Fallet (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[thunder rumbling] [grave instrumental music playing] Things just happened, and by God, I wish they never had.
And you're dead.
Well I'm going to put a stop to all of this now.
Oh yes, I am.
- Hey.
- We need to talk.
What do you want? I've thought about what we're doing, and it's wrong.
I can't go on like this.
It has to come to an end.
I hope you agree with me.
[grunts] I agree.
Laika! Hey! Did you find something? Laika? What is that? [Laika barking and growling] [chuckles] Oh.
A ball.
It was just a ball.
Let's go, Laika.
[theme music playing] [man] Do not lose him.
The support unit is ten minutes away.
The Minister for Justice has given us clear orders to capture him alive.
I repeat.
We need to capture Olof Palme's killer alive.
Got it.
[thrilling instrumental music playing] Police! Stop! Police! Stop! - Stop! Police! - Don't move, or you'll be sorry! He's on the Three-Country Cairn.
Norwegian and Finnish police are here too.
- Please advise.
- Await the support unit.
He's ours! - But half of him's in Norway! - With the other foot in Finland! But we've chased him for thirty years.
- And you haven't caught him yet? - I'm catching him now, all right? He's ours.
He lives in Denmark.
- Danish police is here too.
Please advise.
- Await orders.
- The jurisdiction is unclear.
- I can't just stand here like an idiot.
No, no, he's not nervous at all.
No, no, I can't take over, guv.
No, no.
He can do it.
He's fine.
Here he comes.
Okay, bye.
- Everything all right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah Okay, so they're in the library.
This way.
Listen, I've been thinking.
Do we really have to, um Yes, of course! We have to do this now.
We've got him, Tom.
- How many of them are there? - Twelve.
[sighs] [indistinct chatter] I'm Officer Jim Howard.
This is DCI Tom Brown.
Mr Brown May I remind you that we are right in the middle of afternoon tea? But may I remind you that a murder has been committed on your estate, Lord Crawler? The murder of a poor, misunderstood gardener, loved by no one.
A gardener with a temper.
A temper that brought shame to his family.
A temper so bad he had to be punished.
A temper so bad, he had to be murdered! So sorry, so sorry.
I can't just stand here.
He's on the move.
He's running to the Finnish side.
- Let Finnish police take him.
- No, he's mine.
- Don't shoot! - Stop! We have a unit coming to take him in! What are you saying? He said they've got a unit up ahead.
Back off.
- How did you know that? - I speak Finnish.
My mum's Finnish.
- How do you say "banana"? - Banaani.
Banaani, sure.
- Stop, or I'll shoot! - Do not shoot.
You do not have permission to shoot.
We need Olof Palme's killer alive.
I'm just going to neutralize him.
I'll shoot him in the vascus lateralis.
- What? - His outer thigh.
Watch your leg, love.
[sighs] Because you never told anyone that John the gardener was actually your brother.
That's no secret.
Everyone knows that.
[faint laughter] Of course.
But does everyone know that you tried to make him leave St.
Ives? Two weeks ago, you and Lord Crawler were having dinner in this very room.
- No, I was in Bournemouth a fortnight ago.
- That is right, he was in Bournemouth.
You must mean last week, when I had dinner with Lord Crawler.
Yes, exactly.
One week ago, you were having afternoon tea Supper.
And you were discussing your no-good brother.
- We were discussing Shakespeare.
- You murdered your brother! I wasn't even in St.
Ives the day John got killed.
No? I was in London.
London Maybe.
- But you hated him, though.
- Nonsense.
Well, you You did it, though.
I mean, you You'd had enough of him.
And you, um You You know, I'm pretty sure you What are you doing? Tom? I just need a minute.
I just need a minute.
- Tom - I just need a minute.
Okay, what we're saying is that you, sir, you're under arrest.
Would you stand up, please? You left the room.
Yes, but there was a strategy there.
[Helen] And that strategy was [Tom] To arrest the vicar.
Which we did, right? Howard said you were crying.
What? Don't be silly.
This isn't the first murder case you've messed up, and you still have seven unsolved murder cases hanging over you.
Cases unsolved for months, years! "Do not shoot.
I repeat.
You do not have permission to shoot.
" "I'm just going to neutralize him.
I'll shoot him in the vascus lateralis.
" Outer thigh.
I know.
But then you shot him in the head.
That's not an entirely accurate account.
I'm reading from the transcript! I don't know what it is but your low self-confidence seems to get in the way.
Yes, but I think it's better if you Oh, Tom, we've looked the other way in the past, but not anymore.
You were given clear orders to let the Finnish police arrest him.
You disobeyed orders.
Full stop.
Full stop, new sentence.
"Sophie Borg, national CID, Stockholm, captures Olof Palme's killer.
" You didn't capture him.
You shot him in the head! You're right.
I'm a terrible cop.
Don't say that.
You're not terrible.
So what are you saying? I'm promoting Howard.
I'm giving him all your cases.
Good for him.
That's very much deserved.
We'll discuss it in the morning.
I have to go home and think about this.
Bertil! I had PMS! Oh, please! I'd like to take another look at the September killing of Mr.
I think I might be able to fill in some gaps.
Sounds good, Howard.
Sophie, I've made up my mind.
[Sophie] But it's absurd! - How long have we known each other? - Seven months.
But it feels like longer, because we've really bonded during this stressful time.
Have we? Right, what's my wife's name? Yvonne.
Or similar.
How is she? Fine, thank you.
Okay, so I don't always follow protocol.
But that's where my strength lies.
I never give up.
That's why I'm your top detective.
You're not.
You're mediocre, competence-wise.
If I factor in your refusal to follow orders, you're somewhere near the bottom.
Honestly, you're a pretty shoddy detective.
Wait, wait, wait! Helen! Helen! Helen! Please, please, please Please, just give me one more chance.
Just one more.
Please, Helen.
Please, please.
Just one.
I'm going to regret this.
Give me one more chance to prove that I can do this.
- Do what? - I can be a team player.
- Can you? - Yes.
And follow orders, and do things right.
You know that this is all I've got.
Please, Bertil [sighs] This just came in.
- Don't come back until the case is solved.
- Got it.
And even then, there's no rush, you know.
Take your time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you, Helen, so much! Thank you, thank you.
- Someone has requested an investigator.
- Perfect, I'm in.
All right.
You'll be working with a British detective.
- You answer to the local Chief, Klas Wall.
- [Sophie] Mm-hmm.
He'll give me daily reports on your conduct.
Any problems whatsoever, and I'll have your badge.
For good.
This is your last chance, Sophie.
Use it well.
Thank you, Bertil.
- Did I mention that it's in Norrbacka? - Norrbacka? Is that going to be an issue? No.
Don't forget your long johns.
That's my boy.
- Tom? - Yes? Are you sure? - Well, I like this shirt.
- Mm No? You're not 20 anymore.
Maybe you're right.
It is a bit jazzy.
Mm [sighs] What's the matter, son? If I don't solve this case, I don't know what I'm going to do.
Oh, stop that nonsense.
You'll be fine.
I'm sure Sweden will value you more than those dolts at St.
Ives ever did.
Thanks, Mum.
And even if you don't catch the killer, you'll always have me.
It's all you ever need.
That's all I ever need.
That's all I ever need.
All right, my beauty, you're going to travel with me.
Hello! You must be Sophie Borg, the Swedish police.
No, I teach arts and crafts.
Tom Brown? Sophie Borg, national CID, Stockholm.
This way.
Sorry, sorry.
I've always wanted to visit Sweden.
I hear it's a very well-functioning country, a real welfare role model.
- Spare some change? - [Sophie] No.
Anything for a poor man? Wow, thanks.
You know you just gave him 1,000 kronor? Yes, absolutely.
Good for him, it's his lucky day.
How much is that? About ten pounds? More like 100.
At least he'll be able to get some good quality heroin.
Could you, um give me that? - This? - Yeah, thanks.
So, do you live Okay, we have one Englishman murdered in Norrbacka.
No witnesses.
The body was found hanging from a tree.
They found a Bible, a knife, and there were Latin inscriptions all over the body.
So, Norrbacka What do I need to know about it? Norrbacka is a shitty little town with horrible restaurants and nothing much to do.
And a population of 17,000 idiots.
Sonja, I was thinking You're a tremendous asset for us.
You know that.
You're remarkably skilled.
Thank you.
Would it possible for you to have a slightly more positive attitude? How do you mean? We see a lot of crap in this line of work.
But we must still make an effort to ensure a positive atmosphere.
Oh, here they are.
Would you please go up and set up the photos? Great, thanks.
Sophie Borg, national CID, Stockholm.
DCI Tom Brown, St.
Ives police.
Hello, I'm Klas Wall, chief police.
We're just about to have a briefing on the case, so All right, of course.
- You had a nice trip? - Yes, I did.
Thank you.
Very good.
- It's a bit chilly today.
- It is a little bit nippy.
After you, sir.
because of the dead body that was discovered here in Norrbacka.
Klas? Klas? What's going on here? - We have to brief the press.
- But we can't tell them anything yet.
Some of them have come from miles away.
Surely we can give them something.
That can ruin our investigation.
You do realize that? Klas, you can't tell them anything.
Klas Wall.
Please, be seated.
Right, my name is Klas Wall.
Klas with a K, Wall with a W.
I'm in charge of this investigation.
What we've got here is a regular police matter.
Or irregular, as it happens.
We're dealing with a dead body.
An English Klas! Klas.
dead body from the British Isles.
This person has been murdered.
No doubt about that.
We will, of course, investigate this crime, and make sure to arrest the person responsible.
I can tell you that the crime was committed here in Norrbacka.
Or more specifically, somewhere in the greater Norrbacka area.
That is all.
Thanks for coming.
There's coffee and biscuits - Klas? - Yes.
Is it true that a book was found at the scene? That's right.
A very special book.
- I mean, not just any book - Klas.
but a special book.
I can't go into detail.
- Sophie? - Yes? Thank you, Klas.
I have a question for Sophie Borg.
How does it feel to be back in Norrbacka? I don't see how my personal feelings are relevant to this investigation.
- Oh, dear.
Was that a sore subject? - It wasn't, actually, Zara.
Then how should I interpret your refusal to talk about your home Maybe we should also introduce DCI Tom Brown from the St.
Ives police.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Tom is a Chief Detective Chief Inspector.
On the same level as Tom Barnaby in "Midsomer Murders.
" You know, same level.
As I said, help yourselves to coffee and biscuits.
Sophie, is there some sort of conflict behind your refusal to talk about your hometown? If you won't comment, I'll have to interpret that rather freely All right, I will.
So how long have you been in charge here? About 30 years.
Gosh! So you really are like Norrbacka's Kurt Wallander, then? I wouldn't say that.
But sure, I've solved a few murders in my days.
Maybe not murders, but cases.
So maybe it's a bit true.
You'll work with this young man.
And, yes we have set up a phone line that people could call if they have any tips.
What happened next? Sounds like he's got something.
Okay And where did you go after that? Was Pucken with you? Was he drunk? God, what a nutter! Well He's learning, all the time.
Here's Sonja.
Highly decorated forensic scientist.
- Sophie Borg, national CID, Stockholm.
- Hello.
- From Finland.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Do you want to see the dead body? I've got pictures.
She's seen more murders than all of us together.
This is one of the worst cases I've ever seen.
The killer suspended the victim upside down and drained him of blood.
- So that was the cause of death? - No, he just drained him of about 15%.
He was then buried on a beach where the tide rolled in, filling his lungs with water.
And that was the cause of death? No.
The killer then changed his approach.
What a legend! - Bill, don't block the phone line.
- I'm not done talking.
Hang up.
Hang up.
Hang up! I'll phone you back.
He proceeded to carve Latin phrases [phone ringing] into the torso and cheeks with a serrated blade.
- "Carpe diem"? - Yeah.
Can you get that? You just told me not to.
The 2000 edition Bible was attached using the same knife - I told you not to make calls.
Pick up! - into the abdomen.
All right, all right.
Bill Wall, Norrbacka police.
- Then he died? - No.
His body was cut in half and stitched together.
That didn't kill him either? Of course, it did.
He was cut in half.
That was the priest.
It was the priest, Olle, who called.
He said that he saw the murdered English guy a couple of days ago at the cemetery.
- Great.
Let's get to work, everyone.
- Yep.
Is this the man you saw? Yes.
I saw him coming from the Tower of Babel.
Is that some kind of metaphor? No, it's the name of the churchyard's climbing frame.
And then he stood in front of this grave for several minutes.
And what do you know about Bjorn Arnesen's death? Well, it was before my time, but I know that he drowned.
Tragic accident.
And you've never seen Colin Smith before? Only this one time.
How did he die? Well, the short answer is, he was found hanging, with a Bible pierced by a knife through his chest.
Awful! Though I'm glad to hear that people take an interest in the Bible.
Yes, well There is that, I suppose.
[church bell tolling] I checked the case file on Bjorn's drowning.
Nothing suspicious, it seems.
So the next step is to see if Bjorn had any relatives Sophie, Sophie, could it maybe wait until tomorrow? It's been quite a long day.
Maybe we could just have a pint? Yeah, sure.
So, um Why are you staying in the hotel? Don't your parents live in Norrbacka? Yes, they do.
- Is their place too small? - No, it's gigantic.
Oh, you speak English! Fancy.
Well, well, well, look who's here.
The genius policewoman is back in town.
- So what gives us this great honor? - We're here for work.
Well, good for you.
Blimey! She was a bit rude.
No, that's Angelika.
She's a really nice girl.
She's one of the few I really liked back in school.
She just happens to talk that way.
Well, well, well, the whole family out to dinner, I see.
No expense spared here! So, what about you? Married, happy family man, I presume? No.
Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.
[burps] Sorry.
Another pint? I'm good, actually.
Do you want any nuts? Same again, please.
Hey, that's my room! Police! Stop! [suspenseful music playing] Do you want to go up or down? Doesn't matter.
Quick! Just go! [both grunting] Sophie, I've got him! [muffled groan] So sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you.
You said you had him! Yeah, I did, but I No, I thought I did, but I mean You know, I didn't.
I didn't.
[whispers] Gun? The St.
Ives police don't have guns.
Room clear.
I'll go down and check the front desk, okay? [theme music playing]