F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Thyme's mother is smarter than we think.
It seems like they owe everyone some money.
Let me pay it now.
Just pay me back over time.
if you look hard enough, you'll see.
We owe it all to a little girl
named Gorya.
Can I have this document back?
Because Thyme is your home.
(Have you ever thought about how ordinary teens like us)
(can make a difference?)
Breaking news. A shocking incident occurred at 10:37 a.m.
Mr. Akira Paramaanantra or Thyme, the heir of the Parama Group,
was stabbed with a knife during a press conference at their headquarters,
witnessed by several reporters and employees.
Initial reports say he is currently in critical condition.
Doctors are working hard to bring him out of the woods.
The perpetrator was a long-time supplier of the Parama Group.
It's speculated that a business dispute was the motive behind the attack.
(Didn't he deserve it though?)
(Please take the best care of him.)
(You can rest assured.)
(Thank you.)
Mr. Thyme's condition is critical.
The doctor said he had lost a lot of blood.
It will be several hours before they can assess him again.
Regarding the meeting today,
- I think we should cancel it.
- No.
Please prepare all the documents
and reconvene the meeting tomorrow.
Let's talk.
Mother, we have to talk!
I know what you'll say.
But Thyme is now in the doctors' capable hands.
We should take this time to sort out the whole mess.
Don't you feel guilty about what happened at all?
It was an accident.
It was not an accident.
It wouldn't have happened
if you'd taken the time to prioritize people.
I know that each person
has a different thing at the top of their priority list.
Gorya! Gorya!
But I'm not sure now what is at the top of your list.
What is certain is the path you're about to take
will one day cost you everything that matters.
It's too late now.
(Some may think it's too late to change something.)
(But as long as the future awaits us)
(I still believe a miracle will happen someday.)
(is the future awaiting us?)
(When will you get better, Thyme? #PrayForThymeF4D12)
(Please wake up, Thyme. #PrayForThymeF4D12#)
Did you get any sleep at all?
I want to get to a thousand stars first
in case it could help Thyme regain consciousness.
Don't people usually fold the paper into birds?
Yeah. But I'd rather do stars.
Don't know when he will wake up.
Thyme doesn't give up easily.
He has tried so many things to be with you.
This time he will wake up to be with you again.
Trust me.
Hello, Kavin.
Thyme's awake?
What do you mean?
What's going on?
The Parama's bodyguards are keeping us out.
They said it's his mother's order.
I checked with my family.
But they wouldn't say anything.
What's really going on?
All I know is Thyme has woken up but he's not the same.
I don't know in what way.
What the hell is this?
I chose the best doctors
so that this would not happen!
We're very sorry, Ms. Roselyn.
The patient's brain is severely damaged.
Most importantly, his heart stopped beating for several minutes,
preventing blood from flowing to his brain.
I don't care what the cause is.
You should have been able to cure him no matter what.
Mother, please.
Doctor, can we please have a moment to talk in private?
4 years.
The fact that Thyme is alive is already a blessing.
As for his condition he'll be alright one day.
Maybe. This could be a good time for us to restart something.
The other day you said it's too late.
For me, nothing is too late.
Thyme, I want to know what you can remember.
Do you remember these people?
They're my friends.
What about this person?
What are you doing?
Mom! Mother!
I don't know her.
You can't do this.
Take Tia out of here.
Don't! Mother!
I know what you're trying to do.
Thyme, your dream is to rule the Parama Group, right?
And you're ready to listen to everything I say for victory, right?
I am.
Thyme! Thyme!
No! You're not allowed in.
Thyme! Thyme!
Thyme! Thyme!
Thyme, are you OK?
Are you hurt anywhere?
Who are you?
What gives you the right to touch me?
Get out!
Get out!
Let's go.
Tia, what's going on?
I'm sorry.
I can't do anything to help.
What do you mean?
Listen carefully.
Thyme's brain has been severely damaged.
His memories of the past 4 years have been lost.
Mother is trying to take advantage of it.
Excuse me?
You understand me, right?
You can't do this. The patient hasn't fully recovered!
She will stop Thyme's treatment.
Her goal is to restart everything
and delete you out of Thyme's life forever.
(Maytee O Garden)
Oh my goodness!
Thyme's memory loss.
And it has to be specific to these past 4 years.
Of all the things he forgets, look.
He has absolutely no recollection of Gorya.
That's not the worst part.
It's looking very likely that Thyme will go back to his old way.
Can't you three talk to him?
Tell him about Gorya.
I think he will listen to you.
It's not that easy, Uncle Ga.
Thyme's mom knows what we're up to.
So she's doing everything to keep everyone from getting to him.
He's being watched all the time.
Everything about Gorya has been thrown away.
Data on the phone and on his computer has been deleted.
We are not able to reach him.
Even Auntie Yu is also kept out.
It's very difficult to keep Thyme away from the outside world so completely.
But if someone could do it, it's Thyme's mother.
What kind of mother is she?
How could she be so mean to her children?
It's so horrible hearing about it.
But no one can feel as horrible as that girl over there.
Look, will she be able to go on?
Thyme, you jerk! How can you forget about me?
And you had to yell at me!
Gorya! Stop.
I think that's out of the question.
So, you will fight with all your might
to help Thyme get his memory back, won't you?
Of course. I won't give up.
But how?
You don't need to worry about that.
If you're ready to fight, the rest is easy.
You can count on us for scheming an elaborate plan.
The documents that I asked you to try your hand at
are flawless.
You may have memory loss but your ability to work remains intact.
Get your 4 years back soon.
Mother, since I came back, I haven't seen my F4 friends.
I think seeing them
But you're not fully recovered.
I know you're anxious to get your memory back.
But you should get your priority straight.
If you do a great job,
I'll bring you back in a few months to manage the Parama Group,
as you've always dreamed of, isn't that right?
Don't worry about your other memories.
They will come back.
His medicines?
OK, Gorya. Let's recap.
Every day in the afternoon, his mother goes to the office for 3 hours.
Auntie Yu can give us the signal.
You will need to get to Thyme during those hours.
Kavin will tell you how.
The most vulnerable spot with no guards is the balcony.
I've prepared all the equipment.
You will run into trouble with two guards in front of his bedroom.
But no worries.
The maids will get them out of the way for you.
Help! Help! She just collapsed!
No one can hear anything on this side.
There will only be you and Thyme in that house.
Help him get his memory back.
We've thought about the way to help you do this.
It may look scary but you can do it.
If you jog his memory the right way, the rest is up to you.
Up for it?
Let's do this!
I know I startled you.
But don't worry. I just have something to tell you.
Please listen to me for just a minute.
It may sound strange.
But I'm your girlfriend.
These are the photos we took on our date.
You bought this for me.
You also punched Kaning's boyfriend
because you're angry that he disrespected me.
And this is our chat.
You liked to send me a bunch of stickers.
And if I replied late, you would go off on me.
And here.
I made you these cookies for your birthday.
Ren said you wouldn't eat it.
You also said you're more handsome than the cookies.
What Mother warned me is true.
Beware of an imposter.
You don't believe me at all?
How can I?
These texts are not me.
And this nonsense?
And the photos.
Easily edited.
But all this is true, Thyme.
Do you really think this stupid thing can fool me?
- Anyone there? Get this woman out!
- Lower your voice down.
Get your hands off me!
Do you know how much this shirt cost?
I don't. Let's talk.
Damn it!
Stop 'brothering' me.
No matter how much you say, I won't believe you.
Someone like me will degrade myself to be with a loser like you?
It's 'bothering'!
Why are you so frustrating?
Just because you have memory loss doesn't mean you have to be a jerk.
Come back to be the person you are. I'm waiting.
Although I'm a loser, I really do love you.
Is the past worth nothing to you?
Thyme, what's wrong?
Why is this so familiar?
Can you remember?
Go away! I have a headache.
Remember it. Tell me what you see.
I'll help you remember.
It's very important.
But I can't see.
Thyme, just hang in there.
I see a girl.
Hang in there a little longer.
Can you remember?
Go back to the house.
Take this girl out of here!
Let go! Thyme!
Remember, Thyme!
Let me go! Thyme!
- Let me go!
- Stay still!
Let me go!
How dare you barge in here and hurt my son?
I'm here to help him.
You're the one who should stop hurting him.
Are you insane? I never hurt him.
Is this not hurting him?
You never care how he feels.
You only care how he can be of use to you.
He's lost his memory, instead of treating him,
look at what you've done.
You've tricked him and turned him to be someone you want.
Admit it. You never love Thyme.
He's not a doll. He's your blood.
I feel so sorry for Thyme for having a selfish person like you as a mother.
What I've done is what's best for Thyme.
You wouldn't know.
Close the gate. Don't let her in ever again!
Thank you, Auntie Yu.
Hey, Auntie Yu said Gorya hasn't left.
She's been standing in front of the house for hours.
What is she trying to do?
You'll see.
Please don't.
- Mother!
- Ms. Tia.
- Mother!
- Please stop.
You can't do this. You can't let her stay out there, Mother!
You can't! Mother!
Don't misunderstand.
I'm not caving.
I just don't understand
how long you're going to do this stupid thing.
You know no matter how long you stand here, I won't let you see Thyme.
I know.
I just want to talk to you.
You want to talk to me?
Earlier when you slapped me,
I wondered why you're so angry.
Finally, I got it.
You couldn't stand it
when people say you don't love Thyme.
You're not selfish. You've dedicated your life to Thyme.
Because you do love him so much.
All this time everything you've done,
the way you've acted so harshly,
it's all for Thyme to one day rule the Parama Group.
And he will be happy.
You understand
But have you forgotten something important?
Have you ever asked him what his happiness is?
Mother, I don't know what Gorya is trying to do.
But she's standing in the rain.
She's fighting.
She's fighting with everything she's got.
She's fighting for one thing: Thyme.
That's no different than what you've claimed to do.
Open your heart, Mother.
I want to see Thyme happy.
Happy the way he wants.
The person who understands this the most is Gorya.
For me, he doesn't want power. He doesn't want money.
All he wants is love.
That's not true.
I know him well.
Since he was a kid, the thing he wants the most is to rule the Parama Group.
He wants to rule the Parama Group
because it's the only thing that will make you be proud of him.
Isn't that true?
Thyme loves you so much.
But you know,
how he told the story of his dining table.
He said it was quiet. No talking. No laughter.
Everyone sits so far from each other.
He told me he had just realized then
how valuable a warm dining table was.
Maybe his happiness isn't something grand.
Maybe it's just having a hotpot with his family whom he loves.
That's all.
For that reason, it's OK if you won't let me see Thyme again. I get it.
I just want you to see him smile, the way I've seen him smile.
That's what you've always wanted to see, right?
You can do it.
My smile?
What would an outsider like you know? You think you know me?
What you're doing is causing chaos for other people.
My happiness is never a small thing like what you just said.
I'm Akira Paramaanantra.
My dream is to stand at the top.
This is what someone in my family would dream of, not what you said.
You have another dream that's more important.
You've figured it out. You can
Stop talking! Stop! Stop acting like you know me!
But I do know you.
Everyone who knows me doesn't dare to talk back.
Because they know what they'll get when I'm angry.
Is this the way you look at someone you love?
Full of fear.
Come back.
Come back from what?
Stop imagining things.
This is who I am.
Stop talking rubbish.
You go back to where you're from.
Go back!
Get out!
I can't change you again, can I?
I wish you all the best.
I love you.
Get out! Get out! Go!
Let's go inside, Mother. My head hurts.
The rain stops.
Guys, do you see a falling star?
Guys, do you believe in making a wish on a falling star?
I do.
But I believe in people more.
Do you believe in miracles?
Excuse me?
(I love you.)
Open the gate.
Open it.
You! Stop!
Why did you run after me?
I just wonder.
Have I put this necklace on your neck?
Why did you make me?
I didn't make you.
Why else would I put it on your neck?
I told you, we were a couple.
That can't be true. I've never had a girlfriend.
I've never kissed anyone.
Why do you look like that?
Get away from me.
You're burning up. Take a pill. I've got it.
Leave me alone.
I want nothing to do with you but look at you. Take it.
If so, leave me alone then.
Stop being so stubborn, Thyme.
You've attacked me several times.
How dare you?
Stop talking and take the medicine.
You've forced me to take a pill before.
I only take prescribed medicines.
I didn't know what to do. What else could I have done?
Why are there so many things?
So many stupid stories.
You've got too many stories.
Of course there are so many.
I've laid on your lap before.
At the fire escape.
on the sofa at my house.
You gave me my first kiss.
You remember everything. Jerk.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with me?
I hurt you again.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
You're back.
Cry baby.
Don't cry.
(Thyme added a story.)
(Who's the girl?)
(Is it Gorya?)
(Thyme's back.)
Kaning! Kaning!
(Thyme Akira has unveiled his boo.)
(Wish you an ever-lasting love.)
(What a cute couple!)
(Have you ever thought about how ordinary teens like us)
(can make a difference?)
(Maytee O Garden)
(As for me)
Today, I'm celebrating with a big set to mark Gorya's last exam.
Who celebrates in the morning?
(After everything these past two years,)
(I go back to my normal life.)
(My family has moved back to live at Uncle Ga's)
(because our house is still being renovated.)
(This place is now very crowded.)
Sis, watch the news.
This doesn't mean that this growth is exclusive to Parama Group.
(As for Thyme, after that day, he traveled to USA)
(for his dream of taking better care of the Parama Group.)
I'll be gone for 4 years. Is that the goodbye I deserve?
Wait for me.
(Actually, being apart from Thyme makes me feel a bit lonely.)
(But seeing him grow from a distance feels pretty good.)
'Toll' my 'wood' and I'll 'toll' yours.
(I guess.)
I should've taught him more Thai when he was a kid.
Couldn't agree more.
By the way, what do you want to eat tomorrow?
How about a hotpot?
You've been having a lot of hotpots lately.
(Other F4 find the time to come see me.)
Hello, miss.
Your cool private driver is here to pick you up.
You don't have to pick me up every day, Kavin, MJ.
I can take the bus to school.
How else can I find an excuse to see the juniors at the school?
More importantly, your boyfriend gave us a firm word. Who'd dare?
Rule No. 76, you have to give Gorya a ride to and from school every day.
Don't let an incident where a guy gives Gorya a ride ever happen.
No one should be allowed to come near her.
If anyone adds her on social media, block them.
You can hack her cellphone.
He can make a mess even when he's not here.
But today is the last day. I want to go by myself.
Please let me do what I want. You guys can go back.
Fine. It's your choice today.
See you at the prom.
You're going to the prom?
The director invited us so we thought we'd drop by.
Are all of you going?
We are. We don't know about Thyme.
Why? Do you miss him?
Miss him? Who would miss that guy?
Go back. I'll go to school.
Hold on. Since we're here, let us wish you good luck.
Hope you will get the top mark.
Hope you'll do well.
(Although a bit chaotic, my life in general is quite normal.)
(No more red card.)
(Bullying is there but not as severe.)
(Before I know it, everything that has happened is a memory.)
I thought you'd be here.
Ren, what are you doing here?
I thought I'd do some drawing, and I've brought you this.
Thyme sent this for your prom.
He goes big again.
It's good that you're here.
This is the last payment.
I told you no rush.
Just take it. I've been working hard to pay off what I owe you.
What are you drawing?
Thought I'd draw everyone
as a present for Mira's wedding.
Is she getting married?
Next month.
May I?
(Everyone's life is getting back on track.)
(I think my teenage life will finally see some happiness now.)
Move out?
Yes, I already told them.
You and your brain. This is not something you should forget.
How are we going to do this? Gorya has a prom to go to.
No problem. The three of us can do it without her.
Take a look at this.
I'm so strong. I can replace Gorya.
I got it. I can't lower my back.
Just kidding.
Thanks, dear. I'll drive this to
No problem, Dad. I'll make the delivery.
Can you do it?
Let's go.
Ren, aren't you going to take photos with them?
They want your pictures.
Is Gorya here? I haven't seen her.
She must be getting dressed up.
Guys, do you want my help?
You have a bad back. Just sit tight.
Mister, one more time.
1, 2, 3.
Thanks so much for your help!
Gorya, you've helped us enough.
Go to the prom.
Thank you.
Sis, your dress!
It's already 9 p.m.
What is she doing?
No answer.
Trouble finds Gorya until the last minute.
What if she couldn't make it?
The prom is almost over.
She will.
She has to.
Is the prom over?
It is.
(Finally, when other people seem to move forward,)
(an ordinary girl like me is the only one who remains the same.)
(Nothing has changed.)
What are they up to this time?
Is this yours?
It's the red card so it's surely from us.
Now that we're here, let's take a walk down memory lane.
The person who gave you the red card is waiting for you inside.
Come on.
Hey, why have you got here so late?
Do you have to make me wait every time?
What are you wearing? Where's the dress I sent you?
Sorry. I dropped it in the mud.
In the mud?
Fine. This suits you anyway.
What about you? You said you were busy.
I am so this is all I can do.
Why? Are you sad?
It's your prom and your perfect boyfriend isn't there with you.
No. You have to work.
Hold on. If anyone else had to go to the prom alone, they'd be miserable.
That's their deal. I'm fine.
No, no.
You haven't seen your boyfriend for a year. Aren't you a little sad?
Fine. I'm a little sad.
Just a little?
What if I could clear all my schedule and I
What are you going on and on about?
Stop with this babbling already.
Wait a sec.
Wait, Thyme. Aren't you in the US?
How can they
This is my girlfriend's prom.
How can I skip it?
I have to be here.
You know how difficult it is to clear out my schedule.
Jerk, what a surprise.
This is not the surprise.
This is.
I asked all your friends to stay on.
It wouldn't be a prom otherwise, would it?
Your habit of going big can't be fixed.
Of course not.
I have something very important to talk to you about.
Sorry for making you wait this long.
But I've sorted out all the work in the US.
It means
It means I've accomplished my dream.
And I'm ready.
Now it's up to you.
But if you want to continue your study first and won't be ready until then,
go for it.
But don't take too long.
Why that face?
What? Why are you booing?
You got no clue. That is so you.
Since everyone is here, let's celebrate.
(Thinking about it, life is funny.)
(Sometimes it takes you to face so many things when you're not ready.)
(But because of that, you meet new people.)
(You fight,)
(make mistakes,)
(try to understand,)
(and grow.)
(A group of people has helped me grow the most.)
(It's them.)
(First, MJ - Methas Jarustiwa, an heir of an influential businessman)
(who loves good fun and puts his friends first and foremost.)
(It's no surprise behind his scary mask of a mafia,)
(there lies a sensitive side.)
(Kavin Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul, a playboy of noble blood.)
(The more I get to know him, the more I see his delicate side,)
(his sensitive side.)
What's up, everyone? Want to come see me?
(No matter how people see him on the outside,)
(deep down he's warmer and more committed than anyone would expect.)
(Ren - Renrawin Aira, my first love who's out of my reach.)
(An artist who leaves anyone guessing what's on his mind.)
(It must be fate that has taken us through so much together.)
(Finally, he's someone who can see right through me the most.)
(Even though I don't understand him at all,)
(what's certain is that Ren's journey ahead will be beautiful.)
(The last person,)
(Thyme - Akira Paramaanantra, head of F4 and my nemesis.)
(It's this guy who has turned my life upside down and inside out.)
(And because of him, I've learned that the strongest thing)
(isn't money or power.)
(It's heart.)
(After all that we've been through, good and bad,)
(I am sure)
(that his heart has won me over completely.)
Alright. Now it's time for ten seconds in heaven.
We will turn off the lights.
Do whatever you want.
I'll count it down.
(Have you ever thought about how ordinary teens like us)
(can make a difference?)
(But I do believe that if you fight with all your heart.)
(If we fight with all our hearts,)
(miracles will happen.)
(And the miracle can be something valuable,)
(something that makes your heart race the fastest like nothing else.)
The Secret Story of Iris
It's you who broke Aum's leg, huh?
What's going on?
I can't have any trouble on my turf.
Daddy, these people picked on me.
You started it.
Give them hell, Daddy.
Let them know who's the boss here.
Yes, who's the boss here?
Mr. Kavin, please.
These boys don't know any better.
Apologize if you don't want to drag all of us down.
I'm sorry.
(And that's the last time I had KFC.)
You had fun?
We must look like fools to you.
- Aum
- Stop coming here.
I don't want to see you anymore.
(After that, no one came to this court.)
(I never saw Aum again.)
All I could do is going back to my normal life.
What's Aum first name?
Natnada. Sounds familiar.
(Natnada Saentaweesuk)
Wow, she looks so cool.
I'm so sorry for what I did.
I was stupid. Why would I be mad at you?
I'm sorry too.
Every time I pass by here, I think about the old days.
It would be nice to play hoops together again.
In that case, the loser must pay.
Director: We filmed the last scene on the last day.
It feels very satisfying.
It's a wrap for F4 Thailand.
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