Fallet (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 It's almost time for "Karlavagnen" here on P4, but first we have the journalist Hannes Josefsson joining us on the phone.
- Welcome, Hannes.
- Thank you.
Congrats on getting the Grand Prize for Journalism.
Thank you again.
What's the deal with these Norrbacka murders? Well, I'm on my way to Norrbacka right now.
It's time for national media to have a look at what's going on there.
So what's your opinion? Are we talking about a serial killer? If you just give me a few days, I'll probably have some answers for you.
Best of luck, Hannes.
We look forward to your story.
Thanks, that's sweet of you.
The killer, a.
Pig Man.
One thing's for sure.
It can't be the person who threatened Tom.
Why would he first send a DVD and then ask Tom to leave the country? - What? - They.
Why would they send the DVD? We don't know if it's a man or a woman, so let's use a gender-neutral pronoun.
Sure, but 92% of all murders are committed by men.
Is that really true, or part of our obsolete view of gender roles? Those are official crime statistics.
So it's really that high? Yes, it is.
But Oh, Tom! How are you? I'm alright, thanks.
It'll be good to get out of Norrbacka for a while.
Wait, are you leaving? Me and Tom are going to St.
Ives to talk to Colin's widow.
We think she might know what happened at the exchange course.
Just one other thing, both murder victims were connected to the exchange course.
I think we should put your mother under surveillance.
What about Johanna? She was on the course too.
Yes, of course.
I'll take her.
I can read Morse blinks.
Okay, Bill.
I'll take Sonja, we'll go past Christina's and see if everything's okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm glad to hear your mother's words have had a positive effect.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Paragraph 531, "A police officer must be present for the first stages of protective custody.
" Do you know what my father told me on his deathbed? "Hannes, it's a lot easier to ask a question "than it is to understand an answer.
" What does that mean? No idea, he was senile towards the end.
But he's meant a lot to me, and to my career.
- Sorry, I'm Hannes - Hannes Josefsson.
Aftonbladet, Grand Prize for Journalism, 2011.
And the Golden Shovel, 2012.
And again this year.
You should know that local media carries more weight around here.
So your little podcast counts as local media? I have more than 5,000 listeners.
5,000? I know a guy in Lerum who has a podcast about rodents.
He has 47,000 listeners.
I like to keep track of how long it takes me to solve a case.
Sophie! Are you dealing with a serial killer, or are there two different perpetrators? Yes.
Brown, Mr.
Brown, who threatened you? Could it have been the killer? Do you have any leads? I'm sorry, Mr Brown is a bit shaken.
I'll answer your questions.
I'll handle this.
No comment.
Excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself.
Hannes Josefsson, Aftonbladet.
Oh, Aftonbladet? Hi.
I guess I can give a brief comment.
Great! Maybe we could talk? I'll do a bio on you and buy you lunch.
Hi, Klas.
Do you have time for an interview? I don't think so.
I'm having lunch with Aftonbladet.
Really? Oh right Golf on Wednesdays We were supposed to have a talk.
Let's go, Klas.
- Hungry? - Yeah, a bit.
The brunch at the hotel is really nice.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- We're here - We think you're about to be murdered.
Sonja, why don't you secure the surroundings? Yeah.
The killer might strike again and target a participant from the language course.
That's why we're offering protection, not because we're related.
Don't think I'm concerned for you in any way.
Did you get my letter? Yeah, it was nice.
- Did you read it? - No, the envelope was nice.
Before I ran it through a shredder.
Don't write any more letters, I won't read them.
I just want Will you handle the surveillance? No, I have important things to do.
Sonja will keep an eye on you.
Sophie Thank you.
Mom, why No.
" No, no, no Does anyone know how to set the machine to print in A2? What kind of police station is this? - Wall here.
- My name is Ragnar Cedergren.
I'm a publisher at Bonnier's crime department.
Crime? Oh.
We've been looking at the Norrbacka murders.
We think it could make for an amazing true crime story.
You think so? Sure.
Imagine a skilled police chief about to retire, solving one of the toughest cases in Swedish history.
Who could resist that? When you put it like that We'll ghost-write it for you.
David Lagercrantz is right here on standby as we speak.
You just have to send me the preliminary investigation results.
Lagercrantz? Oh, wow But that's classified.
Klas, I can guarantee you that it won't fall into the wrong hands.
You know what, Klas? Here's what I'm thinking.
You could sit down and type up your own reflections on the case.
That could be more important than the preliminary investigation.
You know what? Write as much as you want.
Just start writing.
Then email it to me at ragnar.
Okay, let's do this.
Sophie, remember her husband has just been murdered.
So she might be a little bit frail.
But she's still a suspect.
No, she isn't.
Okay, technically she isn't, but everyone is guilty until proven innocent, Tom.
I think actually it's the other way around.
Good afternoon! Hello.
I'm DCI Tom Brown.
Yes, I recognize you.
Then you know I'm from St.
Ives Police.
Yes, of course.
I'm Jennifer Smith, pleased to meet you.
Sophie Borg, Rikskrim Stockholm.
Actually not Rikskrim anymore, and not Stockholm, either.
So it's Norrbackapolisen.
Norrbacka Police Force, Sophie Borg.
Why don't we just go inside? - Yep.
- Yeah.
Colin became very religious just before his death.
You don't say? Talk about a Messiah complex.
It got a bit out of hand.
Please sit down.
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
So, how's the investigation going? Good.
Are you close to catching the killer? You ask a lot of questions.
Well, I would like to know what happened to my husband.
Do you recognize this photograph? Oh my god.
Look at my jacket! Yeah, I know.
In some countries those clothes are actually illegal.
Yeah, Sharia law.
It's terrible.
No, I didn't mean Sharia law.
It's just a joke.
Given the tension in the Middle East, I don't think you should joke about those things.
It wasn't Middle East or Islam or anything like that.
You were referring to the 80s clothes and I just I've read about you.
You're the Tom Brown who recently was replaced by DCI Howards, right? So, you're telling me that you haven't you gotten any closer since the first time you questioned me on the phone? Were you there? Was it some kind of a Satanic ritual? How is that relevant - Answer my question.
- to my husband's murder? Well, I'll tell you what I know.
I know nothing.
I know nothing at all.
There was a party at the church and I wasn't invited.
Let's talk about Colin.
He was friends with BjÃrn Arnesen Did BjÃrn and Colin have a relationship? Was Colin being unfaithful? Jesus, no! Colin was not unfaithful! Listen.
Why didn't DCI Howards get this case? You seem very upset, Mrs.
Are we getting too close to the truth? Are you the new Tom Brown of Sweden? This is like a cop show, but instead of one good and one bad, both of you are bad.
And I don't mean that in a Michael Jackson sort of way.
- Now, listen to me - No, you listen to me.
I want both of you out of here immediately! And for God's sake, try and solve this case and stop bothering a poor widow with dumb and insulting questions! Of course, we totally understand.
We're very sorry to have disturbed you.
Thank you so much.
Well, that went not well.
She's hiding something, Tom.
Oh, come on.
If she really wanted us to catch her husband's killer, she would have helped us in any way, right? Even if it meant answering questions that made her feel uncomfortable, - or that made her upset.
- Sophie, just calm down! You're getting all upset, just take a breath.
Smith is right.
Maybe you should try the good cop angle once in a while.
Especially with a poor, innocent widow.
She's the victim of a crime, she's not a dangerous suspect.
I'm sure she doesn't have a dangerous, violent bone in her body.
Maybe you should turn around.
- I still think - Oh, shut up! Of course.
I think we should follow him.
Come on! That was Jon Rekdal and the theme to "Expedition Robinson".
I'm Martin Melin and I'm your summer host.
I want to talk about what it's like being a celebrity, a father, a writer and a police officer.
Which of these roles is the most difficult? Is it being a celebrity, a police officer or a father? - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm from the police and I need to talk to Johanna.
She's right there.
Hi, Johanna.
I'm from the police and I have some questions for you.
You're not going to take it? Yeah, yeah.
Is anything wrong? No, I'm fine.
I'm in good hands.
I was thinking maybe we could get together some time and talk? About the case? No, I was more thinking like like a private meeting.
Um Um Oh.
Forget it.
Stupid of me.
I shouldn't bother you in the middle of an important investigation.
- No, no - We'll talk when you get back.
I Who was that on the phone? Was it a woman? It's complicated.
What do you mean? You don't know if it was a woman? No, I know it was a woman.
It's just that she's the mother of a friend of mine.
Kinky, Tom.
I obviously can't talk to you about it.
Come on, I'm only kidding.
I say go for it.
If it's a true friend, he will understand.
A strip club? Well, he's no stripper, I'll tell you that much.
I'm going to follow him in there.
You stay here.
Can't hide.
Can I get just a cranberry juice, please? Sure.
I like being a celebrity.
I like being a police officer.
I like being a writer and I like being a father.
What? There's a psycho in there with Johanna.
What are you saying? Nice to see you're alert.
There's a psycho in there with Johanna.
He could kill her.
Why are you wearing a seat belt? So Colin was the driving force behind this? "Right after Colin had passed away "there was a reorganization" - Bye.
- Who are you? I was here before, from the police.
I need to see some ID.
Where the hell is it? I don't know where I put it, but I was here earlier.
I'm from the police.
Where did he go, Johanna? Whoa Take it slow.
Start over.
W i n-d o-w.
Window The window! I think it's pretty hot in here, but it's your call.
Okay, Johanna, focus now.
The guy who was in here, where did he go? Why are you following me? I work here.
This is where we get changed.
You? You're a stripper? Yeah.
I'm a stripper.
What's your name? I'm Tommy the fire fighter.
All right.
Show us what you got, then.
That'll be 150 pounds.
No, I just want the juice.
That is just for the juice.
Look, I know how this works.
I wasn't born yesterday.
I don't want an unemployed steel worker, or whatever it is, giving me a lap dance.
Well, if you know how it works, you won't be surprised.
If you refuse to pay, I'm gonna have to ask you have to leave.
Yeah, but I can't leave.
You want to stay, you got to pay.
Fine! I'm going to need a receipt for that.
And you can put the VAT, the extra added value tax on it.
Lady, we're a strip joint! That by law is required to put the VAT on.
I like it, yeah.
I'm putting out the fire.
Yeah, raging fire.
'Cause they like that.
And then you What's this? In Sweden, it's called "utlägg.
" I'm going to need all this money back when I get back to Sweden.
He's got a gun! What have you guys been up to? Don't ask.
Be a doll and park that for me.
And stop! 11 hours and 53 minutes.
That's acceptable.
I could have done it faster.
Maybe I shouldn't have stopped for lunch.
Are you saying you've solved the case? Yep.
You know who the killer is? I do.
You would also know, if you were me, that is.
Hi, it's me.
Something's come up.
What's your dealing with Mrs.
Smith? - Do you work at the garden center? - All right! All right! I used to work for her husband Colin.
He went crazy, she took over, so she's my boss.
- Good.
- Is that it? Can I go now? Can you go? You just pulled a gun on me! Sorry about that, guv.
Did you kill Colin Smith? I had nothing to do with his death.
I'm a nobody! You said he went crazy? We know he went religious towards the end.
Does it have anything to do with what happened at this church? Look at the picture! Did he ever talk about this church? Yes or no? All right.
When he got drunk he'd talk about it.
Alright? Says it's where it all started.
What started? Look, please, I don't know honestly.
What else did Colin Smith say about that night? They had some kind of a party.
They were out of their minds.
Were they on drugs? Well, if they were, it was pretty strong.
Was Colin Smith a drug dealer? Colin ran a garden center.
And listen, if I hypothetically delivered packages to and from the garden center, I wouldn't ask what's in them, alright? In theory, I do my job, take the money and shut up.
Again, hypothetically.
So it was about drugs? This is St.
Ives, for fuck's sake.
You seen a lot of junkies lately, have you? - Well, no, actually.
- Excuse me.
Sophie Borg, national CID Norrbacka PD.
Do you know what my father told me on his deathbed? Who is this? We're in the middle of something.
I see.
This is Hannes Josefsson from Aftonbladet.
Are you talking to Joe right now? What? I guess you've already been to see the widow, right? Yes, but how do you know that? I've figured out who killed Colin and Åke.
Come back to Sweden and I'll tell you.
Why not over the phone? I want to be there for the arrest and interview everyone involved.
I want full access to the entire story.
I'll be waiting here at my hotel room.
Listen to me, Sophie.
I know you have a lot of questions.
Is this about drugs or about religion? Was the DVD just some false lead? You have the questions, Sophie.
I have the answers.
The next flight to Sweden leaves in 55 minutes.
I suggest you pack up and head to the airport.
What is it? We've got to go, Tom.
That was fast.