Family Law (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


Previously on Family Law
What's wrong with us?
Is it genetic?
Well, I'm not the one who cheated, so
if it's genetic, you're
the carrier, not me.
I believe I'm owed spousal support.
Okay, Bailey, when
did your marriage end?
- Their marriage is still going strong.
- What are their full names?
- Gavin and Crystal Steele.
- The Crystal Steel?
I mean, if gay people want civil unions,
fine, go for it,
but don't force the rest of us
to redefine the legal
definition of marriage
to suit your agenda.
We understand how
difficult this must be for you.
Your husband of how many years
finally coming out of the closet?
Bailey stole my husband.
Why would I pay him this?
Because, based on earnings
before Bailey entered
your life and after,
this is more than fair.
Apologies for interrupting the party.
What are you doing here?
Well, I was very impressed
with your law firm,
so I've hired Harry to
represent me in my divorce.
Oh, and you don't have to work
with your brother for the time being.
You're with me on this one.
- What?
- I'm going to need a street fighter.
You two had sex.
More financials for the Steele file.
I still can't believe we're
representing that woman in her divorce.
Mm. It's icky.
You coming to AA tonight?
Depends what time I get outta here.
Lots on your plate right now,
but AA has to take priority.
I know, I know.
Okay. So what's up?
Well, uh, let's see,
I crave a drink about three times a day.
My daughter's channeling
Jekyll and Hyde,
oh, and Frank and I slept together.
Tsk. So there's that.
Sounds like a step in
the right direction.
Is it? It was just one night.
Eh, men are more sentimental
about sex than you think.
Did you change your pass-code?
Why are you on my phone?
'Cause I can't find mine.
I'm trying to call it.
Yeah. Yeah, I changed it.
They say you're supposed to
do that every couple months.
What's the new one?
Is it easier if I just do it?
Mm. It's, uh,
six-seven eight-eight.
You got a text message.
- You can ignore it.
- It's Nina.
She says your 9:00
a.m. is pushed to 9:30.
That was my last cup
of organic Greek yogurt.
- I didn't know it was yours.
- Well, you knew it wasn't yours.
Unclench your butt-cheeks!
I'll buy you a giant tub of the stuff
on my next trip to the Bulk Bin.
Uh, they don't sell it at the Bulk Bin.
This isn't about yogurt, is it?
I didn't ask to work with Harry.
Y-you think I actually want
to represent Crystal Steele?
We have a walk-in.
Okay. Thanks, Jerri.
Actually, she was asking for Abby.
- Abby!
- Oh, my god! Hi.
Talia! Have you ever grown.
Everybody says that.
Wh what are you doing here?
I tracked you down! Family law, huh?
Yeah. I just wanted a
better work-life balance.
I know. I did my research.
It's fine!
Our mistakes don't define us.
You're my friend and a damn good lawyer,
and I could really use both right now.
- What's going on?
- It's Shaun. Well, you remember
what he was like when we were married?
Well, unsurprisingly,
he's been an even bigger
asshole since the divorce.
He's breaching our parenting agreement,
the miserable prick.
Uh, hey, maybe we should
talk in our boardroom?
Could you grab a snack and
some magazines for Talia?
I'd love to!
It's just over here.
This way.
It's my dad, he's sick back in Germany.
They just moved him
into palliative care.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
I want to take Talia with me
to go see him one last time,
but Shaun keeps putting
up all these roadblocks.
First, he wouldn't switch
a couple of parenting days with me
so I could get more affordable flights.
Wow, he really is a miserable prick.
I know, right?
So, I bite the bullet,
I get the more expensive flights,
and now he's refusing to sign
Talia's travel consent letter.
- What?
- He says he won't
let her step foot on a plane
unless she gets vaccinated.
So she's not vaccinated yet?
I would never let my child
be injected with that poison.
This woman's a friend of yours?
And a former client.
I repped her in a medical
malpractice suit
Surgeon left a sponge inside
during her hysterectomy.
Must have been a nice chunk of change.
It was.
Everyone's entitled to legal counsel.
I agree.
I was hoping I could
take this one on myself.
Not gonna happen.
Her probation won't allow it.
He's right.
Plus, I need you to
focus on the Steele case.
You take lead on this one.
But since you brought her into the firm,
I'll let you split your
time between both files.
Oh. Gee, thanks.
So, what's this all about?
Why don't I let Elaine fill you in?
Sorry, so which vaccinations
do you object to?
All of them. But it's the MMR
shot that Shaun is demanding.
He claims that he's concerned
about the measles outbreak in Germany.
- Understandable.
- Except it has nothing to do with that.
He just found out I have a boyfriend
and his fragile ego can't handle it.
You could spare yourself
the money, time, and
energy of fighting this
and just get Talia vaccinated.
Absolutely not.
My baby sister died
from her vaccinations.
My mom
never got over it.
If anything ever happened to Talia
I won't let it.
How can you be friends
with an antivaxxer?
Don't call her that.
Oh, okay, how about
a "plague enthusiast,"
or "polio fancier,"
or straight-up nutbar?
You're totally stereotyping.
We all gravitate towards positions
that support how we already feel.
It's called confirmation bias.
Thanks for the Psych 101 lecture,
but nobody asked for your opinion.
Lucy's right.
A person's beliefs don't
define who they are.
Glad to hear you say that.
Crystal's here for our meeting.
Okay, that covers division of assets.
Let's talk spousal support.
Ohh. What kind of man asks for support?
One who has a rich wife.
If I've got no choice,
let's at least make
it a one-time payment.
I wouldn't advise that.
If you pay it in a lump sum,
you'll get zero tax relief,
and you've had a pretty
good run the past few years.
The payout would be calculated on that.
I don't want a long,
drawn-out legal battle, okay?
I just want to get on with my life.
You're the client.
If that's what you want,
we'll figure out an
offer that seems fair.
Not too fair.
- You get a whiff of something there?
- Yeah.
The distinct and unmistakable
waft of horseshit.
I found a doctor who can
help with Elaine's case.
Can you meet him to get an affidavit?
Going for a ride.
Okay, so after your ride?
This is the kind of thing
that lands in the
junior counsel category.
Well, so does the work
I have to do for Harry
this afternoon.
Which lands in the sub-category
"Not my problem."
Can you at least ride by the registry
to get us into court
on a rush for tomorrow?
Sorry, can't. Today's
my long zone-two ride!
- You have to do something.
- About what?
I know you're not that oblivious.
Daniel's taken his eye off the ball.
He Actually, he's
not even in the game,
he's just standing on the sidelines.
I think you mean the dugout,
if you're going with
the baseball analogy.
You get the point.
I won't coddle him.
An unhappy Daniel is bad for business.
So, Dr. Hylund, I understand
you did a fellowship
in pediatric medicine.
And 30 years in pediatric practice.
Our client's daughter suffers
from severe bouts of eczema.
In your professional opinion,
would there be any risks
to her getting vaccinated?
Absolutely. Hundreds of studies show
that eczema and other
auto-immune disorders
can be exacerbated by vaccinations.
That's fantastic.
Hey, Peekaboo.
You getting this down?
"Exacerbated by vaccinations."
Got it.
And these vaccines cause
far more serious health problems
High fevers, infection, seizures,
Bell's Palsy, autism
Perfectly healthy babies
all of a sudden having cognitive issues.
Yeah. Okay.
I think we've got what we need.
You know, always been
kind of a late bloomer.
Failed grade one
and I was in special gym all
through elementary school.
- What the hell is "special gym"?
- My mom thought it was because
she dropped me on my head as a baby, but
- maybe it was the vaccines.
- Wait. That quack actually got to you?
I didn't say a word till I was four.
Cecil, do you know how hard it was
to find even one medical professional
with an anti-vaxx position?
Yeah, I know, but
No. Science has spoken.
Vaccines are safe and
climate change is real.
Make sure the only
thing on that affidavit
is the stuff about Talia's eczema.
Sure, that sounds great.
Thanks for meeting me.
Yeah. No problem.
So, what's up?
I am opposing you in court tomorrow.
- What?
- Yeah.
I thought it was Dean Gillespie.
He had to leave town on an emergency,
so the file got passed to me.
- Well, thanks for telling me.
- Yeah. So your friend,
- Elaine, is an antivaxxer?
- Yeah.
I was surprised.
Tough to swallow, but
- she needs someone on her side.
- That's very noble of you,
especially since you
have no chance of winning.
Soy chai latte. Your favourite.
What do you want this time?
So cynical!
It's just a small gesture
of my appreciation f
You know how I can tell
a lawyer's lying to me?
Her lips are moving.
Good one. Look.
I just want to know which
judges are on the bench tomorrow.
Oh, really? That's hardly
even bending the rules.
All right. Looks like we've got
Pennyfeather, Hingston,
Johal, Thompson, Boyte
Did you say Judge Thompson?
Yup. Down in the basement courtroom.
Do you
Is there any way you could
slot us in down there?
- Now, that would be bending the rules.
- I-I wouldn't ask,
but my client has
social anxiety disorder.
I know, but a smaller
space with fewer people
would really help her cope
with an already stressful day.
All right, but the only
reason I'm gonna do this
is because everyone else wants
to be kept out of the basement.
Thank you.
Good news.
I got us Judge Thompson.
- Everyone knows she's
- A complete whack-job?
I was going to say
an empathetic ear with
holistic sensibilities.
How did you rig that?
Another day, another soy chai latte
for my favourite trial coordinator.
Aw, thanks.
But I should let you know,
you don't have Judge Thompson anymore.
You got moved to a larger
courtroom with more security.
What? Why?
Because I requested it.
- Hey, Frank.
- We're dealing with a hot-button issue.
Emotions could run high,
there could be protesters.
Better to be safe than sorry.
See you in there.
Wow. Someone just got
out-lawyered by her ex-husband.
Which judge do we have now?
Perfect. The judge you puked on.
I didn't puke on him!
I puked in front of him.
What exactly are you looking for?
Whatever I can find.
We don't know anything
about Judge Hingston.
Aw, except you blew
chunks in his courtroom,
which is probably the only
thing coming up on Google.
Oh. Oh. I think I found something.
Hi, Abby.
There is no ambiguity here.
The benefits of vaccinations
far outweigh the risks.
We ask the court to side
with science in this dispute,
and act in the best
interests of the child.
Uh, will we be
requiring a mop and bucket
again today, Ms. Bianchi?
No, Your Honor.
Good luck.
I agree with opposing counsel,
that protecting the child's health
is what's important here.
Since Talia was a little girl,
she's suffered from debilitating eczema.
As evidenced by Dr. Hylund's affidavit,
this condition suggests
she could have an adverse reaction
to the MMR vaccine.
Your Honor,
my client has been solely responsible
for her daughter's healthcare
from the moment she was born.
Shouldn't it be this parent's decision
whether or not to vaccinate her?
Or are we supposed
to just hand over our liberty
to the legal system?
Like we're in some kind
of Big Brother state?
Some decisions need
to stay in the family.
Aren't we all entitled
to health freedom?
Her grandfather is dying
and their flight leaves in three days.
All right, Ms. Bianchi.
I've heard enough.
the science supporting vaccinations,
in this particular case,
with her mother's familiarity
with her health needs,
I order that the child
may travel to Germany with Ms. Kasur,
provided that she stay
at least 100 miles away
from the location of
the measles outbreak.
You can't be serious!
Sit down! There will be
order in my court or
you will be removed!
I deny Mr. Freeman's application
to have Talia vaccinated.
This legal system is a complete joke.
What, did you pay him
off? Hmm? With my money?
- Okay, come on. Let's go.
- Thank you.
You're a flake and a fraud, Elaine.
How dare you endanger our daughter?
We both decided not to
get her vaccinated, okay?
I humored your asinine
ideas when we were married,
no more!
- Oh, God, give me a break.
- This isn't over.
I'm gonna appeal.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I've done extensive
research on this,
Shaun, how much research have you done?
Enough to know that lavender
oil does not cure polio.
You don't give two
shits about any of this.
You're just sour that
I found a real man.
A real
I feel sorry for the poor stooge
- that has to deal with you.
- Guys.
We, uh, we better go, okay?
I love you, Tully.
Call me later, okay?
We keep promising
that we are not gonna
fight in front of her,
and we just keep doing it.
Well, every parent has
moments they're not proud of.
- She's struggling.
- Mm.
Do you think talking to
a therapist might help?
- That's a great idea.
- I know a good one,
but full disclosure
It's another half-sibling.
Ah, I'm so lucky to have you.
Anything you'd like to say?
Like, "congratulations for killing it"?
Great job, Abby.
When Talia gets measles, at
least you can say you won.
I was doing my job, okay?
- And pretty damn well, I might add.
- Do you really think Frank's not gonna
get this overturned on appeal?
- That's not the point.
- Did you even bother
to look into the death
of Elaine's sister?
Uh, no, why would I do that?
Because her entire belief
system stems on the idea
that her sister died
from her vaccinations.
I dug up the coroner's report.
It was a crib death, Abby.
Had nothing to do with vaccinations.
'Course it didn't.
You wasted your time
looking into that
when you could've been doing something,
anything, to help me prepare for court?
Instead, you've had your
bike seat stuck up your ass
while I've been busting mine.
We're supposed to act in
the client's best interests.
You've been completely unprofessional.
I've been unprofessional?
Well, you violate our code of conduct
on a daily basis.
You showed up to court drunk!
And I'm paying for it, okay?
Stuck doing double duty,
relegated to your grunt work.
Oh, you really think I want
you doing my grunt work?
You changed the entire
culture of our firm.
Ever since you arrived, I
hate coming to the office.
We defend the Crystal
Steeles of the world now.
The anti-vaxxers.
Dad never would've stooped
to this level before.
He would've made different choices.
Oh, my god.
That's what this is about?
That Harry hasn't made you partner?
Well, guess what, genius?
Even if I hadn't joined the firm,
he still wouldn't have made you partner.
You think Elaine has a
crazy confirmation bias?
Look in the mirror.
Gina? Gina!
Yes. Yes! I understand
it has sentimental value.
Yeah. Yes, of course,
I'm getting this all down.
- What's up?
- We were right.
Crystal's been a wee
bit bendy with the truth.
I'll bring her in.
Gina, I'm listening to every word,
and I promise you, Gina,
I am going to do everything in my power
to get you possession of that Vitamix.
Uh, hi.
I just wanted to say
thank you for the referral.
Elaine called. I'm
meeting Talia later today.
Was there something else?
Do you think I should
come clean with Maggie?
I think Daddy's little
girl has Peter Pan syndrome
and should grow up already.
That's kinda harsh.
Doesn't really answer my question.
There are times
I wish Frank had kept his
one-night stand to himself,
but if I'd found out some other way
it would have been way worse.
And I would have found out.
These things always come out eventually.
So what's so urgent?
We understand
congratulations are in order.
Your own network talk show.
That's huge.
Yeah, we know.
You've been spying on me?
That's what I'm paying you for?
I can represent you better
if you didn't lie to me, Crystal.
You're obviously trying to
pay out your spousal support
before Gavin gets wind of this job.
They haven't even made
me an official offer yet.
Not until you tell them to,
but they can't hold off forever.
Blah, blah, blah, we get it.
Okay, then so let's get
an agreement in place.
We smelled a rat
as soon as you volunteered
a lump-sum payment.
So will Gavin.
What reason would he have
to settle this quickly?
They're still in the honeymoon phase.
Gavin would probably do
anything for him right now.
People do crazy things for love
and I happen to know Bailey
needs a new studio space,
so maybe we can dangle that carrot.
I have to take this.
We're in a meeting.
It's Nico's principal.
I need a lawyer.
Nico was caught violating
the school's code of conduct.
Oh, yeah? What'd he do?
Bring his Medieval
monk figurines to class
when it wasn't his "share" day?
He's been forging signatures.
Um whose signatures?
Parents' signatures.
For students.
We found a calligraphy book in his desk.
He said he got it from his grandpa.
This isn't This isn't like him.
Well, this has obviously been
a challenging time for Nico.
- How so?
- I think you know how so, Ms. Bianchi.
Our son was bullied on school property,
during school hours, for weeks.
Neither you nor a single
member of your staff noticed.
- So let's not point fingers.
- I have 800 students, Mr. Bi
Nico's behavior has
nothing to do with my wife.
Nico will accept the
consequences of his actions.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
He's suspended from school for a week.
I'm up to my eyeballs.
I have to be in court.
Yeah, so do I. Against you.
Would it be possible to
postpone this suspension?
So, what are you in for?
I'm here to see my shrink.
What about you?
I'm serving a suspension
for a forgery felony.
Let me guess.
Your parents are getting divorced?
They're already divorced.
Now they're fighting
about whether I should
get vaccinated or not.
Bet you didn't know that
over a million people
wouldn't have died from tuberculosis
if they'd had vaccinations
in Medieval times.
Almost everyone is vaccinated now,
that's why I don't really have to.
It's called herd immunity
and it keeps me safe.
As long as everyone doesn't
do the same thing as you.
Hi. I'm Lucy.
Nico? What are you doing here
in the middle of a school day?
That's a long story.
Perhaps best saved for another time.
I heard your grandfather is sick.
Yeah, he's going to die soon.
He has cancer in his stomach.
I'm really sorry to hear that, Talia.
Are you two close?
My Opa took me
for a ride on the back
of a motorbike one time.
It was awesome.
We didn't tell my mom.
My mom died of cancer when I was eight.
I think the worst part was knowing
that there was nothing
I could do to stop it.
I felt so powerless.
Are you feeling anxious?
- Yeah.
- Because of your Opa?
And also just
about what my parents say.
What do they say?
My dad says that if I
don't get vaccinated,
I could get bloody
boils all over my body
and could just drop dead.
My mom says that if I do get the shots,
I could drop dead.
I don't know who to believe.
You can love your parents
and disagree with them at the same time.
You don't have to pick sides.
You decide what you
believe for yourself.
Hello, Grandson! What
are you doing here?
He's gonna be in the office all week.
He's been suspended from school.
- Suspended?
- Mm-hmm, for forging parents'
signatures on report cards.
How did he learn to do that, you ask?
With the calligraphy book you gave him.
Canterbury's my favorite font.
Not easy to replicate a signature.
That's a real talent.
Just try not to foster
criminal behaviour here, Harry.
Can I eat this?
Go nuts.
I need to tell you something.
Is everything all right?
So, a few months ago
I met a woman at Velvet.
She kissed me.
Did you kiss her back?
I didn't pull away.
Oh, God.
How could you?
You know what I went
through with Janice.
I know.
Then what happened?
That's it.
- Why did you do it?
- I don't know.
We got married so fast.
Because you begged me to.
I know.
I guess I just
I miss parts of my old life.
I miss going to the club with you.
I never said I wouldn't go to the club.
You never say yes.
Well, I just
I can't go to work at 5:00 a.m.
on three hours' sleep anymore.
I'm so sorry, Maggie.
I messed up!
You did.
Maybe we could
find some fun things to
do that work for both of us.
Thank you.
Do you know them?
I met them online.
They're from my "Parents
for Holistic Healing" group.
They came out to support me!
The separation agreement states
that both parties agreed
their daughter, Talia,
would not be vaccinated.
Despite the appeal you
heard from opposing counsel,
Judge Hingston has already
ruled in my client's favour.
Your Honor, I ask
that you uphold Judge Hingston's ruling
to follow the separation agreement
and allow Talia to travel to Germany.
With all due respect to Judge Hingston,
there is no honor in
upholding a decision
that compromises the health of a child.
The risk of contracting
measles in Germany is too high.
Talia will not be
permitted to travel overseas
unless she is vaccinated.
My dad won't get to say
goodbye to his granddaughter.
He's gonna be heartbroken.
I'm sorry.
I know what it's like,
having your autonomy
as a parent taken away.
It sucks.
She was just so dismissive, you know?
People put blind faith
in traditional healthcare.
It's What does that judge know?
She hasn't heard the
stories I've heard
Hundreds of real-life horror stories.
have you ever read the
medical examiner's report
- on your sister's death?
- I know what it says.
My mother didn't
believe it for a second.
Neither do I.
Are you happy we lost?
Of course not.
I hate losing.
It's just, as your friend,
I feel like I have to say that
not vaccinating Talia,
even though I know you're
You're just trying to protect her
it could hurt her
and others.
Just get her vaccinated, Elaine.
Even though I know it's scary,
just do it and-and
take her to see her Opa.
How could you?
How dare you?
You're supposed to be on my side.
Elaine, I am on your side.
You're not.
I thought you were my friend.
So how exactly did
your report card scam work?
It wasn't just report cards.
I also wrote notes for kids, too.
- What kind of notes?
- Hmm
permission to go off
school grounds during lunch,
sit out of gym,
leave class early for
dentist appointments.
You're a nice boy, Nico.
Is that bad?
Those kids reaped the
benefits of your skills
with zero risk.
What did you get out of it?
A suspension.
And money.
Y You were charging
for your services?
$5.00 a signature.
How much did you make?
150 bucks.
You know, it's never too early
to start building an
investment portfolio.
Mr. Svensson?
- Mrs. Steele is in the boardroom.
- Oh.
Wanna play Crazy Eights?
This is basically Bailey's dream studio.
- He has good taste.
- He has expensive taste.
He'll want it.
And Gavin?
Will want what Bailey wants.
I talked to a mortgage broker.
She thinks they'd have
to put down about 300K.
I think that's in the ballpark.
my husband leaves me
and now I'm stuck
paying for his new life
with his Picasso-wannabe boy-toy,
to whom I already paid a hundred grand?
The price of success.
Fine. Let's
Let's do it.
I made sure
the realtor got the listing
into Bailey's in-box today.
Jerri, could you get Gavin
Steele's lawyer in here?
This afternoon, if possible?
Do something.
Going for another bike ride?
What gave you that impression?
When is this going to end?
- Hmm?
- You, freezing me out,
which is particularly shitty
when we work in the same office.
Well, not as shitty as
my little sister running
my engagement breakup
pool in our office.
Look. It was insensitive and I'm sorry,
but you can't stay mad at me forever.
"So, what're you guys playing?"
What, uh, what game you
guys got going on here?"
"Whatchoo playin'?"
"Oh, Crazy Eights? I am
crazy about Crazy Eights."
What? No.
"Oh, Crazy Eights, huh?
Yeah, I'll play.
But I won't go easy."
Nailed it ♪
So! Crazy Eights, huh?
- What?
- "X-Y-Z"
"examine your zipper."
Happens to the best of us.
Last card.
- Thank you for coming in, Winnie.
- Uh, where's Gavin?
He asked me to handle this without him.
He'd like to avoid being
in the same room as you.
- Wow, Winnie. Great people skills.
- Thank you.
We'd like to offer Gavin
spousal support payments.
This is the monthly
figure we've calculated
based on Crystal's annual earnings.
We think it's more than fair.
- Hmm. I see.
- And Crystal's income
has historically risen every year,
so one could reasonably assume
these payments will
continue to increase
That seems optimistic,
considering most of Crystal's
upcoming speaking engagements
have been canceled.
Maybe that's because your
client's sloppy public announcement
alienated half her fan-base.
Just spit-balling.
I sense a case of "SIRS"
looming in the very near future.
"Sudden Income Reduction Syndrome."
I assure you this isn't the case.
Crystal's actively
looking for employment
and she's already had some nibbles.
A possible book deal,
some television offers
I have no doubt her income
will continue to trend up.
Crystal's brand has been tarnished and,
judging by all this bravado,
her work opportunities are diminished.
I've been directed by my client
to ask for a lump-sum
payment of 625,000.
I don't have that kind of money!
Gavin damn well knows that.
We're prepared to offer 220.
- 500.
- 260.
- 480.
- 280!
Surely, you jest.
Well, Gavin says "350 or no deal."
It's as low as he'll go.
We'll want a full dismissal of support
and a signed release to
acknowledge that Crystal's income
could go up or down in the future.
We don't have a crystal ball.
Of course not, that would just be weird.
All right, fine.
I guess we have an agreement.
Daniel, you came.
No talking.
Talia was a no-show
at her session today.
That's odd.
Elaine said she was getting
loads out of the therapy,
when she was still speaking to me.
Straight to voicemail.
Maybe because she's not speaking to you.
- Maybe.
- Where are you going?
To stop Elaine from
kidnapping her daughter.
Do we really think Elaine
would take off with Talia?
She's a delinquent at heart.
No wonder you two get along so well.
Their flight was originally
scheduled to leave tomorrow,
but she might be trying
to get out of Dodge
before Shaun notices they're gone.
There's a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt
that leaves in four hours.
Hopefully, they haven't
left for the airport yet.
I'm good.
So, I've given
your request for partnership
some more thought.
I want to offer you an
eat-what-you-kill deal.
You get to keep 50% of
everything you bring into the firm.
- Yeah, I know what it means.
- It's more money
and autonomy
without any of the risks of partnership.
Get you focused on fee production.
I'm plenty focused.
Then we can re-open the
partnership discussion
down the line.
What do you think?
It's an interesting idea.
It's a good deal, Danny.
I'll think about it.
Look, I know what you're gonna say.
- Really?
- Because I don't know where to start.
Maybe we should let them talk alone.
Look, I know that this seems crazy.
This is crazy.
It is completely insane.
The system is rigged to support
this patriarchal bullshit.
Well, I'm not gonna let Shaun
or that sanctimonious judge
make my decisions.
This is my family, my life.
They have no right!
I-I hear you,
but you can't beat the system this way.
Be smart.
My dad is dying!
Listen to me.
Not only would catching that flight
be a breach of your court order,
but leaving the country
without Shaun's consent
- It's child abduction.
- I can't abduct my own daughter.
The courts will disagree.
You will lose custody of her.
Do you get that? You'll go to prison!
How much good do you
think you'll be to Talia
from a jail cell?
She She needs you.
What if we don't come home?
I won't go to prison
if Talia and I stay in Germany for good.
You're not thinking straight.
I want to support you, but
this is my line.
Do you understand?
How are you feeling?
- About the trip?
- No. I'm not scared to
go to Germany anymore.
What are you scared of?
To tell my mom I got vaccinated.
Talia's all up-to-date
on her vaccinations.
Elaine found a flight
that leaves tomorrow night.
Are you okay with that?
Do I have a choice?
How the hell did Talia
forge our signatures so well?
Listen, man, um,
thank you for everything.
I hope I never see
you again. No offense.
None taken.
So, are we going to discipline our son?
You mean after that punishing
suspension he's already endured?
- Nah.
- Honestly?
- I'm a bit proud.
- Mm-hmm.
But if he ever tries to
forge one of our signatures,
he's a dead boy.
Ah! I have to admit,
between Sofia and Charles Manson Kid,
now Nico's new-found rebellious streak.
I am struggling to
keep on top of it all.
Single parenting's impossible.
Single parenting? That's
a bit of a stretch.
I've had Nico all week.
And thank you.
No problem.
I love seeing so much of him.
Maybe it's time to adjust
the parenting agreement.
That would be great.
- Nice shot to finish 'em off, babe.
- Thanks.
Hey, you!
I didn't know you were in the league.
Um, we just joined.
Asha, this is my wife.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
So how do you two know each other?
Just the community.
You know. Around.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
Gotta dash. Night shift.
So you're married, huh?
I should've told you.
We can't keep doing this.
I really want to make
my marriage work, Asha.
And I respect that.
I really do.
But we should probably
say goodbye properly,
don't you think?
That washroom is filthy.
A filthy washroom for a filthy girl.
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