F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

I had it made especially for you.
I love you, Gorya.
Please be my girlfriend.
You did very well today.
What a surprise.
I have many more surprises for you.
I have a surprise too.
Gorya, let's go somewhere else.
What happens?
Has my order been taken care of?
All done, madam.
Mr. Thyme,
something bad is happening.
Stop! What are you doing?
Hey, where are you going?
This is my house.
You can't do this to my house.
Hey, you can't go inside.
Please. Please don't do this.
This is my house.
I have no idea what's going on.
Calm down.
We're just following an order.
They told us to destroy. We must destroy.
Who gave you that order?
I'm sorry but
this land now belongs to the Parama Group.
(This land is in the possession of the Parama Group.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)
What is this about?
You can't do this.
We have valid documents to justfy this action.
This is between the landowner and Madam.
I have a story I'd like to share with you.
I've just finished a project in Singapore.
So I've come back to Thailand to work from here for a while.
If you want to have a meal, talk, or negotiate,
you are most welcome at the Paramaanantra's house.
Gorya will not negotiate with you, Mother.
You have gone way too far this time.
What did Gorya do to deserve this attack?
Attack? I just bought myself a piece of real estate like always.
You're still not admitting that what you're doing is wrong?
I haven't broken a single law.
When are you going to understand
that this is how the game works in the business world?
Haven't I taught you well?
Stop making everything about your business.
This is someone's house. There are memories
and people living in it.
Stop playing the game!
this world is a board game that wagers on people's lives.
It's no different than the red card game you played.
I've given Gorya the red card.
If you think you can stop it,
show me.
(This land is in the possession of the Parama Group.
Tresspassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)
Damn it!
I'm so pissed off.
I would be too.
Your mom has gone so extreme this time.
I don't know what she's thinking.
Yeah. You having a girlfriend
doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.
No. You know what is most important to her.
Oh oh.
The Parama Group prepares to launch a new hub next year.
The young son Akira will hold the reign.
An expansion this size
I think your mom wants you to get to work.
She's racing against time.
I freaking hate it when my mom does something like this.
Thyme, your mom doesn't come to play this time.
My family just called and told me to hurry home.
This means that all of us F4 are being watched.
But don't worry about us.
Worry about Gorya.
Why aren't you with her right now?
I wanted to but she said she wanted to be with Kaning.
Don't you know her by now?
Even if she doesn't want to trouble you,
the only person who gets her the most is you.
Tell us what you want to do.
We're ready to help.
I'm so frustrated. What's wrong with these people?
Just because they have money and power,
they think they can do whatever they want.
It's good that you managed to get something out of the house.
What are you going to do next?
If she does this
to keep me away from Thyme,
I just can't accept it.
Sorry for making you worried.
you know you're up against someone with real power, right?
I want her to know
that her power
can never bring me down.
In that case, follow me.
I don't have any use for this room. It's been vacant for a while.
You can stay here.
Don't worry about money.
I will pay you every month.
But Uncle Ga, you can't just give me money.
No worries.
Do you see me as only your employer?
I feel like you're my family.
I can't just leave you fighting all alone.
Fight for me too.
At least it'd make someone who lives hand to mouth like me
see that a small person
can fight a big bad wolf.
This is no longer about you only.
Nicely put, Kaning.
So, guys, come on in.
Furniture's here.
I can guarantee that you will live comfortably, My Lady.
Let's put everything in place.
What are you guys doing here?
The four of us are helping you fight.
With us here,
it's like you have an army to lay some 'lactics' for you.
Stop, don't be stubborn this time.
I've thought this through, Gorya.
The four of us will be your force.
We want to help you.
Let's fight together.
Fine, let's turn this into a bedroom.
What are we going to do after this?
No idea.
One thing is certain, I won't be home for a while.
I'll be staying at Ren's condo.
There's no point talking to Mother right now.
Are you going to be a burden to Ren?
If it's too much, don't force it. OK?
I'm not forcing anything. I'm chill.
You promise me
you won't fight alone from now on.
OK, from now on,
I'll call you to fight with every day. Happy?
Get to work. Come on.
Thyme, do you think
there will be a day when your mom gives us her blessing?
I have no clue.
But I believe
that if all of us are here together,
we can keep fighting no matter how long.
Let's watch and see who will give up first, me or Mother.
You know,
I'd been feeling so discouraged all day.
But when everyone came together,
it gave me so much strength.
Thank you.
do you want any more support?
Perv, no!
Is there anything else inside your brain?
It's not like that.
Is this the only thing you can think about?
No, I'm just teasing you.
Just teasing?
Not really.
Wow, I'm so proud of our little Thyme.
He's all grown up.
Every time, you jerks!
- Show up at the worst moment.
- So romantic.
Wait a sec.
Stop right now! Why are you doing this to me?
Where are you going?
If the world was a board game as Thyme's mom said,
we would be the worst players.
It doesn't mean that we are weak.
We can always hope.
I don't know
Even if we are so tired today,
I believe
that tomorrow we will wake up to a dream that comes true.
Get that shirt. Pat it down.
Tete, Gorya's ones too.
Do it right.
It's been 30 years that you've worked here, Yupin.
A loyal employee
Such a shame that she will have to leave one day
just because she doesn't know her duty.
(Maytee O Garden)
Be careful!
Hey, what are you doing here so early?
Why are you working so early? You always make me worried.
Uncle Ga has given me a big allowance in advance.
So I'm planning to work twice as hard.
But please be careful while you're hard at work.
Don't do this anymore. I'll do it. Come down.
No, I'll do it.
Come on down. Now.
You should leave this kind of work to tall people.
Go on. Do something else.
Give me the cloth.
Help yourself to what's inside the jacket. I got it for you.
(Take care of yourself. From your boyfriend)
You spell everything correctly.
Thank you, my boyfriend.
Go on. Go on.
Are you available? I'm outside at the moment.
Outside? At this moment?
I got fired by Madam.
Let's find somewhere to talk.
I have something very important to talk to you.
What's the matter, Thyme?
I just talked to Auntie Yu.
My mom fired her.
Why did she do that?
What is it?
You know your mother can do anything.
She fired Auntie Yu because she knew
how important Auntie Yu was to you both.
What does it mean?
This is far from over.
What's going on? Why do you look so pale?
Big trouble. My friend at the bank told me.
Frozen? Can you please check this card?
Thyme's bank accounts have been frozen.
In the business world, there are rumors
that Thyme is about to be disowned by his mother.
She has never played hardball at this level before.
What about you three?
We are fine. So we wanted to see you and
Help! Stop! Get out of my shop!
Who are you? Why are you messing with my shop?
- This is no longer your shop.
- Don't go inside.
Uncle Ga!
Uncle Ga!
Get out of here.
- Stop!
- Don't pay them any attention.
Get out!
Kaning, what's wrong?
My dad has suddenly got fired.
Just now.
What do we do, Thyme?
Don't waver?
(Don't waver, Mr. Thyme.)
What Madam is doing
will hurt you and Gorya for sure.
But don't waver.
Please remember.
Every time you do the right thing,
something has to be traded off.
(Notice - Land in possession of the Parama Group)
I ask you to use all the hurt to power you.
The more Madam hurts Gorya,
The more fuel it will be for Gorya.
Hey, you can't go in there.
You've come quicker than I anticipated.
Would you like to have a rest first?
On the way here, I kept thinking about
how to beat you.
But I admit
that you're clever.
There is no way I can beat you.
Does it mean that you have an answer in mind?
Yes, I've made up my mind.
I will get out of Thyme's life
in exchange for giving back the lives of everyone I love.
You seem to understand things easier than I thought you would.
Does it mean that
But even if I lose,
Thyme will win.
Honestly, since the first time we met,
I'd always thought you reminded me of someone.
And I realized that you're very similar to Thyme,
but it's Thyme back in the old days,
Thyme who would do everything to win
without any regard to how he gets his victory.
But Thyme has changed.
He's met a lot of people.
He's learned about humanity.
He's gained more understanding about lives.
If I fight, I'll lose.
He has become someone who hates how you do business.
He will never be what you want.
Even if we don't end up together as a couple,
Thyme will never love you.
It's no surprise
how things have always revolved around you.
You're quite a wonder.
You have really changed Thyme.
But that's the point.
What are you talking about?
Before we continue this conversation,
I'd like to say that I will compensate for everything.
I'm really sorry, Gorya, for all the horrible things I've done.
But if I hadn't done those,
we wouldn't be talking right now.
I don't understand.
I have something very important to tell you.
It affects Thyme's life directly.
Thyme, relax.
Have faith in Gorya.
A tough girl like Gorya will be fine.
Yes, I think things will get better.
Hello, Gorya. Where are you?
Did Mother do anything to you?
She didn't do anything to me.
But can you come out to meet me?
Why did you want to meet here?
What's wrong?
You've got a strange look on your face.
Is it because of my mother?
Well what did she talk to you about?
Long story short,
I went to tell your mother
how you'd never be OK with her behavior.
And she understood.
She will not fight us anymore.
Are you tired?
No more risky business on your own.
It's getting late.
Why don't we hang out
before it gets too late?
OK but no more Ferris wheel.
Come on.
The same old world I built up
You've come in and shaken it up
Never thought I needed someone
Until you
I don't want to go back
Hey, what was going through your head? I don't get it.
Why did you want to come back here?
I just wanted to.
Do you want me back on the Ferris wheel?
I'm not going to fall for it.
Can I ask you something?
Have you ever thought about
what the future will look like?
My future?
Why do you ask?
You haven't thought about it.
Yes, I have.
I've thought about it all along.
I'll be running the Parama Group
with you by my side.
But I will not do what my mother does.
It's true what you said.
Thyme hates me so much right now.
But I can see a glimpse of hope in him.
It's not hard to imagine
how much he would like to change the Parama Group.
If I were to guess, he would probably reset everything.
The Parama Group will prioritize people,
not money.
You're the reason why I have this idea.
The Parama Group must change.
It will have a heart.
And I am certain that it will bring a lot of business partners to us.
It will be very difficult.
There will be a lot of problems.
I am certain that Thyme is fully aware
that he's just a little kid in the business world.
Most importantly, the Parama Group now has too many enemies.
If he takes a management position soon,
the big players around him will see him as someone naïve.
They will crush him with no hesitation.
The only way for him to survive is that he needs time.
Time for him to turn the enemies into allies,
to convince people to believe in the new way.
I know it will be difficult but I'm confident,
with you and F4 by my side,
we will make it.
Will your mother allow this?
She won't.
But she will have to retire.
When that day comes,
I'll be ready.
And when that day comes,
that's when I hand him the reins.
But you won't do that.
It's not about whether I will or I won't.
What matters is how long it will take.
It could be 15 or 20 years.
But I do believe that my chosen path for our business
will be a steadier more sustainable one.
Give me time and I will show you.
Until I can give up the reins, Thyme's life right now
is hanging by a thread of a little thing called 'time'.
And that's the point.
If things continue this way,
everything will crumble.
Because there is one thing
that Thyme doesn't know.
I think you probably know now
what I want you to do.
I think you probably know now
what I want you to do.
Is what I'm telling you that boring?
I'm just picturing along.
So cloudy today.
Yeah. It must rain soon.
There you go.
Come on, it's raining now.
What's the matter?
You'll get wet.
Thyme, I have something to tell you.
We should break up.
What's that?
I said you and I
should break up.
What are you saying?
It's my mom again, right?
There's no way this comes from you.
Is she controlling you?
What did she do this time?
Who else will she hurt?
She just gave me a piece of paper.
What paper?
Huh? What paper?
What paper?
Tell me!
It's a check.
A big fat check.
What you're looking at is my medical test results.
I have terminal cancer.
You could understand, right, Gorya?
Teenagers such as yourself need time to cultivate their ideology.
But the adult world waits for no one.
If I die right now,
everything will be ruined,
the company, family.
Most importantly, Thyme's whole life will be ruined.
I can't have that.
The only way that Thyme will survive
is to force him to grow up as fast as he can.
Bring back the old Thyme.
It's the only way the Parama Group can continue without me.
And the only person who can change Thyme
is you, Gorya.
I know it's a big ask but
I'm not asking as a CEO.
I'm asking as a dying mom.
Please tear him apart.
Bring back the old Thyme
who was cruel and cold-hearted.
There is no time to be a child seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.
Save Thyme's life.
Please help.
What are you saying?
A check?
How many times do I have to repeat it?
You're saying
that she gives you money and you accept?
Do you think I'm an idiot?
Tell me the truth!
Tell me what she told you. Just tell me and we can fix it.
There's nothing.
Your mother paid me
to end the relationship.
That's all it was, Thyme.
And I took that money.
You know
all my life
I never thought to see so much money.
Stop lying, Gorya.
This is not you.
The Gorya I know will not take a single dime
no matter how much Mother offers.
Our love has never been about money, Gorya.
Never been about money, Thyme?
You and your rose-colored glasses.
What are you saying?
You think your idea of Gorya is real?
On the first day we met,
when I talked back to you, kicked you,
stood up to you,
it's because I wanted you to pay attention to me.
Because I know
that you're wealthy and stupid.
What the hell are you saying?
You're saying that what has happened between us
is a lie?
How can it all be a lie?
Do you know how exhausting it is
to force myself to be you?
To pretend I love you.
I was willing to give up everything
even let my house be destroyed.
And it pans out exactly as I thought it would.
If we were together briefly, the money wouldn't be great.
The more I lose, the more money I will get.
And everything has worked out.
And I can finally get out
get out of this hellhole that we're in.
What is this?
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you. Please tell me the truth.
Gorya, tell me you're lying.
Tell me! Tell me!
It's the truth, Thyme.
How can it be true? Huh?
For money, Gorya?
You give up everything you've done for money?
Just for the money?
How much did she give you?
How much did she give you?
How much?
Tell me how much.
It's enough
for me to get over the disgust I felt from being with you.
No way.
No way.
How can this be true? How can this be true?
How can this be true?
How can this be true? How can this be true?
It can't be true.
How can it be true?
Not true.
You're just a child, Thyme.
That's why you can't rule anyone.
Grow up, Thyme.
This is my last piece of advice.
Have you ever once
looked at me as an ordinary person?
If you were someone ordinary,
I wouldn't even look at you.
I'm giving this back.
I thought you'd be here.
Oh, you must be back at work.
I have to go.
Are you really going to let it end this way?
The Gorya I know will always fight.
She's not someone who can throw away something so easily.
I'll be waiting.
Is it alright if I could spend a moment
To let my heart feel whatever it feels right now
Just a place allowing me to feel weak
Only for a day
To let my tears flow
Won't ask for a longer time to weep
Only for a night
Promise to keep on getting by
Madam, it's reported that Gorya has traveled to another province.
And Mr. Thyme left a message saying
that he wished to learn how to run a business in Singapore right away.
Please fire the director tomorrow
and give everything Thyme wants.
Yes, madam.
Now I wonder
from today on
how everything
will turn out.
(A year goes by so quickly. #feelingold #auntiegrade12)
(I was pulling Gorya's pigtails just a year ago.)
(Soon we will graduate. #3hotgirls #hottestinKocher)
Clean the classroom properly, guys. Don't slack off.
You're the only one slacking off. Want trouble?
Do you?
Why are you fighting with your friend? Stop it.
What's the matter?
Without Gorya, you have no one else to fight with?
Not at all.
But I don't know.
Since Gorya quit school, it's been boring.
I miss it.
You miss Gorya?
F4, of course. Bros always come first.
Speaking of which, let's look at their IGs.
Wow, so handsome.
Wow, Master Kavin.
He looks so good after a workout.
I think this picture will get over 100,000 likes.
What are you doing?
Are you a paparazzi now?
I haven't spent much time with F4 lately.
I must do our fans a service,
otherwise they may miss F4 too much.
You haven't changed a bit.
Of course.
Hurry. We have an important appointment today.
Have you posted the picture?
Living in the best life
Raise your glass up in the sky
Living in the best life
No worries be on a high
F4 in college. I can't get enough.
I heard they change their cars every other day.
Let's see what they're doing today.
Don't you think their car looks strange today?
(Maytee O Garden)
Oh my, that looks so yummy.
This is what I'm talking about.
Celebrating our shop's high sales
and branching out to another location.
This and this fit well with our shop.
Shall we celebrate every day?
No issues from me.
But if you run out of money, don't cut my paycheck.
Of course I will.
Uncle Ga!
Are F4 coming?
Kavin said they're getting a present.
Here we are. Congratulations, Uncle Ga!
Don't tell me
It's exactly what you think.
We carefully picked this present for you.
Do you know how much I want this?
Inside looks great.
More importantly, there's so much room in the back.
Maximum room for storage.
I can transport as many flowers as I want.
You feel me, right?
I feel you.
But isn't this a bit excessive?
I know that you guys always go big.
But is this too big?
Don't worry about it, Uncle Ga.
Just think you'll have a nice car to carry stuff around.
Someone here won't complain about her back
when she carries heavy stuff.
I'll take it.
Just because a sweet romance is making me sick.
- Uncle Ga, do you have some water?
- Why?
I feel like I have ants in my throat.
Come inside. Come on.
A sigh?
I'm just thinking
it would be nice if Gorya was around on such a good day like this.
I always feel guilty.
I never asked her in which province her parents were farming.
It's alright. We're working on it.
Thank you.
What about your other friends?
Thyme screw him.
Ren he's probably being indie somewhere right now.
(Samut Sakhon)
(Samut Songkhra)
Have you seen this woman?
No, never seen her around here.
But let me take a good look.
(The Parama Group's stock is taking a dive.)
No, I don't think I've seen her.
OK, thanks.
Is she your girlfriend?
she's very important to
(Akira Paramaanantra, the only son)
who has recently stepped into the role of Deputy CEO.
He will play a big part and may or may not overcome this crisis.
to me.
According to an assessment of last year's performance,
it is clear
that the business development team had the worst performance.
Therefore, I propose that we replace the entire team.
This is a list of people that I propose to form a new team.
Hold on, Thyme.
Even when the performance is so poor
This is the only option that will create minimum impact
on the company's numbers.
More importantly, the CEO has given the greenlight.
An important moment like this
requires decisive action.
Is there any opposing vote?
You went too far this time.
What did you want me to do?
Have them draft a plan.
This team has been with us for a long time.
Their mistakes are not grave
Staff who can't deliver and meet the targets
We have no reason to keep them.
Our company does business for profit, Tia,
not charity.
You know,
you're becoming more and more like Mother.
Thyme, I like you better when you're with Gorya.
You know, to this day,
everyone's been searching for Gorya.
But what I don't understand is
why are you ignoring
Tia, I've made a careful decision.
Stop talking about a useless past
and focus on the present.
Thyme, are you ready to take a step forward?
We're meeting with Si Chen Corporation in 2 days.
I have a big assignment for you.
Where are you?
Are you still looking for Gorya?
Take a break.
Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
You've disappeared. How can I not worry?
Seriously, if Gorya had wanted us to find her,
we would have found her by now.
She dropped off the face of the earth on every platform.
I don't understand either.
That's why I want to find her.
Don't work too hard too. I know you've been looking as well.
Shit, don't be a know-it-all.
Come back already. Everyone misses you.
we will find Gorya someday.
Trust me.
Yeah I know.
Tonight, astronomers invite all viewers
to observe a major meteor shower of this year.
The Draconics will be the most brilliant shower of the year.
The shower happening tonight will be visible from anywhere in the world,
to the naked eye.
Speaking about beliefs,
they say if you make a wish upon a shooting star,
it just might come true.
Let's observe this meteor shower together
and your wish may come true.
Moving on to business news,
the economy is experiencing a prolonged slump with a domino effect.
As the real estate prices are rising, its effects are felt in other sectors,
including consumer goods.
A group of farmers in Petchaburi who are struggling with capital
gathered today to urge the government to adjust the prices of dozens of fruits.
The rally took place in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
which ended with farmers throwing away fruits right in front of the Ministry.
The President of Petchaburi Farmer Community said
the price of produce is very low this year.
As you know, the economy is bad.
It's a domino effect.
And we, the Parama group
needs to survive.
Both here, and in Singapore.
You're joking.
What the heck is going on?
Long story short, Mr. Lee.
We'll put our project on hold,
and cancel the contract with Si Chen Corporation.
You can't do that.
I have signed the M.O.U,
and put together the 10 years span.
My company has invested hundred of millions in loans for you.
Now, you're suddenly cancelling this.
I will not accept it.
Mr. Lee, our decision was carefully made.
If you don't change your mind,
we'll see you in court.
We'll sue you all.
Do you want it?
It won't make a difference.
You don't stand a chance in court.
What we signed was an M.O.U,
which clearly states that Parama Group has the
right to terminate any contract without cost.
If anyone is to blame, it's you,
and your incompetence.
I'll go against you guys.
You won't go far with the way you operate.
You lie.
I'll sue you for what you've done.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me, don't touch me.
I'll destroy your future.
You won't go far.
(If you think you can pull it off, go ahead.)
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
I'll destroy your future.
You won't go far.
Alright then.
Does anybody have any question?
If not, let's proceed with the agenda.
We should break up.
What are you doing here, Ren?
You've been unreachable. You never pick up our calls.
So I'm here.
I know where Gorya is.
The Secret Story of Iris
long thin structures that are whip-like,
made of microtubules
Are you coming to play basketball today?
I'm not sure. I've got stuff to do today.
I will order KFC today.
Thought I'd get some for you.
I want to eat that. How about this?
If I finish what I'm doing early, I'll be there.
Hurry here or there won't be any left for you.
OK, see you.
"See you."
Hey, come and dig in.
Wow, looks so yummy.
Let's save this for MJ.
That's a big bite!
We want a rematch.
What happened?
They challenged us but were losing so they played dirty.
Aum got hurt.
Hey, don't pick a fight with them.
His dad is in charge around here.
You'll get in trouble.
Let's do another rematch.
Before you ask for a rematch,
make sure you find someone to play for your team.
Tomorrow same time.
I'll find someone for sure.
Yes, Dad. I'm coming.
If Gorya was a golddigger and had taken your mom's money,
she would never live the way she is now.
How could you possibly understand what I've been through?
Although you're far apart,
I believe that you two still have a connection.
Do you think I'll just let it happen?
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