Family Law (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Wicked Games

Previously on Family Law
- [LUCY] She's awesome.
- [DANIEL] Clara? Yeah.
She seems nice, too,
but I meant Martina.
First box of old case files complete.
- You did all these on your own?
- Ya-huh.
Picking up your game.
- She's going on a date.
- No, she's not.
- [FRANK, ON PHONE] Are you still there?
- [ABBY] Jesus Christ.
- What the hell's going on?
- She pre-drank
a bunch of stuff from her
grandma's liquor cabinet.
Doorman buzzed me about
a half an hour ago,
said Nico walked through the night
from Deep Cove.
I'm not letting my children
spend another minute here.
- Your children?
- You don't get a say in this.
You were a lousy mother and
you're a lousy grandmother!
Frank! You need to
pull yourself together.
And you get to say less than nothing!
He wants a child custody
and access evaluation,
which will recommend what sort
of parenting time you have
if any.
How many sexual partners have I had?
- Mm-hmm.
- Like, in my entire life?
Baker's dozen? Give or take.
Have you ever performed any sex
acts that would be considered risky?
Risky sex acts?
- Like, what, on roller-skates?
- Abby.
What does any of this have to do
with my ability to parent?
A child custody evaluation
is a comprehensive psych assessment.
That includes digging
into your dating history.
I've been married to Frank for 15 years.
What dating history?
What about whether or not you
were faithful during the marriage?
I hope they ask Frank that question.
Should I bring up his infidelity?
I suggest being child-focused
with your answers.
- There's no reason to sling mud.
- But if Frank does it
Then it puts him in a bad light.
If I had just stayed in that night,
none of this would be happening.
It's not your fault, Mom.
It's Frank's.
And Sofia's 14.
She's old enough to
look after her brother.
You didn't do anything wrong.
And she's gonna talk
to Sofia and Nico too?
Basically everyone in your life.
What kind of questions
will she ask the kids?
It depends.
She might ask if they've witnessed
one parent disparaging the other,
or do they feel safe
in Mom or Dad's care?
You're a great mom.
You have nothing to worry about.
- Is that
Our brother making out
in a car like a teenager?
- [LUCY] Hi, Clara.
- [CLARA] Good morning.
I thought you ordered a Tesla.
[DANIEL] I cancelled it.
Yannick talked me out of it.
Since when do you take
advice from Yannick?
Gotta admit, I'm impressed.
Oh. Electrochromic glass.
Bespoke air suspension. Biometric
stowage! In-car video surveillance.
I was referring to her, but please,
keep talking to us about your car
People love that.
[LUCY] Looks like things are
going well between you and Clara.
Upping my age limit on Stellar Singles
was the best decision of my life.
Hear that, Lucy? He's
dating an older woman.
Congratulations, Danny.
How does it feel to be so evolved?
Hurry up. We got a meeting in ten.
The saddest thing? This is probably
one of the best days of his life.
I need a caffeine fix.
I'll see you up there.
Morning, Mr. Svensson.
- Ms. Bianchi.
- Morning, Winston.
Okay, someone's gotta say
it That outfit is fire.
Just trying something new.
[WINSTON] It's your client's son.
She's waiting in the boardroom.
- Hiya, Winston!
- Cecil.
This came in for you.
Got another
postcard from Nina.
- Oh, where are they now?
- Bangkok.
Eleanor and I took a
trip there for our 20th.
Bryan got a street tattoo.
Of a lion!
- And it got infected.
- [JERRI] Oh. Figures.
- Nina was our old receptionist.
- You've told me.
- We kinda had a thing.
- No, you didn't.
It was unspoken.
what animal would you get tatt
Hello. Svensson and
Svensson. How may I help you?
Uh there's no line lit up.
[WINSTON] Yes. Yes, I do
have time to take a survey.
My son's been accepted to a new school.
It's for neurodiverse kids like Dion,
but Andre, my ex, won't let him go.
- Why not?
- For starters,
- it's in Victoria.
Uh, what's your current
parenting schedule, Jessie?
He's with me during the week,
he's with his dad on weekends.
- I'm the primary.
Do you need to take that?
Sorry. I can't shut it off.
I-I'm a teacher on call.
The courts lean toward the child
spending time with both parents.
Yes, I want that, too. Our
schedules do not have to change.
Dion can travel back on weekends.
Andre's just so angry,
he's not thinking straight.
- Do you need a minute?
Andre posted this online.
"For a good spanking,
call me at 604 " oh
My phone's been buzzing all morning.
I made the mistake of
answering the first few.
Is that a mushroom?
Oh! No. That's
definitely not a mushroom.
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
You can't prove it ♪
- Can I get you something to drink?
Excuse me.
Don't touch my headphones.
They're my buffer.
That must be some game you're playing.
It's not a game. I'm coding my app.
- Oh.
- I'll have a soda.
"I'll have a soda, please."
Why would your ex do this?
Our divorce got ugly last year.
Even at our worst,
Andre was never this bad.
- Anything change recently?
- I have a new boyfriend.
Andre's had, like, six
girlfriends since we split,
- God forbid I meet anyone new.
- Typical.
He started with stuff like
putting sugar in my gas tank,
which cost an arm and a leg to repair.
Then he sent an email from my account
to all my contacts
My parents, co-workers
Everyone thinks I have gonorrhea!
- And now this.
- Have you taken this to the police?
They say there's nothing they
can do. I can't prove it's him.
I read your interview, Mr. Svensson
How you're all about getting
couples to work together,
instead of against each other?
That sounds really nice.
I'll see if I can get
Andre and his lawyer in.
I thought Frank was being a jerk.
[HARRY] Abigail. I have a few minutes.
Let's talk now.
So, what's going on?
Frank has asked for a
child-custody evaluation.
Then he's a fool.
Those are always tough on the kids,
- on the whole family.
- So I've heard.
I also know they're going to interview
everyone in my life and
You want me to bury Frank.
Let something slip.
I'm more worried about
my own past slip-ups.
I know this puts you
in a difficult position.
It might.
If there were any slip-ups to report.
Good thing I haven't witnessed any.
Wow. Looks like a real lawyer's office.
Too bad you won't be here
long enough to enjoy it.
- Take it Jessie's back?
- Mm.
Her ex should be here any minute.
Can't wait to meet this
lovely dreg of humanity.
What were you and Harry meeting about?
You can't stand it
when I have a moment
alone with him, can you?
Huh. Well,
- I'm gonna be straight with you.
- Don't say it's about partnership.
That's getting old.
I'm about to get dragged through
a child-custody evaluation.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Harry will likely be interviewed.
Chances are, you will, too.
So, whatever your feelings are about me,
- I'd appreciate it if you
- It's okay, Abby
I got your back.
We're hoping to
de-escalate this tension.
Come up with an agreement
concerning your son's education.
And put an end to
your serial harassment.
My harassment?
Still playing the victim, I see.
She tell you about the time
she keyed my work van, hmm?
Or when she cut the
crotches out of my pants?
All of them!
I was upset. He was cheating on me!
Whatever happened in the past
doesn't justify your client's
- abusive behaviour.
- My client has done nothing.
Well, this "spank me"
ad didn't post itself.
She posted it!
Oh. You think I'm doing this to myself?
She's setting me up,
making me out to be the crazy one,
all so she can take
that job in Victoria.
- The move is not about my job.
- Right.
It's about sticking our son in
that school for messed-up kids.
Kids with special needs.
Dion is fine when he's with me!
You're never with him
during the week, Andre!
I'm the one taking calls
from teachers every
time he has a meltdown.
Now he's skipping class!
Dion's not the one
with the mental issues.
I know you're behind this!
You obviously have different ideas
about what's best for your son.
They do. We've gone back and forth
on this for months, with no resolution.
Let's save it for court.
I wonder how long before
these lawyers get sick
of your bullshit, too.
- Who was your previous lawyer?
- Candice Birch.
She wouldn't do anything
about Andre's harassment.
Candice? She's a pretty
aggressive lawyer.
Was it true what Andre said ?
Yes, there's a job,
but I only started looking
after Dion was accepted.
No, I meant about cutting
the crotches out of all his pants.
I'm not proud of that.
You should be inspired.
But I'm past it now.
I'm in a good relationship.
I just want to move on.
That means doing what's best for Dion.
So, are you gonna make the call or am I?
[CANDICE] Ms. Fullerton?
Yeah, I repped her.
Why'd you part ways?
That's lawyer-client privilege.
Let me rephrase.
Did you ever suspect
that Jessie could be doing
these things to herself?
Are you not hearing me?
All I'll say
is Jessie's version of reality
is not necessarily on point,
so if you decide to represent her,
proceed with caution.
- Let's finish strong.
- Okay.
She's the story of my life ♪
I loved her before
It was time for my
-Too sweaty?
- No.
Oh, right.
Nylon shorts.
Yeah, I'm getting flashbacks to prom.
Cathy Sanchez was my date.
I was traumatized.
Well, I promise, it was just
as traumatizing for Cathy.
Wanna grab lunch later today?
- Sure. Nicli's Antica?
- Sounds great.
Why don't you swing by my office first?
I want to show you
off to my co-workers.
Okay, okay, okay.
your parents divorced?
When I was seven.
Do you have any siblings?
Two, half-siblings.
That I know of. [CHUCKLES DRYLY]
Well, here we are.
Baked from scratch this morning.
I'm off to my volunteer
shift at the soup kitchen.
Honey, I'll let them know you
couldn't make it this time.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Your mom does a lot of volunteering?
Her idea of charity is bidding at
those cheesy bachelor auctions.
- And the scones are
- Whole Foods.
That's okay.
They're my favourite.
Her heart's in the right place.
She's just looking out for me.
What was your parents'
relationship like?
Uh, well, they were
actually really, um
They weren't the greatest role models
- for anything.
- No?
My dad cheated on my mom,
so, naturally, my mom
told me everything.
And the arguing was
It was like living in an Albee play.
I never wanted my kids to go
through anything like that.
But, well
here we are.
Level with me, Jessie. Why
did Candice drop you as a client?
I included an email that Andre
sent me in a court affidavit.
And I may have
okay, I know how this is going to sound.
You doctored it.
I didn't add anything that
Andre didn't say to me in person.
Okay? I just put it in writing.
- Jessie.
- I swear,
I am not doing these
things to myself. It's Andre.
If I could prove it, I
would, but I can't, and
no one will believe me.
I-I'm really sorry
for everything you're
going through, but
- You don't believe me, either.
- Daniel's made his decision.
- I love that one.
- Do you now?
You're not mad at me, are you?
I'm sorry. I should've given you
credit for helping with those files.
Yeah. You should have.
It's just no one ever says,
"Attaboy! Good work, Cecil."
Harry still calls me by a woman's name.
You're Mensa.
I didn't think you needed the praise.
Six years ago,
I competed in this thing
The World STEM Federation Competition?
I placed silver.
So Mom took my medal and said,
"This doesn't look like gold."
It's practically the same thing.
Why would Andre slash your tires?
So I'd be late to pick up Dion.
Anything to make me look bad in court.
Gary! You're here.
- Of course.
- Oh.
You sounded so distraught on the phone.
Did you pick up Dion?
I tried. He cut class again.
It's okay. I called
him, he's safe at home.
Okay. Oh, uh, Ms. Bianchi, this
is Gary. Gary, this is Abigail.
Okay, um, I'll be right back.
You've got to help her. The
police have been useless.
Andre's attacks They're
getting more extreme.
Jessie's terrified.
[DANIEL] She could have
slashed her own tires.
- When?
- Right before her meeting with you.
You didn't see her. She's
at her breaking point.
It is possible Jessie is doing
these things to get sympathy
- Munchausen's syndrome.
- Like that stepmom in The Sixth Sense?
That's Munchausen's by proxy.
Or Jessie's just got a bad
case of divorce psychosis.
I've certainly seen my share of that
from scorned women over the years.
[ABBY] Really, Harry? "Bitches
be crazy"? That's your argument?
Ask your mother about
the time she loaded my
jockstrap with cayenne pepper
before my hockey game.
No one wants to hear
about your jockstrap.
What if Lucy meets with Jessie?
If she believes she's telling
the truth, we'll take her case?
- Okay, fine.
- Uh, okay.
I guess I can do that.
Thank you for asking.
Your lunch date is here.
Uh, everyone I would
like you to meet my girlfriend.
- Harry?
Uh, I-I'm just gonna use the
restroom. Meet you at the elevator.
- [LAUGHING] Oh, my god.
Harry and Daniel dipped their
fish sticks in the same sauce.
Then the contractor went
directly to my client
to talk about his concerns.
That's not right.
And now the entire
project is in jeopardy.
Go on.
Ask me whatever it is you want to know.
- Where did you two meet?
- Reflections Cocktail Lounge.
- When?
- About a year ago?
- How long did it last?
- Couple weeks.
It It was a blip.
Didn't my firm's name tip it off?
Svensson and Svensson?
I didn't know his last name.
It was a few nights.
We didn't do a whole lot of talking.
- [LUCY] Thank you.
- Hey. Sofia just texted me.
Apparently, Valerie
met with Nico yesterday.
How did it go?
I'll let you know when he
stops ignoring my calls.
Jessie? Everything okay?
The job in Victoria
It's on hold.
The principal received
an anonymous email.
Apparently, some parent
says I slapped their kid.
- They're investigating me.
- Deep breaths, Jessie. It will be fine.
This is Dr. Svensson.
Oh. The one who's gonna
figure out if I'm a nutbar.
- That's not how I'd put it.
- No, it's okay.
I want to know, too.
These days, I wonder if I am crazy.
Follow me.
Are you getting any sleep?
I've never been a paranoid person,
but, uh
lately, I'm just on edge.
Was Andre ever physically
or psychologically abusive
- when you were married?
- No.
We had our screaming matches, sure
but I never felt unsafe.
And now you do?
After I met Gary, maybe
maybe Andre thinks he's
being replaced in Dion's life?
But I've said it a thousand times,
Gary is not moving to Victoria.
Tell me more about Dion.
How has he adjusted to the separation?
I mean, not great.
But he has these moments.
He made me this really cool
stop-motion animation once.
It's, um
a bunch of dancing jellybeans.
It said,
"Happy Mother's Day. You're sweet."
People don't see that side of him.
He's a good kid.
But yes.
- It gets challenging.
- Has Dion had a formal diagnosis?
"Oppositional defiant disorder."
Andre says he just needs more exercise.
I took Dion to see a play once.
And something
The light or a sound
Just [SNAPS] set him off.
You should have seen the way
the other kids looked at him,
even the parents.
When people see you as crazy
they treat you like
you're-you're contagious.
Or dangerous!
I just don't want Dion to feel that way.
- What do you think he needs?
- To be understood.
To have teachers that get him,
and I found a place that
can give that to him,
but the way Andre is wearing me down,
some days, I just want to give up.
Come on Dion. Just take a seat.
Why didn't you pick me up from school?
Buddy, you know I had a meeting.
I don't like getting picked up by him!
- All right. Just take it down a notch.
- Get out of my face!
I'm sorry, Gary.
It's okay.
It's a stressful situation,
but we've got this.
If I ever talked to my mom like that,
my face would be on the
side of a milk carton.
Come in.
What is it?
I just
I don't want there to be
any awkwardness between us.
- Awkwardness? How?
- Come on, Dad.
- Clara?
- Ah.
Well, there's no discomfort on my end.
She's She's a great gal.
You should see where it goes.
If you think she's so great,
why did you stop seeing her?
I just needed a woman with
a little more substance.
But I think Clara's great for you.
You and Harry measuring fish sticks?
Not funny.
Yeah, it is. The whole
thing is freakin' hilarious.
Want me to pump your tires
for the custody evaluation?
Lay off.
I don't think Jessie is lying.
Her lack of sleep, high alertness
They're symptoms of hyper-vigilance,
which suggests she's
legitimately scared.
Fine. We'll represent her.
I'll get Cecil to draft a
contract of representation.
I'll drop it off at
Jessie's on my way home.
But what about
Oh, you're gonna want
to hop on the SeaBus
and catch the 212 to Deep Cove.
My house burnt down when I was a kid.
My father barely escaped.
I've been terrified of fire ever since.
Not many people know that. Andre does.
Why would he ?
- Dion was home!
- This is next level, Jessie.
He's putting your son at risk, too.
Excuse me?
- Oh, hi.
- Is this your place?
- Uh, I'm her lawyer. Abigail.
- Aidan.
D-D Do you have any
idea of the fire-starter?
Some kind of accelerant.
Probably gasoline.
Sounds like arson.
I can, uh, keep you updated
on the investigation.
Let me give you my contact info.
Here you go.
Is that for the fire station, or
My cell.
Feel free to call. Any time.
Not to me.
- Should I take that personally?
- No.
No, it's not you.
You're great.
It's just
when I'm with you, I
start picturing my dad.
Wait, no.
That didn't come out right.
Is this something you think you're
gonna be able to work through?
I want to
but I don't know.
Maybe it's best if you sleep
in your own bed tonight.
I'm sorry, Clara.
- Maybe I can
- No.
I'm calling it.
This isn't just about
a school in Victoria.
We need to convince the judge
to grant Jessie emergency
sole custody of Dion.
Great. Do it.
Everything okay?
I don't want to talk about it.
This wouldn't have anything
to do with your Oedipal crisis?
Clara broke up with me last night.
Said I had "Daddy issues."
- Wow, Clara. Accurate read.
- Says the person who wrote the book.
Jessie, you know Dion
can't be in the courtroom.
He won't go to school.
- He's still terrified from last night.
- I'll stay with Dion.
In closing, Your Honor,
Ms. Fullerton only wants
what's best for her son.
And her ex has responded
with a campaign of terror
One that could have caused
bodily harm last night.
We ask that you not only grant
Ms. Fullerton's request
to relocate to Victoria,
but that you grant her
emergency sole custody,
pending the outcome
of the investigation.
Your Honor, I agree with
Ms. Bianchi on one point
Ms. Fullerton wants what
she thinks is best for her child.
And she'll do anything to get her way.
Last night, my client
was painting the interior
of an office building. A
whole crew can vouch for him.
His "crew" is a bunch
of high-school buddies
that are still kissing
the quarterback's ass.
They'll say anything to cover for him.
- Will you give it a rest?
I'll have order in my courtroom.
We have concerns about
Ms. Fullerton's mental health.
We believe she is doing
these things to herself.
A million objections!
This is complete speculation.
News article, dated 1990
About a fire at Ms.
Fullerton's childhood home.
Emailed to my office, anonymously.
Uh, objection! We haven't seen this.
You're seeing it now, Ms. Bianchi.
I'll allow it.
"Investigators discovered
the fire had been started
by the family's
10-year-old daughter.
When asked why she'd
done it, the girl said,
'I wanted to see the pretty flames.'"
The circumstantial evidence is damning.
Out of concern for the child's safety,
we ask the court to grant Mr. Fullerton
emergency interim custody of their son.
Objection. Counsel just admitted
the evidence is circumstantial.
Nevertheless, I'm afraid I must
lean on the side of extreme caution
and grant Mr. Fullerton
emergency sole custody.
Your Honor, the child
has special needs.
- Jessie is his biggest advocate.
- To be reviewed in one month,
when, perhaps, we
will have more clarity.
[ABBY] Was it true?
- What the article said about the fire?
- I was 10.
I wasn't trying to hide
anything from you guys.
Dad said I'm going with him, but
I'm supposed to be with you tonight.
Yeah, buddy. We made some
changes to the schedule.
Listen. It's gonna be okay.
No, it's not. It's Taco Tuesday.
- We'll have tacos at my house.
- No. We have tacos at Mom's.
Go to your dad's tonight, okay?
If you do that, I'll bring
you anything you need.
Hey. Give it time.
Everything will get sorted out.
[DANIEL] I know we don't
want to believe it's Jessie,
but I don't think it's Andre, either.
No, he seemed genuinely
concerned for his son's safety.
What if it's someone else?
Someone we haven't even considered?
It would have to be someone with
intimate knowledge of Jessie's past.
Someone who could gain
access to her computer.
Maybe they installed
spyware or a key logger
then they'd have access to everything
her contacts, passwords,
- schedule.
- Dion.
I met him after my session with Jessie.
He was angry because Gary
picked him up from school.
He's tech-savvy, too.
He grunted something
about coding an app.
Yeah, and the day
Jessie's tires got slashed,
Dion skipped school.
Not a chance.
He has oppositional defiant disorder
- He's not a criminal mastermind.
- Nobody thinks that, but
this can't be easy for Dion.
Maybe he's doing this to try to
sabotage the move to Victoria?
Does he even want to go?
Dion hates change,
but I know my son,
and he would never hurt anyone.
Especially not me.
Can I at least bring your
laptop back to the office?
[ABBY] All right, Cecil.
Do your computer thing.
"Computer thing"? Way
to value my skills.
I'm just gonna stop by the fire hall
and see where they're at
with the investigation.
Why don't you just call them?
Aidan, right?
I-I thought I'd just come down
and see if there were any
- updates about the fire.
- Nothing new to tell.
Sorry you had to come
all the way down here.
Oh, wasn't far.
Plus, I get to
check out this big, shiny truck.
And I bet you've got a pole
hiding in there somewhere.
Did you want to hop in?
Would it be weird if I said yes?
Well, most people who want
to go on the truck are under 10.
Oh, another fire to put out?
Only if I leave my chili
on the stove too long.
It's my turn to cook.
Man's gotta eat.
- I should go check on it.
- Yeah, I should get going, too.
Parting gift.
Thank you for your service.
you for your service"?
[WINSTON] Cecil. Can I help you?
Did you make that for me?
"In recognition
of exemplary acts of
filing and friendship.
Best Office Assistant."
And look it's gold.
I love it.
Thank you.
So, basically, you went all
the way down there for nothing.
I wouldn't say nothing.
I picked up a bundle of
toilet paper on my way back.
You were right.
Found spyware on Jessie's laptop.
So, now, are you able
to trace a signature
back to the person who installed it?
I'm not Mr. Robot.
Maybe we don't have to trace anything.
Maybe we can bring the source to us.
If I email Jessie,
can the person who installed
the spyware read it, too?
That's kind of the point.
- What are you doing?
- Emailing Jessie.
Letting her know that her
neighbour across the street
has reached out,
and as luck would have it,
her brother is visiting
he owns a car with a
video-surveillance system.
My car has a video-surveillance system.
She thinks he has footage
of the person who started the fire.
She'll meet us tonight
so we can check the video.
Ohh so now, whoever
put the spyware on her laptop
will want to get that
video before we do.
[SNAPS FINGERS] She's settin' a trap.
- Yeah.
- Wait a minute.
Whose car are we using?
Frank's car has video surveillance,
too. Why don't we use his?
Four words "child custody
evaluation," dumbass.
- Guys.
- Relax.
No one's gonna go
near your precious car.
We're gonna swoop in as soon a
- [THUD]
- Guys!
- My car.
Gary! What the hell are you doing?
- Okay, okay.
Let's just calm down.
I'm looking out for you.
Did you also tell yourself that
when you set her house on fire?
So, wait, wait the ad, the
anonymous email that was all you?
I love you, Jessie. It
just made me sick to see
all the back-and-forth
you had with your ex.
- He's Dion's dad.
- I wanted to show you
- his true colours.
- You mean your true colours.
And then you wanted to move to Victoria.
- We have a good thing here.
- Don't!
Because of you,
everyone thinks I'm a danger to my son!
I think we can agree
- that kid is a wedge between us.
- "That kid"?
You can't see what a negative
force he is in your life.
Let's face it. He's weird.
Give me the tire iron.
I just wanted us to be free
from all this craziness.
- You are the craziness!
Let me guess. It was the boyfriend.
How'd you know?
I listen to a lot of
true-crime podcasts.
It's always the boyfriend.
Lucy says he's a narcissist
with a Savior complex.
Had to let go of my sous chef
for stealing a side of beef,
but you win for
crazy story of the day.
Oh no, there's more.
You remember Clara?
Of course. I love her pantsuits.
Well, turns out she
and my dad used to
- No.
- Yeah.
And I couldn't get over
it, so she dumped me.
"My girlfriend. My stepmom.
My girlfriend! My stepmom!"
Okay, okay, stop.
I'm really sorry your
ex smashed your dad.
Thank you.
I liked her, too.
I feel terrible.
Trust me, you'll be fine.
One day, she'll look back and say,
"I dated two Svenssons
- and one of them had a great butt."
Wait. I'm the one with
the great butt, right?
I am so sorry I blamed you for all this.
- I feel so stupid.
- Don't.
- He played all of us.
- Thing about creeps
they work overtime to not seem creepy.
My boss once asked
me to pull his finger.
We would like to make an application
to vary the temporary custody order.
Reasonable. What about Victoria?
My job offer is back on the table,
and I still think this is
the best school for Dion.
I don't like being so far away from him.
I know I only have
him on weekends, but
at least he feels close.
The new school ends
at noon every Friday.
Jessie could get Dion
on the 1:00 p.m. ferry.
You could have him on pro-D days
and long weekends.
Only until the end of
the school year, then
we reassess.
Thank you!
I'd like to pick up the kids
from school today, Frank.
I can bring them straight to you.
Can you give me a ten-minute
car ride with them?
Call me back.
There's someone here to see you.
A walk-in?
I don't think he's
here for legal advice.
You're here.
Is this about the fire?
I was wondering if
you'd like to go out tonight?
- Uh
I have to stay late tonight
- for a thing.
I get it. Uh, I should've called.
Maybe tomorrow?
I'll call tomorrow, then.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[ABBY] Bye.
And how long have you
been in this current job?
Almost 10 months.
What is your relationship
like with your boss?
Uh, that's a loaded question.
- I work for my dad.
- Oh.
How's that been for you?
You said, uh, you were
estranged for a long time.
33 years.
But we've settled
into a bit of a rhythm.
And he did help me
out when I needed it
something he never lets me forget.
Does your substance use cause
any problems in your life?
Alcohol has caused problems in the past,
but I've been sober close to a year.
Have you ever neglected your children
when you were under the influence?
- No. I haven't.
- Oh.
Mr. Bianchi mentioned a few occasions
when you passed out and
left the children unattended.
I took naps when the kids
were young, but who hasn't?
He said one of these naps
resulted in your daughter
getting frostbite?
Apparently, you left her outside.
She was building a
snowman without gloves on.
She was in the backyard,
where I could see her.
There's no judgment here, Abigail.
I'm just relaying what he told me.
- He also talked about a time
that your son cut his hair
with a sharp pair of scissors?
They were plastic!
From his Play-Doh set.
These things could happen to any parent!
Your daughter, Sofia,
mentioned a video that
wound up on YouTube,
of you in court?
That was almost a year ago.
Her peers still tease her about it.
that is something I will
forever be ashamed of,
but you have to understand,
Frank had just kicked
me out of the house
- the night before.
- Because of your drinking?
And did you respond to the
stress of that situation
- with more drinking?
- Yes! Because I'm an alcoholic.
I'm just trying to
understand the full picture.
No, no. You're trying to fill in
the picture Frank is painting
"Oh, poor Frank
The cause of all his
problems is my drinking."
Well, what about him?
How he lied to me,
when he said the affair was over?
How he's keeping my
own children from me?
Has he mentioned any of that?
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Do you know what? I think
that's enough for today.
Why would I ♪
- Yeah.
- Stay? ♪
Watch me fall ♪
Fall ♪
Fall ♪
Fall ♪
Fall ♪
Wings torn ♪
But never broken ♪
Fall ♪
Fall ♪
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