Famous in Love (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

A Star Is Torn

1 I-I want to be an actress, but soon as I tell my parents that they're just gonna yank my ass back home.
Don't tell them and come to the "Locked" audition with me.
[female narrator] Previously on "Famous in Love" [Paige] This is Paige Townsend.
[Nina] I can't believe I'm saying this but did we just find our August? [Cassandra] You're into him, he's into you, too.
So do something about it.
We should talk about this after your play.
Can we just pretend you're behind us? [Nina] The real story isn't about Rainer.
It's about Tangey Turner.
That slut who cheated on my son with Jordan Wilder.
Paige, I wanted to call you personally.
You got the part.
[instrumental music] Well if I'm sittin' at a bus stop Listening to hip-hop [Cassandra] 'Aren't you headed to the studio this morning?' I am, but I need to finish my spreadsheet before my parents get here later.
Paige, it's not like you're telling them you're becoming a sister-wife.
You landed the lead in a huge movie.
- How mad can they get? - My dad's a teacher.
And education means everything to him.
If I drop out, I'll be the first person in my family to not get a college degree.
So that mess of numbers is your big plan? Yes, my dad's mantra is numbers don't lie.
So this is how I prove to him that I can still be in school and do the movie.
[cell phone vibrating] Oh, uh, I've got Bio, but I'll be back later to help you guys clean the apartment.
- Thanks.
- Well.
Get this place in shape before your parents get here.
I thought Bio was on Tuesdays.
Did I say "Bio?" Slap me awake.
I meant Psych.
Well, good luck at your scary producer meeting.
- Love you.
- Love you more.
Any idea why Nina wants to see you? Well, I mean, it can't be to fire me.
I haven't even done anything yet.
Do you wanna have coffee after? Actually, I got a call from that agent who read my script.
No way! And he wants to have a meeting.
- Why didn't you tell us? - It's just a meeting.
I'm not letting you downplay this.
Just having somebody like that read your script is really awesome.
We should have that talk, you know.
The, the talk that we've been talking about, talking about but we still haven't actually talked about it? That-that talk.
[laughs] I think it's a little scary how I can interpret your "Paige speak.
" But, yeah, I do know.
We'll talk about it later, okay? - Good luck.
- Good luck.
[instrumental music] Class beauties were swamped in my head Well, I hate to think what would happen if anyone ever found out about us.
We're two adults, there's nothing wrong with what we're doing.
It's a little bit wrong.
But isn't that part of the fun? [Barrett on TV] 'And I wonder what Hollywood mega producer' You sure you gotta go to work? [Barrett on TV] 'My insider tells me that Rainer Devon' 'and Jordan Wilder feud' That little vulva promised me.
And the mystery slut is mega pop star and Rainer's girlfriend, Tangey Turner.
What? No.
How did he find out? My secret source also revealed that Jordan only had good intentions 'when he checked in on his best friend's girl.
' But after he had too much to drink Tangey turned on her sultry charm 'and poor Jordan couldn't resist her.
' That's not what happened.
Who told him that? Tangey must've confided in someone.
You know we hooked up, but it didn't go down like that.
We weren't even drinking.
[instrumental music] Good morning! Hi, I'm Paige Townsen.
There's no D in the end.
- Do you have a drive on, miss? - I should and, uh You can just call me Paige, uh Roberto.
Anyways, uh, I'm gonna be coming in and out of here a lot so, you know, we could be on a first-name basis.
We're all on the same team, right? Photo ID, please.
Uh, uh.
Yeah, of course.
'Where's my driver's license?' Oh, there you go.
That's a school ID card.
I'll need a valid driver's license.
[horn honking] Um, oh, come on, look at that face.
Don't you just wanna let me in? You're gonna need to make a U-turn and exit immediately.
Uh, n-no, sorry, I can't.
No, no.
Uh, hold on.
I'll find it, let me find it.
I know I have it in here.
It's just - 'I really need to be' - Security One.
I have to be in Nina Devon's office in two minutes and it's my first day, so I can't be late Good morning.
- Hi.
- Everything okay? - Not really.
- You know her, Mr.
Devon? This is Paige Townsen.
She's gonna be a big star.
[Roberto] 'Whatever you say, boss.
' Thank you.
Would you please stop? There's a lot riding on tomorrow night's casting party.
We're over budget, and for now, the studio's looking the other way, but I, I can't have you going off on Hopper.
And I can't have the world hating on Tangey for something we both did.
I get it, I'll fix it.
Now, just relax.
You know that I've invested everything in "Locked.
" And you know how much I need this movie to work.
- Right? - Of course.
So, stay away from Rainer and Barrett until I get a chance to work this out and Don't talk to Tangey until I can smooth things over with her manager.
[instrumental music] [Nina] 'Did I ask you to set that meeting for tomorrow?' - No, but - There's that word again.
I pay you so I can hear "Yes.
Nina, yes.
I made it happen.
" Sit, sit.
Well, that's what an Ivy League education buys you these days.
"No, but" How's it going? - I'm a little nervous.
- Do you wanna see a doctor? We could get you on a mood stabilizer.
Have you been to see Giselle? What're you wearing tomorrow night? Actually I'm meeting up with her later this afternoon.
She, uh, she sounds nice.
Oh, she's a back-stabbing bitch but she's the best stylist in town.
By the way, Nina, I-I really wanna thank you again for letting me bring my friends to the party tomorrow night.
- Are you excited? - Totally.
You know, I just, I have this class and I'm gonna miss it, so I kinda feel bad.
But it's okay, 'cause I'm gonna get notes from somebody there.
I assumed you were taking a gap year.
Uh, of course not.
I can do the movie and stay in school.
I mean, it is an ensemble piece, just like the books, right? So, I won't be working every day.
We're playing up the love triangle.
So the role of August is much bigger in the movies than she was in the books.
Being a movie star isn't a part-time job, Paige.
You have to make a choice.
Either you eat, sleep and breath "Locked" or, or you spend the rest of your life doing math in a poly-blend sweater set.
[instrumental music] Any chance you can come over more than once a week? It's just that I have school.
I'll pay you an extra fifty.
Um, yeah, yeah, okay.
I-I can make it work.
Look forward to it.
Just let yourself out.
Oh oh I can do I can do Ooh Ooh ooh I can do Oh, uh, I think you accidentally blocked me in.
Oh, my God.
Alexis Glenn? Wow, I-I never miss an episode of "Backsplash.
" Becky Barnes's, my absolute hero.
Yeah, she was America's sweetheart.
Uh, who am I making this out to? Thank you.
Um, Paige Townsen.
There's-there's no D on the end.
Paige Townsen? You're the new You're the new lead in "Locked?" Yeah.
That's-that's, uh, that's me.
Actually, it's my first role in a movie.
That part's obvious.
Wait, what? You know, Paige, just because you won some sort of cattle call wearing a push-up bra and some cheap hair extensions doesn't really mean you're an actress.
Part's not really yours until the cameras start rolling.
[scoffs] [instrumental music] Those stories in the press are nothing but lies.
We're considering taking legal action, Nina.
Ida, we're friends, right? Ish.
Let's fight bad press with good press.
I'm listening.
What if Tangey booked the main title song for "Locked?" That would create some buzz.
What's in it for you? We're having a casting party tomorrow night.
We show the world that Tangey, Rainer and Jordan are still friends.
Everybody wins.
If it means good press, I'll do it.
If she needs to reconcile with your son we can make that happen.
What? No, no, no.
There's no way.
Why don't we let our children work out their own personal lives? Okay.
' If that's what you want, Nina.
Keep it keep it groovin' Keep it keep it groovin' Keep it keep it groovin' I delivered a great audition, and you gave the part to this, like, fly-over-state amateur.
Hey, I never made any promises.
Paige Townsen ended up being the best choice for the role.
What about the part of the dumbass sister? Well, I'm, I'm about to put out an offer to someone.
I want that part, Wyatt.
I need it.
Things have been slow for me, lately.
I'm just not sure if you're right for it.
I see.
[instrumental music] Maybe there's a way I can audition privately.
Alexis, just stop.
I like you, I really like you.
It's always fun when you're around.
What? I'd like to take you to dinner.
Seriously? Uh, um Fine.
[Jake] 'This place's cleaned up pretty nice for your parents.
' So who do you think is gonna be there tomorrow night? Beyonce? Kim-ye? Nina made it sound like there's no way I can do both and I believe her.
Look at these spreadsheets, they don't lie.
[doorbell rings] [knocking on door] They're here.
What do I do? What do I say? Paige, just breathe.
[sighs] And for now, just lie.
I can lie.
I'm a good liar.
- Guys, hi! - 'Hi!' There's our California girl.
- I missed you.
- Oh, and I missed you.
Good to see you again.
Okay, guess who we saw at the airport? Who? Carrie Ann Inaba.
- She's so cool.
- And practically naked.
Honey, I told you she was wearing a halter top.
Alright, is that what they're calling a bra nowadays? [Paige] 'Should we get to lunch?' Honey, I'm sorry they changed the schedule at the teacher's convention, literally, last minute.
'We're just dropping in to say hi and we gotta run.
' - No.
- 'I know.
' We-we-we really wanna take all of you out for dinner tomorrow night, okay, and please pick a place that has famous people.
[sighs] We can't, uh, we-we have a huge study group for Econ.
- 'Big group study.
' - Yeah, it's a big test.
- Meteoric, really.
- It's half our grade.
So No.
Listen, school comes first.
I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight.
'Very proud of you.
' Priorities.
Rachel? - Alexis.
- Hi.
Hey, it's been a while.
Yeah, I thought you were in New York.
I was.
Um, but turns out there's no money in theatre.
So, decided to give LA another shot.
Uh, so, I heard you and Dakota are an item.
- Happy for you.
- Yeah.
Uh, things didn't really work out.
We wanted different things and uh, she's a bitch.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
I think I'm gonna get going.
Wait, hang on.
We should get a drink sometime.
I'm pretty busy, getting settled in and stuff but I'll call you when I come up for air, okay? [indistinct chatter] Is that a Cobb salad you're eating or the remains of your latest prey? Alan Mills, seems they'll let anyone in here these days.
Well, you're proof of that, how much did "Bombshells" lose the studio? Surprised you're not funding "Locked" on Kickstarter.
- What do you want? - I want my film back.
Oh, it's not your film.
It never was.
You stole the rights, and you know it.
Well, maybe I did play a little dirty but it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.
Oh, you know how this business works because I taught you.
I'm sorry, did I forget to say thank you? - God, you're such a bitch.
- Is that the best you can do? You know, I can't believe I used to think you're a hot piece of ass.
Oh, wasn't that a requirement to be one of your assistants? It still is.
Unless you're buying my lunch, I think we're done here.
Oh, no.
We're just getting started.
Enjoy your lunch.
[instrumental music] [panting] Heard you were back in town.
Took you a while to get here.
Yeah, well, I've had other things on my mind.
Oh, forgive me if I thought apologizing to your boyfriend for sleeping with his best friend might be a priority.
God, you know, I'm, I'm pretty sure to be someone's boyfriend you need to actually see them.
If you had any decency you'd be apologizing to me.
For what? For the dozen hook-ups you've had since I've been gone.
God, Rainer, you never even cared about me or what I needed.
What did you need, Tangey? Jordan? You still don't get it.
You know, Jordan's ten times the man that you are.
And you lost me way before I slept with him.
You're just too focused on yourself to realize it.
[scoffs] [instrumental music] You know you're in Beverly Hills when the floor is softer than anything on your bed.
Should I get one just like it? Birds of a feather? It's a little, uh, peacocky, right? There's nothing peacocky about Gucci.
Did you try on the Prada yet? No, wait.
The Walter Mendez will accentuate your curves better.
Here's some stilettos to complete the look.
Oh, but, you know, I'm actually really wobbly when I would Eh, she doesn't care.
I'm kind of afraid of her.
[Paige] 'And I'm really afraid' 'my parents are gonna find out the truth.
' 'I mean, w-what do I do, Cass? I lied straight to their face.
' 'My dad will be so disappointed in me, and' Paige, relax, it's an industry party.
There's no way they're gonna hear about it.
Ladies, are you almost done? I'm starving.
Almost ready, one sec.
[instrumental music] Do you like it? Amazing.
- You look pretty.
- Really? [music continues] So is this the one? - Yeah.
- 'Yeah.
' [Cassandra] 'Definitely.
I-I mean, look at you.
' I wanna enjoy all of this.
'I do, but' How How am I supposed to get through all of this? What do you mean? This.
Lying to my parents, school, this movie.
It's, it's all just, it's It's so much.
It's too much.
It's just too much for me to handle and And now I feel like my head is just gonna explode and I Paige, it's okay.
We're gonna help you get through this.
[music continues] Thanks for the sit-down, man.
This will be in our next issue, so Jordie Michaels, right? Nope, you've got the wrong guy.
Well, I-I know you're a big star now.
But you look a lot like a guy When you're in movies, people think they know you.
I promise you, you don't.
Oh, my mistake.
Have a good one, Jordie.
I mean, Jordan.
[dramatic music] Happens all the time, man.
You'd be amazed.
- Yeah.
Thanks for your time.
- Yup, thank you.
[instrumental music] I heard they offered you the sister role.
I'm still negotiating.
I'm sorry you didn't get the lead.
So, why are you really here? Apologies aren't usually your thing.
- Tangey dropped by.
- I know.
She called me.
She's actually blaming me for the breakup.
Like I forced her to sleep with Jordan.
Rain, she was lonely.
You were, like, never around.
- She's the one who left.
- Yeah, for work.
Why do you even care? It's over.
Just find someone new like you always do and get sick of her, and find someone else.
I get it.
I'm a terrible boyfriend.
Well, I wouldn't date you.
Do you wanna take it back - Really? - Oh! Baby, I've known you since you were 12.
You're not relationship material.
Do you wanna take it back? Do you wanna take it back? You seem distracted.
You were there for me when my life wasn't great.
You ever tell anyone about my past? Of course not.
I would never do anything to jeopardize your career.
You know that.
Swallow down an atmosphere - Forget I even brought it up.
- Okay.
Full of doubt when it's so clear that [cell phone vibrating] Now that I said it out loud That son of a bitch.
They fired Fred Tate.
[sighs] He's out of the studio.
He's our biggest ally.
Without him, the entire movie could get shut down.
[dramatic music] [sighs] I'm sorry.
I know we still need to talk.
Do you know what I've been thinking about today? Freshman theater workshop.
You used to come and watch Cassie and I slept right through that horrible one That's when I knew we'd be friends forever.
And that's what you need right now.
A friend.
[sighs] It wouldn't be right to complicate things.
You know? Cassie and I were talking What does Cassie have to do with anything? [chuckles] I mean, that-that's us, right? The three amigos.
That's how we've been since freshmen year.
- Yeah.
- A little help here.
Ah, I got it.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, we're fine.
[instrumental music] You almost ready? What's wrong? Um, I-I can't get my hair out of my dress.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
[cell phone ringing] Oh, it's my mom.
'What should I say? Do I say we're studying?' Or you can just answer the phone and tell me the truth.
[cell phone ringing] Um, y-your mom's here.
Honey, you're a horrible liar.
- And you always have been.
- I know, I'm sorry.
- Are you mad at me? - Mad? If you're doing what I think you're doing I might have a heart attack, in-in a good way.
When we were here yesterday I saw the "Locked" script on the table with your name on it, next to the role of August.
Are you Whoa! Yeah, I know, I know.
I know.
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.
Oh, my God! You won that at an open casting call.
I know all about it.
How's Rainer? I can't believe Tangey cheated on him.
I can't believe you're doing a movie with him.
Oh, my gosh! This isn't just any movie though.
This is "Locked.
" Honey, my book club has read the entire series.
Oh, my gosh! We thought we were excited to see "50 Shades of Grey.
" Does dad know? - No.
- Oh.
But I thought we could tell him tonight.
If we do it together, he'll know how important this is.
Thank you, mom.
[instrumental music] [doorbell dings] [Cassandra] I'll get it.
- Rainer! - Cassie, right? Yeah, yeah, that's, that's me.
- 'Come on in.
' - 'Thank you.
' Hey, I'm Rainer.
Uh, yeah, I know.
We've hung out.
Oh, right.
[sighs] I meet a lot of people.
[Paige] 'Okay, I'm ready.
' Oh, Rainer? Hi.
'Um' What are, uh, what are you doing here? Your rabbit's a classic.
But I was thinkin' tonight's star attraction should arrive like a star.
That's your car outside.
Um, there's room for everyone.
Y-yes, please.
You look beautiful.
You do, too.
I mean, not beautiful, of course.
But, like, h-h-handsome.
Very handsome.
Let's go.
[door opens] Hey! For the record, when you told Paige you'd rather be friends I didn't believe a word of it.
But I know why you did it and it was a pretty cool thing for you to do.
[scoffs] Look, I just wanted to simplify her life.
And I didn't see that guy coming.
[instrumental music] I mean what I mean when I say so Not try to be mean when I say no So don't play a fool and twist my rules I mean what I mean when I say so Not tryna be mean when I say no So trust me I mean what I mean [music continues] Oh, my God.
Are those real swans in the pool? This is not a little party.
This is a very, very big party.
Oh, my God.
Is that, is that "Extra?" - 'Is that a bad thing?' - Oh! My mom watches that show every night.
My dad thinks I'm studying right now.
Texting her as we speak.
- No TV after the pina coladas.
- Thanks, Cassie.
I have to leave here by 8:30 tonight so I can tell my dad the truth.
Paige, just take a breath.
I'm here for you.
Yeah, but you can't stand by my side all night.
This is R in sign language.
Tonight, it's our code.
If you get into a jam just throw up a sign.
Is that Kim Richards? No, wait.
That's Kim Zolciak.
This is insane.
It's like a buffet of "Real Housewives.
" Uh, I-I need a drink.
Do-do you need a drink? Let's, let's, let's go get, let's go get a drink.
- Oh, Cassie.
- Paige! Hi.
Alexis Glen.
We met at the studio.
Guess what? I'm gonna be playing your sister.
I have a hunch when this is over we're gonna be sisters for life.
Paige, um, I wanna steal you here.
Introduce you to some friends.
- We'll see you later, Lexi.
- Okay.
I mean what I mean - Hi.
- Hi.
Wow, twice in two days.
Pretty crazy, huh? Yeah.
[chuckles] Uh, I'm gonna go talk to a friend.
- So, I'll see you later.
- Wait.
I know I made a mistake once, but I'm a different person now.
- I tried therapy.
- Yeah? - How many times did you go? - Twice.
[dramatic music] I've missed you.
I've missed you, too.
Can we start over? I wanna see you again.
Well, didn't Nina tell you? I got a part in "Locked.
" Didn't know it came with fringe benefits.
[instrumental music] Hiding out? You never did like an industry party.
I just don't want another scene with Rainer.
I, I haven't heard from you in a while.
Yeah, it's really crazy lately.
It's not right what they're doing to you because of us.
I'm sorry.
[chuckles] I'm not.
I mean, the tabloids, tabloids blow.
But, being with you? It was worth it.
- Am I interrupting round two? - Hold on, Rainer.
Look, Tangey and I made a mistake.
A big one.
- And I'm sorry for that.
- You're damn right about that.
'We're all gonna be working on this movie together' whether you like it or not, so get over yourself and quit being a little bitch.
- You wanna do this again? - Look, step back, man.
- You need to step back.
- Hey.
Hey, that is enough! That is enough! You're not goin' to ruin tonight.
Do you hear me? You have jobs to do out there.
'So get it together.
Here's the story.
' You and Tangey amicably broke up a month ago 'and chose to keep your private lives private.
' And nothing happened between you and Tangey.
'It was an absurd rumor.
' You were all friends before 'and you're still friends now.
' Got it? Okay, everybody, let's put on a show.
Come on.
And you need to stop believing your own press.
What? You may be America's favorite good guy but I know you sleep with a different girl every night.
So, stop pretending that Tangey meant something to you.
Thanks, mom.
- 'Tangey, who are you wearing?' - 'What about the album?' - 'When does it come out?' - 'Tangey?' - 'Can we get any quotes' - 'Tangey.
' Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hollywood heartthrobs Rainer Devon as Noah Greer.
And Jordan Wilder as Ed Khan.
[all cheering] You may have conned my mom into giving you this role but don't think we're good.
I didn't have to con her into anything.
I got this part based on my talent, not nepotism.
Next, we have America's sweetheart Alexis Glenn as Maggie.
[all cheering] 'And Broadway sensation Rachel Davis as Layla.
' 'Finally, there's a new face in Hollywood I'd like you to meet.
' After a nationwide talent search 'playing our heroine, August Roch' introducing, Paige Townsen! [all cheering] - Whoo! - Go, Paige! [all cheering] [male #1] 'Paige, look this way.
Paige, this way.
' 'Look this way, Paige.
Hey, over here.
' [female #1] 'Paige, what's it feel like to' 'work with the hottest men in Hollywood?' [male #1] 'Over here, are you dating anybody?' Paige, where have you been hiding? Uh, uh, nowhere.
Have we seen you anywhere before? Um, maybe at the CMU quad.
[reporters clamoring] Hey, take it easy, fellas.
Her studio insurance policy doesn't kick in until we start shooting.
[all laughing] Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the cast of "Locked!" [all cheering] [instrumental music] Hey, it's 8:00 o'clock.
Have you seen Paige? Uh, not since the announcement.
What are those? They're like the Swedish meatballs but more Mexican than Swedish.
Um, I gotta go pee.
- Hi.
- Oh.
Hi, a-aren't you, uh America's sweetheart? Guilty.
Did I see you arrive earlier with Paige Townsen? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, we're, uh, we're good friends.
Well, any friend of Paige's is a friend of mine.
Yeah, totally.
I Especially one with those big brown eyes.
[chuckles] Guilty.
Reach out to all of them, Todd.
God, the new studio head decides my fate.
Earn your commission for once.
- Having fun? - Not really.
Tangey should have been photographed with the cast.
Why? You can't become a triple threat if all you do is sing.
- The movie's cast.
- Oh.
Then we don't have a deal on the soundtrack.
- Seriously? - Mm.
Have a little gratitude.
Another PR mishap like her last she'll be lucky if they let her sing at the mall.
Enjoy the party.
[instrumental music] Hey.
Nice seeing you.
Brody, hi.
Look, nobody here knows that I - Hey, I'm Jake.
- Hi.
- So are you a client of - Oh, my God! - It's Selena Gomez! - Where? Over there! No.
No, th-that's not Selena Gomez.
My bad.
- Who are we looking for? - Uh, no one.
Yuck! Can you believe her with that goofy grin? Those have to be veneers, right? Why do we hate her again? Oh, thank goodness, you guys are here.
Let's bounce outta here.
Well, we really need You're not done yet.
You haven't met Barrett Hopper.
Oh, but, uh, Nina, I should - I, uh, I really have to leave.
- What? [Jake] 'Uh, we were just on our way out.
' Uh, Paige's parents are in town.
So we - And who are you? - Oh, I'm Jake Salt.
- I'm Paige's friend.
- That was rhetorical.
This is part of your job, Paige.
Your parents can wait.
- But, Nina, I - 'Let's go.
' Do you want us to call your mom? - 'Paige?' - Uh, uh I'll shoot Mrs.
T another text while we Uber it at the shake stand.
Wait, what, you're still hungry? - Barrett - Hi.
It's my pleasure to introduce you to the star of our little movie.
That hair could be a star on its own.
Well, darling, aren't you the talk of the town? Talk to Barrett.
Tell us your life story.
[instrumental music] Sorry, I couldn't get you out of there in time to talk to your dad.
I'm sorry you and Jordan are still fighting.
I guess what Nina said about him and Tangey wasn't just a rumor.
It's history.
You seem to have a lot of history with a lot of different people.
Well, not that many, a few.
Okay, quite a few.
[chuckles] Did Jake and Cassie have fun? They make a cute couple.
They're not dating.
Actually we're all kinda just friends.
Good to know.
I've never met anyone quite like you.
Me, too.
[Alan clearing throat] I-I'm sorry, honey.
Dad saw you on the news.
[chuckles] Hi, Rainer.
How could you lie like this, hm? And then make your mother do your dirty work.
I-I don't even know who you are right now.
I'm sorry.
I was going to tell you, I swear.
You are throwing away your education to star in some Hollywood movie I told you, this film is a really big deal.
And I'm not throwing away my education.
I-I found a way to make it work.
Yeah, that's right, because you're gonna quit.
- What? - Yes.
I-I can't.
I, I already made a commitment.
Well, you tell them you changed your mind.
No! I I won't.
Yes, you taught me the importance of an education, dad.
But you also taught me how, how important it is to dream big.
And, I mean, this is as big as my dreams get.
I'm I'm doing the movie.
I see.
[sighs] [instrumental music] He knows you get paid a lot for this, though, right? It doesn't matter.
He's worried I'm not gonna be able to handle doing school and the movie.
I'm starting to think he's right.
Cassie brought some dessert home in her purse.
You want a cookie? What kind of cookie? I'll go get 'em.
I'll make some tea.
[cell phone vibrating] Oh, Jake, your, um [cell phone vibrating] [speaking in foreign language] California's callin' my name Nina.
Oh, your assistant wasn't on his desk.
Probably picking up your Boniva prescription.
- Do I need to call security? - Sure.
Tell them your new boss is here.
- What? - Oh.
I'm the new head of Gold Brothers, Nina.
And I'm gonna have a lot of fun making your life a living hell.
Glad we could work this out.
Remember, we agreed on $50 more bucks.
I need the money for school.
Yeah, sure.
No problem.
[music continues] California's callin' my name I've never ever felt this way And I know I'm gonna go insane [music continues] California's callin' my name And I know I'm gonna go insane Oh oh oh [sighs] I-I'm not sure why we are here.
Nothing's changed since last night.
Dad, I really don't want you to go home mad at me.
I would like to say I'm not mad.
I'm disappointed, but that would be a lie.
'Something you seem to know a lot about.
' [sighs] Uh, uh, excuse me? Oh, my God, you're her.
Hey, can I, can I have your autograph? Uh, um, really? [Jennifer] I can't believe I'm meeting Paige Townsen.
Uh, can you make it out to Jennifer? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, of course, I can.
I've read "Locked" six times.
August is my favorite character of all time.
I wrote a paper on her for my English class.
- What grade did you get? - A plus.
[chuckles] Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- 'Here you go.
' - Thanks so much, Jennifer.
- 'Oh, my God!' Thank you.
Oh, my God! Hey, Paige, this is incredible.
You're famous already.
[chuckles] [scoffs] Okay, y-you're sure you can make this movie 'and stay at school?' I promise I'm gonna do whatever it takes to do both.
Well, I'm not sure it's doable but I guess I could make up a spreadsheet to help you with your schedule.
I would love that, dad.
Okay, so what's this "Locked" story about? What is this? Um [theme music]