Fallet (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 Okay, everyone.
We're looking at McGuffin Batter.
A small-scale British manufacturer of batter.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
What's batter? - Frying batter.
- And what's that? - Have you had fish and chips? - Yeah, delicious.
Frying batter is the hard, golden-brown stuff around the fish.
I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that, Sophie.
I'm pretty sure that's the skin of the fish.
Okay, how about you shut up for a while? Thanks.
McGuffin Batter is managed by a daughter company that's owned by a sister company, controlled by a holding company, run by a subsidiary company that was founded by a large consortium owned by a private limited company.
One man is on the board of each of these companies.
- Carl Bildt.
- No.
Yes, actually.
But that's irrelevant.
I'm talking about the late Colin Smith.
[theme music playing] McGuffin Batter was founded by Colin Smith and BjÃrn Arnesen on the 1st of September, 1982, two months after the language course ended.
We believe they were using the company as a front to smuggle drugs.
Drugs, drugs Always these drugs.
They are ruining our society, our kids.
Klas, please.
Try to focus on the case.
Se vaatii luontoa vastustaa, muuten selkäranka katkeaa.
"It takes character to resist, or your spine will break.
" BjÃrn Arnesen died in 1995, but we believe the smuggling continued, and we think that's the reason that Colin Smith and Åke Klint were murdered.
Our theory is that it's one of McGuffin Batter's major stockholders.
Arne Arnesen.
As we speak, a shipment of batter is arriving at Norrbacka port.
That shipment will then be delivered to a restaurant, the Bishop's Legs, an establishment owned by Arne Arnesen.
When that batter is delivered to the Bishop's Legs, we go in.
In the meantime, we have surveillance on Arne.
And if we find anything in the boxes, anything suspicious at all, Klas will bring Arne in.
Yes, but I must stress I'll do that with I'll do that discreetly and quietly.
You will bring him in, Klas.
With class, dignity and respect.
Okay, everyone! Let's get to work.
[suspenseful music playing] [Sophie] Okay, everybody.
Let's go.
Right, team.
Let's go.
[guns cocking] Here.
[loud clang] Damn! Bill! You can't walk around with that thing.
Where did you get it? Simonson's hardware store.
Javier Bardem had one just like it in No Country for Old Men.
Put it away! [clanging sound] [Sophie] Tom.
Be careful.
Police! Get your hands up! Tom.
Thank you.
Thank you very much indeed.
Well, well, well.
What the fuck do we have here? - Bill! Stop it! - Lookie, lookie, lookie McGuffin Batter.
You think I don't know what batter is, right? Well, I do.
Batter is "frityrsmet", right? Bill! What are you hiding in these boxes? Any goodies here? Pink pepper, fennel seeds [drill whirring] Okay! Drop the gun and let me go! Wrong! Let him go or I'll shoot! No, don't shoot! Don't worry, Tom, I'll shoot him in the thigh muscle.
Vastus lateralis.
No, no, no! Please.
Let's just all keep calm and talk this through and we can get it all sorted out.
Sir, I am so sorry that we came in without showing our police warrants.
That was terribly wrong.
And I sincerely apologize and your reaction is totally, totally understandable.
Okay, I don't want to hurt anyone.
Put the mixer down! You put your gun down! Not if you don't put the mixer down! Can you kill someone with a hand blender? Want to try me? A sharp knife would work, but my blender barely works on avocados.
This isn't some consumer blender! It's the real thing! It still has a blade guard.
It might work on root vegetables Shut up, Bill! Please, everyone, just keep calm! I'm gonna count till three.
If you don't put the mixer down, I'm gonna shoot you! Don't shoot me in the leg! He can't harm you, Tom! Shoot him! No, don't shoot! Tom! Cuff the cook, Bill! [suspenseful music playing] [radio beeps] Klas, I see you found your way here.
Yes, I couldn't miss an occasion like this.
This is great for Arne.
Oh yes.
By the way, I forgot to tell you.
The municipality is sending some of us on a "study trip" to Dubai after New Year's.
There could be some golf.
It would be great if you could join us.
Yes, sure.
That would be great.
Time to get this started.
Arne is leaving for the U.
in about an hour.
Supra se servitium.
Supra se servitium.
[radio beeps] Pardon? [clears throat] Pepper steak I'm sorry.
You hit me in the ear.
Yes, and that's not good.
But let's look at it from the bright side.
Well, you didn't hit me in the head.
No, maybe now you can have them a little bit adjusted.
Sophie, listen to me.
I was about to handle that situation.
You need to trust people.
Yes, I should not have taken the shot.
No, no.
I mean you generally need to trust people.
Yes, generally, I shoot way too much.
Sophie, listen.
People most of the time mean well.
And that includes your mother and there's been something I've been meaning to tell you, I've seen your mother This was hidden in the boxes of frying batter.
Money? Yes, we found 39 of these, 100,000 each.
No, there were 40.
That's weird.
I thought [Tom] You didn't find any drugs? No.
Maybe the smuggling goes the other way.
Not from England to Sweden, but from Sweden to England.
Is Sweden known for producing drugs? Sweden is a large producer of antidepressant drugs.
Unfortunately, it hasn't helped reduce the suicide rate.
We're third in the world, after Japan and Finland.
The most common method is to throw yourself in front of public transportation, like a train, a subway train or a railbus What's a railbus? The thing is, we now have enough to bring Arne in.
I mean, that was 4 million kronor.
Three point nine million.
Of the combined value of goods and services in Norrbacka, Arne Arnesen's companies are responsible for 78%.
- [radio beeps] - I don't think I'm alone in thinking [Sophie over radio] Sophie calling Klas, over.
Sophie calling Klas, over.
Not so loud, over.
[Sophie] It's time.
Bring the pig in, over.
We've found something here, over.
Drugs, over? No, over.
Thank God for that.
A shitload of money.
What, over? It's fishy.
Bring him in, Klas.
I can't act now.
There's a ceremony.
Arne's flying to New York within the hour.
We'll have to do it next week, over.
You have to be kidding me.
You can't let him leave the country.
Bring him in now, over.
Sophie, you don't understand.
Over and out, Klas.
Let's give him a round of applause.
[crowd clapping] Great work, Sophie.
Bill, we need to talk.
I figured you'd say that.
Your behavior lately So you've noticed.
I've tried to show initiative.
And I think that's How do I put this? A bad strategy.
Really? During my first years on the force, I kept a really low profile.
I hardly said a word.
I did my job without being seen.
Two years later, I was in charge of the Palme investigation.
A really low profile would serve you best.
No shit? That's why it's my distinct pleasure to present the Golden Key to the City to our very own Arne Arnesen.
[all applauding] Dear friends, when I was told I would receive this Golden Key to the City, I thought about I just want to take this opportunity to express the police department's appreciation of Arne Arnesen, for everything he's done for Norrbacka.
Thank you.
I also want to Arrest you for money smuggling.
propose a toast and present these symbolic handcuffs.
They're actually made of white gold.
Ouch What the hell is going on here? Just play along.
Why handcuffs, you might ask.
Arne, we've known each other for many years, and besides your unprecedented business successes, you also have a captivating personality.
- A toast for Arne Arnesen! - [all applauding] I brought champagne and some canapés.
I'm going to have a talk with the National Police Commissioner and make sure you get fired immediately, and lose your pension.
[Sophie] Who are you? Benny Arnesen.
Arne's son and lawyer.
You gave Tom snus.
It made him sick.
He gave his consent.
Why is she here? Haven't you caused enough trouble? We ask the questions in this room, Arne.
Why are you hiding money in frying batter? You don't have to answer that.
What frying batter, and what money? McGuffin Batter.
Ring a bell? What's this about, Klas? Let's take a break.
We're not getting anywhere.
No, Klas, we're just getting started.
We found about four million in cash hidden in boxes of McGuffin Batter.
You're part owner of the company.
What is the money used for? Is it drug money? Are you smuggling drugs from Sweden to England? My dear, I'm full or part owner of 78 companies 81 companies.
No one can require that I keep track of employees putting pocket change in boxes and sending them all over the place.
This is ridiculous.
Where were you on the 13th, 20th and 22nd of November? Answer the question.
My dear, I heard from Melcher that you keep yourself busy policing, but this is extremely far-fetched.
My dear pathetic leftover from an obsolete patriarchal society.
You really need to come up with an alibi for these dates.
Do you understand me? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to continue "policing".
Oh, sorry.
She is the way she is.
Always has been.
Sophie? Sonja.
Do you remember that we found Åke Klint's mobile phone? It was locked, but my hacker found something you'll want to see.
He's in there.
What did you find? What did you find on Åke Klint's mobile phone? I'm just here to report my bike stolen.
Aren't you the hacker? I'm the IT technician.
I just went to get coffee.
What did you find? I got into Åke's phone this morning.
Why the delay? Was it encrypted? No, I've just been busy.
Sick child leave, national holiday, more sick child leave You know what it's like.
The last thing Åke did on his phone was send this text message.
"I know you murdered Colin.
I want 10 million, or I'll go to the police.
" Okay, so Åke was murdered because he knew who the killer was and was blackmailing him.
Can we see who it was sent to? No, it was a prepaid phone.
But we should be able to trace where the phone was when it received the text.
Do that, and a bit faster this time.
No, I can't do that.
You'll have to ask the mobile phone operator.
Okay, I'll do that.
So you don't need me anymore? Great, then I'm off to my most important meeting today.
More important than a murder investigation? Are you meeting with the Security Service? I'm picking my child up from day care.
It's only 2:20 p.
You have time to call and ask Tele4.
What the hell are you doing? You embarrassed Arne and me! You embarrassed the entire town! Arne is a suspect.
There was nothing else I could do.
Given the circumstances, I handled it rather smoothly.
Smoothly? In front of all of Norrbacka? In front of the press? You're an idiot, Klas! A nobody! And what's this? You don't think You can forget about Dubai! [clattering] The things you've done haven't been good, Klas.
You've acted badly.
Bad, Klas! Wall here.
[Sophie] Have you looked at the email I sent? What am I looking at? It's a map of the area where the mobile phone received Åke's blackmail text.
Where we think the killer was.
There's only one cabin in the area.
We need to find out who it belongs to.
I know whose cabin it is.
What? Who? Arne Arnesen's.
I'm on my way there now.
Okay, so it's my cabin.
I can't keep track of every cabin I own.
Who's your phone operator, Arne? Don't tell me.
Let me guess.
Tele4? Right, because a Tele4 phone received the text message.
You own this cabin, and it connects you to the murder of Colin Smith.
You and your son BjÃrn established a smuggling operation with Colin Smith.
Then something went wrong and you murdered Colin Smith.
But you didn't know that Åke Klint was onto you.
When he tried to blackmail you, you murdered him as well, just like you murdered Hannes Josefsson when he got too close.
You have blood on your hands, Arne Arnesen.
This is a serious charge.
I don't see any evidence.
Sophie is heading to the cabin right now.
Let's see what she finds there.
[tense music playing] Sophie Borg, Norrbacka PD.
[man] Sophie? It's dad.
Dad? Yes, Melcher.
Don't you have my number on your phone? What do you want? Your mom is in the hospital.
Ward 53, room 4.
I don't think she has long to live.
Let go! Can't you listen to me? Sophie! Let go! Just tell me.
Who was he? Let go! Who was my real dad? I can't tell you.
I can explain! I really can! Sophie! Sophie! [knocking at door] Rosa Avalanche! Okay, so it's my cabin.
But I'm never there.
My wife Zara uses it.
She does one of those talkcasts from there.
It's not called talkcast, Arne.
It's called webbing.
That's irrelevant.
The point is that I'm never there.
You're lying, Arne.
You were there at 8:47 p.
on November 19th.
You got a text message from Åke Klint, demanding money.
He knew that you were behind the murder of Colin Smith.
[chuckling] You're a truly terrible police officer.
On November 19th, I was in the hospital with a bullet wound.
Your hotshot officer Sophie Borg shot me.
Does that ring a bell? I don't think you have enough to detain my client.
Listen I'm sorry about how things went sour, but let's close the book on this and move on.
I will close the book on the rest of your life! Bye.
- God damn it all to hell! - [cell phone ringing] I don't want to talk to you, old fart! I have to show you something.
I won it at the fair in St Ives.
All right.
More than 30 years ago.
I was there with a young handsome man.
My god.
It's really you.
I never stopped thinking of you.
Of course, you're her father.
Sophie Excuse me.
Where is room four? Room four? Sophie! So, this is how you do police work back home? Let me explain We were going to tell you.
Well, that makes it okay! No, Sophie, please! I don't care! Both of you can go fuck yourselves! Please! Please! I can explain! No, you can't! Can't you just calm down? Bill, I want you to check out Zara Arnesen's web site.
I'm trying to hang back right now.
What are you talking about? I don't know if you've noticed that you haven't noticed me lately.
Impressive, huh? I don't understand, Bill.
Just do it.
I don't know anything about the web.
Don't tell Sophie I did this.
Start surfing! Zara Arnesen, you said? Check when she starts her webbing.
She does a podcast every day between 8:00 and 9:00 p.
Eight The call from Åke was received at 8:47 p.
It's possible that the text message was for her.
She seems to be broadcasting live now.
[Zara] We'll soon be joined by a guest with information about the murders.
She's at the cabin right now! What does that mean? Sophie is on her way there.
I'm calling her.
Face painting, a bouncy castle and the clown Bobo, who'll make balloon animals.
[cell phone vibrating] We need to talk.