Fallet (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

We need to interview everyone who was working tonight.
- All right.
- Great.
We'll be in the room.
Hey, hang on.
I think about you sometimes.
Why didn't we end up together? - I think about that too sometimes.
- Uh-huh.
Then I remember that it was because you slept with Annika Jalmander.
- So why didn't she and I end up together? - I think you slept with her mother.
[chuckles] Eva [in English] So he came in through there, but then he ran out the door instead.
Look, I know this sounds far-fetched, but what if someone here is actually trying to welcome me? By doing this? Well, suppose this person accidentally broke the rose, and then they just hung it back up to give it some support? Tom, someone has stabbed you in the head.
Yeah [theme music playing] [Bill speaking Swedish] What am I missing? Who were you, Colin? [man in English] He was found hanging with a Bible pierced by a knife through his chest.
[reporters speaking Swedish] The killer suspended the victim upside down and drained him of blood.
A man has been found dead in a Norrbacka forest.
The police are declining to comment their work.
He carved Latin phrases into the cheeks and torso with a serrated blade.
The 2000 edition Bible was attached, using the same blade, to the abdomen.
The blade pierced his intestines.
The body was then cut in half and sewn back together.
A British citizen Nope, I'm totally clueless.
[phone ringing] I've been thinking.
If the threat is connected to the case, then why would they threaten just me and not you? Because you're a man.
What? It's not completely unusual to hate white middle-aged men in this country.
And if you look at what white middle-aged men are responsible for in the world, you kind of get the hate, don't you? Yeah, but I've never Why would anyone hate me? I don't know.
I don't know you.
But, you know Could be many, many reasons.
I'm a pretty nice chap.
Yeah, but that's exactly it.
White middle-aged men completely lacking self-awareness.
What has happened here is a crisis, and most of all for Tom, of course.
And in these situations, it's very important to manage the crisis.
- So I have a film to show you.
- [cell phone chiming] But, Klas, why don't we focus on the case instead? But this film is very important.
It can teach us what a crisis is and how we can manage to help someone going through one.
- Okay.
- Do you want this? Help me, Bill.
It's not working.
AUX 2.
The batteries are low, so give it a shake.
[Tom in English] Just, just give it a little Just give it a shake.
- Then it's AUX 2.
- No.
It doesn't work.
- [Tom] Which one is AUX - It's not that one.
Maybe we can just watch it on the laptop.
- The net - Is it lagging? It's dark.
- There's no power? - [Bill in English] Yeah, it's Police123.
So we found no traces of the person who threatened Tom.
[Bill speaks Swedish] There are three different ones, so select ThePolice123.
[in English] The only thing we know is that it was a man Klas? [Bill in Swedish] Select the third network.
There are three.
- [Sophie] Klas? - [in English] Yeah? It was a man, he was of medium height, and he was wearing an expensive watch.
- Probably a - Um, a Rolex.
I've seen the film many times, so I can describe it to you.
It starts with a man working late.
He's in the woods, working late, working late.
It's very late.
And there's a little girl But she comes in later.
Uh, Tom? I heard about what happened at your hotel.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
But as we say in Finland [speaks Swedish] - Which means? - "Oh.
Life ends.
We are all going to die.
" [Tom] Um Okay, so, uh, let's focus on the case.
[Klas] Yes.
Tom, what did you learn yesterday at the church? [Tom] Yes, the, um Apparently, um, Colin Smith visited this grave the night before he died.
Bjorn Arnesen.
Born 1967, died 1995.
Bjorn Arnesen is Arne Arnesen's son.
Arne is the wealthiest man in Norrbacka.
Other relatives, Klas? Bjorn's mother is still alive.
- [Sophie] Okay.
- Britta.
And Arne left her and remarried a beautiful Well, you all know Zara.
Zara Arnesen.
Who's that? Journalist at the Norrbacka paper.
She You She was your substitute teacher.
Amir at the hotel is her brother.
You used to fancy her.
Doesn't ring a bell.
[in English] Okay, so we should talk to Bjorn's relatives and find out how Bjorn knew Colin.
Tom and Sophie talk to his mother, Britta, and I talk to his father, Arne.
And Bill, you follow Tom and Sophie as Tom's bodyguard.
No problem, bodyguard.
Like Kevin Costner in that movie from the 90's where he plays a bodyguard.
What's that movie called now again? - The Bodyguard? - Yeah, The Bodyguard.
I thought you and Bill, do you have a personal relationship? No, none at all.
Is he your son, Klas? Feels like he is.
[Klas] My son? God, no.
He's Barbro's son.
And who is Barbro? My wife.
My second wife.
Right, so he's your bonus son? Bonus I'd call him a stepson.
- Has he had proper police training? - Absolutely not.
- But he works here as a policeman? - As a consultant.
He helps out.
He hasn't had training, so he can't have a gun or anything.
- But he does have a badge.
- Hmm? We had that made for in-house use.
Not entirely professional, is it? Not entirely, no.
[phone ringing] Right Britta? We'd like to talk to you about your son Bjorn, if that's all right.
Not about Benny? No, Britta.
Not Bjorn and Benny from ABBA.
I mean your son Bjorn.
- Benny? - No, Bjorn.
And Benny.
Forget about fucking ABBA, all right? [man] What's going on? Who are you? My name is Benny.
I'm Britta's son.
Hi, Mum.
Who are you? Sophie Borg, national CID, Stockholm.
- [in English] Tom Brown.
- Hello.
So what's this? Um, we're here to investigate the murder I'm not talking to you.
You're rude.
Mum Uh Um [stutters] What was that you Oh, this This is Swedish tobacco.
Oh, no, I don't do tobacco.
Yes, try it.
You'll like it.
- Yes, do.
- All right.
When in Rome.
Just Mmm.
[gulps] Mmm.
Oh, you swallowed it? Yes, it's pretty nice actually.
It's lovely.
You're not supposed to swallow it.
It's for under the lip.
- So, Colin we go back to - You'll be fine.
- talking about Colin Smith.
- I'm not talking to you.
You're rude.
Tom, a little help? Um, Mrs.
Arnesen, would you like a nice cup of tea? [bird squawking] [knocking at door] [Arne speaking Latin] Supra se servitium.
Hello, Arne.
Supra se servitium.
Do you like whisky? Oh yes! This, for instance, is from 1892.
Only four bottles in the entire world.
Blimey! I do enjoy a good whisky.
Listen, I'm in charge of the investigation of the murdered Englishman.
And look here A Cuban cigar, perhaps? Yes, please.
That's a common misconception.
These are actually from Ecuador.
I see.
Now, how can I be of service? I'd like to ask you about your son Bjorn.
I know he passed away around 20 years ago.
And, well Yes That was a terrible loss.
Of course.
I'm sure it was.
Why did you come here to open this old wound? I really am sorry, Arne, but Were you aware that Bjorn knew this Colin Smith Well, let's not dwell on tragedies of the past.
This is a murder investigation, so I really must Tell you what.
Would you like some lunch? Sure.
They serve an excellent lunch at the hotel.
Two courses, wine, coffee and biscuits.
How about it? - That sounds lovely.
- All right.
[intercom buzzing] Margareta? Would you please reserve a table at the hotel for Klas Wall? - A table for one.
- Certainly.
I've got a packed lunch, myself.
Oh All right Supra se servitium.
[sighs] Supra se servitium Is this about that murdered Englishman? [Bill] I'm not at liberty to say.
I understand.
But between you and me Yes, that's what it's about.
All right.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Also, we've got a lead.
[exhales] - [in English] Are you okay? - Yes, I'm fine.
- There you go, Mrs.
Very good.
- Thank you.
Before the Englishman died, he visited a grave.
Can't tell you whose.
You understand.
I do.
I should get back to work.
It was Bjorn Arnesen's grave.
You know, who died in 1995.
That's all I can tell you.
Do you know if Bjorn knew of anybody called Colin Smith? Yes Bjorn mentioned once that he became very good friends with one Colin on an exchange trip he went on with school.
- What trip? - I'm not talking to you.
You're rude.
Mum On a trip to England.
St St.
I must ask you to put that knife down.
Bill! She works here.
You don't know that, do you? This poses a class 1 security risk.
- No.
- Yes.
No, it doesn't.
It's fine, keep the knife.
- [in English] So, Britt - I'm not talking to you.
I have to confiscate that knife.
Thank you.
There we are.
So, um, do you know if Bjorn ever visited Colin in St.
Ives, or if Colin ever visited Bjorn here? - No.
- No.
Or why Colin was in Norrbacka last week? - I don't know why.
- Excuse me.
Without the knife, how am I supposed to slice this for our morning coffee? Tell you what we'll do I can sort that out for you.
But - There.
Okay? - [woman] Well The slices aren't even now, but all right.
[Tom in English] Do you know who else was on the exchange trip? No, but I think there must be something from back then among Bjorn's old stuff.
Saved everything.
Did he? - I've got a big box in my room.
- Perfect.
I can go check.
That would be great.
- Terrific.
- Thank you.
[Tom] You've got a very sharp mind, Mrs.
[Britta] Isn't he wonderful, my son? Yes He is.
You know, he used to play in ABBA.
[Tom] Would you like some sugar? - Yes, yes, yes, please.
- How many? One lump or two? [Britta] Well 15.
[Tom] Maybe we'll just do two.
I think you're sweet enough.
Oh, thank you.
- Milk? - Yes, thank you.
Help yourself.
Yes, it's good for the bones.
- Would you like some? - Lots of calcium in it.
So they meet at an exchange course, 30 years ago.
They become good friends, - but then no contact.
- [belching] That's interesting, right? - Did you live in St.
Ives back then? - Uh, yeah.
There were like exchange courses and stuff all the time.
I was working as a bartender.
Must have seen about two million drunk Scandinavians.
That's funny.
You don't You don't seem like the bartender type.
I was a bit different back then.
[hiccuping] Um, sorry, this snus thing It's not dangerous, is it? Look.
Could be from the exchange course.
Let's have a look.
[burps] [Tom burps] [suspenseful music playing] [Bjorn speaking Swedish] I think it's on Yeah, it's on, I'm filming.
[in English] Well, hello! We're on a language course.
[in Swedish] All right, cheers! [in English] Oh, yes, oh, yes Say after me, a beer.
- [all] A beer! - A beer! [man speaking Swedish] - Check this out.
- For fuck's sake, Ake.
[in English] Excuse us, ladies, we're having a bit of fun! Okay, okay! - We're just having fun.
Woo! - [laughter] - Oh, yeah! - [Bjorn speaks Swedish] I'm turning it off.
That shockingly drunk girl looked familiar.
Probably because it's my mother.
What? Really? Yeah.
Well, I'm sure she wasn't that drunk Tom, she's absolutely wasted.
So your mother was on that exchange course? It sure looks like it, doesn't it? I guess we have no choice but to talk to her now.
- Let's go that way.
- [whispers] What about Bill? Do you really want him along? No, ideally not, but I have been threatened, and Klas did say.
[cell phone chiming] - Let's skip Bill.
- Great.
I'll take the blame.
[cell phone chiming] [phone ringing] This is where you grew up? Yeah.
It's paradise! This garden.
That beech tree.
I used to go there as a kid.
And just ponder? Sort of.
I'd ponder if I could possibly hang myself from the big branch.
Not everything's a paradise that looks like a paradise, Tom.
[phone ringing] [Bill speaks Swedish over phone] Bill Wall, Norrbacka police.
Zara Arnesen, the Norrbacka paper.
A source is claiming that the victim visited Bjorn Arnesen's grave.
Can you confirm it? What? No.
He didn't visit a grave? Yes, he I mean, no comment.
One more thing.
We're doing a survey about how people spend their autumn break.
Would you consider answering three questions about your break? You'll get your picture in the paper, and we'll send you a scratch card to say thanks.
A scratch card? That's right.
Sure, shoot.
How are you spending your break? Just chilling in my cabin, I think.
What's your favorite treat? Chocolate.
Did Colin visit Bjorn's grave? Yes, he did.
Thank you very much.
Hello? Hello? Fuck I'll just have to email them my picture.
[mouse clicking] [suspenseful music playing] [Sophie speaking Swedish] Hello? [gun cocks] Melcher.
What are you doing? Look who I almost shot to death.
Sophie! Borg, national CID, Stockholm.
[in English] We're here working the recent murder case.
You might have heard about it? Colin Smith, the murdered Englishman.
Uh, Tom Brown, St.
Ives police.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs.
von Borg.
Kristina von Borg.
We want to ask you a few questions about the language trip you went on to St.
Ives a few years ago.
[speaks Swedish] Sophie, please.
Let's sit down, have some coffee and just chat.
[in English] No, there's absolutely no time for coffee.
Uh, Sophie, we're not in that much of a rush.
Um, coffee would be lovely, thank you very much.
[Klas speaking Swedish] How could this happen? We're leaking like a sieve.
What's wrong? You didn't read the article? It's not in there, it's online.
[Klas] You talked to her.
No? Look, "according to Bill Wall with the Norrbacka police.
" Complete with a very big picture.
It's not that big.
And that's not the picture I emailed them.
Let's get one thing perfectly straight.
I leak to the press I mean, talk to the press.
Nobody leaks anything.
Where are Sophie and Tom? - They're still in there.
- No, they're not.
I'm starting to feel that we are not working together.
We're supposed to be a team! [sighs] Like in that film we saw.
"Die Hard.
" Was that the one? You're right.
"Die Hard 2.
" [clicks tongue, sighs] Back to work.
"According to Bill Wall with the Norrbacka police.
" [suspenseful music playing] Do you remember Emelie von Seth from school? She's the CFO at AstraZeneca now.
All right.
I didn't know that.
And Carl Schonstrom is living in New York.
[Sophie] Mmm-hmm.
Big penthouse, working for Nasdaq.
And Oscar Hjort What is he, President of Microsoft? No.
He became a homeless drug addict.
Died of an overdose beneath a pedestrian bridge.
[Sophie sighs] [in English] Is that an Avalanche you have there? Yes, it is.
Are you fond of roses? I love roses.
Okay, Mrs.
von Borg, about that exchange course to St.
Did you notice anything unusual? Anything out of the ordinary? Not that I recall.
Mind you, it was more than 30 years ago.
Who else was in the course, apart from you and Bjorn? We were two more from school, Ake Klint and Johanna Beckman.
They're still in Norrbacka.
[man breathing heavily] Johanna had a terrible accident a couple of years ago.
And Ake Klint? Oh, he's an alcoholic.
I think he's homeless now.
I see him sometimes.
Very, very sad.
Yes Being on that course was a bit of a curse.
Well, obviously not for you.
Shall we? Um Yes, uh, right.
Very nice to meet you, thanks so much.
[Kristina] Nice to meet you.
[Sophie] Tom! Thanks so much.
[Kristina] Bye.
[speaks Swedish] Right Do what Klas says! If he tells you that Bill is your bodyguard, Bill is your bodyguard.
I'll take you off the case No! Don't take me off the case.
I've just got a promising lead, and if I can connect the St.
Ives trip to the murder Sophie? Would you say you've got a healthy balance between work and personal life? I'm trying not to take work home with me, like we discussed.
All right.
Bye, Bertil.
[suspenseful music playing] [thunder rumbling] Why did Arne refuse to talk about his dead son? [thunder clapping] [urinating] Good night, son.
- [thunder rumbling] - [Tom gasps] You scared me.
That's a fine officer, scared of his own mother.
I'm sorry.
It's just I'm a bit edgy, you know, with this threat.
And the murder case, and the rain and the darkness It's all just a bit much.
But what did you expect? You've read Stieg Larsson.
[Tom] Yes.
Stieg Larsson is like bright and jolly compared to the real Sweden.
I'm sure you'll do just fine.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Everything isn't terrible.
Kristina was nice.
What do you mean? Nothing.
She just seemed nice.
She seemed a bit chubby.
No, she didn't.
Well, she didn't seem too bright.
- I thought she seemed - That's enough, Tom.
Now try to get some sleep.
[sighs] Night, night.
Sleep tight.
[thunder clapping] Don't let the bedbugs bite.
Brown snoring] [thunder rumbling] [snoring continues] [newsreader speaking Swedish on TV] Police now confirm that the man found dead in Norrbacka was murdered, and that he was a British citizen.
According to our sources, religious symbols were carved into the victim's body, and there are indications that this was a ritual murder.
[Klas] This is bad.
Swedish and British police have joined forces to solve the case.
Very bad indeed.
[sinister instrumental music playing] [man speaking Swedish over phone] You and I need to talk.
[theme music playing]