F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

I'm serious.
I will love you.
What do you want?
I'm doing all this
to avenge him.
I've decided to call off my revenge on F4.
Am I not being punished?
The fact that you've come out the other side unscathed
doesn't mean you can live your life any way you want.
I love you, Gorya.
My love is not fleeting.
I'll love you forever.
Please be my girlfriend.
Hey, what's wrong?
I'm sorry.
But I'm not OK with this.
This thing with Talay has been sorted. What else is the problem?
you're still in a relationship with Lita.
Silly old me.
How could I be so focused on Talay that I forgot about Lita?
This is something you cannot forget.
Lita is my friend.
I don't want to hurt her.
I get it.
I'll talk to Lita
about the relationship and the engagement.
I have to do the right thing.
I hope Lita would understand.
Can I leave this with you?
Once I've sorted everything out,
I'll ask you again, OK?
Don't give me that face.
So if there's nothing else, I should go home.
I want to take a shower.
Hold on.
This is getting late. It's dangerous.
Dangerous? In this country,
the most dangerous person is you, Mr. Thyme.
Why are you holding me back?
It was exhausting getting you up here.
Can't you stay and keep me company for a minute?
I'll get you all toiletries and the type of pajamas you wear.
I'll have someone drive you home in the morning.
Are you thinking of something dirty?
I'm taking off.
Gorya, wait.
Hold on. Hold on.
Gorya, where are you going?
You have to ask?
You're going to take advantage of me.
Me taking advantage of you?
Why would I do that? I can wait.
We are bound by
Excuse me?
No, I mean
Even if we spend the night together, we'll just be talking.
I will never give you
'foreplay' all night long.
If we spend more time together, we'll 'conceive' even more.
You psycho!
What's wrong with you?
What is this?
- It's not what you think.
- Gorya didn't do anything wrong.
Before you explain,
tell me first
how Gorya is here.
Isn't this a space where no one can enter?
- This is not
- Why don't you just let Gorya explain?
It's her who breaks the rule.
Can you please explain
how you're here?
You're not hiding
or betraying me, are you?
Answer me, Gorya.
- Lita
- I allowed her.
Excuse me?
I must apologize to you, Miss Lita, for not informing you in advance.
She's here because we're recruiting her to be Mr. Thyme's personal maid.
Thank you for helping me out.
I wasn't.
I thought that was the only way you could pay for the vase you broke.
You probably do not have enough money to pay it back, do you?
How much is the vase?
I have a duty to make sure everything in this house is in order
in Madam's absence.
Therefore, I decided to hold you responsible
by having you work here.
Or if you don't want to do it,
you can pay us back another way.
I'll do it.
How long are you two going to keep hiding?
Come here.
They are Tete and Jiw, full-time maids.
This is Gorya. She'll be a temp maid.
If you have any questions, you can ask them.
Although every happened quickly,
I do expect a full commitment from you.
Well you are a friend of Master Thyme, aren't you?
Yes. But I work here now.
If there's anything I can do, just order away.
Looking forward to working with you, Tete and Jiw.
Let's check out the servant quarter first.
Have you eaten?
Not yet.
I'm getting hungry too.
Do you eat papaya salad?
That's my favorite.
Come on.
How long are you staying? I'll find you some clothes.
- Come on.
- Let me see.
Have you finished?
Can you do it?
Hey, do this.
Eat this and you'll have a shiny coat.
Look at him.
More than enough to keep him still.
What a cutie, unlike his owner.
Dango, bite her.
What are you doing?
Tidying the room. What are you doing?
I just got out of the shower and I was going to put on
This is my room.
Don't treat it like I'm in the wrong.
This is so unfamiliar.
Gorya, about Lita
I'm trying to sort things out with her.
But she hasn't picked up my calls since last night.
Give her some time.
I understand.
Don't worry. I will straighten this out with her.
In the meantime, focus on your work.
Any problems, let me know right away. I'll help you.
A maid should help you, not the other way around.
Don't worry. I'm doing great.
At first, I thought you were going to put me down.
What kind of person do you think I am?
Although Mr. Thyme is kind to the help,
it doesn't mean that you can chitchat with him.
I'm sorry.
Go and tidy up the room.
There's still a lot of work to be done,
especially the next task
which is to feed Thyme.
Feed this guy?
Yes. It's a morning routine done daily.
Isn't that right?
True. We do it every morning.
Please take care of it.
Take care of it.
It's still hot.
Don't be too fussy.
Talk to me nicely.
Auntie Yu assigned you this task.
I hope no one sees me now. Please.
This is the perfect shot, Ren.
You did well, man.
Speaking of which, I will post it
I'm kidding.
We know.
We won't cause any trouble.
For real?
Of course. I'm turning it off now.
Are you stressing out?
I've got a lot on my plate.
This thing with Lita is left unfinished.
And I have to pay for this vase.
I haven't been able to go to work at the flower shop.
I don't know how Kaning is doing.
You don't need to worry about that.
I've sent my guy to help out your friend.
As I was saying, I was tricked to work here in place of Gorya.
We should hand out flyers today.
I've printed a big file of flyers. What do we do now?
Boy, did I pick the right day to be here.
How's Gorya doing
about work, the house, and Lita?
Kaning. Kaning.
I get that you're worried about Gorya
but we have so much to do.
Let's finish our work first and talk about Gorya later.
When will we ever finish?
Yeah, if we hand out flyers the usual way, it will take a long time.
But don't worry, chipmunk. I've got an idea.
This thing requires some assistance,
like the face and the skin that is glowing.
Hello, if you buy flowers from Maytee O Garden regardless of the price,
you'll get a flyer from the shop,
and, for a special promotion, a kiss from yours truly.
The confidence.
Will it work?
I wonder.
Come on.
No need to worry.
My guy is resourceful.
And who knows,
he might deliver a better job.
Right now worry about your work, OK?
Or else Auntie Yu may tell you off.
I should get back to work.
Now it's your turn.
Lita hasn't picked up your calls, has she?
Yeah. I don't know what to do.
I did some research.
Since what happened, Lita hasn't left the house.
She's deactivated all her social media accounts.
No one can reach her.
So we'll try to see if we can catch her at home.
Good idea. Let's go.
Lita has ignored your calls
because she doesn't want to see you.
We'll have a better chance if we go by ourselves.
But if I don't do anything
This is not weighing on you only.
It's taking a toll on Gorya too.
You stay here and look after her.
You're the only one who can do this job.
Leave other things to F4.
OK, man. Thanks.
Very well. We should go.
you need to keep your distance from Gorya.
Don't be too obvious.
Seriously? This is me, Thyme.
I know right from wrong.
What are you doing there?
I'm enjoying my garden.
I told you. I don't need you to watch over me. I'm fine.
Watch you? I'm watching the garden.
Yes, Mater Thyme. You're watching the garden.
In this heat, aren't you a bit thirsty?
Who's watching the garden now?
You're keeping an eye on me.
What are you talking about?
I'm just
saying stuff.
Who are you saying stuff to?
Only the trees and me here. Are you talking to the trees?
What do you want me to do?
I told you. You don't need to keep an eye on me.
I'm fine.
And you have a lot of things to do.
Clumsy as always. How can I not worry about you?
You were putting pressure on me standing there.
- Let me see.
- How can I concentrate?
Answer me, Gorya.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry. I'm fine.
I can take care of myself.
How did it get so complicated?
This is complicated for you? What else can you achieve in life?
Let me see.
I can do it myself.
And I didn't complain about this.
I know.
Women like us We think too much.
We think for others.
We worry about other people
while we barely survive ourselves.
I wanted to tell you to stop thinking.
But you will anyway, right?
At first, I was curious why Mr. Thyme was so serious about you.
But after you came to work here, I've begun to get a sense
of why he's so keen on you.
And I was right.
What do you mean?
Actually, the vase wasn't that expensive.
Do whatever you think is good.
But don't be rash.
And don't worry about anything.
I have stayed with Mr. Thyme for a long time.
He takes very few things seriously.
But when he does, he will do his best.
So it may take some time but it will happen.
Thank you.
Getting yourself involved with F4 can be exhausting.
Each of them is a handful.
You're right. Each is a handful in his own right.
I can't even rank them.
Who do you think is the worst?
I think Mr. Kavin takes the cake.
That's a big kiss. Thank you.
Thank you.
Today is a big hit.
Sales of the past two quarters combined
can't even match today's sales.
Kaning, close the shop. We don't need any more sales.
Sure .
- Thank you so much, Kavin.
- My pleasure.
What's that?
(Ren: Lita doesn't want to see us either.)
(MJ: What should we do?)
- I'm taking off. Good night.
- Bye.
Where are you going, chipmunk?
I'm not sure how Gorya is doing.
So I want to see her.
No need.
You have a more important thing to do.
I can see what's inside.
Did you make this using my family's pattern?
It's difficult.
Not that.
You have a great teacher
but you never ask him to teach.
That's why
I'm going to teach you today.
Do you know in my view
why garlands are special?
Because they are delicate,
and it makes them more meaningful.
Yes. That's why they are used in important events
such as ceremonies and weddings.
In the old days, they were used to find a soulmate.
Find a soulmate?
Fortune garland.
When a woman looked for her soulmate,
she would throw a garland at a man she liked.
What I'm telling you is when making a garland,
you need to concentrate. No distraction.
Haven't I told you this, chipmunk?
What's more important is you shouldn't be sleepy.
Here, I made you a cup of coffee.
Thank you.
Smells so good.
I just told you not to be distracted.
Don't tell me the reason you did a poor job on this garland
is that you're busy thinking of me.
Not at all.
What were you thinking then?
I don't know.
At that time,
I may have been worried about Gorya.
You two are cut from the same cloth.
You worry about others than yourselves.
How can I not?
Gorya has been through so much, Kavin.
Before, it was school and Hana.
And then it was Talay.
And when everything seemed to get better, there's Lita.
I just want her to be happy.
But this is between three people.
There's not much we can do.
Isn't there anything we can do to help at all?
You know love is a delicate thing,
let alone a love triangle.
There's nothing more complicated.
In the end, someone will get hurt.
Only the people inside the triangle
know how it will end.
Are you talking about
So clumsy.
The first aid kit is in the back, right?
I'll get it.
It's fine.
Are you a vampire or something?
If you don't want to get hurt, concentrate more.
Who would want to get hurt?
That's true.
No one wants to get hurt.
But that's life.
You can never know what's going to happen to you.
And sometimes the person who hurts you the most
is yourself.
No need to say it.
I know I've been bad.
Until I can get things straightened out with Lita,
I won't let anything like that happen again.
I'm just here to set the table.
How's it going?
I can't get hold of Lita.
Ren and MJ went to see her at her house but she wouldn't come out.
If Lita keeps avoiding me,
I'll have to talk to Mother about calling off this engagement.
I checked her work schedule and got plane tickets.
But you have to talk to Lita anyway.
I know. Why are you so hung up on Lita?
You keep 'festering' me.
And if you don't want me to pester you,
- move.
- No.
I need to set the table.
- Move or Auntie Yu will yell at me.
- No.
- Move.
- No.
Oh, Miss Lita.
You've come quite late.
How long have you been standing there?
Long enough to see
how friendly a maid here
can be with the owner.
It's good that you're here.
Let's straighten it out.
Yeah? What's there to straighten out?
How stupid do you think I am?
Everything is clear. It's been clear for a while
how you and Gorya feel about each other.
And you want to call off our engagement.
But do you really think you can pull it off?
I'll do it no matter how difficult it is.
I've prepared the plane tickets.
The two of us will talk to my mother tomorrow.
It's too late, Thyme.
I've talked to your mother.
I've been granted permission from Mrs. Roselyn.
Starting today,
I'm moving in
here in the same house as you.
You have no right to do this, Lita.
Why not?
You know damn well
the person who has the power in this house
is your mother.
Even you can't oppose her.
Sorry. I'm just playing the game.
When things get this far,
all I can do is to keep going forward.
It's like how you've become a maid here, Gorya.
Speaking of which
Please put away my suitcase, Gorya.
That's fine.
I'll do it.
You have no right to order me around.
If you move even just one step, I'll tell my parents
and use every power I have to destroy Gorya.
You know that my parents can do that.
Let's eat dinner, Thyme.
Leave it there.
I'll take it from here.
I want you to go out and buy something for me.
Thank you.
I thought you're going to break a thing or two.
That's quite unexpected.
Didn't think you could stay calm.
I never thought you could be this kind of person either.
But stop it already, Lita.
I can see this is not you.
It's not surprising.
Every girl is willing to do anything
for someone she loves.
This is not that.
This is you wanting to win.
Get it together.
You just want to win.
I just want to win.
But you know why?
Because I really love you.
Do you know
the day you asked me to be your girlfriend
was such a happy day for me.
I couldn't stop thinking about you even for a minute.
I really felt that way.
I thought we
belonged together.
Don't you feel the same
that we're meant to be?
If you don't feel that way,
I'll make sure you do.
are you shopping for groceries?
I see someone standing here staring vacantly for 10 minutes.
So I get a bit concerned.
Is this about Lita?
I can't believe how vicious Lita can be.
I get it.
Lita must feel like she's betrayed.
She's just doing everything she can
to reclaim what is hers.
No one wants to lose.
It's true.
Are you anxious about Thyme?
Anxious about Thyme?
Not at all.
I trust him.
Just a place allowing me to feel weak
Only for a day
The person whom I'm worried about
is Lita.
Cover yourself.
The more I trust Thyme,
I more I know how badly this will hurt Lita.
And there's nothing I can do for her.
Whatever. I've done everything I can.
The only thing to do is wait.
you don't need to feel upset on my account.
Let's ring these up.
Did I blush?
You may not want to hear it but I'm sorry
for everything.
What are you thinking?
I just don't want to hear your apologies.
And you?
What are you going to do?
I have to speak to my mother frankly to call off the engagement.
Are you dumb or are you dumb?
Do you think she'll just say yes?
She proposed the engagement to the Empiccas.
If she let you call it off,
you know how bad it'd hurt the Parama Group?
Between us, massive benefits are riding on this.
That's why I'm trying to fix the problem.
What you're going to do is cause the problem.
Don't you know
that you're the only one
who doesn't want to get married?
I know. Don't you think I know?
So what are you going to do?
I have no idea.
But there must be a way.
I'm sick of talking to you.
I can see there's no way you can beat this game.
Let me end it right here.
Lita, what are you going to do?
You know my parents want this wedding to happen as soon as possible.
Tomorrow, I'll fix a meeting to talk to them about it.
If we get married,
this mess will be over, won't it?
Lita, stop it.
Thyme, you're forcing me to do this.
Lita, you're here early.
Excited about the wedding?
Is Thyme here with you?
I think he'll come.
Because he's a kind of man
who knows his responsibility.
(Lita set up a meeting between her parents and me.)
(No need to worry.)
I first thought Lita wouldn't go along.
Seeing that she set up this meeting with such short notice,
I'm relieved.
Mrs. Roselyn would like to see this wedding happen quickly too.
Isn't that right?
That's right.
I've prepared all the documents and everything.
Sorry for not telling you in advance.
But, as you know, with you two,
it's not just about the wedding,
it's business.
Actually, the minister has responded to us.
Excuse me.
I have an important thing to tell you.
Well I I
I'd like to call off this engagement.
Call off the engagement?
What happened? Please tell me.
Because I know
that he
- Why on earth did you do that?
- He's volatile.
See? He can get mad for no reason.
And when I try to teach him a lesson,
he'll yell back at me. Look.
What's your problem, monkey?
See? He'd normally use harsher words.
All the time I've spent with him,
he brings me nothing but trouble.
When I first met him,
he was going to leave me in the middle of nowhere.
I had to get on his back.
We wrestled like this.
Monkey, get off me.
Let me go.
- We can talk it out.
- We also fought at a friends' house.
Get off me.
- What's the matter with you?
- Don't come any closer.
I hate you.
I freaking hate you.
Mom, Dad, I'm begging you.
Please call off this engagement for me.
Do you think she'll just say yes?
If she let you call it off,
you know how bad it'd hurt the Parama Group?
I don't want to be married to him.
This guy is no good.
He's not my type at all.
The man I will love
must be a good man
You've sprained your ankle.
How did you get here?
who brings me joy when he's around.
What are you doing?
Warm and kind-hearted.
Here. Put this on.
But for me, love is the most important thing.
And committed.
That's why I can't love him.
I really can't.
I'm begging you.
Please call off
Alright, sweetheart, I understand.
You don't need to do this anymore.
Don't cry.
let's call off this engagement
in a way that will cause as small damage as possible to everyone.
Thank you.
Sigh. You sigh again.
Kaning, you worry about Gorya twice daily.
I'm just bummed that the shop owner left me to take a trip on his own.
When you have good sales, you take a rest.
But I do worry about her.
Stop worrying.
The news confirms it. Lita has called off the engagement.
My goodness.
And it looks like a happy ending.
Uncle Ga!
Kaning, no more working. Close the shop now.
- Yes.
- And you, the new guy.
Help Kaning close the shop.
I'm not the new guy.
- You keep worrying about others.
- Kavin!
Think about yourself for a change.
What should I be thinking about?
Pack up.
I'll give you a ride.
Is the shop closed?
It is. We hope to serve you next time.
Such a shame.
Do you sell this type of garlands here?
Oh no, this is not for sale.
Very beautiful.
I used to practice making garlands too.
But I stopped it a long time ago.
It's a shame.
Are you done, chipmunk? Let's go.
This customer used to make garlands.
Please excuse me.
Love is strange.
It sometimes comes to you when you least expect it.
Gorya, have you seen Thyme?
No, I haven't.
Where did he go so early?
When it comes to you,
it brings you joy, pain,
memories, and sweet moments that are hard to forget.
Sometimes it makes you do crazy things.
Sometimes it makes you become a person whom you don't want to be.
I used to think
if I give love everything I have,
I'll gain it back one day.
I wanted to win.
Before I knew it,
I disregarded your feelings.
I'm such a bad person.
Maybe this is why you're in Thyme's heart.
No, in everyone's heart.
Because you always think about others.
You know that, Gorya?
Whatever I'm done being a bad guy in your story.
I should love myself more.
Go study like I've always dreamed.
Discover my future.
And make myself worthy enough to get a fresh start.
Sorry for the short notice.
And sorry for being afraid to tell you face-to-face.
But there's one thing I want to tell you.
I'm so happy to have met you and been your friend.
Thank you and I will always miss you
from USA.
Crazy girl, I spent a lot of time on the clip
because I didn't want to see you.
And I didn't want to cry like this.
How can I stay put and do nothing?
We are friends.
And I haven't apologized to you.
I'm sorry.
You did nothing wrong in this whole thing.
It's my fault.
It's not you.
It's me.
I'm sorry.
Don't cry.
Don't be a cry baby.
You're crying too.
We don't look our best right now.
(Attention. This is a call for Star Airlines.)
(Flight SA 607, is ready to take off.)
I have to go.
Safe travels.
Take care of yourself.
You too.
Go or you'll miss the flight.
Don't ever cry like this again.
Something that's important sort it out right away.
Don't leave it unfinished.
I should go. Bye.
What's with the winking?
Wait, so where is Thyme?
If you want to know, ask him yourself.
Ren, why don't you help me?
Kavin, let me go.
What are you doing?
Lita's thing has been sorted.
The only thing left to be sorted is you two.
Go for it.
They are very nosy people.
What kind of crazy game are they playing?
Shall we get out?
Wait, wait, wait.
They might be very nosy but
Can't you answer me yet?
Right now? Are you in a hurry?
No but
This thing with Lita has been sorted.
I'm not a bad person anymore.
A guy can be a bit impatient.
A little sympathy for the one who waits.
Fine, I'll give you the answer.
Help me put it on.
Here's the answer.
Did you answer?
Why are you such a dummy?
I asked you to put on the necklace for me meaning I said yes.
Got it?
It means you and I are a couple.
I want to be alone. You
Get out of the car.
What? What's the matter with you?
Go on. Get out of the car. Go.
So? Are you two together now?
Yes but he threw me out of the car.
Don't know what his deal is.
I did it!
As Lita said, love is strange.
It creates a lot of things.
Many times it makes us grow.
But what I've learned is
(Billionaire engagement is off!)
- when you pass one test,
a new test is awaiting you around the corner.
You just have to keep going
because this is life.
It never ends.
No matter how hard we run,
we must face it in the end.
Every one of us.
I have something to give you.
I want to give you this because I want to tell you
that the garlands that you gave me
Kavin, what are you doing?
Are you really getting serious with me?
I may not be deserving of love
No more talking.
I may not be deserving of love
I may not be deserving of love
Afraid I may hurt someone
The Secret Story of Iris
Block him.
You haven't been around much.
I'm bored of school
so I've gone out and found something fun to do.
Don't have too much fun and forget about the exams.
Being F4 doesn't help you graduate.
What if you're the only one who doesn't finish school?
I know, Dad.
You speak to me like I'm a child.
I'm hungry. Let me order you something yummy to eat.
I guarantee you'll love it.
She's coming.
Here's Mr. Methas's order.
- Oh no!
- Your order is complete.
Thank you for using our KFC service.
My friend has recently found his love to read.
This is good.
Speaking of love, do you love the chicken or the seller?
I like.
You can't!
I mean the chicken.
Gorya, what's wrong?
I'm worried about Kaning.
She seems a bit odd.
I don't know what's on Kaning's mind but
it must have something to do with Kavin.
I don't understand.
Why did you become a guy who never opens his heart to anyone?
What happened to Kavin?
I think he came across Mona the other day.
You said I never opened my heart to anyone.
I did once to a girl.
If you want to know, I'll tell you.
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