Family Reunion (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Remember Black Elvis?

1 A Netflix Original I want y'all to meet my family They're coming down south To stay with me - Big Moz - Do you love me? - Yep - I'm Cocoa Jade in the house, I've got a lot to say I'm a big sis Can't-miss renegade - Call me Shaka now - Hey - I'm the, I'm the chief rocker now - Hey Mazzi, Mazzi, Mazzi, Mazzi, Mazzi That's me - Little mommy, I'm Ami - Hey Singing loud and having fun It's Family Reunion [M'DEAR LAUGHS.]
Family Reunion was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Ah, M'Dear, you were one beautiful bride.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Jebediah's knees were knocking so hard, I could barely hear the vows.
Aunt Maybelle, your wedding dress was gorgeous.
Which one? She was married three times.
Don't forget I married Charlie twice.
Girl, you know I'm a fool for love.
A fool for fools.
Heh heh.
Cocoa, where are the pictures of your wedding? Uh M'Dear, which album are they in? Anybody for refills? Depends on what you're refilling with.
It's 10:00 a.
Long Island? If you go to Long Island to get it.
Uh, I don't see our wedding pictures.
Oh, baby, I think they may have been burned in the kitchen fire.
Oh, no.
Well, good thing I have them on my phone.
- I wanna show them to Sister Baker.
- You have 'em on your phone? She has them on her phone.
Ah, okay.
- Here's Moz and I at a cute chapel - [MAYBELLE.]
just off the Strip in Vegas.
- Las Vegas.
- Mm-hmm.
I know where Las Vegas is, Buela.
Is that a black Elvis impersonator? You know, black Elvises have to work harder.
'Cause they black.
I know it was non-traditional, but it was very, very special.
I just don't see what's so special about Cocoa you know, you could've been married in front of the King of Kings.
Instead, you chose to be married in front of the so-called King of Rock 'n' Roll.
Baby, this is embarrassing.
It is just embarrassing.
Besides, everybody knows that the real King of Rock 'n' Roll was Chuck Berry.
Katy Perry wearing cornrows? Seriously? Can't we have anything? Uh two questions.
One where did you get that pendant? And two can I have it? It's my grandmother's.
So sorry, my sista.
You gotsta get your own.
- It's not a pendant.
May I? Uh See? It's a locket.
Oh - Who are they? - I don't know.
Some dead relatives, maybe.
It just worked with my outfit.
Accessorizing with your ancestors? You should be ashamed of yourself.
Ach, lighten up.
It's just a necklace.
Somebody set an alarm because this sista needs to wake up.
I'm awake.
I'm awake.
Mac and cheese.
Me first.
You second.
I finally beat you at something, Moz.
Super Bowl ring, mac and cheese.
I think I'm still winning.
But you can't eat that Super Bowl ring.
Daniel, stop teasing.
And why you got on those pink gauchos? Mama, it's sal-mon.
It's "salmon", and it's pink.
Speaking of weddings - Who's talking about weddings? - I'm too young.
I'm not ready.
I did not promise Debra Sue Bailey nothing.
Daniel, go sit your narrow, single self down because ain't nobody talking to you.
Moz, I think you and Cocoa need to renew your vows in church.
Huh? Why? Did Cocoa say something to you? She didn't have to.
All little girls dream of big weddings.
I can't think of a single little girl who wanted to grow up and get married by black Elvis.
Now, you could renew your vows.
And this time, they could be [SING-SONG.]
What makes you think it wasn't [SING-SONG.]
romantic the first time? What's romantic about [MANLY VOICE.]
"Hey, girl, let's go do this"? [SNAPS.]
What are you doing? Shh.
Don't talk.
Just listen and watch.
Hey, babe I wanna give you something you've been dreaming about - since you were a little girl.
- Ahh.
A pink Corvette? Better.
Cocoa, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife again? - So that's a no on the Corvette.
- Hmm? Moz, get up.
M'Dear says all girls dream of big a wedding.
That's why you were doing that goofy dance? Sexy dance.
It's a sexy dance.
All right, move.
- Let's just get this clear.
- I'm happy with the wedding we had.
- But M'Dear says that we Oh.
Oh, okay.
So we're doing what M'Dear wants again.
- Unless you want to.
- Ah.
Ever since we moved here, your mother's been trying to tell me how to raise my kids, how to cook my food, and even how to dress.
She will not invalidate my wedding, too.
Hey, Cocoa.
- Hey, Daniel.
- Moz, I know you're getting shot down, so when you done, why don't you come dance your sorrows away at Saddleback's? That honky-tonk still open? Yep.
And you should come, too, Cocoa.
Moz's treat.
Oh, wait.
Do you have your Gucci belt that I could borrow? Man, you can't - Wait.
You're already wearing it.
- Thanks.
What Don't worry, it's not real Gucci.
What? You bought me a Smucci? Moz, we have kids to feed.
We both can't be wearing Gucci.
So selfish.
What in the Is this a Folex? Cocoa! [HUMS.]
M'Dear, I was just putting your locket back.
You know how people say, "My house is your house, help yourself to anything"? Well, I'm not one of those people.
Stay out of my stuff.
I'm sorry.
It will never happen again.
Well, it better not, because this is a very, very special piece.
Who are they, M'Dear? And why is there a compass inside? These are your great-great-great-grandparents.
They were born slaves, but escaped and ran north to freedom.
I can't imagine being owned by another human being.
Neither can I.
But this house actually sits on land that was once a part of that plantation.
Really? I had no idea.
Get your brothers and sister.
I'm gonna teach you a little bit about your history.
- [DING.]
- Everything okay? Clear airways STAT.
- What did you tell them? - "M'Dear's room, 9-1-1.
" I didn't get a text, but when I see black folks running, I don't ask questions.
Kids, sit down.
I am going to tell you about your great-great-great-grandparents Solomon and Fannie Joe Williams.
- Is this going to be a long story? - Oh, time has no bounds when you're talking about your family history.
- Yes! I love long stories.
- What are you talking about? Shh.
By the time she finishes, it'll be too dark to cut the grass.
- You're an evil genius.
- You know I am.
Oh, kids.
Now, it was 1852, nine long years before the start of the Civil War.
The sugar peach plantation was a hundred acres of fertile land that stretched all the way to the Chattahoochee River.
The master, Randall T.
Williams, owned 60 slaves, and they built his farm into a thriving business.
I promise to love and to care for you, too, Solomon Williams.
You forgot to say "obey", Fannie Joe.
No, sir, I did not.
Slaves weren't allowed to get married, so they created their own ceremonies, including jumping the broom.
- [AMI.]
So they were happy? - How happy could they be? They were still slaves.
Then the master decided to sell Solomon to a plantation all the way over in Mississippi.
Wow, that's real deep.
Sure is.
- Well, that was a great story.
- Sit.
- But I'm thirsty.
- Swallow your spit.
- I'm scared, Solomon.
- Me too.
I can't live without you, Fannie Joe.
And we can't live without you, either.
They decided to run north.
It was a very dangerous journey, but Solomon was determined his child would be born free.
How did they stay safe? [M'DEAR.]
They got help from the Underground Railroad.
Did you know folks would sew directions into the design of quilts? Thank God.
They'd even leave out food along the way.
I'm so hungry.
Are those raisins in the potato salad? - Oh, bless the abolitionist cause.
It took them over two months, but they finally made it to Pennsylvania.
And praise God.
Their daughter Alice was born free.
Solomon gave Fannie Joe the locket and explained the compass inside would allow them to always find their way together.
This has been in our family for 166 years.
It's so beautiful.
And old.
Just like youuur sister.
Nice save.
How much is it worth? - Oh, it's priceless.
- Like vibranium.
Whatever that is, yes.
M'Dear, who got the locket next? Well, Fannie Joe gave it to her daughter Alice, and then Alice passed it on to her daughter, my great-aunt Francine.
Now, Francine worked at The Cotton Club.
Guys, the Cotton Club doesn't sound like a place descendants of slaves should "ooh" over.
It was the hot spot during the Harlem Renaissance.
All the best jazz musicians played there.
Did Aunt Francine know Duke Ellington? Oh, yeah, they were very close friends.
You know, she had the voice of an angel.
- [SIGHS.]
Like Lena Horne.
- Who's that? Like Diana Ross before Diana Ross.
- Who's that? - Oh, are you kids trying to kill me? Beyoncé before Beyoncé.
Oh! Let's turn the clock back to 1928, just two years before the Great Depression.
It was the age of jazz, flappers, and prohibition.
Your great-great-aunt was 22 and beautiful.
Moonlight walking Feel romance stalking me The stars are talking about And they're telling me That this could be love The night is falling And I come crawling Into your arms, I've fallen in love All the men had eyes for Francine, but she only had eyes for the club manager Tommy O'Sullivan.
'Cause I know you know We were meant to be [SONG ENDS.]
- I could listen to you sing all night.
- Heh.
Thanks, Tommy.
You and Tommy need to be careful.
You know folks don't like races mixing.
You're right.
I just wish the whole world could know how much I love that man.
This is a stick-up.
- [WOMAN.]
Oh, no! Oh, aren't you a Sheba? Spare me the apple sauce and get out of here.
See you like baubles? I can buy you a few.
Leave her alone.
- If you won't come with me, this will.
- Aah.
I think this belongs to you.
And so do you.
- Francine! What happened to Francine and Tommy? Oh, I don't wanna bore y'all.
I know you've got your Xbox and your Facetimes and your Insta-book.
M'Dear, don't make me hurt you.
Ha ha ha.
Come on, you can't tell us a cool story like that with gangsters and forbidden love, then leave out the ending.
Oh, all right, I'll tell you.
But first, I have to hit the bathroom.
My new fiber snacks, they really work.
- Uh-oh.
- [JADE.]
There we go.
I thought we were going someplace nice.
This is nice.
There's hay on the floor.
Yeah, but it's that good hay.
Babe, I know it's not 1 Oak but it's gonna be fun.
Debra Sue! Uhh! What are you doing here? He called her, but he gonna act like he didn't.
You called me.
Oh, I did? Well, I must've butt-dialed you.
- But since you here, what's up, girl? - [LAUGHING.]
Hey, Debra Sue.
It's good to see Yeah, um, can I talk What's wrong with you? All that talk about her today made me remember how good it was.
Yeah, but after it was good, it was bad.
Thirty-six stitches bad.
Yeah, but we're older now.
More mature? And that restraining order expired yesterday, so - [HORN BLASTS.]
- [MAN.]
Yee-haw! Oh! This is my jam! I saw them perform this song at the Grand Ole Opry.
I thought I was gonna lose my mind.
- Who are you? - What? Come on, sugar bear.
- Y'all still doing that? - It never gets old! Yeah, it does.
- Come on, let's - No, no, no, no.
You go.
- I'll watch the first song.
- Okay.
- Hey, girl - Hey, girl Let's do Let's do the honky-tonk shuffle Hey, watch my hat, girl Four in the mornin' I threw my hat in the truck Yee-haw! I got a long ride ahead And my tires are We've been married for 15 years, and I had no idea my husband was SpongeBob Square Dance.
- Hey, girl - Hey, girl Let's do Let's do the honky-tonk shuffle [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING.]
Popcorn in my bed? What is wrong with you children? It's kettle corn.
Why didn't you say so? - [LAUGHS.]
- M'Dear, come on.
You have to tell us.
What happened to Francine and Tommy? They got married.
And even though a lot of people didn't like it, including Tommy's family, they were happy, but they never had kids.
So Aunt Francine gave me the locket on my 16th birthday.
Come on, we need drama.
- We need sizzle.
- Well, the story isn't in how I got it.
The story is in how I got it back.
The woman's a born storyteller.
Let's turn back the years to 1966.
Malcolm was gone, but we still had Martin.
Those were turbulent times, but Columbus, like now, was a good place to grow up.
It was Saturday night, two weeks after Aunt Francine had given me the locket.
I was at home, reading the Bible, minding my business.
Jesus business.
Daddy fell asleep in his chair in the kitchen.
Good, let's go.
You know those stairs creak.
He'll wake up and catch us.
My hot-to-trot sister had her mind set on going to a basement party.
Maybelle, we are going to that party.
- Let's go.
- Uh-uh.
We gonna break our necks.
Oh, no.
I'm not dying until I get my first kiss.
- Come on.
- But I Aah! Unh.
It was a college party, so everyone there was older.
I felt totally out of place.
Hey, Amelia! Hey, everybody! Hurry up, Maybelle.
I think you broke my ankle.
Well, you only need one to dance.
Come on! That's when Jebediah approached me.
Wanna dance? [AMI.]
What happened to your Bible? [M'DEAR.]
What happened to your homework? [AMI.]
Your grandpa couldn't dance a lick, but he was a handsome cup of hot chocolate.
Thanks for ruining hot chocolate.
Oh, we were having so much fun, until - [RECORD SCRATCH.]
- Maybelle and Amelia Williams get your narrow hind parts out of here right now, or I'm gonna turn this sucker out.
To make matters worse, I lost my locket.
I didn't think I'd ever see the locket or Jebediah again.
Come on, "Cotton-Eyed Joe" is easy.
Don't be scared.
Of course I'm scared.
Some of those people are wearing spurs.
One wrong step, I'll be do-si-do-ing to the emergency room.
- What? Come on, come on.
- Mm-mmm.
- It'll be fun.
- Okay.
Come on, you got it.
Turn it out.
Oh! [MAN.]
Yee-haw! There you go.
- Oh! - Whoo! [LAUGHING.]
Luckily, I was wrong about seeing Jebediah again.
Jeb? What are you doing here? I think this belongs to you.
You found my locket.
Thank you so much.
Miss Amelia Williams, I have a mind to court you.
- Will you receive me? - No, she won't.
Now get off my porch.
Your daddy was a hater.
He just thought I was too young to date.
And, of course, no little long-headed boy was good enough for his daughter.
But your grandpa wouldn't give up.
Thank you.
I love chocolates.
These best not have nuts.
- A hen? And eggs.
You couldn't get a cow? Jeb was in love, and nothing could stop him, not even my daddy.
Huh? Young man, what's it gonna take to get rid of you? A pine box, sir.
You'll end up in one if you ever hurt her, disrespect her or drop her off late.
- Do we understand each other? - Yes, sir.
Amelia! - [GASPS.]
Jeb? - Amelia? [SCREAMS.]
- You slammed the door on Grandpa? I understand.
I've seen you in your rollers and face cream.
Whoo! It's not pretty.
- Boy - Run, Shaka, run! [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING.]
I wanna be you when I grow up.
Me too.
Hey, man Y'all already know it's about to go down So don't you even think about Walking out on this one [COCOA.]
Hey, hey! [CHEERING.]
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh! [PATRONS CHEERING.]
- Okay, okay.
You got me on that one.
I see you, Cocoa! Ah, I'm having so much fun.
Me too, but I think I wore the wrong shoes.
Well, just do like me and take them off! - [HORN BLASTS.]
- Oh! Hey! Ha ha ha.
I love this song! Come on, Moz.
My heart says yes, but my feet say, "Sit your heavy butt down.
" Ha.
Come on, Cocoa.
Your wife's feet are hurting her.
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
Feeling like what Got a bad girl Whoo-hoo.
- What's this? Oh.
Hey, girl.
Daniel and I were Don't start that crazy.
Nothing's going on! So you ask me for another chance and you already cheating? Uh, whoa! He's my brother-in-law.
Yeah, ain't nobody talking to you, heffa.
- Uh, is there a problem? - This heffa just called me a heffa.
Because you all over my man.
- I am not - Yes, yes.
Chest hair, chest hair, chest hair.
Ch-ch-ch-ch - Yes, you are, okay? - Okay.
- You love me, and I know you do.
- I do.
And this time, we're getting married, okay? [DANIEL.]
- Back off! - Aah.
Oh, my God.
I can't believe she just put her hands on me.
No one has ever put their hands on me.
- It's time to go.
- Oh, it sure is.
Not what I meant.
- Here comes security.
We gotta go.
- They can get some, too.
- What? - Aah, no! - Put me down! - Daniel, come on, we gotta go! - Moz! Put me down! - [DANIEL.]
Leave her! Just leave her! She's waking up! She's waking up! Go! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING.]
That locket has an amazing history.
- Do you think I could have it one day? - What about me? - I'm older.
- I'm cuter.
- [JADE.]
- Sorry, girls.
I've already promised it to your Aunt Grace.
But when the time comes and you get ready to get married, you can take part in another family tradition.
The jumping of the Williams family broom.
- Fannie Joe and Solomon's broom? - That very one.
Can we see it? Come on, I'll show it to you.
Ooh! Why are you all running in front of me when you don't even know where it is? What a night.
I almost got into my first bar fight.
- You got the nerve to be proud.
- Yo I'm straight outta Rancho Cucamonga.
- We gangsta.
All right, y'all.
I just texted y'all my new number.
Lock it in.
- Why'd you change it? - You saw that woman.
It was either change it, or, well, fake my own death.
How'd she get it so fast? Oh, shoot, I forgot her cousin works at Cricket Wireless.
She probably watching me right now.
You know what? I'm-a leave town for a while.
If Debra Sue asks about me, tell her I died again.
- Your brother's crazy.
- Says you, who almost had a bar fight.
You know you like bad girls.
- Yeah, I do.
Hey, thanks for being a good sport about the honky-tonk.
Well, I don't know why I had any doubts.
As long as I'm with you, I always have a good time.
Then stick with me, baby.
Like glue, big man, like glue.
- You wanna - [LAUGHS.]
- Hey, guys.
- Hi! Mom, look, the Williams family broom.
What's this? M'Dear's been telling us about our family history.
- Our great-great-grandparents - You left out a great.
Fannie Joe and Solomon got married by jumping this broom.
Oh, wow.
It's amazing you still have it.
I know.
The Columbus Museum is asking me to donate, but this belongs in this family.
Why are there different-colored ribbons on it? Each couple ties on a ribbon that matches their wedding colors.
- It's actually pretty cool.
- This coral one is mine.
Mom and Dad, which one is yours? - We don't have one.
- Why not? We eloped, so we didn't do all the family traditions, although now, I kinda wish we did.
I tried to tell you, but nobody listens to me.
Moz, not every little girl dreams of a big church wedding, but if that's what you want, then - [COCOA GRUNTS.]
- Everybody, stop.
- Your mama lost her teeth again.
- No.
Moses Deuteronomy McKellan, will you remarry me? - Say yes, Daddy.
- Yes, yes.
I bet Fannie Joe and Solomon are smiling right now.
I know they are.
You're too young, right? - [MOZ.]
Mama, we got a lot of planning.
- [M'DEAR.]
Yes, we do.