Fallet (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 [Sonja] Right, here's our next victim.
A male, about 52 years of age.
Rigor mortis indicates that he died several days ago.
His head is facing north, his right cheek on cardboard, one arm raised, and the other down along the torso.
The smell indicates that decomposition has begun.
[Tom groans] God, the smell! - Hands off, damn it! - Shit! What's the matter with people? I'm sorry, it What the hell are you doing? Technically speaking, this man really is dead.
[theme music playing] [Zara] Well, you shot my husband in the shoulder.
I'm terribly sorry for all that's happened, Zara, and am very aware of that mistake.
Why are you here? Have you shot someone else? They were shooting in Åke's place.
- The place was empty.
- So why were you shooting? Well, I I can't comment on that, since this is an ongoing investigation.
I should go.
Hold on, get back here! I want exclusive rights to this case.
Anything you find, you give to me first.
That's impossible.
Careful now, Klas.
You either give me exclusive rights, and then I'll talk to my husband, put in a good word for you, or I'll make sure that you retire immediately, both professionally and socially.
You see, everything they've given you, Klas, they can take back.
Your job, the dinners The Wednesday golf rounds? You've got a deal! Smart choice, Klas.
Okay, thanks.
It seems Åke hangs out in the industrial estate, with some guy called Bert, a.
" 'Torsken' in English is I'll check.
They have some, quote, "weird shit" together, but he doesn't know what.
Any other leads? Kristina said she'd seen Åke around.
Maybe I could go and talk to her? Tom, you met Åke.
Did he act suspicious? Suspicious? No.
Then hopefully, he doesn't know we're after him.
We'll keep his shed under surveillance.
And good work, team! Good work.
Except for all the shooting.
That really has to stop.
If you don't mind, Tom.
I found it.
'Torsken' in English "Cod.
" No, "whore monger.
" What a handsome son I have.
Thank you, Mother.
She's married, though.
You know that? Who? Kristina? Of course.
To Melcher von Borg.
He's a very nice man.
Just be careful.
I may be your mother, but I'm also a woman.
So I know women.
What do you mean? Just because she's married, she might still have a taste for British boys.
Please, Mother.
You don't have to worry.
I'm still the same old Tom, nothing will happen.
Nothing ever does.
So where did you last see Åke Klint? Oh, you know, here and there, all over town.
Always begging or drinking.
Oh, yes, I did see him in the industrial area quite recently.
Oh, really? Anywhere specifically? By the old wheel factory.
He was hanging out with some young guy.
And was that guy called Bert, or "Torsken"? I don't know.
But I do remember that he was quite badly bruised.
I thought that was a bit odd.
Okay, well, I think that's it.
Was that all? Yup.
So I should probably - More tea? - Yes, that would be lovely.
Thanks very much.
Lovely cups.
Are they Wedgwood? Right.
We have Bert BergstrÃm, also known as "Torsken.
" He owns Bert's Scrapyard in the industrial estate.
- I think Tom and I - Sorry to interrupt.
Can you feel that? This is what it feels like to be working in a team.
As in "Die Hard.
" Yes.
- May I continue? - Sure, go ahead.
Tom and I will go to the industrial estate, when he's done interrogating Kristina von Borg.
We need to check spots where homeless Sophie.
Your boss is here.
He's angry.
- Okay.
- Oh, yes, Bertil's arrived from Stockholm.
Bill, fetch the map of KÃ¥kstan.
The map of KÃ¥k Right.
[both laughing] What does the Loch Ness monster eat? Fish and ships! Ships in the sea, fish and ships Oh, ships! That's a good one.
That's a good one.
Anything that I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.
There is one thing.
If you could please give this to Sophie.
I really don't want to get in the middle of things Tom, there are things she needs to know.
Things I should have told her a long time ago.
So could you please make sure she reads this? Of course I will.
Of course.
Well Thank you for everything.
For all the information, and Right, bye.
- Tom? - Yes? You might need this.
Oh, tape recorder.
And, uh, the notebook.
I'm just I think everything, but Anyway, thank you so much.
Oh, and your jacket! My head I think I've got everything now.
- You got the letter? - Yes.
Take care.
I will, thank you.
Was anyone shot yesterday? Police law, paragraph 10.
"An officer may use violence if no other" Was anyone shot? That would be correct.
Was this person an innocent man, who was rehearsing the opening of the second act of a musical? [Sophie] It's unclear how far they had come, but, yes.
That's correct.
Did you fire the shot? It is true that I fired my service pistol, but Then your account sounds exactly like the one I've been told.
It's the same bloody story again! It's not exactly the same story.
Maybe a variation of it.
- But I've never - Sophie.
You're losing it.
Just look at yourself.
You look like shit.
When was the last time you showered? What's so damn important about my personal hygiene all of a sudden? Fine! I'll do something about it right away.
No, no, no.
Sophie, please There.
Are you happy now? Huh? You should update your leadership.
This is a prime example of gender-biased leadership.
You're a middle-aged man, I'm a young woman.
My competence intimidates you, so you attack every little mistake I make.
If I'd been a man, things would have been different.
Then there would've been pats on the back, golf rounds and trips to Tallinn.
That's called homosociality.
You should brush up on your gender theory.
You've come here to tell me off for one reason only.
Because I'm a woman! Or it might be because you keep shooting innocents.
Yes, I do believe that's why.
You've got a new assignment.
Assistant archivist at the evidence archives.
Report for duty at 11:00.
I'm taking you off regular duties.
- Good! - Give me your gun and ID.
[winces with pain] I'm so sorry, I just heard.
What did Kristina von Borg say? Your mother said that she'd also seen Åke in the industrial area with some kid with a bruised face.
So it's you and Bill now? Yeah.
Before you go, I want to say that you are one of the best officers I've worked with.
That's a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think? Well, you're one of the officers I've worked with.
Bye, Tom.
Sophie, before you go This is from your mother.
She really wants to make things right.
Please read it.
It would mean the world to her.
I only want to hear one thing, the truth.
If you don't tell me, I'm leaving.
- Who was he? - I can't tell you.
Shit, I must have slipped.
Sophie! Bye, then.
Sophie Such a shame things ended this way.
We've appreciated having you on the team.
We should stay in touch.
- Bill, you - Yes, I've written a few words.
You came to us two weeks ago.
You worked with us.
You were here at the station with us.
Now you're leaving.
Thank you, Bill.
That's my view of it, too.
[cell phone vibrates] Sophie Borg.
Good morning.
I'm Torsten Mild from the evidence archives.
- [Sophie] Hi, Torsten.
- I just wanted to say "welcome.
" Bertil said you're coming at 11 o'clock.
I'm absolutely delighted to be getting some company here.
I've been working here alone for 18 years.
Wow, that's a long time.
We're digitizing the archives, and there are 11.
2 million documents that need to be scanned into the system.
So it'll be busy.
How exciting.
I'll see you at 11, then.
Thanks, bye.
I'm going to see if I can find that kid.
You talk to that whore-monger guy.
Hi, guys! DCI Tom Brown, St.
Ives police.
Do you happen to know a guy named Åke Klint? No, man.
Never heard of him.
Can I ask another question? How did you get that bruise? I don't know.
One day I just woke up like this.
Must be a very hard pillow.
Trying to be funny? Get out of here.
Hey! What do you think you're doing? Sorry, I didn't get that.
In Sweden, it's not allowed to use violence on kids.
No, no, no, I No, no, no, this is very important in our country.
- Okay? - Yes, of course.
What are you talking about, Mummy? That it's illegal to beat kids in Sweden.
But this man doesn't understand that.
What a stupid idiot.
If I see you do that again, I will call the police on you.
[Tom] No, no, I am the police.
A homeless guy? No, I don't know who that is.
I'm a respected businessman.
I sell car parts, I run a scrapyard.
You know what that means, right? Cambelts, oil pressure, oil filters, transmissions, tires, wheels, exhaust pipes, the whole kit and caboodle.
Hang on, isn't that Åke? No, that That's Christian KlevstrÃm.
Oh? He looks an awful lot like Åke.
Could be a doppelganger.
They're all over the place.
That's weird.
This is getting ridiculous.
That's Kenny, on the side there.
Yes, that's Kenny.
We were best friends in school.
Do you know Kenny? - Of course I do.
- Koskenkorva-Kenny? - That sponge never said no to a drink.
- Kenny the Cock.
[Bill chuckles] He's insane.
Yeah, he really is.
That's crazy.
What are the odds? I won't take up any more of your time.
That other guy did look an awful lot like Åke, though.
Imagine having a doppelganger.
It's a bit uncanny.
Take care.
All right.
- Bye.
- Bye, bye.
Sophie Borg, national CID, Stockholm.
Has anyone seen Åke Klint anywhere? What was that? What do you mean? That thing you were waving around, was that a cinema club card? No, it was my police ID card.
May I see it again? Of course.
Listen, the one thing we hate more than a cop is a fake cop, you fucking You little bastard! Where is Åke Klint? I don't bloody know! - What? - I don't know! Where is Åke Klint? That hurt like hell! Sorry! Go on, hit the fake cop! Make sure you hit her this time, damn it! Where the fuck - is Åke Klint? - All right! He'll be at the fight tonight.
What fight? Åke and Bert set up a fight.
It's tonight.
When? Where? At Bert's Scrapyard, seven o'clock.
So you didn't get any information out of Bert? Nothing at all? No, I told you already.
Torsken, or the whore monger, didn't know Åke.
He knew Kenny, though.
Who? Kenny.
Craziest guy in my high school.
Have you ever wondered if it's possible to stick a bottle of Koskenkorva and a package of pretzel sticks up your ass? Okay, do you see them? It is not possible.
But Kenny sure tried! [chuckling] All right.
So I know where Åke is.
[tense music playing] You'll go in undercover.
When you find Åke, call for backup.
If you're in danger of any kind, the panic word is Henning Mankell.
Remember, Henning Mankell.
Henning Mankell.
Go, team! Password? Jeepers creepers.
Go on inside.
Thank you.
[men yelling] [all clamoring] Let's Let's spread out.
[grunts] Come on! Come on! Yes! Nice! Yes, come on! Get him! Nice! You just keep coming back, you little cop.
Technically speaking I'm not a cop.
You're not a cop? I work for the police, but I'm not a cop, technically.
Right, that's good.
Then I have an idea.
Are you ready? Roy! In you go.
[people laughing] Jan Guillou! Jan Guillou! Jan Guillou! Håkan Nesser! Anne Holt! Camilla Läckberg! I order you to stop! Oh, my God.
[Klas] Bill, can you hear me? - [screaming] - [bones crunching] Bill, are you alive? - Respond! Bill? Can you hear me? - Henning Mankell! Henning Mankell! Tell me you're alive! Henning Mankell! We need to get out of here.
Aren't you listening? I want Sophie back on the case.
She saved our colleague Bill's life.
[Bertil] I don't care if she's organized peace in the Middle East, she's suspended! But Bertil Klas, you take care of your employees, and I'll take care of mine.
[sighs] Damn it.
Let's watch the DVD.
Sorry, Klas, but I've got 11 million documents to digitize.
You'll have to do that later.
Come on! It all started more than 30 years ago.
I killed them both, of course.
Find out what happened at that exchange course, Sophie and Tom.
Then you might find me.
[laughing] Who the fuck is this guy? That's sick! It's a bloody pig with clothes.
Why would he refer to us? "Find out what happened at the exchange course, "and you'll find me.
" Wait.
This is from outside that church that was vandalized.
Kristina said that the visit to the church was part of the exchange program, but that BjÃrn and Colin went to a party with some English kids afterwards, and they were really cagey about what went on at the party.
I think we're going to have to go through everything again.
Well, not me.
I'm not on the case anymore.
Actually, you are.
If you just call Bertil and resign.
Why would I do that? Call Bertil and resign.
Because only then, I can employ you.
Welcome back to the Norrbacka police force.
Thank you, Klas.
- A hug? - Bill.
First we have to go through the case again to see what kind of details we've missed.
Who is this pig man? Klas? - We need to rest, all of us.
- Yep.
Go home to your hotel and sleep well.
- Okay? - Yes.
Sophie, could you have a listen to the interview I did with Kristina this morning about the church? Just see if I missed anything.
Yeah, sure.
No problem.
Good night.
Good night.
[Kristina] There are things she needs to know.
Things I should have told her a long time ago.
I miss her so much.
She won't talk to me, so could you please make sure she reads this? [Sophie] Tom? I think someone else knows what happened at the church.
You're getting too close, my friend.
Leave now, and never come back.