Fallet (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

I've already asked you to leave twice.
You haven't even listened.
You didn't ask me, you threatened me.
Tomayto, tomahto.
There's only one thing left to do now.
Name your price.
You can't put a price on love.
- What about five million? - No.
- Ten million? - Yes.
- What? - No.
It's all yours, if you leave and never come back.
I'll make you a counter offer, Mr.
von Borg.
I can give you something far more valuable than money.
The chance to sleep at night.
Not interested.
Let Kristina go.
Let her follow her heart and let Sophie know that I'm her father.
Just shut up and take the money! No! Fine! You know, she will have nothing if she leaves me.
No money, no mansion, no bracelets.
You don't need those things when you have love.
See if Kristina agrees with that.
[suspenseful music playing] She's not answering.
I never answer the phone.
Text her.
We have to go after her.
She's in danger.
Pack up what we need.
We're leaving in two minutes.
Ten million is a lot of money.
Good God! How long have you been there? I was here long before you came in.
Do you want one? No.
How about snus, then? Or maybe this is too strong for you foreigners? What did you say? Maybe it's too strong for you Were they on drugs? If they were, it was pretty strong.
Maybe the smuggling goes the other way.
Not from England to Sweden, but from Sweden to England.
[intense music playing] Pink pepper, fennel seeds Oh my God No, no, no Don't do that.
I don't think it's good for you.
I've got a case to solve! Whoops! I forgot the drip thing.
Now I'm out of here.
Tom! Where are you going? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Where is Sophie? I couldn't stop her.
She left in her car.
We'll find her, but I must solve this case first.
I'm coming with you.
No, no, no, no.
It's too dangerous.
I don't care! Let's go.
All right.
Let's go! Yes.
We're about to be joined by a guest here on Zarial, claiming to have new information regarding the Norrbacka murders.
I'm about to interview him.
Oh, blast! Don't you have a gun? Oh, yeah.
Stand back.
Oh, I always forget the magazine.
Okay? [gasps] That feel! Let's shoot again.
No, no, we really have to do this.
Let's go.
[suspenseful music playing] Snus.
I thought it was.
[creaking] You stay here.
No, I'm coming with you.
Did you pack cyanide capsules? Cyanide capsules? What for? In case you're captured and there's no way out.
There's always a way out, Sonja.
Shit, where did you get that? That model is even banned in Finland.
What the hell are you doing? We have to leave now! [suspenseful music playing] I'm in the middle of a live Sophie? Zara, what are you doing here? I do my podcast from here.
What are you doing here? Okay I'm out picking mushrooms.
I got a bit chilled and needed to pee.
I thought I'd ask to use the bathroom.
Picking mushrooms in November? Yes.
The last commercial is running [suspenseful music playing] Hold it right there! Put them down.
Show me your face! - Are you in charge of this business? - I'm just a cook.
Who's your boss? No way, man.
I'm not a What is it called? Rat fink Rat fink? I don't know what that is.
When you snitch on someone.
When you give information about somebody behind their back.
That's right, I'm not like that! Who do you work for? Benny Arnesen! - Benny? - Yeah.
What's that? This is Swedish tobacco, snus.
And you were smuggling snus to Colin Smith in St Ives, right? Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Did Benny kill Colin? Answer me! Yeah, yeah, I think he did! Why? I don't know.
Colin wanted out, he'd gone all religious and moral and shit.
Thank you so much! It was very useful.
- Yes? - Klas, it's Tom.
I've got some new information.
Have you spoken to Sophie? Sophie is on her way to Zara's cabin.
I can't get hold of her.
Have you left the hospital? Yeah, I'm here with Kristina.
We're also on our way to Zara's cabin.
We think Zara is the killer and Sophie might be in trouble.
No, no, no, no, no.
That's what I was going to tell you.
Benny is the killer.
Are you sure? - What is he saying? - Quiet! One hundred percent.
But the murderer was in the cabin when Zara was streaming.
Well, Benny must've been there as well.
Then he might be there now.
Sophie may be in danger.
Pedal to the metal.
Pedal to the metal? Step on the gas! Well, dear listeners.
As you know, anything can happen on Zarial.
We now have a surprise guest here.
It's none other than Sophie Borg, who's in charge of the investigation.
Sophie, can you tell us what's going on right now? Oh, Sophie's phone is going off.
You sure do seem popular.
Is it regarding the case? [man clearing throat] Now we're joined by our main guest, Benny Arnesen.
You heard that right, my stepson is a guest here today.
Don't get up, Sophie.
You'll want to hear this.
[Zara] Okay.
- Let's take that car! - [Tom] Can you do that? [Kristina] You can! Excuse me! We need to borrow your car.
Can you drive? No, you have to drive.
I can't drive.
It's the wrong side of the road.
Turn on the siren.
It's that wire there.
Press the button! [siren wailing] We now have two guests here and it will be I'll tell it all.
Great What do you mean by "all"? This very much involves you, Sophie.
This is happening on Zara Arnesen's podcast Zarial.
I'll start from the beginning.
A group of teenagers from Norrbacka went on a language course to St Ives.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the case, but Benny, he hates me.
You? Why? His dead brother Bjorn.
Bjorn used to be my boyfriend.
Then a certain bartender came along.
Kristina broke up with my brother Bjorn.
But when she got home, she discovered she had gotten pregnant by that bartender.
And whom did she turn to then? Her old boyfriend, my brother Bjorn.
I can't see Tom again.
[Benny] She knew he still loved her, but she didn't care about that.
She used him completely.
They say I have to marry Melcher von Borg.
Can no one else help you take care of the child? [Benny] He got to hear it all, but he couldn't tell anyone.
You can't tell anyone.
Promise me! You're my best friend.
[Benny] How do you think that made him feel? [siren wailing] [Zara] Why are the police here? You're not here to use the bathroom, right? Who was he? Who was the bartender? I think you already know the answer, Sophie.
So Bjorn knew that I was the father, but he didn't tell anybody? Yes, that's how I understand it.
What? What are you doing? We have to surround the cabin.
Yeah, that's what I'm doing.
Away from the windows! What are you doing? Get in the corner.
Away from the windows! Relax.
Don't take another step! I'm holding Sophie and Zara hostage! Not one step closer, or I'll shoot them! Call the SWAT team.
No need.
I have everything we need.
What do we have here? Communication.
An Uno deck? For downtime.
I have Yatzy as well.
We can't mess around with this stuff.
We have Benny on the line.
When will SWAT be here? Forty-five minutes.
I can do this in ten.
I took a hostage negotiator class in Orebro.
Benny? Yeah? Listen to me.
I know you're desperate, but I've known you since you were a kid.
I know you're not a bad guy, you're a victim of society.
No, I don't think so.
Well, when you were kids You didn't have any youth centers to go to.
Yes, we did.
There were two of them.
Really? But you were unemployed at one point.
Society turned its back on you.
I was unemployed for a while in the 90s, but unemployment benefits were good.
Sure, but lots of businesses are closing, and class differences are tearing people apart.
Klas, people like me are just mean sons of bitches.
Get that into your thick skull.
Okay Well, what do you want? What are your demands? Get Tom and Kristina here.
Okay, a good first step.
We've established contact.
SWAT will be here in 40 minutes.
Do we have a plan B? - Plan B? - Plan B? Yes.
Hostage takers are completely unpredictable.
In Pori, 2006, at one point the perpetrator gouged out the hostage's pupils We'll talk our way out of this.
[cell phone ringing] Yeah? We agree to your demands.
Tom and Kristina are coming.
Thanks for the ride.
Don't worry about it.
Good luck.
[camera clicks] Why You think I didn't notice? You're the bicycle thieves who've been terrorizing Norrbacka.
[Klas] Tom! But that will have to wait.
Damn! Sophie and Zara are inside with Benny.
[cell phone ringing] Benny? Tom and Kristina are here now.
Now what? Tell them to come in, and I'll release Zara.
We're going in, Zara's life shouldn't be at risk.
And I should be with my daughter.
Your daughter? Your daughter? Okay, you two come in, she goes out.
- Sorry - Come on! Sophie What's this? Are you trying to trick me? No, no, no.
No trick.
I'm not used to carrying a gun.
I forgot, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So you're my dad? What the fuck, Tom! Why didn't you tell me? I was too afraid.
My father forced me to marry Melcher.
If I told the truth, they would take everything away from us.
My inheritance, your inheritance.
We would have had nothing.
And that's more important than the truth? I'm sorry, Sophie.
I've made mistakes.
You should have apologized to someone else.
Do you remember my brother Bjorn? He drowned, and it was an accident.
That's what I thought until I found his suicide note a year ago! I read it every day! He killed himself and it was your fault, Kristina! You took advantage of his love until he couldn't take it anymore! What do you want, Benny? I'll tell you, in English.
I want revenge! [loud explosion] What the hell are you doing? Plan B.
[all coughing] It was Sonja's idea.
We couldn't wait any longer.
Let's go in and get him.
Put your masks on.
Masks How do we go in without masks? You kept rushing me.
I didn't have time to pack both gas masks and tear gas.
But you had time to pack an Uno deck.
- Among other things.
- What are you doing? This was not approved! Think about what you're doing, Benny.
My brother would have been alive if it wasn't for you! You dumped my brother for that asshole! When Colin wanted to quit the snus business, I realized I could kill two birds with one stone.
I could both kill Colin and get my revenge on you.
Please, Benny, I was 18! By killing Colin, I knew that they would put Sophie on the case.
And who could the St Ives Police spare if not their most incompetent officer? Um, that's not why I was sent.
I wanted the two of you to get together.
I wanted you to know the truth, that Sophie is the daughter of Tom.
Hang on Has all this been part of your evil plan? Ake blackmailing you, Hannes being onto you Was it all a smokescreen in order to get Tom, Kristina and Sophie here? Did you plan everything that's happened? How stupid can you get? Of course not! How could I plan all that? I killed Colin and tried to get Sophie and Tom here.
That's it! Things got completely out of hand.
When Ake found out, I had to kill him.
Then that journalist was snooping around, so I had to kill him as well! I tried to frame Amir by planting evidence, but you didn't fall for that! I've had a rough time! I've barely had time to see the kids! I'm sure there was an easier way to do this, but that's easy to say in hindsight.
Okay, enough talk.
Benny! No, no, no! There's plenty of time.
You must tell us more about your plans.
Why would Ake text a phone here at the cabin? Were you here? Yes, what were you doing here? You were looking into the murders.
If you'd gotten too close, like Hannes did, I would have killed you, too.
But? But you never even got close.
You're so stupid that you could keep your podcast.
Okay, Kristina You'll find out what it's like to lose someone you love.
She's going to know now how it feels to lose someone you love.
No! Safety first.
I never carry a loaded gun.
Sophie, are you all right? [Sophie] Give me a fucking gun! Sophie! Stop! Tom! Your walkie! [suspenseful music playing] The walkie.
- Check back here.
- Where is it? Tom, can you hear me? [Bill] Does my voice sound good? Is the reception good? - Why do you have this? - Do I sound good? [intense music playing] Fuck! Sophie? Take him alive.
Tom? Do you hear me, Tom? Does my voice sound good? Is the reception good? Tom? Tom? - [Tom] Shut up, Bill! - Okay.
Police! Stop or I'll shoot! [Klas] No, Sophie.
Tom says Benny is headed towards him.
He's got him.
No, I've got him.
Stop! I'll shoot! Sophie, he's headed towards Tom.
Tom can take him.
It's okay, Klas.
I'll shoot him in the thigh muscle.
Vastus lateralis.
No, not the vastus! Sophie I know you don't trust me, but trust Tom.
Sophie? [grave music playing] Fuck! [grunts] The ground! Stay on the ground! And you're absolutely sure it's loaded now? I've got him! Sophie? We've got him.
Well done.
Good teamwork.
[soft instrumental music playing] Don't you want an interview? SWAT on the line.
Where the hell have you been? You can turn back, we've dealt with it.
I said to turn off after the gas station.
It's like you said, Klas.
I'm a victim of society.
What can I say? There are no post offices, all the downsizing Benny Arnesen, shut up.
[Sonja] Yes Hang on.
So what place did you raid? Well, it's some We're 30 people here.
Where are you? If you knew you were pregnant, why didn't you contact me? I did.
I wrote you a letter.
I didn't receive any letter.
No, it came back.
Return to sender.
That's odd.
It was for the best.
You were so young.
You weren't ready to be a father.
My little Tom! You've had a good life.
You've got me! You've always had me.
We're going to start a new life together.
Brown] Tom! My little baby.
Tom! Well, this is going to definitely take some getting used to.
Well, case closed, then.
Now what?