Family Law (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


Previously, on Family Law
Your Honour, I
Are you all right, counsel?
Uh, yeah, yes.
No lawyer in town would touch you.
- What do you want me to say?
- How about
"thank you, Dad"?
Daniel and Lucy Svensson,
your brother and sister.
Harry was prolific
Three kids from three different mothers?
I don't want to have to explain
my 40-year-old boomerang
kid on a first date.
Go. Hurry up.
- Sofia, it's Mom!
- Tell her I'm not here.
My name is Abigail and I'm a
I'd really like to come home.
Not yet, Abby.
I didn't think she'd be
such a colossal bitch.
She's his daughter. What
else was he supposed to do?
What he's done for decades
Act like she doesn't exist.
My baby's got some trouble ♪
He know he's not himself ♪
Oh, he's walking through the rubble ♪
Of what he brought himself ♪
Brought on himself ♪
Hey, Sofe.
Nico's has the ham sandwich.
Sofia's is vegan. Do not
get them mixed up.
Since when is she vegan?
Since two days ago, when she watched
some P.E.T.A. videos with her friends.
Why did you move the painting?
Oh! Hello, peanut.
Oh, Dad, the band's
bake sale is this week,
so I said that you'd bake some cookies.
Seriously, buddy?
A bit more heads-up
would be appreciated.
Oops. Forgot my French horn.
Great. One more
thing to add to the list.
Well, I could bake the cookies.
I don't know, Abby.
Your track record with school stuff
Uh, is perfectly adequate?
Mm. Sofia's Halloween costume,
Nico's science fair project,
every bake sale ever?
Okay, okay. I get the point.
It's just I can do this.
Come on. Let me do this for you.
All right. Thanks.
- Ready?
- Yeah!
And another thing I bet you didn't know
about capuchin monkeys
is that they pee on their
hands to wash their feet.
Ew. God, Nico. Make yourself
even weirder, why don't you?
Enough, Sofia.
Why are you driving us, anyway, Abigail?
I'm still your mom.
And I'm trying to help out where I can.
Matter of fact, I'm gonna be the one
who bakes the cookies
for your bake sale.
You'll just try to pawn off
Costco cookies as your own again.
Where are you going?
I'll walk from here.
Sofia, your school is eight blocks away.
Exactly. No chance I'll be seen
with the YouTube sensation.
Tell me about it.
Almost forgot got you something.
- A capuchin monkey. No way!
- Yeah.
It's cozy.
- Okay, have fun.
- You too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
With all due respect, Mr. Svensson,
your online presence is a
good 10 years out of date.
It's confrontational,
in body language
and in actual language.
Forgive me
if I'm not seeing the problem, Danielle.
It's old-school.
It appeals to the wrong type of client.
Since when are the rich and famous
the "wrong type" of client?
They're what keep the
lights on in this place, kiddo,
unlike your "collaborative" work.
Oh, absolutely, Mr. Svensson.
You are the rainmaker.
I think what Daniel is trying to say
is your firm also branched
into settlement-based law,
and your online presence
should reflect the
firm's forward thinking,
with a
Modernized slogan and design.
Well, she's not wrong, Harry.
Our website is terribly dated.
All right, fine.
But you'd better up your billable hours,
because it's coming out of your pocket.
I'll get to work.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Nicely done.
- Told you I'm good.
Mm. Bye, Pooh Bear.
Bye, Little 'Roo.
Personally, I think
you're more of an Eeyore.
Oh, good, you're both here.
Come in, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, I think I'll excuse myself.
Thank you, Jerri.
Okay, someone's gotta say
it. Those shorts are obscene.
Thank you.
Abigail, you shouldn't
have compromised
on the Gyurkovich file,
but overall, you did good work.
So you're gonna let
me handle my own files?
Absolutely not.
You'll still perform whatever
menial tasks come your way.
I got a stack of briefs
for you to review.
But I'd also like you to start
working your brother, as his junior.
You'll be your sister's mentor.
Teach her the ins
and outs of family law.
That is truly a dreadful idea.
Please tell me this is a nightmare.
Please tell me I'm gonna wake up.
You have a walk-in.
What an opportunity. Make me proud.
This is ridiculous.
Being your second chair
is worse than re-articling.
I was already in law school
when you were still
masturbating into a gym sock.
How do you think I feel?
You wouldn't even be
here if he'd listened to me.
- Which he clearly doesn't.
- And also, I never masturbated
into a gym sock.
Are you the lawyers?
That's right.
Daniel Svensson.
Abigail Bianchi.
I'm Levi and this is my wife, Ellie.
And what brought you in today?
They want to take away our baby.
Who's "they?"
The people from the government.
And where is the child now?
We were so happy to find
out that Ellie was pregnant.
Our baby doctor said that
our baby is doing great.
I eat healthy.
We go to parenting class.
But then,
last week,
a social worker came to our place.
He said that someone called
and told them
we aren't fit to raise a child.
We think it was our neighbour.
She never liked us.
Now we have to prove
to can be good parents,
or else they'll take away our baby.
Have you got any support from family?
My parents are dead.
But I have an older sister.
She travels a lot.
My mom helps out.
She's great.
Hiring a lawyer
It can get a little expensive.
It's okay.
We can afford it.
We both have full-time jobs.
At Omar's Foodmart.
We can get free hummus.
Tell them to find another firm.
Or apply for legal aid.
We aren't running a charity.
But you know I like to take on
a few pro bono cases each year,
as a way of giving back.
"Giving back."
What does that even mean?
We haven't taken anything.
You're an old white guy, Harry.
Some people would say
you've done nothing but take.
Oh, please. Spare me the PC nonsense.
It's a ridiculous notion
and I don't buy it.
You don't buy it
because it would mean you'd
have to change the way you think.
Besides, it would be futile
to take on a pro bono
case you can't possibly win.
What makes you think we can't win?
You're You're kidding, right?
They can't possibly
raise a child. They're ret
- Dad! Stop.
- Don't say it.
The law is clear.
We must act in the
best interests of the child.
Back me on this, Abigail.
I I think it's highly unlikely
that they're capable of raising a child,
but, well, neither were
you, and you had three.
I'm willing to give it a go.
The Child, Family, Community
Service Act, Section 13
A child needs protection
if the child has been, or is
likely to be, physically harmed.
If the child has been or is likely to be
physically harmed due to neglect.
If the child is deprived
of necessary health care,
or is likely to be
Thanks, Cecil. That's enough.
Luce? What are your thoughts?
I think that before you
can advocate for them,
you need to assure yourself
that they're capable
of raising this baby,
because whatever
plan you come up with
- Has to be bullet-proof,
and one that we can
advocate for with no hesitation.
Well, we'll need to move quickly.
Ellie looks like she's
gonna pop at any moment.
Lucy, what will Child
Protection Services want to see?
A structured interview,
cognitive, adaptive behaviors,
a home visit assessment,
collateral interviews
Well, let's start with
the psychological tests.
If those go well, we'll
arrange a home visit.
Sounds good.
Do the collateral interviews,
and see if you can find out the nature
of the complaint from
the Ministry's lawyer.
Mm. And what are you doing?
Delegating to my junior.
I have other cases
that need my attention.
What is that? Diarrhea in a jar?
Danielle and I are on a cleanse.
All right. Ahem. Let's go.
Oh, I don't know if
Daniel would want me to
Cecil, come.
They're great kids.
Always on time,
their uniforms washed and ironed.
Had to have a talk with Levi
about personal hygiene at the beginning,
but never had to have it again.
Have you ever heard them argue?
Ellie got mad at Levi one time
for eating too much rice pudding.
Other than that
They're very sweet with each other.
Would you say they're
capable of raising a child?
I've got a kid.
I'm sure he wouldn't say I'm great.
How do you even judge these things?
I hate tests.
Me too, but just think
of it as a conversation.
We can take as long as we want.
- Can we have snacks?
- Of course.
Including Babybels?
Sure thing.
Why don't we start with you
telling me your morning routine?
What time do you get up?
7:00 a.m.
We both set alarms.
I have the first shower and
Levi makes us breakfast.
And then I have the second shower.
And I make sure that
he puts on deodorant,
because if he doesn't,
That's the Ministry lawyer?
Don Sargent, yeah,
but maybe we should make an appointment.
No, no. Sometimes
you get more information
if you catch somebody off-guard.
Yeah, but I mean
What are you doing?
Yeah, yeah, hashtag "me
too," "time's up," yada yada.
The truth is, most
men are still animals.
But Don isn't
Don Sargent?
I, uh
Represent Ellie and Levi Davies.
I'm Abigail Bianchi.
I know who you are.
I'm here to find out the
exact nature of the complaint
their neighbour made against my clients.
Nice try, Nancy Drew.
I'm not telling you who
made the complaint.
That's confidential information.
I suspect even you know that.
I take it you're a second-wave feminist?
- Luce!
- Mm-hmm?
I'm ovulating.
My mucus
is clear
and stretchy.
Oh, God, I'm gonna barf up my bagel.
I'm just trying to
learn the ins and outs
of my ovulation schedule.
For future reference.
And speaking of which,
you promised you'd sit down
with me this week to
look at the donor profiles.
Lucinda Svensson.
How were Ellie and
Levi's test results?
They scored "adequate" or
"moderately high" in most areas.
We'll determine more
with the home visit.
How did your interviews go?
Uh, well,
with the exception of their neighbour,
people speak highly of them.
Being a parent's the
hardest job I've ever had.
It's only hard 'cause you suck at it.
Was that my niece?
Technically, yes.
Wait, are you talking to my aunt?
Hi, Aunt Lucy!
Hi, Nico.
I only just found out
I even had an aunt!
How come we never met?
We'll talk about that later.
Sweetie, where's your monkey?
I left him at home.
- Oh.
- See you.
- Bye!
- Bye.
- Love you.
- You too.
- That was cute.
- Yeah!
I have one demon seed
and one sweetheart.
Come on in.
Ellie's in the living room.
Hi! I'm, uh, I'm Karen, Ellie's sister.
- I'm Lucy.
- Hi.
She's with Doctors Without Borders.
As a doctor!
Ellie said you travel a lot for work.
Yeah, I'm here for a few weeks
before I have to head off again.
Hoping to be here for the big day.
I know it's easier said than done,
but try and go about
your normal routine, okay?
You guys want a sandwich?
- Sure.
- Sure.
You have a choice
of ham
Or ham.
That was a joke.
We'll both have ham.
Are you hungry? Do you want anything?
While Levi's making lunch,
I thought we could chat.
Ellie, you must be so happy
to have your sister here for a while.
It's a boy.
We already picked out a name.
"Charlie." After my dad.
That's a lovely name.
Um, Ellie, could I
speak with Levi's mom?
Uh I
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Uh, it's just
It's something I need to
do if I want to see my kids.
They took away your kids from you, too?
In a way, yes.
That must hurt your heart.
And lastly, affidavits with
the collateral interviews
and the home-visit assessment.
We think you'll find
the results encouraging.
Levi's mother, Mary Davies, has agreed
to stay with the couple
as long as necessary.
Have you spent time with Mary?
I spoke with her at
length on the phone. Why?
Oh! Goodness. Sorry.
I have good days and bad days.
My mom has Parkinson's,
like Muhammad Ali.
I'm still able to help out,
if that's what you're wondering.
I'm sorry, but I must act
in the best interests of the child.
I'll be applying to the courts
to have the newborn placed in care.
I asked for bullet-proof,
and I got gunned down immediately.
How could you have not
known about the Parkinson's?
I only talked to her on the phone.
You should've interviewed the
mother in person. Rookie mistake.
Spare me the lecture, okay?
You're paying me a teensy fraction
of what I made at my old firm.
And you think that gives
you the right to take shortcuts?
Oh, f fudge you.
I'm twice the lawyer you are.
I have a 12-year
call to your, what, six?
Seven. And yet you still
let Ellie and Levi down.
You got their hopes up.
They deserve better.
I deserve better.
You made me look like a fool.
No. It's too easy.
We go in front of the
judge in a few days,
and right now I'm not
betting on our side.
Hate to say I told you so.
Then don't.
Do you know what a judge's
expectations are for parents?
"Good enough."
I think Ellie and Levi and Mary
provide at least that standard.
We could still get a
ruling in their favour.
The problem is, nobody
knows if Ellie and Levi
are equipped to raise
a child, including them.
My mother said you can take
all the classes in the world,
but nothing prepares
you for the harsh reality.
Well, no.
You're handed this
squirming, wailing alien
who demands 24-7 care and attention.
I barely showered for a year.
Yeah, my wife and I didn't
sleep for a decade with our three.
I had three, and I
didn't find it that hard.
Because your wives did all the work.
My mother had five kids.
Says she wishes she
stopped at four, though.
They need to know
what it's actually like
to take care of a baby.
I think he needs changing.
Or the bottle?
Let's try changing.
All right.
Okay, that thing is seriously creepy.
Oh, tell me about it.
I call him "Felix".
He's an "infant simulator".
Programmed with the recorded
experiences of actual babies.
You'll be looking after him
for the next couple of days.
The results will be recorded and scored.
So if you shake the
baby, it'll be recorded.
If you drop the baby
It will be recorded.
All the cameras are installed.
Thanks, Cecil.
It's like being on Big Brother!
The video footage is
just back-up ammunition
for when we're in front of the judge.
Come in!
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's for the baby.
I love it.
It's the bottle.
It's definitely the bottle.
Listen to this one.
He's got a Master's in
Political Science from McGill.
Speaks three languages.
Oh. He's only 5'6".
So, I want our child to have a shot
at playing basketball
in college, like I did.
As fun as it is, looking
at donor profiles,
it's also "Dyke Night" at Velvet.
Where do you get the energy, Luce?
I'm wiped.
This guy's 6'4".
It's so cute,
watching you play "Suzy Homemaker".
Morning, "Pooh".
Have you watched the footage?
All 24 hours of it, yes.
I only gave you your share.
Cecil watched the other 24.
He's a paralegal, Daniel.
See you at the courthouse.
Don't be late.
Three words to
describe your brother. Go.
Uh, arrogant.
And is "anal-retentive"
one word or two?
I'll allow it. Your sister?
Woke. Self-righteous.
Daddy's girl.
That's definitely four,
but I'll give it to you.
You don't really believe that those two
are capable of raising a child, do you?
Parenting capacity isn't
measured by high I.Q.s.
Look at you and Dad.
Oh, come on. We weren't that bad.
Remember when I was six and I ran away
because I couldn't stand your fighting?
Neither one of you noticed I
was gone for a full 24 hours.
Oh, cry me a river!
We found you in the garage!
You had a blanket and plenty of snacks.
Ellie and Levi would be Ma and Pa Walton
compared to you two.
Oh, dammit.
And your "parenting capacity"?
We're recommending a
kith-and-kin arrangement.
Shared custody of the infant
between Ellie and Levi,
and Levi's mother, Mary,
with a full re-evaluation
in six months' time.
Dr. Svensson, what is
your professional opinion?
The Davies scored well on their testing.
I believe that, with support from Mary,
even with her physical limitations,
the child will be in good hands.
Ms. Sargent, anything you'd like to add?
Yes, Your Honour.
With permission, I'd
like to play a section
of the video recorded
at the Davies' residence.
My team looked through
all that footage meticulously.
I'm not sure how this is relevant.
I think you'll want to see this.
Go ahead.
We've edited the time
sequence of the footage.
I only left him in there for a few hours
so Ellie and I could sleep.
He just wanted me
to be well-rested for
when the real baby comes.
We would never do that to a real baby.
Section 13 is clear.
A child needs protecting
if it has been, or is likely to be,
physically harmed or neglected.
But we have safeguards in place.
- Mary Davies
- Has Parkinson's.
What if she picks up the baby
and has tremors or impaired balance?
Or what if she gets hospitalized?
Your Honour, we have to act
in the best interests of the child.
Please! Don't take away our baby.
I don't make this decision lightly,
but I do have to agree with Ms. Sargent,
there are just too many unknowns.
I hereby grant temporary
custody of the child to the Ministry.
This isn't fair!
I think I need to go to the hospital.
Her water broke.
I need a cab to the courthouse.
You have to help us!
You know what it's like to
have your kids taken away.
How could you let this happen?
What? Uh, that was not my footage.
I saw the timecode.
It wasn't my day, it must've been yours.
I'm gonna ask you one question,
and you'd better answer honestly.
- Are you drinking again?
- What? No!
Well, I can't think of another
explanation for the sloppiness.
Unless you're deliberately
trying to sabotage them
Or me.
Are you drinking again?
Go to hell.
You look terrible.
Thank you, Mother.
Did you get any sleep?
I just don't get it.
It's not there.
I'm gonna stop by the
hospital on the way to work.
See how Ellie's doing.
How many cameras did
we install at Ellie and Levi's?
Uh three.
One in the bedroom,
two in the kitchen and living area.
Do you want me to keep you updated?
"Our family
"Helping yours."
That's it?
Brilliant. Clean.
Succinct. Digestible. Perfect new logo.
I'm glad you like it.
Now, remember. The
photographer comes at 5:00.
- Everybody will be ready.
- Great.
Can't wait.
So, do you really think
Abigail dropped the ball?
A wrecking ball.
Like I said to you earlier
We're not running a charity.
If she needs to go, she needs to go.
Speak of the she-devil.
It's not our footage.
What are you talking about?
Let me slow it down for you, Pooh.
It's not our footage.
Abby, just for once,
admit you made a mistake.
I didn't make a mistake.
It's from a different camera.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
You're late.
Yeah, I'm aware of that. Let's go.
Dad already drove Nico to school.
Then why are you at home?
I have a spare Thursday mornings,
which you would know, if you
were still part of this family
Give it a rest, Sofia. Okay?
Why can't you be more like Nico?
He-He doesn't hold my mistakes over me.
He's moved on. He's happy.
Is that what you think?
You so don't have a clue.
Want to enlighten me?
He begged me not to tell you guys.
Tell us what?
He has this stupid idea that
if he doesn't rock the boat,
you and Dad will get back together.
Well, I mean, you know he's
always been kind of a weirdo.
- Sofia.
- Well, it's true!
He could keep a low profile,
until your stupid video went viral.
Now it's like he's got a
bull's-eye on his back.
But I I see him with his friends
- when I drop him off.
- You think those boys are his friends?
You know what I think?
I think you should pee on your feet.
Pee on your feet like you're a monkey.
I'm not going to do that.
- Just pee on your feet
- Listen,
you little turd biscuit,
you touch my son again
you say one word to him,
you look at him funny
And I will destroy you.
I did not hit him.
Is that what he's saying?
Frank, he's been
tormenting Nico for months.
It Hello?
Baby was born an hour ago.
We're just waiting
for the social worker.
How could you do it?
I'm sorry. What?
I know it was you.
You phoned in the complaint.
It's not that simple
And your teddy bear, your "gift"
Had a nanny cam?
If you'd like me to
explain, I'd be happy
Oh, please do.
Because I can't, for the life of me,
figure out why anyone would
do that to their own sister.
Have you seen Ellie or Levi?
No. Why?
They're gone.
Ellie and Levi and the
baby they're gone.
The most likely explanation
is that they're somewhere
right here, in the hospital.
Yeah, well, why don't you
stay here in case they show up,
and I'll drive to their place?
If they did manage to slip out,
that's probably where they went.
Yeah, well, if we can find them soon,
maybe we can avoid getting
the authorities involved.
Oh, no, no, no. You're comin' with me.
I know you think I'm a terrible person.
You said it, not me.
I love Ellie more than
anyone else in the world.
Funny way of showing it.
Would you just listen to me, okay?
I understand my sister's limitations.
I know that she is impulsive
and she gets bored easily.
Once, she had this gerbil,
and she loved that thing,
and I went away to
summer camp for one week,
and Ellie forgot to
feed it, and it died.
So you think she'd treat a
baby like she would a gerbil,
what, almost 20 years ago?
There's more to it than that.
I have been getting texts
every day from her neighbour,
while I was in Libya,
telling me all of this stuff,
like things that she had seen.
And you believed her?
I didn't know what to believe!
All I knew is that, if
something happened,
it wouldn't just be the
baby that would suffer,
it was gonna be Ellie, too.
Please, just
Don't tell her I'm the
one that made the call.
She would never forgive me.
You know what? I won't.
For her sake.
She's had enough heartbreak already.
A-And just so we're clear
That "baby" you keep
referring to, he's your nephew.
You're his aunt.
And you just put
Charlie into the system.
If he's lucky,
he'll get adopted into
a loving family, but
The odds aren't in his
favour, Auntie Karen.
Sofia? What's up?
You'd better come home
So you're really my aunt?
And you're really my niece.
I can't believe you and my
mom share any of the same DNA.
They said they looked
up your name online,
and this is the address that popped up.
Let me get this straight.
You answered the door to strangers,
but, more importantly,
you were home to answer
the door to strangers
because you weren't at school all day?
It's probably a good thing she was here,
wouldn't you say?
Thank you Auntie.
The Ministry social
worker is on his way.
Would you like to hold him, just once?
You have to promise
he'll go to people who love him.
Mr. Svensson,
this emergency motion
had better be worth my time.
I'm late for a date with a decent man,
and that, at my age, defies the odds.
We'll get through this quickly, then.
Ellie's sister, Karen,
has stepped forward
as a new caregiver for Charlie.
We've drawn up a new
kith-and-kin custody arrangement
that includes Ellie and
Levi, and Karen and Mary.
Ah, it takes a village.
I thought you had to
travel a lot with your work
as a doctor?
I do. I did.
It was always my plan to
open up a local practice.
It's just gonna happen a couple
of years ahead of schedule.
Well, we like to keep families
together wherever possible.
Ms. Sargent, do you
have anything to add?
I do, Your Honour.
I'd like you to consider
the child when it gets older.
What happens then?
It's not gonna take him long
to realize that his parents
are different from him,
that he is more capable than they are.
Imagine the first parent/teacher
night in high school.
You know the way teenagers are.
He'll be ridiculed.
You're not a parent, are you?
I'm sorry, I don't see
the relevance of that.
Oh, because if you were,
you would know that
every single teenager
is embarrassed by their parents.
Ellie and Levi love their child.
Mary loves her grandson.
Karen loves her nephew.
You can't bottle that and sell it.
The four of them combined,
they're gonna be
better parents to Charlie
than most of those
so-called "normal" parents
you keep referring to.
You tell 'em, Ms. Bianchi!
Okay. Thank you
for that entertaining, yet
entirely unnecessary diatribe.
I'm happy with this arrangement.
I'll make a temporary order,
to review in three months' time.
Ellie and Levi?
I wish you both the very best of luck.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Oh, thank you!
Thank you.
For everything.
I-I hope it works out with
you and your children, too.
Thank you.
I am ready for my apology.
I'm ready for a Porsche,
but that's not going to happen, either.
That "diatribe" sounded pretty personal.
Sofia is lovely, by the way.
Yeah, when she's not being a
total banshee, she's awesome.
You helped come up with
that kith-and-kin agreement.
You clearly understand the importance
of extended family in a child's life.
Subtlety is not your strong suit.
Dad has mentioned to me more than once
that he'd like to meet his grandkids.
Yes, but I don't think
you're the one he should
be talking to, are you?
And I would like to get to
know my niece and nephew.
You just don't stop, do you?
Let me work on my
relationship with them first, okay?
No, we're not. No.
I talked to Daniel
Whatever he said, I did
good work on this file.
That's what he said.
Okay, well, good.
Does this mean I can
get my own files now?
No, but you can read
through these briefs for me
and summarize them.
I'll need them by Monday.
My talents are wasted here.
Be thankful for the job, Abigail.
Are you wearing makeup?
Okay, if you all stand over here
Uh, you know I don't
actually work here, right?
No, but we can link to your services,
and we want this photo to
represent the new face of the firm.
i.e., not just a white face.
This photo should
say that "we are open
"for business, and in attitude."
Exactly. Perfect.
I'm just headed out, so
We're taking the new
photo for the firm's website.
Shouldn't Abigail be in it?
Just give us a minute, would you, Jerri?
Abigail, given your current
your presence on the website
could do the firm more harm than good.
I'm sure you understand.
I get it.
I'm just counting the
days until I'm out of here.
Besides, I've never
been in your family photos.
Why start now?
Never gonna get used to
having to ring my own bell.
In all the, uh, excitement,
forgot to give these to Nico.
Bake sale was yesterday.
These are clearly from Costco.
Uh I can neither confirm, nor deny.
I can't believe you
manhandled a 10-year-old, Abby.
I was standing up for our son.
And now you're banned
from school property.
That bully should be
banned from school property.
- He's a child.
- An icky child who's gonna grow up
to be an icky adult, so you know what?
Maybe I did him a favour.
Can I please see Nico?
I'd I'd like to apologize.
Only if you promise not
to call Troy a "turd biscuit".
I promise.
You still going to A.A.?
Yes and yes. Jesus.
Would everyone just get off my back?
Your mom's at the door.
I'm really sorry for what I did.
That boy is a
poo muffin.
But I shouldn't have done that.
It was immature and stupid.
But it was also awesome.
I just couldn't resist.
Look how adorable he is!
Imagine how much fun it would
be if we had one of our own.
I have to grab that.
Here. Hold him.
See what it's like.
- Mercy, mercy I need some relief ♪
I've got a fire ♪
That's been burning up inside of me ♪
Holy heaven I just need ♪
Long day?
'Cause I've been
searching for a rhythm ♪
That can set me free ♪
You guys want another round?
I'm on a mission to
deliver up a different beat ♪
A holy roller ♪
Shock and shake with electricity ♪
Mercy, mercy Tell me, do you believe ♪
That there's a revolution
stirring up insider of me ♪
I have a holy fever ♪
I've got it Bad, bad, bad ♪
Ooh, ooh-hoo ♪
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