Family Law (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Family History

Previously, on Family Law
Hey, Jerri. Do you have dinner plans?
Sorry. Can't tonight.
Eleanor and I are taking
the kids to a play.
The two that still speak to us.
Where would you like Craig to go?
- The SPCA.
[DANIEL] So, you're telling me,
after a full year of fighting for him,
neither of you wants Craig?
I was wondering if you'd
like to go out tonight.
She's got a date tonight
with a hot fireman.
[GASPS] Ooh. A fireman.
Every woman's fantasy.
[QUICKLY] Not mine.
[ABBY] I'm a recovering alcoholic.
I got fired from my
old firm for vomiting
in a courtroom after a bender,
so now I work for my estranged father
and a half-brother who hates me.
I had to move back in with my mother
after getting kicked out of my house.
I temporarily lost custody of my kids,
and I'm in the middle
of an awful divorce,
but technically still married,
so when I say it's
not you, it's me, I
[LAWYER] But we do have some conditions.
The children can no longer
have any contact with
their maternal grandmother.
I live in her house!
[LUCY] Alyse.
- Where's Maggie?
- She's gone out.
When will she be back?
When you're not here.
- [ABBY] Hi.
- Hi.
So good news
I get Sofia and Nico for a
week, starting Friday night.
Oh! Fantastic, sweetheart.
Frank's finally coming to his senses.
He has conditions.
- You're not allowed to see them.
- What? He can't do that.
It's been weeks!
I know, Mom, but I
haven't seen them either,
and I need to see my kids
more than you need
to see your grandkids.
I don't know why you agreed to this.
I didn't have any choice.
Until this child custody
evaluation is over,
Frank calls all the shots.
Well, he can't just kick
me out of my own house.
Well, no, of course not.
I'm going to find a hotel for the week.
That's ridiculous.
- It'll cost you a small fortune.
- Yep.
But I'll be with Sofia and Nico.
I'm just gonna stay in child's pose
Just hold it closed for
me right right there.
Oh, my god, I loved that book so much.
"Buttercup licked him with
her strong, warm tongue."
She's the calf's mother.
What is wrong with you people?
Who's it for, Jerri?
Christina, my eldest.
- She's finally left her husband, Bruce.
- I take it that's good news?
Well, he's the reason Eleanor
and I haven't seen her in years.
I never understood what
she saw in that cretin.
Bruce didn't want his family
laying eyes on me at the wedding,
so Eleanor and I got
left off the guest list.
As did her godfather.
And she went along with that?
Well, Bruce has been
pouring poison in her ear
since they started dating in college.
The worst part is, he hasn't
let us meet our granddaughter.
- You have a grandchild?
- Lila. She's three.
- Jerri.
- Oh, no point dwelling on the past.
What matters is, she's free!
Christina's got her own place
and I finally get to spoil Lila.
I'm on my cell if anything comes up.
- Break a leg, Jerri.
- Thank you, Winston!
Okay, do you need to go outside?
If you insist on bringing
that animal into the office,
you can take it outside
to do its business.
I will not have it turning
our courtyard into a
- Toilet?
- Exactly, Cecile.
Take Craig outside for his poop.
- Hey, Winston.
Could you find me a hotel room
for seven nights starting Friday?
- One adult, two kids, two king beds
- You'll need a pool.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
It's nice to see you.
Do Do you want to grab a coffee?
I have an hour before my
next patient, we could just
I have to get to work.
I just wanted to drop this off.
It's a basic separation agreement.
I found it online.
I know you're from
a family of lawyers,
but I'm hoping we
don't have to go there.
Yeah. No. Of Of course.
So read it over,
and if it all looks good,
then sign it, and get it back to
me as soon as possible, okay?
Ms. Bianchi?
I checked all the
downtown hotels with pools,
but they're booked
solid Dental convention.
I told them you were a
world-renowned periodontist,
- but they weren't having it.
- I like the way you think.
Could you maybe try AirBnBs?
Something close to Nico
and Sofia's schools?
On it.
You're gonna be running
this firm some day.
What happened?
Apparently, leaving Bruce
hasn't changed anything.
Christina doesn't want me
in my granddaughter's life.
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
You can't prove it ♪
What'd she say?
She doesn't think having me around Lila
is a good idea.
You are the best idea.
She can't do this to you.
I appreciate the thought,
- but I don't want to make things worse.
- Worse how?
You're her grandmother!
And Lila's gonna need
you and Eleanor even more,
- if her parents are divorcing.
- Abigail, look at me.
You will stay out of it. Is that clear?
- [HARRY] What is all this?
- Nothing.
I'm sure we all have work to do.
It's not nothing. Christina is
denying Jerri a relationship
with her grandchild.
[DRYLY] What kind of a
monster would do that?
Except Jerri is trying to make an effort
to be in her daughter
and granddaughter's life.
There's nothing we can do
if she doesn't want our help.
- No. There has to be precedent.
- You heard her stay out of it.
Oh, and I'll need you to attend a party
at the Wedgewood
tomorrow night at seven.
The Wedgewood?
Where I caught Frank in the
elevator with that woman.
I didn't choose the venue.
Harveen Virk has been
called to the bench.
You will go and kiss the
ring on behalf of this firm.
- You know who's good at ring-kissing?
- Daniel's going, too.
- You can't make me go.
- It's part of the job, Abigail.
And I'm still your supervising lawyer
- for another three weeks.
- Uh, 19 days.
Seven hours and three minutes.
Is this about my paralegal certificate?
Because they said it's in the mail.
Dig up every case you can
find on grandparents' rights.
I have an appointment,
but I want your research
- on my desk by the time I get back.
- Did Daniel approve this?
- 'Cause he said
- No, no, no, no.
You can't breathe a
word of this to anyone.
It'll be our little secret.
Secrets with you land me
in conversion therapy camp.
Good morning.
I'm here to see Daniel Svensson.
What brings you by?
Uh things, uh things
didn't work out with Harriet.
- Mm. Sorry to hear that.
- So, uh
I went down to the
pound to get Craig back,
but he was gone.
And then I see, uh,
your pictures online,
and I-I thought, "Naw. M-My
lawyer wouldn't steal my dog."
"Steal"? I paid the adoption fee
and took him home from the shelter,
where you left him to be euthanized.
You know, I don't think I
like what you're suggesting.
Oh, I didn't mean to suggest.
You threw him away like garbage.
No, no. No. That-That
That was Parker. I would
- I would n
- Time to go, Kyle.
- Well y-you can't just keep him.
I spent thousands on that pug.
- I mean, you owe me.
- Get out.
This isn't over.
- Do you have a minute?
- Of course, Lucy-Goosey. What's up?
Well, you know Maggie and I
split about six months ago and
I was wondering when you'd come to me.
It's high time you
stopped living in limbo.
Well, I'd rather live in limbo,
but she came by with this.
Mm. Hmm! She pulled this
off the Internet, didn't she?
There's a special place in Hell
for the guy who created
Do-It-Yourself divorce kits.
Oh. Excellent. She's not asking
for any obligations towards the child.
- You dodged a bullet there!
- Dad.
- Okay. Yeah, we're in good shape.
- W-What are you doing?
All of Maggie's terms are in there.
It's not worth the
paper it's printed on.
Far easier for me to start from scratch.
I'm a lawyer with Svensson and Svensson.
Can I speak with you for a minute?
Jerri Rifkin is one
of the most generous,
loving, supportive
people I've ever known.
Denying her a relationship
with her only grandchild
- just because she's trans
- Is that what she told you?
It's got nothing to do with that.
She hasn't earned the right
to be Lila's grandmother.
Now please leave.
But your listing says
you have availability.
Seems like grandparents'
rights cases come down
to the best interests of the child
and whether contact
with the grandparents
is being arbitrarily or
unnecessarily withheld.
Okay. Thanks.
You've known Jerri a long time.
She has a good relationship
with her other two kids, right?
They came along later. Big age gap.
Mm. You think there
could be any other reason
Christina could be freezing Jerri out?
What What are you nattering about?
I mean, what if it has nothing
to do with her being trans?
I'm sure
Bruce looks for every opportunity
to drive a wedge.
He's the possessive type.
It's heartbreaking.
When Christina was little, she
came to all our rugby games.
We'd take her for milkshakes
and then the teenage years hit,
and before they could fix things,
she left for college and met numb-nuts.
Tragic, all those missed
years between them.
- Now who's missing the irony?
I just got a call from Christina.
Apparently, my lawyer
fast talking, dark hair, great shoes
ambushed her at home.
Well whoever this lawyer
is, she's obviously on your side.
If Eleanor and I had
any hope of repairing
our relationship with Christina,
this lawyer just blew it to smithereens!
Maybe this lawyer could help.
taking a mental health day.
- Harry
- Jerri has never taken a day off.
For anything.
Who loves his sardines and pumpkin, hmm?
- Kyle Murphy's back.
- Get rid of him.
His lawyer's with him.
Put them in the boardroom.
Take this and stay
with Craig in my office.
Do not take your eyes off
my pug till they're gone.
This smells like rotting seal carcass.
Good to see you again.
As I've already told Mr. Murphy,
his claim is baseless.
Actually, you knowingly
entered into a transaction
without notifying, and/or
without the consent, of your client.
He left an asthmatic
senior dog at a shelter,
where he knew he would be euthanized.
Come on. You set me up.
Y-You played me like a fiddle
to get Craig for yourself.
I can show you detailed notes
of every meeting I had with Mr. Murphy.
All I know is, I spent
thousands on legal bills
trying to work out a parenting
schedule for Craig with my ex,
and in the end, my scheming
lawyer steals my dog.
This is ridiculous.
He's not getting Craig.
Well, maybe
you know, we could come
up with an alternative.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Good. Good.
My client is willing to accept
$5,300 to settle this matter
and we won't need to get
the Law Society involved.
Very specific number. Kyle, what's that?
Rent for two months? Car repairs?
The use of these settlement
monies is irrelevant.
You've wasted way too much of my time.
It'll be interesting to see what
social media has to say about this.
What will people think when they see
Business in Vancouver's cover boy
breaching his professional
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe, "What a nice guy
to adopt an elderly dog
some heartless bastard
left to be put down"?
Or "Sleazy lawyer tricks client
into giving up his best friend."
This is the picture I'm gonna post
with my side of the story.
You know what they say
He who posts first
doesn't get cancelled.
You have 24 hours to consider our offer.
- Good to see you, Harry.
- Chip.
Well, ooh, I wouldn't
mind wetting my beak
before we get started,
if you're pouring.
I don't think so.
You heard from Palmer.
He moved into the
Point Grey house today.
- Cecile, are you getting this down?
- Oh. Yes, sir.
I got a call from Creighton.
He took possession of
the Whistler property.
Hmm. They must've
synchronized their Rolexes.
- Sorry. Palmer and Creighton?
- The MacMillan Brothers.
They've been fighting over
their shared inheritance
- for the last three years.
- $50-million estate.
Today, they each took possession
of the properties their
late father left them.
- And we represent Creighton?
- Correct.
Palmer says he can't
open the safe at his house
because Creighton won't
turn over the combination.
That's because Creighton
insists their father wanted
- him to have the contents.
- How does you square that
with the safe being at Palmer's house?
Their father left the combination to it
in a desk drawer in Creighton's house.
No mention of the safe in the will.
- What's in it?
- No one knows.
I'm off for four days,
starting tomorrow.
Why don't you come over?
I'll cook you dinner.
Promise, it won't be chili.
I'd love to, but my father's
making me go to this party
for a lawyer who just got a judgeship.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
I could be your plus-one.
Yeah. Well, that would
definitely make it more fun,
but it's probably not a good idea.
My ex will be there.
Mm. And you don't want to
pour more gas on that fire.
All right. I better go.
The meeting starts in 20 minutes.
Thanks for this.
- Hi.
Christina was our first-born.
I used to bundle her up in the stroller
and walk down to the coffee shop
so Eleanor could sleep.
The miles we put on that
thing in Stanley Park
I don't know exactly
when I lost her.
Now, the teenage years were tough
The other two came along.
She left for college,
started dating Bruce,
growing more distant.
I guess I wanted to believe
she wasn't really transphobic,
that she was being brainwashed
but now I have to come to terms with it.
My own child can't
accept me for who I am.
And worse
She's passing that down
to my granddaughter.
Thank you for sharing, Jerri.
Let's all take a little break.
I feel so bad for you, Jerri.
I can't imagine not
seeing my grand-babies
Missing all those precious moments
ah, the first laugh, the
first steps, the first
Piss off, Pam.
Don't think you're forgiven.
I know you're mad at me
and you have every right to be,
but there's something you need to know.
Christina said
this has nothing to do
with you being trans.
What exactly did she say?
[ABBY] Thanks for giving
me a lift back to my car.
I was kind of worried you'd
never speak to me again.
Oh, we just missed the turn.
The lot's back there.
We're taking a small detour.
Is this the part where you
drive me into the forest
and feed me to the bears?
I need to hear the story
straight from the source.
I told you exactly what
she said, word for word.
Yeah, but it doesn't make any sense
I haven't "earned the right"?
What does that mean?
And what about Eleanor?
Christina's cut her
off, too, because of me.
Maybe you should get
some clarity tomorrow?
Showing up at her house
without any warning
Why in heaven's name
would I take that advice from you?
Jerri, maybe you should take a night
to sleep on things.
I won't get a wink of sleep
until I deal with this.
Is that
Jerri, maybe we should just
Jerri, I'm sorry. Christina
needed help getting settled.
I can't believe this.
How long have you been
seeing them behind my back?
I have been trying
to smooth things over,
lay the groundwork for you two.
You can't have been trying very hard.
Well, I was starting to get somewhere
till you got the lawyers involved.
I didn't. The lawyer involved herself.
- How could you do this to me?
- Jerri, please.
When Christina reached out
how could I say no?
I kn
I can't.
- I can't. I'm sorry.
- Jerri.
Could you call me an Uber?
Obviously, I'm happy to
get my kids for the week,
but my mother's spitting nails.
When can we fix this?
I called Dr. Powell last night.
- She's finished her interviews.
- Really?
She doesn't want to talk to
my eighth-grade math teacher,
or maybe the guy who
leaves flyers in our mailbox?
She thinks her report will
take a couple of weeks.
"A couple of weeks"?
To type up a few interviews?
I've never seen a child custody
evaluation under 60 pages.
They take time.
Am I gonna see you
at this party for Harveen Virk tonight?
Wouldn't miss it. She
was my articling student.
- Are you going to bring your fireman?
- Uh
- Frank would lose his mind.
- You know he just might.
Morning, Ms. Bianchi.
Your dress just arrived.
- Thanks, Winston.
- Bad news.
All of the AirBnBs you liked are booked.
[DARKLY] Those dentists are everywhere.
[DANIEL] Abby!
- He's been looking for you.
- I need to talk to you, privately.
- Can I put my stuff down first?
- No.
Breaching your
professional responsibility?
Well, my probation's
up in a couple of weeks.
- Maybe Harry'll supervise yours.
- Not funny.
Kyle basically threatened
to destroy me online if
I don't hand over Craig,
or pay him $5,300.
Oddly specific.
So give him the dog.
He's old. Wheezy.
Go get a puppy with lots
of mileage left on him.
Is that what you'd do if
someone came after Nico? Hmm?
Just give him up?
Have a replacement kid?
Are you seriously comparing
He doesn't want Craig.
He wants the cash.
Call his bluff.
You seen Jerri?
- She's not in yet.
- That's weird.
Yeah, she's always here before me.
Winston, have you heard from Jerri?
Svensson and Svensson.
How may I direct your call?
Hi, Jerri.
Where is she? She okay?
I've got an appointment this morning.
I should be in around 11.
Got to go. Thanks, Winston.
Hello, Lila.
I'm so happy to meet you.
Who's that shady guy in a hoodie
who just left with Craig?
We've got a reservation at the
False Creek Yacht Club at seven.
I can't tonight, Dad. I've got
Not you, this is a
father-daughter evening.
Sure, if I don't have
to go to that party.
- You're going. I was talking to Lucy.
- Sounds good, Dad.
Mr. Svensson? Chip Crombie's here.
[CHIP] The court's directed us
to jointly open the safe
and itemize its contents.
Is Palmer willing to
grant access to the safe?
If Creighton hands over the combination.
He will, provided the safe
is delivered to this office.
Palmer will agree to that,
provided Creighton isn't
present when we open it.
That won't be a problem,
as long as Palmer is also absent.
And the safe's opening will be recorded
- and sent to both parties.
- Works for us.
Oh, does it? I'm so relieved.
Hey, you know what?
This is gonna be boring.
Why don't we go see a movie instead?
[CORDELIA] Abigail.
You must be Aidan.
- That's me. Hi.
- Cordelia.
Abby hasn't told me
nearly enough about you.
First, a declaration
that the unborn baby is
not a child of the marriage.
Second, a waiver of
all guardianship rights.
Third, a waiver of all
financial obligations
- towards the child.
- Maggie's gonna be a single mom
She's gonna need child care.
She's made it clear she
expects nothing from you.
There's nothing in here
that differs from Maggie's intent
in that Mickey Mouse
document she gave you.
Okay, but I make a lot
more money than she does
and she's not gonna be able
to afford that apartment,
especially when she goes on mat leave.
You have me paying half the rent
until the end of next month.
Yes. Your half. More than fair.
No, I want to pay full
rent for 18 months.
- You don't live there.
- Dad, I want to help her.
You have a kind heart
but whatever concessions you make now
set the precedent.
I guarantee, two years from now,
you won't feel the same way.
Trust me on this, Lucy.
This is Aidan.
Aidan, this is my half-brother, Daniel.
- Ah, the road-biker.
- You ride?
Mountain biking with
friends, when I can.
Meaning 100% less Spandex.
How did you two meet?
- Oh
- I responded to a fire
a couple of weeks ago,
at Abby's client's house.
Mm. Our client.
So you're a firefighter?
He most certainly is.
[WHISPERS] "Mr. December."
We had a lot of fun doing that calendar.
Yes, you did.
Raised over 25 grand for the
burn unit at Children's Hospital.
Ahem. Abby, can I talk
to you for a second?
- I'll be right back.
- Take your time.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Relax. It's just cranberry and soda.
- You know I'm not talking about that.
- Mm?
Bringing your boy-toy into
our professional community.
[SCOFFS] This isn't my community.
My probation's gonna be over next month.
Okay, so. What?
You had to humiliate me,
make a fool of yourself on the way out?
Oh, please, Frank, keep talking to me
about humiliating
encounters at the Wedgewood.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to get back to Mr. December.
I'd like to see Mr. July top that.
You can stay the night, you know.
I was planning on it
but I really have to pee.
- My bad.
Uh, w-want some eggs?
- I think I've got some.
- Argonuts are fine.
Abby, this is my roommate Devon.
- We met.
- Did you drink all the milk?
And this is Beau.
- Hey.
- Hi.
We're out of milk.
And what are you gonna do with that?
- Throw it out.
- Not in the kitchen, you're not.
Abby. Kyle's coming in this
afternoon with his lawyer.
So? Some people call you a lawyer.
I need legal representation
at this meeting.
I can't take any chances.
I have actual real work to do today.
I am a partner at this firm
and you are on probation.
- As your supervising lawyer
- Ugh! That's Harry, not you.
But fine.
I don't want you
stroking out on the floor.
- Hey. How was the party?
- Abby brought a date.
You brought Aidan?
- Things must be going well.
- You knew about him?
Why am I always the last
to know what's going on?
Maybe because you never bother to ask.
How was your date with Dad?
[CHRISTINA] Lila told me
she met "Nana" yesterday?
[JERRI] Christina.
I told you to stay out of
our lives and Mom knew that.
Don't blame her. It was my idea.
[CHRISTINA] Oh, well, you can tell her,
that if either of you come
anywhere near my daughter again,
- I will get a restraining order.
- [HARRY] Christina.
Stay away from us.
I just
I just wanted to see
Lila for five minutes.
Excuse me.
- [ABBY] I get it.
When Frank first got custody,
I missed the kids so much,
I used to park outside their schools
just to catch a glimpse of them.
[DANIEL] I can't even imagine.
I'm locked in a battle for Craig
right now, and if I lost him
I love my goddaughter,
but she is completely in the wrong here.
Whatever Christina thinks
Jerri did or didn't do,
she still deserves a relationship
with her grandchild.
Yes. Finally. Thank you.
And if we have to drag
Christina to court
Whoa, stop.
A court battle's the last
thing Jerri needs right now.
We set up a meeting with
Christina and her lawyer.
Um, yes to getting
them in a room together,
but they need therapists,
not lawyers.
Agreed. And there's only one person here
who can get through to Christina.
Thanks for the vote
of confidence, but
No, not you. Him.
- Those from Marv's?
- Mm-hmm.
Haven't been there since I was a kid.
I'm pleased to report
Marv's daughter has taken
over the family business.
Harry, I know you're just trying
to help, but you don't understand.
So explain it to me.
This tastes exactly like I remember it.
I can almost smell the fresh-cut grass
and the sweaty rugby shirts.
I hated sitting through those games.
That's why Jerri bribed
you with the milkshakes.
Well, we both know
who gave her that idea.
You know, I think about
Abigail coming to those games
when she was little
the mistakes I made.
I didn't get to meet my
grandkids until recently,
and I kick myself for
not trying harder sooner.
The years I missed
I'm really happy you and
Abby have patched things up.
- I wouldn't go that far.
- But this is different.
You're right, it is I did nothing.
Wasted 14 years.
Almost missed Sofia and Nico growing up.
But Jerri has tried
repeatedly to reach out.
She wants a relationship
with you and Lila.
Trying to get a protection order
against a loving grandparent
is not in the best
interest of the child.
Let me take that for you.
Before I go
you're going to need a good lawyer
to help you navigate your divorce.
Anyone come to mind?
I've met Bruce.
He'll pull every dirty trick
to weasel out of his responsibilities.
I'd be delighted to
hold him accountable
Pro bono, of course.
- And in exchange
- [CHUCKLES] There it is.
One family session
with my daughter, Lucy.
The therapist?
Gotta hand it to you, Harry.
You always seem to find
the right incentive.
- I demand to see my dog.
- My dog is at the groomer.
How convenient.
My client has given your
offer serious consideration.
And he's decided to relinquish
all claim to the animal.
Provided your client
agrees to never comment
privately or publicly
about Daniel Svensson
or this firm.
Any breach in the
terms of this agreement
and we will sue for significant damages.
You can pick up the
dog tomorrow, five p.m.
No. He'll bring the dog to my client.
Why? So he can dump
him at the pound again?
Jericho Beach. Five p.m.
Vanier Park. Nine a.m.
- Three.
- Eleven!
- Noon.
- Done.
I grew up walking on eggshells.
I never knew which
version of you I'd get.
Sometimes, you were
like my best friend
you know, taking me to the aquarium,
or building pillow forts.
But other times, you
wouldn't get out of bed,
or you'd snap at me
and Mom for no reason.
The worst was when you were drunk.
I lined up all my
animal figurines from
from the front door to my bedroom.
I was so excited to surprise you
but you stumbled in, you
started yelling at me
"Clean up this mess!"
I can still see your face
just rage.
I-I don't know where this is
coming from. That never happened.
It's really important
that we hear everything
Christina wants to share.
[CHRISTINA] You were so
much taller than me
Red-faced, reeking of booze
I ran to my room, shut the door,
but you were right behind me.
You almost ripped the hinges off.
I hid under my bed.
I still wonder
what you would've
done if you'd found me.
Nothing. I-I'd never hurt you.
It couldn't have happened
like you're saying.
It didn't.
You hid in your closet.
Not under your bed.
Clearly, it happened, because
you remember it, too, but
how could I forget something so
You were black-out drunk.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know what you
remember from those days.
Bringing up painful moments
What what good does it do?
It was a long time
ago A long time ago
And you worked so hard.
Sometimes, our subconscious
represses traumatic events,
to protect us from feelings of guilt
or shame.
Please, I need to know
did I ever hurt you?
Not physically.
You never laid a hand
on any of our kids.
I was so scared of you when you drank.
I didn't realize for years how
much that messed me up, but it did
and I
I can't let that happen to Lila.
Harry Svensson and Chip Crombie?
Mr. Crombie doesn't work here,
but I can sign for Mr. Svensson.
No. Both of them have to be here
- to sign for it.
- Harry.
Could you put it in
the boardroom, please?
- Okay, Mr. Svensson. We're all set.
- Thank you, Cecile.
50 bucks says it's more watches.
I'm not betting today, Chip.
Maybe it's diamonds.
Between the houses, the
cars, the bank accounts
you'd think 25 million
each would be enough
for these trust-fund brats.
They learned from their father
You can never have enough
and you fight for every last cent.
I'm glad I only have the one kid.
- It'll be a bloodbath when I go.
- [SNICKERS] Oh, yeah.
Can we please get started?
- All right.
Right, two turns, to 91.
Left one turn, to 88.
Back to 17.
Should've taken the bet, Harry.
You would be 50 bucks richer.
My client will require
a professional appraisal
on this collection
to determine valuation.
Mine as will.
One issue
Beaver's Den June, 1979.
One issue Hard Times
May, 1979.
One issue
Roughing It in the Bush
December, 1977.
He's not gonna show.
He never wanted Craig back.
All he wanted was the cash.
[DANIEL] Sure about that?
You know you could've
counter-offered, right?
You didn't even round
down to five grand.
Who wants a snack?
I wouldn't mind one.
Oh right.
So we did manage to find
a room with two king beds
- and a pool for the week.
- Winston, you're amazing.
- Cecil found it.
- It's a Motor Lodge.
- Oh. Well
- In Maple Ridge.
It'll be an adventure.
At least the kids and
I'll be together, right?
I'd recommend bringing your own sheets.
Where are you going, Jerri?
I need a meeting.
Me too.
I haven't had a drink in 26 years.
- [WOMAN] Way to go, Jerri.
[MAN] Congratulations.
Even after all this time,
there's parts of my past I
haven't wanted to look at.
When Christina was little,
those were tough years.
I was struggling with depression,
self-medicating with alcohol
I was not a great parent to her.
And even though I know I'm not
the same person I was back then,
I have to accept her wishes.
She wants to protect her child,
even if that means from me.
- Heading out?
- Yeah, I'm gonna pick up the kids
and we're gonna drive out to
the Maple Ridge Motor Lodge.
It's gonna be great.
Well, I thought you'd like to know
Christina just agreed to have
coffee with me on Sunday.
That's wonderful!
Ah, it's not taking Lila to
Stanley Park or anything
- but it's a start.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry I didn't respect your privacy.
No, you're not.
I'm sorry I blew everything up.
We needed blowing up.
5,300 bucks?
- Isn't that weirdly
- Specific? Yes.
Guess what it's for?
Car repairs?
That's pretty close to what my
boyfriend spent on his transmission.
His lawyer let slip
Kyle's been invited to
workshop his latest screenplay
in Indonesia.
That Hollywood scam?
- Yeah.
But what else could I do?
You couldn't risk losing Craig.
He's obviously worth every penny.
Hey, Mom. I'm just
picking up Sofia and Nico.
Oh, I'm glad I caught
you before you drove
all the way to Maple Ridge.
You and the kids can stay at the house.
A friend has kindly
offered to take me in
for the week.
Mom, you don't have to do that.
Well, if he was half as handsome,
or half as rich, I wouldn't.
Thank you.
And I'm gonna keep fighting this.
Yes, you will!
Because I will not be kept
away from my grandkids.
Be careful with those.
- Maggie?
I break ♪
- Where you bend ♪
Okay. It's okay.
- I take ♪
- You're gonna be okay.
What you send ♪
And we both ♪
Pretend ♪
[DISPATCH] 9-1-1. What's your emergency?
I've got ♪
One way ♪
And you've got one way ♪
Where you end ♪
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