Family Law (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Until Death Do Us Part

Previously, on Family Law
Have you been drinking again?
Daniel, I think you should
focus less on your sister,
and more on bringing in paying clients.
Seriously, what is wrong with you?
We're engaged.
We're going ring-shopping this weekend.
My therapy receipts.
[FRANK] They're fake. They're
for canceled appointments.
- [FRANK] This is classic "Old Abby"
Scamming the system.
[LUCY] You want in on the office pool?
$100 lets you guess which day
Daniel breaks up with Danielle.
Ooh, Daddy's girl has a mean streak.
Long day?
[AARON] Who's she?
My wife, Maggie.
I don't know why
I'm always wrong
Maybe I've been
this way All along ♪
[NICO] Hurry up!
[SOFIA] Take-off, mouth-breather.
[NICO, GROANS] I need to poop!
[SOFIA] Go downstairs.
Remind me again why we had kids.
Let's pretend we didn't
just for a little while.
Show me your hands
Show me again
Show me again
Show me Where you've been ♪
[JOANNE] Oh, you're so
Mom Jesus.
Oh! Sorry, love. I
thought you were Maggie.
And then your mom said, "Don't worry,
I won't flush until you're done."
[LAUGHS] Well,
not everyone grew up with
her own en suite, Lucy.
Don't make this about class,
it was a blatant privacy violation,
and also disgusting.
Just be glad it wasn't my dad.
Come on, they're only
here for four more days.
Easy for you to say.
You've been working 12-hour
shifts the whole time.
- Love you. Bye.
- Love you.
I found some amazing
places for our honeymoon.
Mm. Where's that?
Costa Rica.
We could go kayaking,
scuba diving, surfing
[GASPS] zip line
through the rainforest.
Mm. Sold.
Oh, we should go into
the bank this weekend.
Open a joint account.
For the wedding expenses?
No, silly.
For the rest of our life.
Good morning.
I don't know what you're so pissy about.
You're the one who went
behind my back to Harry.
- You were in the room.
- Yeah, lucky for me.
Who knows what you would've
said if I hadn't been.
You were drinking and
Dad covered for you.
You're paranoid.
you could've brought
the whole firm down.
- And what's Dad do?
- He gives you another free pass.
- Think he ever gives me a break?
- Oh, poor Daniel.
You know, for 33 years, all I got
was a card with a
check for my birthdays
and at Christmas, because he was
too busy with his other kids.
So yeah.
Maybe he does owe me a break.
She quit. No notice.
So we're all going
to have to pitch in.
I'm not a receptionist.
We have a meeting with my old neighbour
in a half an hour, downstairs.
Try to be professional.
- Carmen, nice to see you.
- Hello, Jerri. Is he in?
For you, yes.
- [WHISPERS] Who's that?
- Harry's girlfriend.
- Great taste in clothes.
- Hmm.
Poor taste in men.
Carmen! What a pleasant surprise.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Course not. Can I get you a coffee?
Harry, do you have something
you'd like to share with me?
Could you be more specific?
Are you seeing someone else?
To be fair, Carmen, we've
never had the exclusivity talk.
[CHUCKLES BITTERLY] So that's a yes?
There is one other woman.
Well, you might want to
tell her to see a doctor,
because you gave me chlamydia.
Oh, and Harry?
Lose my number.
You can't prove it
You got nothing legit
The glove don't fit
You gotta acquit
The charges won't stick 'cos
I ain't no sucker
Ain't your lollipop but
You can kiss my sweet
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
You can't prove it
Mr. Rubinek, sir?
Good to see you.
"Mr. Rubinek, sir"?
Dear God.
Law school made you too formal.
- I'm Abigail Bianchi.
- Hello.
Ira and his wife, Helen, lived
across the street from us.
I went to school with their daughter.
- How is Miriam?
- Good. Married, two kids.
Became a teacher, like her parents.
No surprise.
Uh, so how can we help you, Mister
My wife was diagnosed
with early-onset
Alzheimer's two years ago.
But she's so young.
I looked after her at home
for as long as I could, but
well, she's in a care facility now.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
This home that she's in
it's terrible.
I need your help to get her moved.
As long as you have power of attorney,
you can move her anywhere you want.
Unfortunately, I don't. Miriam does.
I was battling prostate
cancer when Helen was diagnosed
and we thought it was best, but
I beat it, thank God,
and now I want Helen's
power of attorney back.
Have you talked about this with Miriam?
She refuses to move her.
- But if the facility is so terrible
- Miriam doesn't see it.
She thinks it's great.
What are your specific concerns?
They treat her like a child.
They make no effort to meet her needs.
They're making her mental state worse.
Daniel, you know Helen.
If you could see her
She would never agree
to a place like this.
Rhonda, thanks for meeting me.
Got you your favourite.
Oh, thank you.
What's up?
Um, is-is is there any way
you might have given me chlamydia?
Oh, Harry, I'm sorry.
I thought it was all cleared up.
Did you get antibiotics?
Yes, so, how
Well, it was probably Frederick.
Or Raj.
- You're seeing other men?
- Oh, is that a problem?
You never said you
wanted to be exclusive.
You could've mentioned it.
You gave me chlamydia!
Well, if you were
so worried about it, you
should've used a condom.
I didn't know you were
gallivanting about town.
You were the one who said you wanted
- to keep things light.
- Yes, but
- But only for you?
- No!
Am I the only one you're seeing?
- Well
- You're such a hypocrite.
We're done.
- This place is like Disneyland.
Mm, wouldn't know. I've never been.
"Main Street, USA."
Harry took me and Lucy
when we were little.
How nice for you all.
Welcome to the theater of the absurd.
- Shall we?
- Finish the tour.
Talk to some of the staff, residents,
see what you can find out.
[IRA] Helen, this is Daniel Svensson.
He went to school with Miriam.
He used to live across
the street from us.
- Hello.
- You remember?
He was always at our house.
You made me matzo ball soup.
[CHUCKLES] Taught me
how to win at Scrabble.
- Oh, isn't that nice?
- He was there so much, Miriam asked
if we could adopt him.
[LAUGHING] You remember that?
Oh, I'm glad you came, George.
No, sweetheart
it's me, Ira.
I'm I'm your husband.
I'm not your brother.
Where's Mum? You said you'd
bring her on the way over.
Helen, your mother's
been dead for 12 years.
[GROWING IRATE] That's not true.
I just spoke to her on the phone.
She died of cancer,
sweetheart, pancreatic cancer.
We were with her when she died.
We were there at the hospital.
I don't want these men here.
I just want to see my mother.
Of course. Yeah. Let's try and find her.
You see?
[CHOKING UP] They're making her worse.
Is he waiting for a bus?
Our villagers frequently
want to go home.
Instead of saying
"this is your home now,"
we let them pack a bag
and come to the bus stop.
Most of the time, they
forget why they're there
and go back to their suite.
Isn't that kind of cruel?
What's cruel about saving someone
a lot of undue stress and anxiety?
Let me know if there's
anything else you need, okay?
- Hi.
- Hello.
Where are you headed?
Downtown to meet my sweetheart.
Oh. Great.
Do you have a sweetheart?
I do.
We're in a bit of a rough patch, though.
Well, these things have a
way of working themselves out.
- I'm Lionel.
- Abigail.
This bus is always late
but it'll take you
wherever you want to go.
Where do you want to go?
You saw them in action.
It's like they're actively
helping her forget herself.
I thought you weren't
coming this morning.
I had a window so
Oh, my gosh!
Daniel Svensson!
- Hi, Miriam.
- Good to see you.
- How are you? It's been so long.
- I heard you're a lawyer now.
- Yup.
Well, what are you doing here?
Daniel's here for me, Miriam.
You hired a lawyer?
Hello. You must be Miriam.
I'm Abigail Bianchi. I work with Daniel.
- "For." She works for me.
- Two lawyers?
You hired two lawyers?
And you brought them here
without talking to me first?
I'm not moving her.
[DANIEL] Imagine.
30 years of marriage,
and this is how it ends.
Your wife has no idea who you are.
[ABBY] That's the deal.
In sickness and in health,
till death do you part.
Unless you're Harry,
in which case, of course, it's just
- somethin' you do on a Tuesday.
- Let me state, for the record,
never put me in one of those places.
Put a bullet between my eyes first.
Dibs on pulling the trigger.
These three accounts
are overdue 6, 8, and 11 months.
I recommend we pass
them on to collections.
She gave me chlamydia and she dumps me?
[SHOUTS] Will somebody
please answer the phone?
I had two wonderful women
and I lost them both because
of a misunderstanding?
[SNAPS] Cecil! Get the phones!
[CALMLY] You were lying to them, Harry.
You've had these "misunderstandings"
with women your entire life.
Svensson and Associates.
Will you hold, please?
[MAN] Harry Svensson?
Excuse me. Who let you through?
- You've been served.
You'll never catch me !
[MAN ON TV] Mom's gonna be
so excited that I met you.
mother can kiss my ass!
[SECOND WOMAN] Ma'am? You okay?
Oh, hey. You have to
teach me how to do that.
[WHISPERS] His hearing's
not the only thing
that's been dropping off.
Wait. You're a therapist.
Maybe you can tell me.
I'm sorry, Shirley. I-I
need to get ready for work.
I suppose he could get a prescription
but I don't think either of us
want him walking around
with a three-hour erection.
One hour, maybe might
actually be kind of fun.
She never shuts up.
Her mouth never stops moving.
She followed me into the
bedroom while I changed.
What are your future in-laws like?
I've never met them.
You've lived together
for almost two years.
They live in Montreal.
Daniel, meet them.
Before the wedding.
You do know you're not just
marrying Danielle, right?
- It's a package deal.
[JERRI] Can somebody please answer that?
- I need to talk to you.
- Oh, Jesus!
I wouldn't actually shoot ya, Harry.
I'd get Joanne to do it.
I need to pull you onto something.
It's sensitive.
[EXHALES] My girlfriend, Carmen
Is suing me for giving her an S.T.I.
Uh, stop! I don't want to hear this.
I was having relations with two women.
- Don't.
- And I gave Carmen chlamydia.
- Ohh! Come on!
- I need a lawyer who's well-versed
in personal injury law.
Someone who can shut this down.
- No, no way. Not a chance.
- This can't become public, Abigail.
It can't go to court.
This firm doesn't need
two disgraced lawyers.
- And may I remind you, you owe me?
- Ugh.
One more thing. If you say
another word about your sex life,
- I swear I'm gonna
- Carmen hired a very good law firm.
Your old one, in fact.
You'll be up against your
ex-boss, George Handler.
- I set up a meeting
with Ira and Miriam for this afternoon.
And remember, this little discussion
is covered by lawyer-client privilege.
Don't even think about it.
I am not doing your photocopying.
I'm not asking.
Go on.
Okay, I've done some
preliminary research.
It's okay. Jerri knows everything.
Lucky me.
I've looked through the case history
of similar lawsuits,
- and while there are precedents
they're for S.T.I.s
that are life-altering,
- like Hep "C" and HIV.
- And chlamydia?
You can treat it with
a $20 prescription
which I'm guessing you now know.
She doesn't have a leg to stand on.
No, but I know my old firm.
They'll go after damages
for emotional distress
and mental anguish.
They may even throw in
some PTSD for added effect.
Oh. Good tactic.
If you want to avoid
having your dirty laundry
aired all over town,
I'd suggest you offer
a generous settlement
with a condition that
Carmen sign a non-disclosure.
Fine. Good! Write it up.
She really is her father's daughter.
I'm on my cell if anyone needs me.
I'm not the receptionist.
- Hey. What's she working on for Harry?
- I have no idea.
Whatever it is, she's being
super-secretive about it.
She's even doing her own photocopying.
Are you dreading this?
Does Raggedy Ann have a cotton crotch?
Oh, I'm so glad you could both make it.
I purposely selected a place
that didn't serve alcohol.
Oh, thanks.
I actually got a little emotional,
thinking about meeting you both today.
I'm an only child,
and it means so much to me
to be gaining two sisters.
Ohh! The reason I asked you here is
Will you be my bridesmaids?
[LUCY LAUGHS] I'd love to.
[ABIGAIL] Are you sure?
- I mean, her, I get, but, like
- Abigail,
you're as much a part
of this family as anyone.
Will you say yes?
Uh yes?
My best friend, Melanie,
will be maid of honor,
but she lives in Montreal,
so if it's not too much trouble,
would you be up for throwing
my bachelorette party?
Um sure.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Uh, what'd you have in mind?
- Oh, oh, totally up to you.
But I brought a list of suggestions,
just to spark ideas.
Uh, excuse me for a moment.
The Spa Scandinave in
Whistler would be amazing.
- You're a hard man to get ahold of.
- Abby. I'm meeting a client.
Okay. I'll keep it short.
I'm sorry I lied about
my therapy sessions.
I-I booked them with
the best of intentions.
No, you didn't.
Frank, come on. I'm trying here.
If you put half the amount of effort
into doing the work, as
you do avoiding the work
Our three-month custody
review is coming up.
At this rate,
I-I don't see how things can change.
Miriam, thank you for doing this.
- Daniel.
- Winnie.
And you're Abigail
Bianchi. Right? Frank's ex?
- Uh, not ex. Current.
- Mm. I heard ex.
[IRA] You brought a lawyer?
Just following your lead, Dad.
[WINNIE] I understand your
client has some concerns
about Mrs. Rubinek's care.
Our client wants his wife moved
to a facility that meets her needs.
He wants to work
collaboratively with his daughter
to come up with a solution
that works for everyone.
[MIRIAM] We have a solution.
Dad Mom is happy.
I get that you're dealing with a lot,
but you don't think that
this has been hard on me, too?
- I'm losing my mother.
- They are doing everything they can
to sever whatever tether
she has left on reality.
At best, it is negligent and lazy.
At worst, it is abuse.
You want them to remind her
every second of every day
that she is trapped?
That she will never have
the life she used to have?
- [DANIEL] I think we can agree both
I want your mother moved.
[WINNIE] Miriam has power of attorney.
As far as we're concerned,
Helen Rubinek is staying where she is.
If there's no room for compromise,
then you leave us no choice
but to take you to court.
See you in court then.
- Well, that was a shit-show.
- Get us a court date and a subpoena
for all of her medical records.
Go back to Helen's nursing home.
Talk to her doctors, nurses, caregivers.
We need to show a link
between the facility's approach
- and her rapid mental decline.
- Hmm. Danielle?
Bridesmaid dress options already?
I thought you said
September of next year?
Why is she sending you ?
Oh-ho! Oh, I knew she hadn't told you.
Lesson number one in
marriage, Pooh Bear
- Communication.
- Mm. Thank you, Dear Abby.
Our communication is just fine.
Oh, yeah? You had the "kids" talk?
- We're not in any rush.
- Please. How old is she? 34?
She's gonna get pregnant
on your honeymoon.
You don't know anything about us.
Just because we make it official,
doesn't mean anything's gonna change.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, Daniel.
Poor, deluded Daniel.
Let me guess. Even if you
wrap your brain around kids,
you think you're gonna
stay in Yaletown, right?
You'll be that hot couple
with the $1,800 stroller,
doing the seawall, sipping lattes
Let me tell you something
about those couples
They go home to their condos
and they cry on their Murphy beds
because the baby doesn't sleep
and their sex life is over.
You do realize you are
literally the last family member
I'd ever take marriage advice from?
Oh, you're right.
Maybe you should get
advice from our father.
He was such an excellent role model.
Danny. There you are.
We haven't had time to
toast your engagement.
- Mm.
- Well, I got lucky, Dad.
- She's pretty great.
- Mm, yes. Of course she is.
Ahem. I wanted to offer you
some fatherly words of wisdom.
Get a pre-nup.
I wish I'd had one with Joanne.
She cost me a small fortune.
Come to think of it, so did your mother.
I appreciate the concern,
but Danielle and I are solid.
It always feels that
way in the early days,
but I've built a practice on
the happily-ever-after myth.
Sorry to interrupt.
Great talk!
Daniel, uh, I need a
private moment with Abigail.
Take your drink.
- Carmen's refused the offer.
- What?
- $30,000 is more than generous!
- Ah, it's not about the money.
She wants to embarrass
you in front of your peers.
- Unbelievable.
- We can propose a settlement meeting.
Might be our only chance to bury this
and save you from public humiliation.
We can't do it here,
for obvious reasons.
Let's make it easy for them.
We'll meet at their offices.
Y-You're gonna make me
defend you at my old firm?
Let me know when you've set a time.
[SIGHING] I just wish you
would've asked me first.
Well, I didn't think I needed permission
to pick my bridesmaids.
It's just that I don't really
think of Abby as a sister.
I hardly know her.
Well, then this is
the perfect opportunity
to change that. Seriously, Danny.
You don't know how lucky
you are to have siblings.
I still haven't forgiven my parents
for not giving me any.
Well, that's probably something else
we should talk about.
Oh, kids? Of course.
I want at least two.
- Preferably three.
[WHISPERS] My parents are out there.
Why are you hiding in here?
Why are you hiding at work?
Okay. [LAUGHS]
I love them, I do, but
they make me so crazy.
My mom called me eight times today
asking where stuff was.
At least she hasn't texted you
articles about erectile dysfunction.
Oh, my god.
Okay. Yeah. I'm hiding in here with you.
Oh, my god.
I just want you to know
that the sphincter pads in the bathroom
are your father's, not mine.
[ABBY] I'm waiting on a subpoena
for Helen's medical records,
but, in the meantime,
I'd like to speak with her care team.
Of course.
I believe Dr. Valesco is
with a patient right now,
but I'll let him know you're here.
Okay. You mind if I
say a quick hi to Helen?
Sure, go ahead.
- Helen?
- [HELEN] Lionel! Oh!
Oh Lionel!
- And you're sure they were ?
- Oh, yeah.
And the staff told me
this happens all the time.
They're called "the rabbits,"
because Lionel and
Helen go at it like
[CUTS HER OFF] Okay, so the
staff thinks this is a joke.
What did you do? Did you break it up?
Did I No! No. I
went and found a nurse
and once they were
finished, she escorted
Lionel back to his room.
This is gonna kill Ira.
You have to tell him?
If we want to use it in court,
better he hears it from me first.
[IRA] Now you know why we
got to get her out of there.
- You knew about this?
- Of course.
And you think anyone will listen to me?
I'm just the husband.
But, oh, no, we can't
possibly tell Helen
she's being assaulted
repeatedly by a stranger.
I can't imagine the pain
you're going through,
but I wouldn't
characterize what I saw
as "assault".
What else would it be?
How can she give consent?
She doesn't even know
who she's sleeping with!
Ira, why didn't you tell us?
I didn't want Miriam to know.
[DANIEL] I understand.
And we don't have to
use this in court, but
It would help.
[WINNIE] The agreement
isn't interchangeable
just because Mr. Rubinek
is having difficulty coping
with his wife's illness.
My client has been very thoughtful
about the decisions
around her mother's care.
[JUDGE] Mr. Svensson?
Your Honor,
Mr. Rubinek only wants what's
in his wife's best interests.
Which is precisely what is
most important to my client.
Unfortunately, your client
doesn't have all the facts.
Mrs. Rubinek has been engaging
in frequent sexual activity
with another resident at the facility.
My client is aware.
You knew?
I'm sorry you had to find out,
but it doesn't change anything.
You're fine with a stranger
schtupping your mother?
Mr. Rubinek, I will have order.
May I remind the court,
Mrs. Rubinek granted my
client power of attorney.
And though it pains Ms. Rubinek
to see her mother with
someone other than her father,
she's set aside her own feelings
to ensure her mother's happiness.
Your Honor, we'd like to introduce
bank statements from Helen
Rubinek's savings account.
Objection. We haven't seen these.
Ms. Bianchi, what is your point?
These show numerous large withdrawals
made by Ms. Rubinek over the past year
that are to her benefit,
not to her mother's.
- What?
- Objection!
That accusation is
malicious and unfounded.
I will allow it.
In January of last year,
Ms. Rubinek withdrew
$70,000 for a new BMW.
In May, $10,000,
for a trip to Hawaii with
her husband and children.
The degree to which
Ms. Rubinek is depleting
her mother's accounts
gives us serious concern.
[WINNIE] Objection!
Your Honor, Ms. Bianchi
is intentionally misleading the court.
This court is in recess while
I review these documents.
Counsel, please do the same.
We'll reconvene after lunch.
Did you have to say all
those things about Miriam?
I didn't know you were
going to eviscerate her.
You told me to buy that car
so that I could drive
Mom to her appointments.
- Miriam
- I took the family to Maui
because you said that
I deserved a vacation.
Do not try to see me anymore.
Or your grandchildren.
And to think I played "doctor" with you.
Mom and Dad's breakup
blew our world apart.
Mom went back to college.
I was at Ira and Helen's
house every day after school.
Anything I know about
successful relationships,
it's because of them.
And now
Yeah, getting old sucks.
What are you doing Saturday?
Few of us are gonna ride up Cypress.
I can't.
Danielle wants to look at venues.
- For what?
- The wedding.
The what?
We're getting married.
September next year.
We've been talking about
old people for over an hour!
Way to bury the lede.
- Congratulations.
[JUDGE] This is a tragic situation,
and my heart goes out to you both.
The depth of your loss is beyond words.
Having weighed the facts
and arguments presented,
I am revoking power of
attorney for Helen Rubinek
from her daughter, Miriam,
and granting it to her
husband, Ira Rubinek.
- Case adjourned.
- [BANG]
All my friends are doing okay ♪
I'm on my way and I
know I can make it ♪
Agitators left and right
I know I can take it
I know I can take it
[MAN] Look, it's
clean I licked it off.
Oh, now she doesn't want
it, now she doesn't want it.
- Yeah.
- Not my fault.
It's no one's fault.
She's just a baby, okay?
- [ABBY] Thanks for meeting me.
- [LUCY] Sure thing.
I, uh
don't suppose you could
recommend a therapist?
Oh? I thought therapy was just
a bunch of "blah-diddy-blah"?
Oh, it is.
Frank's insisting, so.
I know someone who might be a good fit.
Hey, did Harry really
take you and Daniel
to Disneyland when you were kids?
Yep, and Daniel burst into tears
at the sight of Mickey Mouse.
Sounds about right.
You were supposed to come, too.
- Yeah, sure.
- No, really.
I remember being super-excited
because I was gonna finally
meet my older sister,
and then Dad said you had other plans.
- Morning, Daniel.
- Good morning.
You all right?
I'm counting on you.
Hi, Ms. Bianchi.
Well, Abby, Harry
you asked for this meeting.
The floor is yours.
Let's cut to the chase. [CHUCKLES]
This whole lawsuit is bogus.
It would never hold up in court.
My client did not knowingly
pass this S.T.I. on to Ms. Fitzgerald.
If we look at precedents
from similar lawsuits,
these are for life-threatening cases,
not for infections
that can be cured with
a $20 prescription.
The cost of medication
has no bearing on
But in no way do I want to diminish
the pain that Carmen has suffered.
This pain didn't come from chlamydia.
It came from him.
My client has a defect
A complete inability to commit,
or be faithful, to anyone.
His past is littered
with failed marriages,
disappointed children,
wounded girlfriends.
You should be glad you escaped this,
before you became even
more emotionally invested.
This isn't about the money, is it?
This is about your need
Your right to an apology.
Make no mistake, we're
interested in punitive damages.
An apology would go a long way.
I'm sorry if you feel
that I've hurt you.
You're going to have to do
much, much better than that.
Carmen, I apologize.
I should have been much
more upfront with you.
You deserve better.
I am truly sorry
for any pain I have caused.
Everything else aside,
I wish I could do something
to make it up to you,
I miss you.
Our offer stands.
$30,000, a signed NDA,
and a withdrawal of the claim.
I accept.
Nice job.
- Grunt work completed.
I asked where you and
Dad went this morning.
Someone overheard Jerri call a cab
to Handler, Bennett, and Donaldson.
They're suing your ass
and Harry's defending you.
Am I right?
You ever play that game "Hot, Hot, Cold"
when you were a kid?
- Yeah.
- You need a parka.
Dad made me separate Mom and Lionel.
Miriam, I can't talk to you
without your lawyer present.
She's inconsolable.
You need to work this out with your dad.
You want me to talk to my father?
Because of you, I'm the shitty daughter
who tried to steal
her mom's life savings.
Your dad hired me to do
what he thought was best.
You were a permanent
fixture in our house.
You even had your own
toothbrush and pajamas.
My dad is hurt and he is jealous
and he can't stand to lose control,
and now my mom has given up.
The woman who practically raised you.
So fix it!
[IRA] Listen to me.
I'm gonna get you out of this place.
I don't want to go.
Where's Lionel?
She won't eat.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Ira, you and Helen
had an incredible life together.
And if she has a chance
at a little happiness
I know you want to give her that.
- [♪]
Good afternoon, Svensson
and Associates. Please hold.
Good afternoon, Svensson and Associates.
Ple Oh. Sorry. I thought I put
you through already. Hang on.
Svensson and Associates.
One moment, please.
Press one, the number sign to connect,
followed by the extension.
[HARRY] I owe you an apology
for what I said, Rhonda,
but I think you should have
told me about the chlamydia
before I passed it on.
It cost me $30,000 in a lawsu
[QUIETLY] Told you you were cold.
[LUCY] Have a safe
trip back to Moosejaw.
Oh just one more.
- Come on, Mum!
You don't want to miss your flight.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Bye! Love you!
Mm-mm-mm. Bye!
Thank you.
I know that wasn't easy.
I love your parents.
I do.
- [LAUGHS] But you're glad they're gone.
- Mm-hmm.
Me too.
Oh, yeah.
So is this just what happens?
You have kids.
You give them everything,
you love them to bits,
and then they grow up
and can't wait to get rid of you?
Seems to be the natural order of things.
I guess that's one in my
column for not having kids.
Static songs on the radio
Back to the city
Where we fell in love ♪
Now tell me We're better off ♪
- [DANIEL] Your mom looks happier.
- She is.
Whatever you said to Dad, thank you.
This is your mother's
updated power of attorney.
- Your father gave you guardianship.
[MIRIAM] Thank you.
'Cause I loved you then
And I love you now
What does this all mean?
What's it all about?
If it's not enough
We can let it die
I will see your face
In another life
Hey, Pooh Bear. Did you
get my text about Saturday?
Are you okay?
What happened?
I can't get married.
Hold on.
Did something happen today?
Was it Yannick? Did
he give you cold feet.
No. It's not cold feet.
Okay, look, we don't need to
look at venues this Saturday.
We can slow things down.
No, no. It's not that. I
I should never have proposed.
I thought I could go through with it.
Pretend to be the kinda guy who could
[SIGHS] open a joint bank account
and raise kids,
live in the suburbs
[TEARFULLY] Who said we
had to live in the suburbs?
It's something in me deep
down, I can't explain.
It's just
it's not who I am.
You're making a choice.
You deserve to have everything you want.
I want you.
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