Fallet (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Okay, let's start with the guy who found the body.
- Is that him? - [Tom] Correct.
Sophie Borg, Norrbacka PD.
He's in shock, it's natural.
[Sophie exhales] Hi, I know it's a lot What? Hi.
No, he's not in shock at all, actually.
DCI Tom Brown, St Ives Police.
Oh, hi.
Why don't you tell us everything you saw? Every single detail.
Every single detail? I got a call about a disturbance from this room.
So I went here to check it out.
I came walking down the corridor and the door was open.
No, actually I came walking down the corridor, came here and the door was only half open.
No, there was only a crack.
Fuck the door.
What happened when you got in there? Oh, sorry.
I saw Amir Pahlavi with a big knife in his hand.
And there was a lot of blood on his hands and clothes.
[theme music playing] Well now, Amir What the hell is going on? Maybe you should tell us that.
I walked into Hannes's room and once in there - Perhaps in English? - Yes.
Yes I come - What's "in"? - In.
- You say "in".
- Right.
I come in Hannes's place where living.
And I hear noise.
It comes noise.
Can we do it in Swedish? Swedish, Amir.
So I hear a noise from Hannes's room.
Once in there, someone hits me in the back of the head and I pass out.
When I wake up, I'm holding a knife, there's blood all over and I'm on top of the guy.
So you didn't get that cut from struggling with Hannes Josefsson? Okay, fine.
I'm not a model citizen.
I speed at times and smoke some weed.
I may masturbate with the guests' dirty underwear, but this is insane! Okay.
Did you kill Hannes Josefsson? Are you asking me that for real? Why would I kill him? I didn't even know him.
Where were you on the night of the 13th and the night of the 20th? Are those the dates of the other murders? You can't think Answer the question.
Wednesdays I was with Lisa.
No, Petra.
I sleep with Petra on Wednesdays.
What's her name other than Petra? Check my phone.
Petra with the hair bun.
Hair bun? [Tom] So did he do it? [Sophie] I mean, it doesn't add up.
He's been a sex addict since third grade, but three murders? I don't understand what the motive would be.
On the other hand, just because we don't understand it, it doesn't mean that he didn't do it.
And if he did, case closed.
What are you going to do next? Well, I guess I'll stay I have something to show you.
I'll go and find Petra.
[Sonja] We found something under the murdered journalist's bed.
It's the preliminary investigation results.
[Sophie] How the hell did Hannes Josefsson get hold of this? I don't know.
[Sophie] What's this? Some kind of prose.
It was also in the room.
"First thing every morning, I ask my colleagues how they're doing.
"I call it empathic leadership.
" - [Klas] Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How's your foot? - It's better today.
"Then I get some coffee.
Coffee, coffee, coffee.
"Police officers need some kind of poison "to deal with things and my poison is coffee.
"I drink way too much coffee.
" Coffee, coffee, coffee I drink way too much coffee.
It's a hard habit to kick.
Of course.
Klas? Did you write this? "Some see me as a father figure, others see me as a police chief, "but most people see me as both.
" What the hell is this? Did anyone else read this? Are we leaking everything now? Are we like Assange now, like that damned Wikipedia? Is that the idea around here? Excuse me.
It's well-written.
The coffee thing really strikes home.
Klas? I'm curious why this text and the preliminary investigation results were at the murder scene.
Well, I'm sorry about yelling.
That was poor leadership.
Bonnier's contacted me about having a ghostwriter write a true crime book.
I emailed them our investigation results and this introduction, but it was in the strictest confidence.
- Did you email them all our results? - No, not everything.
Just about everything.
And who did you email it to at Bonnier's? It was to ragnar.
Yahoo Oh He conned you.
That's possible.
This would never happen in Finland.
You don't just con the police chief.
He needs to be punished He's dead, Bill.
All right then.
Justice has been done.
- Right.
- Coffee.
Hello? I'm about to meet the suspect.
My brother, Amir Pahlavi.
Amir, your head is down.
Sitting here in jail.
The walls are yellow and there's some kind of stale smell.
- What? - Nothing.
How did it go with the lawyer? Did you talk to Silbersky or Althin? So you maintain your innocence? I haven't fucking killed anyone! Try not to curse.
Amir Tell me, why did you murder Hannes Josefsson? Have you fucking lost it? I haven't murdered anyone! But if you had, how would you have done it? Are you I haven't murdered anyone! I can see you're upset.
Who are you talking to? What is this? Damn you! Can you say that again a bit louder, Amir? Guard! I never want to see you again! [tense music playing] Amir Pahlavi is our primary suspect.
He says that he sees you every Wednesday.
Did he say that? Amir Pahlavi? From the hotel? Sorry, yes.
That's the one.
He's lying.
I would never ever do such a thing.
I'm a married woman.
Thank you.
But I'm still going to need to know if you have an alibi for that night.
Yes, I was with my sister those evenings.
I see her almost every Wednesday.
You don't believe me, do you? It's not up to me to believe you or not, but I am going to need to contact your Because I would never dream of being unfaithful.
In my opinion, there are no situations whatsoever where it's defensible.
But surely, if you're in a bad relationship, then it's understandable if one of the parties Marriage is a sacred institution, blessed by God himself.
You have a life-long obligation to your partner, your family, society as a whole.
Any action from anyone, aiming to jeopardize that very institution is totally unacceptable.
That is what my moral compass tells me.
I don't know about you, Officer Brown, but I'm an honorable woman.
No, no.
I'm an honorable woman Man.
I'm going to need to have your sister's contact information.
Of course.
[cell phone rings] - Hi, Tom! - Hi, Kristina.
I have to say something.
I've been thinking and Uh, I don't know if [Kristina] You want to cancel the date? I understand, I was too pushy.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I'm sorry, I wouldn't want to date me.
I'm such an idiot.
Forget about me.
No, no! No, no, it's not that.
I I just I wanted to say that I'm I'm going to be ten minutes late.
That's it? That's it.
You know, Brits, we're punctual and Anyway, I'll see you tonight.
Klas? That was the prosecutor.
What? The one I just talked to.
When? Just now, on the phone.
Since Amir Pahlavi lacks an alibi for the other murders, the prosecutor is going to indict him.
An indictment so soon? Some additional evidence may be needed.
But it means this case is almost finished.
Just to be clear, I can't stay here and solve bike thefts.
Of course you can.
You're too rough on yourself.
[cell phone vibrates] Sophie Borg, Norrbacka PD.
For now.
Hi, Sonja.
I'm on my way.
Sophie What do we have here? These weapons match the injuries sustained by Colin and Åke.
The clothes he most likely wore and we also have this small trophy.
So Amir Pahlavi is our guy.
It looks like it.
I don't get it.
A serial killer? Amir? A serial killer rarely looks like a serial killer.
Do you think I look like an arsonist? Maybe.
Negative, I don't look like an arsonist.
But am I one? I don't know.
Are you? Once again, negative.
But I could be one.
What does that have to do with Amir? Is he a serial killer or not? The evidence speaks for itself.
What now? We found something in your apartment.
Care to explain? Someone must have planted this.
There's no sign of forced entry.
My sister has a set of spare keys.
Maybe someone swiped them.
Amir I'm innocent! What am I supposed to do? I can't help you anymore.
They're going to indict you.
Get yourself a good lawyer.
I have a lawyer.
Do you know he turns 94 in February? - A U-boat.
- Nice.
According to Norrbacka PD, the suspect is detained on reasonable suspicion, which implies a lower degree of certainty.
But Police Chief Klas Wall is certain they've got the right person.
Before we get the party started, I just want to thank the entire team for a job well done.
Good work, team! Good work! Go team! Go team! Go team! So when are you leaving? They've got a flight for me tonight.
That soon? We've apparently solved the case, so I don't have any reason to stay here.
They're running a little bit low on traffic wardens.
- I'm going to miss you.
- Thanks, Tom.
I'm going to miss a lot of people.
[Bill] Why doesn't this work? It's supposed to sink.
I don't get how this works.
I'm especially going to miss Bill.
I can't stay for this.
Bye, Tom.
It's been a pleasure.
Sophie, where are you going? Tom, I brought an ale.
Actually I have somewhere that I need to be, Klas.
Uh, I thought we should celebrate.
[Tom] Sorry.
[doorbell ringing] Why don't you answer the door? I'm sorry I'm going to have to cancel.
Why? We solved the case and I have to go back tonight.
I'm sorry if I've spoiled your evening.
I'll just have to go to the movies myself.
I'd love to go on a date with you.
I'd love to go on a hundred dates with you.
But I can't.
Who are you talking to, Kristina? No one, just a Jehovah's Witness.
I'm sorry.
Tom I'm sorry.
Sorry Oh, well They're so tedious.
Amir Pahlavi is called the 21st century's most dangerous criminal in Sweden.
In her podcast, Pahlavi's sister has called her brother a murderer and also a terrorist.
Yes, yes, yes.
I understand that you go to bed early.
I'm sorry about the noise, Mr.
Kobayashi, but if somebody wants to watch TV Wait a minute, we never checked who complained about the noise.
Who complained about the noise in the dead journalist's room? Excuse me? The murdered journalist.
Hannes Josefsson! Who complained about the noise in his room? Calm down, sir.
I will help you.
Let me see, okay? The call came from room 353.
Oh, my god.
The complaint about noise in Hannes's room came from room 353.
- Okay.
- Room 353 is Hannes's room! It was the murderer who made the call! Probably to frame Amir! Shit! Let's police.
What have we missed? Anything.
Wait a minute.
What? Is that a camera? Yeah.
It looks like we might have a peeping Tom across the street.
What do you use the camera for, Greta? It's our hobby.
I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself.
You said "our hobby".
You and who else? Majsan and me.
[cat meowing] Your cat? Were you filming the night before last? We film every night.
We're going to have to take this with us.
I suggest finding a hobby that's legal, Greta.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- Very nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
[Greta] What is it? What's with you? What's with you, Majsan? Are you hungry? There now.
I'm going to the kitchen to get some food for you.
[tense music playing] The case is still open.
Let's get to work.
I guess we're not a bad team after all.
No, I guess we're not.
Cheez Doodles? - I've got to leave.
- Where are you going? I'll tell you later.
Cheez Doodles? Thanks.
I didn't mean all of them.
Sophie Give me that.
I can't go outside with this, Sophie.
Sophie Borg, Norrbacka PD.
You had something to report regarding the investigation.
Yes, I've been thinking and I feel really terrible about Amir being charged with the murders.
I was with Amir those nights and I got my sister to cover for me.
I've lied to you.
And to you, Martin.
I've been unfaithful.
What? Great.
We already knew Amir was innocent, but it's always good to get confirmation.
What? So I didn't need to tell you this? No, he's being released right now.
But now we have to take you in for making a false statement to the police.
Come with me, Petra.
We have some papers to fill out.
Can you forgive me, Martin? Hell no! Thank God we have a prenup! You won't get a penny! Mom just has to fill out some papers.
I'll be back soon.
What's the matter, son? It's Kristina.
Just feels like something is finishing before it's even begun.
You already have a woman in your life.
That's different.
To be honest, Tom, she isn't good enough for you.
She is married, you know? It hurts.
You're too kind for her.
My little boy.
That's not true.
- Tom - I'm sorry.
I I have to do this.
I'm sorry about this.
I understand if you want to sue the entire police department.
I'll settle for you buying me this beer.
I'm having another.
What do you want? The most expensive vodka they have.
Excuse me.
Can we get one more beer and your most expensive vodka? I think I really have to rush home.
Do you? When can I see you again? Tomorrow.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- Call me.
- Yes.
[man panting] I read this thing on Wikipedia.
If you have a concussion, you shouldn't sleep alone.
There could be side effects, like weird snoring.
You could get sleep apnoea.
That's apparently a thing.
It's best if you don't sleep alone.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi, honey.
How was the movie? Wonderful.
Very romantic.