Family Law (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Blame It on the Mother

Previously, on Family Law
Maybe it's time to adjust
the parenting agreement.
That would be great.
Dad raised me on his own when Mom died.
- How old were you when she passed away?
- Eight.
Apologies for interrupting the party.
I was very impressed with your law firm,
so I've hired Harry to
represent me in my divorce.
I should never have proposed.
We can't get married.
I want to offer you an
eat-what-you-kill deal.
You get to keep 50%
of everything you bring into the firm.
I'll think about it.
I'm glad we could get
together, the four of us.
Your mom and I have some news.
- You're getting a divorce?
- No.
[NICO] You're coming home?
Not yet, Peanut.
[FRANK] We're gonna
do week on, week off.
You'll spend one with me, one with Mom.
[NICO] Oh.
That sucks. Well, it does!
Now we're going to be going
back and forth all the time.
I got a zero on my French
homework because you left it
- at Jo-Jo's on Sunday.
- I left it?
Now stuff like that's
gonna happen even more.
Actually, mathematically speaking,
it'll happen less
just 'cause you'll be
in one place longer.
And how am I supposed to see Justin
if I'm trapped way over there?
I seem to remember he
found his way to Jo-Jo's
- quite easily.
- Abby.
- You'll still get to see your friends.
- And what about volleyball?
I'll have to get up at, like, 5:00
- for practices.
I have fencing on Tuesdays.
And Thursdays are my trivia club.
We need to work out logistics, but
[SOFIA] You know, I'm so sick of this.
Just 'cause you ruined
your life does not mean
you get to screw up ours.
One thing I bet you didn't know
is that soy can delay puberty in girls.
Guess it's too late.
[YANNICK] "Eat what you kill"?
Seriously, dude?
More money, fewer headaches.
Please. It's a consolation prize.
I thought you wanted your
name on the letterhead?
We're gonna revisit
partnership down the line.
"Eat what you kill"
is what senior partners offer guys
who aren't good enough to be
invited to the dinner table.
That's not what this is.
You know, I've been meaning to ask
mind if I swipe right?
Mind if I piss in your water bottle?
Too soon?
How're you doing?
You'd think it'd get easier.
I know. I miss her, too. Every day.
This week, leading up, I
It takes the wind out
of you, doesn't it?
I had Jerri clear my Friday morning.
I'll get the flowers.
[JERRI] I will see all
three of you tonight.
- 5:30.
- I'll be there.
Harry's ego doesn't
need any more inflating.
- Abigail.
- He's not even gonna notice
- Fine.
- Yeah, I'm not going.
[JERRI] You are.
If not for Harry, for me.
I'll come for his speech, but
I'm not staying for drinks.
Uh, Mister Daniel?
Ms. Creedy and Mrs.
Vanderhausen are here.
Put them in the boardroom, please.
I'm hoping we can
keep them out of court.
Of course you are. Why would
you want to make any real money?
Good morning.
Trish Creedy,
Kim Vanderhausen, this
is my junior associate,
Abigail Bianchi.
Daniel tells me
your mother is suing
you for parental support.
She's not getting a dime.
She made her bed, she can lie in it.
Our mother was physically
and psychologically abusive.
- Oh, she still is. She's cold
- Manipulative, vindictive.
Mean. She's just mean.
See this?
She did that.
Threw a toy at her when
she was two years old,
'cause she wouldn't stop crying.
[TRISH] Now she thinks
somehow we owe her,
after everything she's put us through.
- What about your father?
- He died before I was born.
- Maybe if he'd been around
- No, nothing would've changed.
She's a monster.
[NINA] Knock-knock?
Carole Creedy is here with her lawyer.
[WARMLY] Hello, Trish.
You look well.
How are my grandkids?
You can't prove it
You got nothing legit
The glove don't fit
You gotta acquit
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't no sucker
Ain't your lollipop
You can kiss my sweet
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
You can't prove it
My, uh, client, uh, needs
h-help with the, uh
- uh
- um
she doesn't have enough
to cover her basic, uh
- [SNAPS] "Necessities of life."
- Right!
Then maybe she moves to a cheaper city.
My life is here, close
to family and friends.
What family and friends?
You've alienated everyone.
I know we'd all like to
find a reasonable solution.
I'm not asking for much.
Just a small helping hand.
Tell them, Clark.
Where was that helping
hand when we were kids?
You never showed us any affection.
You bullied us, undermined us.
Right, Kim?
You had a good, but strict, upbringing.
I kept a roof over your
head, shoes on your feet.
You treated us like indentured servants!
One Christmas, we
both asked for Barbies.
Oh, here we go.
Why do you always have to
bring up that Christmas?
She bought one Barbie.
Whoever did more chores
that day could keep it.
And after we'd spent the day cleaning,
she ripped the doll's head
off, threw it in the fireplace,
because we were both
"spoiled little brats".
I was at my wit's end.
There were bills piling up.
I was working three jobs.
I always did the best
I could for you girls.
[TRISH] That was your best?
Have you explained to your client
that the law regarding parental support
was repealed,
and that her only recourse is
by making a claim in equity?
[STAMMERING] Uh, w-well
And if she takes this
to court, she will lose,
because "he who comes to equity,
must come with clean hands."
Right, yeah, the, uh,
"clean hands," um
It's also highly unlikely you'll win
because you already receive
a government pension
and Old Age Security.
Is that true, Clark?
I think it would be,
uh, better if we could
come up with a compromise here today?
You want our money?
Take us to court.
I expected this from you, Trish,
but not from my sweet Kimmy.
I can't afford to go to court.
You heard them. She won't win.
This might cheer you up.
Been holding on to it for you.
Sorry we haven't had a
chance to see each other
since I got back.
Is this the bag you bought last year?
[TRISH] Yeah, you said you loved it.
I treated myself to a new one in Milan.
[FORCED] Wow. Thanks.
Thanks for trying.
Abby will be in touch with
you to prep you for court.
That lawyer of hers, Clark
bargain basement
I don't think his
testicles have dropped.
What judge is gonna
hear that Barbie story
and make them pay?
Carole should be paying
them for lifelong therapy.
Yeah, the Barbie thing
wasn't flattering,
but come on.
She was raising two kids on her own,
juggling three jobs
She must've been exhausted.
You don't know,
- you don't have kids.
- And if I did,
I wouldn't expect them to support me,
especially if I ruined their childhoods.
Did you take my yogurt again?
I-I'm just saying, she probably did
the best she could
with the tools she had.
Every parent has ugly moments.
Yours was on YouTube.
To be fair,
you didn't exactly have
the best role model.
Well, still had my mom.
We heard the stories
Joanne teaching you
to mix a mean Manhattan
when you were seven.
I heard the stories
of your mother having sex
with my mother's husband.
And your mother having sex
with his mother's husband.
Oh, my God!
You both have the emotional
intelligence of a tick.
There's only two
things we need to prove.
One, Carole's hands are not clean.
Two, Trish and Kim can't afford
to support themselves and their mother.
Jerri, I need you to
look over my speech.
Oh, hey!
Just the man I wanted to see.
It's Nina's birthday on Friday
and I want to surprise her.
Surely, there must be
someone else who can help you.
Oh, no, no, no, no. This is perfect.
I mean, my little girl's turning 22
who better to make her feel special
- than the Big Boss Man himself?
- Jerri is usually the person who
Yeah, and Nina's gonna be back
from the washroom any second.
Let's talk in your office. Come on.
- I have a client.
- Aw, sure, sure.
This'll just take a second.
I made a banner. Can you believe that?
I'll bring it Thursday night
when I bring you the balloons.
I just need a place to keep them.
Maybe you could decorate her desk
Essentially, we need to show the judge
your mother was a total nightmare,
and then we need to establish
you can't afford to make
any support payments.
That won't be a problem.
Reggie and I barely keep our
heads above water as it is.
With three kids and
a car payment, rent
it's a struggle every month.
What about your mother?
When did things start
to go south between you?
I started dating Reggie
right after high school.
My mother called him "the Shih Tzu".
- 'Cause of the business?
- No.
She thought he looked like a Shih Tzu.
She said he was the best I was gonna get
'cause I let my figure go.
I tried to ignore all the hurtful stuff,
'cause, you know, she's
still my kids' grandmother.
What was the final straw?
She told my youngest
that she better be smart,
'cause she's fat, like her mom
but without the pretty face.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Come on up. Come on.
[ABIGAIL] So no dependents?
[TRISH] Just me.
Trish, you've got a $90,000
car in your driveway.
It's gonna be hard to argue
you can't afford to support your mother.
Just because I've worked hard
and been smart with my money
doesn't mean she's
entitled to any of it.
Oh, I-I'm not saying she is.
I'm saying
leave the Prada bag at home
when we go in front of the judge.
We'll focus on proving
she doesn't deserve your support.
In third grade,
when Jamie Bonner slammed
my head into a metal pole,
she said it must've been my fault
because I was "too mouthy".
When I was 11,
she dragged me
out of my friend's
slumber party by my ear,
because I hadn't given
her my babysitting money.
Oh, I've got plenty of proof.
How much time do you have?
[CHANCELLOR] We are always
looking for new ways to
cultivate opportunities
for the best and brightest
incoming students, regardless of
- Where is Abigail?
- Their financial situation.
Svensson shares this vision.
He's served on the board
of our alumni committee,
hired articling students
from our law school,
and continued to champion
the expansion of
[HUSHED] You were right.
- Our uniquely progressive
- Carole's truly awful.
the gap between Kim and Trish's incomes
is a chasm.
- Please join me in
- Doesn't matter.
We just need to
establish Carole's not
- Quiet!
- Shh!
[CHANCELLOR] Mr. Harry Svensson.
Thank you. Thank you, Chancellor,
for that very, very kind introduction.
This fine institution
gave me the training I needed
to build the thriving law firm
I've helmed for over three decades.
I'm aware of this privilege.
For too long,
our profession has
closed doors to women.
Today, I am delighted
to endow my alma mater with the funds
to offer an annual
Harry Svensson Entrance Scholarship
to a promising female law student.
when I was a student here,
I had heard about Wreck Beach
and all the natural
wonders of the student body
on full display.
I want to tell you,
that left something to be desired.
My classmates were almost all men!
[WHISPERING] He's going off-script.
[HARRY] Now I look out and see
all these bright, accomplished women,
and it fills me with
hope for the future and
more than a little envy
that I'm not a student here today.
- Oh, Harry
- But let's talk about
- Maybe no one will notice.
- Hope for the future,
because that's really why I'm here.
- What
- Thank you so much.
[HARRY] I'm just gonna to finish up.
I just want to say, before I
Hey. Stop it.
Stop it.
[HARRY] You know, I
I had
Well, it was, you know,
my old Halcyon days.
I mean, I was
[JOANNE] "A scholarship for women
named after a misogynist.
Hashtag 'no irony there'."
"Boomer solution to
high tuition costs
Look good naked for a
creepy, old white guy."
'Kay, I know you're loving this,
but you don't have to
read them all out loud.
I don't even think what
he said is that bad,
but it sure is fun to
look at the carnage.
- [SOFIA] Hello?
Hey, Sofe. How are ya?
I can't talk. We're gonna be late.
Uh, okay, could you just
put your dad on the
- phone?
She's just trying to get
out the door for school.
Hi. You've reached Frank Bianchi.
Please leave a message.
- [BEEP]
- Hey, Frank.
Did you get that email from our tenants
about moving out?
Just wanna run something past you.
Call me back.
Do not tell me that you're suggesting
that you live in your own basement.
It's a garden suite.
And it would make things
easier for the kids.
- You paid for that house!
- You know what?
I got to go.
I have a therapy
appointment before work.
Well, don't let her make
it all about your mother.
[ABIGAIL] She was
teaching me fractions
2/3 whiskey, 1/3 sweet vermouth
It's not like I was drinking them.
I just liked the cherries!
Why does everyone assume
the mother is the root of all problems
and a father who babysits
his own kids gets a medal?
I'm wondering,
- are we talking about your mother?
- Were you not listening?
Is it possible your brother's comment
Is it possible
his comment about Joanne
was especially acute
because of your interaction with Sofia?
She said you are "screwing up" her life?
Yeah, along with the
rest of the family's.
No matter what I do,
she just won't let me
make up for my mistakes.
I'm, uh, defending these two sisters.
They detest their mother.
And if you could hear the stories
I mean, I know I'm not
winning "Parent of the Year,"
but compared to this woman
Sounds like
the case is triggering
some of your own fears.
Yeah, I keep thinking, "Is
that gonna be me and Sofia?"
"I want to thank God,
my parents, and Harry Svensson.
He says I have all the right assets
to become a 'lady lawyer'."
That's so mean.
Mr. Svensson's not a bad guy.
He's just like my Grampy, you know?
Bit of a dinosau oh!
Good morning, Mr. Svensson!
Great to see you, sir.
You need to apologize, Harry.
Before it gets worse.
You're making a mountain
out of a molehill.
Right, Danny?
What you said was
inappropriate and offensive.
Oh, spare me your wokeness.
At the very least, it
was completely tone deaf.
And you should've known better.
I'm not going to
dignify all this nonsense
with some pathetic mea culpa.
I referred to them as
"bright, accomplished women."
[DANIEL] Yeah!
Then you had us imagine them naked.
I know you have work to do
because I don't pay you to lecture me.
When I was 15, she
locked me in the basement.
I trust it was heated?
No. It was dark, cold, a cement floor.
I was down there for a week
with nothing but a moldy sleeping bag.
- What about food?
- Twice a day,
she'd leave a glass of water
and a bologna sandwich
at the top of the stairs.
- You must have had a washroom.
- Just a bucket.
[DANIEL] Can you please
explain to the court how
that experience affected you?
I developed a profound
phobia of spiders.
And also a pretty serious drug habit,
that took 10 years
and the love and support
of my sister to overcome.
And how did your mother respond
when she learned you were an addict?
- [TRISH] She kicked me out.
- [DANIEL] How old were you?
[TRISH] 16.
16 years old.
Turned her back on you.
Left you to fend for
yourself on the streets
- with nothing.
- Objection.
Ms. Creedy, is it safe to say
your mother abandoned you
- when you needed her the most?
- Yes.
Objection, Your Honor. Uh
uh, he's leading the witness?
Sustained. Watch yourself, counsel.
Apologies, Your Honor.
My mother put me in beauty pageants.
- How old were you?
- Three.
Did you enjoy competing
in these pageants?
I liked winning.
- Never keep the prize money, though.
- Why not?
My mom said we needed
it for rent and food.
What happened when you wanted to quit?
- She wouldn't let me.
- But you did stop,
when you were 12, is that right?
I couldn't talk back to my mother
or tell her how I felt,
so I just started eating
and I gained enough weight to
make sure I would never win.
And how did your mother respond to that?
She padlocked the fridge.
Once, she caught me
stealing a box of crackers.
Did she punish you?
Spank you
with a wooden spoon so you couldn't
sit down for a week?
That was the beginning
of your lifelong eating
disorder, correct?
I know that was hard, but you did great.
I feel bad saying all
that stuff about her
in front of strangers.
[DANIEL] You were
just stating the facts.
I know, but it feels wrong.
Hey, listen to me.
We're protecting ourselves.
Why don't you go grab some lunch?
We'll meet you back here at 2:00.
Harry Svensson!
Can I get your side of the
story for the campus paper?
No. K-Keep walking.
You You want a statement?
I have always been a
staunch supporter of women.
I know how important it is
to level the playing field.
When did we, as a society,
decide it was no longer appropriate
to recognize beauty?
Am I not supposed to find the model
on that poster attractive?
Of course I am!
The marketing team is counting on it!
Now, let me ask you something.
When you dress up to go out
Mrs. Vanderhausen, before the break,
we were talking about
how your mother alienated
your husband and children
[CAROLE] Oh, for heaven's sake!
She's putting words in her mouth.
Right. Objection!
Just get on with it, Ms. Bianchi.
What do you believe
is the root cause of your estrangement?
I wouldn't call it "estrangement".
W-Would it be fair to say
you and your mother have
not been on good terms
for several years?
We've had our differences.
But I know how hard it was for her.
My sister and I weren't
always the easiest.
Maybe she wasn't the best,
but she's still our mother.
Please, Trish, we have
to do the right thing.
What the hell was that?
We were all on the
same team before lunch.
I'm sorry.
I saw her outside.
Mom got to you, didn't she?
Same old sob story
about how broke she is.
No! I didn't even talk to her.
But she's lost so much weight.
I don't think she's been eating.
She made her choices.
Two grand a month
would be nothing to you!
- That's not the point.
- Reggie and I
have three kids to feed.
You fly business class
to Italy every year.
I'll be the one on the
hook for this, not you.
You said that we were in this together.
You just threw me under the bus!
All you care about
is your expensive
clothes and your shoes.
I don't want your hand-me-downs.
It's Prada.
your eyes peeled for me
on a major cable
network in coming months.
That's all I can share for now.
Let's get to what's happening
to poor Harry Svensson,
one of our city's
most well-respected litigators.
You see, the social justice warriors
have their knickers in a knot
over a joke he made in a speech.
For goodness sake, people!
The man is making a
substantial charitable donation,
and now he's under attack
for daring to be a red-blooded male.
It was a joke. Okay?
Svensson and Associates.
Dad, the last thing you need
is Crystal Steele
coming to your defense.
Would you like to reschedule?
I'll let him know. Have a great day!
Uh, Mr. Svensson?
Madison Danvers just canceled.
She says that her brand
can't be associated with
a perceived misogynist.
- No offense.
- "No offense"?
Oh, I added that last bit.
People are gonna think you
share her backwards values.
I happen to agree with
her in this instance.
You can still fix this.
Distance yourself from
Crystal and apologize.
No. You know what
happens the minute I say
anything remotely apologetic?
The moral crusaders smell blood
and get all worked up again
into their little frenzy
of self-righteousness.
[LUCY] We have to save Dad from himself.
Preferably before he takes
the whole firm down with him.
I've tried. I can't get through to him.
We need professional help.
Someone who's skilled in
re-framing the conversation.
I'll call her.
Okay is that a good idea?
Daniel can put on his big-boy pants.
[CAROLE] I tried my best
to raise my daughters right.
I was on my own after
their father passed.
And what happened to your husband?
He was in the Special Forces,
God rest him.
Some hush-hush military operation.
I had a toddler
and a baby on the way when I lost him.
- And how old were you then?
- 19.
Uh, no job.
I-I dropped out of high
school in grade eight.
Uh, that must have put
you under a lot of stress.
Uh, withdrawn, withdrawn. Sorry. Uh
[CAROLE] You probably want
to know why I locked
Trish in the basement.
Yes! That That would
be helpful, thank you.
I know it sounds harsh,
but I didn't know what else to do.
Trish was running around
with a drug dealer.
I didn't want to see
her drop out like I did
End up pregnant and broke.
Ahem! And, uh, ahem,
what happened when you
opened the basement door
- and let her out?
- She took off.
Moved in with the coke-head
and lost three years of her life,
and I spent every penny I had
paying for Trish to go through rehab.
She sent me this card
just before she got out of rehab.
She wrote, "Dear Mom,
I'm sorry for everything
I put you through.
Thank you for supporting me
and getting me the help I needed.
I'm gonna pay you back "
[VOICE BREAKS] "every cent."
everything for my girls.
I wasn't perfect.
But don't I deserve their help
after all the sacrifices I made?
Uh, n-no further questions.
It was part of rehab
I was making amends, and
it was over 30 years ago.
Doesn't matter. It still hurt us.
Not as much as Kim's 180.
This was a slam dunk.
The judge could decide
your mom's entitled to something.
We might want to consider settling.
[DANIEL] We can win this.
Precedent is on our side
and her lawyer's a disaster.
Excuse me. I have an appointment.
I would rather spend
everything I have on legal bills
than give her a cent.
Okay. Okay.
Uh, was your dad Army,
Navy, or Air Force?
Army, I think. I just have
that one photo of him.
You don't know where he was stationed?
Kim and I used to daydream
he wasn't really dead
He was on some secret spy mission
and, one day, he'd break down the door
and rescue us.
So you don't remember
anything at all about him?
After my mom threw that toy at me
I remember him cradling
me in the back of a cab,
taking me to the hospital,
holding a towel to my head,
and he was singing "Hush, Little Baby."
Can I borrow your photo of him?
Good news, dude.
Danielle pulled her profile.
Did she?
You knew that. You've been creeping.
You just dropped a
hundred bucks on lunch
and this is what you
wanted to talk about?
Okay. Cold, hard truth.
Your dad's never gonna make you partner.
I mean, no offense
to the old man, but
Pitch me.
You got until the gelato cart.
- Pick your own clients.
- I do that already.
You can hand off the
junk files to juniors.
Oh, I give those to Abby.
Guaranteed partner before 40.
Then there's the
Arbutus Club membership,
the Vancouver Golf Club,
the expense account
Look, I can give you a million
reasons to join our firm,
but as your friend
I'm telling you, it's time to jump ship.
Ever want to rise to the bench,
- you gotta ditch your dad and sister.
- Half-sister.
Whatever. Being associated
with the Drunk Defender
and the Lecherous Litigator
isn't doing you any favors.
Oh. I guess I'm done.
Keep going.
I mention our last firm
retreat was in the Bahamas?
I got your favourite
Cheeseburger, extra pickles.
Before you shoot down my idea?
There's no way I'm gonna let you
live in the basement suite.
Hey, I paid for half of that house.
Let's alternate weeks.
Whoever has the kids
stays upstairs with them.
Or we could all stay upstairs.
[LAUGHS] Abby.
All right, worth a shot.
But who knows what might happen if we
leave the basement door unlocked.
[AMUSED] Hmph.
- Hey.
- Hi! Uh
Are we still on for tomorrow?
Lucy-Goosey, of course.
The university wants to take
your name off the scholarship.
Dad, just apologize!
They're suggesting
"Merit Entrance Award".
Do those boneheads really
think they get to take my money
without any recognition?
They assume you want to
make amends for your speech.
You can still salvage this.
Get those ball-less wonders
on the phone right now!
Kowtowing to every
Oh, my god. That word
has racist overtones.
Oh, for Christ's sake!
The word comes from Imperial China.
It means to show subservience,
to grovel,
which is exactly what
I expect the Chancellor
and her gutless band of toadies to do
when I tell them I'm putting
a stop payment on that check!
You look great.
I didn't expect
Do you want to grab some coffee or ?
In what universe would
I be here to see you?
[JERRI] Danielle!
Thank God, you're here.
The man is entrenched.
[ABIGAIL] If Trish's father
was killed in the line of duty,
Carole would be entitled
to death benefits,
so find out which branch
of military he served in
- and for how long.
- Why are we helping Carole?
We're not.
If we can prove she's
been stashing money,
the case falls apart.
"Jim Creedy, 1968."
Not much to go on.
Low blow, Abby, even for you.
Thank you?
You could've asked me
before hiring Danielle.
I was far from alone
in making that decision.
And in case you haven't noticed,
Harry keeps digging himself deeper
and somebody's gotta
take away his shovel.
There are dozens of other
spin doctors in the city.
She's the best, and you know it.
And you broke off the engagement.
Why should she lose work?
[ABIGAIL] Knock next time.
Mr. Svensson,
I know your heart was in the right place
and you would never do or say anything
intentionally demeaning towards women.
The money is for a woman
to help pay for law school,
- for crying out loud.
- The recipient is posting
about whether or not
she can accept the
money in good conscience.
Oh, come on!
And while this backlash
seems disproportionate to your comments,
your brand has suffered damage.
How many clients have you lost?
One, but
Three cancellations,
two reschedules.
Are you familiar with the
journalist Sandra Dell?
The militant feminist
who believes middle-aged white men
are the root of all evil?
Great. You're having
breakfast with her tomorrow
- at her favourite vegan restaurant.
- I will not.
Mr. Svensson,
I'll be blunt.
If you have any other
skeletons in your closet
An office romance that went south,
an off-color joke,
a barista you shared
a flirty chat with
now is the time to tell me.
I don't want to see your
name on the "Shitty Men List".
This is your script.
You stick to it,
you'll not only survive,
you'll come out stronger than ever.
You were far from the perfect mother.
[JOANNE, SCOFFS] Uncalled for.
But thank you for not
padlocking the fridge
or trapping me in the basement.
You're doing that all by yourself.
Have you told the kids?
Not yet.
I'm sure Sofia's gonna
find a way to hate the idea.
Oh, she's 13.
It's her job to criticize you.
It doesn't mean I like
the way she's treating you.
- I was never like that.
- Do the words
anyone finds out we're related,
I'll kill myself"
ring a bell?
Did I really say that?
I didn't take it personally.
I'm sorry.
As if it wasn't hard
enough being a single parent
after Harry left.
Oh, please. You were
developing your independence,
which is exactly what Sofia's doing.
Mothers and daughters
a terrifying tale as old as time.
Hi, Cecil.
I found Jim Creedy's military record.
And his death certificate, too.
Mrs. Creedy,
you told us your husband
was in the Special Forces,
that he died
in the line of duty
serving his country.
That's right.
I'd like to introduce into evidence
Jim Creedy's military record.
That's got nothing to do with
any of this. Clark, object!
Uh, uh, uh Objection! Irrelevant?
That's up to me, Counsel.
I'll allow it.
Jim Creedy was no war hero.
Far from it.
He was an alcoholic.
The army kicked him out
after he served a year.
He died in a drunk-driving accident
six years ago.
[CLARK] Uh, Y-Your Honor,
what does any of this
have to do with our
- With anything?
- Our dad only died six years ago?
Mrs. Creedy grossly
mischaracterized her husband.
How can we believe any of her testimony?
You're worse than I thought,
keeping him from us
No wonder he left you.
He didn't leave. I left him!
I ran! In the middle of the night!
He came home pissed, again.
Tripped over one of your toys
and threw it at you so hard,
I thought he'd killed you!
I rushed you to the hospital in a cab.
Sang while you wailed
[TEARING UP] and after
they stitched you up
I did not go back.
I got on a Greyhound bus out west.
Why not tell your daughters the truth?
Why protect him all these years?
I wasn't protecting him.
My mother ran off when I was three.
Left me behind
with my daddy
who never believed I was his.
I knew what it was like
growing up with a father
who didn't want me
and I was not
gonna let my girls think
their daddy didn't want them.
You think I should settle.
- Yes.
- No.
Nothing she says changes
how she treated me.
Our relationship is dead.
But what about your sister?
If you make the
payments, you can focus on
repairing the relationship
that matters to you.
Or you can let the judge
rule, probably in our favour,
and you won't have to pay a thing.
My whole life,
I grew up thinking my dad was a saint,
and that if he hadn't died,
my sister and I would've had love.
Now I guess I'm just the
product of two monsters.
I seem to remember
you mocking me when I
wanted her to settle.
And I seem to remember you
caring about your clients
more than racking up billable hours.
Look. We can keep dragging this out,
but do you really want
to see that old woman
end up in the gutter, eating cat food?
[HARRY] So what's good here?
[SANDRA DELL] Everything.
I should say
that this is on me.
That would be inappropriate.
Right. Okay.
We'll go Dutch.
Not that I'm saying
Dutch citizens are stingy.
I find their culture
to be highly equitable,
- Ms. Dell.
- Sandra's fine.
I-I deeply regret
the remarks I made earlier this week.
It was never my intention to offend,
and yet I hold myself solely responsible
for how hurtful my comments were,
especially towards women.
[HARRY] It's been a hard lesson for me,
but an important one.
Times have changed,
much for the better,
and I intend to change, too.
In fact, I've organized
a sensitivity seminar for my firm
to increase our awareness
of gender issues.
Now, do you mind if I tuck into
this delicious Tofurkey burrito?
12 post-dated checks for
$2,000 a month in support.
Judge Fraiberg is
satisfied with the claim,
and the settlement is resolved.
What am I supposed to do with those?
Cash them.
I have to bus down to the
bank every month on my walker?
I can drive you.
It's a pain in the ass.
I'll probably just lose 'em anyway.
What if Trish e-transfers
the funds every month,
- directly to your account?
- The Internet?
That's just asking to be robbed blind.
I'm not sure you or your client
wants to go back to court.
Give me a minute.
[WHISPERS] Please don't
make me go back to court.
She wants you to
hand-deliver them every month.
She said that?
It's not just about the money, Trish.
She wants to see you.
Nothing is ever enough for her.
Tell her she can forget it.
Think about what it took
for her to keep that secret.
Every time you and Kim made some comment
about your saintly father,
she bit her tongue.
She loves you,
even if she has a
terrible way of showing it.
Could you just give her
this one, small thing?
W-What if Kim went with you
to deliver the checks?
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, Ms. Bianchi,
you left your purse in the washroom.
Love you, Mom.
You have to try a piece of this cake.
It's carrot,
just like my mom used to make.
Oh, I am so sorry. This
must be so weird for you.
I know you're missing your mom today.
It's fine, Nina. Really.
It's strangely comforting.
My mom loved parties.
She'd always bake me my favourite
Angel food cake
Even on her own birthday.
My mom did that, too.
Our moms are here with us in spirit.
We still have our awesome dads!
Where were you this morning?
I waited for over an hour.
[GASPS] Oh, Lucy, I'm so sorry.
I-I got caught up with that reporter.
There's a lot going on.
Please, can we go together this weekend?
Of course.
Harry! Where's your hat?
Here it is! [CHUCKLES]
Ohh! That's so much better.
Did you see what I got
Nina for her birthday?
A DNA kit.
Here's hoping we find
some long-lost relatives.
Or maybe that we're part Neanderthal.
Wouldn't be surprised.
Danielle. What's up?
Mr. Svensson?
I just got the professional courtesy
of a heads-up from Sandra Dell.
This is the article she's
going to run tomorrow.
And before you ask,
yes, I did everything I could
to try to talk her out of it.
- W-What's the problem?
- Did you stick to Danielle's script?
Word for word. It was a great interview.
Except for the part
where you're dating Crystal Steele.
I didn't tell her that.
Please tell me this was a joke.
It's none of her business who I'm
Is it true?
I can tell that you're all upset
and I don't want to invalidate
anyone's feelings, but
Oh, Harry.
You You can't judge
her by her online persona.
- When you get to know her
- Harry, I'll continue
to manage this office
but you can make your
own dinner reservations.
Thank you for making this
decision easy for me, Dad.
I quit.
Looks like a glitter-bomb
went off in reception.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were on shift today.
I wanted to bring this to you first.
dug out your mom's old recipe.
Oh, hey
it's okay.
I know how hard today is.
No, it's it's not that.
It's just
when the world turns to shit,
you're always there for me.
Of course.
That's the deal.
I've been such a flake.
I don't know what I was so afraid of.
You're my family, Mags.
I love you.
I know.
Let's do it.
Let's have a baby.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Sofia's favourite sweatshirt.
She left it at Jo-Jo's.
I wanted to avoid a
category-5 meltdown.
You found it? Oh, my god!
You're the best mom ever!
Do you have dinner plans?
Last night's takeout.
I just made enough
Bolognese to feed an army.
We could share the
new plan with the kids.
What new plan?
I'd love to.
Let's get the kid gloves out ♪
Let the love come easy
Let it handle us Oh, so tenderly ♪
You gotta handle
it with kid gloves ♪
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