Family Law (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Acting Out

Previously, on Family Law
He wants a Child Custody
and Access evaluation.
[ABBY] I have to get
back to "Mr. December".
We had a lot of fun doing that calendar.
Yes, you did.
You had to humiliate me,
make a fool of yourself on the way out?
[ABBY] Oh, please, Frank,
keep talking to me
about humiliating
encounters at the Wedgewood.
[DR. POWELL] Your daughter, Sofia,
mentioned a video that
wound up on YouTube?
It was almost a year ago.
Her peers still tease her about it.
And the children
can no longer have any contact
with their maternal grandmother.
[ABBY] What?
[LUCY] You know what
I like most about her?
- [DANIEL] What?
- You're way less uptight around her.
I'm not uptight.
[HARRY] From now on, all media requests
get vetted through me.
I just wanted to drop this off.
It's a basic separation agreement.
I found it online.
- Okay.
It's okay. You're gonna be
okay. You're gonna be okay.
Mom? When will Jo-Jo be back?
She had to go out of
town for a couple of days,
but she asked me to
tell you she misses you.
We were supposed to play Catan.
Maybe you and I could
play, after school?
You can teach me how to hoard sheep.
Hey, you, stop wasting data.
It's research for my
"world issues" report.
Pretty sure celebrity
gossip doesn't count.
Oh, my god.
Earlier today, disturbing
footage surfaced online
of Charisma Singhal, 23-year-old
star of the hit series, Whip It.
Isn't that that
singing/dancing show you like?
- Shh!
- This marks the second incident
since Charisma posted
an incoherent tweet
last Thursday
about her on-again,
off-again boyfriend,
aspiring DJ Alpha Dawg.
I don't think she's a good
role model for young people.
Have a good day.
How is she?
Maggie had a placental abruption.
O Okay.
Her placenta partially
detached from the uterus
and is causing her to bleed.
Is she gonna be all right?
She needs an emergency
Caesarean section.
She's on her way to
the operating room now.
Do you have power of attorney?
Y-Yeah. Why?
We may need someone to
make medical decisions
on Maggie's behalf.
I'll get back to you
when there's more news.
- Uh, excuse me?
- You're excused.
Oh! Good, you're both here.
I have a new case with a valued client.
- I need you both on it.
- Dad, whatever it is,
I'm sure you and I can
handle it ourselves.
I want all hands on deck for this one.
What time should I book the boardroom?
That won't be necessary.
We're going to her.
Here we are.
Your visitors are here.
Hello, Charisma.
Daniel, Abigail
meet Charisma Singhal.
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
You can't prove it ♪
Good to see you again,
though, I wish the
circumstances could be less
Girl Interrupted?
Well, at least the Jell-o here is good.
Harry mentioned it was your brother
who forced you into a
72-hour psychiatric hold?
Yeah, Tanish says I'm
a danger to myself.
To be fair, you did look
close to jumping in that video.
Look, I know how it looked, believe me.
Connor brought these 'shrooms
and I wanted to try them,
and then I saw the paparazzi
camped outside, again,
trying to catch me in
a "hot mess" moment.
I thought, maybe if I
gave them what they wanted,
they would leave me alone.
And now Tanish wants to petition
for a conservatorship over you.
- Yeah, whatever that means.
- It's a form of adult guardianship.
Tanish would control
nearly every decision
of your life financial, medical,
whether you can have access
to your phone or Internet.
He'd even have the authority
to decide whom you date.
The real danger of a conservatorship is,
it strips the conservatee
of the legal rights to escape from it.
Look, Tanish took care of
me after our parents died,
but I'm 23, I'm not a child anymore.
A conservatorship is
generally the last resort
for people who are unable
to care of themselves
People with disabilities or dementia.
Opposing counsel would need to prove
that you are too mentally incapacitated
to make your own decisions.
Which a boob-flash won't do.
- [ABBY] How do you know Charisma?
- [HARRY] Four years ago,
she hired me to get
her marriage annulled.
I remember that The
tabloids had a field day.
I'll be honest, up
until a few hours ago,
I had no idea who she was.
Even I've heard of Whip It.
I was never into those shows.
The OC, Degrassi?
They all felt so juvenile.
That's because you've
been 65 since you were ten.
- All right, see you in a couple hours.
- Where are you going?
To deal with the man
who wants to control
every aspect of my life.
My client would like to amend
the separation agreement.
He wishes to ensure that Ms. Bianchi
won't introduce any significant others
to the children without his consent,
and unless the relationship is serious.
You're kidding?
- "Serious" is subjective.
- We propose that the relationship
needs to be stable and monogamous
for a minimum of one year.
No judge would ever make this order.
That's what this meeting is about?
You're punishing me
for having a boyfriend?
The kids need a stable environment.
How do you think they'll feel
when you invite Mr.
February over for dinner?
Mr. December.
And he's not the one leaving
suggestive texts on his phone
for our children to find.
But while we're talking amendments,
what about the clause where
Joanne can't see her grandkids?
We have a court date in two weeks,
which we all want to avoid,
but we can't do that
when your client keeps
demanding last-minute changes.
We'll leave this with you.
I've seen this a hundred times.
Trust me, Frank wants
to avoid court, too.
They'll come back with
a more reasonable offer.
Mr. Singhal and his lawyer
are in the boardroom.
- How'd it go with Frank?
- Not well.
[WINSTON] Daniel?
Someone for you on line one.
Beatrice Flanagan.
From The Flanagan Report?
From England?
Does she have you confused
with someone important?
I think she said
delighted if Mr. Svensson
joined us for an interview.
I better take this.
- We're about to meet with our client.
- Five minutes.
Will your, uh, client
be gracing us with her presence?
Late again.
This is becoming a habit with Charisma.
She used to be so professional.
Maybe she's signing paperwork
to leave the psych ward
you committed her to.
I'm worried about her.
[HARRY] A conservatorship
isn't the answer.
One isolated incident doesn't prove
my client is too incapacitated
to make her own decisions.
Except this isn't one
incident. It's a pattern.
Getting into fights at clubs.
Getting high before
talk-show appearances.
Were it not for the excellent
PR team my client hired,
Ms. Singhal's reputation
would be in shambles.
It's not about her reputation.
I don't want this
conservatorship, either.
You think I want to take
away my sister's freedom?
But you you saw that video.
Charisma is becoming more erratic,
and I don't know how to
I already lost my parents.
I won't lose my sister, too.
I can't believe "Summer Barrington"
is about to walk through those doors.
"Now, that's a twirl, girl!"
Her catchphrase?
- Don't you watch Whip It?
- I saw season one
when I was 12.
- Think she'll sign my book?
- You can ask her.
Charisma Singhal.
Where are they meeting?
[JERRI] Good afternoon, Ms. Singhal.
- Boardroom's this way.
- Thanks.
Hang out here. This won't take long.
- I'm not leaving your side.
- Connor, I'll be fine.
He's lucky I don't kick his ass!
- Let's not make this a thing.
- I'm not making it a thing.
- Does he know who I am?
- Can we not do this right now?
Should one of us do something?
- You're her number-one fan.
- [JERRI, SNAPS] Young man.
You need to use your inside voice.
Take a seat.
[GENTLY] This way.
- when's he coming in to kick my ass?
- He's just overprotective.
Like somebody else I know.
What do you see in
that wanna-be rapper?
What, you're really gonna
date a guy named "Alpha Dawg"?
That's just his stage name.
It's my life. I decide who I date.
Our client deeply regrets
the incident on the balcony.
She's willing to apologize
to the Whip It producers
for any perceived unprofessionalism,
issue a public statement,
and submit to drug testing.
On the condition you withdraw your plea
for conservatorship.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I feel terrible for
letting everyone down
especially you.
I'm sorry.
I'm ashamed, and I'm sorry.
That can never happen again.
Got it?
Never again.
Let's go.
Hey, "Summer".
Now, that's a twirl, girl.
Apparently, Beatrice
Flanagan wants to interview me
about the Lasting Legacies case.
She described it as precedent-setting.
Great news. Meanwhile, your sister
and I have been serving our client.
Collaboratively, I might add.
Why the hell
does she want to talk to you
about a case I brought in?
Because I'm a partner.
Or maybe Beatrice just
finds me more likable.
That's a joke, right?
Trying to nail that
sarcastic British humor?
Uh, Danny has a point.
Your reputation could
distract from the firm's win.
I want you to run all
the talking points by me
before the interview.
We don't want a repeat of the
Business in Vancouver fiasco.
Brought supplies.
Take out. Change of clothes.
- Phone charger.
- Thank you.
How's Maggie?
No news yet.
I called her parents, but
they're stuck on a cruise.
I spent a lot of time
in hospitals as a kid,
when my mom was fighting cancer.
I was right there, but I
couldn't do anything to help her.
like I'm that kid again.
Maggie will be okay.
Will she?
It's more fun to play
with a variable gameboard,
but since you've never played before,
we'll use the beginners' map.
Okay. Sofia?
- Do you hear that?
- Hear what?
It's the call of Catan.
It's saying, "Come play, please."
You don't need me for this.
It is designed for
three or four players.
Hang on.
I swear to God, I'm
gonna take a [BLEEPING]
- She ran over my foot!
Charisma is her own worst enemy.
She was breaking up with Connor,
like Tanish had asked.
The paparazzi wouldn't let her leave.
She broke the guy's foot.
She's not the first child
celebrity to go off the rails.
The only thing people love more
than building celebrities up
is tearing them down.
Charisma's been working
since she was eight.
TV shows. Music tours.
She's got 9 million
followers. She's a brand.
You can't do that without
brains and business sense.
How do you know all this?
"Charisma Sings: Finding
Myself Through My Voice."
You read her autobiography?
It was both moving and poetic.
Charisma really bared her soul.
That'll mean so much to her ghostwriter.
[HARRY] Yannick just called.
He's petitioning the court
for the conservatorship.
- Surprising no one.
- Daniel, get Charisma's permission
to obtain her medical
records from the psych ward.
Abigail, speak to her co-workers,
see if we can get them
to swear affidavits.
Co-workers? I have to
talk to more actors?
[CECIL] Can I go?
If you need someone to take notes?
- Oh
This is Abigail.
Nico's with you for a few days
and he's pulling fire alarms?
Don't blame this all on me.
He obviously misses Joanne,
so if you would like to explain
[FRANK] Is that
What are the chances
that, hours after I tell
you I'm uncomfortable
with you introducing new
partners to our children,
your boyfriend happens
to visit Nico's school?
Yup! Ya got me, Frank.
I talked Nico into pulling the alarm
This was my plan all along.
Pulling a fire alarm can be tempting,
but when we come here on a false alarm,
it stops us from putting out
real fires somewhere else.
I didn't think of that. I'm sorry.
Mr. Bianchi.
Ms. Bianchi.
Hi, Mom.
This is your kid?
Our kid, actually.
How do you know each other?
Uh through work.
Why don't we speak privately?
Both Maggie and the baby are stable.
Oh, thank God.
Maggie did well in surgery.
She needed a blood transfusion,
but she's in the recovery room now.
- As for the baby, she
- "She"?
It's a girl. Congratulations.
Your baby was taken to the neonatal ICU.
I-Is she going to be okay?
She's doing well,
but because she arrived so early,
we'll need to keep her
here to monitor her.
While Maggie recovers,
the baby would benefit
from some skin-on-skin
contact and help with feeding.
Oh yeah. Right.
I can do that both those things.
Pulling a fire alarm
is a serious offense.
We promise, this won't happen again.
- I'll talk to him about it at home.
- This isn't about one thing.
Nico has been shirking his schoolwork,
and Coach Krevz tells me
Nico skipped dodgeball twice this week.
To be fair, dodgeball is
a universally-hated sport.
How long is he suspended for this time?
Three days.
As if I weren't already slammed enough.
I'll rearrange my
schedule and take Nico.
No! No. This is my time with him.
How will you take care of
him when you're so "slammed"?
You know
it'll be tough without Joanne,
but why don't I just drop him off
at the fire hall with Aidan?
Nico can learn all about fire safety.
[BITTERLY] "Can learn
all about fire safety."
Here are my talking points
for the Flanagan interview.
Great. I'll take a look
after I finish this
- Nico!
- Hi, Grandpa.
Hey! Mwah.
- Hi, Uncle Daniel.
- Hi.
What brings my grandson
here on a school day?
I'll explain later.
I have to be on the Whip
It set in half an hour.
Would you mind ?
It is my pleasure to spend
the afternoon with my grandson.
Thank you. All right, Nico.
Be good while I'm gone.
One thing I bet you didn't know
is that a pug's selective breeding
makes it difficult for them to breathe.
It also makes it so that
they have trouble blinking
and staying cool.
Good to know.
[HUSHED] Oh, my god!
It's Summer's locker.
And this is where
Blake asked her to prom!
[LOSING IT] And that's
where Summer sang about it!
[GASPS] Can I sit at her desk?
Cecil, stop fanboying.
Whose affidavit do
you want to get first?
Who's that?
Lexi. Summer's "frenemy".
Pure evil.
Charisma is such a gift.
This is so embarrassing,
but I actually got into acting
after watching her in
"Whip It: Junior High."
- Wasn't she phenomenal in that?
- Mm-hmm!
How would you describe
Charisma's behaviour on set?
So talented.
She never burned out.
Always kills her choreo.
I swear, she makes everyone look bad
[CHUCKLES] especially me.
Brandi, what are you talking about?
You were amazing in your finale solo.
Oh, my god! I was so awkward.
You don't even know.
Did Charisma ever behave
unprofessionally on set?
She was always super-profesh.
But that manager
Her brother?
I know I shouldn't have done it.
All boys your age go
through a rebellious phase.
Your turn.
Did you pull a fire alarm, too?
No, but my friends and I
stole our geography teacher's toupee
and super-glued it to
the founder's statue.
Don of Hall was livid.
- "Don of Hall"?
- Boarding school.
So you lived far away from home?
Bet that was nice.
The freedom was, yes, but
sometimes, I missed my parents.
My mother more than my father.
I don't know why I did it.
I was in the hall and
I saw the fire alarm,
and I wanted to do it,
just to make something happen.
Instead of things happening to you?
Did it feel just a little better,
after you did it?
Not really.
But at least I got out of P.E.
Everyone loves Charisma
but Tanish is a nightmare.
How so?
[DRYLY] Where do I start?
Always arguing with wardrobe
to make Charisma's hemlines more modest.
Eyeing her interactions
with male co-stars.
Tanish saw her drinking
champagne at a wrap party
and he flipped.
Sounds like he's pretty hard on her.
Well, last season, she
tore her Achilles tendon.
We offered to take her out
of the final dance number,
give her more time to heal.
- Tanish freaked.
- "Freaked"? Why?
He said that we were making
a big deal out of nothing,
and that she could still dance.
To his credit, he was right.
It was Charisma's best performance
after the special
"Bollywood prom" episode.
So Tanish made Charisma
dance on an injury?
She was 100% fine during the shoot.
One day, she was hobbling on set,
next day, she was doing monkey-flips.
Adrenaline, I guess.
Hey, Ben?
Zack won't come out
of his trailer again.
Excuse me.
Which one of these
do you think is better
for the Flanagan interview?
- Neither.
- The prints are too busy.
- You want my opinion?
- I'm good.
I ordered you a ring
light and an external Mic
for the interview.
And I picked up some face powder.
I've noticed your forehead
can get a little shiny.
Hopefully, you got plenty
of that face powder,
'cause Daniel's got a huge head.
Would you mind dog-sitting today?
Craig's been anxiously attached
since the whole Kyle-extortion fiasco.
- I can watch him.
- Perfect!
Craig's toys are in my bottom drawer.
The vibrating shrimp is his favourite.
As for his feeding schedule
It's a quarter cup of raw food at 11,
and a half-cup at four.
He likes his water filtered
at room temperature.
Do you need a pen to take all this down?
I am.
What's a vibrating shrimp?
Please don't touch
anything in my office.
I'm heading out to buy a new tie.
- See you and Dad at the courthouse.
- Oh, I forgot my iPad at home.
Why don't you just use
Uncle Daniel's computer?
Fans have gathered in support
of superstar Charisma Singhal.
While no cameras are
permitted in the courtroom,
we can confirm this case involves
her manager and brother, Tanish Singhal,
who is petitioning the
court for conservatorship
over the
23-year-old actress.
We'll continue to follow
this story closely.
Tanish, after the tragic
death of your parents,
who stepped up to raise
your little sister?
- I did.
- Where is she?
How was it possible for you
to act as a surrogate parent
- while attending Dalhousie?
[TANISH] It wasn't.
I had to drop out and move back home.
My parents didn't have life insurance,
so I had to work full-time.
Well, more than full-time.
You had to work three jobs, in fact.
I wanted Charisma to be able to keep up
with the singing and dancing lessons
my parents had enrolled her
in before they passed.
Well, sounds like she showed
a lot of talent at a young age.
She was incredibly gifted.
And she loved performing.
On my days off, I would accompany
Charisma to open casting calls.
So it sounds like you
sacrificed a lot for your sister.
I was happy to. Our parents
immigrated to Canada
so we could have more opportunities.
Her success is part of their legacy.
Charisma receives thousands
of letters every month
from people she's inspired,
who see themselves represented in her.
She's a role model.
Who's setting a very
bad example right now.
I know she'll never forgive herself
if she throws her career
away while she's not
in her right mind.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Counsel, you may cross-examine.
I-I hear genuine concern in your voice
when you speak about your
sister's career, Tanish.
I do wonder, though,
does this concern extend
to Charisma's well-being?
Of course, it does.
I understand Charisma
tore her Achilles tendon
the day before filming the
season six finale dance number.
- She did.
- The on-set physician gave
you a requisition for
an MRI. Did you use it?
- Of course.
- When did you use it?
The following week.
You waited a week, when
she was in such pain?
I wanted a second opinion,
so I took her to a different doctor.
And did that doctor recommend
she return to work the next day
and dance for nine hours
with a serious injury?
- No, but
- How many doctors did you visit
before you found one
who would give Charisma a
prescription for painkillers?
Objection. Irrelevant.
I'll allow it.
Please answer the question, Mr. Singhal.
- Four.
- Even though the Whip It writers said
they could write her out of the finale
to give her time to heal?
If she didn't perform in the big number,
they might've given the lead
role in the college spin-off
to that Brandi girl.
So let me get this straight
You gave your sister
a highly-addictive pain medication,
which opened the floodgates
to all her subsequent overindulgences
Objection, speculation.
Uh, one last question, Tanish.
What percentage of
your sister's earnings
did you pocket that year?
Your Honor
Mr. Singhal clearly
prioritizes his own pay cheque
over his sister's health.
- Alpha Dawg in the house!
Where have you been?
Say hello to Mrs. Alpha Dawg.
- No recording devices!
And I'm done with intoxicated
women in my courtroom.
We'll recess until your client
has a chance to sober up.
- Hey!
Go to the vending machine
and get Charisma a coffee
- and a bag of potato chips.
- Me? Why don't you go?
Just do it, Daniel.
Uh, what time is it? I need
to be on set after this.
Uh, okay.
Let's splash some water on
your face, do some jumping jacks.
If the window opens in there,
stick your head out for some fresh air.
And throw on some bright
lipstick, if you have any.
- Excuse me. I need to be with my wife.
- You want to explain
why you're stone-cold sober
and Charisma is so drunk
- she can barely find the bathroom door?
- She's a lightweight.
It's against the law
to say "I do" drunk.
That marriage license should
never have been issued.
- Okay, Boomer.
- If I find out
you plied her with alcohol
before your nuptials,
I will bring an action
to annul the marriage
for lack of consent,
and sue you for costs.
Get the hell out of here!
So that's what you look like
when your paternal instincts kick in.
I'm gonna take Charisma back to work.
I'll meet you back at the office.
How will you get past the cameras?
I can take you out the back entrance.
You don't have to say anything.
- I know I messed up marrying Connor.
- Harry will deal with it.
- I'm so mad at myself.
- Look.
You're not the first person
in the world to drink too much
and sober up with regrets.
When I used to drink, I could
barely get myself into the office.
I don't know how you do it
and pull off 14-hour days on set.
I don't really have a choice.
You know, I've had to
work three times harder
than most people to get where I have.
If I'm not perfect, it doesn't
just reflect badly on me,
but on my brother and my family name.
I feel like I'm letting
down the literally millions
of brown girls who watch the show
and want to be like me.
I cannot even imagine
what it's like to be you.
You know, on TV, I play this character,
and she's always
making dumb decisions,
and everyone loves her.
But in real life,
I have never been
allowed to make a mistake.
So, yeah, maybe I'm making
some dumb decisions these days,
but at least they're mine.
Oh. Nico and I are on a coffee break.
Mm. Never too early to
immerse in corporate culture.
Where is everyone?
Closed-door meeting in Harry's office.
- We'll be in touch shortly.
- Sounds good.
What's going on?
Your brother and I agree
it's best the firm acts as
Charisma's co-conservator.
Along with Tanish?
You just established in court
he doesn't have her
best interests at heart.
It was theater, Abby.
She's a train-wreck.
Anyway, a co-conservatorship
would safeguard her from an autocracy.
We can protect her this way.
Tell me, what do you see
when you look at Charisma?
Honestly? I see an unfortunate
victim of celebrity culture.
I see a lost girl who
needs help finding her way.
Well, I see a woman
whose whole life has
been decided for her
by her brother, by the
media, by her fans
Everyone has an opinion
on who she's allowed to be.
It's no wonder Charisma's acting out!
She's been put in a box.
She's trying to bust out of it.
If you two go through with
this co-conservatorship,
you are just as complicit
as everyone else.
- [ABBY] What do you say?
- Thanks for the donut, Mom.
You're welcome.
So let me get this straight.
Nico pulls the fire
alarm, gets suspended,
and then gets taken out for donuts?
He's acting out.
He needs a little bit
of extra attention.
Where was that "extra attention"
when I got grounded for life?
Getting drunk is a lot
worse than what Nico did.
Is it, though?
Getting drunk is practically
a rite of passage,
but you and Dad are acting
like I murdered someone.
This is such a double standard.
I know.
I look like hell.
You look like a new parent.
I understand you've all come
to some sort of agreement?
That's right, Your Honor.
We'd like to propose
a co-conservatorship.
That is no longer on the table.
We don't believe our
client should be placed
under any conservatorship whatsoever.
Your Honor, my co-counsel
will be taking it from here.
Ms. Bianchi?
Why wasn't I made aware of this?
Your Honor, the entertainment
industry is one of the worst offenders
for gendered double standards.
Women who fall from grace
are objects of titillation and ridicule,
while men are treated with gravity
and given space for recovery.
They can dangle babies over balconies
and lock tigers up in
their personal zoos,
but, still, no one ever petitioned
to have these men placed
under a conservatorship.
This isn't a suffragette rally.
Sit down.
Charisma is being made out to be crazy
because she's not acting
the way the world thinks
a wholesome young female
TV star should act.
But since when does the general public
get to be the judge and
jury of someone's life?
Has Charisma made mistakes?
Does she have dependency issues?
Does she have terrible
taste in men? Hell, yes!
But if she decides she
wants to flash her breasts,
or blow her entire fortune
on some sad wanna-be rapper,
that's her right.
We need to stop shrinking Charisma
into that little girl we
know from that TV show.
She is a fully-capable 23-year-old adult
who does not need a conservatorship.
All she needs
is for the people around her
to accept her
for the flawed, grown-ass woman she is.
- Whoo!
Order in the court. [BANGS GAVEL]
[HINGSTON] Ms. Singhal,
you have some issues
that you need to sort out.
Now, that being said,
I believe everyone has the right to live
his, her, or their life
any way they please,
as long as it doesn't infringe
on someone else's rights,
which Ms. Singhal's
independence does not.
I dismiss the plaintiff's
petition for conservatorship.
We still need to go
through your talking points.
This case absolutely
sets precedent for laws
relating to medically-assisted
Why is your voice so low?
- What are you talking about?
- You're posturing.
[QUICKLY] This case
absolutely sets precedent.
Slow slow down. Enunciate.
For laws
to medically-assisted reproduction.
Too loud.
It became clear to me
there was an opportunity
- Clear to whom?
- Clear to us there was
Name the firm, for God's sake!
[IRATELY] Clear to us here at
What do you need your notes for?
Have you forgotten your own last name?
It's ten to. You need to go.
Wait, wait!
Your forehead is very shiny.
[ENUNCIATING] Pre-ce-dent.
Okay. Okay! Okay. Thank you.
[CALLING OUT] No one is to enter
or even pass by my office
while I'm doing this interview!
- Starting now!
- [SLAM]
[FLANAGAN] In an unregulated industry,
"Fertility Fraud" laws do
little to protect patients.
In extreme cases,
doctors have even been
known to inseminate patients
with their own sperm.
One class-action suit
in Vancouver, Canada
sets precedent
for holding clinics accountable
for such gross professional misconduct.
Joining us today is
one of the lead counsels
for the victims of the
fertility clinic scandal,
Daniel Svensson,
from Svensson and Svensson.
Thank you for joining us, Mr. Svensson.
Thank you so much for
having me, Ms. Flanagan.
Uh, you seem to have
some kind of filter on, Mr. Svensson.
My apologies.
I don't know how that happened.
I'll I'll disable it.
- [FLANAGAN] Take your time.
I assure you, I am not a pug.
Dear God.
Cecil, come!
At least his forehead isn't shiny.
- [DANIEL] Cecil?
I need a drink.
[DANIEL] Cecil?
I think I forgot to
turn off the pug filter
on Uncle Daniel's computer.
- Am I in more trouble?
- [LAUGHING] No! No.
This is awesome.
[DANIEL] Cecil?
[ROARS] Cecil!
- It was nice to meet Nico.
He seems like a great kid.
Yeah, when he's not
causing public mischief.
You know
a good friend of mine
runs a go-cart track.
The three of us should
check it out sometime.
"The three of us"?
Well, Sofia too, if she wants to come.
I-I don't know if
Or we can try indoor rock climbing.
Aidan, no.
I'm not introducing anyone to the kids
unless the relationship is serious.
[CHARISMA] I just want to
share the news with you all
that, after six amazing years,
I have decided to leave Whip It.
Working on the show has been a truly
life-changing experience,
and I will forever be grateful.
But right now,
I do need to take some time
to focus on my personal health.
After that,
I might book a trip to Kolkata,
check out where my parents were born
maybe I'll do a play. Who knows?
In the meantime
mad love to all my fans.
Be kind to one another, fam'.
Oh, good for her.
Can't believe the firm
I work for is responsible
for ruining the only show
on television worth watching.
This has nothing to do with us.
Leaving the show was
entirely Charisma's decision.
You got another postcard.
Oh, Nina.
Your words arrive when I need them most.
[ABBY] Good morning.
Great job on The Flanagan Report!
Oh wait.
Was that you? [CHUCKLES]
I'm confused, I can't
tell you two apart.
[JERRI] They do say
dogs and their owners
often start to look alike.
You had an opportunity
to promote the firm
and you botched it.
Why do you have that idiotic filter
on your work computer?
Nico must've put it on there.
Oh, blame it on your
11-year-old nephew.
Classy, Daniel.
Your parenting report card.
- It's not pretty.
How bad could it be?
"This assessment was
particularly demanding.
There were many incompatible statements
I was unable to resolve."
"Both children are grieving
the loss of their family.
Sofia is acting out, mimicking
her mother's coping mechanism
by abusing alcohol."
Or maybe she's
experimenting with alcohol
because she's a teenager?
"The night I got drunk,
my mom said she was going
to a business meeting.
She was clearly going
on a date with a rando.
I guess I just felt like
if she's gonna do
whatever the hell she wants
and lie about it,
I will, too."
Don't look so smug, Mr. Bianchi.
Here's what your son had to say
"I told Dad I was going to FaceTime Mom
and he took away my iPad, for no reason.
He said Mom was too busy
with her work to talk to me."
You told Nico I was too busy for him?
I was limiting his screen time.
He had a test the next day.
Sofia said that she had three
incompletes on her assignments
because she can't
keep track of her stuff
when she constantly has to
shuffle between two homes.
Because you decided not to
move into the basement suite.
So it's my fault Sofia
can't employ her backpack?
You will find a way to blame
me for literally anything.
"Nico has become more withdrawn.
His grades are falling.
He called a teacher a bitch
because he said it's what
his dad calls his mom."
That was Principal Tan.
You two need to sort out
your points of contention now.
If we go to court,
this all goes on public record.
So it's back to the bargaining table.
I stand by my positions.
You're seriously willing
to risk your reputation as a
family lawyer just to spite me?
The courts made the
right call last time.
I'm confident they'll
make the right call again.
So, then I guess we're going to court.
All my dirty laundry's
already been aired.
And in a few weeks
I won't be a family lawyer anymore.
- [DANIEL] I assure you, I am not a pug.
I can't stop watching this.
[ROARING] Cecil!
- It's not funny.
The interview isn't being rescheduled.
This is gonna destroy my brand.
Let it.
Your brand is stuffy and uptight.
Now the world knows you're as funny
as I know you are.
- Cecil!
You think I'm funny?
you're the funniest
person I've ever met.
I assure you, I am not a pug.
need to check if I locked my bike.
After an exhausting day on trial,
Whip It star Charisma Singhal
was spotted leaving the courthouse
with her lawyer.
While Charisma's loyal fans
You were representing Charisma Singhal
and you didn't tell me?
I also drove her in our car.
You are never washing those
seats again. Do you understand me?
I'm sorry. I need to go
call everyone I've ever met
in my entire life.
She's the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.
She is, isn't she?
I've just totally fallen
in love with her, Maggie.
I know you'll be the primary caregiver,
and that she'll always need to
be near you while you're nursing,
but when the time is right,
I would love to talk about
what kind of role I
can play in her life.
In terms of parenting, of course.
Why would you have parenting time?
Because we decided to
have this baby together.
And then you bailed.
- I didn't bail on
- You did.
And now, what, because you
spent a few days with her,
that makes everything okay?
That's not what I meant.
You will have no part
of my daughter's life.
Do you understand me?
- Now please leave.
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