Family Law (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

All Happy Families

Previously, on Family Law
I just wanted to drop this off.
It's a basic separation agreement.
What are you doing?
All of Maggie's terms are in there.
It's not worth the
paper it's printed on.
- Maggie?
You will have no part
of my daughter's life.
Now please leave.
[LUCY] You know what
I like most about her?
You're way less uptight around her.
The Disciplinary Board also
requires random Breathalyzer tests.
- [ABBY] I know.
- This is your kid?
- Our kid, actually.
Abby, can I talk to you for a second?
Bringing your boy-toy into
our professional community
This isn't my community.
My probation's gonna be over next month.
You're seriously willing
to risk your reputation
as a family lawyer
just to spite me?
The courts made the
right call last time.
I'm confident they'll
make the right call again.
So then I guess we're going to court.
Who is she?
- Who's who?
- [SNICKERS] Dude.
I know your pattern.
You break up with someone,
we hang out a lot.
You find someone new, you disappear.
And I've barely seen you lately.
It's not what you think.
We're just friends.
Straight men, straight women
never just friends.
Just because you're still
living in a '90s sitcom
Look me in the eye
and tell me you don't want to bang her.
- It's not like that.
- Ah! Ha-hah!
Said with not a whiff of eye contact.
- How have you not been sued?
- [LAUGHS] Who says I haven't?
So when do I get to meet her?
No offense, but
you would reflect very poorly on me.
What do you mean? Ah!
Stay outta my business ♪
Outta my business ♪
Stay outta my business ♪
Outta my business ♪
Stay outta my business
Leave it alone ♪
The only business you got ♪
Ms. Bianchi
we determined that you fulfilled
the terms of your probation.
The board is satisfied
that you are capable of
practicing law unsupervised.
Thank you, Mr. Svensson,
for mentoring Ms.
Bianchi for the past year.
We wish you all the best.
And we hope to never see you again.
The feeling is mutual.
Now that that's over with,
have you given any more
thought to your future?
Just trying to get through my divorce.
I still can't believe you
two let it go this far.
Your dirty laundry will be
a matter of public record.
Oh, well, the worst of my dirty
laundry's already on YouTube.
Frank didn't leave me much choice.
- I used to like that man.
- Yeah. Me too.
You're a fine lawyer, Abigail.
As I've mentioned before,
you have a home at my
firm if you want it.
Thank you.
I've drawn up an offer.
You're joking, right?
Let me tell you a story
about a man named Tiger Woods.
He's a golfer
I know who Tiger Woods is, Harry.
When he got mired in scandal,
all of his sponsors abandoned him.
All but one, that is.
Nike stood by him.
They believed in him.
Helped build him back up.
Nike offered him a
multi-million-dollar contract.
You're offering me
less than a caddy makes.
It's a fair offer for
someone in your position.
- The Law Society just said
- You must recognize
that last year's scandal will
hang over you for some time.
I am sure you could find another job,
but I don't think you'd enjoy
doing in-house legal
for an insurance company.
Let me be your Nike, Abigail.
I have a meeting.
Good. Good for you to keep up with A.A.
I've been watching you
closely this past year.
Your comeback has been remarkable.
Like Peyton Manning after
he had spinal-fusion surgery.
You men just love a sports analogy.
That work you did on
the class-action suit
- was a thing of beauty.
- Thank you, George.
The other partners
and I have voted on it.
Now that your probation's over,
we're willing to take you back.
This can all be yours again.
What's your offer?
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
You can't prove it ♪
It's got remote key-less entry,
and it's got a CD player
that can hold up to six CDs.
How retro.
I love the color.
- Banana?
- "Citron."
Ooh! Check it out, Mr. S.
Now that I'm officially a paralegal,
I treated myself to a new set of wheels.
- Only 250,000 clicks.
- Well done, Cecil.
In three minutes, you two
will officially be late for work.
the soul of wit.
- Danny, hi. Do you have a
- I kissed Martina!
It was impulsive.
Stupid. She has a boyfriend.
And she couldn't get
away from me fast enough.
I'm trying to write her a text,
but I don't know what to say.
- Why not be a grown-up and call her?
- Right.
Right. Right. Good idea, Luce.
This is why you're a psychologist.
So what's up with you?
Well? How'd it go?
You're looking at a
practicing lawyer again.
- Congratulations.
- Mm-hmm.
Feel free to use work time
to set up meetings at other firms.
I'll get any remaining
case files off your plate.
Oh, and happy to give you a reference.
Just know that it might take some time
for you to land somewhere,
- but I'm sure someone will want to
- I've already had two offers.
Who from?
- George Handler, for one.
- Seriously?
You don't have to sound so surprised.
- Was it good?
- Better than good.
He offered me partnership.
Really? After everything
Well, that's that's great news.
You are a born ambulance-chaser.
Family law was never your thing.
That's not what my second offer thinks.
Partners' meeting starts now.
Gotta run.
Good luck with everything.
Maybe we can grab lunch once in a while.
I have some concerns.
The last quarter was excellent,
but that was largely due
to the class-action
suit Abby brought in.
Projected net is harder to Gauge.
Why is that?
This came in yesterday.
Our lease is up for renewal
and the rates are almost doubling.
Highway robbery.
We could look for new office space.
- Something in Railtown.
- [AGHAST] Railtown?
We'll need less office space
now that Abby's leaving.
Not so fast, Danny-boy.
- We don't know yet that she's leaving.
- We don't?
Oh, for
- You were her second offer?
- Did you not tell Daniel?
I didn't think I'd have to run
such an obvious idea by you.
Of course, you should have
run it by me, I'm a partner.
And what did you mean "second offer"?
Oh, you don't know.
George Handler's
offered her partnership.
Abby's leaving, Dad.
You're here.
Tell me everything.
How's Maggie? How's the baby?
Maggie's still in hospital.
She's doing fine.
- Harmony's thriving.
- "Harmony"?
What a beautiful name.
Maggie doesn't want me to have
anything to do with the baby.
I guess it's what I deserve, right?
No. It's not what you deserve.
And Maggie can't make a
unilateral decision like that.
We'll talk this through later.
Okay? I have to be in court.
Is this ?
Bianchi versus Bianchi?
Good luck.
Mr. and Ms. Bianchi.
Let me just say that I
know more about both of you
than I ever cared to,
and neither one of you come
out smelling like roses.
I'm dumbfounded that two family lawyers
have let this get all the way to court.
Actually, I'm not
technically a family lawyer.
Did I give you permission to speak?
Let's proceed.
First on our agenda, Your
Honor, is spousal support.
Ms. Bianchi has made substantially
less than Mr. Bianchi this year,
but my client would like to
offer the higher end of support,
as a goodwill gesture.
Ms. Bernstein?
I'd love to believe in
Mr. Bianchi's generosity,
but my client could
soon out-earn him again.
Just like I did for
most of our marriage,
meaning, I'd be the one
paying high-end support.
Reality check
with your reputation, you'll be
lucky to find any work at all.
Here's a thought.
Why don't we waive
spousal support altogether?
We would never agree to that.
What a surprise.
I should just call her, right?
I've been thinking about what you said.
You should be included in more
of the decisions around here.
- Glad to hear it.
- [HARRY] Jerri's done the math.
We'd be wise to cut
costs moving forward.
Agreed. Which is why we should
move to a more affordable space.
And look like we're on a
downward slide? Absolutely not.
We need to cut the fat. Lay someone off.
Preventative measures.
- I can get onboard with that.
- Good.
Decide who's expendable,
and break the news.
Wait. You want me to do it?
You want to be part of
the hiring decisions?
You need be part of
the firing decisions.
I just came from the hospital,
to see if I could talk
things through with Maggie.
She took my name off the visitors' list.
- I couldn't see her or Harmony.
- Okay, this is bullshit.
And it would never
stand up under scrutiny.
You're still Maggie's wife.
You have parental rights.
Not necessarily.
I had a separation agreement drawn up
and I may have signed
away my rights as a parent.
What kind of bargain-basement dumbass
advised you to do that?
[ABBY] What would possess
you to do something like that?
I was simply ensuring
my daughter wouldn't have
a lifetime of support payments
for a child that wasn't even hers.
Jesus, Harry!
[HARRY] I was simply trying
to get you a clean break,
- a luxury I never got.
- Oh, what are you saying? That you wish
you'd had no part of my
life after you and Mom split?
Of course not.
And you played zero part in my life.
You had a 33-year clean break.
Not financially.
I paid spousal and child
support, to both your mothers.
[DRYLY] Oh, the injustice.
Yeah, while our mothers had
the daily grind of raising us,
you were getting writer's cramp
from signing all those checks.
Hello! Can we get back on topic, please?
[WINSTON] Mr. Svensson?
Mrs. Fantetti's on line
two and she's sobbing again.
All of you, out.
- But we still have
- Now.
So that's it?
I mean, there's nothing that I can do?
Has Maggie countersigned
the separation agreement?
I don't think so.
Honestly, I don't think
she's even seen it.
I left it in her apartment
the night I called 911.
She's still in hospital.
You've still got a key?
It, uh, feels a bit trespass-y.
If you can get those papers,
this can be resolved
quickly and painlessly.
We can set up a four-way meeting
and ensure you're part of
Melody's life from now on.
Why didn't you tell
me about this sooner?
I tried, but your head was
so far up your own ass again.
I'm sorry.
But I got your back from now on, 'Kay?
- I'll take over from Dad.
- I don't want you.
- I want Abby.
- Why?
Because you haven't once asked me
about Maggie or Harmony.
Abby's a mom.
She knows what I'm going through.
I have Craig.
You have got to stop doing that.
I got you this over
lunch. For your new car.
No way!
A Maneki Neko!
Oh, Winston, thank you.
I love it.
My grandpa and grandma
had one for their car,
and they swore it was
their good-luck charm.
I'm leaning towards Jordy Randall.
He's the entire accounting department.
Who will write our checks?
What about Juanita Lopez?
She takes more sick days than anyone.
Absolutely not!
She has a child with
disabilities at home,
hence the sick days.
How about Andy Mikita?
He must be near retirement.
Which is why it'd be cruel to put
him out to pasture two years early.
I won't hear of it.
You touch Winston, you'll be
looking for a new office manager.
One of the paralegals, then.
That probably makes the most sense.
Okay, but which one?
Well, you know the expression
"last one in, the first one out."
It's like the cat's
giving me a high-five.
When were you gonna tell me
about George Handler's offer?
Jesus. Are you stalking me?
Have you made your decision yet?
Well, it's a tough one.
Partnership with a
ridiculously high base salary
and a corner office that
could fit six of mine in it,
or a windowless box that
still smells like farts?
- Your sarcasm is unbecoming.
Let me put this in terms
you can understand
George's offer was like
Nike wooing Tiger Woods.
Well, then
you should accept.
Harry, I appreciate
that you've given me a home
for the past year, but
I think what I need
more than anything
is a clean break.
- Shirley. Hi. How was your cruise?
- This is breaking and entering.
My name is on the lease.
I still pay rent. I just
came to get some papers.
These ones?
I brought them to the
hospital last night for Maggie.
You signed away your rights.
You have no claim to this child.
Now get out
and leave my daughter
and granddaughter alone.
[ABBY] We have to figure
out a way to fight this.
Guys, it's okay. I made my bed.
No. Harry made your bed.
You shouldn't have to
lie in his dirty sheets.
Abby's right. We just
need to find the angle.
Maybe we could argue she
didn't get any legal advice?
Sure, if perjury's your thing.
The agreement was in a
Svensson and Svensson envelope.
How about this
You didn't get any sound legal advice.
While Harry might be one of the
top family lawyers in town
The top.
In this case, he let his own
feelings about parenthood,
and his own abysmal track
record with parenthood,
cloud his judgment.
That's our argument. Lucy
received egregiously bad legal advice.
Absolutely not.
I won't have this firm's reputation
dragged through the mud.
You mean your reputation.
And I'd only be speaking
the truth. If it weren't for you,
- Lucy wouldn't be in this situation.
- Abby's right, Dad.
Come up with a different strategy.
- Like what?
- You're both lawyers.
Figure it out.
The house was largely
financed by Ms. Bianchi,
it should go to her.
She hasn't lived in the
house for over a year.
- She chose to move out.
- "Chose"?
Ms. Bianchi, hush.
It makes more sense for
Mr. Bianchi to stay in the house.
It's what the children are used to,
- and he will be the primary parent.
- Says who?
My client will have
equal parenting time.
Mr. Bianchi is willing
to let her have them
every other weekend.
Are you kiddin' me?
Ms. Bianchi, you are not at home
watching an episode of Big Brother.
No running commentary.
Your Honor, this is yet another example
of Mr. Bianchi's punitive behavior.
I'm not trying to be punitive.
I'm trying to be practical.
Ms. Bianchi will be returning
to personal-injury law.
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
this true, Ms. Bianchi?
Will you be returning
to personal injury?
Uh, I've had an offer,
which I'm mulling.
She billed close to 2,000 hours
a year when we were married.
How can she provide a
reasonable home for our children,
if she's never there?
- I haven't even taken the job!
- Both of you, shut it!
Counsels? Can you
please stop your clients
from popping up like Whack-a-Moles?
My apologies, Your Honor.
My client is simply thinking
of the best interests of the children.
[NATALI] I think I have
all the information I need.
We'll reconvene tomorrow,
once I have my decisions.
You should've told me about the new job.
It's just an offer.
I haven't said yes yet.
- But you will.
- I'd like to.
But what's the impact
gonna be on all this?
Well, a fair chunk of your
new earnings could go to Frank.
I'll pay him top tier if I have to
I don't care about the money.
- Two, please.
- Right this way.
Will this affect my parenting time?
Well, I'm convinced
you'll get equal access.
Maria Natali is not
going to punish a woman
for having a career.
Frank's not wrong. When I
was doing personal injury,
- I barely saw the kids during the week.
- So?
With the money you'll be making,
you can hire a live-in nanny.
One who does housekeeping.
- The kids are how old?
- 11 and 14.
They're practically out
of the house already.
- Do you have kids?
- God, no.
And our termination guide.
Where are you going?
- Joining Eleanor for a late lunch.
- You can't you have to stay.
- I do not and I will not.
Cecil, can you step
into my office, please?
Right away, sir.
- Have a seat.
- First
I want to give you this.
Go on, open it.
It's for your new car.
Winston got me one, and I
know you have a new car, too,
and really
I just wanted to show my appreciation
for all the support you've given me
on my journey to getting
my paralegal certificate.
These last two years at the firm
have been the best of my life.
- You're like a second family.
- [BLURTS] I have to let you go!
Go where?
- I'm really sorry, Cecil.
- Yeah, me too.
Did I park my car somewhere else?
I knew this spot was
too good to be true.
Harry would like to
see you in his office.
Maybe the tightwad's about
to make you a better offer.
Close the door.
I've given it some thought
and I've had a change of heart.
You've decided I'm worth
more than Tiger Woods's caddy?
Uh, I meant your strategy.
Go ahead. Argue that Lucy
got "egregious" legal advice.
I'm willing to sacrifice my reputation
for my daughter's happiness.
[QUIET] Of course, you are.
I'm I'm saying your strategy
is sound. It's a compliment.
Yeah, I'm happy for Lucy.
Hey, word of advice, Harry
Every parent has a favourite child.
Most of them are just
better at hiding it.
- I don't have a favourite.
- Please.
You've handed everything
to Lucy on a platter.
You're willing to drag your
reputation through the mud for her.
You would never do that for Daniel or me
in a million years.
One year ago your life was a mess.
You were a mess.
No one wanted to take you on.
When I decided to mentor you,
my friends, my
colleagues, my own family,
questioned my sanity.
And how did you thank me?
By being rude, obstreperous, ungrateful,
and getting loaded
in my office.
And I gave you
a second chance.
So don't you dare accuse me
of never putting my
reputation at risk for you.
taken more bullets for you
than my other two children combined.
Go to George Handler.
Enjoy your swanky new office
and your big paycheck.
[LUCY] It was sweet of
you to come with me, Dad.
I wish I could be in
there for moral support,
but your lawyer is right.
I should stay away.
Well, what are you doing here?
I'm Lucy's bonus parent.
Thank you for doing that.
[ABBY] Dr. Svensson,
can you tell the court
why you signed a document
that relinquished any
claim to your child?
When your lawyer is also your father,
you tend to do what he suggests.
Do you regret that decision?
- With all my heart.
- Thank you, Dr. Svensson.
Your Honor, Dr. Svensson and
Ms. Roth chose the donor together.
Dr. Svensson was with
Ms. Roth at the clinic,
and the law clearly states
that if the child is born
through assisted reproduction,
the person who was married
to the birth mother,
when she became pregnant,
is the child's parent.
Counsel rests.
[JUDGE] Ms. Sugimoto?
You may cross-examine.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Dr. Svensson, how long
were you and Ms. Roth dating
- before you proposed?
- Three months.
Wow. That's a whirlwind.
Well, I guess you could say that, yes.
In fact, you told Ms. Roth she
was "the only woman" for you?
- Objection, relevance.
- Overruled.
I believe I said that, yes.
And less than one
year into the marriage,
you started having an affair?
Objection! This isn't a morality play.
Sustained. Ms. Sugimoto,
get to the point.
My client was very clear
leading up to the marriage
that she wanted a family.
- Is that correct?
- Yes.
And during your brief marriage,
what was your level of
interest in having a child?
- Not much at first, but I
- How often
did you see Maggie during the pregnancy?
Well, never, but that's because
she didn't want to see me.
Can you blame her?
- Objection!
- Objection!
- Relevance?
[SIGHS] Your Honor.
My client's infidelity
is not relevant to her
ability to parent this child.
And if I hear another word from you,
I will have you removed
from my courtroom.
Move it along, Counsel.
My colleague is correct
in her reading of the law,
but she neglected to mention
the second part of that law.
The person is the child's parent,
unless the person didn't
agree to be the child's parent,
or unless the person changed their mind
about being the child's parent.
Ms. Roth was the one who
wanted to be a mother.
She made all of the
decisions leading up to that,
and she went through
her pregnancy alone.
Dr. Svensson, on the other
hand, showed zero interest
until she spent a few days
in hospital with the baby.
She is an impulsive flip-flopper
who could just as easily
change her mind again.
She is not a stable
influence for a child,
and should have no part
in the child's life.
Cecile, I need this copied.
I'll copy them, sir.
How many do you need?
Three. Where's Cecile?
He was let go.
Daniel fired him.
- You fired Cecile?
- Yes.
- Why?
- Because you asked me to fire someone.
Not Cecile.
- Bone-headed move, Danny.
- I'm so sick of this!
Nothing I do is good enough for you,
even when I do exactly as you ask.
You are constantly broadcasting the fact
that I'm a disappointment to you.
Well, I'm good at what I do, Dad,
- even if I do it differently than you.
- You are spouting nonsense.
I know you think Abby
is the better lawyer
but she's leaving, I'm
the one who's staying,
so maybe it's time
you showed me a little
respect and appreciation,
because if you want this firm
to keep the Svensson name
I'm that Svensson.
I feel like Ingrid
Bergman in Casablanca.
"But what about us?"
We'll always have A.A.
Doesn't have quite the
same ring to it, does it?
I'm gonna talk to that
stubborn old mule one more time.
Please don't.
Honestly, I-I think
this is for the best.
This family works better
for me at a distance
like, Earth-to-Neptune distance.
Don't even think about taking the chair!
[HARRY] I remember when
I leased this place.
I thought to myself,
"they'll have to carry
me out in a coffin."
It's just an office space, Harry.
It's an image.
I think I'd rather retire than move.
I don't believe you.
You're just having a rough week.
"Rough" is an understatement.
The depths of my
children's ingratitude
I have done more for them
than they will ever know,
and do I ever get so
much as a "thank you"?
All they do is moan,
complain, and tell me
what a lousy father I was.
Welcome to parenthood, Harry.
[NATALI] With respect to child support,
the amount will be based
on the Federal Child Support guidelines.
Spousal support will
be set at low range.
Mr. Bianchi, a year ago, I granted
you emergency interim custody
for all the right reasons.
Ms. Bianchi was not a fit parent,
as was made clear in a very public way.
However, I have reviewed
the Law Society's report
and I have seen Ms. Bianchi
in action in my own courtroom,
and I must commend you
on doing the hard work to
get your life back on track.
Mr. Bianchi, you and
your lawyer have gone
to a great deal of effort
to portray Ms. Bianchi
as an inadequate parent.
You insisted on the
Child Custody Evaluation,
you fought against equal parenting time,
and to suggest
that a job with long hours
should mean less parenting time
offends my sensibilities.
I'm ordering 50-50 parenting time.
I do agree with Mr.
Bianchi on one matter
It is in the best
interests of the children
that they stay in the family home.
They've had enough disruption.
Therefore I'm ordering
a nesting arrangement.
You will both take turns
living in the family home
One week on, one week off.
- But your Honor
- How
I am not asking for your input.
[FRANK] Oh, my god.
Thank you, Cordelia.
- For everything.
- You're welcome.
- Can I give you a hug?
- No.
Good luck, Abigail.
Harry's gonna miss you.
I'm upping my offer to your sister.
- Of course, you are.
I wanted you to know because
even though I'm senior partner,
I still should inform
you of these things.
I'd have preferred being part
of the discussion beforehand,
as opposed to being told after the fact.
Fair enough.
But, as a partner, surely, you
can see your sister has value.
I know it's still nowhere near
what you'd make at George Handler's,
but I also know you'll make the
most of an eat-what-you-kill deal.
Mm. And my base salary?
You understand
I can't pay you more than Daniel.
On paper, at least.
I'm listening.
I'd like to set up a trust
fund for Sofia and Nico.
They'll be able to attend
any university they want.
You should do that anyway,
you're their grandfather.
Tell me you'll think about it.
I'll think about it.
Are you keeping the Bianchi name?
I hadn't given it any thought.
You could be the future
of this firm, Abigail.
Well, it sounds like Harry
gave you the best offer he could.
But it can't be close
to the money you'd make
in personal injury, right?
No, not even in the ballpark.
So George Handler sent me some details
of the first case he'd
like me to work on.
Do tell.
Remember that guy
who had a heart attack on Robson Street,
and a good Samaritan gave him CPR?
Yeah, she saved his life.
He's suing her.
For cracking one of his
ribs while performing CPR.
Well, even creeps need lawyers.
You'll just have to hold your nose,
like you've done a million times before.
That I have.
Or you don't have to take his offer.
You don't have to take
your father's offer, either.
As this week has proven,
other firms will come knocking.
Can I get two pistachios, please?
[ABBY] Ms. Roth,
when you found out your
wife was having an affair,
- how did that make you feel?
- Devastated.
I know the feeling all too well.
Objection. We don't
care about her feelings.
Sustained. Ms. Bianchi,
get to your point.
What did you do when you found out?
I asked Lucy to move out.
And when she tried to contact you
I told her I wanted
nothing to do with her.
So, when your lawyer says
Dr. Svensson wasn't
around for your pregnancy,
she was just honoring
your wishes, was she not?
I suppose.
I just went through a nasty divorce.
My ex and I put each
other through the wringer.
Objection! Why is counsel
sharing her personal life?
I'm getting there, your
Honor, you have my word.
Get there fast, Ms. Bianchi.
We made decisions
based on anger and hurt.
Not on the best
interests of our children.
And that is exactly
what's happening here.
Everyone has the right to change
Not just their minds
but who they are.
Dr. Svensson thought
things would be easier
for everyone
if she made a clean break.
And it would be easier,
because as we all know,
family is messy
aggravating as hell.
But she's come to realize
that she wants the messiness.
She's committed to this child
and deserves to be part of her life.
Most important
The child deserves to have love
and support
from both her parents.
- Counsel rests.
I have carefully considered
the arguments laid out in this case,
and I find in favour of the defendant,
- Lucinda Svensson.
- Yes!
She is the child's parent,
with all the rights
and responsibilities
that come with that.
Her name needs to be added
to the birth certificate.
Ms. Roth will be the primary parent
while the child is still an infant.
Dr. Svensson can visit for
up to two hours per day.
Ms. Roth, I know it is hard
to set aside your own feelings
toward Dr. Svensson,
but having her in your child's life
will only give her more love,
not less.
- This matter is adjourned.
Well? How did it go?
I am officially
Harmony's parent. [LAUGHS]
I'm glad it worked out for you.
It was all Abby. She was brilliant.
Congratulations, Mom!
Could I see you in your office?
I took the liberty of
unpacking your things.
- Daniel.
- Yes?
You can re-hire Cecile.
Your sister is staying.
I'm confident our
earnings over the next year
will be stronger than
we initially anticipated.
You're giving me my job back?
- Yes.
- That's amazing!
I mean
I'll have to think about it.
What do you want?
A parking spot
and a raise.
- I can give you the parking spot.
- Sold!
- So guess you've heard?
- Yup.
We're gonna be one big, unhappy family.
That's it?
How about even a tepid "congrats"?
You couldn't have just
taken the job with Handler?
That was awesome.
I can't believe you helped
me negotiate a parking spot.
- Nope. That was all you.
- You want to celebrate? My treat.
We could go to Moxie's.
I'd love to, but my boyfriend and I
are going shopping for a chaise lounge.
Ah. Right.
Wanna come with?
No. It's fine.
- Have a great weekend, Winston.
- Thanks, Cecil. You too.
[WOMAN] Cecil!
Did you get my last
postcard? From Australia?
Not yet.
Oh so you don't know?
Martina, I need to apologize for
what happened the other night.
It was completely out of line.
I know you have a boyfriend
and I would hate to do
anything to ruin our friendship.
Right now I know
you're thinking of me ♪
I'm anywhere that
you want me to be ♪
Martina. I need to apol
I'm America's favorite drug ♪
And I want you to
think that I'm love ♪
So, you two will stay in the house.
We'll alternate.
Dad'll live here one week,
and I'll live here one week.
- No more going back and forth.
- That makes a whole lotta sense.
Thank you, judicial system,
for putting our needs
first for a change,
since we weren't the ones who
made this mess in the first place.
Can I go back to my Medieval castle?
The serfs are about to rebel.
I'm trying to wrap my head
around this nesting arrangement.
Me too.
Let's save that for another day.
We had more good times than bad
We had great times.
We made some really
fabulous kids together.
Tell me where we go now
Hope is better than
wondering in our heads ♪
We tried everything
to save our love ♪
The best was always
waiting to come ♪
- Did we dig too deep?
For 51 reasons not
to lose our sleep ♪
Everything okay?
And it's not that
you're not the one ♪
Tell me why We're going so fast ♪
We never used to run
When we were young ♪
Do you feel a little broken?
[ABBY] Mom? Lots to tell you!
First thing you'll want to hear
is you get to see your grandkids again,
but I have to share
the house with Frank,
so I'll only be here 50% of the time
- Oh, God, sorry.
- Harry?
Uh-oh! You got
nothing legit, uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't your sucker
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But you can kiss
my sweet Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
Stop chasing me like
I'm the holy grail ♪
Never gonna stop
never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop
-You can't prove it
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