Everyone was so worried.
You were out for days.
Does it still hurt?
I've got a little headache but I'm fine.
Do you know how the whole thing is going?
Thyme? He was hurt more badly than me.
Gorya! Wait up!
Where is Mr. Akira Paramaanantra staying?
- Room 415.
- Thanks.
Is this true?
Are you playing a prank?
I'm not amused.
Jerk! Wake up.
How can you do this to me?
You can't just leave me like this.
I haven't told you since the first day we met
how I hate you.
I have a lot of bad words to call you.
And I haven't told you
that I love you.
Why do you do this?
How can you do this to me?
Alright, with the power of
"I love you"
P'Thyme has been revived from his death.
Let's drink a toast.
I didn't come up with this
- Was it funny to you?
- Ouch! That hurts.
- You might as well be dead.
- That hurts. I've still got wounds. Stop.
Be gentle.
You too!
MJ, help!
Hey, stop.
Aren't you glad that I'm OK?
But I'm so glad
that you told me you loved me.
I love you
Is this the time to be romantic?
That hurts! Look at my wounds.
Gorya, take it easy.
You want it?
Kaning, come here! Kaning!
Hit him!
See you.
See you later, Kaning.
Drive carefully.
What's next?
Glad this is over.
I'll see you later.
Chipmunk, how are you getting home?
The bus stop is right there.
By the way, have you been in a sports car?
The seatbelt is there.
You haven't been in this kind of car, have you?
I have no idea what is where.
I can't understand why people love these expensive cars.
You're the only one who is this tense.
How about this?
If you want to know what's cool about this car, I'll show you.
How cool was that, huh?
I thought I'd never get home.
How could you not?
I told you I'd get you home.
But if it's the usual way, it's not F4, right?
I got you this. Can you make sense of it?
(Garland patterns of Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul)
I got you this. Can you make sense of it?
These are the patterns my grandmother keeps.
The ones I told you I'd give to you.
Wow, they look so classy.
I can never find these patterns on the net.
Of course.
These are the Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul garden patterns.
Of course, my lord.
But it must be very difficult to make.
You're very skilled. I can help advise you.
Thank you, Kavin, for remembering these little details we talked about.
I'll show you a finished product.
See you later.
Kaning, please look after Gorya.
She's just been through a tough time.
Don't know what is in store for her next.
I know that already.
But you said it like it was not over.
It's just a general concern.
(Kavin: What's our next move?)
(Thyme: Soon.)
(Thyme: I have a favor to ask.)
(Boonyawej Hospital: Patient Information)
I'm at the hospital. Yes.
I found Phupha.
Just hurry.
What are you trying to do?
After what happened, the four of us talked.
And we agreed that the whole thing was caused by our past.
Thyme decided to find all the victims
and apologize.
Yes, and Phupha is on that list.
You know that what you're doing is selfish.
Why? Do you want redemption?
You think any of the victims will forgive you?
You may not believe it.
But Phupha was the last one.
Damn it!
Since Thyme met Gorya,
he has changed.
I couldn't believe how much Thyme has changed either.
I understand how frustrated you must feel.
But let the whole thing
end the way it's supposed to.
End how it's supposed to?
I had to go all vigilante on you all
because I knew there's no way it could end the normal way.
And now you're asking to end it the way it's supposed to?
Do you know what the supposed-to ending looks like?
to cover up everything
so no one is held responsible.
Can you admit
that the person who allows students to hurt each other is you?
Yes, it's me.
The red card. The bullying.
(Confession! Thyme Akira started the red card game #exposingThymeF4)
It all comes from me.
The way it's supposed to end
is to expose all the trash you had ever done
for the world to see.
And the rest is to admit your guilt in every case.
Can you do it?
Don't worry. I've prepared everything.
Even with the power you have,
you can't go on living your comfortable lives.
I promise you.
All is left to do is to press 'share'.
And tell Thyme
if he wants this to end,
I'll upload everything and turn myself in.
I'll face up to all my wrongdoings.
It's fair.
This is how it's supposed to be.
Have you thought this through?
I understand now that revenge is the wrong thing to do.
The problem should be fixed at the root.
I don't know how the red card started.
Sometimes, you have to give them a red card.
But if the root cause gets away with it,
bad things will keep on happening.
So own up to your wrongdoings
and let everything end
before it's too late.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go! I'm telling you to let me go!
Let me go!
Why did you take me here? Who ordered you?
Is it Thyme's mother?
Answer me!
I told you to bring her here and you abducted her again?
Normally, you would
Just leave.
Why did you take me here?
I'm sorry. I have something to tell you.
What is it?
Listen to me carefully.
Ren met with Talay today.
Talay said he'd post everything about the red card
(Confession! Thyme Akira started the red card game.)
on social media.
on social media.
It will be big news.
Once it's news,
Talay wants me to admit it
and accept any punishment the way it should be.
I don't know what will happen.
But if I agree,
my life won't be the same.
- Is this true?
- Quiet!
This is a big deal.
I know it is.
Keep it down.
What will you do?
I've made my decision.
and let everything end
before it's too late.
Thyme, what are you doing?
Are you going to destroy evidence like you've always done?
It's no use because I
Since that day, I've been thinking
if there's even one person who doesn't forgive us,
what should I do?
I heard what you discussed.
Are you going to post it tonight?
No need.
Let it end right here right now.
That's why I wanted to see you.
I wanted to apologize. I wanted
Thyme, do you have any idea what you've done?
I do.
But I don't know what's happening right now.
And you uploaded everything,
like everything?
From what I saw, there are clips with #exposingThymeF4.
So? Did it break the internet?
(No results for "#exposingThymeF4")
There's nothing.
Did you get it wrong?
How can there not be anything?
I pressed the button myself.
Did you type my name wrong?
I'm not you.
Hello, Gorya.
I have a lot to talk to you about.
Hope it's OK to do it in a voice message.
I'm sorry for the whole thing.
Since what happened that day,
you've made me figure out a lot of things.
It must be true
deep down I didn't want to do any of that.
That's why
I've decided to call off my revenge on F4.
Thank you for helping me figure this out.
Oh, and tell Thyme,
next time before sharing any post, look carefully
if it's set for 'only me'.
That's all. Thanks again, Gorya.
I wish you the best.
That's a relief.
Only me?
Am I not being punished?
No duh!
Keep it down.
You are frustrating.
So you're not going to prosecute
any of the workers who tried to cheat you?
Trust my dad.
He's a good judge of character.
He said apologies would be sufficient.
That's nuts. If any wrongdoing could end with an apology,
all the police would have no job.
you know what?
You talk like a comic I used to read when I was little.
Don't tease me.
But I do think so, Talay.
If a person who has done wrong
is ready and willing to change,
I'll forgive him.
You came within a hair's breadth of losing everything, you know?
I know.
The fact that you've come out the other side unscathed
doesn't mean you can live your life any way you want.
I know.
I feel guilty about everything I'd done.
But don't worry. I'll do everything
to fix and repair what had happened.
I'll be better for you to see. Just watch.
No matter what you will face from now on,
I'll be there for you.
Thank you.
My plan is messed up though.
What plan?
Well, I might as well. Come with me.
- What?
- Just come with me.
What is it?
I've got something to show you.
Wow, a telescope?
You have this kind of thing?
Why? There's nothing I can't have.
That's true.
What do you want me to do?
Take a look.
There's nothing.
Hold on.
Wow, is that meteor rain?
Yes, I checked and found there's meteor rain tonight.
It's strange.
I never thought
the day I thought my life would change forever
would be the day we saw the meteor rain.
It seems like there's a meaning behind it.
You like?
I do.
I've never used anything like this before.
Unfortunately, it doesn't last forever.
Is it that funny?
It will last forever.
I had it made especially for you.
At first, I wanted it to be the symbol of me if I went away.
I didn't know for how long my punishment would be.
Now that things have turned out this way,
I'll just say it right here.
I love you, Gorya.
I really do.
My love is not fleeting.
I'll love you forever.
Please be my girlfriend.
The Secret Story of Iris
After that day, I would come here so often
that I became a regular.
And I started to feel like I belonged in this place.
Come on. We've won. Let's order some KFC to celebrate.
KFC delivery is here.
Your order is complete.
Thank you for using our KFC service.
Are you going to buy a meal every time we win?
Of course.
After a win, we deserve to celebrate.
We compete, we win, and we celebrate together.
When we compete, there's only three
But if only just a few people eat, that's not a celebration.
A celebration must be big. Right?
Ew! Look!
Let's get out of here.
I freaking hate the students of this high-class school.
That's why I was afraid to tell them who I was.
I heard you're a hotshot around here.
I want a match.
Want to do it?
We can beat them.
All I could think was I wanted to beat them.
But I never thought what changes the match would bring.
So Lita hasn't picked up your calls, has she?
We will go over to her house to see her. OK?
You know how love is a delicate thing,
let alone a love triangle.
You're not hiding
What is this?
or betraying me, are you?
You force me to do this.
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