Family Law (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Fifty Shades of Judginess

Previously on Family Law
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Dad's never gonna see
me as a real partner.
Forget how Harry sees you.
[DANIEL] "Forty Under 40."
I'm in! Yes!
Suck it, Dad!
We're having dinner at Jardin.
Bit stuffy for a first date.
- Where do you suggest?
- Fodder.
It's new.
Locally-sourced. Chef's got buzz.
Hey, Forty Under 40.
I hear you have some
issues with my menu?
Your favourite restaurant
in town is your own?
So are you two a thing now?
In your professional opinion,
what do you think the chances are
- that they'll get back together?
- [HARRY] Statistically speaking.
It's unlikely.
Everything was easy with Felicity,
and everything with her is hard!
I don't want to be
anybody's "hard," Frank.
It's over.
I wanted you to know
I've hired a lawyer. Cordelia Bernstein.
You hired "the Flamethrower"?
Let me guess. You
changed in a phone booth?
You told me you had a road bike.
This is a bike, which
I ride on the road.
And you're 15 minutes late.
It's hard to feel scolded
by a man in Spandex.
And I'm late because I
spotted this on the newsstand
Top "Forty Under 40" edition.
Check out the cover boy.
No way.
My photo's a thumbnail at the back,
with a teensy paragraph beside it.
- You get a three-page interview.
Okay. Enough, Narcissus.
I thought we were here to ride.
There's no way you'll be able
to keep up with me on that thing.
Dionne Warwick is faster than you think.
- Let's go!
- Oh, ho, ho.
[LUCY] I mean, I knew
Maggie would move on one day,
but Alyse?
[SCOFFS] Alyse is like Pablum.
Bland. Boring.
I mean, what could she
possibly see in her?
- Lucy.
You know I think you're
the bee's knees, right?
- But lately, you're a bit boring.
- That's harsh.
The best thing you can do for yourself
is get back in the
saddle. Hit the clubs.
[GASPS] If you want,
I could be your wing-woman.
- The lesbians love me.
That's a lovely and
disturbing offer, but, no.
Your loss.
'Cause I'm gonna get you back
out there, come hell or high water.
- Hi, Pickle.
- Hi, Mom.
Remember I'm taking you and
your sister to Jo-Jo's after school.
I know. Mom week.
Pack more than one pair
of underwear this time.
I will!
Nico's haircut looks nice.
I see you convinced him
to finally get new shoes.
Are you seriously giving
me the silent treatment?
I can't believe you
retained Cordelia Bernstein.
You left me no choice.
You weren't budging on anything.
She is an engine of litigation!
We know exactly where this is gonna go.
Was I supposed to just
let you roll over me?
Thanks to you, we're gonna be
spending money hand over fist.
Thanks to me?
Say goodbye to the kids' college funds.
Oh, my god. Since when did
you become such a drama queen?
[ROARS] Since when did
you become such a bitch?
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop.
You can't prove it♪
Harry Svensson. Mwah.
Do you have a portrait in your attic?
Because you look younger
every time I see you.
Phaedra, you flatter me.
And I could say the same about you.
Aw. Thank you for meeting me.
Of course.
A lot has changed since I last saw you.
I met the man of my dreams.
Four years ago.
Who's the lucky fellow?
His name was
Arthur Jenkins.
H-He passed unexpectedly last month.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
He left me half of his estate.
- And this is where I come in?
- Mm.
His daughter, Esme,
is contesting the will.
She doesn't want me to have a dime.
On what grounds?
Arthur and I met
when his wife, Linda, was still alive.
She had Parkinson's.
He nursed her through her long illness
until her death, three years ago.
And by that point, you'd been
seeing each other for a year?
Mm. We moved in together
a month after Linda passed,
but Arthur had been
mourning her for years.
Esme couldn't accept it, or us.
When did Arthur update
his will to include you?
A few months before he died.
- Was he of sound mind?
- Oh, very. Sharp as a tack.
His death was sudden.
- How did he ?
- Heart attack.
Doing what he loved best.
- You left early this morning.
- I'm not your chauffeur.
Not what I meant.
I think Joanne might be getting tired
of extra bodies under her roof.
Your body, Lucy. Yours.
Wow. Aren't you just a ray
of sunshine this morning?
Frank and I had a nasty fight.
And the kids heard everything.
[SIGHS] It was like The Twilight Zone.
I could've been Joanne,
Frank could have been Harry.
I still bear the scars from
their screaming matches,
and yet there I was,
repeating their mistakes.
Abby, don't be too hard on yourself.
Every parent has moments
they're not proud of.
I have so many, I could write a trilogy.
[JERRI] Phones are your first priority.
And never put a call through to anyone
without letting them know
who's on the other end.
We get a surprising number
of calls from irate exes.
Winston this is Dr. Svensson.
She's the psychologist I mentioned.
Nice to meet you, Dr. Svensson.
"Lucy" is fine. And welcome.
- This is Abigail Bianchi, our
- Junior associate.
I'm Daniel Svensson. Partner.
Nice to meet you both.
Check it out. Hmm?
Wow, Danny. That's so cool.
You look like you're holding in a fart.
I was expecting a certain
amount of professional jealousy.
Why? 'Cause you're on
the cover of a magazine
that gathers dust at my doctor's office?
- Cut it out, you two.
- Harry, look.
Well done, Danny.
This is fabulous PR for the firm.
Uh, "Daniel Svensson
is the first to admit
that it could look like nepotism,
having his father, cutthroat
family lawyer Harry Svensson,
make him partner at
the young age of 34."
"But make no mistake. I have big plans.
I have a vision for
transforming the firm."
Yada, yada, yada.
"It's easy to get stuck
in old-school thinking.
My first goal is to bring
us into the 21st century.
Take the firm in a different direction.
I believe in consensual
dispute resolution.
A more collaborative,
progressive philosophy.
My father brought me on-board
as part of his legacy plan."
Are you retiring soon, Mr. Svensson?
- [SLAM]
That was, uh, remarkably ballsy,
in a passive-aggressive kind of way.
We have a backlog of closed cases
that need to be reviewed.
- That's your half.
[ABBY] I bring this firm
the biggest case it's had
ever and this is how Mr. "Future
of Family Law" rewards me?
It's not personal, it has to be done,
if we're going paperless.
I gave Cecil a bunch of boxes, too.
So, now you're comparing me to Cecil?
- No offense, Cecil.
- None taken.
Look, I know it's an ugly job.
Between you and me,
Dad should've never let
the backlog get this bad.
I need Abigail on an estate case.
A client who's helped me
out a few times in the past.
Why do you need Abby?
'Cause it's family law for dead people.
She should learn the ins and outs.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I have to take this.
[DANIEL] Why bother
teaching her estate law?
She'll be gone in a few months.
We'll see.
- Hi. What's up?
- [CORDELIA] Frank retained a lawyer.
They've asked for a
meeting today after work.
- Fine. Good.
- My office. 5:30.
- I'll I'll be
Esme. Chip. This is my
associate, Abigail Bianchi.
Ah! Harry's infamous offspring.
- Your reputation precedes you.
- Thanks! I've never heard of you.
- Let's, uh, cut to the chase.
There's no indication
that Arthur Jenkins wasn't
of sound mind and body
- when he amended his will.
- Ah, we beg to differ.
It's our belief that Arthur was
manipulated in changing it,
- months before he died.
- That is simply not true.
Arthur Jenkins was never the same
person after he met this woman.
"This woman" has a name, Chip.
You got your hooks into my dad
when he was at his most vulnerable.
Arthur's initial meetings with Phaedra
may have been transactional,
but they blossomed into a
deeply-committed, lasting relationship.
[LAUGHS] Arthur's marriage
to Linda lasted 50 years,
while his relationship
with this woman
- "Phaedra."
- [CHIP] Lasted four.
And for one of those years,
my mother was still alive.
She would roll over in
her grave if she knew
a thing was going to someone like you.
Meaning, a successful businesswoman
whose company has been in the black
for the past ten years?
- Meaning a hooker who runs a brothel!
- [HARRY] It is not a brothel.
It is an escort agency.
You could've given
me a heads-up, Harry.
I don't see how it's relevant.
They met through an escort
agency! It's illegal, for one.
No, it isn't. Phaedra's
clients pay for the company
of a smart, attractive woman or man.
What happens beyond that
is between two consenting adults.
Oh, God, is this how Phaedra
helped you out in the past?
I hired one or two of her
employees over the years
to help loosen the purse
strings of the odd stingy ex.
- So, entrapment.
- I merely laid out the bait.
They chose to nibble.
"Cecile," please get Abigail
a copy of the Wills,
Estates, and Succession Act.
Will do, sir.
[HARRY] Bone up on it
before we go to court.
Harry. I beg you.
Put me on something else.
I'm tired of married men
who can't keep it in their pants
Present company most
definitely not excepted
And the women who have no
problems sleeping with them.
You want out because of feelings?
You don't need me!
You just did this to piss off Daniel.
I know how Chip operates.
He'll paint Phaedra as
a conniving opportunist.
I need a strong female
presence on my team.
So you're going to
try to manipulate this
into a win for feminism?
Because some guy
sought out a sex worker
while his wife lay dying?
Don't be such a prude.
It's the oldest profession in the world!
And in case you've forgotten,
you're still on probation.
I decide what cases you're assigned,
and this is one of them.
- Read between the lines.
- Very mature.
[CECIL] If you ask
me, it sounds romantic.
Like Julia Roberts and
Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.
I just love that movie.
It's a piece of sexist garbage.
Just another manmade wank-fest.
[ABBY] "Hooker with a heart of gold."
[LUCY] "Saved" by a rich white dude.
- Who's also a condescending dick.
- Run, Cecil. Run!
The person I feel sorry
for is the daughter.
It's always hard to find out
your parents are flawed and messy,
no matter how old you are.
We got that out of the way early.
Harry didn't have time
to climb up on a pedestal,
let alone get toppled from one.
[LUCY] I was lucky.
I got a better version of him.
He was faithful to my mom.
- How long were they married?
- Eight years.
Mm. It's possible that's true.
It's also possible those
flat-Earthers are onto something.
Did you buy the whole print run?
What are you gonna do,
paper your walls with them?
She's full of it, right?
She's full of it.
[WINSTON] Knock-knock.
Thought I'd bring you fortifications.
Inside-Out cookies My favourite!
Thanks, Winston.
What are you doing?
I got to go through
all these old case files
and separate out what we keep,
and what gets sent back to the client.
Times thousands.
Not that I have anywhere
near your expertise,
but if you take me through a
couple, maybe I could help?
Pull up a chair.
- Frank. Luisa.
- Cordelia.
- I hope you're keeping well.
- First order of business
We'd like to apply to the courts
to vary the temporary parenting order.
- My client is amenable to that.
- [CORDELIA] Glad to hear it.
With some caveats.
We would like a written update
of Ms. Bianchi's counseling,
a report on her mental health,
and an update on the status
of the Law Society's
oversight of her probation,
and a production of
the Soberlink reports
from the date of
separation to the present.
- Here.
Okay? You can see the
results in real time.
They're the same as they've always been,
which you already know.
This is nothing but a stall tactic.
I intend to bring Mr. Bianchi's
mistress in on discovery.
She was never my "mistress".
[CORDELIA] We only
have your word for it.
I'd like to ask her
under oath if she was ever
in the family home when
the children were there,
review your text exchanges
Which I understand your
14-year-old daughter has seen.
You know full well,
affairs are irrelevant.
All of this is irrelevant.
But if you bury us in
useless paperwork
I'll bury you right back.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Give him another day to cool off.
I didn't say anything in that article
that I haven't said to Dad's face.
You implied he was old, out
of touch, and irrelevant.
- That quote was taken out of context.
- What was the context?
I just answered the
interviewer's questions honestly.
Am I supposed to censor myself
just so Dad's feelings don't get hurt?
If you don't know the answer to that,
Daniel, shame on you.
How did band practice go?
Sofia, how did your math test go?
One thing I bet you didn't know
is that there is a sea
slug that self-decapitates.
I read about it in the New York Times.
That's old news, Jo-Jo.
- May I be excused?
- Me too.
Yes. Take your plates. Run and be free!
- Can I get an advance on my allowance?
- What for?
Thaddeus is having a few people
over tomorrow night. I need cab fare.
- Nice try, but no, on all fronts.
- What? Why?
Well, first of all, I've
never heard of this "Thaddeus,"
and second, you're not going
to a party on a school night.
- It's not a party!
- No. End of discussion.
Huh, well, Sofia might be staying
in tomorrow night, but you're not.
Why do I feel immediately nervous?
Because you're going to
dinner with my friend's son
A mechanical engineer.
Divorced last year, no kids.
- A blind date?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's not happening, Mother.
- Oh, what's the harm in having dinner?
Oh, good, then you
go out with him, then.
No. Lucy's got plans.
- Lesbian speed dating?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm tired of you guys moping
around my house all the time.
I want a night alone with my grandkids.
Is that too much to ask?
[HARRY] What would you
say to those who judge
how you and Arthur initially met?
He chose to pay for an escort service
because he loved his wife.
He didn't want it to be
anything more than a
business transaction.
Can you tell us when that changed?
Quickly. We just clicked.
We talked. A lot.
Um, we both were Francophiles.
We both loved travel, tennis.
We didn't mean to fall in love.
- When did you move in together?
- Three years ago.
We travelled a lot, but
then Arthur fell ill.
During that time, where was
Arthur's daughter, Esme Jenkins?
- Nowhere to be found.
- [HARRY] Why's that?
[PHAEDRA] Once she found
out about our relationship,
she cut off all contact.
She couldn't reconcile
that her father had found
a second chance at love.
So, while you were spending
every moment with Arthur,
Esme Jenkins had no
contact with her father
- for the last three years of his life?
- That's right.
Thank you, Ms. Jacard.
Counsel rests.
[JUDGE] You may cross examine, Counsel.
Thank you, Your Honor.
When did you first meet Esme Jenkins?
- I'm not sure I could pinpoint it.
- Allow me to refresh your memory.
You met at Linda Jenkins' funeral.
- Arthur brought his prostitute.
- Objection! Counsel is using
- deliberately inflammatory language.
- Sustained.
Apologies, Your Honor.
Arthur brought his sex worker
to the funeral of his wife.
He brought his partner.
Sustained. Cut it out, Counsel.
I'd like to introduce into evidence
a list of expenses.
Arthur may have stopped paying for sex,
but it never stopped
being a transaction.
That's not true!
He took you on a trip to
Paris at a cost of $10,000.
Objection. A lot of couples go to Paris.
[JUDGE] Sustained.
He bought the condo that you moved into.
He also paid for the renovations
you did at said condo,
- to the tune of $200,000.
- Objection. Irrelevant.
Oh, it's relevant, Your Honor.
The pair of them were
going through Arthur's money
like there was no tomorrow.
I came into the relationship
with my own money.
That is true.
And is it also true that
you kept making money?
I passed off daily business operations
to one of my employees,
but I still own the company.
And you kept a number of your clients.
Objection! This is her livelihood.
Would you tell a chef
he could only cook for his wife?
I'll allow it.
Arthur knew I saw a select number
of clients. He was fine with that.
And yet we only have your word for it.
Your Honor, Ms. Jacard is nothing more
than a gold-digger who's dug her claws
- into any number of men.
- Objection!
Inflammatory language!
Who knows how many
wills have been "amended"
- to Ms. Jacard's benefit?
- Objection! Speculative fiction!
Don't make me report you to
the Law Society, Mr. Crombie.
Apologies, Your Honor.
Counsel rests.
[PHAEDRA] The words that man used!
And to imply I'm some
kind of a black widow.
Take heart. It's far from over.
We'll regroup back at the office.
I thought it would be good,
having a woman on my team,
but I can feel your judgment.
It's coming off you in waves.
I'm sure I don't know
what you're talking about.
I thought, in your line of work,
you wouldn't see things
in black and white.
Let me guess, you thought I'd
see things in 50 shades of Grey?
You're as bad as that misogynistic prick
who has a snack for a name.
I have days when I
just want to pack it in,
let Esme have it all,
but it's about principle.
Arthur would be furious to know
that Esme's contesting the will,
because he didn't want
her to have a penny.
How long have you been
working here, Jerri?
More than 20 years now.
What'd you do before that?
Worked for an oil firm, in sales.
Did you like that, too?
I did, until I didn't.
It's a long story, but it
all worked out for the best.
Cecil, how about you?
Why'd you become a paralegal?
My family and I watched all
the Law & Order franchises.
[DEEP VOICE] "A heinous
crime has been committed "
But being a cop seemed too dangerous,
and I didn't have the
grades for law school,
so I became the next best thing.
How about you?
You always wanted to
be an office assistant?
I see this as a stepping stone.
I got my B.A. last year, so
I thought maybe I should
- Wait. How old are you?
- 19.
I went to UBC when I was 16.
Winston's a Mensa member.
This is my version of a gap year.
Figure I'd save money for grad school,
take some fun online courses
Like, "How to Draw Anime"?
Like, the Foundational Principles
of Leadership from Harvard.
- How does that look?
- Oh.
Oh. You're a quick study.
You better watch your
back, Cecil. Excuse me.
Scotch before five means
someone's in a mood.
We took a beating at court.
- From Chip Crombie, no less.
- Ooh. Ouch.
I I do have moments, you know,
where I wonder if I've
still got what it takes.
Oh. Now you're being maudlin.
- Am I?
- Yeah.
Maybe Daniel isn't wrong.
Maybe I'm just an old workhorse
- who should be put out to pasture.
- [KNOCKING] Mr. Svensson?
Georgia Gartner from Meridian
News called while you were out.
She'd like to interview you
on Friday for a feature piece
they're doing on polyamory and the law.
Call Georgia back and tell her yes.
Okay, Sofia, you can choose the movie.
Nothing more than PG-13.
And you can choose dinner.
- Five Guys!
- I'd settle for one guy.
It's a Jo-Jo joke.
Well, where's Mom going, anyway?
Uh, a business meeting.
All right, offspring, I'm headed out.
Be good to your grandmother.
[JO-JO] You are not wearing that.
- Yes, I am.
- No. You're not.
- Go.
- No.
- She's going on a date.
- No, she's not!
What are you doing?
I'm trying to make a
semblance of dinner.
- I got to hunker down here till late.
- Work?
She bought me tickets to
some speed dating thing tonight.
I said I'd go, but the thought
of it makes my skin crawl.
Granola bars do not a dinner make.
- I have a better idea.
[CARL] But my favourite one to
fly was the Night Vapor RTF
Carbon fiber, reinforced airframe.
- She flies like a dream.
- Doesn't make you nervous?
No. I mean
you have to manage wind
conditions to avoid collisions.
How often do collisions happen?
More often than they should.
A lot of inexperience
and operator error.
So, do you fly out of one of
the smaller airports, or ?
I just go to the park.
These are RC planes?
Remote control.
- I build them from kits.
- Oh.
- Could we see the dessert menu?
- Just the check, please.
you seem like a nice guy
I can feel the "but" coming.
I was nowhere near ready for this.
I'm sorry.
[LUCY] I can't shake what Abby said.
She was just stirring the pot.
- Again.
- Maybe
but here's the thing. I have
this vivid memory when I was six.
I kept agitating for all of us
to sleep in a tent in the backyard.
My mom finally agreed,
but she said it would
just be the two of us,
because Dad was working late again.
I heard him pull in the driveway
around three in the morning
then she started crying.
She was trying to be quiet,
so I wouldn't hear, but
You could just ask him.
But you'd have to be
prepared for the answer.
Is that Business in
Vancouver's cover boy?
- And you must be Clara?
- Ew, no. This is my sister, Lucy.
- Who's Clara?
- A new woman he's been chatting with.
- Lucy, this is Martina.
She of the farting animal video?
I sincerely hope that is
the headline to my obituary.
Hello, my favourite son.
Hello, my favourite daughter.
I'm home.
Where is everybody?
Hi! Where are you? You're
supposed to be watching the kids.
[JO-JO] I was. They wanted
nothing to do with me.
The moment we were done dinner,
Nico went to his room to read
and Sofia went to hers
to text with her friends,
- so I joined a friend for a drink. Why?
- Sofia's not here.
- What do you mean?
- Exactly what I said. She's not here.
You don't think she went
to that party, do you?
That boy, Thelonius
Hi. You've reached Sofia.
You know what to do.
Sofia, where are you?
Call me back. Now.
Hi. You've reached Sofia.
You know what to do.
Sofia pick up your phone.
This is Sofia's mom. Hi.
Does she happen to be with you?
Sofia. Please answer.
[SIGHS] I just need to know you're okay.
- [FRANK] Hello?
- Frank, it's me.
Have you, by any chance,
heard of a boy named Thaddeus?
[LUCY] Who knew a farting animal video
could help a person
through a bad breakup?
Farting animals cure all woes.
My boyfriend travels a lot.
- Farting hippos are getting me through.
- He's texting with Clara.
- So?
So, invite her for a drink and put
your phone away, Rudey-Pants.
I would not inflict you
two on my worst enemy.
Hey! Come on. Cut it out.
You brat.
I'm not sure I like you two together.
- Huh.
- [BEEP]
- Anything?
[FRANK] Caitlin's dad thinks
there's a Thaddeus in 12th grade.
12th grade?
How did she manage to sneak out?
[CHLOE] Shh. We can
take her in this way.
- Abby?
- [CHLOE] It's unlocked.
You still there? Abby?
- [ABBY] Jesus Christ.
- [FRANK] What the hell's going on?
- What'd you do to my daughter?
- I didn't do anything!
I will kill you, you worthless turd,
- I will neuter you!
- [CHLOE] Ms. Bianchi, stop!
She fell into a blackberry bush, that's
all. We just wanted to get her home.
I want to know Who gave my daughter
so much alcohol she can barely stand up?
She showed up drunk.
She said she pre-drank a bunch of stuff
from her grandma's liquor cabinet.
[FRANK] That's it. I'm on my way.
[CHLOE] I'm really sorry, Mrs. Bianchi.
I once dated a woman
who tried to cut off one
of my curls while I slept.
"In case you ever dump me,
and I need to cast a spell on you."
Ooh, that's good.
I dated this guy a while back.
Everyone said we looked alike.
Turns out it's because
we were second cousins.
- Ew!
I once dated a mortician
who asked if I wouldn't mind
taking a really cold
bath before we had sex.
Okay, you win.
- Hands-down.
- Cover boy?
I once dated a woman
who wanted to poop on me.
- I said no!
Why were our children home alone?
- Joanne was supposed to be here.
- And where were you?
You go on about not
seeing enough of them.
Okay, I-I know you're mad at me,
but can you just please back off?
it was like the worst kind of deja vu.
Abby, she's okay.
Drunk, but okay.
What if she's inherited
my penchant for alcohol?
What if I've set her up
for a lifetime of problems?
I'm to blame for her behaviour, too.
Ever since she found my texts,
she actively disobeys me.
Calls me "Frank" instead of "Dad".
We were her safe harbor.
We've taken that away.
We need to do better.
I'll come back in the morning, okay?
So we can talk to Sofia together.
- Watch your step!
Look who I found outside.
What's going on?
What's going on is
got wasted on Jo-Jo's booze
and went to a party
because the person who was
supposed to be looking after her
went A.W.O.L.
Sound familiar?
Abby, I couldn't have known.
'Course not.
[VOICE SHAKING] Because you
were never there!
When I was 13
there was this older guy
who hung around outside our high school.
Like Matthew McConaughey
in Dazed and Confused,
only sleazier.
My mom was out a lot
with my latest "uncle"
so, when "Matt" invited me to a party
I stole a bottle of her
vodka and headed over.
There was no party.
Just Matt.
We got wasted.
I only have flashes
of what happened next.
At some point, I blacked out and, uh,
when I woke up,
Matt was gone.
Took my virginity
and the rest of the vodka.
I am so sorry, Abby.
I'm fine.
But if anything like that
ever happened to Sofia,
I'd never forgive myself.
Is it eight already?
[SIGHS] Hello?
[HARRY] Call off the
hounds. I've got Nico.
What are you talking about? Nico's here.
I assure you, he's with me.
Doorman buzzed me
about half an hour ago.
Said Nico walked through
the night from Deep Cove.
They didn't even notice I was gone?
Our son has been missing all night long!
He could've been killed!
Picked up by a lunatic, hit by a car.
- [JO-JO] I got Sofia into the shower.
- Nico!
You went on a stupid date and
didn't even care I was gone.
You're a bitch!
- Don't call your mother that!
- Don't call any woman that!
We'll talk about this
later. Go pack your things.
What? No. I have them
for five more nights.
No, you don't. Nico! Go.
I hate you, too.
You're both garbage parents!
I'm not letting my children
spend another minute here.
Your children?
You don't get a say in this.
You were a lousy mother and
you're a lousy grandmother!
You need to pull yourself together.
And you get to say less than nothing!
He just took them away.
And there was nothing
I could do to stop him.
I'm on it. I'll be in touch
as soon as I have news.
- Harrison.
- [HARRY] Cordelia.
- Are you okay?
- Been better.
I stopped by Arthur's
lawyer's office on my way here.
Your instincts were right.
I-I know you were supposed
to be lead chair today,
- but after the night you've had
- I want to give it a go.
Am I right in thinking you were
close to your dad, Ms. Jenkins?
I was an only child.
It's never easy
discovering certain hard
truths about our parents.
In a way, I envy you.
You were able to keep
your father on a pedestal
for decades longer than most.
To find out your dad was
visiting an escort agency
- a full year before your mother died
- It was awful.
And then, to bring Ms.
Jacard to your mom's funeral
That was an extreme lack of
judgment on both their parts.
I can only imagine the pain
you must have gone through.
It was like I lost my mom and my dad
within a month of each other.
Except you didn't
lose your father, did you?
- Didn't he try to contact you?
- Objection! Relevance?
I'll allow it.
Once or twice.
I refer you to Mr.
Jenkins' phone records.
He tried to call you dozens of times,
but you refused to take those calls.
So you didn't know about the stroke.
Those "renovations"
Mr. Crombie mentioned
These are itemized
receipts showing clearly
they happened after Arthur's stroke,
to accommodate Arthur's
mobility issues
Electronic stairlift,
safety bars.
Widening entryways
for wheelchair access.
Can you tell me what you're
looking at, Ms. Jenkins?
- Um it's my father's will.
- Yes and no.
It's a draft he made with his lawyer
a month prior to his final version.
Can you read the highlighted
section on page two?
"I leave all of my
earthly possessions to
Phaedra Jacard."
"I have intentionally failed
to provide for my daughter,
Esme Jenkins."
Your father was deeply hurt
that you couldn't find a way
to accept his new chance at happiness.
Ms. Jacard pleaded with him to
reconsider, and he listened to her.
Without her intervention,
you'd be getting nothing.
First box of old case files Complete.
Wow. That was fast.
- You did all these on your own?
- Yuh-huh.
Good job, Cecil.
You're picking up your game.
Nothing I learned in this courtroom
leads me to believe that Arthur Jenkins
was not of sound body and mind
when he changed his
last will and testament.
Ms. Jenkins,
I'm sorry that your
own feelings of betrayal
prevented you from having
a relationship with your father
in the last years of his life.
That must weigh heavily on you.
But if you loved your
father as you say you did,
then you should find some gratitude
for Ms. Jacard, for looking after
all of his needs
in his twilight years.
I find in favour of the plaintiff.
- This will is valid.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- How are you feeling?
- Like my brain is pickled.
I'm hoping this will absorb the alcohol.
Excellent plan.
You know, even though
I'm paying for it today,
I had so much fun.
Me too.
She's awesome.
Clara? Yeah, she is.
Um, she seems nice,
too, but I meant Martina.
- You know what I like most about her?
- What?
You're way less uptight around her.
I'm not uptight.
Oh, come on.
Who would do
Has Abby ever mentioned
her plans to you?
what she's gonna do once
her probation's over?
No. Why?
No reason.
Lucinda, you left a garbled message
on my telephone last night
Something about a childhood memory?
- I'm good.
- Okay.
Dad about the article,
- I didn't mean
- Yes, you did.
It was a boneheaded move.
It made me look bad. It
made my firm look bad.
- Our firm.
- My firm.
I extended you the courtesy of
inviting you along for the ride.
So, that's what this
partnership is? A courtesy?
At the moment? Yes.
You're so busy trying to tell
the world you're a good lawyer,
while your sister is out
there being a good lawyer.
You should take a page from her book.
So you want me to vomit in court?
Be disciplined by the Law Society?
Have random urine checks at work?
From now on,
all media requests
get vetted through me,
and if you ever pull a
stunt like that again,
you'll be welcome to
start your own firm.
Georgia Gartner's here.
- Georgia. Lovely to see you again.
- You, too, Harry.
I've, uh, cleared my
schedule for an hour.
- Where would you like to set up?
- Oh
Goodness. I-I think there's
been a misunderstanding.
We're here to interview Daniel.
Do I have your permission?
Of course.
Of course! Great Great idea.
My office.
[HARRY] Knock it out of the park, Danny.
Frank won't agree to
changing the parenting order.
He's saying some pretty crazy things
That the children
were left unsupervised,
that one of them came
home black-out drunk
and the other one was missing all night.
It's a long story.
He wants a child custody
and access evaluation.
For the next few months,
a psychologist will be monitoring you,
judging every aspect of your parenting.
- That sounds awful.
- It is. It's expensive, invasive
- So all this leads to ?
- A finished report,
which will recommend what
sort of parenting time you have,
if any.
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