F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

I have terminal cancer.
Your mother paid me
to end the relationship.
I never thought to see so much money.
Are you still looking for Gorya?
The global economic slowdown causes
the Parama Group’s stock to take a dive.
We’re meeting with Si Chen Corporation in 2 days.
I have a big assignment for you.
I know where Gorya is.
(Life is funny.)
(You thought you had escaped somewhere so far nobody would find you.)
Why are you doing this? Back off!
(But actually,)
(I never escaped at all.)
(Thinking about the world ‘countryside’,)
(what comes to mind?)
I’m coming.
It’s broken again, huh?
(For me, it’s full of struggle)
Ouch! Sis!
Yes, Dad. I’m coming.
(Double exhaustion.)
How could it be wrong?
Fine. Take it.
That’s right.
(Triple exhaustion!)
I’m so exhausted.
You were awesome today, dear.
Guys, Gorya did something awesome today.
She talked Pick into not reducing our price.
Instead of praising me, I should ask you
how you could let him reduce the price like that.
There’s a market price.
Don’t let them bleed you dry.
You speak so eloquently. You must have surpassed your dad.
Not that. I just want to make things right.
He paid in full, right, Dad?
Er… Yes, dear.
That’s good. If you have money left,
you can retrieve your ring from the pawn shop.
No need. It’s not that important.
The money we got isn’t enough to pay for the ring.
You can sell my things.
I know you still keep my school uniforms.
Those can’t be sold.
Because your dad and I know deep down
you don’t want to throw them away.
to this day, we still have no idea
why you dropped out and came here.
Even though you never tell us,
I can feel you can’t bring yourself to throw it away.
Let’s wait until you are certain.
These things take time.
Don’t worry. Your mom and I can wait.
Hey! The music show is on. Change the channel.
- What are you doing?
- Don’t do it like that. Press it like this.
- I want to watch some drama.
- I’m watching the music show.
Glakao! Even jumped across the food?
(Although the countryside is not all it’s cracked up to be,)
(it’s not bad at all.)
(It must be true what they say.)
(Growing up into adulthood is about accepting good things…)
What’s the matter, Dad?
You go instead of me.
Gentle, Mom!
(…and overcome all the challenges)
(no matter how bad they are.)
What? You said you’d buy at the market price.
This is a lot less.
It’s the market price.
But I have to deduct what you owe.
Don’t be tricky.
What we owe?
What are you talking about?
Haven’t your dad told you?
Here’s the thing.
Your aunt swindled people out of hundreds of thousands and disappeared.
Your dad has to pay off the debt in her place.
Honestly, the landlords are looking to increase the rents.
The investors are reducing prices paid to farmers.
Now is the time to act,
otherwise a debtor like me will be in trouble too.
(Legal quick cash – no guarantor required)
Warm milk to soothe your stomach.
Thank you.
Get some rest and find other things to do.
Look at your eyebrows. They are knitted together so tightly.
Let me give you a massage.
- Stop stressing out.
- Do the shoulders.
Stop stressing out. Stop stressing out.
I get it.
I’ll find something else to do. No more stress.
Thank you.
(First celebration in years)
What are you doing, Uncle Ga?
Go, Uncle Ga, go.
Let me take a picture of those two.
Uncle Ga, cheers.
I know where Gorya is.
She went to Petchaburi to be with her family.
She lays low.
No social media activity.
This is the info and map I found.
From my investigation, she’s struggling a lot.
It’s been a year that she has to live…
You’ve come all this way
to tell me this small thing?
You said it yourself.
She keeps to herself.
It means she doesn’t want to see anyone.
Have you forgotten?
She’s the one who cut me out of her life.
And I have changed.
Between me and her, there’s nothing left.
Haven’t you seen my new world?
One year that I’ve lived here.
My life has nothing to do with hers.
Are you sure?
Your new world has nothing to do with Gorya?
(The economy is experiencing a prolonged slump with a domino effect.)
(As the real estate prices are rising, its effects are felt in other sectors,)
(including consumer goods.)
The landlords are looking to increase the rent.
The investors are reducing prices paid to farmers.
Although you’re far apart,
I believe that you two still have a connection.
What’s the point of telling me all this now?
How many times do I have to repeat it?
She dumped me.
She’s the one who took the money and chose that life.
If Gorya was a gold-digger and had taken your mom’s money,
she would never live the way she does now.
Think carefully, Thyme.
Get out. I have some work to do.
You’re fooling yourself, you know.
Damn it! What do you want?
I want you two to be happy.
I am happy.
Whether Gorya is happy or not
is none of my business.
If you care so much about her,
go see her yourself.
That’s what you do, right?
Remember what I told you.
If you choose the wrong path, I won’t step aside anymore.
Don’t do something you’ll regret.
It’s a lot.
- Let's talk first.
- Please stop.
What’s going on? Please remain calm.
I can’t stay calm. Where’s the money you promised to pay?
I haven’t seen a single baht.
Where? Where’s the money?
I don’t have any right now.
If you don’t have it, get some from your mega-rich son-in-law.
Get money from your boyfriend.
That’s his money. This is my debt.
I can’t let them…
How much do my parents owe you?
Over 200,000 baht in total.
Mom, how could you borrow this much money?
I don’t even know if we can pay them back in this lifetime.
There’s an easy way out.
Get money from your boyfriend to pay us.
Even if they don’t have it, let’s raid their house.
There must be valuable things there. Let’s go!
Thyme isn’t here yet?
Pruek, come find Thyme with me.
Why are you doing this? Back off!
(Life is funny.)
(I ran away from everything so far nobody would find me.)
Sis! Are you hurt?
(But when trouble comes, deep down I…)
Whose car is this?
Sorry. I just finished preparing the documents.
Is the meeting about to start?
Yes. Follow me.
How did you get here?
Is this the rich boyfriend who will help pay off the debts?
Yes, that’s me.
It seems like they owe everyone some money.
Let me pay it now.
How much?
230,000 baht in total. Do you have it?
There you go. Are you going to negotiate?
Let me get some cash from the car.
What kind of person has this much cash on him?
Thank you.
Before we talk, why don’t you clean up first?
See, you’ve got stains all over.
About the money,
pay me back over time.
I know you don’t want any help.
But this time
let me be selfish.
How did you find me?
I saw you on TV
so I stopped by.
Why? Is it strange?
It is.
You showed up out of the blue
to save me just in time.
You must already know that I’m in trouble.
Ren, let me be clear.
It was my decision to move here.
I made up my mind to stop being a child.
If you come here to take me back,
I won’t.
I didn’t say I’d bring you back.
What do you want?
Yummy food sounds good.
You drove all the way from Bangkok by yourself?
Well done. You didn’t get lost.
What about accommodation?
I haven’t booked any.
I’m not sure if you can find one now.
Why don’t you stay here?
This is the best thing I could find.
Don’t know if you will like it.
Carbonara topped with bacon.
You wouldn’t normally put so much work into your cooking.
If you make it, it must be delicious.
Let’s go, dear. We should prepare a room for Ren.
That’s right.
Hold on, Ren hasn’t said…
I want to stay here.
Can I?
You can stay here for as long as you want.
I won’t go back then.
Eat and stop joking around.
I don’t get you at all.
Si Chen Corp employees, both Thai and foreigners,
as well as the suppliers of the Parama Group
have gathered to rally in front of the Parama Building…
…to oppose the decision to remove them from a project
which could cause the sudden closure of Si Chen and many other companies.
You can't do this.
Don't you remember?
Who helped you when you were in Singapore?
How could you let him in? Get him out.
Release me.
I invested in your company,
How can you do this to me!
Let me go.
at least give us some compensation.
We've started work.
Accoridng to the MOU,
please we need our compensation, or my company will go bankrupt.
Beef up security. Don’t let his happen again.
Give me a compensation.
I'm not asking for too much.
Let me go!
Let me go, release me.
Let me go.
Release me.
People like you should die.
Let me go!
People like you should die.
Mother, shouldn’t we pay the compensation?
It’s business.
Go back and focus on your work.
Don’t pay attention to people who don’t matter.
But Si Chen Corp has been with us for a long time.
Long time?
So what?
Do you think relationships and business are one and the same?
If relationships help, when the Parama Group is in trouble,
can you think of any friend who could help us?
See? In the end, people are ready to turn their backs
even on their friends.
Shit! It’s late! It’s late!
Mom, why didn’t anyone wake me up?
What is this?
Ren could see that you’re tired
so he’s been doing chores since early morning.
Look at all the food. Ren prepared everything.
He’s wonderful.
If you don’t like this, go and sort it out with him.
Ren, you don’t need to go through all this trouble.
I told you… I won’t go back to Bangkok.
So I should be able to do all this.
Speaking of which, let me stay here and work for a day.
Ren, this is a hard place. We’re not farmstay.
It’s real life. The real deal.
Let’s make a bet.
If I can do it, you’ll have to do what I ask.
There you go. You want me to go back to Bangkok, huh?
It’s not that.
Let’s go.
Can you row?
I should ask you.
Be careful.
How is this ripe? It’s not. It should be yellow when ripe.
They’d make such a sweet couple.
It’s stuck.
We can try to turn it this way.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much, our newest worker.
Well, you’ve done alright so far.
But don’t get cocky just yet.
The hardest part is selling these at the market…
140 baht, please.
Thank you.
(Coconut 20 baht) / (Durian 120 baht per kg)
Geez, this is cheating.
Talk about pretty privilege!
I did not expect that at all.
Saying that makes him even more attractive.
We can call off the bet.
No. If I lose, I lose.
What do you want me to do?
Now that we have time left today, how about we…
go on a date?
Sis! Sis! The sea!
Glakao, don’t run.
You’re acting like you’ve never seen the sea before.
Of all the places you could’ve taken me,
the sea really?
Since you moved here,
you haven’t spent any time to relax, have you?
Isn’t it strange being so close to the beach?
I have to work.
As I mentioned, adult life isn’t anything
like when we were kids, Ren.
I don’t have time to hang out.
Who says you can’t hang out when you’re an adult?
Even though you’ve grown up, you can still be Gorya.
The Gorya who yells out loud.
The Gorya who can’t seem to escape trouble.
The Gorya who…
gets wet all the time.
Ren, don’t. I know what you’re thinking.
OK, I won’t.
Let me do it then!
You know what, Ren,
since she moved here, she’s become a different person.
I’ve never seen her smile like this in a long while.
Thank you so much for today.
Honestly, being here can never make her happy.
All she does is find money to pay off debt.
She doesn’t go to school.
On the friend front… she has none.
I don’t want her to get stuck here.
No matter where you are, which social circle you’re in,
trouble can always find you.
Mother, I’ve seen the LOIs that you submitted to new investors.
Thyme, you must have no idea that
she approached investors
to mobilize funds to create 3 new subsidiaries.
They will replace our suppliers,
…including Si Chen Corporation.
When we told them the project was canceled,
that’s a lie, Mother?
Of course. Do you really think
I’ll let a mega-project like this be put on hold?
What’s wrong with it?
We must get rid of the weak link anyway.
Most importantly, I’ve mobilized the funds.
Everybody was on board with my policy.
If everything goes smoothly tomorrow,
the Parama Group will be even greater.
Thyme, are you just going to do nothing this time?
No. Deep down you must already know
that it has to turn out this way.
I taught you myself.
You know that this is the best way for the Parama Group.
And you should stop your pipe dream
of Thyme running the business the way you believe in.
He is more ruthless than that.
How about this?
To launch the subsidiaries as planned,
we need only one more signature.
The future of the Parama Group
will be determined by Thyme.
Thyme, are you just…
Stop talking.
Let him decide for himself.
You get it, right, Thyme?
The minute you step into the adult world,
the power to make decisions is all yours.
Hello, Ren.
Where are you?
I’m at the market.
Can you come out to see me?
Right now?
Yes. I think I’ve made some decisions.
I want to be left alone.
I said… I want to be left alone.
Ren, what are you doing here?
What’s going on?
I’ve been thinking.
And I’ve figured it out.
Are you being all indie again?
Let me ask you something.
What is it like to live here?
You will build your life here for real, won’t you?
This place is nice.
A lot of things force me to adjust.
But I’m getting the hang of it.
Most importantly, even though living here is hard,
I’ve decided not to go back.
It will not be hard
if you have me here.
Ren, stop joking around.
You’re not going to live here forever.
You don’t belong to this place.
You have a life over there
waiting for you to go back to.
Why would you live here?
Don’t try to analyze this.
Just answer me.
One day may be a short time.
But you feel it, right?
If you have me here, everything will be better for you.
Having you with me today made my life a bit easier.
But you don’t want to jump into it without thinking.
I’ve thought about it.
I’ve thought it through.
In this community,
the nearest healthcare facility is 21 km away.
Over there on that street,
there’s a vacant lot owned by someone I know.
It’d be good if I could open a small clinic here.
The market owner is also looking to sell.
Your orchards just lack some management.
It will take time
but I could see it…
how I can live here and build a happy family…
…with you.
I thought I’d take you back at first.
But being here makes me think
that going back will bring you the same problems that hurt you.
So if you say you want to live here,
I’m ready to support you.
You don’t need to do anything.
Just add me into your life.
I’ll make you happy.
Can I?
I can’t make myself any clearer.
That sounds amazing.
If you open a good affordable clinic around here,
it will attract a lot of people.
The vacant land that you mentioned is in a prime location.
If you build a house there,
the view will be amazing.
You will probably get a cute dog.
Everything sounds perfect
like a dream.
But your dream…
…won’t have me in it.
I’m sorry.
Spending today together,
weren’t you happy?
Or is my dream too delusional?
Not at all, Ren.
It’s just…
Because deep down you know
even if your life here gets so much better,
you don’t want it.
Despite having run so far away,
you never get over Thyme.
Because Thyme is your home.
I’m the biggest idiot in the world.
Hey, I have something to show you.
Is this Thyme?
What’s going on?
Come on.
What kind of sick game are you playing?
Is this one of your pranks?
Why are you showing this to me?
Just keep watching.
It will help answer the question you have.
What kind of sick game are you playing? Huh?
Is this funny to you?
Your mom has you heavily guarded.
And if we hadn’t tied you up, you would’ve escaped us.
How can I give you the lecture?
What lecture?
You’re adults. Stop playing a child’s game.
Adults, huh?
If I had to grow up and be the kind of adult you are,
I’d rather not.
The kind of adult who let bad things happen
in front of him without doing anything.
Is this the kind of adult you aspire to be?
You know that your mother will talk to all the new investors tomorrow.
If you let it happen,
she will dominate the whole country with ruthless monopoly power.
No one will be able to stop her.
Is this your idea of the adult you want to be?
You think there’s anything I can do?
Let me go.
Let me go!
Stop it.
And listen to our lecture carefully.
We professors will give one last lecture about love.
- What’s love got to do with anything?
- Because love is the only thing
that will help you become the adult you’re supposed to be.
What are you babbling about?
Love has no place in this game.
Love gives you heart.
A business with heart will help you survive
help everyone survive.
That’s the way the future should be.
Deep down that’s what you think.
We know that you know how to fix your mom’s policy.
You’re just afraid.
You’re scared someone will betray you again
so it’s hard for you to trust someone.
But believe us. It can be done.
Stop being so naïve.
You’re not me. You don't understand nothing.
You know, for me,
how risky it is to trust someone.
Of course we understand.
We have businesses too.
But I’m the only one who gets hurt.
How could you understand?
You’re not in my position.
Who says you’re the only one?
You know what this means, right?
You’ve got F4.
Understand this. No matter how risky your idea is,
we will support it.
You know why?
Because that’s how much we love you.
Renew your faith in love, Thyme.
The right kind of future is still possible.
Not only we but also everyone around you
will show you.
The world that your mom built…
we can change it.
Most importantly, if you look hard enough, you’ll see
the fact that we’ve come this far,
we owe it all to a little girl
named Gorya.
She has made significant changes.
Why can’t we?
Stop fooling yourself
and believe your heart.
That’s enough.
The rest is up to you
what you will do.
Hey! Thyme.
Thyme, Thyme.
Thyme. Easy.
It’s still possible, right?
I can still make it happen, right?
Of course.
With everything,
including Gorya.
You still think of Gorya, don’t you?
All the time.
Am I the biggest idiot in the world?
It wouldn’t be you otherwise.
There. There. Stop crying.
You said you’re an adult now.
Let me see.
An adult, huh?
You said you’re an idiot.
Looks like you’re not alone.
Your brother told me.
About Thyme’s mother having cancer.
My family takes care of all F4’s families.
I see all the documents every year.
If she had had cancer,
I would’ve known.
I think you were duped.
(Aira Hospital)
Thyme, I’m so sorry.
I’m the idiot, the biggest idiot of all.
I called you an idiot all the time,
but I’m actually the biggest idiot.
I’m so sorry.
How could I have believed her? So stupid.
Gorya, you fool.
(Let me be your comfort in loneliness)
(Let me take away your sadness)
(Let you know there’s someone right here)
(In the wind)
(Cuz I’m too scared to say it)
Finally, we have straightened things out with him.
All good here. How is it going over there?
Ren, can we go to Bangkok now?
Let’s go. Let’s go right now. Come on.
(Very high energy over here.)
Let’s go home.
When will he come out?
Why isn’t Thyme here?
Never mind. The document has been signed.
Well, with your permission, I’d like to start the meeting now.
Pardon me for arriving late.
I was up all night preparing the documents.
What documents?
I’d like for you to reconsider the new policy.
Do you think I’ll just let you do this?
Let me speak, Mother.
For the last time.
I didn’t know the issue was so serious.
That’s why Thyme has to make it right.
There’s no point staying here.
Let’s sneak inside. There’s a way in at the back.
Let’s wait for Thyme inside.
All of you are aware of the reason why we approached you for funding.
For me, the Parama Group has always been
a ruthless uncompromising company.
This time too.
When the global economy is weak,
we need to get rid of our weak limbs.
My mother, Roselyn, has a goal to mobilize 7 billion baht
to create subsidiaries to replace the companies we removed.
We will have an all-inclusive business model,
a full supply chain.
Surely, our revenue will see massive growth in just a few years.
But this is not the best policy.
My goal is to take 50% of the 7 billion to support all the suppliers.
All large-scale projects will be suspended for 2 years.
This is not to increase the revenue of the Parama Group
but to give assistance to all the suppliers
so they will survive the economic crisis.
No one needs to lose a limb.
Within 5 years,
our revenue will be as strong as before.
When our allies are back on their feet,
they will be a key force for more important projects in the future.
I know this may sound delusional
and requires a lot of faith from you.
But it’s possible.
And this is proof.
The Taemiyaklin Family, JT Group, and Aira Hospital Group,
the three biggest capitals in Thailand at the moment,
are ready to pitch in 3 billion baht
under one condition:
The Parama Group must follow what I proposed earlier.
This is a guarantee
that we may be able to go beyond anyone’s imagination.
The rest is up to you all.
The picture may not be pretty in terms of revenue.
But trust me.
I’ve learned that moving forward without looking back
can be quite a lonely journey.
You feel it too that
being richer while the world is crumbling around you
is not the future you want.
Let’s take a step backward together.
I promise that this step back
will be the best move in your life.
And this is the path for the Parama Group that I choose.
Are you with me?
Please stop.
I must apologize for what has just happened.
Look at the bright side, it gives us a clearer picture
that we’re on the right track…
No, I just want to say that
although his plan has some gaps,
I want to put my money
in the hands of someone with that look in his eyes.
My company would like to support Mr. Akira’s policy.
I agree.
I agree.
I agree.
I agree.
Can I have this document back?
(Gorya is on her way to see you.)
Thyme, I can take it from here.
With that, please allow me to conclude the meeting.
What’s up?
How about that! He did it!
Let’s go.
Excuse me.
Here she comes.
Is it true that all major investors have rejected your proposal?
Which will be the direction of the Parama Group going forward?
That’s enough for today.
Please excuse us. I’m sorry. Sorry.
(As if the clock stops ticking)
The Secret Story of Iris
You’re ordering so much food.
To celebrate when we win.
This is Mr. MJ’s order.
Thank you.
One more stop and we go straight to the basketball court.
I ordered this to celebrate our win.
But you can eat it now.
We will win no matter when you eat.
Before you talk about winning,
find your team members first.
Who’d be stupid enough to pick a fight with F4?
I’ll go back to work as soon as my condition improves.
Huh? What did you say?
Being lousy didn’t keep you from challenging us to a match, huh?
You don’t enjoy basketball, do you?
You don’t enjoy sports.
What you enjoy is a fight. Right?
Guys, do you believe in making a wish on a falling star?
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