Famous in Love (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Not So Easy A

1 (male narrator) Previously on "Famous In Love" I can do the movie and stay in school.
Being a movie star isn't a part-time job.
You have to make a choice.
Any chance you can come over more than once a week? I'll pay you an extra 50.
You look a lot like a guy Yeah, movies.
People think they know you.
I promise you you don't.
Can we start over? I'm a different person now.
Alan Mills, do I need to call security? Tell them your new boss is here.
Did I see you arrive with Paige Townsen? Yeah, we're good friends.
Any friend of Paige's is a friend of mine.
[speaking in foreign language] You're sure you can make this movie and stay in school.
Dad, I promise I'm gonna do whatever it takes to do both.
(Jake) Freshman theater workshop.
That's when I knew we'd be friends forever.
That's what you need right now, a friend.
It wouldn't be right to complicate things.
[upbeat music] Feel alive I wish you had told me 'Bout the beautiful wait I'm not the best for fallin' Most of the time - Hey, you.
- Did you pull an all-nighter? Well, I woke up with a line of drool all over my macro theory textbook so I'm not sure that counts.
So did you finish your paper? No, I'm still researching but I'm rescheduling the wardrobe fitting I had this morning, so I have the whole day now.
Your light was on pretty late last night.
I was working on my pitch for the film board.
What? You got a slot to pitch your film thesis? - Yeah.
- Ah.
If I get it, they're gonna pay for the entire thing.
Oh, my God! Jake, that's amazing! Forget that stupid agent that passed on your script.
This is so much better.
What? What is it? What did I miss? Jake got a slot to pitch his film thesis! - What? Jake, that's awesome! - I know.
You're by far the best director in the class.
You're definitely gonna win that grant, Jake.
Well, let's hope so cause I cannot ask my parents for anymore money plus, the whole point of going to film school was to graduate with a film.
And who wants pancakes? - Me.
- Me.
So how's the paper coming along? I'll finish my research by noon write the first ten pages this afternoon ten more pages tomorrow morning and turn that bad boy in.
- Ambitious.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't really have a choice, so it's worth half my grade.
Is there anything we can help with? How's your knowledge on net neutrality? Figured.
- Hey, who are you texting so early? - Well, since I've been spending so much time at the Pizza Dome I decided to apply for a job there.
That's great! Can I borrow your skirt again for the interview? - Yes.
Me closet et su closet.
- Thanks.
[sighs] Wow, every time you do that I'm more and more impressed.
Um, Jake, you and I we're still good, right? Yeah.
We're good.
[sighs] Yeah.
[cell phone beeps] - Oh, my God.
- What? I-I just got seven texts from Nina Devon.
She's not letting me reschedule my wardrobe fitting and she needs to see me at her office now.
[theme music] [upbeat music] Hi.
Nina, you said you wanted to speak to me.
You missed your wardrobe fitting this morning.
Why? Uh, y-yeah, uh, you know, actually, I rescheduled Where were you? I was studying for a paper.
That's not my problem.
I do not have time to be your babysitter.
You need an agent.
You also need a publicist, a lawyer and a manager but let's start with the agent.
I've set you a meeting with Ken Chapman at TAC.
He will walk you through your deal and your life over lunch today at Savoy.
Uh, today? No.
- Uh, actually, I-I can't - I'm sorry.
Are you too busy to be the star of a major motion picture? Uh, n-no, no, no.
Uh, o-of-of course not.
I, I Today is just great, actually.
Thanks so much, Nina.
[upbeat music] Would you like a drink? Who's Jake Salt? Uh, friend/roommate of Paige Townsen.
There's some sort of weird "Three's Company" thing happening with her.
Okay, so you hate her.
So why are you reading his script? Because I haven't been sent a script in months and I would be perfect for the lead.
Maybe I can earn my way back to the top with some indie cred.
Oh, look at you being so ambitious.
Well, I have to hunt down my own projects now since my agent forgot how to dial a telephone Hey, babe, you are in "Locked.
" I'm playing the dumbass sister, remember? Well, I mean, at least we're in it together.
I mean, that's something, right? Okay.
That hurts.
[sighs] No, it's it's something.
It's awesome.
It I'm afraid that, uh, if we start working together it will complicate things.
Really? We're back here again? You don't wanna go public? Well, it's not because you're a girl.
It's because my private life is private.
Yeah, okay, that's your code for I don't wanna commit.
- I don't do code.
- Look.
One minute you kiss me and then the next minute you act like we're strangers.
Okay, Rach, dial down the drama Uh, no, I'm, I'm not gonna go on that set and pretend like we're just friends, okay? So you might as well figure out what you want before that movie starts.
I know exactly what I want.
Devon, we need to talk.
[indistinct chattering] How can I help you, Alan? Do you need a tampon? Well, you need to cut three million from the "Locked" budget.
I know you're late to the party, but I've squeezed every possible penny from that budget.
Well, then you need to get creative.
"Locked" is a summer tent-pole.
You know, blockbusters don't come cheap.
Cut three mil or you're fired.
Anything else, Mr.
Mills? Oh, Tangey's deal hasn't closed so, uh, get that done.
TAC? Aren't they one of the biggest agencies in town? And are you sure she said Savoy because Matt Damon loves their lamb chops.
(Paige) Guys, what am I gonna do? I mean, I'm not gonna be able to finish my paper if I break for lunch.
Paige, you're looking at this wrong.
Agents make your life easier.
My mom loved hers.
- You knew your mom's agent? - Sid Siddleberg.
He repped all the big soap stars.
And he still sends me a Christmas card.
- Was your mom that famous? - No.
But she would have been if she didn't get sick.
Cassie, I, uh, really want you to come with me.
You can kick me under the table if I say anything stupid.
I'm in.
And, Jake, I know it's a lot to ask of you and you're busy with your pitch and everything but do you think you could take off one hour for me? - You don't need me for this.
- Yes, I do.
Remember when you negotiated the deal for my car? I mean, it died a mile after we drove it off the lot.
Not the point, Cassie Jake still fixed the alternatey thingy and, boom, the rest is history.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
That was way different.
Jake, you're not gonna need a grant if you have an agent selling your script.
You should bring it with you.
Okay, alright, I'm in.
- Yay! - Yay! - Hm.
- Ow.
[cell phone ringing] Yo.
You took your own sweet-ass time getting here.
- What do you want this time? - I want out of this fresh hell.
You think I like serving drunks night after night? Well, it takes one to know one.
Oh? I see the big movie star's got a mouth on him.
Well, I got a mouth, too.
I wonder what your adoring fans would think if they knew about the real you.
How much do you want? Fifty grand.
Are you out of your mind? I got my eyes set on opening a nail salon in Tucson.
Consider it your final payment.
I need time.
That's a lot of money.
You got two days or I start talking.
[instrumental music] You were in the water alone? You know I'd rather you surf with a friend.
You coming to join me? I'm kidding.
What's up? [sighs] Alan's hardballing me on the budget.
I need to cut three mil.
- Or what? He'll shut us down? - No.
He'll fire me.
So what are you gonna do? Look, I've slashed everything below the line and there's no way to get there unless - I cut my fee.
- Not just you.
The entire cast.
But my deal's been closed for months.
I'll restructure it.
I'll, uh, adjust your points and you'll make it on the back end.
If it's a hit.
[scoffs] Honey, everything I have is invested in "Locked.
" I've even borrowed money from people I would never want you to meet.
[seagulls squawking] I had no choice.
I'll do anything you need me to do.
Thank you.
[instrumental music] Truffle grilled cheese sandwich with charcoal ice cream? It's like lunch and dessert all in one.
Thirty six dollars? [gasps] Have you read the prices? - Well, I got a twenty.
- I can come up with four bucks.
Paige Townsen.
Ken Chapman.
Nice to meet you.
Well, I see you already got an entourage.
No, these are my friends.
This is Jake and Cassie.
Oh, well, thank you for allowing me to take you all out to lunch.
What do you say we eat first, talk business later? If handled the right way a franchise can be a meal ticket for life.
Hey, Ken.
Ken, what's up? Ethan, Grayson.
Oh, my God! That's the Dolan twins.
Grayson, Ethan, this is Paige Townsen.
- She's the star of the new - The "Locked" books.
Our fans are obsessed.
- I'm Team Ed.
- I'm Team Noah all the way.
(Ethan) Alright, we look alike, but we don't think alike except when it comes to this guy.
- Oh.
- Ken's the man.
You're in good hands, Paige.
Oh, did our attorney get back to you about the, uh, tour dates? Oh.
Hey, just give me two minutes.
[indistinct chattering] They're so cute.
[door opens] [keys jingling] What the hell are you doing here? Sorry.
Jeanette told me you'd be gone today.
I thought it'd be a good time to finish moving out.
(man on TV) In sports, the International Basketball League was busy [cell phone beeps] Dude, are you okay? Yeah.
Well, thanks for what you did today.
My agents were never gonna budge.
S-so you didn't take a pay cut? - Oh, man, I-I-I thought - Just go.
- Bro, I'm sorry, I - Whatever, just go.
(Ken) Back to you, Paige.
"Locked" starts shooting in a few days.
So you know how we handle this opportunity could really determine your career for the next 20 years.
But no pressure, right? [chuckles] Uh, you know you've already got a bunch of interview requests so we're gonna set you up with a publicist - When, when are those? - Uh, well you're gonna need 'em for the press junkets and the photos.
There's the "Vanity Fair" teaser spread that shoots tomorrow Wait, what? N-nobody told me about that.
Is there any way this stuff could wait a few days? 'Cause Paige has a paper due that's worth half her grade and she'd promised her dad that she'd continue her classes.
Yeah, about school, um, that's gonna be an issue.
She knows that, but we were wondering if there is any way Why don't we talk about it when you come to my office? You know, and if your friends don't mind maybe when you come down, it'll just be you? Uh, well, why can't we talk about it here? Well Is that yours? Yeah.
Actually, he's a writer-director.
Oh, wow! Hyphenated already.
That's impressive.
Well, can I read it? That's why he brought it.
Hey, I'll look it through tonight.
So am I allowed to ask how much money I'm making on "Locked?" No one told you when your deal closed? Oh.
[whispering] [screams] [chuckles] - Can you live with that? - Uh, she can live with it.
[chuckles] Paige, this movie is gonna make you rich.
But you know what my dad's gonna say? It's actually not that much money once everybody gets their cut, including Uncle Sam.
Then he's gonna say a lot could happen between now and when the movie comes out so it could really fall apart.
Anything could happen.
And then he's also gonna say "Nobody can take away your education.
"That's the one thing nobody can take away from you.
" [cell phone beeps] Oh, my God.
This really is a conspiracy.
They just rescheduled my fitting for right now.
Paige, relax.
As it is I'm really behind on this paper and if you weren't working on your pitch I would just hire you to help me with the econ research.
Oh, l-look, I can do both.
Uh, we can do the research and I can start writing tonight.
It means a lot that you got my script to your agent.
- Really? - Yeah.
A friend in need is a pain indeed but we love you anyway and we got this.
Seriously? Are you guys sure? Oh, my God.
Thank you, guys, thank you, thank you.
I really, really owe you one.
Okay, thank you so much.
- My car's here.
Bye-bye! - Good luck.
Uh, one sec.
I need to reschedule my interview.
Hey, Brody, it's Lacey.
Uh, I need to cancel for today.
(Nina) Look, I totally respect Tangey's creative process but you need to tell Ida that I have to talk to her today.
Tell her her daughter's "Locked" deal is about to go away.
(male #1) She's on the phone.
I gave up a million dollars for Jordan? Are you kidding me? You did not give up that money for him.
You gave it up for me.
You said the whole cast was taking a cut.
Everyone did except Jordan.
Including you? I sacrificed more than my fee to get this movie made.
Rainer? Look we sold "Locked" to the studio based on the book's popularity but also because of its critical acclaim.
I need an actor who can bring that kind of cache to the project.
And that's not me? I'm sorry but I need Jordan.
His indie films You know, every once in a while I need you not to be Nina Devon, the producer.
I need you to be my mom.
It's not just the movie.
You know what he did to me.
This was one of those times.
Rainer, I [door opens] [door shuts] [instrumental music] Oh, hell, no.
Is this your parking spot? Yeah, they told me to park here.
Where is yours? Not here.
[cell phone beeps] Um, I'm sorry.
Uh, I'm-I'm gonna be late, but I'll see you inside.
[cell phone vibrates] [scoffs] You have perfect timing.
I need a closer parking spot worked into my deal.
Lot A is for extras and nobodies Uh, look, I was calling to say we're passing for you.
Why would I do that? (Adriana on phone) The numbers are just too low.
- How low? - The offer was an insult.
How low? Scale.
Adriana I need this.
What, you actually wanna do it? Just close the deal.
[screams] Were you guys able to find the IPO valuations? - Ooh, ow! - Hold still, honey.
(Jake) Uh, yeah.
We got 'em right here.
We couldn't find your statistical comparisons, though.
Oh, they're, uh, they're-they're in my green notebook.
Um, right over on the.
Ah! Ha-ha-ha - I'm sorry.
- Um I really need to be out of here in, like, 20 minutes.
- I really have to be home.
- Yeah.
I'll have you out in 15.
Um Do you guys mind starting the analysis? It might save me a little, I think.
- Yeah, sure thing.
- Oh, thanks.
[door opens] [door shuts] You look wonderful.
Uh, I have to go.
Uh, I'm gonna call you guys back, okay? Alright, bye.
- How's it going? - I'm bursting at the seams.
Literally and figuratively.
Um, I really have to get home 'cause I have a paper due.
Don't shoot the messenger but they need us for a camera test on Stage 18.
I'm supposed to get you to Hair and Makeup.
[sighs] I swear, this really is a conspiracy.
[door opens] Jordan, I got your message.
I need some money.
How much are we talkin'? Fifty thousand.
In cash.
You can take it from my personal account.
Look, Jordan, I'm hired to handle your money and I know it's none of my business but this is the third time this year you've asked for fast cash.
- You in some kind of trouble? - It's my money, right? So just get it done.
- So do we just stand here? - Mm-hmm.
[cell phone vibrating] (male #2) Stay on your mark, please.
[sighs] How long do these things usually take? Uh, I know you need to get out of here.
Wish we could make it go faster.
August, turn to face Noah, please.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Maybe she's driving.
- She better be.
She said she'd be home two hours ago.
There must have been a problem with the dress.
And I'm sure Rainer had nothing to do with it.
You don't know that.
[sighs] [sighs] Okay.
(Paige) Thank you for driving me back to my car.
[sighs] My friends are gonna kill me and honestly, I don't blame them.
Jake's supposed to be working on his pitch, but instead.
Wait, stop, stop the car.
Is that us? They just started buildin' our sets.
You wanna see? Yeah.
I think, yeah.
This is one of the biggest stages on the lot.
Jimmy Stewart Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant they all made movies right where you're standing.
I've always dreamed of this.
I've been acting for ten years and every time they put up new sets it never gets old.
[instrumental music] [door shuts] [keyboard keys clacking] You're still awake.
Your research is on the table.
Oh, wow! Thank you.
Are you writing your pitch? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
We ended up having to do this camera test and it took forever and then Rainer took me to see some of our stages.
Uh, it was really cool, um.
[door opens] [door shuts] Goodnight.
[instrumental music] - Oh.
- Oh, my God, those bags.
Yeah, I know, but it's a book bag.
I meant the bags under your eyes.
Sorry, I pulled an all-nighter.
- I hope he was worth it.
- Uh, no.
I'm in the middle of this big econ paper I have due tomorrow and, uh, never mind.
I'm Francine, your stylist and fairy godmother.
Come on.
Stop me if you see something you like.
Oh, wow.
That looks just like Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar dress.
Today it's Paige Townsen's dress.
[Icona Pop singing "All Night"] We could do this all night We could do this all night.
I am good.
Open paradise yeah paradise It feels like We could do this all night [instrumental music] (Ida) Ah.
Oh, yeah.
Ah, I love when the bass comes in like that.
This is great.
You're a hard woman to track down.
Give me a minute.
- We just wrapped a session.
- Did you get my message? Like I said, we just wrapped.
I don't take calls when Tangey's recordin'.
Look, uh we've had our ups and downs, but so I wanted to tell you this in person.
Alan doesn't like the idea of Tangey doing the music.
What? Nina, you said this was a done deal.
The Business Affairs Department at the studio has been nickel and diming me for days.
Yeah, because he doesn't want her deal to close.
Yeah, well, he doesn't wanna hear what I have to say about that, either.
The sad thing, it's not even about creative.
Alan thinks Tangey's a great singer.
He's just a cheap bastard.
Well, what, does he want my daughter to do it for free? [scoffs] Connect me with Alan Mill's office, please.
Wait a minute.
[chuckles] That's how we can pull this off.
Oh, this is brilliant.
No, no, don't leave a message.
Okay, I see the wheels turnin' but your lips aren't movin'.
You want your daughter to be a triple threat, right? I thought the movie was cast.
There might be a role opening up.
If you can make that happen, Nina Tangey will do the movie for scale.
Well, Alan's not gonna let her do the movie if we can't work out a deal on Oh-oh, wait, then we'll reduce her fee for the music, too.
Let me see what I can do.
Alright, Ms.
Then I owe you one.
[door shuts] Jake, how'd the pitch go? Tell me everything and start at the beginning.
The beginning? Oh, the beginning was awful.
And then it only got worse from there.
It's my fault, though.
I thought I was prepared and then they asked me to present a detailed budget.
And I had nothing.
I'm sure it was not as bad as you think Trust me, I'm not getting the grant.
[scoffs] Well, there's always next year.
Cassie, I can't afford the five-year plan, remember? So finance your movie another way.
It's not that easy.
Jake, you have a real agent interested in your work and you're not even out of school yet.
He threw my script away.
- I saw it in the trash.
- What? That lying, no-good bastard! I mean, even Alexis Glenn blew me off.
But I shouldn't be surprised, though 'cause she's a movie star.
When did you talk to Alexis Glenn? At the party.
She said she'd give my script to her agent but she was probably drunk 'cause she never called back.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
You know, a practical guy would probably switch his major right about now.
Yeah, but you're not practical.
Are you? I have to do it now if I wanna graduate on time.
I mean, journalism's cool.
I-I could still write at least Jake Salt, snap out of it.
You have dreamed of making movies since you were seven years old when you shot that Harry Potter short on your dad's flip phone.
But I almost burned down our garage when I blew up Hogwarts, so [chuckles] Can I help? Not unless you can tell me the expected gross earnings of all the companies that had IPOs this year.
- IPOs? - Never mind.
[cell phone vibrating] Uh, uh, yeah, hold, hold on one, one second.
I really need to take this.
[sighs] Hey, Cassie, what's up? (Cassie on phone) Jake's switching majors.
What? He didn't get the grant? Nope.
He tanked it.
Totally bombed.
Plus, your agent threw his script in the trash and Alexis Glenn flaked on him.
Hold on.
Back that up.
Jake saw it in the trash.
Uh, I-I'll deal with that later.
What did you say about Alexis? I-I don't know, they-they met at the party then she offered to help him with the script, then ghosted.
Oh, my God.
I think I did a really bad thing.
Alexis did call him.
He just doesn't know because I answered the phone in Spanish.
You did what? - Oh.
I gotta tell him.
- Maybe not.
Maybe you could get her to call him again, like, as a favor? Have you met Alexis? He's changing his major tomorrow.
So you need to fix this tonight.
Okay, okay, okay.
[Margaret singing "Cool Me Down"] Hideous.
Hard no.
Hey, Alexis.
Um, do you by any chance remember calling my friend, Jake and hearing somebody curse you out in Spanish? Maybe.
Why? Well, uh [chuckles] I'm not proud of this but, uh, soy ella.
You naughty little senorita.
If you're mad at me, I'm fine with that but would you consider maybe calling him back again? - Seriously? - I mean, I'll I'll do anything you want.
I'm your goddess on your knees Da-da-da-down.
Well, you can start by taking off that dress.
Water can't cool me Da-da-da-down [dance music playing] Okay, ladies, uh, lean in.
That's good.
Relax a little bit.
Rainer, Jordan, give me a good pose.
Jordan, back up a little bit.
Don't crowd each other.
Alright, alright, let's not push.
Alexis, you're blocking Paige.
Rainer, relax.
Let's take ten, okay? [cell phone ringing] (Francine) Ah, yes.
Oh, uh, this is my agent.
I gotta take this.
Hey, uh, Alexis did you, um, get a chance to call him? What? You didn't think it would take just one favor, did you? Uh, okay, fine.
What what else can I do for you? Well, these stilettos are killing me and we're gonna be here late.
I think I have a pair of slippers in my car.
And you want me to get them? Oh.
That would be awesome.
Uh, okay.
Uh, where are you parked? Structure A.
Isn't that, like, all the way on the other side of the lot? It's a Mercedes SLK.
Don't ding the doors.
Here's your new budget.
It's three million lighter and Tangey's closed.
How did you do that? You're welcome.
[indistinct chattering] You backstabbing bitch! You didn't want people finding out about us so you made sure that wouldn't happen.
- What are you talking about? - You got me fired! - What did you do? - Nothing! I swear.
Oh, so it's just a coincidence that I'm being replaced by your best friend? Tangey? She doesn't even act.
With your history, I have no reason to believe you.
Rach, please, can we talk about this tonight? Gorgeous, guys.
Just a few more.
[upbeat music] You took my 3/2 wetsuit? I don't have it.
Then why can't I find it? Maybe the housekeeper moved it somewhere when she was cleaning up after your sorry ass.
- You know what I think? - Enlighten me.
Like everything else in my life, you probably stole it.
Look, I didn't steal your stupid wetsuit or your girlfriend Guys, guys, guy, can we not? I'm gonna jump you like a cannibal Oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Rainer? (male #3) Alright, looks like it's just gonna be you for the rest of the night, Paige.
Hey, Rachel I got your favorite, Singapore noodles.
[clattering] [sirens wailing] You almost missed our deadline.
It wasn't easy gettin' this much cash on short notice.
- But you did, right? - Twenty five.
That wasn't our deal.
I want fifty.
Of course, you do.
- Nina, what are you - Who is this bitch? I'm the bitch with the other 25.
Take your money and get out of here.
And if you ever bother him again you'll be dealing with me.
[car engine starts] - What if she comes back for more? - Don't worry.
I think this is the last we'll be seeing of your mother.
[sirens wailing] (Brandy) What the hell? Is there a problem, Officer? Got a report of someone swerving in traffic that matches your vehicle's description.
What? No, I-I wasn't swerving.
[indistinct chattering on radio] Could you please hand me that satchel, ma'am? - What for? - Ma'am! [indistinct chattering on radio] Last I checked, there was no law against having money.
What? That's not mine! Ma'am, step out of the car, please.
I'm telling you that's not mine! Ma'am, step out of the car, please, ma'am.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney Hey, uh You're up early.
I got good news.
Alexis Glenn called me.
- She did? - Yeah.
And she told me everything.
Why didn't you tell me she called the first time? I'm sorry but Alexis she's not a nice person.
And she's never gonna help you.
Her agents liked the script and they want to rep me.
What? Oh, my God.
That's awesome! Congrats I don't understand what's going on with you.
Ever since you got cast in this film you're like a different person.
Come on, that's not fair and it's not true.
Before all this, you never would have done something like that.
Paige, we're supposed to look out for each other.
- We do.
- Really? Because right now it doesn't feel like that.
Why are we using our inside voices? Oh.
You found out about the You knew, too? Um Uh [scoffs] [door opens] [door shuts] [keyboard keys clacking] [cell phone beeps] [sighs] [sighs] [knocking on door] - Rainer? - For you.
- What's this? - Open it.
(Paige) Oh, the dress from the photo shoot? Francine's a family friend.
I mean, it's gorgeous, but.
- Why? - Uh I'm sorry for the way I acted at the photo shoot.
But I think the person you should be apologizing to is Jordan.
Uh, it's, uh, it's complicated.
We used to be like family.
Look, I'm not gonna pretend like I know what you're going through but if you have a friend that you consider like family they're worth giving a second chance to.
At least that's what I hope my friend would do.
Who's mad at you? [chuckles] It's a very long story.
I'm sorry about you and Jordan.
I really hope you guys work it out.
So what's going on with the paper? Did you get it done? [sighs] No, um Your mom was right.
I really can't do school and the movie.
You're sure about that? When I was 14 I really wanted to do this summer baseball camp with the Dodgers but I was on "Backsplash" and we were shooting.
So no camping with the Dodgers? Actually, I told my mom how much it meant to me and I offered her a doable compromise.
[chuckles] You sound like a producer.
I'm a producer's son.
I know how she thinks.
You got to give her a solution, not a problem.
[sighs] So, uh, what's my solution? Let her know how much it means to you.
I'm staying in school.
- We've had this discussion.
- Yes, I know.
And I've done everything everybody's asked me to do, Nina but I can't physically be in two places at once.
So I rearranged my courses for the semester and the key is my statistics class on Wednesday.
- We shoot all week.
- I know that.
But I've rearranged my whole entire schedule around this one day.
That's all I need from you to make it work.
When you were cast in this film, we entered an agreement.
Yes, but, Nina, school means the world to me.
And I've also entered an agreement with my parents and it will break my dad's heart if I quit.
So that's not an option.
All I need from you to make things work, Nina is this one day.
What do I get in exchange? Me, a 110% every day busting my ass for you, on time.
Whatever you want August to be it'll be me.
Then we have a deal.
[instrumental music] - [seagulls squawking] - (Jordan) Hey.
Got your message.
I found that wetsuit in the garage.
Can I borrow it? Maybe.
- Look, bro, I really am - It's over.
Okay? Let's just move on.
Big south swell filling in today.
Yeah, should be good when the tide drops in a few hours.
Ah ah ah Ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah This night ain't for the faint of heart.
I packed light because I don't plan on wearing much.
You know, it's a 103 degrees in the desert at night? Seriously? I-I had no idea.
Stick with me.
I can teach you all kinds of things.
And I might even teach you something about Hollywood, too.
All we do is get lay off Lay off lay off We the wicked ones Wicked ones [theme music] [music continues]