F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

I'd like to call off this engagement.
(Billionaire engagement is off!)
Something that's important sort it out right away.
Don't leave it unfinished.
You and I are a couple.
Is the shop closed?
I have something to give you.
Are you really getting serious with me?
when you're a couple,
you want to do something
What's up, babe?
that a couple does, right?
What are you doing?
Um I
You're thinking about something dirty again?
But since I've been in a relationship with Gorya,
there's nothing of that sort.
How is this different than when we're not together?
Come on.
Getting hit by a pillow is not too harsh a punishment.
You have no moves, Thyme.
You need to be schooled by my teacher. Kavin!
No comment from him.
Let Professor MJ teach you.
Imagine that you want to a ball from Ren's hands.
What will you do?
Ren doesn't have a ball. Look.
This is the point.
If you want a ball from Ren,
you need to pass it to him first.
Then, he can pass it back to you.
Love is the same.
You need to give her something special first.
If it's good enough,
she'll give back something romantic to you.
That's right.
You have a point.
But what could be special enough?
A surprise party?
Sold. I am sold.
Watch me. I'll throw Gorya a surprise party that
she can never forget.
Good. The rest can follow.
Yes. Sure, Mr. Thyme. Got it.
Is this OK?
Move all of it.
He wants to surprise her but has her set up the party?
Lend him a hand, Kavin.
I'm taking off.
I feel a bit tired.
Did something happen to Kavin?
I think he came across Mona the other day.
isn't over Mona yet?
I'm exhausted.
I carried so many tables my back is hurting.
You can spare a moment of your time to work here now, Ms. Gorya?
I can't.
There's a lot of work.
What's going on with Kaning? She seems a bit down.
I don't know.
She hasn't been eating much. Don't know what's wrong.
It's good that you're here.
Go talk to her.
Gorya, how come you're here?
I just stop by to say hi.
Are you alright?
Did you fight with your dad?
Or something else?
Something's on my mind.
Out of the blue, Kavin talked to me the other day.
See? You can't do it.
What do you mean?
I do this to every girl.
When someone tells me she likes me,
I'll tell her I like her too
even when I feel nothing.
I will never commit to anyone.
And it will end with a one-night stand.
You are not cut out for that type of relationship.
Move on from me.
I don't get it.
Are you trying to scare me?
You could have just chased me off
or fooled me to go all the way.
But you chose to do this.
It's like
you're trying to be a player
to run away from something.
You're scared to be in a committed relationship.
I know that I may not be good enough for you.
But I want to understand
why you've become a guy who never opens his heart to anyone.
I do want to understand
You said I never opened my heart to anyone.
I did once to a girl.
If you want to know,
I'll tell you.
The rest is nothing.
Nothing. I should get back to work.
See? How can I not be worried?
Ren, MJ,
I've been thinking too much I can't sleep.
You see my shared screen, right?
Gorya likes green.
So the balloons at the party should be green.
But white balloons are much more pretty.
What should I do?
Whatever, man.
Your party isn't going to work.
What are you saying?
The party is going to be great.
You're underestimating me.
But you have her set it up, Thyme.
No way she won't find out.
She won't find out. I told her
to set up a party for F4.
I didn't say it's for her.
You can be clever.
That's normal, man.
If she doesn't hear our conversation,
how can she know that I'm throwing her a party?
Gorya, I'm not talking to anyone. I
Gorya. Gorya.
Where did you go?
What's the matter?
Nothing. I'm fine.
Obviously, you're not fine.
What's wrong?
I'm just worried about Kaning.
She was acting a bit odd.
Kavin too.
He told Kaning out of the blue
that he could never open his heart to anyone.
It came out all of a sudden.
Is Kavin not over Mona yet?
Who's that?
Kavin's ex?
Or was she the one who turned him into a player?
Hold on.
Or was she the one who turned him into a player?
She's neither a girlfriend
nor someone who turned him into a player.
Kavin has been a player all along.
We should break up.
Huh? What?
I said let's break up.
Why, Kavin?
Where did I go wrong?
I met someone new.
There's this girl
whom Kavin used as an excuse
when he broke up with someone.
That girl was Mona.
This is Mona, my new girlfriend.
I know that this may come as a shock.
But you need to get over it.
Your new girlfriend looks familiar.
I saw this girl when you broke up with your last girlfriend.
Are you trying to fool me with this piss poor plan?
Don't drag this out. This is really my new girlfriend.
We've been together a while now.
Prove it.
How can I prove this to you?
Shall I kiss her?
Hold on. I don't think that is necessary, dear.
Come on. If she sees, she'll believe.
I told you. People will remember if it's the same person.
Next time find someone else.
Don't complain.
If I'd had another friend, I would have asked her to help.
You're my only close friend who's a girl.
You made a move on all the other girls you know.
You could try a different approach.
Like asking F4 to help.
I think you and Thyme would make such a cute couple.
That's right. How did I miss that?
You're gonna get it.
You go after my face now?
But really I think this is too risky.
What if we had to kiss for real?
Give me a break.
You're not like this with other guys.
Knight, the guy who's chasing after you.
I see you.
Don't make me show the pictures.
Here it is.
Look at this picture.
Hold on, where did you get these?
Knight, kiss kiss.
That's gross.
They'd been close since they were kids.
Other than F4, Mona was the only one whom Kavin spent time with.
Actually, Mona and Kavin would make a perfect couple.
And Kavin liked Mona very much.
How about this one?
But he never wanted to break the rule.
A friend is a friend.
He knows all too well if he crosses the line,
everything will crumble.
I checked it out.
Claire blocks you for real.
I saw her post some pictures just now.
Feeling like you missed out?
I think she's a good fit for you.
If I had a girlfriend, you'd be the one missing out.
Do you think you're a national treasure?
If I had a boyfriend, you'd be the one missing out.
You're not a national treasure either.
Seriously, even Knight said that she's a perfect girl for you.
Knight has opinions about me now?
He has opinions about everything.
As soon as I complain about something,
I'll hear opinions, suggestions, and everything.
The other day I told him I was done with taking pictures in the city.
He sent me dozens of tourist destinations,
valleys, temples, beaches, hills.
When I told him I wanted to take pictures of the beach,
you know what he did? Look.
He booked accommodation for our trip.
Do you think I should go?
Why are you all quiet?
I was just thinking that you didn't need to ask me that question.
Of course I have to ask you.
You're my friend.
Go if you want to go.
But remember to use protection.
What's that?
How can you say that?
When a guy asks you to go on a trip with him,
what do you think he wants?
You already know it. Don't act all innocent.
But I don't know.
If I knew, why would I ask you?
What's wrong with you?
Instead of warning me politely, you had to be all sarcastic.
I wasn't.
Do whatever you want.
I have no right to stop you anyway.
Gotta go.
Wait, Kavin.
Are you here alone?
Let's go.
I'm here to clear the air.
Who are you?
Why are you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong?
Why are you?
So what?
- Stay out of it.
- Mona.
Why are you all up in my business?
I haven't cleared the air with you.
What's the matter with you anyway?
You threw a fit and walked away.
You look like you have something to say to me all the time.
But you never say it in the end.
I don't want to say it.
How can I understand you if you don't say it?
You don't need to understand.
If you knew what you say would make things worse,
would you say it?
What you're doing now is making things worse.
Is this thing so much more important than our friendship?
Are you going to let this thing stop us from being friends?
I don't want to be your friend anyway.
Let's go.
You can't just walk away.
I don't want to do this.
Kavin, let's talk it out.
I said I don't want to.
Are you really going to ruin everything?
I do not understand you.
Not at all.
Are you alright?
He did cross that line.
And everything was ruined as he expected.
After that, Mona sent a location to Kavin to meet.
(Let's talk. Meet me at this building.)
(At 6 a.m.)
But Kavin didn't go.
He said from the look on her face that day,
he could tell what Mona's answer would be.
Kavin hasn't seen Mona since.
Although Kavin may seem alright now,
deep down he can't forget her.
It's strange though.
Just because he didn't show up at that building,
they haven't seen each other since?
Why there?
No one knows.
When Kavin didn't show up,
Mona unsent that message.
To this day, no one knows where that building is.
Am I making you more stressed?
That's good. It's getting late.
Go to bed.
Is it this late already?
I have an early morning chore tomorrow.
Anyway, thank you for telling me this story.
I have to go.
I have no idea what she would say on the rooftop.
But I am certain that bad news is more difficult to give than good news.
And it's true.
After that day,
Mona has disappeared from my life.
It's funny a guy who's broken up with countless girls
can't even face it when it happens to him.
Move on from me.
Love could be a beautiful thing
but it doesn't apply to me.
How is it going, dear?
I don't know what you're up to at the moment.
But you haven't eaten anything, have you?
I haven't.
I'm worried about your health.
Eat this so you won't get hungry.
Thank you.
It helps you stay slim.
I don't have time to take care of you like this every day.
You need to look after yourself, OK?
I'll get out of your hair.
How did you get yogurt on your nose, chipmunk?
Gorya, I don't think Kaning is back to her normal self yet.
She's been gone the whole day,
didn't pick up my calls or texted me back.
Can you think of something? I'm getting really worried about her.
It's OK, Uncle Ga.
I finished work early today. I'll try to reach her.
(Kaning. Where are you?)
(If you read this, please reply.)
What? Let me go!
Ms. Gorya, please brace yourself for a
What are you playing?
This party is to celebrate the day you became a couple.
Especially made for you only.
Let's have fun, Ren. Go.
Why the long face?
I know you're worried about Kaning.
But everyone wants you to relax now, alright?
Stop it.
Thank you.
If you feel better,
do you see that box?
Open it for me.
Whatever, just open it.
Here. Stand right here.
Open now.
Kaning has just replied, Thyme. Look.
Kaning has replied.
Looks like something's up.
Come here.
That wasn't the highlight but this is.
Here. Stand right here.
What is it?
Turn this way.
Let me tell you what I prepared for you is magnificent.
Because it is this!
Just a sec, Thyme.
Hello, Kaning.
What's going on?
Gorya! Gorya!
By who?
Wait, Gorya! There's one more.
This is the real highlight.
Just tell me.
Send me the location. I'll be right there.
Gorya! Gorya!
Look at that! Look!
Gorya! Gorya! Hey!
Who came up with the sky message?
Not me.
It'd only take a second.
What's going on?
This lady was trying to go up to the rooftop without permission.
Has there been a misunderstanding?
No, Gorya. I was trying to go up to the rooftop.
According to our hotel's regulations,
I must file a report with the police.
Although she broke the rule,
this doesn't need to go to the police.
Thyme, how did you get here?
Please get out or they'll tell you off.
Tell me off? This is my hotel.
So? What's going on here?
May I go up to the hotel rooftop?
- I'm trying to find
- Yes.
Excuse me, please look after her.
Of course, Mr. Thyme.
Thank you so much, Thyme.
Wait a second, Kaning.
What is this about? What are you looking for?
It It's hard to describe.
I'm trying to locate a rooftop.
Let me come with you.
Please? I'm worried about you.
Gorya, I need to do this by myself.
If you want to help, just try to understand.
Thanks so much.
Hold on, Kaning.
Stop prying into other people's business.
Worry about yourself.
Please prepare a room and dry clothes for me.
Right away, sir.
And you
we need to talk.
Are you angry?
Feeling better.
I am angry
not because you ruined the party.
I'm angry because you inserted yourself into Kaning's business.
How can I stop worrying about her?
I didn't say you should stop worrying.
Didn't you get a feel
that Kaning wanted to do this on her own?
I don't know what's on Kaning's mind
but it has something to do with Kavin.
She's acting this way
because she's figured out
that she wants to climb Kavin's wall on her own.
That must be it.
But I don't understand.
Is Kavin's wall that big?
Kavin may seem that way.
But he holds on to things more tightly than you think.
If he cannot get over his past with Mona,
he cannot move forward.
As my professor said,
because Kavin is who he is,
if you want him to pass a ball back,
Kaning must pass the ball to him first. Got it?
How did you get to basketball?
But thank you.
Are you still stressed out?
Your brows are tied into a knot.
I just want to do something.
How about this?
If you support her from a distance,
see if she's OK,
I'll lend you a hand.
Sounds good?
What about Kavin?
He's quite worrisome too.
I'll talk to him.
Still a good swimmer, huh?
What? I can't take your picture now?
It's not that.
No one has taken my picture like this in a while.
Nothing has changed here. I missed it.
Everything remains the same.
What about you?
Has anything changed?
The girl I met at the flower shop is cute.
Why do you bring her up?
The other day the building staff of my office said
they found a stranger sneak up to the roof.
So I pulled footage from the security camera.
It looks like this girl is finding some rooftop.
Is it just me thinking that this is about that day?
So you've come here because of this.
I don't know who she is to you.
And I don't know what you told her.
But for a girl to go up to a rooftop all alone is very dangerous.
I get it.
I don't want things to turn out this way either.
I'll deal with it.
Sorry for reminding you of bad memories.
It's never bad, Kavin.
Everything about you is a good memory for me.
I should go.
Kavin, I may have just met her
but I could feel her dedication.
I could never do that.
Damn it!
(I know what you're trying to do.)
(Stop getting involved in my business.)
(At 6 a.m.)
6 a.m.
(I found that building.)
(Can you meet me here tomorrow at 6 a.m.?)
(I'll be waiting.)
(Please come.)
Who is that?
He's been spying on you.
Why are you here?
I'm clubbing.
Why does everyone give me headaches?
You and Kaning,
why are you bugging me to go to that rooftop?
Did Kaning find the rooftop?
Good. Kaning is a fighter.
What good does it do though?
Ever since Kaning set out to find the rooftop,
my life has been such a mess.
This thing was a long time ago.
It's so pointless.
Pointless or not, only you can answer that.
I don't know
but for a girl who fights with all her might
so you could find what she doesn't know if it's useful for you
Are you going to leave her hanging?
Anyway, it's your decision whether to go or not.
But I don't want you to make the same mistake twice.
Find out what's important to you.
And you'll be able to make that decision.
What's up with that guy? Come and have a good time.
You can't go up.
But my friend is upstairs.
Without Mira's permission, you are not allowed up there.
But the way you went behind her back is frustrating.
I'd never do anything behind Gorya's back.
Clumsy again. Let me see.
But I could feel her dedication.
Find out what's important to you.
I could never do that.
And you'll be able to make that decision.
Excuse me.
Took you a while.
Chipmunk, you know how frustrating your stubbornness is?
But I found what Mona was trying to tell you.
Time is running out. Hurry!
Kavin, I understand you two were very close friends
and that made it so hard to tell her how you felt.
But you know,
Mona felt it was very difficult too.
How would you know?
I do.
What is this?
Kavin, your feelings did reach her.
Because I like you.
And she had something to tell you.
She wants to tell you this all along.
No matter what's the meaning
A beginning or a farewell
You said you're not fit for love.
Like sunlight in the morning
You said you're not fit for love.
Like sunlight in the morning
Or when the sun fades away
That's not true at all.
I may not be deserving of love
Afraid I may hurt someone
Love is only a dark shadow in my heart
Not ready yet for a new start
And to love someone
Silly girl.
Hope that light will shine and chase the shadow away
So I can find a brand new day
When I can love again
As a rematch for the surprise party,
let's have fun to the max. Woohoo!
Nothing is wilder than this party.
This is even sadder than the last party, Thyme.
Why did you have to drag us here?
I just wanted to party.
I think you guys should get some rest. Next time.
Now that you're here, let me say something.
Congratulations to you all
on everything.
Alright, let's go.
Kavin, get up.
Give them some privacy.
Anyway, how are you getting home, Kaning?
I can give you a ride.
Hey, stop right there. I'll give her a ride.
Ah, let's go.
See you.
Hey, Kaning.
See you tomorrow at the flower shop.
Have you paid off all your debt?
You should go to bed in your room.
I can't. Can't get up.
Let me sleep here.
- Let me sleep here.
- No. No!
Thyme, move.
No! Help!
- Auntie Yu, please help.
- Stay still. I'll sleep here.
See you, Kavin.
See you.
Aren't you going to let Kaning drive?
Do you want to drive, Kaning?
Later, Ren.
I haven't thanked you yet.
Thank you.
But no more.
It's embarrassing.
It's been years since I cried in front of someone.
Thank you too
for coming to get to the bottom of this thing with Mona.
I actually thought you weren't going to come.
I didn't come because of Mona.
And you came because
Not going to tell you.
Let's drive.
Kavin, talk to me first.
Kavin! Let's talk.
What's up with you today?
You've been such a baby.
You won't be working here anymore.
Can't I just be a baby for a little while longer?
You did very well today.
You were calm and understanding.
It was me who was rash.
And I got good advice from someone like you.
What a surprise.
If you stay with me,
I promise I have many more surprises for you.
Like the pool party?
That's all I could come up with.
I never did this for anyone before.
I have a surprise too.
That doesn't count. I wasn't prepared.
It doesn't count.
Can I have one more?
- Please.
- No.
Only once is enough.
Please. Please. Please.
Just one more.
Yes, mom.
The house? Neat and tidy.
Because I attended a course in being a maid.
Mom, I have to go. I'll call you later.
Ren, what are you doing?
Let's go somewhere else.
What happens?
Let's go somewhere else.
Has my order been taken care of?
All done, madam.
The Secret Story of Iris
After I found out where Aum worked,
KFC was the place I wanted to go to every day,
no matter how hard.
Hey, don't you want to have more room for more passengers?
Come on, think of this as a sports car.
This order belongs to
MJ! How is it that you're here?
I've come here on purpose
Is this your dad?
Dad, hello.
I think you should go back to work.
Let's talk after work.
Enjoy your meal.
You've been treating everyone.
I didn't know you're struggling.
You work so hard.
Where do you find the energy to play basketball?
I have to try harder. Just following my dream.
I want to be a pro basketball player.
I'm not in school or belong to any club.
But an open tryout for the pro league is coming up soon.
If I made it,
I wouldn't have to work and practice like this anymore.
This court is like a club to you.
And you
are my clubmate.
Just a mate?
A person with a dream is kind of cute.
In that case, I'll help you practice until you turn pro.
Thank you,
my clubmate.
Fine, I got it. Just a mate.
I know how we can get back at them.
This world is a board game that wagers on people's lives.
It's no different than the red card game you played.
Damn it!
Tell me what you want to do. We're ready to help.
You know you're up against someone with real power, right?
I want her to know
that her power can never bring me down.
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