Famous in Love (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Prelude to a Kiss

1 - I'm a little nervous.
- Do you wanna see a doctor? We could get you on a mood stabilizer.
[Paige] Previously on "Famous in Love.
" I never made any promises.
[Wyatt] Paige Townsen ended up being the best choice for the role.
Remember we agreed on 50 more bucks? I need the money for school.
What if Tangey booked the main title song for "Locked?" That would create some buzz.
If she needs the records out with your son, we can make that happen.
[Nina] Why don't we let our children work out their own personal lives? - Look, I'm sorry about - It's over, okay? We're two adults, there's nothing wrong in what we're doin'.
It's a little bit wrong.
You hate her, so why are you reading his script? Because I would be perfect for the lead.
She's never gonna help you.
Her agents liked the script and they wanna wrap me.
They just started buildin' our sets.
[instrumental music] [indistinct chatter] [Paige] Breakfast is ready and I made extra toast for you.
[Cassie] I should be making you breakfast.
It's your first day shooting "Locked.
" I still can't believe you're playing opposite Rainer Devon.
I'm so excited, but I'm like incredibly nervous, Cass.
Of course, you should feel nervous.
You would be insane not to.
'They picked you out of thousands of actresses' 'to play the lead role of August' because you are perfect for the role.
'You've got this.
' You know that Jake still didn't come home last night.
Yeah, he texted me.
He's fine.
He's in the desert working on his script.
He just needs some space.
Ooh, I hope you're right.
Okay, so when do you wanna come by set today? We can take selfies when nobody's looking.
Oh, I would love to, but I have work.
Uh School work.
Big bio exam.
[doorbell dings] Okay, well, we're still FaceTiming later so I can show you what my dressing room looks like.
Oh, what is this? I think for you! "Paige, congrats on the start of a long career.
Welcome to the Gold Brothers Family.
" Oh, my God, this is your first swag bag.
Shut up.
Is that The three diamond bracelet Beyonce gave Solange after after the elevator incident.
- Casual yes.
- Wow.
Sell my soul for one of those and my soul would be worth around $4000.
I am so jealous.
Paige, do you realize how lucky you What are you doing? Cassie, none of this would have been possible without you.
Paige, I can't Yes, you can.
We're in this together, right? Now I gotta go before I'm late.
You've got this.
[dramatic music] [sighs] [instrumental music] What are you doin' here? It's the first day, right? I always pick you up on the first day of the shoot.
Just because I've got a later call time does not mean we break from tradition.
My mom's in Hawaii, dealing with a location crisis and she'll kill me if I'm late on my first day.
And you want maximum off-screen time with Paige Townsen.
You runnin' that game already? It's not like that.
I really like her.
- She's special.
- Mm.
Hey, how's the, uh, hotel life treating you? I'm kinda over it.
I'm thinkin' of buyin' my own place.
If you need to crash here while you look, that's cool.
It got crowded here last time.
You and the revolving door of women.
We had some great parties.
We did, but me moving back in we haven't really worked anything out, have we? Tangey thing's in the past.
We're good.
I trust you.
Give me a second.
[cell phone chimes] [instrumental music] Eyes wide head down keep it moving It's time to give a little something [Adam] 'Good morning, Miss Townsen.
' I'm your set PA Adam.
Cool ride.
Oh, uh, please, call me Paige or P.
or literally anything else in the book besides Miss Townsen.
- That's my mother's name.
- Cool.
Follow me, I'll take you to stage.
Here's Cameron.
She's wardrobe.
Looks like she's haulin' some August costume.
What up, Cam? Careful.
- Oh, my - What's her story, Adam? That's Chris, our props guy.
'You need a fake knife or some gum, he's your man.
' He also sets up video village.
Wait, what? What's video village? I-it's where all the big shots watch you on camera.
Stay with me, Red, huh? Now that's William's set dec.
He flew to Paris to pick up some fancy-schmancy stuff for August's home.
And this is stage nine where all the magic happens.
'You ready?' [indistinct chatter] Oh! [instrumental music] [theme music] [Adam] 'Welcome to the set of "Locked.
"' Craft Service is that way.
Oh, you can eat snacks 24/7.
Oh, my God, is that August's kitchen? Oh, my goodness.
'There's the blue table and the red tea pot.
' I-it's exactly like in the book.
Paige! Arthur, first AD.
- Hi, Arthur.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
My kid did not give a crap when I did "Spiderman" but she will not stop talkin' about August.
You're her favorite character of all-time.
Well, August is her favorite character.
No, you're August now.
No pressure.
No pressure.
Check it out.
Oh, my God.
I have my own chair? [gasps] Ah, there she is.
Hi, Wyatt.
Day one on a $200 million movie.
Not bad, huh? Uh, what? Sorry, what? $200 million? Largest tent-pole Gold Brothers has ever done.
Two hundred and eighty one people on the crew and you are the star of this thing, Paige.
We got a lot riding on you.
We're, uh, we're still lighting so, uh, have a seat.
Two hundred and eighty one, Cassie.
That's almost 300 people that would lose their jobs if I suck in this movie.
First off, you are not going to suck.
How do you know that? Because freshman year, Megan Taylor got mono and couldn't go in on "Streetcar.
" You stepped in with two hours notice and you nailed it.
I was her understudy! Yeah, but you still nailed it.
You're Paige Townsen, best friend, karaoke wizard cheapskate and soon-to-be international superstar.
Thanks, Cass.
I really needed that.
Good luck.
You can do this.
[sighs] [instrumental music] You got me seeing heart eyes heart eyes Hit me with your heart eyes heart eyes Living in your paradise all night And working for your Hey, D.
Just give me a second.
[female 1] 'Hey, D.
You got someone in the front for you.
' - New single off the album? - No, not really new.
It's the same song I've been singin' for a decade.
Just different lyrics.
Listen, I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls.
So I heard you were joining the movie? Yeah.
Apparently, I'm an actress now.
No, my mom just wants me to be a triple threat.
I get it.
I guess we'll be seein' a lot more of each other.
I think we will.
That's a good thing, I hope.
Oh Look What happened that night in Chicago That was a really great night but it can't happen again.
[dramatic music] What? Um So you don't have any feelings for me? You know I do.
But we can't go there.
Rainer's my best friend.
And we're finally back on track.
Rainer comes first as usual.
- Don't be like that.
- 'Tangey, darlin'.
' That album is not going to record itself.
I have to get back to set anyway.
- I'll catch you later.
- Okay.
She doesn't need any distractions.
You're right.
She needs a friend.
And I suppose that's you? Tangey's always been there for me.
And we've been friends since she was 16.
I care about her So that little do-si-do you two had the one I'm still doin' damage control on were you just bein' a friend that night too? Ann-Margret had hair like this.
Felt like silk.
Oh, your first distraction is here.
Oh, good morning, Lil.
- 'Oh' - It's so good to see you.
Hey, hon, have a seat.
You're on deck.
Congratulations on your first day.
You too.
I got something for you.
- What? Why? - Yeah.
Just open it.
[instrumental music] I thought you could wear it on our first date.
That's me asking you out.
- I, uh - You don't like it? I'm sorry.
I-I can't accept this.
Uh of course, you can.
It's-it's a P for Paige.
That's you.
[knock on door] Red, they need you on set.
She'll be right there.
I really can't be late.
It's my first day.
[instrumental music] Thank you so much, Adam.
First scene.
You ready? Yeah, I think so.
Um, where's Alexis? I would just love to, um, rehearse a few lines with her.
Oh, she's out sick.
Sinus infection.
Did you not get the new call sheet? - New call sheet? - Oh, man.
They did a rewrite.
We're doing scene 25 now.
- I, I don't know the scene.
- You'll be fine.
[Wyatt] 'Well, let's rehearse, people.
' [Arthur] 'Right over here.
' - Hey, Paige.
- Hi, Jordan.
We-we haven't had a chance to talk since the audition unless you count the scene dialogue, of course.
But, you know, the, the I don't really count that.
I was talking, you know.
[chuckles] How's it goin'? Actually, not great.
Uh, I don't know this scene very well.
And by very well, I mean at all.
Don't be nervous.
Just focus on the words.
[exhales] Alright.
Alright, quiet, everybody.
Rehearsal's up.
And action.
What happened to us? We just drifted apart.
As scripted, please.
From the top.
And action.
What happened to us? We just didn't work and Hey, I-I'm really very sorry.
Um, I didn't know to check for a new call sheet so I actually just don't know the lines for this scene.
If I could just have a few minutes to - 'You need a few minutes?' - Yeah.
You know what, even ten would be amazing.
Hey, everybody! Uh, Paige just needs a few minutes so let's just stop production, so she can learn her lines.
Alright? You come to my set prepared, people! [instrumental music] Brody was right about you.
I'm glad you finally agreed to pick up a new client.
Is there a room you'd like me to do next? Whatever you prefer.
I'll tackle the dining room then.
But can you just do one thing for me first? Uh, that depends.
Would you mind putting this on? You need to leave soon for your wardrobe fitting at the studio.
I'm headed down to San Diego for the night so I won't be back for your appearance on "Conan" tomorrow.
But you'll do "Heart Eyes.
" How did it feel in the studio this morning? - Fine, I guess.
- Just fine? Tangey, it's a great song.
You know, they almost gave it to Katy Perry.
Oh, I know, I know.
It's just It's just I wanted to talk to you about something.
I've been workin' on some new music and I thought maybe "The Conan Show" would be a good time to try it out.
Uh, that's a no, young lady.
- You haven't even heard it? - I don't need to hear it.
Please, don't try to Miley Cyrus your ass into edgy.
Ma, it's not even like that.
Baby, stick to the Tangey Turner everybody knows and loves.
The one who sold out The Garden in two hours on her "Never Lie" tour.
Boo, now is not the time to change things up.
'You hear me?' Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
'And stay from Jordan.
' I don't have time to clean up another one of your messes.
Don't worry.
I won't be seeing much of him anymore.
It was so embarrassing, Cassie.
I pushed two hours behind schedule.
Hey, is your FaceTime still not working? 'Have you heard anything else from Jake?' You know the Wi-Fi at the library is sketch.
Well, how goes the studying anyway? Maybe you can come by later if you finish up in time considering I kind of laid Rainer off this morning.
- Why? - 'He a-asked me out.
' - And I turned him down.
- Shut up right now.
What? W-why would you do that? He gave me the necklace.
No, he didn't.
Your initial, you got a P? [Paige] 'Yes.
He gave me the P and I gave it right back.
' Just like Selena got an S and Tangey got a T.
And I guess I'm just the next letter in line.
What a player, man.
I really have to just focus on this movie right now.
[Dustin] 'Lacey, where-where are you?' Lacey? Who's Lacey? Oh, that's my lab partner.
Total ADD.
Always wandering off.
But, hey, I gotta go.
When you get home, I want full deets.
Leave nothing out.
- Oh - Sorry.
Hi, Tangey.
Um Hey, congrats on joining the movie.
I have to get to wardrobe actually, so Wait.
Just I've been wanting to talk to you.
I'm sorry okay? You were right.
You deserve more.
But I-I was hopin' that we can move past that and be friends again.
Like how you and Jordan are friends again? We worked through our stuff and we're good.
Too bad you didn't consider what that meant for me though.
What does that have to do with you? Wake up, Rainer.
As long as you and Jordan are friends Jordan thinks that we can't be anything.
[instrumental music] Oh, damn, sorry about that.
Um [instrumental music] That's not part of the service.
Extra 200 in it for you.
I noticed that you have a jacuzzi outside.
Maybe we could both get a little more comfortable.
I'll lead the way.
[instrumental music] What, what's going on? Like I said, that's not part of the service.
Joke's on me.
Alright, just open the door.
Yeah, I don't, I don't think so.
But enjoy the sunshine.
And be careful not to get burned.
Come on.
Lacey! You can't leave me out here, Lacey.
Lacey, open the door.
You can't leave me out here.
'Come on.
Open the door!' Oh, hi.
I thought you were shooting.
I'm up next.
How was your fitting? You don't look happy.
I don't know.
There's a lot going on right now.
The movie, the new album you.
- Tangey, try to understand - It's fine.
I should go.
I have to rehearse for "Conan" tomorrow.
"Conan" again? That's great.
Mom's making me.
She says I need advance press on the new album.
Your mom makes you do a lot of things.
She means well.
I wouldn't be where I am without her.
You're where you are because you're talented.
You're passionate and you sing from the heart.
Not with that stuff I'm singin' right now.
- So change it.
- You know I can't.
I have a new album coming out.
A fan base I can't alienate.
What makes you think they won't like your new stuff? It's just not worth fighting her on it.
She'll win.
She always does.
This is your life, Tangey, not hers.
Do it your way.
[sighs] Hey, Wyatt, I just wanna say I'm really, really sorry about this morning.
We moved on.
You got your lines down for this one? Yeah, totally.
Frontwards and backwards.
Then we won't have any problems.
[cell phone chimes] Oh, I'm-I'm sorry.
I just have cast alerts on everybody and - 'God!' - Is there a problem? Alexis isn't sick.
She's in Palm Springs with Jake.
- Who the hell is Jake? - He's my friend.
Um Of course, he is.
What What just happened? Yeah, Wyatt's kinda got a thing for Alexis.
Probably shouldn't talk about when she hooks up with other dudes.
Why aren't we rolling? Let's move, people.
I-I'm ready.
Uh, where's the actor playing Makesh? I just-I haven't met him yet.
Makesh will be CGI'd in later.
So then who am I acting with? Yourself.
Alright, let's go.
We're jumping right in.
We have to make up for the time you lost us this morning.
[Arthur] 'Rolling! Rolling!' And action! You told me it was possible.
You made me trust you and then you lied.
- Cut.
- 'What?' Sorry, wasn't that my line? You're, uh, lookin' down at his feet, not his head.
Can someone please show Miss Townsen where Makesh's head is? Oh.
Oh, that's his head.
'Cause it's round, it's Uh I got it.
I see.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind just holding it, like, steadier? - 'Roll sound.
' - 'And action.
' [Paige] 'I'm-I'm-I'm so sorry, Wyatt' but does anybody mind, just standing in for the broom? 'I think it would really help ' That's not the way it works for the love of God.
Stand there and just say your lines.
And action.
You told me it was possible.
Cut! You're way off your mark.
Damn it! Dude, you're killing us here.
I'm sorry.
We hired you because you seemed to have genuine talent but what I've seen here today has been abysmal.
You held up the crew and you delayed production.
If you don't show up tomorrow.
Ready to deliver the performance of a lifetime then don't show up at all.
[instrumental music] Who died? I asked Paige out.
She said no.
I gave her a necklace and she gave it back.
You gave her the necklace with her initial? Yeah.
I thought you said she was special.
She is.
Well, then maybe, you need some new material.
[sighs] I'm so stupid.
I'm gonna call her.
Are you sure starting a new thing with her is such a good idea? Maybe this time you should get to know her first before movin' in so fast.
Try just being her co-star and see how that goes.
[music continues] Yeah, Nina.
Um Yeah, Wyatt made that very clear and I'm so sorry, Nina.
I promise I'll be so much better tomorrow and Hello? Hey Nina? How bad? Twenty five thousand dollars over budget bad.
All because of me.
Okay, so today wasn't great on the acting front.
[sobs] Not great doesn't even begin to cover it.
Wyatt basically said I'm fired if I don't show up and nail it tomorrow.
Come on, how is anyone supposed to act with a tennis ball? It's my job to be prepared and I obviously wasn't.
This thing with Alexis doesn't help.
Jake and I need to talk.
And you will.
But for now let's just circle back to Rainer.
Are you having any regrets about turning him down? I mean, you said it yourself he's a player and No, I'm not gonna let him use me.
Good for you.
No, I'm serious.
I am very proud of you.
So, to you.
To us.
[instrumental music] Another short day on set for you, huh? What can I say? I get in and out.
Have you seen Paige yet? No.
I'm kinda nervous to.
I'll take a moment you know, before you shoot and just tell her you're sorry and that you'll put this on hold.
You haven't been single for a while, have you? It'll be a first.
- I'll see you around.
- Later.
By the way I'm cool with you and Tangey.
Huh? If there's something there, you should go for it.
Her trailer's right down here.
Paige's BFF, Cassie, right? Uh, yeah, yeah, that's my full name.
So what's your deal? Set-PA Adam at your service.
Well, I'll see you around PA Adam.
Keep it moving baby Keep it keep it grooving keep it keep it grooving Keep it keep it grooving Are you kidding me? - This is all yours? - Crazy, right? - Is that a bathroom? - Yeah.
You could basically live in here.
Yeah, but I miss you.
Okay, fine, I'll live here too.
[chuckles] Get out, there's more food in here than we get after a Costco run.
Take anything you want.
I'm just in the middle of looking over my script again.
I cannot afford to mess up today.
You won't.
I blame yesterday on Alexis.
'By the way, she tweeted this morning' how the desert air is healing her sinuses.
- Totally covered her ass.
- That's such a lie.
I know, right? You know what, I'm gonna call her out.
What are you doing? I'm starting a Twitter war.
'Don't worry, she won't know it's me, I have, like' 'seven fake accounts.
' Unless you don't want me to.
You know what? Tweet away.
She deserves it.
I still can't believe Jake is with her.
Okay, I gotta ask.
What's really bugging you here? Jake being with Alexis or Jake being with someone other than you? See, that's the thing, that's what I was trying to figure out and all last night I just kept staring at that photo of them and, uh God, I was just so jealous of her.
I wanted to be her 'and that doesn't even make sense.
' Plus, I really need to get my head in the game.
- So your next scene is with - Rainer.
Oh, I haven't even seen him since I turned him down so I hope it's not awkward.
No, no, I'm sure his ego isn't damaged at all after being turned down for the first time in his life 'by his neophyte co-star.
' Okay, I'm gonna look over the script one last time.
[cell phone buzzing] Oh, I totally forgot.
I have to turn in my bio research paper.
What? Cass, I thought you were gonna stay all day.
- Can you just e-mail it? - No.
My professor's old school.
He wants a hard copy.
But I will be back as soon as I can, promise.
'Love you.
' [instrumental music] [woman on phone] 'If you don't pay by tomorrow' 'your course load will be dropped' 'and your credits for the term deleted.
' But this is only my first final notice bill.
'I'm sorry, Ms.
Payment is due by tomorrow.
' That felt good, guys! Let's take 10.
The traffic was terrible but I got back sooner than I thought.
Everybody, get back out there 'cause I need to hear it again, take it from the top.
Oh, we already know it.
We just did a run-through.
It sounded flat as I walked in.
- I need to hear it again.
- Trust me, I-it's fine.
It'll be fine when I say it's fine.
Tangey, this is a big debut and I cannot have you half-assin' it.
Ma, it's my music.
And I run the show.
From the the top now.
[instrumental music] Ah, just the person I was looking for.
Hey, Rainer, uh Are you headed to hair and makeup? Yeah, but I thought we should talk privately first.
- I want to apologize.
- No, please, don't.
I'm, I'm sorry.
If I said anything that sounded rude or No.
Honestly, I-I wasn't even aware that the letter necklace was my thing.
Ah! I'm doin' that thing again where I'm looking for excuses.
I-I'll keep going if it's working.
I don't know.
Try me.
I was a working child actor so I never had a best friend, I was lonely my dad died when I was a baby.
- Is all that true? - Tragically, yes.
But that's no excuse for how I treated you.
So, I get why you turned me down.
But I just need to know if you'll give me another chance.
I mean, uh, yes, but No, not, like, right now.
You know maybe after the movie wraps.
Sounds like you're turning me down again.
[sighs] Look, I really wanna have a great working relationship together and, you know, I also wanna make an amazing movie together.
Me too.
So, fresh start? Fresh start.
[instrumental music] [Dennis] 'Oh, there she is.
' One of my last customers who hasn't left me for Craigslist.
- How you doin', Cassie? - Good.
Hi, Dennis.
- Did the watch sell? - Thirty bucks.
Got a check right here for you.
- Only 30? - Sorry.
I thought we saw the last of your mother's things when you pawned that jade necklace? I found something else.
'Are you sure?' [male announcer] 'Fresh off her Never Lie tour' 'back with her all-new single' You make sure you control your pitch on the high notes and give it energy.
[male announcer] 'Please welcome Tangey Turner!' [audience applauding] And smile! Thank you, I'm gonna do something a little different for you today.
'I hope you like it.
' [audience cheering] Thank you.
[male #1] 'I love you!' I love you too.
[instrumental music] I pull the covers over my head Like it was just a dream I think of all the words that we said And the way he looked at me Like it was so easy To just let go And like a candle we burned out And turned to smoke Ramp it up, like, double.
The morning after Yes! Yeah! That's it.
Is the worst day of the rest Okay, if you came here to tell me that I made a mistake, just save it.
This song already has 400,000 likes on YouTube.
Four hundred thousand? - Impressive.
- See, I told you.
It's a great song.
Mom, my fans are gonna love it.
God, they're gonna follow me.
You'll see.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a black country artist? 'Hasn't been one on the charts since Darius Rucker.
' And there's never been a successful woman.
'If you'd asked me' I would have told you.
'You have no idea' how hard I work as your manager.
'You think because you put on a cowboy hat' and work out some lyrics you could reroute a career? Something like this, Tangey, could end it.
So this little experiment this little dream of yours is over.
[music continues] All I ever want is support from you but all I ever get are lectures.
My whole life, we've done it your way.
Not anymore.
No, now we're doing it my way.
You're fired.
Okay, so then I tweeted how her last movie bombed and then she tweeted that I was a nobody hack and then I tweeted how everyone knows she isn't even sick.
Paige, are you hearing any of this? What? Sorry, uh, big scene coming up.
You're gonna be great.
And it's good, right, that you and Rainer cleared the air before the big kissing scene.
Yeah, we're totally good.
Um, I just, I really need to stay focused on the movie and get that picture of Jake and Alexis out of my head and stop thinking about that he won't even text me back.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - Her last tweet.
- 'Ew!' [Paige] 'I don't understand what he sees in her.
' - 'She's so fake.
' - She's the worst.
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about.
It's happening again.
Get that photo away from me.
I just, I need to focus and stop letting my personal life interfere with work.
I'm mourning after goodbye It's the worst day of the rest of your life The world will keep turning And the sun is gonna shine While the rain is pouring down On the riverside Nina, is that you? [Cassie] 'You sure are handy to have around, PA Adam.
' Try to be.
Uh, here we are.
Oh, my God.
'I can't believe I'm on the set of "Locked.
"' 'This is amazing.
' And it's so real, I mean, it's, like, fake but it's, like, real fake.
You, you know what I mean? The magic of making movies.
So this is us.
Um, they're about to start.
Please sit here.
[Arthur] 'Everybody, scene 32 is up.
' [indistinct chattering] 'First team, places.
' Thanks, Adam.
[buzzer sounds] [male #2] 'Rolling!' You're gonna do great.
Alright, roll, sound.
- 'Background.
' - And action.
Last night, that That wasn't our beginning.
That was our goodbye, wasn't it? This isn't what you were meant for, August.
It's not what I want for you.
How could you say all those things to me yesterday, huh? How could you make me believe that We were gonna have this future together? I need you to go back to your own time.
I can't be responsible for keeping you here.
But what I want does that matter? What do you want, August? I want you.
And cut! [buzzer sounds] [Wyatt] 'Uh, that's cut, guys.
' Finally, the girl from the audition shows up.
Great stuff, both of you.
- We're moving on, people.
- 'Alright.
' 'No, that's not a reset, let's move it on.
' [indistinct chatter] [instrumental music] Do you wanna explain to me what just happened out there? I was acting.
Oh, okay, I love you and I am your biggest fan but Meryl Streep couldn't have made that feel more real.
[chuckles] I know you, Paige Townsen.
You can't lie to me.
What I saw out there is two people who really like each other.
I was wrong about Jake.
Leave the tags on the Dolce and follow this thing with Rainer.
So Meryl Streep, huh? Yeah, you should probably start working on your Oscar speech.
Hey, where did the bracelet go? I took it to the jeweler, it was a little bit big and I didn't want it to slip off the wrist.
You definitely don't want that.
'Okay, I'm going to, uh, get changed' 'and then I'll see you at home.
' Okay.
[instrumental music] Hey, hey.
Oh I-I just wanted to say Wow, that was a great scene.
You did an amazing job.
You too.
So what're you, uh, what're you doing now? - Going home.
- We could grab a drink first.
Ah, I'm really exhausted.
Just one then You really don't take no for an answer, do you? Come on, Paige.
You felt it.
I know you did.
- Felt what? - The chemistry.
- That kiss, it was - Acting? Yesterday, I did a really moving scene with a tennis ball.
Wait till you see it.
In your heart it's hard Universe [sighs] With me [instrumental music]