Family Law (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Mama Don't Preach

Previously, on Family Law
Take this to the dry cleaner's.
I'm not supposed to do
your personal errands.
You said your dad was dead.
No. Uh, what I said
was, he was dead to me.
So, if he's your dad,
that makes him my grandpa.
I already have grandchildren. Two.
- I keep forgetting she's your daughter.
- Ahem.
My therapy receipts.
And, uh, check this out
My one-month chip from A.A.
I thought he told you
- he severed all contact with her?
- He did.
- I believe him. Except when I don't.
I have to report her.
If you do, she'll be disbarred.
I gave her a second chance
and this is how she thanks me?
By getting drunk
at work, in my office.
Did it never occur to her
what kind of position
that would put me in?
This is not about you.
I thought she was stronger than this.
Don't do that. That's not fair.
You have her working round
the clock, with a bunch of family
- she's just met and
- Okay, okay.
And she's separated,
and lost her kids.
Still. No excuse.
You took Abigail on
to help her get better.
- So help her.
- By turning a blind eye?
What isn't that
what, enabling her?
Relapse is part of the
process. You know this.
When I fell off the wagon,
you gave me a second chance.
Why? Why are you so hard
on your own daughter?
Ethically, morally,
legally, I should report you
but I'm not going to.
This is your one free pass.
Do you understand me?
If you do anything to jeopardize
this firm's reputation
My reputation
you are done.
You'd better pray you don't get
a random breathalyzer test today.
I can't do anything
to help you with that.
One more thing.
- I want to meet my grandchildren.
- What?
Why? You've never wanted
to meet them before.
That is patently untrue.
You returned the
Christmas gifts I sent them
five years in a row,
so I finally gave up.
That's your version
of trying to see them?
I'm not having this argument.
I'd like to meet them
and you are going to say yes.
I need you to proof these.
What were you and Dad talking about?
Yeah, right.
Your 9:00 a.m. is here.
- Abby
- No, don't. Don't be nice to me.
Thank you.
Mr. Kirkman.
I'm Daniel Svensson,
and this is my junior
associate, Abigail Bianchi.
I need to emancipate from my parents,
effective immediately.
Why do you want to emancipate, Aaron?
Because my parents
are destroying my soul.
Well, to start,
I'm gonna ask you some initial questions
just to get a sense of what's going on.
Are you currently
living with your parents?
And are they providing you
with the necessities of life?
- Like?
- Like, a roof over your head?
- A bed to sleep in?
- Yes.
- Enough food to eat?
- Well yeah.
Do they provide you with clothes? Shoes?
Ugly shoes.
Do you have a job?
No, but I have signed up for LinkedIn.
Okay. And if you were to
emancipate from your parents,
do you have a new living
arrangement in place?
Yep. My friend, Sam, his mom said
I might be able to crash
on their couch for a few days.
Has there been any physical
or sexual abuse at home?
Ew! God, no.
- Wait. Does emotional abuse count?
- It could.
Okay, cause at my house,
it's a constant string
of micro-aggressions.
It's a lot of emotional
labor, you know?
- Like?
- Like, yesterday?
My mom reamed me out
for wearing a crop top
to Reverend Jacob's sermon
about "Christ-like Love."
A crop top. To a church.
Yeah, she was slut-shaming me!
I was this close to contacting Buzzfeed.
Would you excuse us for a moment?
I won't let Sofia wear those shorts
that show ass-cleavage to school.
Does that give her grounds
for emancipation, too?
- He's too "woke" for his own good.
- He's a mixed-up kid.
Without a legal leg to stand on.
On that, we agree.
Seriously, what is wrong with you?
Just trying to keep the brain hydrated.
Gotta stay sharp if I'm gonna
make partner by next week.
Aaron, unfortunately,
I'm not sure that we can help you.
I can pay.
I sold my entire X-Box One bundle.
Money isn't the issue.
Your situation just doesn't
meet the criteria for
emancipation, I'm afraid.
The petition wouldn't hold up in court.
It's normal for teenagers
to want independence from their parents.
But it's not about that.
If I can't emancipate,
I-I honestly don't
know what I'm gonna do.
Aaron, before you go, there's
someone I'd like you to meet.
Uh, Cecil?
Can you please show our
friend, Aaron, to Lucy's office?
Yeah, sure.
My ex-girlfriend had
the same fanny pack.
Uh, you mean my hands-free
"tool-belt of awesome"?
Even better! I totally want one.
So, my client wants full possession
Can I just use the washroom
of all 500 of these family photos.
Make color copies to enter as evidence.
- So I handle photocopying now?
- It's called penance, Abigail.
Yes, I'm intimately
familiar with the concept.
You're seriously gonna
introduce 500 photos in court?
Family photos have
sentimental value to my client,
therefore they have
monetary value to me.
Why not just send them to a photo shop
and get a quality second
set made? Problem solved.
Have you learned nothing
about family law yet?
They both want ownership
of the originals.
You are excused to use the washroom.
Frank! What are you doing here?
- Have you been drinking?
- What?
That's a
what a horrible thing to suggest.
Then explain the texts you
sent to Felicity last night.
Uh, I can assure you,
I've never texted your one-night stand.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pee.
"Stay away from my
husband you count."
It's kind of funny, though, right?
It's, in fact, not funny.
Okay? Felicity is a peer.
And you shouldn't go
around calling people
"counts," Abby.
You know what else you shouldn't do?
Sleep with other people's husbands.
- You lied about texting her.
- You lied
about severing contact with her.
I saw her social media.
- You've been communicating with her.
- I have not!
What I mean, what you saw,
that was that was one comment.
If you were serious about
this, you would've blocked her.
Yeah, and how do I know
you're not going to San Diego
just to pick up where you left off?
Because we're not!
Look, I'm not going
Everything I have been doing
to get our marriage and
our family back on track
The the therapy,
the A.A. meetings
Do you have any skin in this game?
Point taken.
Thank you.
Speaking of getting
things back on track
How would you feel about
the kids sleeping over
on the weekend?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Also, I, uh, was, um
thinking it's
probably time they
met their grandfather.
Where did this come from?
I don't know.
Uh Harry's getting old
and, uh, just realized family's, um
family. You know.
I do know.
I think that's really nice of you, Abby.
Well, we can sort out the details
after I pee.
- Who's she?
- My wife. Maggie.
So, what can I help you with, Aaron?
Here's the thing
- I'm gay.
- That's awesome.
- And are you out to anyone?
- Everyone. I came out last year.
- How'd that go?
- My school loved it.
They've got a hard-on for diversity.
Like, last week?
Basic Simon's parents
threw him this coming-out
party for being pan.
And it's like, "yeah,
congratulations, Simon,
but you're still a basic."
Your school seems super-progressive.
It is super-progressive,
which is why my mom wants me to transfer
to this Christian school in September.
- And you don't want to go?
- No.
She cried for, like, two days
when I told her I was gay,
had our neckbeard priest
to pay a house visit
to preach to me about
how it's "Adam and Eve,
not Adam and Steve,"
all while my mom just
wailed in the background.
She wonders why I'm a drama queen.
How are things with your folks now?
They're not, like terrible people.
But they're always pressuring me
to make one of my girl
friends my girlfriend.
It sounds like your
parents aren't seeing you
for who you really are.
They want me to marry
a woman and have kids.
Boring hetero-normative trope.
Some people might say.
I feel for Aaron.
For a queer teen,
living with homophobic
parents can be brutal.
But emancipation isn't the solution.
The kid has no resources.
He won't be better off
living on the streets.
Why don't you set up
a meeting with Aaron,
his mom, and his dad?
Sometimes, parents just need
a nudge from a third party
- to open their minds.
- Yeah. Good idea, Luce.
I'll see if I can get them
in here by the end of the day.
And who will be paying for this?
- I would like to do it pro bono.
- More pro bono? No.
Dad, please.
This is important.
Not everyone
is as lucky as I was to
have such accepting parents.
Fine. But just one session.
This is a law firm, not
the Bleeding Hearts Society.
Hustle, hustle, on those copies.
- Daddy's pet.
- Oh, you're just figuring that out now?
Did Harry, uh, really
support you when you came out?
He hugged me.
He said he'd always love me.
Dad never made me feel
anything less than cherished.
What about you?
Did Harry make you feel cherished?
"Cherished" isn't the
word that comes to mind.
More like "neglected."
I'd probably land on, mm, I don't know,
totally and completely abandoned.
Dad and I have our issues.
Oh, no, Lucy, it's wonderful.
Cherish your
father-daughter relationship.
I'm gonna cherish this matcha tea.
Thanks for agreeing to meet with us
on such short notice.
The purpose of this meeting
is to give Aaron space
to communicate any
concerns he might have
about how things are going at home.
I know you guys love me
but I need you to understand
that being gay isn't a choice.
And while it's not the
only thing about me,
it's an important thing about me.
Aaron, if you really are
something went wrong developmentally,
like Reverend Jacob said,
and that's not your fault.
I keep thinking about
all the soy I drank when I was pregnant.
Ruth, you cannot blame
yourself for this.
You know it's not natural,
which is why you're so unhappy.
Uh let's maybe not put
words in Aaron's mouth.
Since he's "come out,"
he's become agitated,
his grades have fallen.
Just look at what you're wearing!
It's a cry for help!
I took this shawl from your closet.
It belonged to your nonna!
We just don't want Aaron to
have a hard life, that's all.
And his life will be hard
if he chooses this path.
My life's only gonna be hard
because of bigots like you,
who think I'm the spawn of
Satan just because I like boys!
Okay. I told you, this
would only encourage him.
Uh, thank you for your time,
but this is a family issue.
We will talk at home over
a grilled cheese, okay?
Let's go.
Thanks anyway.
Uh, hey.
Call me if you need anything.
No pre-dinner martini?
I didn't feel like one tonight.
Will you pass?
I don't know.
What, do they want a blood sample next?
No, I-I don't know
this number. Hang on.
Abigail Bianchi.
I need your help!
It's my parents, they're
sending me away. I
Where are they sending you?
Mr. Kirkman.
We're here to see Aaron.
He's not here.
- And where might we find him?
- He went That's not your concern.
- Our son is not your client.
- Actually, he is.
We signed a pro bono
retainer agreement with him
and we will continue to represent Aaron
until he terminates that agreement.
I'd like you to leave, please.
Per the Children's Act, it's illegal
for you to hold Aaron
anywhere against his will.
The courts have no place in my home.
My only concerns are my son's welfare
and God's love.
I see the shame in your eyes.
You should try to accept
Christ into your heart.
It might help you heal.
Sorry if you've been waiting.
Our receptionist stepped
outside for some fresh air,
15 minutes ago.
I'm here to see Abigail Bianchi.
Oh, can I ask what it's regarding?
I'm from the labs. I'm
here to take a sample.
Oh. Harry?
Uh, this lab technician
is here to see Abigail.
She's out of the office all
day today, isn't that right?
Correct. Abigail is out of the office
all day today, unfortunately.
She's back. Abby!
More photocopying?
Why's Dad got you doing
all this grunt work?
Because I'm not cherished.
I did a little research.
That's the same logo that
was on the Kirkmans' doormat.
Their church runs a
"Christian Lifestyles" camp.
"Our camp gives moral guidance
to troubled men and women
so they can lead
healthy, functional lives,
modeled after Christ-like love."
You do it.
Why me?
Because. You break rules all the time.
Which is why you should do it!
- No
- Blessed Heart.
Tristan speaking. How may I help you?
Hi. I'm
Aaron Kirkman's father.
I was checking to
see how my son was
The campers
are currently writing
their moral inventories.
It's crucial their spiritual
progress isn't interrupted,
but rest assured,
your son is in good
hands here, Mr. Kirkman.
Good to know. Thank you.
You know
when I became a paralegal,
I imagined my career
involving 100% less cornstarch.
You were a dreamer, that's the problem.
My skill set is being
woefully underutilized here.
"Moral inventory"?
Sounds like a thinly-veiled
conversion therapy camp.
As in "pray away the gay"?
I don't know, I went
to Bible camp every summer,
and it was awesome.
We got to learn how to ride jet-skis
and we rode dirt-bikes.
Kissed a girl for the first time.
With tongue.
I still have my purity ring.
These camps use deeply dangerous tactics
to "cure" gay people.
They are very, very bad
places, especially for kids.
The firm can't intervene
based on speculation.
Well, we need to find
a way to talk to Aaron.
My faith, my faith, my faith
My only Christian faith
Jesus, he is my homie
I still remember all the hymns.
No. No, you guys.
It's It's unethical.
And very illegal.
How did I get roped into this?
Well, you're the one who said
your skill set was being underutilized.
Let's be clear. This is also
not part of my skill set.
Just make sure your camera is working.
Eli says it's only good
for about 90 minutes between charges.
So, choose wisely.
Got it.
I am live-streaming to my cloud.
Seriously, though,
you know you don't
have to do this, right?
Yeah, I know, but I
really like that kid.
This must be the young man
you called about earlier.
Mrs ?
This is my son, Isaac.
He's been having lustful
thoughts about boys.
Let your lust alone.
It, too, shall pass.
That's what I said.
Please, sign in.
Jesus Christ welcomes you
into his embrace, Isaac.
All right, we've got it from here.
Follow me.
Goodbye, Mother.
You can't be Christian
and gay
at the same time.
It's that simple.
Now repeat after me
"I'm using sexual sin
to fill a God-shaped hole in my heart."
- Michael?
- I'm using sexual sin
to fill a God-shaped hole in my heart.
Now everyone
"Please, Lord, make me pure!"
- Please, Lord, make me pure.
- Please, Gord, make me poor.
Homosexuality is a social construct.
- Hey, Aaron
- It's Cecil. Remember me?
- Huh?
- From Svensson and Associates.
I liked your fanny pack.
Oh! Yeah.
What are you doing here?
We just wanted to make sure you're okay.
You know the rules
12 inches between you
to leave room for the Holy Spirit.
God created you
to be a man in Adam's image.
I'm glad we finally
get to meet our grandpa.
Well, for starters,
you get baldness from
your mom's side, so
I'd like to see what the
future holds for my hair.
I'm prepared for any answer.
Okay, kids, uh
maybe let's not tell Grandma
Jo-Jo about this visit.
So lie?
No. No. Never lie.
Just, uh neglect to
share the information.
What is your greatest fear
this week?
That I'll be a failure.
What is your greatest fear this week?
That I'll let you, my
family, and God down.
You know,
I don't think
sticking 16 repressed gay
guys in a cabin together
is the best way to turn them straight
but, whatever, it's above my pay grade.
Look, we just want you to know
you're fully within your legal rights
to leave whenever you want.
If I left, my parents would
just send me to another camp.
Maybe worse than this one. It's futile.
All I'm saying is,
you're not in this alone.
Hey Isaac, right?
Can you follow me for a quick sec?
Follow you?
- Just a one-on-one session.
- Sorry, a one-on-what?
Do you think this stuff is okay?
Why did I order pickles?
Do kids still even eat crackers?
I've just never seen
you like this before.
And yes, I believe
kids still eat crackers.
And you've cleared my afternoon?
- Harry. Until 4:00.
- Okay.
Uh, kids, um this is Harry.
Your, uh, grandfather.
Thank God, you've got hair.
Hello, Sofia. Hello, Nicholas.
Uh, his name's Nico. Okay? Just Nico.
It's really nice to meet you both.
Um, this is Jerri.
I've known Jerri since I was little.
Aren't you the one who was a man before?
Nico! Oh, my God!
Yes, that's me.
Make yourselves at home.
There. Sure. Great.
One of those pens they
used in olden times.
Yes! That's an antique. Just, um
careful not to get ink on the
Never mind.
I've got this.
okay, I'll be in my
office if you need me.
Here we are.
We are leaving right now.
Oh, my god. What happened to you?
Careful, that cart's on wheels.
Um do you have anything
to drink that isn't alcohol?
Yes, Jerri got some kids' drinks
in these little disposable containers.
- Juice boxes?
- Yes. Juice boxes.
Uh, right there, help yourself.
This must be weird for you.
Well, Mom told us you were dead, so.
Not dead, dead to her.
So what's your excuse
for, like, never trying to
meet me once in 13 years?
uh, your mother didn't
really want me to,
not that I'm blaming her.
Right, 'cause you're the
grown-up in the situation.
Your grandmother and I were young.
We both made mistakes,
and, you know, things got, um
That's your answer?
- It's weak.
- Yeah.
Sorry. I'm new to this
whole grandparent thing.
It's fine.
Molly's grandparents don't
know how to talk to her either.
They just buy her affections instead.
Does it work?
There's only one way to find out.
I'm glad you're not dead, Harry.
Me too.
- Sorry, Harry. Frank's here.
- What?
- Hi, Dad!
- Hey.
Guess what?
Grandpa gave me a fountain pen.
Frank, good to see you
outside the courthouse.
- Harry.
- Thank you for this.
Y-You're welcome here anytime.
I mean it, please come back.
We will.
- Bye, honey.
- Bye.
Bye, Soph.
We'll talk later.
Someone on the phone for you,
says there's an issue with your son.
But Nico's right there.
Mrs. Offred?
I'm afraid I've got bad news.
Your son's gone A.W.O.L.
Isaac ran away with another camper.
Isaac! Uh
Let me call you back.
Cecil, please tell me you did
not just kidnap our client?
Could Could someone
please explain to me
what the hell is going on here?
I cannot believe
you sent our paralegal
out to be a secret agent.
- Seriously, Daniel?
- It wasn't just him. Dad.
No, we were all a part of it.
But Daniel's supposed to be in charge!
- It's up.
- Thank you, "Cecile".
Tell me how long you've harbored
these kinds of feelings for men.
How did you get so close?
- He's, um, talking to me.
- Oh.
- I don't have to answer that.
- You know, sometimes,
sexual abuse can be buried
deeply within the psyche.
I told you, I've never
been sexually abused.
Okay, Isaac. We have other ways.
Are those electrodes?
I'm going to attach these electrodes
to your arm and show you some images.
No, no!
You don't have my consent
for this! I'm leaving!
Oh, Cecil.
What's with the electrodes?
Electrical-aversion therapy.
I-It's like Pavlov's dogs.
The jolts are supposed to create
a negative association
with queer images.
- It can't be legal.
- It's a gray zone.
Human rights groups have
done a lot to shut them down,
but certain organizations
have found ways to practice underground.
Most of these kids
probably don't even realize
their rights are being violated.
Are you okay?
I'm just thankful they
didn't try something like this
on Aaron first,
and I am stating, for the record,
that I am never doing
your dry cleaning again.
Excuse me. Abby?
Kristy's here to see you.
The lab tech?
I, uh, I'm kind of in
the middle of something.
What is this regarding?
Your test results.
They're inconclusive.
Sometimes, that can happen
if the sample is extremely diluted.
I read in Women's Health
that the key to glowing skin
was to drink a gallon of water a day.
Do you think that could be the culprit?
In any case, we're gonna
need to take another sample.
Yeah. Sure.
Anything I can do to help.
I love peeing in cups.
It's a bottle.
Do you want to talk about
what happened at the retreat?
Well, I learned to embroider.
I joined an a Capella
Christian reform cover band.
Here's hoping I get to go back
for the electroshock therapy.
Humor is a great coping mechanism,
and you have a fabulous
sense of humor
But it's also a shield.
You don't have to hide in here.
No one should have to go through
what you've been through, Aaron.
I am so sorry.
Yeah, me too.
There's this guy in my physics class,
um, Jarod Chu.
We've been flirting like crazy all year.
And last week, we we kissed.
I was, like, floating.
But then this feeling crept in
and I couldn't shake it.
It just felt wrong.
I felt wrong.
There is nothing
wrong with you.
I know that, up here.
But when you get told over
and over and over again
that there's something wrong about you,
it becomes really
hard not to believe it,
just a little bit.
Do you still want to emancipate?
I don't know.
I still love my parents. I do.
I don't want to hate them.
But I don't want to hate myself either.
No, no.
I'm going to attach these
electrodes to your arm
and show you some images.
No, no! You don't have
my consent for this!
I'm leaving!
I can't believe that
almost happened to Aaron.
Nothing we've seen here today
changes the fact
that you not only kidnapped our son,
but you completely
disrupted his rehabilitation.
Were you not watching that video?
That was straight-up child abuse.
I admit, it's it's radical,
but when you've got cancer,
you do aggressive chemo.
I'm sorry, but are you comparing
your son being gay to cancer?
Ruth, let's go.
I've already contacted
our church's lawyers.
Please. Send them over.
We'll be talking to Children's Services,
and then we'll call the police,
then we'll release this
video to national news.
- You want to be famous?
- Call them all.
Mr. Kirkman
- We are raising Aaron
- You think we're monsters.
I think
it's obvious
you love your son very much.
More than anything.
How could we send him there?
Mr. Kirkman, I'm just
gonna be honest with you.
After seeing inside that retreat,
our firm is willing to
take on Aaron's case.
And if we go to court,
we will win.
But, well, what then?
Aaron moves into a group home?
- Lives on the streets?
- I don't want that for him.
Neither do we. Hey!
Uh, this is my sister, Lucy.
Lucy, this is Joel, Aaron's dad.
- Hi
- Hi.
Lucy, uh, went to Stanford.
She's married,
has a thriving psychology practice.
Soon, she'll be giving our father
beautiful grandchildren,
and she's gay.
One of the reasons
why she's done so well
is because our father supported her.
I-I don't know what to do.
He's almost an adult.
Let Aaron finish
this last little bit of growing up
in a home where he's loved
Cherish him.
Oh, wow. Okay.
I just want you all to know
that, uh, I love you
very much.
- Just the way you are.
- Cool.
- Can you un-pause the movie?
- Sofia.
I want to watch it.
Pass the popcorn, Grandma.
I will, if you don't call
me grandma ever again.
Grandpa lets us call him Grandpa.
Oh. You met your grandfather?
Oh wait.
I forgot not to tell.
It's okay, sweetie. Be right back.
You and Abby seem to be
getting along a bit better.
Well, that's not saying much.
I think maybe she's been drinking.
No way.
She came in the other
day, reeking of perfume,
guzzling water like a triathlete.
She looked hung over.
And that lab tech's been
here two days in a row
and, I don't know, she just seems off.
Are you gonna tell Dad?
Here's the really weird
part. I think he knows.
No. There's no way.
Why "no"?
Maybe you're not the only
one of Harry's daughters
who gets preferential treatment.
- Yeah.
Hey, you.
Hey. Kids, I'm here! Let's go.
They're ready. Hey, guys. Come on.
- Bye.
- Bye, nerds.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, honey.
Have fun!
You okay?
Why didn't you tell me, Abby?
They're fake.
They're not fake.
They're for canceled appointments.
- How did you
- You're not the only one who
has ways of finding things out.
They're for appointments
I couldn't make because
of work obligations.
So, work is more important
than repairing the damage
you've caused our family?
No! Of course not.
I really thought you were
serious about getting better,
but this is
this is classic old
Abby, scamming the system.
I'm not scamming the system.
Until you put in this much
Show you're willing to put in
the absolute minimum amount of work
there will be no extra
time with the kids.
All I want in this entire world
is for our family to be back together.
Then stop lying to us.
I believed you, Abby.
I'm an idiot.
I'm meeting Carmen Fitzgerald.
Ahh. I see her.
You're late.
You're beautiful.
I want to discuss
a potentially explosive case with you.
Uh-uh-uh! We made a pact.
No work talk on dates.
This one, though, Carmen,
it strikes a personal chord.
Conversion therapy camp.
"Pray away the gay."
Surveillance footage.
Highly disturbing and
definitely illegal.
Why are you giving this to me?
You single-handedly
had the Child Victim's Act changed.
I don't know about single-handedly
The church lawyers
will run in the other
direction when they see you.
If what's on this thing
is half as bad as you're
making it out to be,
we could have the retreat shut down
by the end of the week.
You're in?
But you're taking me to
Hawksworth on Friday night.
Oh, is that so?
- Hi!
- Hi.
For your and Aaron's new place.
Thank you.
Hopefully, I can keep it alive.
Ruth's the one with the green thumb.
This is gonna be so weird.
Well, you did the right thing.
I keep saying that my son
is the most important
thing in the world to me.
It was time to walk the walk.
And how are you feeling about the move?
- Pretty good.
- Yeah?
Yeah, I honestly can't believe
my dad followed through with it.
Well, I'm happy he's got your back.
Well, I don't think he'll be
joining PFLAG any time soon.
I told him I had a boyfriend yesterday,
and he nearly passed out.
Oh! Before I forget,
um, can you give
something to Cecil for me?
Okay. Um, this
is my hands-free tool-belt of awesome.
I think he deserves it.
500 mostly out-of-focus family photos
The kids had a good time.
Maybe you'll be a better grandfather
than you were a father.
I am a father who's
saved your bacon twice.
Your kids are great, Abigail.
Don't do anything more
to disappoint them.
Do you have a moment to talk about Abby?
Oh, please, don't let me stop you.
I'm sorry, but I have to ask.
Have you been drinking again?
Because if you have,
you'd be in violation of your probation,
which is bad for everyone.
Daniel, I think
you should focus less on your sister
and more on bringing in paying clients.
Just when I thought we
were starting to get along.
Look, Harry insisted on
meeting Sofia and Nico.
It was a condition
of him not blowing the whistle on me.
Hey. It's me.
Are you doing anything right now?
Harry Svensson?
You've been served!
My ex girlfriend
is suing me for giving her an STI.
Ah, stop I don't want to hear this!
I need a lawyer who can shut this down.
Not a chance!
This can't become public Abigail!
May I remind you? You owe me.
One more thing.
You'll be up against your ex-boss.
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