Family Law (2021) s03e01 Episode Script

What Came First?

Previously on Family Law
We've determined that you've
fulfilled the terms of your probation.
I've drawn up an offer.
We're gonna be one big unhappy family.
I know you have a
boyfriend, and I would
hate to do anything
to ruin our friendship.
You have no part in my daughter's life.
Everyone has the right to change.
Not just their minds, but who they are.
I am officially Harmony's parent.
Oh god, sorry.
I am ordering a nesting arrangement.
You will both take turns
living in the family home.
We had more good times than bad.
We had great times.
Morning, Ralph.
You're supposed to say,
"Morning, Sam."
Looney Tunes? Wolf and the Sheepdog?
I have an eight o'clock, so
- Where will you be staying?
- The Executive Studios downtown.
Don't go crazy with
the pay-per-view.
I've said goodbye to the kids.
They have to make their beds
every morning. No exceptions.
No phones at the supper table.
Shoes off at the front door.
No sugary snacks after eight.
I'm their mother, Frank,
not the new live-in nanny.
I printed out instructions.
The fridge is stocked.
Please do a shop before you leave.
Recycling goes out on Tuesday.
Oh, and the main floor
toilet's on the fritz.
Plumbers come in between two and four.
The number's on the list.
I can't be here between two and four.
- I have a full workday.
- I'm sorry, Abby. It's your week.
Hi, we have a plumber booked for today
at 2 p.m. at the Bianchi residence.
I'm gonna have to reschedule that.
Same time next week?
Perfect, thanks.
Oh, the fruits of my loins.
- Mmm, Soph, I love your hair.
- You're wrecking it.
Oh, I can't breathe.
Well, get used to it.
Mom week's gonna be
chock-a-block with hugs.
Oh, uh, and kids,
let's not use the main
floor toilet this week, okay?
Oh, Running Man.
Oh, that's a classic.
But hold on, what about the sprinkler?
How's that one go again?
- I mean
- Yeah, no.
I told you, it's impossible
to pick a best 90s dance move.
- No, I got it.
- Okay.
You did it.
- Okay, "The Carlton," for the win.
- Thank you.
- Awww
So I heard from Quinn last night.
He's gonna be back in a couple of weeks.
It's gonna be a hard transition for him.
He doesn't know anyone here.
He'd only just moved when
he got his next assignment.
Well then our friendship
matters more than
So let's just stick to the
friend part from now on.
- Thanks, friend.
- You're welcome. Friend.
That was the absolute last time.
We pinky promised.
You've been pinky promising
every day for two weeks.
Once we pinky promised
four times in an afternoon.
I didn't expect you to be so judgy.
Oh, says the man who wouldn't
talk to me for two weeks
when he found out I cheated on Maggie.
I'm not cheating.
Martina is.
That argument would
never hold up in court.
Hey. Thought you were
taking some time off.
I was, but I got bored out of my nut.
But didn't your nesting
arrangement start today?
Yeah Frank gave me a list
of house rules for my house.
- How's your new place?
- It's fine.
I feel like I'm back in residence.
Two mugs, two plates,
mattress on the floor.
Wow, Maggie really did
take everything, didn't she?
Why don't we do an
IKEA run with the kids?
Nico loves IKEA.
He'll eat Swedish
meatballs till he pukes.
I'd like that.
You know, I could find her easy peasy.
No, I just, I don't want
to make things worse.
She abducted your child.
How could it be worse?
Her dad's letting me
know that she's safe.
I just need to give her some space.
Promise me, Abby.
No, no pinky promises.
- Just look me in the eye and say it.
- Fine.
I promise.
And then when Brian's new girlfriend
joined them in Indonesia
Nina felt like a third
wheel and came home early.
So you've told us about 30 times.
But why did she specifically
seek me out to tell me all that?
She didn't.
She ran into you on
the way to her accountant's.
And so she says.
And she keeps turning you down
when you ask her out for lunch.
Because she still hasn't
gotten over her jet lag.
Svensson & Svensson, how
may I direct your call?
- Morning, everyone.
- Morning.
Of course, you can come in
as early as this morning.
Abigail, I apologize.
If I'd had any idea you were
still in your mother's house,
- I'd have put on a robe.
- Please, stop talking.
That was someone named Hannah Darrow.
She wants a consult, so I
booked her in for 10 AM
- Did she say who with?
- No.
- Please don't call
- Dibs.
I'm partner. That's automatic dibs.
Buzz me when she arrives.
You have got to put a stop to this.
They're behaving like toddlers.
Nothing wrong with a
little sibling rivalry.
Keeps them on their toes.
- Mr. Svensson, Hannah Darrow is here.
- Be right there.
- You can let him out in 15.
So what brings you in today, Hannah?
My ex-husband has tried
to steal my property.
Your home, a car?
My unborn child.
You can't prove it ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got nothing legit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The glove don't fit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
You got to acquit ♪
Uh-oh ♪
The charges won't stick 'Cause ♪
I ain't no sucker ♪
Ain't your lollipop ♪
But ♪
You can kiss my sweet ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Never gonna stop ♪
Never gonna stop Never gonna stop
Never gonna stop ♪
Terry and I were married for 22 years.
We met at university
in a astronomy club.
We got into this huge argument
as to whether Pluto was a planet,
or a dwarf planet.
It was downgraded to a dwarf
planet nine years later.
- So I was right.
- Fascinating, but
We had so much fun.
We never fought.
We were that couple.
You know, the one all your friends envy?
Mm, I remember those days.
And two years ago, he
said, "Honey I'm gay".
That must have been very painful.
Six months later, he fell in love
with Jean-Paul.
You mentioned your unborn child.
Terry and I have two children.
Boy and a girl. 18 and 20.
They're amazing kids.
They were conceived through in vitro.
I wanted to try for a third
with our remaining embryo.
But Terry said no.
He was done.
Now he wants it.
So he and Jean-Paul can have
a child with a surrogate.
Well, he may want it, but
there's no way he'll get it.
Not without your permission.
- So you'll help me?
Yeah, of course.
If you just sign this
retainer agreement,
we'll make it official.
This is Hannah, my new client.
The mailbox is full and can't
accept any messages at this time.
Knock, knock!
Irma, please.
Come in.
For someone who's had
two whole weeks off,
you look like crap.
My neighbours are making my life hell.
Just because I asked them
to keep their kids inside
between 11 and 4.
That's my nap window.
So I tell my cab driver
his English is very good.
And he flips!
It was a compliment.
All I said to my granddaughter
is she might want to go easy
on the Nanaimo bars.
And now I am persona non grata.
She's awful.
Well, so dump her.
I can't just fire a client.
Especially not someone like her.
- She's paranoid and
- I know you locked me in my office.
- Speaking of paranoid
- It's not paranoid if it's true.
So this is more like it.
Look, Mother, you can't be here.
Work is my safe space.
- Mmm! How are you holding up?
- I'm doing okay.
- Dan?
- Daniel.
Is your mother still gallivanting
about God knows where?
If by God knows where
you mean Guatemala?
No, she's back.
Her firm doesn't run itself.
Since you're both here, I have news.
- I'm selling the house.
- What?
Someone slipped an
offer through my mailbox.
An offer I couldn't refuse.
Where am I supposed to go
during my non-nesting weeks?
You're 41, Abigail.
You'll figure it out.
Hello, gorgeous. I booked
us a table at CinCin.
- They're?
- Shut up.
- I didn't say anything.
- It's preemptive.
- They seem happy.
- Yeah, they do.
We all know how this story ends.
Hey, Nico.
One thing I bet you didn't know
is that Pluto isn't a planet.
It's a dwarf planet, mom.
Everybody knows that.
Uh, where are all my favorite plates?
Dad likes the stuff that Nana
and Nono gave you guys better.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
where are my cookbooks?
The ones you never cook from?
- They're aspirational.
- Mm!
And where are all my other books?
And the mirror I bought in Venice.
And my Jane Erwin sculpture.
My books, my artwork, my knickknacks,
my spare shoes, my winter coats.
Even any photos of me.
He tried to erase my presence.
He'll never stop being
my house or my kids.
On the bright side, at least
you still have your things.
And your kids.
Oh, come on, Lucy. I didn't mean
You ever hear about the woman who
cried because she had no shoes?
Then she met the
woman who had no feet.
The woman with no shoes
has every right to be upset.
Especially if her ex dumped
them in a box in the garage.
Things are looking up this month.
Abby's already brought
in 10 new clients.
One of which she stole
from under me yesterday.
And how, pray tell, did she do that?
- She trapped me in my office.
- Danny, listen to yourself.
You sound like one
of those QAnon people.
Besides, any new
business is good for
the firm and
therefore good for us.
Putting your sister
on an eat-what-you-kill
deal was one of my better ideas.
Keeps her hungry.
If she keeps this up, she'll
soon be out-earning you.
Jean-Paul's always wanted kids.
No one is stopping you from
starting a family, Mr. LaRoche.
You can use your sperm or Mr.
Martin's with an egg from a surrogate.
It's not that simple.
Given his age, Terry's sperm is less
likely to produce viable embryos.
And Jean-Paul has a family
history of genetic disease.
I've drawn up paperwork to
make it clear Ms. Darrow
never needs to pay support or
be part of the child's life.
Just erase her from the picture?
You do realize she'd still be
the child's biological mother?
Please, Hannah. We
stand a much greater chance
of success with this embryo.
Look at the two beautiful
children we created.
We created them.
And thanks to you, we
don't exist anymore.
My client has suffered more than enough.
Our answer is no.
Well, we were hoping
to solve this amicably,
but the contract that Hannah
and Terry signed clearly states
that either person can
claim the unused embryo,
and Terry is claiming it.
We'll leave you two to discuss.
I begged him to have a third child.
I thought he didn't want another kid.
But he just didn't want
another kid with me.
We can fight this, right?
Of course.
You've done cases like
this before, right?
She hasn't, but Daniel Svens Ow!
I'm gonna fight like
hell for you, Hannah.
You have my word.
And she wanted a third
child, but he refused.
If he had his way, she'd be pretty much
forced to have a child against her will.
It's taking her control
away from her own body.
But is it part of her body anymore?
It's been in a freezer for decades.
And she's not being forced to carry
it or have anything to do with it.
It will be her child.
Imagine knowing you had a
son or daughter out there,
but you had no part in their life.
Harry's parenting
experience in a nutshell.
It's his DNA, too.
Remember, that has to
count for something.
Harvesting eggs is much more involved
and painful than harvesting sperm.
Mr. Martin just had
to harvest into a cup.
What about you?
You must have an opinion on this.
Says a man who fancies
himself a fertility expert.
Fertility law expert.
And your client, not mine.
So, here's the thing.
There's a woefully
out-of-date contract that
gives Hannah's ex the
right to use the embryo.
Mm, that is a pickle.
And when I look at past cases for
precedent, it's all over the map.
Have you heard of the
Personhood Movement?
Right-to-life groups
arguing that embryos should
be treated like children
instead of property?
Under that definition, Terry would win.
But in Monroe v. Bennett
I'm well aware of that case.
The court concluded
that his right not to be
a parent outweighed
her right to be a parent.
So, under that definition,
Hannah would win.
Can you think aloud in your own office?
Because I have, uh, work to do.
I need to win this for Hannah.
And I could use your help.
All right. I'll help you.
Thank you.
If you make me first chair
and I get the billable hours.
- We split them 50-50.
- 60-40, final offer.
- Fine.
- Show me the paperwork.
I was thinking of going in
with a pro-choice argument.
You're overthinking this. Why
open a political can of worms?
What do you suggest?
I'm going to go back to the very first
thing you said when you walked in here.
This contract is
woefully out-of-date.
- So you're saying
- We poke holes in the paperwork.
But yawn.
I am your child, Mother.
Not your indentured servant.
Oh, I like to thank my reward
for bringing you into this world
after 36 hours of labor and 12 stitches
is that you must forever be both.
If I write a memoir one day,
you will not enjoy the read.
Mom, I'm starving.
- We always have dinner at six.
- All right.
Okay. Dinner coming right up.
Delicious pasta and
homemade bolognese sauce.
Homemade by our father.
Where's the salad?
Dad always makes us salad
so we can get our roughage.
Roughage, sir.
So I was thinking, how about we
eat in front of the TV tonight?
A little reward for your hard work.
Dad won't let us eat on the couch.
Dad's not here. Mom is.
Meaning Mom makes the rules.
We're not allowed to put our
feet up on the coffee table.
I bought this coffee table, kiddo.
So put your feet up or no dessert.
Uh, Mom?
- I am pooped.
- We rode 10k around the seawall.
- At a glacial pace.
- Craig likes to take in the view.
I have some leftovers and a
really cool bottle of orange wine.
Martina, what are we doing?
I don't know. I haven't seen
Quinn for four months.
and the conversations
are really extremely late.
It's no excuse.
I don't want to be this person.
It's not fair to him or you.
Let me make it easy, this time.
I'll go home.
Give you some space to
think about what you want.
I know what I want.
I'm so proud of you.
You set boundaries.
Yeah, and I spent the whole
night staring at my phone
like a hormonal teenager
hoping she'd reach out.
I even put "You Belong
With Me" on repeat.
Oh, you're a Swifty.
You know what they say.
If you love someone, set them free.
If they come back, they're yours.
And if they don't, hunt
them down and extradite them.
I have something to tell you
and you might be mad at me.
Story of your life.
Because you made me
promise not to do this.
Sequel to the story of your life.
I hired my PI to track
down Maggie and Harmony.
- Abby!
- And there's the trilogy.
How could you?! You promised me.
Do you want to see the photos or not?
They're in a condo in
Florida with Maggie's mom.
See, now we can move
on to the next steps.
Call the local authorities, have
Maggie arrested,
extradited and charged
- with child abduction.
- Whoa.
And if Maggie's in prison,
you'll have full parenting.
Are you nuts?
I don't want Maggie thrown in jail.
She's Harmony's mother.
- You're her mother too.
- Abby, I'm serious.
Don't you dare.
She'll reach out when she's ready.
You're welcome.
Emily came to me in
my dreams last night.
It's been 10 years and
I still miss her so much.
My friends say I should
get over her but
grief doesn't work to a schedule.
I could actually feel her rough
little tongue licking my face.
Jesus Christ.
- What did you say?
- It's a cat.
Get over it already.
Irma I am I'm so sorry.
That was out of line.
Same time next week?
I can't believe Lucy's
giving her a free pass.
She's just gonna let her take their
kid to Disney World every weekend?
Aiden, we're meeting for lunch.
Oh my God, you're pining.
- I'm not pining.
- Yeah, you are.
[MOCKINGLY] Widdle Daniel wikes someone.
Come on, who is she? And
has she banged our father?
It says the woman whose
mother's banging our father.
Hey, Roz.
What courtroom are we in?
Courtroom A with
Deer-in-the-Headlights Deerchild.
He's been trying to decide between a
bagel or a muffin for
the last 15 minutes.
In conclusion, the language
in the contract is clear.
Mr. Martin is entitled to access
the embryo for procreation.
He is simply exercising those rights.
Counsel rests.
Mr. Svensson?
Your Honor, the language in this
contract would never hold up today.
But even so, opposing counsel
is misinterpreting its intent.
For the couple to access
their embryo together,
or to allow one of
them to access the
embryo in the event
of their spouse's death.
It was never intended
for one party to use it
over the objections of
the other living spouse.
Any contract being
drawn up today would
require contemporaneous
mutual consent.
Maybe so, but the contract
remains a legally binding document.
Not if one of the signers didn't
fully understand the terms.
Your Honor, nowadays
these documents generally
contain three options
for contested embryos.
Give to research.
We ask for an order
restraining Mr. Martin from
utilizing the embryo without
Ms. Darrow's consent.
Then we would like the embryo destroyed.
You've given me a lot
to chew on over lunch.
Aside from my actual lunch.
I should have my decision
later this afternoon.
You would rather destroy our embryo than
let us have this
chance at happiness.
- Karma's a bitch, Jerry.
- Hannah, please.
Why don't you and Jean-Paul get a couple
of French bulldogs and call it a day?
Uh, inflammatory.
And stereotyping.
She's oozing bitterness.
I've seen it happen to friends.
Madly in love one day and wanting to
tear each other's faces off the next.
Well, I've definitely wanted to
tear Frank's face off more than once.
Last time was yesterday.
Didn't Sofia Barguera's ex take
her to court to claim their embryo?
He did. And he lost.
- And I'm fascinated that you know that.
- Mmm.
I'm kind of an expert when it
comes to all things Barguera.
You should probably know..
She'd be my one free pass.
I'm comfortable with those odds.
I gotta say, I can't
imagine why anyone would
want to start a new
family at this stage in life.
Her ex has to be in his 40s.
Well, he's met the second
great love of his life.
All the love in the world
wouldn't be enough to convince me.
But never say never, right?
Sorry, Aiden.
But I can 100% say never.
Harry! Hi! Probably not a
good idea to bring your
latest fling this close
to the courthouse.
Abigail, this is Sabrina
Just FYI, the other woman
he's schtupping is my mother.
Abigail, this is Sabrina Bass.
Soon to be ex-wife of Connery Bass.
Well you can't go wrong
with Harry Svensson.
He's the best of the best.
Thank you for lunch.
I may be in touch but probably not.
Have you lost your mind?
She's about to go through
a long, nasty divorce.
The fees could fill
our coffers for years.
Why on earth would your mind
immediately plunge into the gutter?
Maybe because that's what you do, Harry.
- Lather, rinse, repeat.
- People change, Abigail.
Some people do.
Just end it.
Now, before my
mother becomes even
more invested, do
her that courtesy.
Do me that courtesy, because
I'm going to be the one
left trying to pick up the
pieces of her tiny, pickled heart.
This was a tough one.
Embryo ownership
and control are highly
complex, and the
laws can't keep up.
In most cases,
the courts are ruling
against the party who
wishes to procreate.
But other courts
have defied the trend.
And gosh darn it, if both
arguments don't make a lot of sense.
I went back and forth on this one.
Back and forth
I've decided the only
responsible decision
is to let the original
contract stand.
So, my ex gets to have my baby, and
there's nothing I can do about it?
Sorry, Hannah, the judgment is ruling.
Well, there is one thing.
If the original contract
stands, that means you
also have access to the
embryo for procreation.
Whatever he says is not as
bad as it's about to sound.
Abigail just convinced our
client to have a revenge baby.
Our job is to act in the
best interests of the client.
So, how is letting her have a
revenge baby in her best interest?
Stop calling it a revenge baby.
Hannah has always wanted a third child.
At least this way she's in control.
She's only doing it to spite her ex.
This business is built on spite.
I once had a client who went
to jail for sinking his yacht
because it was less painful
than seeing it go to his wife.
Think about this from
Hannah's point of view.
Why should he get everything
he wants while she gets nothing?
He kept his secret
from her for years just
so he could use her
as a prop for his denial.
- How old is Hannah?
- Late 40s.
It would be a geriatric pregnancy.
Those come with a lot of risks.
Well, if she's lucky,
the pregnancy won't stick.
Abigail, your legal advice
was morally questionable.
- Thank you.
- But it was also creative.
This means you'll have to go
back in front of the judge,
which means more billable hours.
So, I can't see a downside.
I want no part of this.
- Keep the hours.
I kept a secret from Eleanor for years.
- Oh, I wasn't suggesting
- But I never used her.
I didn't tell her because I
was terrified of hurting her.
I know you may find it hard to believe,
but maybe Hannah's ex kept his
secret for years
because he loved her.
He may still love her in his own way.
Or maybe he's just another selfish
dick who put his own needs first.
Applied Psychology and
Behaviorism Conference.
Yes, last May.
- You're Dr. Garcia.
- Oh, gosh. Please call me Kelly.
You gave a great talk on patterns
of behavior within families.
Hi, everyone, and welcome
to Boxing for Beginners.
To start, I'd like everyone to pair up.
One of you grab the
gloves, the other, the pads.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Honestly, I don't
even know why I'm here.
My friend convinced me to join, and
then she bailed on me last minute.
We'll be learning all about
proper technique in a minute.
But to start, I simply want you
guys to show me what you got.
Don't just punch the pad.
- Punch through them
So, why are you here?
Is anyone celebrating nine months sober?
Big C!
Ten months?
Congratulations, Abigail.
Have I missed anyone?
- Oh, me. You forgot me.
- Of course.
- Pam's getting a medallion this evening.
- Nice job, Pam.
Three years sober.
I bought a cake to celebrate.
My sponsor was
supposed to bake it for me,
but, well, we've all
tasted Ruth's baking.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry, I got a bit
carried away earlier.
It's all good.
But can I ask you a question?
Are you okay?
You must be feeling very proud.
I kind of am, yeah.
It's nice to get the heavy
lifting out of the way.
Oh, grasshopper, that heavy
lifting's barely begun.
I think you're ready
to move on to step four.
Which is?
Moral inventory.
It's a written
assessment of your life,
including your weaknesses,
character defects.
Well, that would fit on a Post-It note.
Would it?
Helps you get to the root of any
unhealthy patterns of behavior.
- Like?
- Like, why is your go-to
position always an eye for an
eye instead of turn the other cheek?
Why is your go-to position always,
"quote treacly biblical shit"?
And my sister finished
telling me that she
wants to extradite my
ex for child abduction.
Sounds like a plot of a Lifetime movie.
I carried all of that
into my session
and broke one of
the cardinal rules.
I let my personal baggage
interfere with my work.
To be fair, that is a
lot of personal baggage.
And there's a
psychologist out there
who hasn't wanted
to do what you did.
But most of them don't.
I'm just terrified that she'll
lodge a formal complaint.
And her favorite
pastime is suing people.
She's paying for
her therapy with the
money she got from
suing her dentist.
She sounds like a nightmare. [CHUCKLES]
But from what you've
described, she's a
narcissist who loves
to hear herself talk.
I'd be willing to bet she shows
up at our next appointment.
And in the meantime,
be kind to yourself.
Watch a Lifetime movie.
- Don't be a Lifetime movie.
- How you holding up?
- Thank God for Lorazepam.
You want to know something weird?
- It's our anniversary today.
- You're kidding.
Every year to celebrate,
we go out to Porto Cove,
stargaze, bring champagne and pizza
Hannah, I'll see you inside, okay?
- Hey! How's your week been?
- Oh, fine. No thanks to you.
You stripped the house of my stuff.
Did you bring in an exorcist too?
I'm sorry, Abby.
I honestly forgot
that I did it ages ago.
I couldn't handle having all
those constant reminders of you.
I should have put them back.
I will put them back.
Too late. I already did it.
I really am sorry.
See you tonight?
See you tonight.
Oh, hey.
Everything go okay with the plumber?
Got to fly. Late for court.
This is a waste of
everyone's time, Your Honor.
Ms. Darrow doesn't want to have a baby.
She's only doing this to be punitive.
I urge you to stick
to your previous ruling
and award my client
ownership of the embryo.
Your Honor, I'd like to call
Terry Martin to the stand.
Mr. Martin, is it true
that when you were
married, Hannah
wanted a third child?
- Yes.
- Is it also true that you refused?
Objection. The man's
allowed to change his mind.
And you walked out on her
after 22 years of marriage.
A marriage constructed on a
foundation of secrets and lies.
Objection. Speculation.
Sustained. But I will
admit, I am riveted.
It wasn't a lie.
I grew up in a very religious household.
I forced myself to believe
I was straight for years.
And now you rub
salt in the wound by
wanting a third
child, just not with her.
And you want her,
the child's biological
mother, to have nothing
to do with said child.
- Okay, about a thousand objections.
- No! I want to answer!
I would love for Hannah to
be a part of the child's life,
but she made it very clear she
doesn't want to be a part of our lives.
Can you blame her? You used
her as your beard for decades.
I didn't. I love her.
I still love you.
You're not the only one who
lost something when we split up.
You were my best friend.
Can we please get back on point?
Good idea, Ms. Sugimoto.
Fine. The point.
Terry and Jean-Paul have options
for procreation and much better odds.
Hannah, a woman in her late 40s,
has about 3% of her egg supply left.
3 percent!
This embryo is her last chance.
Counsel rests.
Thank you, Mr. Martin.
This has been a
rollercoaster ride of a case.
And whatever decision I make,
someone will leave here unhappy.
But after hearing the arguments,
I have to agree with Miss Bianchi.
I award ownership of the
embryo to Miss Hannah Darrow.
Hannah how are you feeling?
Not good.
Bad. Really bad.
Who am I kidding? I am 48. I am alone.
Having a baby was
hard enough when I was
20 years younger and
there were two of us.
Can I make an observation?
I know he hurt you, but
after what I heard in there,
it's clear he still loves you.
Just. not in the way a
husband loves a wife.
- He took my best years.
- Did he, though?
Honestly it sounds like
you had a great marriage.
Better than most.
Maybe he didn't tell you for all
those years because he loved you.
Nina texted me back.
How about coffee before work?
Thursday or Friday next week?
Who looks foolish now?
You really want me to answer that?
Good morning.
- I'm here to see Harry Svensson.
- Do you have an appointment?
I'm sorry, appointments?
Miss Bass, so nice to
see you. Right this way.
I've done some fact checking and
I'm ready to sign your retainer.
A wise choice.
- But your crazy daughter stays away.
- That won't be a problem.
Right off the top of my head,
I want the Palm Springs house.
Get this down, Cecile.
The Whistler House, the
Tuscan Villa, Greased Lightning.
- Racehorse.
- The Riopelles, Warhols, Rothko's.
- Paintings.
- And Chef Butler and Driver.
The mailbox is full and can't
accept any messages at this time.
And the elevator got
mad at me just because I
told him his aftershave was
triggering my nasal sensitivity.
Like it's my fault he
smells like a urinal puck.
Irma, I am so glad to see you.
Interesting outfit.
I love how you don't
care what anyone thinks.
Okay, what we have agreed on so far.
The parties will together find a
suitable surrogate for the embryo.
And both parties agree to
share the child's time equally.
And it's past my cocktail hour.
We worked out the basics.
We can settle on specifics later.
Happy anniversary.
Or non-iversary.
You can burn it if you want.
See what I did there?
Everyone left with their eyes intact.
Come on, you must have
a proverb for that.
- Hey, Nico.
- Mom.
What's that sound?
I forgot about what you said about
not using the main floor toilet.
You want to grab an early dinner?
My boxing class doesn't
start till seven.
Can't. Have to drop
something off at a friend's.
Which friend?
It's not like that.
I ordered spot prawn risotto
from Provence Marinaside.
It's only available for two
- weeks and it's Martina's favorite.
- Daniel!
I'm really dropping off dinner
for her and carrying on my way.
- It's not weird.
- Yes, it is. Trust me on this.
- This is dangerous.
- No. This is risotto.
- Evening, Ralph.
- Evening, Sam.
- How'd everything go?
- Fine. Good.
- How was the apart-hotel?
- Adequate, you know? Beige.
Kind of lonely.
Well, see you in a week.
The kids told
me to tell you that
as long as the new
house has a pool,
they'll forgive you for
selling the current one.
And what about you? Do you forgive me?
I'm gonna miss that place.
Well, your room is not going
anywhere for another month.
It's okay.
Lucy's offering up her spare room.
And bonus, there'll be no risk of
running into Harry
naked in the kitchen.
Yes, your dad told
me about your blow-up
yesterday in front
of Sabrina Bass.
That's why I wanted to see you.
It may seem like fun right now, Mom,
but someone is gonna get hurt and
that someone will inevitably be you.
- Hello to two of my favorite women.
- Mmm.
What are you doing here?
I invited him because
we have news to share.
So since the buyers wanted a
quick close, while I house hunt
She's going to move in with me.
Just until I find my new place.
I've tried to talk
sense into both of you.
- Abigail, we are not children.
- Here are the ground rules.
Neither of you are to
speak to me about the other.
I don't want to hear
about your latest quarrel.
I don't even want to
hear the good stuff.
When you break up,
and I emphasize when,
I will not be forced
to choose sides.
Where are you going?
We haven't ordered dinner yet.
And I forbid you
to breathe a word of
this to Nico or Sofia
because, unlike me,
they'll be crushed when this blows up.
You were right.
My client actually showed up.
- Blessing and a curse?
- Yeah, I don't know how to thank you.
How about you buy the drinks this time?
You must be Daniel.
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