Family Law (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Three's Company

Previously, on Family Law
- I'm seeing a therapist.
- How is it?
Surprisingly insightful.
It's time I was made partner.
Little early for that.
Want in on the office pool?
$100 lets you guess which day
Daniel breaks up with Danielle
before their two-year anniversary.
Speaking of Danielle,
I sent her dates for her wedding shower
three days ago and I haven't heard back.
I broke up with her.
[QUARTET] Daniel, Daniel
She gave you her answer, Boo ♪
Awesome engagement gift, right?
She's half crazy All
for the love of you ♪
If you hadn't had an affair
with a woman named "Felicity"
I didn't mean for it to happen.
- Maggie. Lucy's wife.
- Oh!
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
Feels like I'm moving on ♪
I'm moving on ♪
Hey, Danny, wait up.
You didn't break up with Danielle
because of me, right?
Because I planted doubts?
Wow. Give yourself more credit.
I liked her. I was rooting for you.
Right. That's why you kept
your little office pool going
even after I proposed.
And paid it out when we broke up.
I saw Jerri pricing flights to Maui.
For the record, I think
you did the right thing.
Thanks, Abigail.
Your approval means the world to me.
I'm serious. It takes courage
to end something that isn't working.
It's better than stringing her along
while you're, oh, I don't know,
hooking up with other women.
- Good morning, Mr. Junior Svensson.
- It's Daniel.
I'm so sorry about the
barbershop quartet. I had
[SNAPS] Stop it, all of you! I'm fine.
- Jerri.
- Morning. Pour you a coffee?
Thanks. Got it.
Big Canucks game tonight, huh?
Want to catch it with me later?
- Can't. Busy.
They're on a hell of a roll.
Really coming together.
That's what happens when
you play like a team.
You know, spread the puck around.
Mr. Junior Sve "Daniel"?
Uh, your 9:00 is here.
I believe I'm owed spousal support.
Okay, Bailey. When
did your marriage end?
Oh, their marriage
is still going strong.
- S-Sorry, their ?
- Gavin and Crystal.
I was their unicorn.
Did I not already say that?
- So how long were you three together?
- Two years.
I met Gavin first.
He was just so classy. You know?
And so handsome.
It was like talking to Keanu Reeves.
He introduced me to Crystal later.
She's fine, too.
And what was your net worth
at the start of the relationship?
- Any assets?
- Oh, no. I'm an artist.
Or at least I was, until
they got buried with work.
Then I became their
full-time househusband.
So you set aside your
career to help theirs?
It was enriching on both sides.
Crystal called it
"developing new life skills".
Gardening and cooking
and organizing their company's files.
And as you developed
these "new life skills,"
would you say their
company's value increased?
Big time.
Until one day,
totally out of the
blue, they kicked me out.
- Where are you living now?
- In the studio.
With a weird toilet.
I mean, can people just do that?
They won't return my calls.
It's like it never happened.
There's not much precedence
when it comes to polyamory and the law,
but it sounds like your relationship
would fit the definition
of "marriage-like,"
which means you should
be entitled to a share
in the increased value of their company.
And if we get the right judge,
we could get some spousal support.
Well, this all sounds promising, right?
What are their full names?
Gavin and Crystal Steele.
[STAMMERS] The Crystal Steele?
We're in this collective moral freefall
thanks to the deterioration
of traditional family values.
Take the institution of marriage.
It's been hijacked.
I mean, if gay people want civil unions,
fine, go for it,
but don't force the rest
of us to redefine
the legal definition of marriage
to suit your agenda.
Probably should've led with that, huh?
You can't prove it
You got nothing legit
The glove don't fit
You gotta acquit
The charges won't stick 'cos
I ain't no sucker
Ain't your lollipop but
You can kiss my sweet
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
You can't prove it
The problem these days
is that everyone is too
afraid to tell the truth,
because of how they will spin it.
[INTERVIEWER] And who exactly is "they"?
The left-wing media, the snowflakes,
the social justice warriors
They're all trying to
suppress our freedom of speech.
You cannot say anything these days
unless it fits into
their ultra-sensitive,
politically correct
belief bubble.
They're trying to control the narrative,
and we are not gonna roll
over and just let that happen.
I want to roll over her with a truck.
Now, now, now. Violence begets violence.
Seriously, Jerri?
This is the same woman
that said trans people
were "mentally ill attention-seekers".
Well, you know what
they say about revenge.
It's a dish best served cold?
The best revenge is a life lived well.
Mmph. I like mine better.
I can't believe she's in
a poly-amorous relationship.
Why would Crystal Steele
risk her reputation
for a three-way?
Why would "insert famous
person's name here"
risk everything for
"insert sex act here"?
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Is that what you tell yourself
every time you have an affair?
[CRYSTAL] I feel sorry
for men like my husband.
His kind have become
the most oppressed group
of the 21st century.
[INTERVIEWER] And what group is that?
[CRYSTAL, SNAPS] Straight white men!
- It's true!
I can't even compliment a woman
without risking a
sexual harassment claim.
Oh, poor Dad. The injustice!
[DRYLY] Yeah
the fear of a slap on the wrist.
All we fear is getting
the crap beat out of us
for merely existing.
- You walked right into that one.
- Okay, okay.
Point taken.
The background info you asked for.
Crystal was a high-school teacher
till she got fired
for using health class
to discuss her pro-life views.
I think you mean anti-choice.
She started a YouTube channel
"Thinking Right with Steele"
Which skyrocketed in the last few years.
Hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
- Horrifying, but surprising no one.
- Fits with Bailey's timeline.
Polyamory is the exact type of thing
Crystal Steele rails against.
Which means she's gonna want
to settle this quickly and quietly.
I think I've always been
somewhat poly-amorous.
No, Harry. You've always been
a serial-cheating asshole.
[QUIETLY] Guess it runs in the family.
You want to tell me what's up?
I don't know, Lucy.
Do you want to tell me what's up?
You've been making
innuendos all morning
Like you think you know something.
Oh, I don't think I know something.
I know I know something.
I saw you last night.
Sticking your tongue down
some random woman's throat.
It's not what you think.
I'm pretty sure it's
exactly what I think.
Ha! There you are, Ms. Svensson.
You have a patient waiting.
[HOCKEY ANNOUNCER] With the puck now
in the neutral zone.
Dustin Brown
crosses the line.
And with the puck just behind the net
it looks like Gaudette
has got the puck there.
What's the score?
Since when do you care about hockey?
I support the hometown team.
Name one player on the Canucks.
There must be a "Dave" or a "Dougie"?
I thought you'd want some company
since Daniel's busy.
He hasn't been himself lately.
He just broke off his engagement.
That's why I invited him
to watch the game with me.
I think he'd rather you
invited him to be your partner.
I'm not giving him a leg
up just because he's my son.
Come on, Harry!
You're way harder on him
because he is your son.
He's not ready.
Well, throw him a bone, then.
Something to show him he's valued.
She's smaller in real life.
Except her head.
It's huge!
It looks normal-size on Instagram.
You follow her?
I follow lots of people,
from all over the political spectrum.
Ugh, Jerri!
What is the expiry on that?
Two weeks ago.
You can't drink that!
It's for Crystal.
[SNICKERS] What happened
to "the best revenge
is a life lived well"?
Sometimes in life, you
gotta take your lumps.
What'd I say? Keanu Reeves, right?
From which movie?
Let's get right to it.
Our client was in a
common-law relationship
with the Steeles.
No. The only relationship
my clients had with yours
was landlord-tenant.
I'm sorry. Did you just
say "landlord-tenant"?
Do you have the lease agreement?
Of course they don't.
I wasn't their tenant.
They didn't make him sign one
because they took pity on him.
He was a starving artist,
so they let him stay
in exchange for doing a
little work around the house.
They pressured him
into giving up a lucrative career.
He sold posters on Etsy.
Mrs. Steele's fame
attracts the occasional
unscrupulous type.
Now, I've advised my
clients against engaging,
- but they're decent people.
And in spite of Mr.
Jacob's outrageous claims,
they're willing to pay a settlement
to avoid any future harassment.
That's our offer.
With conditions.
It stands for 24 hours.
That was a wall of lies.
Yeah. They wouldn't offer
50 grand if it wasn't true.
It's not a bad offer.
You'd have to sign a
confidentiality agreement
and an affidavit swearing
you were just a tenant.
I cooked them dinners.
I had sex with them regularly.
I planted a herb garden!
- Okay, let's
- Basil. Mint!
Dill tarragon. Verbena!
All the times I should've been painting,
I was taking care of them.
[ABIGAIL] Bailey.
As your lawyers, we
advise you to sign this.
Just think. If you have student
loans, you can pay them off.
Start painting again.
But how can you just pretend
like something didn't happen?
I'd be signing a lie.
Why don't you sleep on it?
We'll talk again in the morning.
Hmm. Did my research before I came here.
You and I have a certain
infamy on YouTube.
Oh, poor you!
You can't say a word to me
without my lawyer present,
otherwise you'll be
in a heap of trouble.
Hey. That's a nice touch with
the "gender-neutral" bathroom.
It's for him, isn't
it? Your receptionist.
She is our Office Manager.
- And you are a piece of
- Oh, sorry.
- I What are you ?
- Hi
- Hi.
- So you're
- Yep.
- I have an uncle who watches you.
- Great.
A lot.
He doesn't get out much.
"Read this out loud, please."
Uh, "Bailey won't sign.
He would never accept such a paltry sum,
so there's nothing stopping
him from going pubic."
[GASPS] Sorry, "public".
"And then he will
'control the narrative'".
Are you nuts?
Nina. Excuse us for a minute, please.
I'm not a lawyer,
but I'm pretty sure you
can get disbarred for that.
Well, I'm not a lesbian,
but I'm pretty sure
making out with someone
who isn't your wife
is cheating.
So if if I keep my mouth shut,
you will too, is that
what you're saying?
No, that's what you're saying.
I'm so sorry, but I
really do need to pee.
They're for real this time.
You can even call Dr.
Attwar if you want.
I gave her permission to talk to you.
I know.
- How do you
- Because I already called her.
You said you wanted to
talk about something?
She still smitten with Justin?
Since she's been grounded,
he texts her, constantly.
Oh, god, please no dick pics.
Ha. Worse! Poems!
Oh, how bad?
Like "maybe we can push off
the birth control chat" bad?
Sofia thinks they're deep.
Yeah. 'Course she does.
We can't keep her locked
in her room forever.
Can we?
She has probably been
grounded long enough.
Yeah, okay.
I'll tell her
that we've agreed to
let her out on probation.
[DANIEL] I just got off the
phone with Candice Birch.
- The Steeles withdrew their offer.
- What? Why would they do that?
In my office! Now.
[CRYSTAL] And yet again
the virtue-signaling left
is trying to take us down with lies.
This time,
they're claiming
that my husband and I were involved
in an inappropriate sexual relationship
with our former tenant.
But we will not be blackmailed,
which is why I've decided to go public
with these outrageous lies.
Fake news!
Cooked up by a hack artist
and two unscrupulous lawyers
Daniel Svensson and Abigail Bianchi
- at Svensson and Associates.
What the hell is she doing?
She's controlling the narrative.
Hokey-smokies, Ms. Bianchi.
She stole your idea.
You talked to the
opposing lawyer's client?
No. Nina did.
It's true. I read Ms. Bianchi's
text out loud.
Am I going to get fired?
- No one's getting fired.
- Correction. Nina's not getting fired.
- What were you thinking?
- I-I was trying to leverage
- a stronger position for our client.
- Bullshit.
You couldn't help yourself.
You just had to go after her.
[LUCY] Actually, Crystal
was going after Jerri.
I heard everything.
Crystal Steele has built a career
getting a rise out of people.
You have to keep a cooler head.
Do you have any idea
how badly you just burned our client?
And us.
It's false claims like these
that keep crooked firms
like Svensson and
Associates in business.
She keeps calling us out by name.
Maybe it's a good thing.
It might drum up new clients.
People who can't stand her politics.
[DANIEL] No. It's a tactic.
She's mobilizing her followers.
[LUCY] Daniel has a point.
If something is repeated often enough,
our brains are programmed
to start believing it.
[ABIGAIL] What are we talking about?
A handful of incels
sending angry tweets?
They're not gonna do anything.
They'd have to put on pants for that.
It's okay! It's okay.
It's just a stink bomb.
Nina, call 9-1-1.
[HARRY] I know this was
an upsetting incident
and I want to make it clear
we're not taking it lightly.
Feel free to work from
home for the rest of the day
and move any client meetings off-site.
We'll beef up security and
get back at it tomorrow.
We all know how fast
the news cycle moves
and I have no doubt this
will all blow over quickly.
If you have any questions or concerns,
don't hesitate to ask.
All right, we good?
Great. See you in the morning.
[CECIL] Crystal's
followers are all fired up.
[LUCY] What are they saying?
RebelRage41 says,
"Sounds like the lawyers at
hashtag Svensson and Associates
need to be served
with a punch in the head."
And this guy says,
"The lawyers at hashtag Svensson
and Associates are maggots.
Time to fumigate."
And Crystal Steele says,
"The way hashtag Svensson and Associates
are trying to exploit
me, makes me want to "
Want to what?
[DANIEL] Gotta give
her credit for that one.
[HARRY] Like I said,
we'll beef up security,
to be on the safe side, and it's
coming out of your paycheck.
You pay me less than a paralegal.
- No offense.
- Guys?
Abby and Daniel both just got doxxed.
What the hell does that mean?
Crystal's followers posted their
home addresses on the Internet.
- Which home address?
- Hey, Sofe. Everything okay?
- [SHAKILY] Mom.
I tried calling Dad, but he's in court.
- What's wrong?
- There's some guy in our yard.
Just kind of lurking.
Are the doors locked?
- I think so.
- Okay, sweetie.
Just stay away from the windows.
I'm on my way.
- Please hurry.
- I will.
I'm gonna stay on the
phone with you, okay?
I'm sure it's nothing.
It's probably just some
guy looking for his dog.
I'll drive.
[OFFICER] Did you get
a good look at him?
He was wearing a red ball cap.
I think it had words on it.
Well, he's long gone now
and there's no evidence
of an attempted break-in.
- Grampa!
- My favourite grandson!
Hey. We got here as fast as we could.
Are you arresting my sister?
Sweetie, why don't you
take your brother inside?
- Mom.
- Have you built that
- Medieval castle I gave you?
- Yeah! It's so cool.
- Ah.
- You've gotta see the catapult.
Oh, and one thing I
bet you didn't know
That, in Medieval times, they
pooped in their closets
Want to explain what's going on?
Uh, we've made an enemy
out of Crystal Steele.
- The Crystal Steele?
- And her rabid followers.
We aren't all rabid.
I'd suggest you all find
somewhere to stay for
the next few nights.
Better safe than sorry.
[SOFIA] This is so unfair.
I just got ungrounded, and now this.
Oh, it's nice to see you, too, Sofia.
I love you, Jo-Jo, but I
was supposed to go out tonight.
Not with the pierced creature
I found on my couch, I hope.
Trust me when I tell you
You can do so much better.
You probably just
rigged this whole thing
- so I couldn't see Justin.
- Oh. Sofia, come on.
No, Frank, she's onto me!
It's how I spend my every waking hour.
"What can I do to mess
with Sofia's life?"
Are we in the witness
protection program?
Nothing quite as exciting as that.
Look, Jo-Jo!
I copied your signature.
That is scarily good. I'm
gonna lock up my checkbook.
[SOFIA] Why are you allowed to
have your phone at the table?
Uh, I'm managing a bit
of a situation here.
And Jo-Jo needs a top-up.
You know
it might be better if you
didn't do that in front of Abby.
You know, it might be better
if you didn't do that woman
at the legal convention
Oh, wait. Too late.
- Everything okay in here?
- All good.
Just exchanging the
usual harsh judgments.
[ABIGAIL] Excellent.
God forbid we become one of
those functional families.
Do you think that guy in our backyard
was one of Crystal's followers?
I don't know.
Maybe the kids should stay
home tomorrow with my mom.
That's a good idea.
Maybe you should take a day off, too.
- No. I'll be fine.
- Mm. You sure?
[NICO] Mom?
Can you bring me some
ketchup for my chicken balls?
You check in with your
brother and sister?
Everyone seems to have survived
the night incident-free.
Oh, my god.
- The trolls have your number now, too.
I'll block him. It's fine.
It's not fine.
These people are sick.
I don't want you to go
into the office today, babe.
I can't cancel on my patients.
I'll be careful. Promise.
- How are you doing?
- Shitty, thanks.
What do you want?
I don't know if you heard
about what's going on
with Crystal Steele
I'm a PR strategist. What do you think?
I just wanted you to know I'm fine.
I mean, you weren't responding
- to my text messages
- Take a hint, Daniel.
It's called ghosting.
It's not my first day
of kindergarten, Frank.
You don't have to walk
me right to the classroom.
I've seen what Crystal's
followers are posting.
If it were up to me, you
wouldn't be going to work at all.
Can I see some I.D.?
I-I work here.
Great. If you wouldn't mind
showing me your license or something.
And yours, sir?
Oh, I'm her, um
I was just walking her up.
See you tonight.
You get into work okay?
I'm here, aren't I?
Look, Abby.
What you saw,
it was a moment of weakness.
Priya my teenage therapist,
the one you so highly recommended
Says our weak moments reveal
a lot about who we really are.
Screw Priya.
I feel horrible about it.
Do you?
Or do you feel horrible you got caught?
Why do you care, one way or the other?
Because it's a shitty
thing to do to your partner.
Okay? Believe me, I know.
What's wrong with us?
- Is it genetic?
- Well, I'm not the one who cheated,
so if it's genetic,
you're the carrier, not me.
How are my grandkids? Everyone okay?
I kept them home from
school, just to be safe.
Jerri, I've never seen you
wear running shoes before.
So? They're comfy.
And much easier to run in than heels.
We're all a little on edge.
Um, Mr. Svensson?
Uh, that was Clive Berg.
He just canceled.
- Your 2:00 canceled, too.
- Really?
Oh, and Cecil called in sick.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, right.
He's got a bad case
of chickenshit-it is.
Well, my dad wanted me
to stay home today, too.
But I just love my job too much.
Get your brother. We
need to rein this in.
Harry wants to see us.
Everything okay last night?
I live in a high-security condo
with a doorman named Brutus,
so, yeah.
Aside from a slew of racist posts.
Racist? What are they saying?
Oh, everything from
anti-Semitic to anti-Muslim.
A few think I'm from Pakistan.
One dude thought I was Chechen.
Mine were more of
the misogynistic, rapey,
death-threat variety.
I don't have kids to worry about, Abby.
So, if you want to step away
from this case, I'll understand.
Thank you.
But I need to see this through.
I'm part of the reason
we're in this mess.
Part of?
All of. You are all of the reason.
I just found out one of our clients
jumped ship to Phil Sterling
because of all this
The Falafel Prince of Vancouver.
We need to find proof that
Bailey's telling the truth.
So find it.
[DANIEL] Do you have
anything that can prove
the nature of your
relationship with the Steeles?
Emails? Texts?
[BAILEY] No. Crystal was super-paranoid
about leaving a digital trail.
A digital trail?
She insults everybody on
Twitter and her YouTube channel.
Were the three of you ever
seen in public together?
Maybe you told your
family or your friends?
I'm the kind of person
who just disappears
when they get in a
relationship, you know?
I'm trying to work on that.
No, no, no! I locked up last night.
Maybe we should call the police?
We need to call the cops.
What if they broke in
while you were here?
They could come back.
It's okay. I'll
I'll be evicted next Friday, anyway.
There are some, um I should
There are some framed pieces over here,
I should check for broken glass.
You know, he's actually
Surprisingly good?
Is this you and Gavin?
Whenever Crystal was away on business,
we'd sneak off to Tofino.
I was gonna give it to
him for his birthday.
[ABBY] It's beautiful.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Gavin's an artist, too.
A photographer.
Crystal forced him
to do business school,
but he still takes pictures.
Cityscapes. He even took some of us.
I'm wearing Crystal's
heels in one of them.
It was meant to be camp,
but it was surprisingly sexy.
Wait. There are pictures?
Sexy ones?
- Well, not "Mapplethorpe sexy," but
- Bailey.
Pictures of you two, together?
He probably destroyed those.
You heard him. I was their "tenant".
I think I just wanted
an excuse to see him,
one more time.
Maybe that's why I came to you.
To see if he's hurting, like I am.
So selfish, right?
Not really.
You needed to know that
what you had was real.
The worst thing?
Even after all this, my
heart still tells me it was.
Is that stupid?
Bailey, think.
Was there a time where
anyone could have seen
you and Gavin together?
Once, maybe?
The first time we met.
Where was that?
[BARKEEP] Yeah, I've seen
him. Never with her, though.
He used to come here alone on weekends.
Okay. What about this guy?
Can't say I have.
Can I fix you something?
Bear on the Beach? Aging Twink?
Uh, what's a "D.I.L.F. on the Rocks"?
Or you know what?
Two mineral waters.
So, back to the first guy
- Ever see him leave here with anyone?
- Your jawline fascinates me.
Oh. Thank you.
Yeah. I've seen the older
one with some of our regulars.
That guy, over there.
Gavin likes 'em young.
- Mm-hmm.
- What do you do for a living, Jawline?
Hmm? You a fireman?
Underwear model?
Well, actually, I'm a lawyer.
Enjoying the male gaze?
It's the most attention I've had
since Danielle and I
You know
since you are the one
that ended it with her,
you could probably un-end it.
Pretty sure I burnt that bridge.
Gavin picked me up here a few years ago.
He and his wife and I had a thing
for a couple of months.
Have you heard what's happening lately
with the Steeles?
Oh, yeah. It's all over the news.
They're really trashing that poor guy.
It would mean a lot to him
if you would come
forward with your story.
It would mean a lot to me if
I could avoid a hate crime.
We're not asking you to go public.
You don't even have to be in
the same room as the Steeles.
Just come into our office
and sign an affidavit.
It would show Bailey
wasn't the only one.
You were out late.
Everything okay here?
You left me alone with your mother.
[CHUCKLES] Cruel and unusual punishment.
I'm sorry about this whole thing.
It's not your fault.
Ah, that's not entirely accurate.
Abby, you smell like booze.
Trust me, it's not what you think.
A drag queen spilled her drink on me.
Possibly on purpose.
I was at a gay bar with Daniel.
- Daniel's gay?
- He wishes.
It's where our client met Gavin Steele.
Wow. Kind of risky for them
to be seen out in the open.
Well, not them. Him.
Apparently, Gavin went there a lot.
We found this other guy he picked up,
He also lived with the
Steeles for a while.
He's agreed to sign an affidavit,
so hopefully it can
put an end to all this.
Hmm. So, it's always Gavin
who went cruising for a third?
- Never Crystal.
- Mm-hmm.
He probably wanted
to protect her, right?
She's the one in the public eye.
Or it's, uh, Gavin's thing,
and she just goes along with it
to try to keep him
happy and in the closet?
That's where I bought you that bra.
It's still my favourite.
- Oh. Sorry.
- Sorry.
[JOANNE] My ride's here.
I'm just grabbing a banana.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
You two had sex.
What? Mother.
Don't even bother.
I'm onto you.
[SCOFFS] Yeah.
[DANIEL] We tried.
He was gonna sign an
affidavit, but he got cold feet.
So let me get this straight.
You have no ex, no texts,
no emails, no love notes,
no one who's ever seen
the three of them together.
Essentially, you've got nothing.
That pretty much sums it up.
Apparently, there are photos,
but Bailey doesn't have them.
Meanwhile, our clients
are too afraid to come into our office,
and we keep hemorrhaging
money as this drags on.
I think it's time we drop the case.
We can't just let her win.
You know I'm a fighter.
But sometimes,
you need to know when
to throw in the towel.
I've been thinking
about something Frank
said to me last night.
What if Crystal goes
along with all of this
for Gavin's sake?
Bailey, the guy from the
club, many others, I'm sure.
But why would she just ?
Because she loves him.
Doesn't want to lose him.
That would mean she has a heart.
Which is a stretch,
but if Bailey's right?
If what he and Gavin had was real,
then maybe Gavin still has those photos.
Well, if he does, he's not
just gonna turn them over.
You heard what Harry said.
When have I ever listened to Harry?
[CRYSTAL] Wow. It's like
Fort Knox around here.
Hope everything's all right.
I can empathize.
I know what it's like to have to hire
a security detail every time you travel.
Costs a fortune.
Enough to bankrupt a small business.
We're dropping the case.
I'm glad you came to your senses
and we can lay your
client's lies to rest.
To be clear, we don't
believe they're lies,
but the rape threats
and the death threats
"When I find you, I'll "
The "F" word
" and then chop you into pieces
and feed you to my dog."
Positively tame,
compared to some of them.
My client can't be held responsible
for what some of her followers say.
One of them broke into Bailey's studio
and trashed it.
Destroyed most of his paintings.
[DANIEL] He's been
getting death threats, too.
Your followers are really
good at tracking people down.
Yeah, he can't stay at his studio.
It's not safe.
Of course, he's getting
kicked out anyway.
He's flat broke.
He's gonna have to give up painting
and get a serving job.
But he doesn't have physical proof
of your relationship,
and he's decided
it's not worth risking his life.
Congratulations, I guess.
Excuse me.
For the record?
I'm not mentally ill.
I'm not an attention-seeker, either.
Though my wife, Eleanor, might disagree.
I've got nothing against you, okay?
Some of the things I say on my channel,
it's just click-bait, you know?
It's nothing personal.
Of course not.
Feeding stereotypes that
endanger people's lives
Why would I ever take that personally?
I'm gonna go inside
and play with my castle.
My serfs have missed me.
Say bye to your mom.
Goodbye, Mother.
Bye, Sofe.
It was fun living all together again.
You should come back.
Dad, I'm not going in
the house without you.
Talk later?
I have to get to my AA meeting anyway.
You're going alone?
Jerri's meeting me there.
I'll be fine.
Crystal posted that
we've dropped the case,
so I haven't had a death
threat all afternoon.
Can I walk you to your car?
Thanks, but I'll be fine.
That was a rhetorical question.
I'm walking you to your car.
You realize you're gonna have
to tell your story in there
at some point.
Baby steps, Jerri. Baby steps.
[CRIES OUT] Ahh! Ahh!
[CRYSTAL] Oh, my god.
He's got a good eye. Very charged.
We understand how difficult
this must be for you.
Your husband of how many years?
Finally coming out of the closet.
Just get to the point.
You have got to be joking.
Bailey stole my husband.
Why would I pay him this?
Because, based on your earnings
before Bailey entered
your life and after,
this is more than fair.
We'll still want the
confidentiality agreement.
And we can get Bailey to sign it,
but it won't do any good.
Gavin won't be bound
by such an agreement.
Word will get out
and your reputation will
get dragged through the mud.
You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?
Hell, yes.
But, frankly,
we don't relish a new
slew of death threats
and you want to save face,
so here's our offer.
[ABIGAIL] All's well
that ends well, huh?
Only the person
responsible would say that.
I'll admit to some culpability.
You are 100% culpable.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You weren't at
paddle-boarding this morning.
- Where were you?
- Sorry about that. Won't happen again.
I mean the part where
we do anything together.
[CRYSTAL] The lawyers at
Svensson and Associates
were not crooked liars.
It was my husband who deceived me.
He deceived all of us.
And I thought our marital
vows meant something.
This has made me more
determined than ever
to fight against the immoral behavior
that is tearing away at
our country's social fabric.
Crystal was unaware of my
affair and my lifestyle,
and it's caused our marriage
to come to an abrupt end.
I regret hurting my wife,
but I no longer am ashamed of who I am.
So, how is this going to play out
in the court of public opinion?
Gavin wins. He stopped living a lie.
But Crystal was the
one who got cheated on.
I mean, pretend cheated, but still.
[ABBY] Well, I think
you've both demonstrated
how this is gonna go.
The people on the left
are gonna side with Gavin,
and the people on the right
will side with Crystal.
Who says I'm on the right?
Great to see you got
some fight back, Cecil,
after feeling so sick.
I'm entitled to a safe work environment.
Photocopying is very safe.
So, nothing changes.
She gets to keep spouting
her hateful views.
Our job was to get Bailey
the best deal we could,
not to silence Crystal.
Not quite a fairytale ending.
Apologies for interrupting the party.
- Sorry, she just pushed right past me.
- What are you doing here?
You haven't told them?
- Not yet.
- Oh.
Well, I was very impressed
with your law firm,
so I've hired Harry to
represent me in my divorce.
Could you take Mrs.
Steele to the boardroom?
I'll be right there.
"Mrs. Steele" should know
where the boardroom is by now.
- Harry.
- Seriously?
We're a law firm, Daniel,
and she has deep pockets.
Oh, and you don't have to work
with your brother for the time being.
You're with me on this one.
[HARRY SIGHS] This could get ugly.
I'm going to need a street fighter.
Someone who doesn't mind
getting her hands a little dirty.
Shall we?
Past desires
A thousand miles down
Like vast empires
Now nowhere to be found
He's breaching our parenting agreement.
He says he won't let her step foot
on a plane unless she's vaccinated.
She's not vaccinated yet?
I would never let my child
be injected with that poison.
You've changed the entire
culture of our firm.
Since you arrived we defend the
Chrystal Steele's of the world now.
The anti-vaxxers.
Dad never would have stooped
to this level before
he would have made different choices.
That's what this is about?
That Harry hasn't made you partner?
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